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The Universal Truth Assembly Rainbow Bible


The Book of Universal Truth

(Dedicated to Spunky Spice Girl Melanie Brown)

 Composed by

Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly

The Spiritual Foundational Text

of the

Universal Truth Assembly


The 5 Principles of Universal Truth

 Principle One

Truth Stands Regardless of Your Opinion

Truth respects nobody, fears nobody, befriends not just one group of people, or one church, or one synagogue, or one mosque or one temple, and keeps its own opinion intact eternally and irrevocably regardless of all objections. Truth will not compromise, it sees things exactly the way it sees things, and it is always correct, whether you like it or not. Truth can be found by everyone, yet not all always acknowledge the wisdom of honesty or the simplicity of truthfulness. Wether you like it or not the truth is what it simply is, and will stand unchanged and irrevocable for all eternity.

 Principle Two

History past is irrevocable Truth – History future is Truth yet to be

You can not and never will be able to change the historical facts of the past. You can misrepresent history through lies and subterfuge, but what actually happened historically is unchangeable. God himself can not alter past history, as some might unwisely suggest he can. History future may well and truly be planned, but once it has occurred it becomes historical truth as well.

 Principle Three

Mathematical laws are unchangeable Truth

1 + 1 always = 2.

This law of mathematics can never be violated or made untrue.

5 x 5 = 25

This law of mathematics, also, can never be violated or made untrue.

In fact, all proven laws of mathematics can never be violated or made untrue.

Definitions may change, but the principles they represent never change.

 Principle Four


Factual knowledge – knowledge which is based on truth – can’t change. Principles of science established always have historical fact to back them up even if God changed the laws of the universe. Thus knowledge remaining true according to the principles of the universe remain true, unless God decides to change them at a future point, leading to the last principle of God himself.

 Principle Five


Knowing the God of truth is not a revelation all humans automatically have. We have atheists, agnostics, many different types of religion and belief systems, so true knowledge of God does not appear to be automatically available. Through my own revelation, which I pass on to you to be received only as an act of faith that I am not lying, is that God exists, he is the God of Israel, and that he has flawless truth as part of his nature. This revelation has come to me through his own spoken word into my mind. For the Universal Truth Assembly, God is the ultimate source of all physical and spiritual truth. From him flows eternal truth and, whatever else, all questions we may have on every subject possible can be found in God. Yet, when and how he shares those answers, well, that is up to him.

Mathematical Knowledge

Here are the numbers from 1 to 10.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

The sequence continues

11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

Logically, then

21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30

And so on until

91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99

And then


From there

101 102 etc.





And so on the numbers grow, ONE at a time, all the way on forever.

1 = One

2 = Two

3 = Three

4 = Four

5 = Five

6 = Six

7 = Seven

8 = Eight

9 = Nine

10 = Ten

11 = Eleven

12 = Twelve


Halfway between 1 and 2 is


There is also











    1. = One Point One

The dot . Is called a point.

There is also






and the decimilization of a number can go on forever also, infinitely dividing theoretically

1 + 1 = 2

One Plus One = Two

2 + 2 = 4

Two Plus Two = Four

= means 'Equal' or 'Equals'


34 + 16 = 50

888 + 29 = 917

etc. and infinite types of addition or plussing can be done

4 – 3 = 1

46 – 17 = 29

3 x 3 = 9

4 x 5 = 20

x = 'Times' or 'Multiply' or lots of

There is also the divide symbol which is ÷

9 Divided by 3 = 3

10 Divided by 5 = 2

24 Divided by 6 = 4

In this equation:

3 + 7 x 6 – 4 =

You follow order of operations

In order of operations you do the Multiplications and divisions of the equation FIRST and get those answer and then you do Additions and then subtractions. That is how maths works

So the answer to the equation above is

7 x 6 = 42

3 + 42 = 45

45 – 4 = 41

The answer to the equation is 41.

Order of operations are multiplications and divisions equally first and then additions and subtractions, operating in sequential order of the way the digits are arranged in the equation from left to right.

Psalms of the Universal Truth Assembly

Psalm One

Lord God

Bless Mankind

Bless the Universal Truth Assembly

Teach us your Law

Teach us your Truth



Psalm Two

Lord God

Bless us all with your love

Bless us all with your peace

Bless us all with your truth

Now and Forever



Psalm Three

Lord God

Teach us knowledge

Teach us Torah

Teach us Wisdom

Teach us Fact

Teach us Eternity

Teach us Infinity

Entertain our Hearts

Entertain our Spirits

Entertain our Minds

We pray

And we sing Alleluia to you

And thank you

For your many kindnesses

And your many graces



Psalm Four

Praise God

Praise the Lord of Lords

Praise the King of Kings

Praise the God of God’s

Praise the Majestic Sovereign upon High

Praise God



We seek blessing

We seek prosperity

We seek love

We seek truth

It is your hand which grants success

For in your hand is the world

In your hand is the cosmos

Help us to serve the moral truth

Help us to serve the Godly truth

Be with us

Teach us

Grant us your holy spirit

Now and Forever


Praise God

Praise the Lord of Lords

Praise the King of Kings

Praise the God of God’s

Praise the Majestic Sovereign upon High

Praise God


Psalm Five

We walk this life

And time and again we deny the faith

For we see reason in our own mind

And our own wisdom

Rather than acknowledge the truth

Self evident in the beauty of nature

Self evident in the beauty of creation

For the stars testify to the power of eternity

The Sun and Moon beckon the wise to consider who crafted them

The Mountains and Valleys boldly tell who fashioned them out

The Sea and Rivers speak of the creator of their refreshing touch

The Plants and Animals boast of Him who made them living

Yet Man

Pride-Filled man

Who should know best of all

Says there is no God

For we are evolution

And we are our own Lords

And we are our own Sovereign

Vain mankind


And acknowledge the truth

Self evident in the beauty of nature

Self evident in the beauty of creation

Praise the Creator of Glory

Praise the Lord of Majesty

Praise God forever and ever

Praise God



Psalm Six

The end of sin is death

The start of life is repentance of all sin

The end of sin is death

The start of life is commitment to God

The end of sin is death

The start of life is to follow the laws of truth

The end of sin is death

And a fool follows his folly till the end

The way of Torah is the way of life

The way of obedience to God’s law is the way of health

Living in our freedoms to sin is our own choice

Living in our freedoms to sin is our own choice of death

The end of sin is death

The start of life is repentance of all sin

Psalm Seven

The Truth should guide, the Truth should teach

The Truth should try, and indeed impeach

The Truth should be known, but sometimes God deludes

For if we honour not the truth, we are caught up with things lewd

The Truth is wisdom, it honours the wise

The Truth is humble, it ignores all pride

The Truth is eternal, its paradigms change not

And if we honour the Truth, in lies we'll not be caught

God help me speak truly, and not deceive and not lie

God help me speak honestly, and have true reasons why

God help me to honour the words of the wise

Who've spoke truth to mankind, amidst corruption and lies

Psalm Eight

Calmly I should walk with the Lord. I should not be full of fear, yet

should trust in him to overcome those who oppress me. Do people

yet oppress me? I live in a good land, with good souls all around, yet

not all, perhaps, wish me well. Some voices still might harm me, and some

might verily wish evil upon me. Have I led a sheltered life? Not so much

in my youth, which had its challenges, but in latter years it has become easier

to dwell with these sons of men which abound in this nation. Calmly I

should walk with the Lord, and if oppressors do rise, to bring my troubles

to God and let his sovereign power deal with those who would be at war

with my soul. The Lord's strength can overcome all evil, for Almighty is his

power and great is his wisdom. Praise him for it. Calmly I should walk with

the Lord, and fear not. He is there to guide me and lead me, and though

death itself raise its hand against my very soul, in him I shall still see life

and the eternity of his graceful hand. Calm is the Lord's hand upon my

very soul.


Psalm Nine

I walk through this life, and I try to work it out.

I want to scream sometimes, sometimes I want to shout.

Why is life so unfair, why is it so hard?

I have these wounds in my life, I'm full of battle scars.

Challenges, they never cease, I've fought them all my life.

It's troubles and problems, I've always had this strife.

Every day, every night, I worry and despair.

It seems nobody likes me at all, it seems nobody cares.

