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The Angels Saga


Volume IV

The Keeps of Zaphora II


Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly

Copyright 6181 SC



Kazraphon Keep

At it Again 2

Vampires, Vampires and More Fucking Vampires 3

Farming Life

Eve and Adam 3

The Fabulous Misadventures of the Famous 17 Kaleidoscope Collectors III

The 7th Angel II

God the Father III

Revelation 2

The Fantasmagorical Adventures of Insanity Man 5


Vampires, Vampires and More Fucking Vampires 4

The 7th Angel III

Shadlaphon Keep

Matrel and the Diviner of Untold Miseries 5

Meludiel and Gloryel

Seraphim of the Century


Vampires, Vampires and More Fucking Vampires 5

God the Father IV

Pelnaphon Keep

Vampires, Vampires and More Fucking Vampires 6

God the Father V


Glimmersphon Keep


Happy Chaps Tower

Daniel and Ambriel 2

Halyudiel's Holiday


Samael on the Edge

Secret Project XYZ

Delnaphon Keep


The Eternal Seraphim of Zionistya

Kalerphon Keep

Melanie and Daniel 15


Zaphon Keep

Zion Blues

Happy Chaps Tower II

Angels of Hope 13

The Frosty Nightmares of Professor Zelzazon 2

Human Touch III

Dalnaphon Keep II

Daniel 3

Karaite Zebulunism V

Lost in Eternity II

God and Callodyn – A Chapter in the Life of 2

Ambriel and the Amazing Fiona McDowell 2

Kayella and Callodyn 4

The Cherubim Urakiba – Angel of God II

4 O'Clock 19

Ruth 26

Happy Chaps Tower III

Zero Hour

Unity Hour II

Human Touch IV


Mythora: 3 Aliens from Mars

Adventures in Knitting

Ishmael the Wild Man

Equine Escapades

Equine Escapades 2

Memra's Musing

The Olde World III

New Jersey

Zaphon Keep II



Kazraphon Keep

'So, the Department of Time and Calendar Records had officially started the new calendar as soon as Michael had taken over as overseer again, and officially it was called the beginning of the second Process or 'Process 2'. The other night, when the Theophany addressed the whole realm on TV, he finished by saying 'And may we all find our peace in this brand new Process', which confused a lot of people, but this is what he is driving at. It's the restart in a since, or a full rebirth. And now that Saruviel is overseer, after the others only lasted a decade, he has stated that with the process becoming accepted and official he will 'Resume' the traditions of the overseers time in office of exactly one million years, and he expects all subsequent overseers to follow his example, and uphold the usual tradition. He also cited a few examples of extreme overseer's length, and said such time in office should not be repeated. I bet there were a few rich comments on that,' said Karamaziaton, the 18th female Cherubim of the Realm of Eternity, and overseer of Kazraphon Keep, to Matrel the Seraphim, overseer of Shadlaphon Keep.

'Well, that's new,' replied Matrel. 'Process 2. Life begins again.'

'Rebirth is a concept in culture,' said Kara. 'Christianity is based all around that idea I guess.'

'True enough,' replied Matrel. 'You must be born again,' he said in a spooky mocking tone, waving his hands at Karamaziaton, who chuckled.

'I talked to Saruviel and asked him his opinon on the first 6 only doing a decade. Apparently Michael was of the view that short, sharp corrections should be made by the Archangels, a strong immediate message, then move on with things. Apparently it was agreed that Saruviel would start the renewed tradition of a million years in the job, and that he would keep in line any future overseer he wanted to fall short or try and extend that time. One of his new responsibilities,' said Karamaziaton.

'Really,' said Matrel. 'A few of them did go on for a very long time.'

'Well, no longer. Strictly enforced the duration this time. So Process 2 here we come.'

'Here we come,' agreed Matrel.

The two overseers were in the front lounge area of the Zaphora districts overseers office, chatting, the first in for the meeting that morning. They each had a latte, and Matrel had a croissant which he was slowly consuming, and they were chatting away. Karamaziaton was not the original Overseer of Kazraphon Keep, which had been another angel a long time ago, but she had taken over the job after a while, that angel preferring his own disc, and she had been in it ever since. She was the only female Overseer on the Districts Council, but Matrel felt she civilized the men somewhat, conversations being toned down a bit because of the feminine presence.

'Here's to process 2,' said Matrel, raising his latte.

'To process 2,' replied Karamaziaton, and sipped on her drink.

* * * * *

'I refer to 'The History of Planet Earth during the Angelic Manifestations', said Daniel. 'At covenant time we had secured victory. And then Israel had been defeated as a beast, the final foe to fall being Phindwel, when they had all rebelled against my own authority,' said Seraphim Daniel.

'Your point?' queried Michael.

'It was covenanted and agreed the authority of the English dominion as the ruling dominion of Noahide strength over mankind. I would now put it forward the idea that God justified our covenant, and the the ongoing reality of Noahidism being dominated by Anglospheran culture, and that Noahidism being the dominant religon of the Realm of Eternity, testifies to this truth.'

'The Rainbow Covenant is not disputed,' yawned Michael.

'It is not?' queried Daniel to the other members of the District Overseer's Council of Zaphora.

Peter the Cherubim finally spoke up. 'We have a legal religion in Iconoclastic Monotheism. We have a right to push our agenda.'

'That is acknowledged,' replied Daniel.

'Yes, we acknowledge the Rainbow Covenant,' said Peter. 'But life has its ebb and flow, and winning the hearts and souls of men does not rest on laurels of past victory.'

Daniel looked at Peter, and picked up his bible, looking at Genesis 9. He spoke again. 'The authority of Overseers to establish law in their own dominions is not disputed by anyone,' he said, looking at Peter.

'We are allowed to raise our own children. Thus we can teach our own tradition,' replied Peter.

'As a Noahide body can. Without interference in its own legal dominion.'

'That is not disputed,' replied Peter.

'The member for Daniel finishes his query,' said Daniel, and sat.

Michael looked at him. 'You gonna honour Terraphora's legal Israelite dominion and my own rights with Zaphora on this issue buddy?' Michael had spoken casually.

Daniel glared at Michael, then softened. 'Yes, boss. You have those rights. We won't interfere. You've cited the historical facts of your place in the Seraphim rankings enough. If you bloody insist.'

'It's his legal rights,' said Peter. 'We do honour the law don't we?'

'I honour the frikking law,' said Daniel.

'So no more kicking us out to Zionistya bulshit,' said Michael. 'And all will be fine and dandy.'

'Overseers have ambitions,' said Peter. 'We like to serve and grow our dominion. Competition is fine, but if you are competing just for the sake of it, or to keep someone else in check, do you really care about the people, or your own name and glory.'

Everyone was silent. Daniel finally spoke. 'Peter raises a valid point.'

'I agree,' said Michael.

'I second that,' said Matrel. Daniel looked at Peter.

'Haven is pretty dedicated, Apostle. We compete, believe me. But we care for our members also. I don't doubt your objectives haven't changed either.'

'No. They haven't,' replied Peter the Cherubim.

'I need a drink,' said Michael, inwardly quite happy with the conversation that had transpired that morning. 'The session is pretty much finished. See you later. The member for Zaphon has completed his sitting.' And he stood and left, leaving Daniel looking at Peter, who was chatting with Matrel. He was satisfied with the discussions, but knew he would have to pull his finger out, yet again, soon enough. Glory – more – was required. The battle wasn't over yet.

* * * * *

Karamaziaton was chatting with Seraphim Daniel after a council meeting, in the front lounge.

'You've – never died. Have you?' she asked him.

Daniel went silent, and looked at her. 'Well, no actually. Nor have Cherubims Callodyn and Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly.'

'Since the very beginning you have never died. On earth you were taken to heaven in a Enochian rapture.'

'Yes,' said Daniel. 'Pretty much.'

'You don't know death? I know death. It's not pleasant.'

'Wouldn't know,' sighed Daniel.

'You have something about you. An innocence. We all notice it. People don't say, but we all notice it. A purity. A trueness. There are corruptions you fight agains which, frankly, are no big deal to the rest of us.'

'Fruit of the tree of life prevents that,' said Daniel.

'That fruit was never available again after the fall,' said Karamaziaton.

'Not physically,' replied Daniel.

She looked at him. 'What do you mean by that?'

'It was spiritually. Through a repented heart and obedience to the faith. Cherubim Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly asked for it once. At a pool in Canberra. God gave it to him. We were told our works would need to warrant it. Callodyn and I received the same blessing. Nobody else has yet.'

Karamaziaton looked at Daniel. 'God told me to ask you about this.'

'Did he give a reason?' asked Daniel.

'To instruct me on the next decision in my life,' she replied.

Daniel looked at her a little differently for a while. 'Amy Lee is up to some good standards now. She died in her humanity, but not afterwards. She's about good enough now as well. But I've heard little from her for a long time. She was at the mountain, being cool and looking it. She's been around since the ancient days. A few others, which have grown, have gradually joined the group. You died though, each time. In the realms.'

'How did you know that?' she asked him.

'Well researched,' replied Daniel. 'But its obvious you've made some decisions of faith. Nobody gets the fruit. It contains a plan. You are up to the plan?'

Karamaziaton looked at Seraphim Daniel, and a spirit touched her. She smiled at him, and walked outside, and headed to the garden. A while later she looked up at the tree of knowledge of good and evil, and then looked at the tree of peace. She walked on, and found that flaming fire which always burned in the garden. And she looked at it, and examined it closely, and finally she spoke to it. 'You in there mate? Will you let me pass?'

Silence. Then, after a while, a voice spoke. 'What the fuck? And I was having a nap. Who the hell are you? Fuck. It's Karamaziaton. What the hell she want?'

'What is your name Cherubim?' she asked him.

'Hey, your the fancy shmancy cherubim sweetheart. Sean Kennedy has filled us all in on your bold and brave ways.'

'Who is he?' asked Karamaziaton.

'What do you want?' asked the Cherubim.

'Let me pass?'


'Pass what?' asked the Cherubim.

Karamaziaton looked around, then looked at the flame. 'Through you I guess.'


The fire slowly diminished, and a portal, small, but which could be crawled through, was revealed. She got down on her hands and knees and crawled through. When she got to the other side she was still in the garden, but it was different. A part of the garden she had never seen. The Cherubim stood there, looking at her.

'What's your name?' she asked.

'Not going to tell sweetie. Yeh, you are innocent enough. It's that way,' he said pointing. And then he lay back down on the grass, and returned to his snooze.

Karamaziaton looked at him, but looked in the direction he had pointed and walked on. After a short walk she entered a clearing, and a wonderful looking tree with fruit was in front of her. She reached up, picked a piece of the fruit, and looked at it. Wolfgang was suddenly there.

'Hey, Karamaziaton. Daughter. How about giving me some bloody notice, ok. Right. Well, your first in. No problems. Ok. Well. Go on then.'

She looked at God, and at the fruit, and bit in. She noticed immediately a fruity spirit entering in, and that was about it.

'That's the knowledge you need,' said God. 'Right. Well the fruit will take care of the rest. Seeya.' And he was gone.

She stood there, feeling about the same, and not knowing what else to do, returned to the portal, gave the angel a last look, and crawled back through. When she had exited the flame suddenly came to life again, and there she was. So she walked on, came back to the district hall, and sat back down on the couch. Daniel looked at her, and took off his headphones.

'I ate the fruit of the tree of life. It's in the garden. There is a cherubim in the flame in the garden.'

'Yeh. Been speculated a lot,' said Daniel.

'He spoke to me,' said Karamaziaton. 'Let me through. I found the fruit and ate. And I came back.'

'Don't let on,' said Daniel. 'Generally we always assumed it had to be earned.'

'You are probably right,' said Karamaziaton. 'You are probably right.'

* * * * *

Kazraphon Keep was in the old farming district of Zaphora. The overseer was the Cherubim female Karamaziaton, who ran the Keep with skill and care. In recent times Karamaziaton had gone through stages of repentance, and God had noticed her, and tweaked some thoughts, and spoken to her through the Theophany. And then she had just tasted the fruit of of life, and a change was coming. Back at work the following day she was at her computer, writing down some spiritual doctrine from her journals of her life, and preparing her religious assemblies.

'Why religion? Science Fiction empires work well,' said God the Theophany seated next to her.

She turned to the father, who had just appeared. 'Religion for me also. Choose Matrel, who is next to eat the fruit if you want science fiction.'

'Oh, it was that piece of fruit,' said God. 'Well, it will grow back. That's a pearler that piece. Interesting the first one. Cherubim Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly didn't get a choice himself. It was force fed to him.'

'What did he get?' asked Karamaziaton.

'A stiff dose of rebuke and precision,' said God. 'The firstborn didn't really have any chance at freedom. What God gave him.'

'I understand,' replied the Cherubim. And she did. And God knew she did.

'The religion is Karaism,' she said. 'And I am Karamaziaton, and I am not a Noahide. I am angel and human, and it is just Karaism. And there will be about 5 volumes of religious teaching in general, understandings of life. And nothing more. And it will be sedately taught, in a non-competitive manner, and it will grow, and become strong.'

'Yep, that's the piece,' agreed God. 'I'd examined that a long time.'

'I'm busy,' she said. 'See you some time.'

'Yep, that's definitely the piece,' he replied, and stood, wandering off, and disappearing, leaving the overseer of Kazraphon working on her project, and getting on with life.

The End

At it Again 2

Valandriel and Daniel were chatting at Danielphon, in the kitchen.

'So the new state of play,' said Valandriel. 'Is a Jesus of Nazareth currently pushing his 'Christ of his Generation' theology quite strongly, seeking God for permission to be recognized as such. And he schmoozes with the Sanhedrin, and argues that he is studying the full Tanakh more than nearly every soul born in Israel from his era.'

'Is that factual?' asked Daniel.

'Yep. Appears to be. He has a stricter study regime than all the rabbis and teachers who were born at that time. Nobody else in the House of David has half as much dedication to Tanakh studies, and he is currently the number 1 for the last few billion years on this issue – from his generation. If this goes on any further, with the gradual influence he is having, he'll attract King David and his approval one day to speak with Jeremiah about chapter 33 of the prophet's chronicle. And that could spell trouble for us, kemosabe. Quite a few contenders in the long term from his generation didn't pull through in the end. They didn't seek eternal principles, and have perished in Sheol. There is less eternal competition against his claim so far, and nobody appears to want to rise up. Apparently there is some discussion in rabbinic circles that, initially, Jesus did indeed take on the Christ role properly, and that his goal was to be accepted as Messiah. They recall that the people were fond of Jesus and his teachings at the time, and that in Jewish circles he did have an influence for a bit. He was a popular figure. So Jesus is taking this to heart, running with it, and pusshing 'I am Christ' with the rabbis. And the Sanhedrin is considering it more and more. It's all the damn Tanakh study. He's getting better at the job.'

'If he gets anywhere near justified with the Jews, we have a problem,' said Daniel. 'He can work on his validification of his gospel, and present it as a spiritual homily of the Jewish people of the first century, and then, getting justiified somewhat, push his agenda with more approval from the Most High. And that means quadrants will fall to him, and, heck, we're past that now anyway. There way up on the divisions of the new discs. Jesus will start making bids for land, with some of his credit on his spiritual works. And he's dedicated.'

'Which means that we have competition, and they will push hard, and unless Noah shows up and holds the ship strong, the Jesus people might increase beyond our growth rate. Better hit that Rainbow Torah Danny Daly,' said Valandriel.

Daniel sighed. Jesus was at it again. He had work to do.

* * * * *

'Jesus doesn't argue anymore that he was the Messiah. He now argues that he attempted to fulfill the prophecies of the messiah, and thought he was. But he says he was not. Yet he argues that the Messiah of his generation doctrine is kosher, and he wants the job,' said Valandriel.

'We support him on getting the job if he is holy and worthy. That is the official ANM position,' said Daniel.

'Agreed,' replied Valandriel. 'So we need to set out the ValDan agenda in our own dominions with the Church, and explain the moral basis, to a degree of what ValDan represents in mankind. And, though its you and yours business, I suggest the ANM have similar protocols in place.'

'Quite well developed responses,' said Daniel. 'We don't officially compete, but if Jesus continues studying the Tanakh we relax as the years go by. The holier he is the less concerned we are about growth in Christendom.'

'I'll think that over,' said ValDan. 'Develop an official response to Jesus for whan I chat with him next.'

'If he is repentant enough, and it looks as if is going for eternal life now, without a dobut, we should be able to work out our differences,' said Daniel.

'Agreed,' replied Valandriel.

'So I guess, if they are at it again, as long as they keep that 'Our Father' going, and do God's will, we shouldn't have too many problems with Jesus of Nazareth and his Gospel Following sheep.'

'Amen,' replied Valandriel the Seraphim.

The End

Vampires, Vampires and More Fucking Vampires 3

'So what do you do for a living?' Jack asked Barton.

'I sell blood,' replied Barton.

Jack looked at Barton for a moment, and put down his tea. 'Fascinating. What type of blood exactly?'

'Human blood,' said Barton, and smiled a crooked smile at Jack.

'And who do you sell this blood to?' asked Jack.

'Various people,' smiled Barton again, with that crooked smile. 'But mostly hospitals,' he continued, looking more serious. 'Blood is used for transfusions in accidents, and while the supply is normally plentiful from the various blood donations agencies, I specialise in the rare blood types which are sometimes hard to get. I have a list of suppliers who use me as an agent to sell blood for them. It's a regular enough busines.'

'And why do you sell blood?' asked Jack, not so eager to drink his tea anymore.

'I trained in medicine, and saw an opportunity,' replied Barton. 'And I have every issue of 'Bloodsuckers from Hell', a major source of my Vampiric fantasies. Blood is interesting. It is life, you know. Of the creature.'

'Fascinating,' replied Jack, realizing it was probably mainly just one of Barton's quirks, and returned to drinking his tea.

'Reasonable money in it,' said Barton. 'It's a job. Keeps me busy. They don't mind going through Barton the Vampire, you see. Gives them something to make jokes about, but keeps me in business.'

'Oh. I see,' replied Jack.

'There's nothing drastic about it,' said Barton. 'Just a normal enough occupation.'

'I suppose,' said Jack, sipping on his tea.

'I also supply sheep testicles to a butcher,' said Barton. 'I cut them off myselves.'

Jack again put down his tea, suddenly not thirsty.

'Only kidding, Jack,' said Barton, and smiled, all his teeth showing. Jack Overton had made an – absorbing – new acquaintance.

The End

Farming Life

Karamaziaton was out the back of Kazraphon Keep, in the garden, one of the few final remnants of the original farming sector of Kazraphon. She was looking at the pumpkin patch.

'We should have pumpkin soup on the menu soon,' she said to Damien, the cook.

'They are not yet perfect,' said Damien, inspecting the pumpkins. 'Ripeness is required for the best tasting soups made from vegetables.'

'Of course,' replied Karamaziaton. 'Well, what is on the menu tonight for the restaurant?'

'Fried banana, with tuna,' said Damien. 'With caramalized onion, and my special sauce. That will be the dish of the night.'

'Sounds good,' said Karamaziaton, looking at the pumpkins. 'Maybe a week?' she quizzed Damien regarding the ripening of the pumpkins.

Damien looked at them. 'Approximately 5 days and 15 or 16 hours, at current rates.

'You certainly know your stuff,' replied Karamaziaton.

'Extensive knowledge from aeons of study,' replied Damien. 'And then we will have soup for the dish of the evening.'

'As you wish,' replied Karamaziaton.

She continued surveying the garden. 'The mushrooms look ready,' she said.

Damien stretched down and picked 5 mushrooms and put them in his basket.

'And some spring onions, and that will do for today,' said Karamaziaton. Damien picked them, and they returned into the back kitchen of the Keep, Damien getting on with preparing for the evening meals.

* * * * *

Karamaziaton examined the book on vegetable ripening times. It was very precise in how the times were managed, talking about the growth rates happening inside the vegetables and the conditions they were ripening in. It was time to further develop her knowledge on this area. She had been overseer of Karamaziaton Keep for a long time, which ran a restaurant as its main form of income. Down the road a little was the business council of Kazraphon District, and she would meet there from time to time to discuss the affairs of business in the district. She was also involved with charities in the District, who sent money and gifts to newer outer discs, to support families of angels who were struggling in their new world, adapting to life as young innocents, not with the vast age of experience so many had.

'Boss. Can I go home tonight early. I have a date, and the toilets are already cleaned. I'll come in early tomorrow and make sure the dishes are done first thing?' asked the cleaner and dishwasher for the Keep, the cherubim offspring angel Azariel.

'Sure thing, Azariel. You take care,' replied Karamaziaton.

Azariel smiled and left. She was a pretty angel, not that old, and Karamaziaton realized she was looking for love. Weren't they all. She continued looking at her book, before putting it down and heading off to the kitchen to see how the night was going.

* * * * *

'The pumpkins are precisely ready,' said Damien. '14 of them. I shall pick them all and make lots of pumpkin soup. We can freeze much of it, and it can be defrosted for use over the next month or so. I will maintain it on the menu many an evening.'

'Good,' replied Karamaziaton. 'I've been reading up on precise timing for ripening of vegetables. Fascinating area.'

'Can get complex,' said Damien. 'To practice the knowledge you need to note the temperature and the humidity each day, and be of a mind as to how it has been functioning since the vegetables were planted. Constant monitoring of this, and examination of the vegetables, gives you the ability to make accurate judgements on the ripeness of the fruit. Soil knowledge is fundamental also, as well as watering habits for the vegetables.'

'I shall grow in knowledge in time,' replied Karamaziaton.

'As we all do,' replied Damien.

The pumpkins were picked, and they indeed had pumpkin soup that evening, perfectly made by Damien as always. And this was much of the life and work of Karamaziaton of Kazraphon Keep.

The End

Eve and Adam 3

'There. Proven,' said Jonathon. 'If aeons of life has taught you anfcything, the seed of the woman has conquered the seed of the serpent. Most of the evil people dead, gone, in Sheol, never to return. Sure, mother mercy loves them all. Bullshit. God judges, evil dies, and the seed of destiny goes on forever. The seed of the women are those who serve God.'

'The serpent was just a snake,' replied Lucinda. 'Human beings tread on snakes heads to start with, because they are scared of them.'

'Satan became a snake, huh? He was transmogrified into demonic form and cast from the garden of Eden into the darkness of hell,' replied Jonathon. 'And he went on his belly thereafter, like a snake. It's quite literal in a lot of ways, true, but not that literal. It is subtley teaching his fall and transmogrification into a demon, and how he persecutes the seed of the woman, the righteous amongst mankind, and makes many fall through his temptations, who become his own seed, he being the power to control them thereafter.'

'I like my answer,' she said. 'But yours might have that ring of truth in it. A literal enough answer, but the author might have been driving at those symbolisms. Despite what I think are traditions often in the faith which built up, there might be truth in your interpretations.'

'Order me pizza for my victory,' replied Jonathon.

'I'll order it from Indigenous Delight. We'll get snake again,' she said.

'Oh, you remember that,' he said. 'But there was no snake at the restaurant in the end. Just standard fare.'

'I know. Why don't we go back to celebrate this culmination of your justification of your viewpoint. But, I suppose, refinement might possibly happen one day, as we get to the ultimate truth, which we might know now, or might not.'

'I'll order Pizza hut,' said Jonathon soberly. Lucinda didn't object.

The End

The Fabulous Misadventures of the Famous 17 Kaleidoscope Collectors III

'It is the greatest of all Kaleidoscopes,' said King David, the Cherubim David.

Seraphim Daniel looked up at it. Janek Smithton looked up at it.

'Size matters, after all,' said David.

'It's as big as a telescope,' said Daniel. 'Usually we keep them about a metre as the maximum. No, it's not a law, It's a tradition. Right, can I go up and look?'

'Be my guest,' replied King David. Daniel went up the stand, and used the knobs while looking through the Kaleidosceop. Janek followed him and did the same. They came down, and talked among themselves a few moments.

'Ok,' said Daniel after a moment. 'We've had a chat. It will be classified, generally, as a 'Mammoth Kaleidoscope'. The biggest of the Kaleidoscope family. If you want to get ridiculous and build one as big as a skyscraper or bigger, it's still just a Mammoth Kaleidoscope. We've recognized your work and we'll take photos and put it in the journal if you don't mind.'

David nodded. Daniel and Janek proceded to spend the next 20 minutes taking photos of the Kaleidoscope, and pictures of the inner delight of the scope, before completing their work.

'It's great work,' said Daniel. 'Innovative, if a little excessive. But it qualifies for an accomplishment award from the association. However, word of warning. A lot of citizens have limited space, who are dedicated Kaleidoscope adherents, and we don't want to promote too much the idea of the Mammoth member of the family, as some people might insist on developing one, and we can't always afford grand things like this too much limited room in the world. But they can and shoud be done on occasions, here and there. It certainly increases the scope for further design of larger size, admittedly. But it's not the complete idea from formation of the instrument. You are doing well in the Association – probably best, if you want new ones, to continue with your standard design principle and alternate them a bit more. What? Down in Zionistya you have room for a heap more?'

'Quite a bit,' said David. 'But I'll note your advice.'

'Well done, David,' said Janek Smithton. 'It's a collosal achievement,' and Janek and Daniel patted him on the back, and he felt a buzz all week.

The End

The 7th Angel II

7 angels. Cherubim of eternity. A tightknit group. They hung around Shadlaphon Keep most of the time, and chatted with Matrel. They'd rescued him once, from the Insanity Abyss, fulfilling an ancient propecy of a Gypsy. But today they were dining at Kazraphon Keep, enjoying the restaurant.

'The pumpkin soup is delish,' said Colexios.

'The bread is very well made,' said Miznadura.

'Yes,' replied Colexios. 'Baked to perfection.'

'I've heard often, and seen it myself. Kazraphon Keep restaurant has the highest standards of presentation and culinary delight,' said Brengalenta.

'They have to,' replied Colexios. 'There is lots of compeition in the inner discs for high paying customers, and the big restauarnts need oustanding quality to earn their expensive prices. I mean, its exorbitant the cost of this stuff, but the quality shows.'

'Indeed it does,' said Shelarmyos.

'Yes, its very fine fare,' said Layendriel.

'Pity Matrel couldn't make it,' said Ellatravere.

'There is always next time,' finished the 7th Cherubim Angel of the group, Vistrantiel to his Cherubim brethren.

The End

God the Father III

Wolfgang examined the sheet. It had blood on it indeed. He sniffed it.

'I hardly see what sniffing it does,' said the coroner.

Wolfgang glared at him, but sniffed the blood. 'It's not her,' he said at last.

'The blood doesn't match her physique, is it?' asked Alexander Darvanius II.

Wolfgang looked at his son. 'I am God your Father, Alexander Darvanius. But only in Theophanic form. And I don't know everything in a sense. God the Spirit of the Almighty does, but he does not always use me in ways which people appreciate or desire.'

The case is very old now,' said the Coroner. '5,000 years. This was uncovered recently from a waterpipe near the scene of the crime, of course, but if it's not the kidnapped woman, how else can we possibly find out who she is or was and see that she is safe? Why won't God intervene?'

'Not his job, not his concern, and not his care to worry about every detail of life of his children,' replied the Theophany. 'Life works very much on earth in mystery, and criminals often get away with it. It is up to people to take a stand against evil, rebuke it, and sort these problems out. God won't always solve the problems of society. He lets judges, police and others solve their affairs.'

'There should be legislation,' said Alexander. 'A point where a case is old enough that God is required to intervene.'

'No there should not,' replied the Theophany. 'For many reasons I won't disclose to you.'

Moses looked at the sheet. 'She was Televeran. I am sure of it. I sense it. Some undisclosed missing person most likely.'

'Possibly,' said God. 'The video was dubious, and there was not much to go on. I am afraid her fate is beyond the best of our research on this cold case, and we'll just have to let it be. Wherever she is it's doubtful she's beyond any harm now.'

'Most likely,' agreed the coroner. But Alexander Darvanius II was not entirely satisfied, finding God the Father an ironic deity to work with.

The End

Revelation 2

'You know, Daniel. I think I have figured out you and Callodyn are not brothers,' said David. 'There is a rumour that he is your human father. Is this true? I understood it that you were brothers from the same mother.'

'Old bullshit,' said Daniel the Seraphim. 'The early chronicles were confused deliberately as we have a sense of humor.'

'A sense of humour?' replied David Rothchild. 'That is an interesting way of putting it. And your grandfather in his humanity was Cherubim Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly.'

'You've got us. Worked out the inner mechanisms of the Daniel Daly club. Well done kemosabe,' replied Daniel. 'Anyway, shouldn't you be getting to work at Golden Fries shortly? What, do you have a day off or something?'

David ignored Daniel's statement and fished out an ancient document. 'I'm going to put in Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly II as your biological father and Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly as your biological grandfather, and I might add in Cyril Daly as well.'

'The family tree,' said Daniel. 'Alexander's copy he gave to you once.'

'Pretty much. He has another copy. 'It hasn't been added to in a very long time now, but I want it properly corrected with the facts. And I'm thinking I might go into the Rothchild ancestry records and put in the new details.'

'Mmm,' said Daniel. 'How is Alexander by the way? Haven't seen dad in a long time.'

'Busy enough with mum,' replied David. 'On Televere. They don't leave the planet much. I see them from time to time.'

'And how is Daniel Rothchild?' asked Daniel.

'Michael, you mean? You probably saw him last week, you idiot,' replied David.

'He never uses his human name. At least not in my company.'

'Old news to Michael,' said Ambriel. 'He doesn't have the strength in his humanity when he is in the human planetary bodies. He's very geeky and shy when he is around strong men. Just something the way he was as human. A quieter aspect of his makeup.'

'Yeh. He was always shy,' said Daniel. 'Oh, the full name of Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly II is actually, on his birth certificate, Callodyn Gabriel Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly II. But Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly was listed as an alias.'

'Noted,' said David, who began carefully amending his ancient family chronicle, pleased to finally confirm details which had been hazy for aeons.

The End

The Fantasmagorical Adventures of Insanity Man 5

Bruce Magee looked at his publisher. 'Not more fucking Vampires. You want more fucking Vampires?'

'Versus Insanity Man,' said the publisher. 'Crossover stuff is all the rage these days. Combining stories of ancient tomes with their author's other established works. Very much in demand genre.'

Bruce just shook his head, and laughed. 'I work a regular job as head of a compnay.The old writing skills aren't there anymore. And despite the fact that these days there is a genuine fanbase for Fantasmagorical, it was not well received to start with.'

'No. They just weren't ready for its dark sarcasm,' replied his publisher. 'Trust me. The crossover will work. You have plenty of copyright to work with on the idea. Think about it.'

'Yeh, right,' said Bruce, and departed his publisher's office.

'Travelling to Zaphona City on business is fun enough,' said Simon Magee, Bruce's son. 'Hard to get Visas here otherwise.'

'Special Publisher's pass,' said Bruce. 'Does wonders.'

'Do you think that fellow is in trouble?' Rachel asked, about a man who was on the concrete, possibly lying down. Bruce stopped the car, and got out an looked at the man more closely. He was unconscious.

'Do you think he's had a heart attack or something?' said Rachel. 'Check his breathing.'

Bruce decided to open the man's mouth to make sure he could breathe if he was in trouble, and drew back aghast at the sight of sharpened teeth, all filed down.

'He's a frikking vampire,' said Simon.

'Don't be silly,' said Bruce. 'Must be a thing he's into. Emo thing probably. Here, help me. We'll get him to the side of the path.' So Bruce and his son Simon pulled the man to the side of the path, against the building alongside, and sat there. Slowly the man came around.

'Aw. Fuck,' he said after a while. He looked at the strangers confronting him. 'Sorry, folks. I must have had one of my epilepsy attacks. It happens.'

'Nice teeth,' said Simon.

'Simon,' said Rachel. 'Don't say that.'

'No, it's ok,' said the man. 'I'm a Vampire. Well, emo Vampire. Not a real one. It's a hobby me and some friends are into in our club.'

'Frikking vampires,' said Bruce, under his breath. 'Well, you ok now? Do you need us to take you somewhere?'

The man looked around. 'Uh, no. I'll recover to full health soon enough. My name is Barton by the way.'

'Pleased to meet you Barton,' said Rachel, offering her hand. Barton shook it and looked at the people. 'I really am a regular guy, despite appearances. Just a Vampire thing I'm into. We do it for fun and cosplay and things. It's a scene, in the end.'

'Fair enough,' replied Bruce. 'Well, nice to meet you Barton.'

Barton nodded, and managed to stand. 'Look, do you have an email address or something? I'll email you to thank you more properly, and send you a gift.'

Bruce handed him his business card.

'Thanks,' said Barton. And he smiled, and started gingerly walking away.

'Well, that was amusing,' said Simon.

'Very,' replied Bruce to his son. 'And I almost have an idea for my book from all that.'

'So you are going to write it?' asked Rachel.

'May as well,' replied Bruce. 'It's going to be called 'Vampire, Vampires and More Fucking Vampires.'

'Excellent title,' said Rachel.

'We'll see,' replied the popular author.

The End



Vampires, Vampires and More Fucking Vampires 4

'You have a heart of Dark Love,' said Belladear to her Cherubim Twin Kardos.

'And you are that Dark Love,' replied Kardos, sullen as always.

Kristen looked out at Golden Lake. 'It's sedate. Like I remember it,' she said.

Kardos came and stood by her and looked at the lake. They were on its western shore, in the district of Shadlaphon, in a large skyscraper.

'Do you still love me?' he asked her.

'Every day,' she replied. She looked at the lake, and went over to the sofa of the apartment and sat down, picking up a magazine.

'They don't like vampires here. That is it, isn't it?' he asked her.

'No. Not really,' she replied. 'We're too changed to be with the community again. We live in a different world in the 6th heavenly realm, and this world has values which are bluntly Torah. And we are not fitting in, despite what you think. I know they smile, but they know. People can tell. They notice your skin. They can tell.'

Kardos looked out at the lake, and sat down at the table. 'Let's go to the club tonight. I have not been in an eternity. See Barton. He'll be a good friend to us.'

'Ok,' she said. But she was not so convinced everything would be fine.