There is no point anyway, we're just a chemical rush

The universe just spat us out, there's nothing we can trust

And when I die, it's just the end, there was no point anyway

It was always just a heartache to me, living life each day

But that wasn't how the story ended, I found a truth at last

It was all about my future, and taught me lessons from my past

It taught me I had suffered much, but there was a point to this

To show me that it doesn't work, that without faith there is no bliss

And this faith it came to enter in, it showed me a better way

It showed me how to live my life, to work through every day

That I needed morals, that I needed law, that I needed peace inside

That I had to find there was a God, and draw close to his side

I found this God, I trusted him, and life started to change

I found the point of living life, and following in God's way

It started working, the troubles left, and grace came to my soul

For sin had been repented of, I'd finally paid its toll


Psalm Ten

A smile can warm a heart, It can brighten up a day.

A joke can bring levity, It can bring happiness so gay.

We should be happy, joy is wonderful, a cheerful mood should be on our face.

Life can be tough, it can be so hard, we need a grin to end disgrace.

It doesn't mean to mockery we should descend in wrathful glee.

It doesn't mean to dark sarcasm we should descend so chidingly.

Keep your humor well in check, but in the end do have a smile.

To brighten up each day and night, do have a laugh once in a while.

Psalm Eleven

A long journey must start with a step. And the journey to the kingdom of God

must start with a step. Find the courage to take that step. Find the courage

for that leap of faith. Lord guide me along the way, Lord guide each day.

Lord teach that which I should know, Lord help me to learn the truth you show.

The Kingdom of God is holy and true. The Kingdom should be for me and the

Kingdom should be for you. We should all take that step, and seek God's domain.

We should all seek the Kingdom, and the glory of God's name. Torah does guide

us and show us the truth. The rainbow covenant, well that's natures proof.

God is the designer and fashioner of life. God will lead you to peace, and guard

you from strife. If you honestly seek the Kingdom divine, it will become your

salvation as it has become mine. So seek ye the kingdom each day and each night.

It will be your souls glory through all of life's plight.

Psalm Twelve

Walk in the garden, rest in the shade,

enjoy all the sunshine, and remember to pray.

Enjoy God's creation, it's his gift unto you,

remember the handiwork God fashioned with truth.

This world has the answers to all of your woes.

It's in God's creation that your story is told.

You are part of this world, the natural environment,

it was made for you and your providence.

Praise be to God who has made this world for me.

A world to enjoy for all eternity.

Praise be to God who knows where I belong.

In my garden, my home, where I sing life's great song.

The Kingdom of Noah Torah - Section 4 - The 228 Rules

  1. It is the policy of Noahide Books not to employ Jewish or Israelite people.

  2. UTA Books also publish the fifth Rainbow Bible as well as the 'Chronicles of the Infinite Realm of Majesty' series.

  3. Understanding Moral Truth is based on Truth. Truth is Factual.

  4. God should always act in Noahides best interests.

  5. Doctrinal Truth and Purity ARE Important. Being too legalistic and condemning is not friendly. Being excessively permissive tolerates too much sin. A balancing act between Judgement and Mercy needs to be in the Hearts of Men. For a good balance, seek doctrinal truth and purity. They ARE Important.

  6. Facts remain true, and are an excellent rock in life to build upon. Tell the truth and seek the truth. Keep it in your heart, and you will find eternal principles which guide you to success, happiness, wealth and love - and comfort, peace, serenity, pleasure and goodness with God, and satisfaction and completion and consolation.

  7. Completion of a personally handwritten copy of the Psalms of each relevant Fellowship is a suggested requirement for all members of the 7DF.

  8. The founder of the fellowship, Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly, is officially a member of all 7 Divine Fellowships and all Assemblies of Faith, but primarily fellowships with Assembly of the Divine Creator.

  9. The Kingdom of Noah is the Kingdom of God.

  10. It is intended that the 7 sections of the Rainbow Bible have eternal relevance in heaven also.

  11. Put your guts into it. Put your heart into it. Put your soul into it. Put your TRUTH into it. Make it real, baby. It will last forever.

  12. The Kingdom of Noah Torah's are compiled through the thoughts and ideas of Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly.

  13. The 7DF are never restricted from creating inventions and writings and knowledge to design and produce products which suit their purposes over eternity. 7DF members within their own assemblies keep our product private and personal to our own community. We are not bound by copyrights or patent laws of mainstream society as we have every innate ability to create such products within our own knowledge. All inventions are tested and approved of for quality by the 7DF hierarchy.

  14. The wisdom of God is seen in his creation.

  15. We teach in this Fourth Rainbow Torah the truth that What you acquire in life on earth you acquire for eternity.

  16. Israel, as a people, is not much of a concern to us. That is God's business - not ours.

  17. Concentrate in acquiring things in life for eternity.

  18. UTA recognizes international copyrights.

  19. UTA members acknowledge the law of the land when it is not corrupt.

  20. Written 18 April 2013CE. New Zealand legalized gay marriage overnight. This is what obviously tickles their fancy. The UK also did it recently. It is viewed in the politically correct mindset as progress. It is actually regress. It is not wise, and the torment people suffer from embracing too liberal sexuality is grave convictions and lack of feeling entirely comfortable with their behaviour. There is a point when sexual liberalisation becomes too much. Gay marriage is an example of this. The repealment of these laws by a wiser future generation is recommended.

  21. The Civil Law is the law.

  22. You live your life again in the time frame of the century or centuries you lived in the next life. If you lived from 1910 to 1989, you will live again the following century in that level of heaven, those years again. The centuries repeat eternally. If you crossed centuries in your lifespan, the same thing applies. In the other time in heaven, you live in a semi-real dream state. It is living life, yes, but it is sort of a dream state, and not quite as real as life on earth. When you awake to your living years, it is far more real.

  23. Keep the Faith

  24. Keep the Truth

  25.  Bite the Bullet – Accept the Rebuke

  26. Theoretically, should God create the other angels invented in the Angels Saga, the 140 Seraphim could have religious works and ideas and fellowships based on the ideas of our faith.

  27. The Book of Revelation in the Christian New Testament is a false prophecy

  28. Be consistent. Correct your mistakes. Work at it. Persevere.

  29. God is a truthful God

  30. Be moral and tell the truth to people

  31. Do not hide behind lies and false images of yourself. Be brave enough to tell people the facts about yourself and your life.

  32. In your business and any political dealings, make sure you are completely transparent and honest, so that people can appraise your true merit and worth.

  33. If a judge or official or elder is corrupt and known to be, it is ok to lie or deceive them if they will abuse their position of trust and authority over you

  34. Don't tell tales and run to the maddening crowd as a talebearer. Don't spread gossip – leave that alone in the ladies magazines.

  35. Judge fairly and honestly and make sure you have the facts of the situation clear, lucid and understood in your mind

  36. Trust and rely on God and inform him about your life and seek his advice. He doesn't always pry into your personal life, you know.

  37. Don't give out trust automatically – let people earn that trust by watching the words they say and the ways they behave. If they are honest people and not corrupt, they are good for friends, but a foolish man lets a wicked man into his house. Only trouble can follow.

  38. When called to give a speech speak truly and honestly. Don't tell them just what they want to hear – be brave enough to speak your own mind.

  39. The Truth cuts through Lies like a Knife cuts through Butter.

  40. Don't flatter women with lies and deceits about your love for them. Be honest with women for a good relationship which lasts.

  41. Facts are truth, so make sure your knowledge is replete with factual information, and remember to check crucial details for accuracy.

  42. The idea of the 7 Rainbow Bibles is for each denomination to primarily read their own Rainbow Bible for the most part and build their lives around the structures of morality and areas of knowledge each represents. But learning and gaining knowledge and wisdom for all 7 of the Rainbow Bibles is what makes 7DF unique, and is a perfectly acceptable and normal part of the way of life for each congregation and its members.

  43. UTA members should pride themselves on telling the truth in accurate representations.

  44. Do not be afraid to speak the truth.

  45. Telling the truth will get you a better reputation then telling lies. Nobody trusts a liar very much.

  46. Speak honestly with your friends, but sometimes it is wise to conceal words which might cut deep.

  47. Speak honestly with your friends and sometimes it is wise to speak those words which might cut deep.

  48. Truth and honesty are the best business policies.

  49. Know the truth and live by it.

  50. Help people when they are in trouble but be cautious in neighbourhoods were there is a bad reputation as thieves can pretend to need help.