* * * * *

'Oh. It's you,' said Barton.

'Who is this Barton?' asked one of his fellow Emo Vampires.

'It's the real thing, Julian. A Vampire of the night,' replied Barton.

The cosplayers looked at Kardos.

'You are Kardos the Cherubim. Aren't you?' queried Alana, one of the clubs fiesty Vamps.

'He's twin to me,' said Belladear. 'We're home for a while. Staying in Shadlaphon District. By the lake.'

'You literally eat blood?' asked Alana.

'Sometimes,' replied Kardos. 'Barton, in fact, has supplied me with the stuff on prior occasions.'

'Do you bite into necks?' asked Alana. 'Like they do in the movies?'

Kardos beared his teeth, with the very traditional Vampire teeth, and the girl stood back a little.

'Sit down,' said Barton 'Can I order you a drink?'

'Rum,' said Kardos. 'With cola.'

'The same,' replied Belladear

So they sat, and drank alcohol, and Kardos selected some Evanescence songs from the Jukebox, and the night passed, and Belladear smiled. The group thought Kardos was the real thing, but it was that he was accepted. And now they were in a place they could frequent in Zaphora, and it wasn't so bad not anymore.

The End

The 7th Angel III

Colexios was inside Shadlaphon Keep, chatting with Matrel.

'The gypsy must be dealt with,' said Colexios.

'I don't blame her,' replied Matrel. 'These many aeons I've never blamed her. She's only a seer. She only sees what might be.'

'Yet she uses the power of the dark magic, and some say these days the time of evil has come and gone, and we should be stricter. Saruviel runs a tight ship as overseer, and is not fond of rebellion that much. He is the Lord of Irony, but he is legalistic at times, and he is advocating a period of strong Torah observance. Deal with the ruddy gypsy. Give her a piece of your mind,' said Colexios. 'At least a 'Gee Thanks dear' is called for. Let her know she is dabbling, and should have second thoughts about the bullshit. I mean, you don't know how much you are to blame? You entered into the dark world of her tent, and God saw that, and decided your fate on your actions.'

'It's not as simple as that,' replied Matrel. 'He dealt with issues in my life through her portents.'

Colexios sipped on his shandy, and looked squarely at Matrel. 'Maybe,' he said after a while.

'I've thought about it long and hard. And I will go back to her one day. But only to seek a vision anew. For I came through the trial of the Insanity Abyss, when you and the others rescued me, and while I was driven to madness by the persecutions, I don't fear so much anymore. I will risk another visit.'

'Madness,' replied Colexios, and sipped on his alcohol. He sat down after a while, and looked at the TV which was softly playing. 'Bruce Magee, huh? Vampires, Vampires and More Fucking Vampires. Number one in the Realm of Eternity.'

'I read it,' replied Matrel. ' It was amusing.'

'I know the original works as well,' replied Colexios. 'I have the book at home. Will read soon enough.' He paused and sat there, thinking. Eventually he spoke. 'It is a brave fool who wishes to know his fates. A brave fool.'

'Then I am a brave fool,' replied Matrel.

'I guess so,' said one of the seven angels.

The End

Shadlaphon Keep

'Come on Bruce. It's this way,' said Rachel Chan, Bruce Magee's partner. They continued down the street, and turned a corner, and there she was. Shadlaphon Keep in all its glory. Across the road stood the famed Church of England Cathedral, with the Presbyterian Cathedral around the corner.

'Protestant central, in a sense, but Shadlaphon rules them, and is Catholic,' said Bruce. 'It's Christian Catholic though. Biblical Christian Catholic. The kind of catholicism which accepts all denominations of Christianity. My kind of Catholicism.'

'Faithful to the end, aren't you,' replied Rachel. 'Me, Gelphon Buddhist community sounds enlightening, but you and your Jesus devotions.'

'Hey, I'm not devoted to Jesus. I'm devoted to Almighty God the Father. Jesus is a Gospel teacher who is the boss of the Church. The Lord of the Church. Only historical Jesus doctrine with this puppy, you know.'

'I know,' replied Rachel.

'Come on dad,' said Simon.

They continued walking, and came to the Keep. There were a few people gathered around the steps of the Keep, chatting away. One of them had a poster with 'God Loves People' written on it. They came up the steps, and went inside, into the restaurant, and then to the back door where 'Management' was written, and they knocked. Soon Matrel the Serpahim's face appeared. 'Oh, Bruce Magee. You found us then,' said Matrel. 'Come in.'

The Magee family came inside, and Matrel indicated the couch, where they say.

'Well, Simon has extensive experience in restaurant management,' said Matrel. ' His qualifications from Joniquay are without fault. But all I can offer him is a waiting position here at the restaurant. We've established staff, and the turnover is non-existent. Very settled people. But we can put on another waiter, as there is sufficient demand usually at busy times to warrant this.'

'I'll take it,' said Simon Magee.

'Fine,' replied Matrel. He stood, and walked over to his desk, soon returning with an official ROE employment form. 'Fill this out,' he said to Simon. Matrel looked at Bruce. 'Your son will be fine with permanent citizenship status while he remains employed by us.'

'He's a good kid,' said Rachel. 'Old enough now, but always has lived with us. Wants to finally spread his wings though, and loves the Realm of Eternity.'

'I do,' said Simon, looking up.

'Well, it should be fine,' said Matrel. 'Uh, I've noticed you list Tennis as one of your pastimes.' Simon nodded. 'Well that's good. I'v experience at that.'

'We know Mr Federer,' replied Rachel.

'Well, he can start as soon as he wants. We can arrange temporary acommodation, but the wage should afford rental in the city permanent residents. They are accommodated in the legsilation.'

'Thanks,' said Simon Magee. 'I appreciate this Seraphim Matrel.'

Matrel nodded, and smiled. A new employee for Shadlaphon Keep after all this time. Well, life always moved on in the end, didn't it.

* * * * *

Simon Magee started work and seemed just fine to Matrel's observations. Amiel liked him, and life sailed on.

'So you are going through with it then?' Amiel asked Matrel.

'I want another encounter,' said Matrel. That diviner of untold miseries has a lot to answer for, I know. But I faced that, and I want another slice of the magic and insight and vision of the seer. I want to know what lies ahead and how to deal with it.'

'Torah never likes soothsayers,' replied Amiel. 'And Saruviel is none to fond at the moment of the dark side. Practically preached on it the other day, when he got back from Televere.

'Saruviel can get stuffed,' replied Matrel. 'He's overseer for a million, I admit. That seems set in stone. But he's not the only Seraphim who can make his own decisions.'

'Fine. You have my support whatever decision you make,' replied Amiel.

'Thank you,' replied Matrel.

They had dinner then, and Matrel put on the Tennis of a Zaphona City tournament, and got lost in the match for a while. But Simon Magee had said something about his father's new book, and Matrel walked upstairs, out onto the upper balcony, and looked out at the twilight. He noticed it then, over in the centre of Zaphora somewhere. Sparks of animistic energy from the coolness of the darkness. It was hoverings of the dark magic, which Bruce had talked about in his new novel. They were out there – creatures of the night. Even here in the heart of the Realm of Eternity. He thought on the Gypsy, and his own encounter impending with a new vision. Was he attracted? Did he like the dark side? Was he succumbing to the dark side? Probably not in the end. He was a little too sensible for that. But he enjoyed its dark sensations, and its cool sedateness, and that fitted his makeup somewhat. He was a passionate person in his own ways, but had a meekness as well, and he enjoyed nocturnal things from time to time. Probably a fascination, nothing more than that, he concluded, as he looked out at the lights of the city.

* * * * *

'Is the Dark Magic Evil?' asked Matrel.

'The member for Dunaphon thinks the member for Shadlaphon needs his head examined,' replied the overseer of Dunaphon.

'The Dark Magic is not to be trifled with,' said Daniel the Seraphim. It's subtle in its temptations and allurements.'

'It can be grasped by Children of the light,' said Michael. 'Job shows in its first chapter how the sons of God knew the Satan, and he assembled with them, and they were without fear. The light of the LORD is stronger than the dark magic.'

'Are there redeeming qualities of the dark magic?' asks the member for Shadlaphon.

'It is sedate and calming,' said Overseer Cherubim Peter. 'That is its strength. And it comforts in its own way. It provides a sanctuary for its own, and those drawn to its crooked and bizarre culture. It is other than the regular or normal. It is the weird and the wonderful. The dark have their own life, and their own ways of judgement and reckonings. A District overseer can encoutner and learn from this if he or she must.'

'I second that,' said the member for Gelphon.

'Is the member for Shadlaphon amused by the realm's number one bestseller at the moment?' asked Daniel the Seraphim.

Matrel remained silent. After a while he spoke. 'Something more innocent. At least I think so. An ancient gypsy to revisit.'

'Be cautious,' said Peter. 'But seek your Endorian witch.' And the group of district overseers all chuckled on that comment.

* * * * *

Matrel sat with Simon after a busy night, drinking wine.

'So, how are you fitting in?' asked Matrel.

'I've got a place,' said Simon. 'Just near the lake. Great view. There is a co-sponsored government scheme to pay for it as I am a current permanent resident.'

'Great,' said Matrel.

'The work is demanding, but keeps me busy,' replied Simon. 'I don't really want to leave now either. Shadlaphon District suits my style.'

'Whatever floats your boat,' replied Matrel.

'You've been here forever of course. You must have seen many changes in that time,' said Simon.

Matrel looked into the distance almost, though he was inside the Keep. 'You could say that,' he said at last. 'There have been other places I've been for a while. The Mountain amongst them, which was the elect of us in a sense, but the dead are always brought back for the eternal sorting job of Jehovah. But this has pretty much been my eternal home. Amiel and I have been here a very long time. A lot of history in our hearts because of it.'

Simon smiled, and sipped on his wine. 'To long life,' he said, holding up his wine glass. Matrel smiled and clinked his own glass against Simon's and took a sip.

'It has its own challenges, eternal life,' said Matrel. 'But its filled with enough to make it worth while. Take your opportunities when you see them, and it looks as if you have. It works out well enough in the end.'

'I hope so Matrel,' replied the waiter. 'Anyway, I better get going. The bus will be out the front shortly.' Matrel smiled as Simon left off to get home, and as he locked up the Keep for the night he thought on his long life at Shadlaphon Keep and realized he would never leave her. He was wed to her almost. Just the way of his eternity, it seemed. Just the way of his eternity.

* * * * *

Matrel sat on the upper balcony of Shadlaphon Keep, at night, again staring out at the lights of Zaphona City. Scrapers dominated everywhere, but trillions lived in Zaphona City. He was thinking about Amiel and his long life with her, how they had travelled such a long pathway and were still at it. And he was thinking about Simon Magee his new employee, and his good attitude. And he was thinking on the gypsy. He would visit, soon. He had made up his mind. He would dare what the overseers had mocked him on, and risk to know. To know the unknown – the future. Torah forbabade, and while King Saul had once risked a witch from Endor, Matrel was not of the ilk of Saul. But he had inquiry in him also, and desire, and he wanted to challenge himself. To face the unknown future, and take it head on. For he had learned to conquer his fears, and not to worry about what the future held.

He sipped on his wine, and looked at the city. She was beautiful, in the dark light, and there were still at this time of night countless souls going about their business, loves broken, loves made, lives lived and dreams aspired to. Was he, in the end, any different? He liked to think not. He was an old Seraphim, who had seen so much in his time. But there was adventure yet in his heart, and he would seek it out, and let it play out as it should. For he was Seraphim and proud. He just silently prayed he would not be Seraphim and dead. He chuckled on that thought, and toasted the city, as another night passed in Shadlaphon Keep in the disc of Zaphora in the heart of the Realm of Eternity.

The End

Matrel and the Diviner of Untold Miseries 5

Matrel was at the Romnaphon Circus, at the Gypsy's tent.

'Go on then,' said Amiel. Matrel walked in. He sat. Soon the gypsy appeared.

'You have waited a long time to visit again,' said the Gypsy. 'I know thee well Matrel, honoured Seraphim. What do ye seek?'

'My future,' replied Matrel.

The gypsy nodded, and looked into the crystal ball. 'It is hazy,' she said. 'But there are again 4 key events the magic is showing me.' She peered again. 'You have a twin, do you not?'

'Naturally,' replied Matrel.

'Your strength is what you can handle,' said the Gypsy. 'But not the fear for your loved ones. She is going to be in danger, but it is difficult to see. Yet I am not sure if you can do anything bar trust in God for her deliverance.'

Matrel nodded. 'Speak of the second,' he said.

The gypsy looked again. 'Poverty. Extreme poverty. And it will strike when you want it least of all.'

'The next,' said Matrel. 'Tell me the next vision.'

The gypsy looked at him, and his confidence. 'Do not push the nature of destiny, for she thwarts the proud.'

'The next vision,' insisted Matrel.

The gypsy looked. 'A change in fortunes. Wealth, restoration, and your twin out of danger. And prosperity and success.'

Matrel stopped. 'But they are portents of evil?' he said.

'Nay, they are your life and trials. Not only misery, but there is good as well. Good and bad – in life we take what we get.'

'The final vision,' said Matrel.

The gypsy looked. 'You are overseer again. And ruling with wisdom. All glory is yours, and the Seraphim are paying you respect. There is no further vision.'

Matrel, who had been hardened for an age against the trial to come, almost relaxed. It was easier than he thought.

'Go, you fool. For if you visit a third time, it will not be good or bad which tests you. But strength itself.'

Matrel stood, looked at the gypsy, and thought on the power of the dark magic, and almost scoffed. And he left.

'How did it go?' asked Amiel.

He looked at her, and realized the danger she would face, but the redemption that would come. 'It was a piece of cake,' he said.

'Good,' she replied. And they wandered around the circus and, for the most part, all was well. All was well.

The End

Meludiel and Gloryel

'Ambriel is a knight in shining armour,' said Meludiel.

'Definitely,' agreed Gloryel. 'But Daniel is a clown of adventure, with a life of his own.'

'Something like that,' agreed Meludiel. 'Michael is an orthodox lollie-pop man.'

'Very good analogy,' said Gloryel. 'Or an oversized boyscout.'

'True,' agreed Meludiel. 'Azrael is an exercise in foolery. Like Cosadriel.'

'Brave and bold, but too stupid to know when to say quit,' replied Gloryel.

'Saruviel is a retired devil worshipper, gone off to philosophy,' said Meludiel.

'He is the devil,' said Gloryel. 'Sariel is a gentleman, but the smile has been moulded in place by plastic surgery.'

'Uriel is an action novel, with a really bad sense of humor,' said Meludiel. 'Pulp fiction really.'

'Cimbrel is a casio calculator,' said Gloryel, which Meludiel nodded knowingly on.

'Who shall we vote for, then, as Seraphim of the century?' asked Meludiel.

'Let's choose Azrael,' said Gloryel. 'He hasn't won it much. Give him a fair go.'

'Then I will vote as such,' agreed Meludiel, and they fell to laughing about their jokes on the male seraphim.

The End

Seraphim of the Century

'Obviously I'll win again,' said Daniel to Ambriel. ''I've worked my arse off for it this time.''

'You win a lot admittedly,' replied Ambriel. 'But this year could be different. I smell a rat. I think the girls have colluded.'

''Youve heard something?' inquired Daniel.

'Just a casual remark from Meludiel to not be so sure this year.'

They sat in their chairs, in the throneroom of Zaphon, and the gathered Seraphim watched as God the Theophany stood up.

'Greetings children. Well, its been a fine century. Life has come and gone in predictable manners, and citizens have been happy enough with all your efforts in life. The girls have done well, and so have the men, and there have been some standout performances. I'm proud of you all, but there can only be two winners.' God took out the first envelope.

The winning female Seraphim is,' he said. 'Barbonel.'

Barbonel stood, as the Seraphim clapped her, and went up to receive her reward. 'Thank you everyone,' she said, and returned to her seat.

'Good for you,' said God. 'Now, I know there is a lot of speculation this year, but let's see who has performed the best.' God took out the envelope, raised his eyebrow at the name, and looked at everyone. ''The winning male Seraphim – is Azrael.'

Azrael, who had been snoozing, was nudged by Cosadriel, who said 'You won idiot.' He looked at him, and at God, who was motioning for him to come forward, and he got up, and went to take his reward.

'Well, I never,' he said to his brethren. 'Cheers.' Andhe returned to his seat, with Cosadriel patting him on the back.

'I'll get it next time,' Daniel said to Ambriel.

'We'll see,' replied the 60th male seraphim of Eternity.

The End



Vampires, Vampires and More Fucking Vampires 5

'It's the glimpipe,' said Kardos.

'I got it from Mistrel,' said Belladear. 'Listen' And she played a quick trill, then danced off into a melody of her own making, as Kardos sat down on the couch outside on the balcony of their Golden Lake Shadlaphon District apartment. He watched her as she meandered around the room, playing skillfully and well, and smiling at him between movements. They were short movements of 30 seconds each, about precisely each, from Kardos reckoning. And after the 6th she finished, and sat down on the opposite couch, looking out at the city. She reached down and picked up her drink or Rum and Cola, and sipped.

'Zaphona City. A dark edge in the heart, here and there,' said Belladear. 'Barton has some interesting acquaintances. Never knew there were such folk in the heart of eternity.'

'We're those folk as well,' said Kardos quietly.

'Yes. Of course,' replied Kristen. She sipped on her drink and looked at the city. She turned to him. 'Any requests?'

'Requiem for a soul of the dead,' said Kardos.

'I don't know that one,' she said.

'Here,' he said. She handed him the glimpipe. He began playing, but it was sad and mournful, and it lasted 5 minutes, and then he put down the glimpipe.

'Why doesn't that surprise me,' she said 'You playing such a tune.'

'I'm a vampire. What do you expect?' he replied.

She sipped on her drink and looked at him. 'You'll always be dark, whatever you are. I think its more your nature than anything. Gladitorius Vigantes said it best. He gives Vampires depression at times.'

Kardos smiled. 'That is original. I have not heard that before.'

She took the pipe from his hand, and looked at it, and played a quick trill, before putting it back in its sheath. 'Tomorrow I look for work,' she said. 'We've been here long enough. We're home now, right?'

He looked at her, with that stare of silence he had and said 'I suppose.'

'You suppose,' she repeated. 'Well, knowing you well, that is still usually a strong enough affirmation. I will look for work, probably as a receptionist, and you will stay here all day, and we will go to the club at midnight. I don't think you need to work for a while, but security guard on the nightshift should be an occupation you consider.'

'A usual occupation for our kind,' replied Kardos.

'Naturally,' she said. She looked at the city. 'It's good to be home. In the end, it is good to be home.'

And she was not even surprised when he replied 'I suppose'. She was not even surprised.

The End

God the Father IV

'It is a sign of the times,' said Moses the Lawgiver to Saruviel.

'Vampire cosplay,' replied Saruviel. 'At the comics conference being held. With blood everywhere.'

'It was coloured water,' said Wolfgang. 'Just dramatically displayed.'

'The crowd freaked when it was tossed over them,' said Saruviel. 'It was completely out of order. I should have words with Zaphora's overseer.'

'Michael,' said God. 'Michael is the overseer for Zaphora district. The district as well as the Disc as a whole.'

'Yes,' replied Saruviel. 'Yes, of course he would be, wouldn't he. I tend to forget details like that. Forgotten the obvious I suppose. It was his responsibility, in the end, to ensure Zaphora District had proper regulations covering such an event. There is a lot of freedom in life, and the event broke no laws, but it was questionable their activities.'

'Then take action,' said Moses. 'Rebuke Michael.'

Saruviel glanced at Moses. 'No. No I think I won't. I'll speak to the conference organisers myself, and let them know I was far from impressed. I will deal with it personally.'

'Delegation is the heart of the Overseer of Eternity,' commented God.

'And knowing when to lead is also his duty,' replied Saruviel. 'I will deal with this myself, and inform Michael. He can take a decision on the issue then, if he desires.'

'So be it,' replied God.

'Tomorrow. We shall be at the concert at Pelnaphon Keep,' said Alexander to Moses. 'Will you be accompanying us Wolfgang?'

Wolfgang shook his head. 'Busy at the moment. Maybe some other time.'

'As you will,' replied Saruviel. He looked at the newspaper article once more. 'Vampires. Whatever next,' he sighed.

The End

Pelnaphon Keep

'Tis Saruviel,' said Kardos to Belladear.

'Sir. Madam,' said Saruviel. Sitting down next to Kardos and Belladear at the Pelnaphon concert. The audience were chatting, and Saruviel turned to look at Kardos and Belladear. 'Excuse me. But do I know you?'

'Kardos. Cherubim' said Kardos.

'Belladear. His twin' siad Belladear.

Saruviel looked at them. 'It has been – a long time,' he said. 'But I have memories of both of you from the early years. I had thought life had led you elsewhere, never to be seen again.'

'Sometimes fish return home,' said Belladear. 'To their own territories.'

'Apparently so,' replied Saruviel. 'You must drop around to the overseer's office soon. We'll get a bite to eat.'

'As you wish,' replied kardos.

'We live by Golden Lake. In Shadlaphon district,' said Belladear. 'We moved in recently. Home to roost.'

'Always a positive when Cherubim live in Zaphora,' said Saruviel. 'Our dear brethren have always been a part of our angelic family.'

'I recall,' said Kardos. 'We were close to begin with. All the Seraphim and Cherubim.'

'It's still somewhat true,' replied Saruviel. ' But so many lives are full of their own dreams and agendas, and simple fellowship is often forgotten.'

'True,' replied Belladear, looking at Kardos.

'I suppose,' stated Kardos softly.

The concert began then, and the hilight was Mistrel on the Glimpipe, with an assortment of classic, to which the audience clapped, for he was skilled and good at his work.

'Will look forward to seeing you soon,' said Saruviel. 'It has been my pleasure.'

The man seated next to Saruviel smiled at them also, and Kardos noticed it was Saruviel's friend, the lawgiver of Israel. Small world he thought to himself.

* * * * *

Mistrel sat at the kitchen table, readint the Zaphona City News. It was his ritual. Every morning he would come in, pick up the newspaper, and sit down at the table and read it, while his twin, Gwyndel, would invariably make his pancakes with maple syrup. It was their ritual beginning to the day, and how they found consistency and eternity. It never failed to focus Mistrel on what it was all about.

'They covered the concert,' said Mistrel. 'Good report also.'

'That's good,' said Gwyndel, who brought the pancakes on a dish to the centre of the table. 'Tea, coffee or hot choclate?' she asked him.

'Coffee alternative. Some barley grain thing today,' said Mistrel.

Mistrel opened the lid on the coffee alternative, spooned a little into a mug, and poured hot water, adding the milk. Mistrel received it, added in a bag of sweetener, and blew on it, and started sipping it. After a few minutes, as Gwyndel had started on her pancakes, Mistrel began his familiar ritual of consumption. It took them about 15 miutes to work through the pancakes, after which Mistrel stood, farted, and went off to the overseer's office. Gwyndel took the plates, washed them, and put the things away, and went off to the lounge of the Keep. Another day begun in Pelnaphon.

* * * * *

'Now pay attention,' said Mistrel. And he tinkered some notes on the Vibronic, and the student corrected herself, and she continued on practicing the piece. The study hall was alive with musical notes, 17 people practicing instruments, as Mistrel walked around, correcting this or that effort, and getting on with his work. There were usually new students from outer discs, who would pay the hefty tuition fees to study at Pelnaphon under the world famous Glimpiper Mistrel, the Seraphim Master, and Pelnaphon had pretty much become Mistrel's permanent home and site of new activity because of it. There were endless supplies of fresh faces, which, so Mistrel felt, kept him young and energized. They would pay the air fligths, book their accommodation, and many would stay in the dormitories of Pelnahpon Keep, and then undertake their course, studying their chosen instrument, all in the name of improving the musical calibre of the realm of eternity. Or so Mistrel liked to think anyway. Quite obviously they all had their own plans and dreams for life, be that music teacher themselves, or part of an orchestra or band, or just personal interest. Whatever it was, they always made Mistrel thankful to God for the role which had come to him naturally in life, and he was happy with his eternity, having found meaning and justification for his life in his work.

Gamrayel walked in the room. 'Boss,' he said to Mistrel.

'Yes Gammy,' replied Mistrel.

'Come and look. The basketball arena is filling up with water.'

'Students. Take 5,' said Mistreld and followed Gamrayel out of the room, into the hallway, and down the inner steps of the keep, down to the basement level. But it was full of water, now about 30 centimeteres, deep, which was some accomplishment, as the basement level was quite large, including a students recreation centre, basketball court and various other offices.

'Where's the janitor?' asked Mistrel.

'I have no idea,' replied Gamrael.

'Well look in his office,' said Mistrel. 'Oh, come on. Follow me.' And he began wading through the water, up the hall to the Janitor's office at the end of the basement level of Pelnaphon keep. They knocked, but no answer. So the opened the door, and the water gushed into the office. They spied him right away. Lying on the couch of his office, with a bottle of scotch in his arms, sleeping, snoring loudly.

'He's drunk,' said Gamrayel.

'I can see that,' replied Mistrel. 'Come on. Let's find the source of the water.'

The exited the office, and headed for the pipes of the keep, which drew water for the Keep itself. They found a water pump, with its hose unatacched, spewing out water.

'Help me turn it off,' said Mistrel. And then he and Gamrayel, turning the wheel, which wasn't that difficult to turn, gradually turned it, and the water slowed down then stopped completely.

Mistreld felt under the water, and picked up the hose. 'It must have come loose. Not attached properly.'

'He might have been drunk, and was not doing his job well,' said Gamrayel.

'Yes. Most likely,' agreed Mistrel. 'I'll issue him an official warning, and leave it at that. Everyone makes mistakes, and he's never been drunk before. Now how the heck are we going to deal with this mess,' he said, looking over the water covering the basement of the Keep.

'There's a tap in the far corner,' said Gamrayel. 'Oposite the Janitor's office. Even now that will be slowly draining the water. At this rate, gosh, well maybe a day or so, but it will drain it in time. Just let it I suppose.'

'Wise enough,' said Mistrel.

'What about the Janitor?' asked Gamrayel.

'Let him sleep it off. We'll find out what got him drunk soon enough.'

So they did. That afternoon the water had mostly drained, and the Janitor came up to Mistrel's office, apologized for his mistake, and explained his brother had passed a while back, victim to cancer. 'He hadn't been much of a repentant soul, in the end,' the janitor had said. 'He would sin and never really feel sorry for it. I am not sure that he will ever be back in a resurrection.'

Mistrel had consoled with him, realizing that it had caused the janitor turmoil of heart, and decided against issuing an official warning. The students had been blocked from using the basement until the water had drained, then the Janitor had work cleaning up the mess and drying it all out when the water had drained out completely. Another day of adventure at Pelnaphon Keep.

* * * * *

Mistrel sat in the overseer's office for Pelnaphon Keep. Order forms. Instrument order forms. Naturally the students usually brought an instrument with them to Pelnaphon, but they were encouraged in a variety of instrumentation in their often long courses, and Glimpipes, violins and even Vibronics were ordered on a regular basis by himself for students who added another instrument. Xadonemmetry was a regular supplier, his Seraphim brother Daniel's company, but there were a variety,

'Time for lunch,' said Gwyndel.

In the cafeteria Mistrel nibbled on his salad roll.

'The basketball court is up to scratch again, I see,' said Gwyndel.

Mistrel nodded.

'Did you have words with the janitor in the end?' she asked him.

'Just to be more careful in the future. I didn't belabour the point.'

'Probably for the best,' replied Gwyndel. 'He's been through a tough time.'

'Life is full of tough times,' said Mistrel. 'We ust have to soldier through.'

'True,' replied Gwyndel. 'Did you see the TV report on the millennial concert. They featured you for 30 seconds. It was on this morning.'

'Didn't have the TV on in the office,' he replied. 'I'll watch tonight.'

'They might televise it again,' she said. 'Are you using Xadonemmetry for the new electric violins?'

'Probably. They are usually one of the highest qualities, and Daniel badgers me to buy them. Wants them out in the realm with users who have competence, which he expects from Pelanaphon students.'

'Well you usually deliver,' replied Gwyndel.

'I try to,' he said. 'Someone has to ensure we have quality culture offered in the world. A lot of music teachers – so so is often good enough for them. Not trained to exacting standards.'

'You should think about that. Next time as overseer. Run a program of excellence in music. Improve the teachers out there. Get something going. A Pelnaphon teachers crusade for the ARC. Bring in some of the average teachers and push them up a few grades of quality,' suggested Gwyndel.

'Not a bad idea,' replied Mistrel. 'I'll keep it in mind.'

'Well, next millennial concert. It is only a thousand years away. Will come around before you can blink. How about some tunes from your time as overseer, first time around, next time,' she suggested.

'Maybe. Plenty of time to think things over, but I won't repeat what we've done at recent concerts. Something new enough. I might ask Belladear if she'd like to perform the Glimpipe next time. She has growing talent at it. It has been a long time since I have heard her play, but she played for me after the concert, and was quite good. I'll see if her and Kardos intend to hang around now, and invite her to perform at the next concert.'

'That would be good,' said Gwyndel. 'Something to look forward to.'

Mistrel nodded, and munched on his salad roll.

'Well, I'll see you at dinner, and remember we are visiting the restaruant at Kazraphon Keep tomorrow night. Karamaziaton has finally persuaded me to try her expensive meals again, and I can't refuse for the fifth time, can I?'

'Something else to look forward to. See you later,' she said, as Mistrel finished off his salad roll, sipped down some melit water, and got on with his afternoon.

* * * * *

Gwyndel was unofficially employed at Pelnaphon Keep. She taught an odd lesson on the Glimpipe, which she had experience at, rather than inborn talent, but that experience had been tuned by Mistrel for so long now that she was quite competent. She sat in the office some days doing the accounts, and some days she sat in with Mistrels lesson, helping students as a teachers aide. She even did some of the cooking in the cafeteria, and cleaning of the toilets and things. More of a general oddbody, but not officially paid. That was not really a concern. She had an income from her own disc of overseerswomanship, as the saying went, which she got out to every now and again, chatting with the Parliamentary body which ran the affairs of the disc, assessing policy administration, and addresseing some paperwork which really should have the overseer's signature. There were delegated bodies which ran things for her, but she got out there occasionally. The income, in point of fact, was quite large. Her disc, after all, was enormous, and had countless souls dwelling therein. She'd met countless souls from it over the many ages, and still had barely scratched the surface, and knew less that 1% of the official villages, towns and cities of the disc. But she continued to learn her disc and her people, and would persevere with the job. It was a long eternity after all. For a long time she had been content at Pellersphon with Mistrel, but Pelnaphon had finally be accomplished properly, and they had quickly moved there for permanent overseer duties. They preferred Zaphora when it came right down to it. It was home. She was with her twin, and married to him, but less married, and more a supporting twin, though they did sleep together, and did occasionally engage in sexual activity. But they were more a partnership than a husband and wife, and more of two dedicated Seraphim doing their work in life, rather than a family dynasty of any great and grand consequence. Not really Mistrel's cup of tea that idea. He liked his work, and Gwyndel liked helping him do it, and that was how life worked, and it was good enough for her.

* * * * *

Mistrel tinkeres around in the supplies cupboard. Where was it? He shuffled items around, and was ready to give up, when he spied the blue box beneath some papers. He fished it out. Last harmonica in the Keep. He hurried back to the classroom and came to his Glimpipe student. 'So you are sure you choose the harmonica?' Mistrel asked. The student nodded. Mistrel tossed the box with the harmonica to the lad, and continued on around the room full of practicing musicians. He came to the rock and roll drummer, who had long hair and an Iron Maiden T-shirt showing with his open Pelnaphon uniform shirt on top.

'Not sure if that is Pelnaphon policy,' siad Mistrel.

'Eddie Lives,' said the Metalhead, and did the Dio Devil sig with his hand.

'Indeed,' replied Mistrel, and listened to the drummer rip through a short routine, before continuing on through the room. The lady on the Vibronic, honestly, was God Awful. But she had paid the hefty tuition fees and came from a rich family. Mistrel cringed more than once as she played a piece for him and realized it would be a long decade. The flautist was no better, but the guitarist, who was a friend of the drummers was the worst. He felt a dead skunk had more musical talent, and would definitely stink less. And so, facing up to his usual work, turning chaos into harmony, he continued on with his afternoon, busy and happy in Pelnaphon Keep, a musician ans teacher, dong the work which, to be honest, was what gave him so much joy anyway.

The End

Vampires, Vampires and More Fucking Vampires 6

Bruce Magee and Alf Lambert were chatting. 'Barton lives down there,' said Alf. 'A friend now of me mate Jack Overton.'

'Right,' said Bruce. 'Let's go down and knock.' They descended to the lower level of the apartments block, and knocked on the steel door. They waited. A few minutes later the door opened, and a pretty blonde female stood there. She was dressed up like an emo vampire.

'Yo, Bruce Magee,' she said, recognizing Bruce. 'You are a frikking legend, dude. The novel was awesome. Great stuff. Did us justice wihtout making us look evil, which we aren't. Real vampires are natural creatures, you know. Yes they suck blood, but those who have lived long lives no longer kill. They get killed by vampire hunters if they do.'

'There are actual Vampire Hunters?' queried Alf Lambert.

'Yes, there are,' said Barton, coming into view. 'When a Vampire kills he is judged by the law, and Vampire hunters chase them down for the bounty. Vampires were created a long time ago. There is a rumour that they may have been part of the original creation, but the regular view is that they were created from the culture that started around them from Vampire Bats, possibly in the era of the sixth heavenly realm. They do indeed bite necks from time to time, and make more vampires. But unless they push the vampiric venom into to the neck, it is just feeding. Most of the time they don't try and make vampires. They are stalkers at night, and they break laws sucking blood, but they have a compulsion for it. And yes, animal blood also works to feed them.'

'Fascinating,' said Bruce. 'Can we come in and chat?'

Barton invited them in to his pad. It was decorated with a sunken lounge, of great quality by the looks of it, stylis movie posters in frames, and lava lamps, and other assorted statues of dragons and wizards and things, and a large bookcase which appeared full of trade paperback comics and books of the paranormal kind. They sat at the sunken lounge.