  51. Stay away from troublesome neighbourhoods

  52. Stay away from troublesome individuals

  53. Stay away from gangs and criminals

  54. Avoid wicked people like the plague

  55. Report crimes, but remember to often do this anonymously so no criminal can take his revenge

  56. Don't get involved with wicked people – it only leads to trouble – and hell awaits at the end of your pride and foolishness

  57. Repent of wicked days of youth and seek atonement with God most High for your foolish years

  58. Repent to show you care and are sorry

  59. Turn away from evil and practice righteousness

  60. Jesus is not God

  61. Jesus is not Christ

  62. Zerubbabel was the Messiah of the Israelites.

  63. Jesus was a Jew on a personal mission

  64. Muhammed was the same

  65. And so was Baha’ullah

  66. Just to name a few

  67. Don't be an iconoclast challenging God's authority. Your end will not be pleasant.

  68. Avoid braggotry

  69. Be Humble

  70. Keep on praying for you needs for it builds up the strength of each request the more that your pray for it, and the more success you can gain through continual and consistent prayer, and repeating your prayer requests often.

  71. Use the Rainbow Torah passages and quote them within your prayer to sanctify the prayer request.

  72. The more prayer you pray the more you will be guided by God.

  73. Pray constantly and find a time in your life when you can make a mammoth effort on prayer for a time period, however long that may be

  74. Pray, pray, pray, and pray for good things constantly

  75. Keep on praying

  76. Just reminding you, pray, for it builds up the strength of your life with holiness and good things, and the more you pray for you needs on a particular situation, the more it will be answered

  77. Pray

  78. Repent

  79. And pray

  80. Walk with God

  81. Talk with God

  82. And if you have to, Squawk with God (heh heh heh)

  83. Tell God about your day

  84. Tell God about your life

  85. Tell God your desires

  86. Tell God your heart

  87. Tell God the Truth

  88. Tell God your needs

  89. Tell God your prayers

  90. Follow the law

  91. Keep the law

  92. Obey the law

  93. Obey The law of your nation

  94. Obey The law of your bible

  95. Obey The law of God

  96. Obey The law of truth

  97. Obey The law of love and respect

  98. Obey The law of life

  99. Repent of sin often

  100. True wisdom is not found in a book. It is found in your heart and following the rule of love.

  101. True wisdom is not found in a book. It is found in your soul and following the rule of peace.

  102. True wisdom is not found in a book. It is found in your mind and following the rule of self control.

  103. Practice discipline in your study routine and you will continue to grow in knowledge, and bless yourself thereby.

  104. Be patient. Life works out when you give it some natural time.

  105. The natural order flows at its own pace, not the pace of Babylon.

  106. Go with the flow of the Holy Spirit.

  107. Ask God to guide you.

  108. Don't hold grudges against man or God. Let them go.

  109. Be at peace.

  110. Practice no violence

  111. Be at peace

  112. Show concern for your neighbour

  113. Don't try to commit fraud over people or get involved with scams

  114. Find a balance in life which keeps it happy and at peace

  115. Moderation is a good idea

  116. All things in moderation

  117. There is a time for this and a time for that

  118. There is a time for all things under God's good Sunday

  119. Fill you life with dashes of peace, drops of humility, oodles of love, tonnes of kindness and big helpings of ice cream. Yeh, gotta have that ice cream.

  120. Make Love not war

  121. Don't be a stereotype

  122. Be original

  123. But conform if you want to

  124. Listen to the advice of godly people

  125. Stay away from sinners

  126. Show respect for God

  127. Don't worship idols

  128. Don't covet or desire property which doesn't belong to you. Often this leads to theft and other problems

  129. Don't worship Jesus – that is a sin

  130. Only worship God if you are going to worship anybody

  131. God is one

  132. God is truth

  133. God has great loving concern

  134. Don't hurt people

  135. Don't commit violence

  136. Wash yourself and keep yourself clean on a regular basis

  137. Visit the medical professionals when you need to

  138. Eat good and healthy foods

  139. Visit the dentist when you have teeth problems

  140. Take care of your body

  141. Wash your clothes regularly

  142. keep you house tidy and clean

  143. remember to maintain any machines you own in proper working condition and not let them fall to rack and ruin unless no longer needed

  144. If you have a car, obey the speed rules, seatbelt rules, no drink driving rules, and car maintenance programs

  145. Stay away from illegal drugs. Don't use them. They only mess you up in the end.

  146. Learn the core rules of your society and learn to obey them

  147. Try to get along with people and show respect for them

  148. Have a good heart and attitude towards people

  149. Show love

  150. Practice Kindness

  151. Practice Mercy

  152. Practice obedience to God

  153. Don't eat animal blood

  154. Don't steal

  155. Don't rob

  156. Don't vandalize

  157. Don't cheat on your partner in adultery. You took an oath to stay loyal – at least mean it and honour the marriage bed.

  158. Idolatry will mess you up in the end

  159. Repent of sin

  160. Respect the privacy of others

  161. Don't flaunt your ego

  162. Don't put someone else down, just to promote yourself. You only end up looking like a bigot.

  163. Respect the fact that other people are not always going to see eye to eye with you, and exercise patience with them because of it. It doesn't mean you should compromise your beliefs though – unless you are wrong.

  164. Search the truth out – ask God all about it.

  165. Life is full of growing pains. But it makes you stronger and wiser to endure and not quit.

  166. To thrive in life, persevere and work hard.

  167. Study a lot of knowledge, and remember to apply it to your life.

  168. A hypocrite wants to learn new religious things, but not acknowledge the truths which contradict their religion.

  169. Sinners think they have it all worked out – tell it to the judge on judgement day.

  170. There is a man who is always right, even when he is wrong.

  171. Pride comes before the fall.

  172. Don't kidnap people.

  173. Don't rape women.

  174. Don't abuse others.

  175. Don't hurt others.

  176. Bullying is a sign of a sick and twisted heart.

  177. Cultists like to congregate – there is a world full of them.

  178. Remember, God is being sarcastic UTA.

  179. Repent of sin.

  180. Try to do good things with your life.

  181. When you are bored, read the Rainbow Bible.

  182. Commit to eternal study of the Rainbow Bible – it is definitely the way to go.

  183. Speak the truth, and do not be afraid to do so. Have courage and stand your ground against any hypocrite hiding behind a shield of lies.

  184. Cults are full of people who just want to sin in the end.

  185. Don't have a cult mentality and don't try and indoctrinate people into your beliefs. Show them by example, and demonstrate your words are honesty and truth.

  186. You know its indoctrination when the pastor is trying to control and manipulate you especially for his own purposes.

  187. You know its indoctrination if they go heavy on the tithe preaching. Rarely preach on the tithe, ok.

  188. It is not mandatory to tithe in the UTA, but members can do so voluntarily if they wish to. A bit of support financially to the pastors though is just common respect for your assembly. But never go crazy on your offerings, get a grip – take care of your life FIRST please.

  189. Share things with your friends, but never take for granted a friend, and always return things they have lent you within a good time period. They could miss them and want them. Never take for granted something somebody has loaned you for a while, and return it within reasonable time. Don't embarrass them by making them ask for it, and even ask them if they want it back from time to time if they possibly might be anxious about it. In developed friendships understanding can grow on these issues, but remember to respect other peoples things when they lend them to you.

  190. Common sense is understanding those kinds of ideas which seem normal, regular and natural to people. Extreme perspectives are not really common sense.

  191. The truth takes no prisoners. It puts to death the lies.

  192. Be kind to your parents and show them love, respect and fidelity.

  193. Be faithful to your occupation and train yourself to make sure you show up on time, do the prescribed hours and put in a solid, decent and excellent working effort.

  194. Don't abuse people's trust in you.

  195. Show yourself diligent and faithful.

  196. Try to stay calm in an argument.

  197. Let the other person arguing with you vent themselves and keep quiet. It only makes them look like an idiot.

  198. Don't brag about your accomplishments.

  199. Unifying Statement of General 7DF Principles of Faith

  200. These principles are fundamental to all 7 Divine Fellowships of Karaite Adamide-Noahide Faith

  1. Don't brag about your accomplishments.

  2. Fornicating is not wise. If you must, practice safe sex.

  3. If you are going to go with a prostitute, make sure you practice safe sex.

  4. Incest is weird in the end.

  5. We recommend the heterosexual lifestyle – it is definitely the way to go.

  6. The gay lifestyle is just a bit faggy.

  7. Gay Mardi gras are pretty stuffed up as far as we are concerned.

  8. And most members of the gay Mardi gras have been stuffed up by their lifestyle. Don't let the politically correct fool you on that.