'Would you ever want to become a real vampire?' Bruce asked Barton.

'Heh. That's funny. I know one as well. Oh, and thanks Bruce for helping me out the other day. Much appreciated.'

'That's ok,' said Bruce. 'You didn't answer my question.'

'I'm a cosplayer,' said Bruce. 'And the teeth fall out every now and again, and grow fresh again. This is not necessarily an eternal look, you know. Just for now. Later on I'll probably age, and drop the teeth sharpening thing. I plan on being a matured afficianado of the emo culture, well established.'

'Oh,' said Bruce.

'Wouldn't become a real vampire,' said Barton, in an amused tone. 'That would be – wicked.'

'Really,' said Alf.

'Indeed,' nodded Barton, a wicked grin on his face.

* * * * *

Belladear was at home with Kardos.

'They had me on TV,' said Belladear. 'In a shot talking with Mistrel at the conference. Saw it today at work.'

'Fascinating,' said Kardos. 'How did I look?'

'I think I saw your headshot briefly,' she replied.

'Oh,' he said. 'Disappointing.'

'You are hardly vain Kardos the Cherubim. It has never been your style.'

'No,' he replied. 'Tonight we are going to the club. From 12 till 2. Is that too late for you?'

'It's the weekend,' repied Belladear. 'It should be fine.'

'Let's eat,' said Kardos. 'I have made dinner tonight.'

'Fine,' replied Belladear.

They gathered at the table, and Belladear slowly ate her salad, looking at Kardos. He seemed, well not exactly in a good mood, but in a strange sort of way what he was like when he was content enough in life. Like he was happy enough with all that was happening.

'You seem in a good mood,' she said.

'Almost happy,' he said, and smiled a rare smile.

'Is it the realm?' she asked.

He looked at her. 'It might be. But I think its the company of the club. Probably both. Like I have found acceptance where I hale from. My home has a culture and a community for me, which I can join and be part of. I feel like God has made room for me as best he could given what I am.'

Belladear nodded.

'How was your day?' he asked.

'Busy,' she said. 'But it is good to be home with you.'

Kardos, again, smiled that rare smile. She smiled sortly to herself when she saw it.

* * * * *

'Make you a vampire?' asked Kardos to Barton.

'What would it take?' asked Barton.

'You are crazy,' said Belladear. 'You wouldn't want the struggle.'

'Do it to me,' said Barton. 'So that I become what I am inclined to. It is my nature to desire this. I know that within.'

Kardos took note of that point, but just sipped on his drink, and turned and watched the dancing in the club.

* * * * *

Barton was dreaming. Of family and friends, and of witches and then the ocean, were he was suddenly plumbed to its depths. Then suddenly he felt pressure and woke from his dream. Something was on top of him.

'Be careful what you wish for,' said the creature. And it lunged, and grabbed his head, and bit into his neck. And a toxin was released, and Barton felt drowsy, and fell asleep, and dreamt once more.

In the morning he woke, and felt weird. He'd had a strange dream of someone biting him. He toileted and stood in the bathroom, about to brush his teeth, when he noticed it. His canines had suddenly grown long. 'For fuck's sake? What the hell is going on?' Then he felt it – the sudden hunger. The urge. He needed to feed on something. To bite on human flesh. 'Fuck,' he said to himself after a moment. 'He did it.' Barton had joined the creatures of the netherworld. Life would never be the same again.

The End

God the Father V

Archangel Michael had cancer. He was not in a good way. He had been smoking rampantly for about a century, having become addicted, and couldn't quit.

'Is it the end of him?' Moses asked the Theophany.

'His spirit gave up a while ago,' said Wolfgang. 'When it was cast into Zionistya it had been the straw which broke the camel's back. He's put on a brave face, but he's finished. He's not destined for eternal life. He hasn't done the works of prayer required, or the repentance and acknowledging of behaviours which cause death. Things like health concerned were sneered as non-sin issues by him for a long time. He'd eat a lot of junk food and just work it off, and eat a lot of fatty foods, when he should know better. This cancer has built up an eternity in his stubborness.'

The death came later that year, and Michael descended down to sheol, and his spirit dissipated somewhat. It was possible he would never return.

Gabriel came to Zaphon then, and seized control, sending Saruviel to Kalphon. 'Your ARC is finished, Saruviel. I'm the boss now,' said Gabriel. 'There is a new order of Seraphim, and Gabriel is in charge, and I've committed to ruling Zaphon eternally.'

'As you wish,' replied Saruviel.

Daniel was consulted, the Seraphim Arch-Regent, and agreed to coronate Gabriel as overseer. 'If Michael ever returns, though, Saruviel finishes his ARC,' were Daniel's last words. Gabriel assented agreement, and it was finalised in covenant terminology.

Ambriel queried whether Gabriel would maintain his overseersmanship over Terraphora, to which the response was a significant Cherubim would be assigned to the position in due course. After seven months Cherubim Daniel was given the job.

'Michael will probably not be back,' said God the Father to Saruviel. 'Get used to Gabriel. He is made of eternity. Not really into nonsense in the end. He's Catholic in ways, but mostly Seraphim Torah now. He's not as flexible as Michael when he has real power, but he's kinder and more tolerant. There are standards which he'll give you a shove on after a while if don't maintain.'

'Understood,' replied Saruviel. So the new order of things settled in, and Elenniel prayed for Michael to stop being a dickhead in Sheol, but announced to the Theophany that if her twin would not repent, and died eventually in death, she would move on and find a new love.

And life in the Realm of Eternity moved on.

The End



Glimmersphon Keep

Saruviel was at Glimmersphon Keep. Questioning. It was his normal place for inquiries. Michael had come, and Michael had gone, and now it was Gabriel was their eternal firstborn. And psalm 82 was on his mind.

'What is the fundamental problem?' he asked God, down on the jetty, looking towards the throneroom of Zaphon.

'THEY DON'T REPENT,' said a voice in his presence.

Saruviel stood there, waiting any other word, and when it did not come he went and sat at the end of the jetty.

'I'm quite rebellious and strong-willed,' he said to God.


'I can be very stubborn,' he said to God.


'I've never modelled myself on being a sinner. The original rebellion was not about that. It was never freedom – to sin. Just freedom to live our own lives, on our own terms. Justice and law was always important. I've never disavowed those concepts.'


'Well, I repent Lord of anything which will lead to a death like Michael's. Please teach me to get that sort of stupidity out of me. I want to live forever, heavenly father. I enjoy life, love my twin, and take great consolation from Kantriel and Daraqel. Please teach me eternal life principles.'

'VERY WEL,' said God.


Saruviel stood, and went up to the keep. Dameriel was there, with the evening meal, with Krystabel his own twin and Florel, Dameriel's twin.

'You are a brother who has heart,' said Sarviel to Dameriel. And they supped, and Dameriel liked the smile on his brother's face. A very rare smile.

* * * * *

Cherubim Daniel was alarmed at the extra set of wings that morning. He swore in Hebrew, then in Aramaic, then in English.

'You've been upgraded yo Seraphim level, taking over Gabriel's job in Terraphora. You are now Seraphim Daniel the elder,' said the Theophany, coming into Daniel's room. Daniel the Seraphim is now Seraphim Daniel the Younger, There will be a Ketravim called Jack Dagger who will replace you in the Cherubim list, and a new human will be transmogrified into a Seraphim to replace him. The balance is being restored.'

'Right,' said Daniel. 'Well, ok. Terraphora sounds fine. When do I start?'

'Let's go,' said God.

They took a flight, and a few hours later were at Zaphon, in Gabriel's office. Gabriel agreed to the matters, and Daniel the Prophet officially became secondborn of the Seraphim, as Seraphim Daniel the elder.

* * * * *

'Interesting news, isn't it,' said Dameriel. 'The new order of things. Gabriel seems to be probably eternal. He doesn't seem to have the pride issues Michael had.'

'Think he'll be back?' asked Florel.

'I'm not sure if he will. Many aren't now,' said Dameriel. 'There are many offspring which seem to have eternally gone to Sheol. They've never been back. I think God does let people die in the end. It's sad, but a reality of life. Michael just didn't seem to fit with us all in the end. He just couldn't get used to the demotion to Zionistya, bore a grudge, and had become arrogant. It's not like that with Judael or Toraniel, and nothing at all like Ambriel and Davriel's attitude. They seem to be genuinely spiritual angels. Michael just fell. I think Psalm 82's vengeance has finally been fulfilled.'

'I'll miss him,' said Florel. 'I don't know. I think at the end of all things he'll be back, having learned his lesson, but I don't know. Maybe that was it.'

'We'll see in time,' said Dameriel. 'Don't let it get you down.'

'No,' she replied. 'Well, what is the business for today?' she asked him.

'There is another festival of the Church this weekend. Jesus will be here, and it's the usual crowd of invitees and requests for use of the grounds and the jetty. A busy time.'

'Well, something to get on with,' said Florel, and picked up the dishes, wandering off to the kitchen.

'Aye,' said Dameriel. 'Something to get on with.'

* * * * *

The festival came and went, and Andrea Corr hung around at Glimmersphon for a while afterwards.

'Do you have pancakes?' Andrea asked Dameriel.

'I'll get onto them,' said Dameriel. Dameriel busied himself in the kitchen, mixing the batter, pouring it into the saucepan, and turning them after a while. Soon he'd made 5 large pancakes, and came out with them to the dining room.

'Goody,' said Andrea.

'There is nutella there, and maple syrup,' said Dameriel. 'And here is the butter,' he said, placing butter on the table. Andrea helped herself.

That afternoon Andrea was singing 'The Sun and the Moon' on the guitar, from the Corrs album 'Jupiter Calling'.

'I think that the moon is now gone,' said Andrea. 'Angel Michael put to rest forever, never to rise again.'

'Revelation suggests he relates to the moon in many ways,' said Dameriel. 'I guess your song was a prophecy of his fall in some ways.'

'I fear he shan't return. I think I've always known he was doomed,' she said. 'A long time ago I saw some things he'd said on TV, and his manner of gruffness and uncaring heart. I didn't think he had eternity in him. I think that Satan will be next. He'll bite the dust next,' she said.

'Satan disappeared a while ago,' said Dameriel. 'Apparently he and the Theophany had a meeting and he hasn't been seen since. Nobody knows what has happened to him.'

'Oh,' said Andrea. 'Fancy that.'

'Anyone else doomed?' asked Dameriel, grinning.

'Only those two so far,' said Andrea. 'Angels fall, you know. Scripture says so. When they get too proud.'

'I think most of them are under control these days,' said Dameriel. 'There are a lot of Cherubim offspring angels I've never seen again, and I am not really sure if all the Cherubim themselves are accounted for these days. There is no official tracking of their movements or whereabouts, only word of mouth which drifts in from time to time to the inner discs.'

Andrea nodded. 'Some are made of eternity, and some can find that through repentance, and some can forfeit it becaue of pride in their hearts.'

'That would appear to be the case,' agreed Dameriel. 'Perhaps we should have a chat over the next few weeks, and seek the Lord to guide our hearts into firmer choices of eternal life.'

'Sound idea,' agreed Andrea. 'I'll pray with you a while. Maybe a month or so.'

They did that, and in the prayer room in the Keep Andrea and Dameriel would read the bible and the Rainbow bible, as well as the New Testament a little, and think on the things of repentance and good hearts, and they made a pact to watch out for each other's welfare. Dameriel found a friend in his regular visitor, then, more than just someone who used the free services of the Keep. Andre Corr, a wise Irish lass, with a pretty face, but a prettier heart.

* * * * *

Dameriel was out the back of Glimmersphon, in the garden the keep ran. Up the hill behind the keep, near the crest, Zaphona City loomed, the scrapers beginning a run which ran north to Gelphon. Big ones, filled with billions of souls all told. They went up high into the sky, well over 30 miles high the large monoliths behind Glimmersphon. Architectural wonders, communities filled with Seraphim and Cherubim offspring, some of who rarely if ever left their block, so much of the commerce self contained in each building. There were clubs, banks, markets, sporting places, all sorts of business and acommodation beyond counting in those towers. Little cities each of them, were affiliations were to the tower guardian a lot of the time, who spoke on behalf of a lot of the tenants, chatting with District overseers a lot of the time about the humdrum of life they went through. Dameriel had chatted with various tower guardians over many years, hearing stories about angels he had never met, private lives lived watching over Glimmersphon District, and Zaphona City in general. And many of the scrapers were interconnected with walkways at upper levels between the towers, a huge city in the sky which you never had to leave if you didn't want to. But for Dameriel, the ground of Glimmersphon Keep was his inheritance, one he would not let go of, and it sufficed him to hear stories of such lives in the penthouse apartments and leave it at that.

* * * * *

Sharon Corr had come to visit.

'Play me at chess Dameriel,' said Sharon. Dameriel went to the games cupboard and brought out an ancient wooden chess set.

'Elenniel crafted this,' said Dameriel. 'A long time ago. She prayed spirited games to be played upon it.'

'We'll see how we go,' said Sharon. And the game began. Five hours later Kantriel was looking at the board.

'I think she has him Saruviel,' said Kantriel.

'Not so sure. It's close, but she has the upper hand,' replied Saruviel.

'She's obviously brilliant,' said Daraqel. Dameriel is no slouch. Years of experience.

'I play online,' said Sharon. 'Always got a few games on the go on You learn a lot with practice.'

'Never really been my game,' said Saruviel. 'I prefer Mega Risk with the elect of God.'

'Who are the elect of God?' asked Sharon.

'God's little club,' said Saruviel. 'One of his little clubs. He has a few. Ambriel is in it, and Sariel. A few others.'

'Mega Rish is too challenging. Takes forever,' said Sharon.

'Daniel invented the game,' said Saruviel. 'Took Risk to the next level. Major upgrade. Works, as well. Good balance in the game have enough angles to make it interesting and challenging. The better your strategy over time, the better you become. He worked hard on that idea in its development.'

'He prayed about it and asked Wolfgang,' said Kantriel. 'He confesses this shit to me.'

'That does not surprise me,' said Saruviel. 'He was your first buddy.'

'Hey, that's actually true, isn't it,' said Daraqel. 'He hung with you to start with.'

'Long time ago,' replied Kantriel. 'But he drops around every now and again. Last week we chatted. Said Michael was probably defunct as an angel. Doubted the dude would find any repentance in sheol. Still wants to exalt Israel and be arrogant about it. Won't get over his high horse. I mean, he's down there, in the pit, suffering, and if he stays too long his soul will start dying.'

Sharon looked at the gameboard. 'Your move Dameriel.'

Dameriel looked at the state of play, and knocked over his king. 'I don't think I can beat you with your extra rook in points,' he said. 'I see it coming. You are obviously not stupid, and just need to play a sensible and cautious game and you have me.'

'I'll accept your resignation,' said Sharon.

'Well done sister,' said Florel. 'Dammy is wise at chess. Never really plays competitively, but has a lot of experience playing casual games with guests. Seen a lot of diverse players in his time.'

'Maybe one more game before I leave,' said Sharon. 'Next week some time. Give you a chance to redeem yourself.'

'I look forward to it,' replied Dameriel, who smiled, packed up the game, and got on with dinner for the evening.

* * * * *

Sharon ended up giving Dameriel another game, and Dameriel squeaked her the second time, just. He'd studied her game a little, and was ready with a bit of a response, and managed to pull it off. Sharon sat there afterwards, looking at the board, thinking through her game. She was surprised. She prided herself and her decent ranking in the chess world, and obviously she was not the best yet. Dameriel had a good strategy that game, and negated some of her moves. Food for thought. Dameriel enjoyed Sharon's time at Glimmersphon, but she thanked them, and left, back to her own world, and Dameriel registered online that Glimmersphon was again open for booking. He made it available to Cherubim offspring from Zaphona City this time, and a couple from Bethlephon district were in within a few seconds, and he accepted their application. Glimmersphon received funding from Zaphora government, and was run free of charge. But it was never easy to get a place, and Dameriel usually advertised vacancies to Seraphim and Cherubim only. But occasionally the rest of the world got a look in. Glimmersphon was a sedate place in many ways, but Zaphona City lurked in the vicinity. Regardless it was a peaceful and beautiful Keep, ancient, traditional, and it offered a lot to the spiritual bliss of the Realm of Eternity, a bliss Dameriel was constantly and eternally grateful for.

The End


Wolfgang was chatting with the new promoted Seraphim Daniel the elder. Daniel the Israelite prophet.

'Michael may or may not be back one of these days,' said God. 'Depending on whatever repentance he is doing in Sheol. If he does come back, you will be returning to the ranks of the Cherubim, but you will be an official Archangel of the Cherubim. The first official one. Thus you can keep your extra wings.'

'Sounds fab,' said Daniel. 'What's the responsibilities?'

'Tasks. Official co-ordinator for the Rainbow Paladins is what I have in mind. I don't have all eternity to run them from the top structure, so plan on passing the job on to you. You'll get it soon enough anyway in your new status if Michael doesn't return. They are involved with Allegiance as you know. I'll give you a run-down of the various types of tasks I have them do, and will give you access to some Allegiance highly-secret websites, where you analyze events, and sort out appropriate jobs for the Rainbow Paladins. They are the police force of heaven in the long term. The serious ones about lawfulness. You'll get the hang of the job.'