  9. Literally.

  10. And I'm not just talking about the back passage.

  11. Bweerrhh – change subject please.

  12. Repent of sin

  13. Repent of sin

  14. Really repent of sin

  15. And mean it

  16. Don't hassle people

  17. Don't annoy people

  18. Don't argue with people – calmly make your issues known

  19. Communicate with your family

  20. Keep communication channels open

  21. Don't bear grudges

  22. Stay kind to people

  23. Be merciful

  24. Be lawful

  25. Respect God

  26. Obey the truth

  27. Tell the Truth

  28. And the final rule of the Kingdom of Noah Torah is this, and the very final entry in all of the 7 Rainbow Bibles is this: Whatever will be, will be. So live life to the fullest, and never waste an opportunity. AMEN

The Spiritual Devotional Sermon Series of the Universal Truth Assembly


Sermon One - Sarcasm and Holiness

 The Kingdom of Noah is beyond the scope of 29 Merriman Crescent.  The Kingdom of Noah is the remaining world outside of the Covenanted land of Abraham.  Israel is within the Covenanted land of Abraham, yet quite a portion further is for Abraham’s other children according to Scripture.  The Circumcision applies to the Covenanted land of Abraham.  Three Kingdoms – Noah’s, Abraham’s and Israel’s.  Three Covenants – Noah’s, Abraham’s and Israel’s.  Israel’s chosen Kingly dynasty is the House of David.  The Kingdom of Abraham has no chosen kingly dynasty.  The Kingdom of Noah has no chosen kingly dynasty.  In the emerging Noahide world, the firstborns of the Karaite Noahide faith are the truest witness of Noahide faith.  Talmudic Noahidism is doctrinally erroneous in many ways, these Noahides stating untruths in saying the 7 law legal code goes back to Noah.  Because this teaching is historical error, they are not building on the truth.  Karaite Noahidism – with sufficient scholarly information on the formation of the Tanakh, utilising such information as the documentary hypothesis, and further relying upon archaeological information and other historical works to elucidate biblical history – is the correct and true branch of religious knowledge for mankind to build its faith upon.  Ultimately, the Covenant of Israel must apply in Israel, and so on for Abraham and Noah in their respective lands.  The Rainbow Bibles come from inspiration in God Most High – the God of Noah.  They delve into areas of sarcasm and humour, which often seem the antithesis of holiness.  Geri Halliwell said ‘It is important to learn to laugh at ourselves.  Not take life too seriously.’  I concur with that statement.  For us, Israel has a stronger calling on a particular type of holiness – a very serious and grave one.  The holiness of the Kingdom of Noah is indeed earnest and sincere, but we are a degree more flexible in our permissions and, subsequently, a degree more tolerant in our dark humour and passions we allow.  There are standards.  There are requirements.  It is not a free reign to do as one pleases.  Yet in all the Noahide sarcasm, holiness is still apparent, and the fine art of the Karaite Noahide life is finding the sensible and wise balancing point between these two extreme passions of human existence.


Sermon Two - Understanding Life

 An aspect of the Rainbow Bibles is that we present Universal Knowledge of what life is like on planet Earth.  Earth is a planet, a big chunk of dirt and rock, water and greenery, revolving around a star we call the sun, sitting in a solar system with other planets, one of many in a galaxy, a galaxy one of many in the cosmos.  The cosmos possibly has a limit to its number of galaxies, which might be the central pillar of creation that God has made in the Universe – the Cosmos – the Heart of the Universe.

 Earth is filled with animals of various kinds, and the Rainbow Torah scriptures teach us about some of the categories God uses to define them.  The bible uses an older taxonomic system of classification for animals, not a newer one.  For example, when it calls a bat a bird, that was the older way of defining what a bat was.  It wasn’t using modern classifications.  Noahides can eat every type of animal, but they must drain the blood from the animal.  Yet Jewish people have a covenant which has unclean and clean animals.  The unclean animals quite possibly have a greater degree of bacteria associated with them, and may lead to a higher risk of occasional disease.

 Earth has oceans, seas, rivers and lakes.  Water is vital to life on planet earth, and Noahides need to be involved with work to ensure mankind always has a supply of fresh water, and that poor ones amongst us receive just as much access to fresh drinking water as rich ones.  Yet you can’t have water without safe and healthy food access, and this needs to be made available by our societies when and where we can provide it to the less fortunate.  Charity has limits, but it is important none the less.  Your own life and family still should come first for where you provide.  If you can’t take care of yourself, you can’t take care of anyone else. 

Since Adam we have grown from one man to seven billion and counting.  The world has huge resources available to us, but to continue to feed the upcoming population growth, ideas like megastructures in smaller towning areas should be built, capable of housing aquaculture and horticulture tanks with recycled water, were we can breed fishes and make plants.  Sustainable energy and sustainable resource use – renewable products – is the only way to go in the up and coming world.  We probably can not rely on petrol and coal forever, and should be shifting as soon as possible to forms of energy which are sustainable eternally.  The sun is such a thing, and solar power should be the ongoing cry of future generations.

 Mankind builds villages, towns and cities, were we work in jobs like lawyers, doctors, judges, nurses, public servants, plumbers, electricians, bakers, butchers, IT workers, hairdressers, Reiki healers, psychologists, psychiatrist, police, ambulance, garbage men, grocers and so on.  All of this activity allows us to function in a world where the infrastructure of it all provides us with all the fun and entertaining things we now like to do, and gives us something to occupy ourselves with in life.  This has probably been God’s purpose all along – to develop our wonderful, complex, entertaining, amazing and enthralling world.

 The heart of it all is to honour God, the fashioner of Nature, and to find peace in his love and service to his eternal kingdom.


Sermon Three - The Differentiation and Unity amongst the 7DF

All 7DF people, and all Karaite Noahides, are meant to have access to all the 7 Rainbow Bibles, the Rainbow Bibles of the Assemblies of Faith of the ANMand the full ‘Angels Saga’ from Noahide Books.  This is the unity and corpus of our literature and faith.  Yet a concentration of study and devotion to each fellowship’s particular tomes is what distinguishes them and leads, hopefully, to a unique personality, spirit and character trait to the life of each of the individual assemblies.  Over the long haul it is intended that each Assembly prays its own particular psalms and that, when it has fed sufficiently from the other Rainbow Bibles in foundational years, they mainly draw upon their own Rainbow Bible as the supplement to eternal spiritual thinking and focus for devotees and members of each fellowship.  In this sense there is Unity and Differentiation amongst the 7DF. There is a uniting common factor in the ANM General Rainbow Bible, which is for every member of the ANM, and this is unity eternally, and in the Rainbow Torah of Genesis 1:1 – 11:9 we have the common faith. Further, our message is similar and expressed in similar, yet of course different ways, through each of the Rainbow Bibles of the ANM. They all teach the core truths of biblical monotheism, united, yet of course differing in practice and the general way of things. In some ways, perhaps, divided we stand and united we fall and united we stand and divided we fall. It is a confidence I must maintain as the founder of the ANM that this is wisdom, and that 7 pillars of divine wisdom, the 7DF, are the foundational pillars for the ANM, with the other building constructs being the Assemblies of Faith, and that the whole temple will stand because it has separate parts, but separate parts which unite to form the whole. It is a confidence I must have that this way will work best in the long term, for those who would oppose us can not divide us for we are divided naturally already, and in the common unity we shall make our stands, each a tribe of God, each an Assembly and Fellowship of the Most High King of the Universe. AMEN.


Sermon Four - Honesty in Sexual Politics

Ultimately men and women, after the foundational period of choosing to be loyal to partners for the sake of marriages and children, will have acquired so many other friends in life, and have been introduced to so many other people of the opposite sex, that the necessity of forcing love by a marriage contract will simply lose its appeal.  This happens naturally.  Anciently founded family marriages still function based on natural affection and genuine interest in each other and a sense of traditional fondness for each other.  But when they are forced to do so they do not work so well, and when people try to hang onto a relationship because of guilt, it won’t work either.  Sexual liberty is personal liberty – to go with the flow and find those friends and partners which work naturally for you in the real world, and who you don’t have to try or pretend to like.  It is based on truth and honesty as eternity progresses. Yet, having said that, I fear God is not overly fond of divorce, and while in our own human rationalisations we might feel we have 'grown apart' the Most High does not necessarily agree with all of our casual attitudes. Children lead to obligation, whether we like the person still or not. We married them. We vowed to them. We had children to them. It really is supposed to be for better or for worse. Perhaps, in the world to come, we might not even have that much of a choice. We'll have to stick with our commitments, tough it out, and learn to get along with the person we formed an initial attraction to anyway. Ultimately, if it just isn't working, and we really do not like or hate our person, and think they have an awful manner or personality, God does allow divorce. So, thinking about all of this, think carefully before you propose to someone, and if you are going to take vows, why bother unless you are really going to mean them. No children really ever like their parents being separated. They always want mum and dad together. There is something totally natural about it. Honesty in sexual politics, thus, and ideally, should be there right at the beginning, and when we know we have found a keeper, be prepared to acknowledge that it is not always going to be a fairly tale happily ever after scenario, and instead find some commitment, keep communication channels open, and be prepared to work it out with the love of your life. It is a far more honest relationship when you do.