'Sounds good,' replied the prophet. 'Now, the book of Daniel. It has a growing fanbase, and I was wondering whether another future fulfilment was down theline somewhat. Multiple fulfilments are all the rage in the community. Could be interesting.'

Wolfgang looked at his son, and smiled. 'Now that would be telling.'

Daniel smiled, but let the issue drop. It was a long eternity after all. You never knew what the future held. Presumably all was done and dusted on the prophecies of the book, but you never knew. The word was eternal, and never returned void, so maybe one day there could be something again. He was not sure if he should really invite another beast into his life, but what was life without a little excitement? He got on with his day, and enjoyed the feeling of his new Archangel status, still learning the running of Terraphon Keep, and his highborn status as the secondborn of the Seraphim Males of eternity.

The End

Happy Chaps Tower

Happy Chaps tower overlooked Glimmersphon Keep, only about 100 odd cubits up an embankment, behind it. Happy Chaps was its name, but it had an address also. Happy Chaps went up about 35 miles into the heavenlies, and housed well over a million souls within it. Happy Chaps was an association of fellows, with their families usually, a club which had a 'Positive Friendship' motto. They were not really a religious community, more of an association of likeminded people who tried to see the positive in life and get along as best they could. Percival Nighthammer was one of the Happy Chaps, and lived well up the tower, were he went about his daily activity as a Happy Chap.

'Percival,' said his sister. 'Will you ever get married?'

'Not for me,' said Percy, as he was known to his friends. 'I'm the single man type. I like to play darts, sip on beer, and visit that sheila up level a mile or so. She gives me a kiss and a hug and a hows your father, and I get on with life.'

'She's a frikking prostitute,' said his sister Annabelle. 'It's pretty crude Percy.'

'I'm a pretty crude dude, Annie,' he replied.

'Uggh. Hardly a Happy Chap attitude,' she sighed.

'Oh, we have diverse views in the Happy Chaps. Take the old man upstairs. Theo is an arguer. If there is a position to take, he'll take the opposite, for the sake of the argument, and be happy persuading people, often against sound wisdom, that is right, that he is frikking right, and that people can go blow if they don't agree. But he's a happy chap, proud and true, and you know when he is just pulling your leg.'

'The problem is the whores of Happy Chap are pulling more than just your leg,' she replied. 'You'll have to settle down one eternity. Mother will complain. You know how she gets stroppy from time to time.'

'She can go blow too,' replied Percy. 'I like the single life. I'm a regular enough Cherubim angel, from the Nighthammer clan, and nobody really objects to me and my ways in the tower. I do my work in the tissue manufacturing plant, chat with my friends, enjoy darts every weeknight, and get on with things. I don't want to change Annie.'

'But Percy.....'

Percival put his hands up. 'Not listening sweetie. It's a settled issue. I'm single forever. There isn't a maiden in the whole of Zaphona City who can do anything to the contrary. Just the way it goes, my dear.'

'You'll get yours,' said Annabell Blindfrith nee Nighthammer. 'One day love will struck, and she'll eat you up, and leave you heartbroken. Believe me – I know. You won't get away with your Solo Man adventures forever, buddy. You just won't.'

Percival ignored her, and picked up his lunch she had made, and they left his apartment, locking the door. He waved her goodbye as she took the elevator, upstairs a few levels to her own place. She was married, but she would usually make Percival's lunch for the day, giving them a chance to chat each morning. She didn't mind at all, and there were no other odorous responsibilities as he kept the place clean, and ran his life efficiently and well. But he needed a woman one day – Annabell was determined on the issue. And she had a prayer which was ancient, which she added to every now and again. Percival Nighthammer would get his – some day soon. Some day very soon if Annabel Blindfrith had her way.

The End

Daniel and Ambriel 2

Janelle Diarargon looked at Ambriel. 'You know, Amby. What the heck are you doing here?'

'I spied the place last week,' said Ambriel. 'I've read that 'Happy Chaps' sign a few million times, you know. But I've never been invited up by anyone, and it's a surprise finding that you live here.'

'Predictable,' said Daniel. 'Our best and brightest Lucky Thrills circuit manager just happens to be a big shot with Happy Chaps.'

'You know about Happy Chaps?' asked Ambriel to Daniel.

'I know everything,' replied Daniel the Seraphim. 'Remember that. And Janelle? Why aren't you at work? What, are you on holiday?' asked Daniel to their Lucky Thrills circuit manager. 'And when did you get promoted to a Zaphona City store?'

'A long time ago I got the position,' said Janelle. 'The board approved me? You were both notified.'

'Must have forgotten,' said Daniel.

'Never mind,' said Ambriel. 'What do you do here? What is Happy Chaps all about?'

'It's a friendship association. With positive life values,' said Janelle. 'I ran across one of them a long time ago, and moved up here when they said I would fit just fine, when I got my new position. It's a good life. No romance, but a good life.'

'Still looking, huh?' queried Ambriel. 'He'll come along one day. He'll be right under your nose, you know.'

'I wish,' she replied. 'Anyway, I'm an official greeter of guests for Happy Chaps. One of the jobs I do from time to time. I have this month off work, and I'm doing this work this month.'

'Right,' said Daniel. 'That explains things then.'

'I'm not shirking,' said Janelle. 'I take my job seriously boss.'

'Good to hear. Unlike this Golden Fries and Burgers slacker,' said Daniel, shaking his head at Ambriel. 'He's lucky I tolerate him as a partner in Lucky Thrills. Don't know why. Must have lost my mind or something.'

'I work harder for Lucky Thrill than you do,' replied Ambriel.

'When did you last attend a meeting of the board?' asked Daniel.

'Uh. No comment,' replied Ambriel, smiling.

'Exactly,' said Daniel. 'It's great to see you Janelle. So, it's a standard block I guess? Usual sort of micro city stuff going on upstairs.'

'Mostly the regular sort of thing you might expect,' replied Janella. 'No grand surprises. We're close knit, positive, and indeed happy. It's what we're all about here at Happy Chaps.'

'Do you have a gaming club?' asked Ambriel. 'Board games and things.'

'Several hundred of them,' replied Janelle. 'You can find them in the private Lan if you get invited to associate with us.'

'That's a challenge then is it?' asked Ambriel. 'Getting an invitation.'

'I'll give you both an invitation,' sighed Janelle. 'I don't think the people wil object to two old Seraphim hanging around.'

'That's the spirit,' said Daniel. 'So can you show us around today, or will you need to notify someone?'

'I'll leave a message for you guys with Zaphon Tower reception,' she said. 'Some time next week you will get an official invite. I doubt that will be a problem.'

'Good,' said Ambriel. 'I don't know many of the scrapers. The big communities. They are most usually private.'

'Such is life,' replied Janelle Diarargon.

The End

Halyudiel's Holiday

Halyudiel was on holiday at Glimmersphon Keep.

'Madrid this season,' said Halyudiel. 'The Terraphora Club Cup is predictable. Spanish teams and Brazillian teams win, and not much else.'

'Sing us a song, Hally,' said Florel. 'Enough football.'

Halyudiel sang, and Dameriel sat with Florel, quietly enjoying the music. It was 1970s bliss, a heartfelt ballad, which took them back to a time long ago, a time of simple ways in many ways, without all the complications which came with latter eras. Even in the Realm of Eternity Earth set trends in many ways, and new music came through as did the culture after a while, with angels returned from service in their earthly manifestations.

'Now let's enjoy that brandy, Dameriel. And stoke that fireplace. It is cold this evening.' Dameriel did as requested, and the evening slowly passed, Halyudiel sitting in front of the fire, with a rug over his knees, watching the flickering flames, his heart lost in history for a while.

'We've lived a long time,' said Halyudiel. 'But we were promised eternity for our service.'

'The memories get more poignant as the centuries come and go,' said Dameriel.

'I sit here, thinking on them, as I do at home. All those I've known, all the women I've loved, all the places I've been, and the songs I've sung over the years. My heart is full of memories, and that heart still goes on. It's not a dream at the end of my vision of eternity, where it fades into the divine heart of God, but it is indeed life still, and it still surprises me, and is new each day.'

'The secret is simple – the secret is love,' said Florel.

'So never give up,' replied Halyudiel, gazing into the fire. He sipped on his brandy and stared at those flames. It was well into the night when Dameriel awoke, having fallen asleep in front of the fireplace, which was now burning embers. Halydiel had nodded off, seated on the couch, the rug on his lap, snoring lightly. Dameriel looked at his brother. He had had a full life, had Halyudiel. The toast of the Seraphim community for his singing abilities, like Meludiel with her spiritual songs. Halyudiel was loved and cherished, and had endured as well. Dameriel always enjoyed the company of his spanish brother at Glimmersphon. It was good to have him. Morning soon came around, and Halyudiel startled awake at the sound of an automobile screeching in the distance, and looked around.

Dameriel was at the table, putting some things on it.

'I had a wonderful dream,' said Halyudiel. 'Of love and my best friends. So many familiar faces, all singing with me around a piano, and God was there, and it was a big family of God. Like it was always meant to be.'

'That sounds wonderful,' said Dameriel.

'There was a joke at the end of the dream. God turned into Rudolph the Red Nosed reindeer and said unless I was good for the rest of the year, no Christmas presents.'

Dameriel laughed. 'Best be good then Halyudiel.'

'I guess so,' replied the Seraphim.

The holiday went on, with similar nights in front of the fireplace, and brandy, wine and song, and Dameriel knew he had been treated by God with the company of one of his dearest Seraphim brethren.

The End



Samael on the Edge

Samael the Seraphim, 66th male Seraphim of Eternity, was on the edge. On the edge of the rim in Delnaphon district, south of Delnaphon Keep.

'She loves me,' he said throwing small pebble into the rim. 'She hates me,' he said, throwing a small pebble into the rim. 'She loves me,' he said, throwing a small pebble into the rim. He reached, then looked. No more pebbles. She must love him.

'Dude, you finished?' asked Marckonyel the Cherubim. 'Let's hit the tavern at Delnaphon and get wasted.'

'Not yet,' said Samael, and unfurled his wings, and flew down into the rim. Marckonyel soon followed him.

'It's here we got up to,' said Samael. 'The pressure is strong here, but I think if we push south-east hard, we'll break through it again.'

Marckonyel nodded, and they grabbed each other, flying against the presures of the rim. They broke through, and came down a little into free air space, flapping their wings.

'How much room here?' asked Marckonyel.

Samael did a loop, and came back to him. 'I think that is the end of the pressure sections. It's all freefall from here.'

They flew down, agains the underneath of the Realm, slowly descending. After about 5 minutes of freefall they heard music. They kept falling then suddenly a glass window, very long, came into view. They looked inside and there were people inside, partying. One of them spied Marckonyel and Samael, and opened a window.

'You should not be out there, Samael. This territory is off limits to the likes of you,' said Karanasius the Shadow angel.

'Shit,' said Samael. 'What? The underworld is your guys turf or something?'

'Few of you guys get access,' said Karanasius. 'Daniel the Seraphim pestered us for aeons for access, but we don't allow in visitors usually. Well, I don't know how you got through the pressure zones, but come in then.' Marckonyel and Samael flew in through the window, and came into what appeared to be a tavern.

'This is our world,' said Karanasius. We have a society down here. It's the shadow world. What we call it anyway. Not just Zaphora, but I shouldn't have told you that. Oops.'

'These people?' asked Marckonyel.

'Our offspring. We had twins made for us a long time ago. We've been breeding buddy.'

'How do you survive down here?' asked Samael.

'We have technology which gets us through,' replied the shadow angel. 'It's not that much of a challenge in the end. You've found us now, so I can't expect you won't tell others, so you may as well have a drink.'

So Samael and Marcknoyel drank in the tavern beneath the rim of Delnaphon Keep, and a long persisted attempt to fly down beneath the rim had finally been succesful. After all, if at first you don't succeed, try try again.

The End

Secret Project XYZ

The base was in lockdown. Another drill. Kaltingthorne the Cherubim, 12,333rd Cherubim of the angels of eternity went through the routines, did the lights out, and climbed into the security shell in his cell. It closed, and the clean oxygen poured through, as he was snug as a bug in a rug. 5 minutes passed and the red light stopped flashing, and the siren stopped. The voice over the intercom said the drill was finished, and the shell automatically opened, and Kaltingthorne got out, and returned to his console. Cherubim Pyjama Faddington walked in.

'That was fun,' she said.

'Yeh. A laugh riot. But we get em from time to time. Noah has a sense of humor I think.'

Pyjama passed him a copy of 'The Protocols of Noah' and said 'Page 29. Second paragraph.'

'What about it?' he asked.

'Time and decay. Michael has fallen. You know, I'm not convinced he won't be back, but time and decay. Noah says the end always comes, at the end of eternitys. We've been through mountain experiences, when God purged the universe, and we remained. But it's moral decay in the end, and the armageddon at the end of it all? I know, I know. We're a security measure. But maybe, maybe it will happen one day.'

'Or life will go on,' replied Kaltingthorne. 'Much like it always does. Still the old fart pays the bills for Project XYZ, so who's complaining.'

'See you at the Tavern in Delnaphon Keep after work as usual?' she asked him.

'I'll be there,' replied Kaltingthorne. She waved him goodbye, and he looked at the console. He checked temperatures around Zaphora from their monitors, and various other instruments which detected radiation and other things, and all looked normal. So he whipped out his gameboy, and got stuck into Tetris 47 for the millionth time.

* * * * *

'It's like the book of Eli,' said Pyjama. 'We're the survivors of the book of Eli.'

'Yeh. Heard that before,' said Kaltingthorne, and sipped on his beer. 'And the world is headed for hell in a handbasket. Why does it not surprise me that Noah placed the base in Delnaphon district as well. Fundamentalist Noahides everywhere. Sense of humor the old man.'

'Cults build compounds. We're no different. Just more realistic about it,' replied Pyjama.

'Doomsday prepping is fun, but I'd look for another career if it didn't pay the bills so well,' replied Kaltingthorne.

'Yeh,' she said.

They drank beer, and listened to music, and life in the Delnaphon tavern, connected to the restaurant and hotel went on.

* * * * *

'Marckonyel and Samael,' said Kaltingthorne. They look drunk.'

'They probably are,' replied Pyjama. They were in the park opposite Delnaphon Keep, well passed their usual twilight drinking hour.

'You know Pyjama. One day I might find a different life. Pursue a dream. Maybe get a hobby or something. Stamp collecting. Maybe collect stamps, or toy trains or something. Something to normalize my life.'

'You're normal enough, idiot,' said the Anglo-Indian Cherubim. 'This is the life for you. It's exciting at times, and you can't stomach anywhere else in Zaphora. And you gotta stay in the heart of eternity, man. It's what you always say to me, and I don't see you changing.'

'No. I'll stay. Just something else to sink my teeth into for another life. Maybe the Mega-Risk tournaments or something. That game appeals well enough.'

'If you do Mega-Risk, I'll do Mega-Risk,' replied Pyjama.

He sipped on his beer. 'Maybe,' he said after some consideration.

'They are wasted as fuck,' said Pyjama, as Markconyel and Samael started duelling each other with imaginary swords, shouting curses at each other.

'Call the cops on em. Go on. Be a bitch,' said Kaltingthorne.

'Nah,' she replied. 'They're a laugh riot.'

He smiled at her, and watched the drunkards duel, and enjoyed the rest of his night with his co-worker, soon to get back to the base and Secret Project XYZ, for another day in the life of Kaltingthorne the Cherubim.

The End

Delnaphon Keep

Alphandragor, 216th male Cherubim of Eternity, overseer of Delnaphon Keep, Spartan in culture, was being put through his paces. He was in the basement of Delnaphon Keep, with his wooden sword, engaged in martial arts with his trainer. They used wooden swords. But the swords did have a bit of an edge, and could hurt if it hit you.

'You're getting old, Alphie,' said Mizra, his trainer. Mizra was an ancient Galatian celt, with a sense of humor.

'And you are beyond dead,' said Alphandragor, and thrust forward.

'I saw that move coming last week,' said Mizra. 'We'll have to put you out to pasture. Retire you. The warrior is dead. Get a smurf to replace you.'

'I will shove 100 smurfs,' said Alphandragor, thrusting forward again. 'Right up your arse.'

'Temper, temper. That makes for easy mistakes,' said Mizra.

Alphandragor drew up his sword, and stopped fighting. 'I do know,' he said. He was panting. 'Next week. Same time as usual.'

Mizra bowed, and took Alphandragor's sword, put it in its box with his own, and steadily walked off. Alphandragor took a towel and wiped his brow, but decided he probably stunk a bit, and went off to the showers in the basement. Coming back upstairs, he looked in on the restaurant briefly, noticed it was a good evening turnout, and headed up to the office. He opened the door and a Ninja looked at him.

'Dafuq!' yelled Alphandragor, going into a fighting stance.

The ninja glared at him. He was all in black, hooded, and from the eyes appeared oriental.

'You should be in the basement 10 more minutes,' said the Ninja. 'I have monitored you 5 years. This is – unexpected.'

'The hell do you want?' asked Alphandragor.