Sermon Five - Reckless and Excitable Behaviour

In Sexual Liberties, the freedoms to choose homosexual and bisexual lifestyles, or too gravely incestuous or bestial lifestyles, are lifestyles which, over the long haul of an eternal life, decay away into casualness and, ultimately, a sinner’s mindset of not caring and being a supposed ‘Free Spirit’.  Fornication has this problem as well if practised too liberally and freely.  Jealousies are the bane of life in promiscuous fornication.  Conservativeness in our sexual practice – a complete dedication to practising sexual behaviour calmly, peacefully and non-offensively is 100% required to maintain your eternal life and not be condemned by the heavenly eternal community.  Our modern generation of heavenly citizens in our own cycles are a degree more tolerant on homosexual and bisexual behaviour, but you would need to be very saintly and conservative about such things to imagine yourself being able to practice this lifestyle on an ongoing basis in your eternity.  People ARE willing to accept you as a homosexual if you conform to peace, quietness and gentleness.  Do not be profane about your sexual practices, and such behaviour will be allowed.  Have you noticed old people on earth?  They tend to get conservative with age.  This is what heaven is like.  Heaven desires a gentle and conservative and peaceful way of life, and we do not want extroverted dykes and fags upsetting our sensitivities.  A conservative and respectful old poof will probably find a degree of acceptance in certain communities.  Yet the raging Sodomite rapist will be disdained, hated and forfeits all eternity in heaven.  Keep all your sexual reckless and excitable behaviour well and truly under control in heaven, and grow more so over time, and some of your desires will be gradually accepted in allowance for you if you remain eternally discreet and polite, and keep it to yourself and your own community of like-minded individuals.

Sermon Six - Honesty

Honesty is naturally a virtue. It is a prized thing, a holy thing, for when we are honest with people on an ongoing and permanent basis they learn that they can trust the things we say and that our speech is pure and true. And that gives us a good reputation and, when we are genuine and honest with the world, our good reputation means we not only have genuinely earned the blessings we receive from our societal interactions but, quite a lot of the time, we are only gaining many blessings because we have been honest, true and forthright. The Universal Truth Assembly places honesty and truthfulness as the greatest of virtues upon which we focus. Assembly of the Divine Creator is perhaps a focus on creation, Universal Faith Assembly a focus on faith, Assembly of the Living God a focus on the Living experience and Assembly of the Most High a focus on God in his most exalted state. Yet, for us, it is more about a paradigm which focuses on that idea of truthfulness and being honest in our dealings in life. Certainly it is not the only thing we are focused upon in UTA, nor the other fellowships I have described having just one agenda either, for our purpose as a fellowship in Noahide faith is to embellish our members with a full and rich life in which all sorts of spiritual and physical blessings flow for the nourishment of our Assemblies life. It is a full array of spiritual paradigms and teachings which fill our lives but, yes, when all is said and done, the truth itself, the concept of truth, is perhaps the greatest of our focuses and something which helps define us. Be honest, I encourage you. Be transparently honest. Have what you have said be able to be checked and checked again, and be known for its accuracy and factuality. Attention to detail, small details often, are sometimes what distinguish one soul from another and one organisation from another, and like each 7DF, UTA should also have a focus on building organisations and communities and associations through its members, and the ultimate long term prosperity and success of our organisations can often depend on how honest and truthful we are. If we present the clear picture, the accurate picture, the truthful picture of who we are straight off the bat, we will never leave people guessing as to what we represent and, I am sure, our long term trustworthiness and usefulness to both society and God himself will become plain and obvious, whatever the facts of the situation at hand may be. Be honest. Let it be the balm of your life as an antidote to the deceptions of the dark ones. Let your honesty judge every motive of the crypticities of your heart, and bring to life that which really is the choices you want to make in your life as opposed to vain wishes or untrue wishes which don't completely represent what you represent as a person. Be honest. Let that virtue be a moniker for which you are famed throughout the land, the people at least knowing, when dealing with you or your fellowship, that you will tell them the truth. Be honest, and when you are in inter-fellowship with other 7DF associations at conferences and things, share the fruits of your spiritual labours and bless them also, and be that example they are relying on you to set also for the name of 7DF, a name which we can be proud of, in time, when we have earned our spiritual medals and stripes. Be honest, and walk in the spirit of God, whose truth searches the inmost parts of your being and, through clinging close to Jehovah each and every day of your life, truthfulness can happen more naturally and effectively for he is a God of truth and rewards those who hide no deceit or corruption within their souls. So, I encourage you, walk with Jehovah, talk with Jehovah, and set that example of honesty each and every day that you know you should, which will bring peace of mind and honesty of heart to your life and soul in all your hard and easy and simply every day, regular decisions and choices. Alleluia. Amen.

Sermon Seven - Work Ethics

 A nation will start faltering when it forgets to follow its work procedures correctly, properly, accurately and honestly -  so in your work you should engage in your occupation with ALL necessary effort put in to ensure your job is done completely, and a proper and diligent and concerned eye on your fellow workmates responsibilities, learning to keep them in line when necessary, and ensuring their job is done also. Initiative is doing the job of a supervisor straight away, and improving the reputation of your own work effort, and the team you are part of. All necessary and vital components of each working task MUST be completed in correct time, according to procedure, and to the best of your abilities. Do not shirk. Be responsible. Get the job done. Earn your pay fairly and squarely. Ethics in the work place mean submitting to the rule of law which governs your occupations, honouring contracts,  supplying all the required goods and services to the correct amount of the agreement, not overcharging, being friendly and courteous with customers, and following company guidelines and rules and procedures to the best of your ability. It also means not going into shady areas where you might still be somewhat 'legal' in what you are doing, but you are definitely in an area which is questionable on morals and perhaps what we might term the right or proper thing to do. Ethics, in other words. Ethics are the hallmark of professionals. They do their job not just to legal requirements, but in the correct spirit and manner of the job which they should expect of themselves also. Noahides should be ethical in their work procedures. Sometimes it might be difficult to know if something is ethical, or whether its a liberty you can take. Always best to exercise caution, and it is always best to query a supervisor before doing something rashly which you might regret later. Better safe than sorry as they say. Be ethical, be honest, and you will get along in your workplace well enough.

Sermon Eight – Things of Stone and Wood

When things of stone and wood, which have no spiritual soul are worshiped, it is idolatry. A statue of Jesus or Mary DOES have a spiritual soul associated with it, because these people are real upon which they are based, even if the object is only a thing of stone and wood. To worship Jesus as God is an idolatrous stupidity, but crosses and crucifixes and statues of Jesus and Mary and saints are quite fine in terms of objects of religious veneration and devotion if you have a spiritual affection for these people. Karaite Adamide-Noahide faith does not rebuke the paraphernalia of Catholicism, but rather the idea that Jesus is divine is an object of concern. Yet love and devotion to Jesus we do not condemn at all if your heart is drawn to this persona. Traditionally, though, things of stone and wood are the old idols of the nations, god which were never real gods, and still aren't, which men worshiped in dumb vanity, as they did not know better, and often did not try to know much better. It was a god, made by human hands, as the soul was looking for a spiritual inclination, something humans naturally gravitate to, and in its own creation it thought it had connected with the divine. It is sad really, because such souls often did and do want to find a spiritual shelter and comfort for their lives from the worlds harsher realities. There things of stone and wood which are holy – the tabernacle was made from earthly matter and so was the temple, and God will make himself a home for himself in this real and physical world, in a way which we can relate to. If you have a thing of stone and wood and think it divine, think again, and search instead for Yahweh, the true God of creation, and set your heart and mind upon his holy spirit, and not the works of your own hands, which will fall away and leave you despaired of any true hope and reward. The LORD is the living God and in him alone do I make my boast. AMEN.

Sermon Nine - 7DF - Same Sex Civil Union Policy

This is the policy of UTA-5DF, but generally the same sort of ideas apply for 7DF in general and AOF (Assemblies of Faith)
* We allow civil unions between Same Sex couples
* We recognize in these unions
- a relationship of love, care, fidelity & respect can and does occur
- that the sexual behaviours in these unions can give pleasure and excitement
* We do not recognize any valid 'Sexual Union' between these couples
* We recognize that sexual activity does occur and we allow and tolerate this behaviour
- but we do not recognize this behaviour as valid in any way as justifying a 'Sexual Union' or 'Mateship' of such a union
- having said that we recognize, allow and tolerate this sexual behaviour (without discrimination) but do not recognize any valid unionship in terms of 'Mateship' in relation to this behaviour
* We recognize this union in terms of friendship, respect, commitment, love, affection and kindness between the couple, but we do not sanction sexual union, yet we do recognize that sexual activity does occur. We do not sanction this sexual behaviour, but conversely we do not discriminate against it.

Sermon Ten – Classification of Gay Behaviours

Classification and range of Gay Behaviours and 7DF Judgement on this:
Homosexuality: Mild gay behaviour. Law abiding citizens. Tolerable to 7DF
Faggotry: Reckless behaviour. Carnal and disruptive. Non-tolerable to 7DF
Sodomites: Lawless behaviour. Wild and uncontrollable. Rapists. Sick. Extreme sinners to 7DF

These classifications are my own idea, and are meant to be a general sort of judgment about when a gay person has gone from a state of being reasonably lawful in their general life conduct, and still pleasing to society for the most part, to the point where they flaunt it in society and behave in quite crude ways, which I simply use the term faggotry to describe, and ultimately, the debased, crude and lawless level, which I call Sodomites, the kind of people which God destroys with burning sulfur and brimstone. Black and white, Leviticus says put to death a person involving themselves with such behaviour – I am not really sure if there is a clear point where God tolerates them at all or not – it does not really go into an great elaboration on the subject. But I do apply the judgment of Genesis 18 & 19 on the subject and Abraham's intercession for the people of Sodom and Gomorrah. In the end, if only a small amount of righteous people were present, God would have relented. There wasn't, so he destroyed the place. Perhaps this idea can be applied on an individual level – perhaps – which would be argued then that when a gay person is otherwise lawful enough then perhaps we should just live and let live. I don't know if its acceptable judgment – I don't know for sure at all. Even generally just homosexual behaviour might still be an utter abomination to Almighty God, and he just won't tolerate this in human society when his sovereign rulership is recognized. I don't know for sure. So I must make this judgment, as it seems to be an issue at this time of life in this modern world, so this is the judgment I have made, and I will have to live with it, as I guess will faithful members of the Universal Truth Assembly. God is merciful, regardless, so we must assume that a gay man who has a good heart and soul may ultimately be somewhat acceptable in the eyes of God. Till I know better that is the judgment I have made. I am not alone in this judgment – others have made it also – so it will suffice for the official doctrine on the issue for the Universal Truth Assembly. These judgments are meant to be how UTA relate to people of the world who practice this lifestyle, and for how we relate somewhat to member of the 'Rainbow Parade' which is the LGBTQI based Assembly of Faith for the ANM. Normally UTA would not have any such members, nor any of the other divine fellowships or assemblies of faith. However, when a gay person is extremely devoted to the Lord God and very lawful, keeping any flirtations and behaviour traits associated with their lifestyle well under control, they can be considered for membership in other bodies of the ANM. But they would have to be quite strict indeed in their behaviours of moral display.

Sermon Eleven – Classification of Alcohol related Behaviours

Classification and range of alcohol inducing behaviours and 7DF Judgement on this:
Casual Drinker: Tolerable to 7DF
Social Drinker: Tolerable to 7DF
Heavy drinker within own domicile: Tolerable to 7DF
Public Drunkard: Not really that tolerable to 7DF. (Borderline)
Social Drinker with reckless behaviour: Not tolerable to 7DF
Public Drunkard with reckless behaviour: Not Tolerable to 7DF
Wasted and wild and reckless hooligan: Not Tolerable to 7DF

These classifications are not really rule of law, or rule of life. Even the most wasted drinker might have a lot of love in their heart, and be somewhat a good member of society, and the lightest of drinkers can be a real bastard. Being an alcoholic doesn't make you a bad person, you know. So in all judgments on people who behave with alcoholic tendencies wisdom is needed from case to case and individual to individual. But, as a general rule of thumb, the above way of judging the issue makes sense. The more decadent they are in their alcohol consumption is often a symptom of other deeply rooted problems and attitudes, and as a guideline, rather than an absolute rule, it is the way UTA judges these issues for when a member may remain a member of UTA (and potentially for other ANM bodies if they choose to utilize these ideas) and when their behaviours mean they will have to either reform themselves or be barred from the fellowship until they have sorted themselves out properly. We're forgiving. People are only human and its a tough life. Sometimes we need a drink to drown our sorrows and a hard life needs an outlet a lot of the time. Wisdom is needed on every case which is ever brought to the UTA hierarchy to judge. But, as said, in the end we call a spade a spade, and if somebody chooses to allow alcohol to dominate their lives and wreck their relationships and standing in the community often, in the end, it is just too damaging to both the spiritual life and harmony as well as the reputation of the fellowship, to tolerate ongoing membership of such individuals until they are at least prepared to look at their ways and make some amendments. We have to to be fair but we also have to be tough, and the kingdom of God is still the kingdom of God, where law and order and sobriety is the general way of things.

Sermon Twelve – Classification of Illegal Drug Related Behaviours

Classification and range of intoxicating drug-use behaviours and 7DF Judgement on this:
Tobacco: Tolerable to 7DF. A naturally occurring substance within God's design. Health professionals advice should be listened to, but tolerable behaviour.
Marijuana: Tolerable to 7DF. A naturally occurring substance within God's design. Health professionals advice should be listened to, but tolerable behaviour. Appears to be a little more of an issue than tobacco.
Ecstasy/MDMA: This is not wise. Madonna (the pop singer) seems to tolerate this drug, but our understanding is that even one hit of Ecstasy is enough to kill a person. It does NOT occur naturally within God's design and is an artificially created drug by mankind. We generally uphold the principle of law on this issue, and it is difficult to find this drug tolerable. Generally we strongly advise against the taking of this drug, and always advocate obedience to the general thrust of society law (in most cases) anyway.
Other drugs: Judged on the same principles established above. Results of taking the drug are of primary concern, and any resulting erratic behaviours, especially those which cause great bodily harm and/or lead to reckless or wild civilian behaviour are clearly a matter of great concern.

Illicit drug use is judged similarly to alcohol usage. Like alcohol drugs can cause lots of problems. Marijuana doesn't really kill people directly, but its not the best for the mind and thinking. Yes, for medicinal purposes it seems to have a genuine use, and hemp is a useful product for textiles use. We probably should allow its use in society for these things. Naturally occurring plants have a use by humans – they were made by God not just to beautify the world, but to provide sustenance, and perhaps it may indeed be that that sustenance is not always just food, but the strange use of smoking and other ways of intake. I don't really know for sure, but we have certainly discovered how to use these natural plants for such purposes, so who is to say that we shouldn't? But manmade drugs – well – the fundamental problem is that we can create all sorts of toxic substances which can do great damage to a human being, not just medicinal ones, so each needs to be judged on its own merit, and just because it has certain effects which people might find desirable and enjoyable it does not at all mean that such effects are good or beneficial. Each needs to be judged on its own merits. I think the general way the UTA judges alcohol can be applied in some sort of way to drug use also, but I won't get too specific on this issue, but leave it to the fellowships individually to decide for themselves. Suffice to say that drugs can and do do a lot of harm, so exercise caution with drug using people in the Assembly, and do not necessarily condone all such behaviours, passing them off as recreational activities casually. Use common sense and judge with care.