'I am here to steal your secrets on Project XYZ,' said the Ninja. 'Hand them over, and I will not hurt you.'

'Who sent you?' asked Alphandragor.

'An outer disc. Cherubim overseer from an outer disc. A Japanese one. I will not divulge more than that in my honour, but I will say that much.'

Alphandragor looked at the ninja, who stood there silently, and carefully walked over to the couch and sat down.

'Project XYZ is Secret,' said Alphandragor. 'But the information can be shared with people who practice lawfulness and are dedicated to eternal life. Father Noah does not completely hide this project. It is about eternity, beyond any potential future corruption of the realm. It has defensive capabilities only.'

The Ninja nodded. 'How do I know you speak the truth?'

'I have no papers in this office,' said Alphandragor. 'On Project XYZ. 'If your overseer feels threatened, I assure you, it is not a base of hostile intention. Only based on survival. It is akin to a doomsday prepper compound in many ways. We're serious, though, about it. If society one day does start decaying it is a fallback positioin for members of the Delnaphon community. Possibly others from the southside Noahide community also.'

The Ninja stood there, seemingly thinking it over. 'You say there is no hostile intent. How can we know it is not a plot to rule the realm and conquer all?'

'I can only give you my word. You could visit if you like. If that is your only real concern I can issue you a pass.'

The ninja looked at him, then took off his hood, revealing his face. 'I am Akira Yamamoto. I serve the overseer of the 13,009th disc of the realm. I will accept your offer of a pass, investigate, and will take back word to my overseer.'

Alphandragor nodde, and stood, going to his desk. He took out a Delnaphon overseers pad, and wrote a note, signed it, and put his seal on it. He handed it to the Ninja. 'I assume you know where it is. Hand this to the guard and he will let you pass. They will ring me to get complete details.'

The Ninja bowed, took the letter, and put back on his hood. Then he was out the door in a flash, off to fulfil his mission.

'Takes all frikking sorts,' said Alphandragor, and returned to the couch, then got a can of beer from his mini fridge, before sitting again and chucklinver over being the attention of a Cherubim frikking ninja.

* * * * *

'Would the member for Delnaphon care to elaborate?' queried the member for Kalerphon.

'A frikking ninja, dressed in black, breaks into my office and makes queries about one of our bases down south. I caught him about to search my office.'

'The member for Danielphon advances 'Securing your property' by Michael Moorcock. An excellent science fiction novel about hypochondriac safety freaks.'

The member for Zaphon glared at the member for Danielphon and said,'You can never be too surprised at life. It as weird bits as things grow.'

'Very wise Gabriel,' vommented Mistrel, the member for Pelnaphon.

'The Member for Danielphon proposes that the member for Nazraphon is a weird bit.'

There were a few chuckles. Peter finally responded. 'The member for Danielphon is advised that people in glass houses should not really throw stones.'

'Ouch,' replied the member for Danielphon.

'Was the ninja armed?' asked Gabriel.

'Je had a sword in a sheath on his back,' replied Alphandragor. 'But it was his fighting skills I would have concerns over. If he had gone for the weapon I would have vacated the room, locked it, and called security.

'The member for Dunaphon asks how did the situation end'

'I gave him details and a pass to the base. It was only concern over potential hostility from the base towards the realm,' replied the member for Delnaphon.''Alls well that ends well,' said the member for Danielphon.

* * * * *

After council, driving back to Delnaphon, though he had a chafeur if he chose to use it, Alphandragor stopped off at 'Staffords Map Supplies.' He went inside and soon exited with a tube, obviously containing a map. When he got back to Delnaphon into the office, he put the map out on his desk and looked at it. 'Water Caverns of Zaphora' was written at the top. It was a map of Zaphora which showed the water caverns underground of Zaphora, but the map only went one mile deep. It was understood that there was a large base of black granite or something below this in Zaphora, which tradition dictated was not to be gone deeper into. The other day Alphandragor had heard a story from the tavern keeper of Delnaphon, about how he had overheard the Cherubim Marckonyel and the Seraphim Samael yakking on about supposedly conquering the pressure sections of the Rim, and finding a world beneath Zaphora, where the Shadow angels apparently lived. He knew this map contained some details of the granite level, and he examined it carefully. He was thinking – should they. On the quiet. Send a drilling team down as way of assessing this story, and seeing if they found anything. He was tempted, and looking at the map it would save them a lot of drilling if they went down through a cavern which went down to the granite, and started drilling there. It was an interesting idea, and they had the resources, so he would keep it to himself and think it over. Perhaps, if it was true, that if it was a secret world they should just mind their own business. But as they say, curiousity killed the cat.

* * * * *

Judael's suicide was interesting news. Apparently had been suffering depression for a long time, and the Serpahim had blown his head off with a gun. Alphandragor read the news report, and then checked the list of the 'Eternal Noahide Seraphim' and realized it was 'Noahide' Seraphim on the list. Not Jewish ones. And, ironcially, two of the Jewish ones were dead at the moment, and if this was a sign of rot setting in, then God only knows were it would end. They had a funeral which was on Realm-Wide TV, and he was spoken of as a valourous angel, hopefull soon to return in a resurrection, but nobody took that idea too seriously. Israel's time had passed in the Realm of Eternity. That much was becoming quite apparent. The strength of the might of firstborn Michael had died, and it was no longer the same as it was. The purification was still going on, and while anti-semitism was no greater than it had been, it was still a bit of an issue with some souls. It wouldn't work in the end anyway, Alphandragor knew. Trying to mix covenants. It was confusion of covenant, and Noahide faith would prevail on that issue. That much he knew with his whole heart. Just the way it was. He watched the funeral, sighed on the speeches, and said a quiet prayer for the repose of his lost Seraphim brother, and moved on with life.

* * * * *

An exodus took place then in the upper realms. Israel as a whole migrated downwards to Zionistya. They'd had enough. Conclusions were reached that life with the Adamic-Noahic peoples was not going to work. Then Jesus and the Jewish church followed them, but the gentile remnant of the faith, which was actually diminishing in recent times satyed put. They had concluded Jesus was never really the Messiah and the attraction of Jesus of Nazareth was largely a thing of history. Time moved on, dreams died, new dreams were born. Council had a new member, then Gabriel abdicated to leave for Zionistya, with Raphael, Uriel, Raguel and Phanuel following suit. They were too dedicated to old traditions of Judeo-Christian thinking, and it was too much for them. They were circumcised of heart, if not flesh, and they fell to Zionistya, which accepted them. And then the Son of God, Saruviel, was installed at Zaphon, and the Arch Regen, Daniel the Seraphim, giving greater recognition with the planned building of Danielphon Tower, and the establishment of his authority at Danielphon. There had been an upheavel of life and tradition in the Realm of Eternity – things had changed. But, for the most part, the same steady faces were around, and the other ones gone from them found their own life in Zionistya and, as they say, never the twain shall they meet.

The End

The Eternal Seraphim of Zionistya

Seraphim Michael looked at the list. It had been a few years now since his return from death, and he was stationed in the temple in Zion in Zionistya, looking at the official list of the Seraphim Angels of Zionistya. It read:























They were the Israelite, Christian and Muslim Seraphim who had gravitated to Zionistya. The remainder lived up still in the Realm of Eternity. 'Such is life,' thought Michael to himself. Some things didn't work out in the end. Saruviel was boss up there, competing with Daniel and Valandriel. The ones which were with him, now were so. And never the twain shall meet.

The End

Kalerphon Keep

Shontay was overseer of Kalerphon Keep. They were southsiders, lukewarm Noahides, and an eccentric bunch. The left field of Noahidism in many ways, but more of a crazy left wing, rather than particularly liberal. Just slack. They liked a bit of a party. Shontay did do his job with skill, and as a Cherubim male he was proud of his position in life. Council had become interesting as of late. There were a few new overseers in town. Saruviel was now district overseer of Zaphon. He sat impressively on the council, looking strong. He knew what he was about, and happy with his new glory. Nazraphon Keep had been remodeled after the Chruch vacated it, and the images removed. It had been purchased from the district by the Daly Foundation, and Callodyn the Cherubim had taken up position as overseer. He was new on the council as well. Cherubim Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly had slipped into Mistrel's old job, and taken up residence in Pelnaphon Keep, where he was teaching music, quite skilled at the Vibronic. And the new overseer for Dalnaphon Keep was Randock the Cherubim, who had been chosen for his long service in the district. Apart from those changes it was mostly life as usual. They'd gotten word that Michael had finally been resurrected, and Wolfgang had dropped a subtle line when he said the Children of Destiny, the Children of Fate, were probably eternal when it came right down to it. He'd established a new order in Zionistya with the Seraphim who had now left settling into their eternal home. Zionistya was a project of God's for a while, to establish it, and get on with things again. So life went on.

* * * * *

'It's a neat picture,' said Karamaziaton to Shontay.

'Come on Kara. It's the spitting image of you,' said Shontay.

'Why do I look like Flipper the Dolphin?' she asked.

'Dolph the Dolphin from the comedy dollls,' corrected Shontay.

'Why do I look like a dolphin?' she asked again.

'Creative artistry,' replied Shontay. 'Look, Saruviel is Scooby Doo, so don't complain.'

The picture in question was the new District Overseer's council of Zaphora, were the overseers were modeled on classic cartoon and kids characters. Karamaziaton smiled at it after a while. 'Put it up in the council room. It's a bit bare for stuff like this. It will give us all a chuckle.'

'That's a good idea,' replied Shontay. 'I'll chat with Saruviel about it. He'll probably not mind.'

'Who is the artist?' she asked.

'Cherubim offspring lady from near the Keep in one of the big towers. She follows the council news a lot online, and sent it to the Keep,' replied Shontay.

'She certainly has an imagination,' replied Karamaziation. 'Thanks Shontay. Nice to see some humour for a change.'

'Sure thing sis,' replied Shontay, and kissed her on the cheek.

'What was that for?' she asked him, mildly stunned.

'Just showing some affection,' said Shontay. Karamaziaton was holding her cheek, and smiled slightly at Shontay. She had noticed he was good looking. She had noticed that.

'Well, council is in five minutes. Best get to it,' said Shontay, and they rose from the lounge in the council offices, and got about their duty.

* * * * *

'Now listen dimwit,' said Shontay to Ambriel. 'Daniel has maintained that you are not a dropkick like Michael. You have permission to visit the Realm regularly. Most of those Seraphim do, but Michael has become a wanker.

Shontay and Karamaziaton were at 'Ambrephion' the Keep 1000 miles exactly north of Zion in Zionistya, were Ambriel was overseer. It was a large castle like keep, with gardens all around it, a moat, and a throneroom he had dedicated to God. He sat in the princes throne, in the room in front of God's throneroom. Shontay and Karamaziaton had been shown around, and were now in Ambriel's den, up a spire of the keep, chatting.

'Yeh, fine,' replied Ambriel. 'Meludiel insists on mostly living in the Realm anyway, despite Jacob Fink not wanting to ever go back. I guess so.'

'Good,' said Shontay.

'This is a lovely Keep,' said Karamaziaton. 'Very classic. Old world done well. The gardens are in full flower I see.'

'We've worked hard on them,' said Ambriel. 'I designed every bit of Ambrephion. It's my permanent overseer Keep. I am on the Council of Zion, as each of the 22 Seraphim of Zionistya are, and this is my Keep and district, and I want it to be something special which lasts.'

'I'm sure it will,' said Karamaziaton, who Ambriel had noticed was holding Shontay's hand.

'Well, let's eat,' said Ambriel. 'I'll put on a feast for you two.'

So they ate in the feasting hall, and had a good time, filled with wine, song and mirth, and Ambriel was silently grateful that Daniel still gave a damn about him.

* * * * *

'Hello Melanie. How are you sis?' asked Shontay to the Cherubim Melanie, aka Spice Girl Sport Spice.

'Good,' replied Melanie. Melanie was dressed in a suit, looking very official.

'Where's Daniel?' asked Shontay. 'Shouldn't he be with you?'

'Daniel is at home, sleeping. I am the new overseer of Danielphon Keep. I argued theologically that Danielphon needed a new overseer, and that a woman could do the job, and Daniel agreed if I defeated him at chess. He went easy – I could tell – but I won, so I am officially the new overseer for Danielphon district.'

'Very good. No problems in having another woman on the team,' replied Shontay.

Council got under way and Saruviel approved of Melanie's overseerswomanship without any question. She told them that Daniel's son Andrew would be next overseer of Danielphon in a very long time, but for now they had Melanie.

'He will make a good choice,' said Saruviel. 'We have a strong camraderie. I get along with the lad well. But it is wonderful to have you Melanie Chisholm.'

And the day got on, and council did its business.

* * * * *

Kalerphon Keep was a standard enough Keep design. Like Zaphon in its structure, with various aspects differing. It did have a throneroom for God, though. The Theophany would visit regularly because of it, and sit in the throneroom quietly, in the dark, thinking his personal thoughts. There was an arts and crafts room in the Keep, which ran formal activities at a fee, and there was a membership for the offical club for the room, though guests could sign in on free afternoons if they wished. There was a library in the Keep, a library primarily on historical records of Kalerphon District, with lots of maps also kept in the library. Staffords Maps were not far from the Keep, and mapmaking was a popular occupationin Kalerphon District. Cartography was a specialty of Shontay's, and he had a large collection in his own disc of overseersmanship. There was a dance hall, were an annual ball was held, and dress code was for the old world traditional style. It was quite a formal event. But the rest of the year they ran a disco scene each Friday and Saturday night, which attracted clubbers, especially the Theophany who called it his favourite club in the universe. Wolfgang was into modern club dancing quite a bit, wearing his Hawaiian T-Shirts. Rihanna had been with him for many, many years on the club circuit, but that had faded away after a long while. Now he showed up with Bluebell Haliwell Gervasi when he came dancing, who was his female consort at many events, though they were not lovers or engaged. She liked the old father, and seemed to understand and accept him. She was the feminine friendship which kept Wolfric stable, so he said. He enjoyed her feminine presence. Kalerphon had eccentricities as well. In the library met an emo club of paranormal fiction readers, who chatted, dressed in emo style, and read their favourite books and comics. It was a reading and chat scene in this sense. And then there were 'The Clowns of Kalerphon'. They were an official business which trained clowns, which used Kalerphon Keep a fair bit for their work, hiring rooms much of the time. They was an established college further out in the fourth disc of the realm of eternity, but this was the official headquarters, with a small office down at the shops nearby the Keep. They seemed to attract weird clowns with bizarre humour, from all over the Realm, and that was a thing about Kalerphon district in general. There was a fair bit of quirkiness about it. Shontay ran the keep, and was good at it, and the citizens of Kalerphon district were happy and content with their overseer. All things worked well enough.

* * * * *

Shontay sat in the office of Kalerphon Keep, doing the accounts. Checking them anyway, as he had chartered accountants who did the accounts for the Keep, passing on the results to Shontay. The department of Taxation was were tax was paid to in the real, the primary source of public administration costs. If you earned big, you paid more tax at a certain income level, the maximum being 33 cents in a credit. Thsat was the fixed legal maximum rate in the realms constitution. Shontay usually checked the accountants reports, the accountants being Price Waterhouse and Coopers. They were professionals and Shontay liked to use professionals. It could have been done by Kalerphon public service, but it was decided a while back to privatise a lot of public administration accountancy, as this avoided corruption and tardiness if the accountants were highly professional. And for the cats of Kalerphon Shontay had judged it the best and wisest decision. Slackers galore were on the gravy train of public service life in Kalerphon. The accounts all checked out, so he lit a cigar, grabbed his bottle of brandy, and settled back on the office couch, flicking on TV to watch some basketball. He fell asleep around the middle of the night, and outside the window the wind howled, and the night turned, and Kalerphon District went about its nightly travels, the usual nocturnes doing their thing, the rest of the assmebly happy in bed, sleeping away, none the wiser to the eccentricities of night life in the colourful Kalerphon district of the Realm of Eternity.

The End

Melanie and Daniel 15

Chapter One

'Melanie, Melanie, Melanie C. She's the girl for Danny D. She's pretty too, packs quite a punch, she's the girl I'd take to lunch. Melanie, Melanie, Melanie C. She's the girl for Danny D. I'd take her driving in my truck, and then to bed were we would....'

'That is quite enough of that, underling,' interrupted Melanie C, in her suit, reading papers in the kitchen of Danielphon.

'So when is the expansion of Danielphon coming along noble queen?' asked Daniel the Serpahim, eating his weet-bix.

'Soon enough, underling,' she replied. 'I and Ariel the noble are studying architecture of the finest towers of the realm. We will be planning the basic design of the tower, and employing only the best of architects.'

'Use 'World Builders International', said Daniel. 'They've designed a lof of the towers of Zaphora. 'They still need work, you know, and work to exacting details.'

'As you wish,' she replied. 'The architects are not the crucial thing. It is our design we want in general. I am thinking – Gothic. Gargoyles and things. I want a level were the Vampires of Zaphora can congregate. They are a misunderstood people.'

'They eat blood. It's a fundamental sin of Torah,' replied Daniel.

'I'm not sure if they have much of a choice. Mosquitos do that, as well as leeches. God created some creatures to eat blood. Vampires are fallen, and this is in their makeup, but they often learn love deeply after a while, dark love, and we must show that back to them.'