Sermon Thirteen – The Advancing Noah Movement

The Advancing Noah Movement (my religion):
* Is NON-Abrahamic - We are in NO way based on the covenants of Abraham or Israel, and have NO connection to Christianity, Islam or Bahai
* COMPLETELY rejects the Talmud of Judaism as a divine document originating as the message of God. It is judged that it has been constructed by individuals motivated by belief in God and a desire to teach bible based religion, but the idea that it is the direct message of God as a form of scripture is deemed false.
* Accepts the Jewish Bible as the Covenant between God and Israel and acknowledges the faith of this covenant as true, BUT we only accept for ourselves Genesis 1:1 - 11:9 (What we call the Rainbow Torah) as the only portion of the Tanakh as binding upon our movement. The remainder of the Jewish Bible is completely and utterly rejected as non-binding and largely non-relevant (Yet, in its non-relevance, it MAY be studied voluntarily by members of the UTA, and aspects of this faith may be applied individually on a voluntary basis, but not as official practice of the UTA. This is due to Israel serving as a light to the nations as taught by the prophet Isaiah). We do NOT accept specifically Jewish practices as part of our faith, yet it is acknowledged that the Tanakh also contains messages and religious principles which are reasonably universal in nature and applicability and can be studied voluntarily because of it.
* Does NOT acknowledge the Talmudic 7 law of Noah movement as representing genuine Noahide faith because they base it on the relevance of the Jewish Covenant and Talmud, and do not ascribe to the faith of the Scriptural Noahide Covenant rulings of Genesis 1:1 - 11:9 alone as the absolute judgment of God on Noahide matters. We DON'T accept Talmudic Noahides as complete Noahides of the true faith in this respect, but Noahide based and with knowledge of the covenant.
* Is completely independent and non-associative with the Abrahamic covenanted monotheism's because of this, yet an awareness of their covenants and ways of life is deemed appropriate as, as Isaiah teaches, Israel serves as a light to the gentile nations, and we may notice the light and make of it what we will.

Sermon Fourteen – An Encouragement

To 7DF
To walk in eternal life won't work unless your heart finds eternal peace. In kindness, affection and love, but also in caution, prudence and wisdom, will you find the touchstones of eternity. Befriend all who will love in truth and peace, be at guard at those who hide their true motivations behind a shield of deceit. Walk with God and trust in the power of his Holy Spirit to guide you. Stay in peace and love, stay in affection from a pure heart towards all those who call on the name of the Most High God for their eternal salvation. Study the Rainbow Torah, and rest in its simple wisdom that a heart which listens to itself will always have the answers to know what to do and not what to do. Put away tension and strife by relinquishing plans of pride and grudges of revenge. Repent of your wicked thinking and vain imaginations. Seek the truth at all times, the true antidote to delusions and paranoia, and praise God when you know he has been good and kind to you. Pray - pray for those you love and utter the scriptures of salvation on their behalf, to sanctify and bless them and lead them in the road of eternity. Learn to do your work in a quiet and humble spirit – be a true quiet achiever. Seek glorious things for your destiny, but seek them with God's approval and be realistic and what you can achieve and what God is willing to do for you. Earn your money fairly and squarely and earn your glory fairly and squarely. Respect your mothers and respect your fathers, and speak to them with kind words of concern for their well-being, realizing it can be challenging to be a parent and have to provide for one's offspring. In your love, let it be generous and graceful, but don't foist it upon every soul so casually and care-freely, for many a soul is dry in tone, and many a soul is content just to live and let live and not get caught up in the airy fairy gospel of free love, so keep it sober and respectful, and learn that some welcome it and some would prefer you simply remain civil and respectful. Let your spirit rest on your family, but don't try and dominate mankind with your dynasty, as you have to share this world with many others who are serving the God of truth. Plans need to be considered carefully, and as said don't base them on pride and arrogant accomplishment, but have a purpose in them which is of genuine benefit to yourself and others, and it is a plan which speaks of wisdom and life and true joy. Get along with your siblings if God has graced you with them, and if you have burned bridges with them in the past, if those bridges can be rebuilt with careful devotion, then have the courage of heart to at least try from time to time. In all things, do what is right and do what is proper and do what is good, and if you have doubts seek the Lord in prayer and seek his wisdom in his word, and may the spirit guide you to success and prosperity and every good thing. Have faith members of the Seven Divine Fellowships, and trust in Almighty God our eternal saviour, now and forever, AMEN.

Sermon Fifteen – Sarcastic Rebuke

Irresponsible children, by way of conceit, pride and a sense of self which the world hath not afforded them verily, think its a great thing to boast about being saviours of the world and lighting firecrackers in the hearts and minds of men - in their own vain imaginations. Jesus had a hell of a go at doing that too. Stepping on the sparks of vain firebugs who have no real sense of responsibility, other than ultimately making a buck with their 'Scrolls of Wisdom', is the responsible and decent thing to do, to get people away from the cultbuilders who still haven't even accepted Karaite principle to start with. The Rainbow Torah is the actual faith of mankind, and while tying up shoelaces may seem trivial, it prevents the soul from tripping over them in a rush to see the vain glory of firecracker night some lukewarm singer from the 90s is parading to the world. Kapiche. I hope you enjoyed that sarcasm directed towards Ms Lisa. Forgive me. You see playing with shoelaces is the accusation towards minor spiritualists who don't change the world in any real way, unlike wise lisa who lights firecrackers – world changers – because of her obviously divine and omniscient wisdom, culled from true service as one of the special 'chosen ones'. I'm not buying into it. All God's people – all human's – have an inner light which they can set fire into other lives with. We all have that divine spark, and the mockery of pride against others, belittling them, and boasting of one's own accomplishments, it really sucks. No real humility at all in it. Yet, in the end, tie your shoelaces, if that is all you want to do. Do the very simple things spiritually if you are no great prophet of hope, for life is tough enough, and just getting through the day is a job well done for most of us as far as I am concerned. Don't let people look down on you is the central message here – don't let people limit you by the spiritual pride they are filled with, especially as they justify themselves in the spiritual community they are part of, as if they themselves represent all the spiritual work of their people. They don't. They are a cog in a machine, as each of us are in the world we are part of. Don't look down on people. It's not kind. It belittles them, and is not the attitude that God has. God has care for all of his creations, which each of us are, and he wants the best for us all. We don't always live up to that, or our parents or teaches expectations of what we are capable of. But, in the end, if we can get to the end of our days, and say we did the best with what we had, we have done well enough as far as I am concerned, and in that we can be content and in that we can find our peace and justification.

Sermon Sixteen – Success in Music and in Creative Endeavours.

The successful music acts of the future have songwriting teams of about 500 to 1000 for the big albums from the big artists. That is probably exaggeration, but not by much. So much music being put out there is way under produced compared to the level of competition which is gradually arising in the music industry. To be successful on a major scale, more production and a bigger team need to work on the promotion of new albums. There are millions of competitors now, that the only real way to succeed is to have an enormous team working on your project. This holds true for the successful video games of the future also. So many come and go and are forgotten because they have only so much level of complexity and graphic appeal and general gameplay. The bigger the production team and the greater their competence, the better the results. Big blockbuster movies are only increasing their numbers in respect to this. It is the way of the future, and a reality in many ways to get a project to successful recognition and sales. It's not a law – there are plenty of talented individual's who have studied these forms of culture from younger years, who have had parents who have pushed them, and have a keen sense for what the public might light and what will appeal. The future is still alive for the singer-songwriter. But, in reality, it is getting tougher and tougher, and success on the large scale and the global scale will, I feel, become more based on not so much the extraordinary X Factor talent of the individual, but the talent of the team which goes into a projects development and production, and the larger the team which produces the work, with greater input and wisdom from a multitude of counselors the more likelihood that it will have a greater and more universal appeal and success because of it. UTA (and ANM) creators of product should keep this in mind and work together with others from their assemblies ideally to produce their works and create a more polished product. Yes, we want to be creative, and to contribute to our own culture as well as of that of mankind's, and we are indeed mainstream in focus, not trying to specialise for just a religious niche audience. We are for everyone in many ways. Team efforts. Together Everyone Achieves More. That is how the UTA should focus its talent, and the ANM also, to create a more accessible product which can have appeal to a much larger audience. Certainly there is always and always will be a call for unique products from inspired individuals, but we also live in the real world with its real economic realities, so multiple creative talent on projects is definitely the way to go for the UTA and the ANM.

Sermon Seventeen - The Advancing Noah Movement of the Seven Divine Fellowships of Karaite Adamide-Noahide Faith.
The central idea of the Advancing Noah Movement is that we build upon the ancient covenant of Noah and the religion of Noah (Genesis 1 - 11:9), by introducing new and further doctrinal and theological ideas and viewpoints. We do not limit ourselves to the religious practices of Noah and his generations, but 'Advance' with the world, introducing further concepts of morality and holiness. Like Noah walked with God in his generation, we can also walk with God in ours, and it is possible for religious idea and spirituality to continue to develop as mankind also continues to walk on and mature in its ongoing relationship with God Most High. Our core belief in this, though, is that our central religious iconography - the actual moral and religious requirements Noah had to to observe - never change and do not change, but grow instead and are enlarged. We do not try to do away with holiness in some sort of 'Progressive' agenda. We keep the basic principles of holiness but, as the world advances and becomes more complex, greater constructs of law and morality are obviously required to rule and run a more sophisticated society. We are built solidly on the Rainbow Covenant of Noah, stay within the moral bounds of this Covenant, yet Advance as society does so, developing and strengthening our moral rules and relationship with Almighty God. Knowledge sort of has a limit, in practical reality. There is only so many original English syntax constructs – sentences. Certainly, originally created Nouns can go on perpetually, but that serves no real purpose. Realistically there are only so many core ideas in English, and any language, expressible in a sentence, which can be used to create paragraphs, chapters and books. Why I am saying this is that knowledge is somewhat finite in a sense, and thus the ultimate copyrighted knowledge of the ANM, noting that others claim copyright also, is ultimately finite and will inevitably come to a conclusion. And this knowledge also reflects the realities of the created societal cultures of mankind. Because of this, while we advance with the eras, the actual knowledge ultimately concludes. It is probably true that the cultures of mankind will change eternally, and what was once in fashion goes out of fashion. But it will inevitably return to fashion one day as well, and because of this the ANM needs to eventually conclude its knowledge base, and use all its collective wisdom to adapt to the eras, like we adapt to the hot and the cold with the changing of the seasons. Yet, in all of this, we continue to advance, and take on new membership and new spirit in each generation, till either the world to come advents, or the world ends and, if not, onwards we go for all eternity by the grace of Almighty God. AMEN.

Sermon Eighteen - Wives

If a man can afford to support more than one wife, its perfectly fine. For most, one wife is the usual thing economically, but a wealthy man can afford more than one. It is not vanity or even lust to have more than one wife, although often it can be for such reasons which one does choose extra wives. Usually a wife is an ornament of grace from the Lord, something to treasure, and if you have more than one wife you are blessed indeed. Treasure the loves of your life which the Lord gives you, and make them the apple of your eye. They are your support and strength, as you are theirs, and learn to handle with wisdom more than one wife, and keep bickering arguments of jealousy away from their rivalries with each other. Learn to handle each wife on their own terms, and give each their own respect, authority and place in the household. Wives should be taught to respect their husband, but think about that the wife doesn't want a husband who is dogmatic over her, ordering her around in a boorish manner. And she certainly doesn't want to be made to feel inferior to other wives. Be sensitive about this, as women can have great convictions about their looks and appearances, and saying one wife is better than another provokes jealousies, but more than that – it hurts feelings. If you married her because you loved her, don't hurt her feelings. It's unkind. So promote harmony, togetherness and unity amongst your wives, and remind them they are part of the same big family. I can't really comment much on the sexual shenanigans of having more than one wife in the bed with the husband – that is probably an inevitable part of many such polygamous marriages. Each man must make the judgments on this issue for himself. But remember a woman is not necessarily impressed by bisexual fantasies of the husband between his wives, so any pressure for such carnal activities should be seriously considered – and prepared to let go of if necessary. She deserves her respect for being a woman who desires just a man, as like a man should be respected also who desires just a woman. Yes, promote unity and togetherness in large families. Emphasize that you are a team, of sorts, a unit, which has the best interests of all family members at heart. Rivalries amongst competing children are probably unwise, but of course can be a reality of such relationships. Handle these things, men and women, as maturely and responsibly as you can and should in fear of the Lord and godly living. Wives should provide sexual relief for their husbands, and husbands should offer the same likewise to their wives. If you have more than one wife ensure each is not neglected and has their time in the marriage bed. And this should not be once in a blue moon, but often enough to satisfy her genuine desires on the issue. Maintain order in your household and expect your wives to set a good example for the family name. Take care of them, protect them, provide for them, and ensure their food and clothing and reasonable entertainment to the best of your ability. In all things let love and grace rule, and keep peace with your wives, loving them as your own dear flesh.

Sermon Nineteen – Walking with God for the whole Earthly sojourn

World to come realities – in the ANM we don't know for absolutely sure if there will be a world to come adventing in the future of planet Earth. The general position we take is that it is acknowledged as a possibility, but that it probably won't really occur. Life seems to be set up for perpetual living from generation to generation, as people are born, live and die and, if they are found worthy, find a place in the eternal heaven of the afterlife. That is generally the position we maintain. Prophetical hopes of a future resurrection of the God may indeed just be the aspirations of the prophets, and till we know officially any better than that, we maintain that Isaiah and Jeremiah and Daniel and co hoped for such a reality, but it was likely wishful thinking. Because of this we have a walk in our lives, which is lifelong. And that walk, to work out for the best, should ideally be a walk with God. Walking with Jehovah – Yahweh – in a lifelong commitment to the principles of godliness that he teaches in Torah based religion. You really need to be patient in such a walk – its probably the most difficult thing to learn and stick with. I think a lot of people who find faith at some point in life often persevere with it for a while and make vows they'll love the Lord forever, but unfortunately they fall astray, give up, and go back to their old worldly ways. It is often called backsliding by fundamentalist religious groups, and even the term is used in the Jewish bible to describe the people of Israel at a certain point. Keeping the faith for whole Earthly sojourn – it's not easy – I don't think anyone really has ever boasted that it will be or is. It's a challenge. Perhaps it's meant to be – I can't rightly say. But it has got to be a challenge worth accepting and facing up to, because eternity in heaven must surely be a good thing. You have to learn along the way and continue to learn, and you have to be prepared to change your ways of life at times, which is sort of what repentance really is – a change of attitude. God will probably lecture you spiritually from time to time, and correct some of the things you might have assumed you could do or get away with. Don't be stiff necked. Accept these rebukes and corrections, because surely he loves you if he is willing to correct you. Stick with it – persevere – and make it more than just the religion you sort of adhere to. Make it one of the central aspects and points of your life – achieving heaven and ultimately having a good name with the creator. It's perseverance, its patience, and it is often difficult, but there are good times as well. And it has got to be worth it in the end, hasn't it? I am sure it will be for those who persevere and go the distance. Walk with God the whole way, and face up to that as a reality. Give yourself time, ok, to learn how to be a better person. Some attitudes are going to take time to deal with, and God is aged and experienced in dealing with people with patience. He is longsuffering and compassionate as the scriptures say. So make it your motto to walk with God your whole life, and you will see the reward for your patience in the fulness of time.

Entertainment Games of the Universal Truth Assembly


7 Six sided dice are needed to play the game. There are 7 rounds of play. 2 players in a game. Each player has a scoresheet with boxes numbered 1 to 7 against them. For the first box roll 1 die, and write down the number in the first box. For the second box roll 2 dice, and write down the total in the second box. Repeat this, adding 1 die each time, till all 7 boxes are filled. Players then play 4 battles to complete the first round. The first player chooses one of his boxes to battle against the second player. The highest score wins. A draw is just a draw. Then the second player chooses an unused box and battles with that. Then its the first players turn again, and finally the second players second turn. Whoever wins the most battles wins the round. A drawn round is counted as a draw. After 7 rounds the winner of the most rounds is winner and shouts 'Danzee'. If even at the end of 7 rounds it is a draw.


For 2 to 4 players, with an additional Judge. Choose 4 corners of the town, village or suburb in which you live. Not too big, maybe a rough square (called the Quadraplex) of about 1 kilometer squared. Take a coloured flag with you and assemble the players in the centre of the Quadraplex. The judge takes the flag and wanders off in any direction, but when he or she is out of sight has to choose one of the four corners of the Quadraplex to place the flag in. The flag needs to be easy to find and should be placed in a familiar place where the game has been played before. When the judge returns the players are gathered in the approximate centre of the Quadraplex and the judge shouts 'Go'. The players then have to find which corner has the flag, and the winner is the player who returns to the centre with the flag. A variation of the game is having two flags of different colours, placed in differing corners and one flag is worth 2 points and the other flag is worth 1 point. You might play the game after school, once or twice a week, and you can keep a tally of points scored for each game, and have a yearly competition, with the annual winner the one with the most points.