'Very well,' said Daniel. 'Have a Vampire club. Not the end of the world I suppose. Can you use some Batman Gotham city design elements as well, if you don't mind. I'd like comic clubs and cosplay clubs associated with the tower.'

'That will be fine,' said Melanie, making a note of that and writing it down.

'Babe. You will have to make some apartment penthouse suites for the first 45 overseers of Danielphon, which is there eternal inheritance. I have the bottom level of that, you have the next, and of course, as you say, Andrew will have the third.'

'Good idea also,' said Melanie, making another note. She looked at him. 'You are performing well today underling.'

'It's the weet-bix,' replied Daniel. 'Pommie kids are weet-bix kids.'

'Yes. I tend to forget you were born in Hull. A northern star in the end I suppose also.'

'By gum, I'm a yorkshireman,' said Daniel. Melanie smiled at him for that one.

* * * * *

'So its not a problem for me to remain Terraphoras Overseer?' asked Daniel the Cherubim to Saruviel.

'The people accept you,' replied Saruviel. 'Ambriel they like as well. King David is usually acceptable enough. He remains with a sense of humour and does not act like a dickhead, and when he does he has the right spirit about it. Michael has a long period of repentance if he ever wants back in. But I assume God is getting his will done with Mikey by returning him to Zionistya to ensure that realm does not end up a joke. It is the Israelite's personal space. They should be far more serious about pride in it and developing it.'

'On second thoughts, scratch the idea of me returning to Terraphon as overseer. I think I concur exactly with what you said about Zionistya. It is our space, and an opportunity to make something of it. I will do that for now. But, if you don't object, maybe a billion or so years from now I would like to return to the realm for a while.'

'It shouldn't be a problem. Check with Daniel the Seraphim.'

Not long later Daniel the Cherubim and Daniel the Seraphim were having a chat.

'Yeh, they like you well enough. That Mikey is a dickhead, but they like you Daniel,' said Daniel the Seraphim. 'Good luck with Danephion. Sounds like the ideal keep to build in Zionistya. Suggestion – build it 45 degrees from Zion, north-east exactly, and make it 450 miles from Zion.'

'That will be my plan than,' replied the prophet of Israel. 'I had no specific location, but that suits me fine.'

They shook hands, and exchanged chit chat about their twins, and Daniel the prophet left, returning to Zionistya, a head full of ambition.

* * * * *

Melanie and Daniel were looking at the construction of Danephion in Zionsitya, sitting with Daniel the prophet on a bench. The project had started last month, and was going at an incredible pace. Daniel had bought land immediately on his return to Zionistya, land according to what Daniel the Seraphim had suggesed, at a hefty price, and had some housing demolished to make room for his own Keep. There was a forest which had been planted surrounding the keep, and extensive ponds with goldfish and wishing wells. A mural pathway was planned to run around the keep, with a mosaic of coloured tiles in a pathway running on the path around the keep and to to the wells and things. The Keep design was similar to Ambrephion, and had a large indoor heated swimming pool in the first basement planned. There was a small throneroom in the uppermost central spire planned, were Daniel planned on praying to God.

'It's looking good,' said Melanie. 'You've taken this project seriously Daniel.'

'Very,' he replied. 'Something Saruviel said about Zionistya being an opportunity hit home right away. Of course it is. It's for us. We should not look a gift horse in the mouth.'

Melanie smiled, and picked up her bottle of apple juice, sipping away.

'Should be good Daniel,' said Daniel the Seraphim. 'Will Nadiel like it though?'

'I hope,' replied Daniel. 'She's up in the realm these days, but I've given her note about the project. She said she'll come and see it when it is finished.'

'There you go,' said Melanie. 'Work hard on it, give it a feminine touch here and there, and you have your glory mighty prophet of Israel.'

Daniel the prophet smiled back at Melanie, and looked at the workers, busily going about their duties. He was happy. Zionistya was more than a dumping ground for the Jews – it was a whole new opportunity at a new life, and now something to be taken seriously. Very seriously.

Chapter Two

'You are quite a malevolent person, aren't you Professor Zelzazon?' asked Melanie, to the prisoner.

'I do what I do,' replied the professor.

'You realize Israel has by and large left the Realm of Eternity and mostly settled in Zionistya.'

'I have heard,' replied the professor. 'I am not too concerned about Televon and Jewish planetary bodies, as they are separate enough. I have no axe to grind with Jews in Zionistya. In fact, technically, I wish them well. They did not fit in the Realm of Eternity. My laws of the science of covenantalism and human nature prove that.'

'Whatever your wacky science teaches you, that is what it must do, but I want to know for sure the grudge against Israel will not be perpetuated against Zionistya.'

'When two tribes go to war, later on, it will not be physical war,' said the professor. 'Visions from Destiny assure me of this.'

Melanie looked weirdly at the professor. 'Whatever,' she replied after a while. 'Now, I am the overseer of Danielphon, and the official consort to the Arch-Regent of Eternity. When your time is served NO MORE SHENANIGANS. Is that understood.'

'Perfectly,' replied the professor. 'Would you like a mintie?'

Melanie looked at the Mintie. 'Fine,' she said, and took one, and opened it up. She looked at it cautiously.

'I have not modified the Mintie,' said the Professor. Melanie popped it in her mouth and chewed carefully. It was fine.

'Now remember,' she said. 'No shenanigans.'

'Fine, fine, fine,' said the professor.

Melanie left, and one thing she did make a personal note of – he wasn't specifically anti-semitic. He was covenantalist. That changed her view of him slightly.

* * * * *

So you gave Zelzazon the rip, huh?' queried Daniel the Seraphim to Melanie C, the Cherubim Melanie, eating his weet-bix. 'You really are taking this consort role seriously. It's not an eternally granted role, sweetie.'

'I've earned it for now, Daniel Daly,' replied Melanie. 'I have been a faithful lover, friend and confiante of Daniel Daly for many years now. You know I won't betray you. And, besides. Your twin Ariel is devoted to her husband, and can not really act as consort for you. It's my job. And If you don't object I'll keep it permanently.'

'You probably will,' sighed Daniel. 'You are my longest love. Your Spice Sister Geraldine is true in my heart also, and I long for Meludiel, but she's always with Jacob Fink these days, and I fear that boat has sailed. And Jessica and Jessica? They are more trouble than they are worth. That Jessica Bradley, all she wants is to go up to the snow, and ski, and fuck in a hot tub. Not that I mind fucking in a hot tub. In fact I have had very many great experiences fucking in a hot tub.'

'Daniel,' interrupted Melanie. 'Can it. Today is a busy day for Madame Chisholm, and you shall speak to me far more courteously, underling.'

'And that's another thing. When did I become an underling? I'm the frikking Arch-Regent of Eternity? Underling? Jesus!'

'Do not invoke Jeebie Beebie's name in insult. I will not call it blasphemy, as I am over such things, but he is a person as well, so honur his humanity please.'

Daniel looked at her. 'Forgive me. It is very commonly used. I do have respect for Jesus, and am fond of him.'

'Very good underling,' replied Melane. 'Now I and Ariel have a busy day planned with charting out the levels for Danielphon tower. Best you keep busy with what ever it is you do.'

'Will do. Madame Chisholm,' he replied in a slightly mocking tone. She just gave him one of those looks in response.

* * * * *

Daniel examined his collection of 'Power of the Atom' comics from DC Comics. Ok. He had 14,638 issues of the series. It was a minor series of volumes of the saga from DC, the atom not being the most popular of DC heroes. Daniel had all the early issues. But there were still several thousand issues of latter series that he had to follow up on to complete his list. He was a dedicated collector of DC Comics, as well as Marvel, but he had a list a mile long of Marvel's to track down, and that would take forever. Wrangling first prints from people took serious cashola these days. They were gems in a collection, and unless you came up with some serious mulah people were usually very reluctant to part with them. Ebay usually only featured 7th and 8th printings at best these days, so you had to follow up with contacts to find the various collectors, and negotiate carefully if they were interested. It took persuasion, but most of all it took things like quality property offerings, cash and sometimes other collectible goods to compensate. He had a large supply of duplicate and triplicate issues of various comics to trade and swap for ones he needed, and this ocurred from time to time. Currently he had long-standing agreements on a trade with several hundreds of collectors, who needed a long time to be happy with their comic, before they were willing to let it go. Today he had talks with a fella from Tuggeranong in Terraphora, who he had known a long time, who had a vast collection, but would let them go, as he didn't object to having latter printings, as long as Daniel could contine to provide quality shares of companies which were well established in the Realm, which he had founded long ago, and usually plenty of land in outer discs. It was a negotiation for an issue of the Power of the Atom today, which would require over 70 Quintillion credits, as well as 200 Million hectares of prime land in an outer disc. Today the final negotiations would take place on the share portfolio he had been compiling for the trade for several millennia now. He felt the deal would be good enough today, and the trade would likely occur. And if so, brilliant. And on to another issue.

Chapter Three

'The Member for Danielphon would like to query the Member for Zaphon regarding his tenure in the position of realm overseer,' said Melanie C.

'Bantriel will replace me at the end of an ARC – one million years,' said Saruviel. 'We will be progressing through the official list known as the Eternal Noahide Seraphim It will be pointed out that prayer of significant amount has likely been at work in this list, as the former seraphim of the full 70 seraphim of eternity who are not on the list all now dwell in Zionistya. It appears that two tribes have formed, were allegiances are of the extant tribe to Noah, and those gone to Zionistya to the Abrahamic Monotheistic assmeblies. The Realm of Infinity is affected significantly by this reality, yet there remain Israelite communities still present there, as there does in miniscule amounts in the Realm of Eternity. The Realm of Paradise has largely been unaffected, with the Muslims there remaining.'

'Thank you,' said the member for Danielphon.

'The member for Pelnaphon would like to point out that there is a degree of centralization in the heart of Zionistya going on amongst the former Seraphim of Eternity. They are building Keeps of their own. I feel,' said Cherubim Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly, 'that too much power was in the Realm of Eternity or – to be frank – too many competing egos. Separation was a natural long term event, and I conjecture may have been the plans of destiny somewhat.'

'The member for Nazraphon seconds that notion,' said Callodyn the Cherubim.

'The member for Kazraphon would like to express the view that two tribes compete at a point, for dominion within Eternya. Research in Zionistya indicates this agenda may be forming. A battleground of power will exist in Eternya at a future point. This is what is generally considered as the probable future reality by the member for Kazraphon,' said the Cherubim Female Angel Karamaziaton.

'The member for Kalerphon supports that notion,' said Shontay the Cherubim.

Silence. People were looking at Saruviel.

'We'd best plan ahead,' said Saruviel softly. There was murmuring in the council as a result of his words.

* * * * *

'He's dating Taylor Swift currently,' said Melanie C to Daniel the Seraphim regarding his grandfather Cherubim Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly.

'He's always maintained it'sTaylor and Katy for him forever,' replied Daniel.

'And who is your forever girl, Daniel?' asked Melanie.

'I have an eternal twin,' he replied.

'An eternal love, I guess,' she replied.

Daniel went silent. He looked at Melanie. 'I'm intending the 45 first overseers of Danielphon to remain around and about, on and off naturally, but indeed eternally. Their Danielphon apartments will be covenanted to them eternally. I have the bottom of those 45 apartments. You have the level above. The covenant is eternal, and unless the overseer has objections, which has already been soundedout for the second one, they will be around and about eternally.'

'I have no objections,' she said softly in reply.

'So I have an eternal friend in Melanie C,' said Daniel.

'An eternal platonic friend?' she asked.

He gave her that look again. 'Eternity is a long time Melanie. The heart has deep mysteries. Jessica and Jessica are eternal wives, I am sure of that. They'll be on again, off again, forever. Jessica Daly nee Murdoch is a pretty serious girl you know. Very serious. She's down in Zionistya at the moment with Messiah Ministries new program, which is doing well I might add, but intends to return soon enough. She's vowed for me to be an eternal love, and has no great plans on more than half a dozen of those at a maximum.'

Melanie nodded, and walked out into the lounge, picked up the remote, and turned on TV. 'Escape to the Country was on.' She sat there, watching a while. And then she smiled.

* * * * *

Ariel pointed to the plaque which was at the front left side of Danielphon. The foundation stone. 'That will have to rmain easily accessible to view Melanie.'

'Yes, I think so,' agreed Melanie. Melanie and Ariel were assessing Danielphon, its land allotment, and the scope and realities of the tower to be built.

'Remember, he has an ego, but doesn't really care about necessarily being the tallest tower in Zaphora. Not an issue to him. Just something well designed, functional, practical and elegant enough, which gets the job done,' said Ariel.

'He's agreed to all the gargoyles and gothic elements,' said Melaniel. 'Wants Gotham city stuff from the Batman universe. Those sorts of designs on certain levels. I've researched some of the movies and comics, and have a host of appropriate things. He looked them over and said to do what I think best, just one requirement for the eagle head thing which juts out. Wants to be able to stand on it and be 'really cool' he says.'

'We'll have it on the north-west corner. Facing Zaphon,' said Ariel. 'Would be best if it overlooks the heart of Zaphona City. That's his ego.'

Melanie scribbled a note to remind her of that, and looked at the property. '7 main pillars,' she said. 'He's big on 7s of course, but one at each corner, and one in the middle points for the sides and back. It's the correct number regardless. They will be the supporting beams for Danielphon Tower. Looking at the grounds we'll have to have the shed at the back right moved. It's foundations are deepish, as there are some archives, but the top level we can move a little. We should be able to get the job done. The back left, where the cricket pitch is, has enough room for the beam. It should be 2 cubits in width or diameter, depending on whether we use a square or a circle.

'Well he's always been a square, but he's definitely well rounded,' smiled Ariel. Melanie smiled on that comment.

'I'll flip a coin,' said Melanie. She took one out. 'Heads we use square, tails we use circles. Agreed?'

Ariel nodded. Melanie flipped the coin and it came up tails. 'Ok. Corinthian columns then?' she asked Ariel. Ariel nodded. Melanie scribbled some notes again. 'Ok. That will do for the day,' said Melanie. 'I want to think all that over for a few days. Do some basic designs.'

'So will it be World Builders International like he asked?' Ariel asked Melanie.

Melanie nodded. 'They've done a lot of work in Zaphora, and throughout the realm. They are very professional and well established. Shouldn't be a problem.'

Ariel and Melanie both looked at Danielphon for a little longer, assessing their plans, then Melanie waved to Ariel, and went inside, getting on with the rest of her day.

Chapter Four

Kardos sat in danielphon keep, in the kitchen, drinking tea.

'Daniel like vampires?' he asked Melaniel.

'He's – fond of them,' she replied. 'He has lots of Vampire novels and literature in his archives, and some serious academic magaizines and journals including 'Dark Creatures Quarterly'. Every issue actually. He talks about the subject from time to time. Talks on a lot of subjects, but also vampires. Mentions that you are a vampire occasionally, which I know myself, and that you seem like an alright enough chap.'

'Fascinating,' replied Kardos. 'Anyway, what do you want from me?'

'We've heard you are currently unemployed and possibly seeking work,' said Melanie.

'Perhaps,' replied Kardos.

'There is planned a level or two of Danielphon for Vampiric associations – business, clubs, maybe a library or culture club. Whatever is appropriate. He was wondering if you would like to be involved. Perhaps manage the thing.'

'Yeh sure,' replied Kardos. 'That would be a fine enough job in Zaphora.'

'If you said yes I was ask you if you intend to eternally remain in Zaphora. Whether that idea was part of your thinking.'

'We've likely moved home for good,' said Kardos. 'It was discussed at length. Celestevere is a home of ours eternally, but we faced up to the fact that before being a vampire and human, I am angelic. So we agreed, the family, to honour our angelicdom as the priority.'

'Right,' said Melanie. 'So that is a fundamental decision?'

Kardos looked at her for a while, and stood, and walked into the lounge and sat down. He was thinking. Thinking over that question. For the rest of the day he was wandering around the lower level of Danielphon and outside, and around dinner time, he came into Melanie in Daniel's Den, the makeshift overseer's office.

'Yes. I'd say it is. I will never deny my angelic origin, so this Zaphora is the prime eternal location. I will wander – vampires and all people have other homes. But this is an eternal commitment.'

'Then I am to offer you a future overseer's position in Danielphon, as what he hopes is the first and permanent manager of our Vampiric Associations is considered a decent enough position of authority in the Danielphon community that it warrants an overseersmanship potentially at a future point. He wants to know if you are interested, in which case that will be fine. If you want the jobe.'

Kardos didn't take hours this time. 'Sure,' he said. 'Why not.'

'Well,' said Melanie. 'Good then. No problems.'

Kardos smiled, and they chatted a bit, then he left and went home, and Melanie made some notes after another busy day as overseer of Danielphon keep.

* * * * *

'The deal needs to be sweetened,' said Ned Jakovsky. 'Power of the Atom is glorious, mate. And this issue of the 14th series is a treasure of mine.'

'You have 3 duplicate copies you have informed me of,' replied Daniel.

'And they are greatly cherished,' said Ned. 'So sweeten the deal motherfucker.'

'A toothbrush,' said Daniel. 'From 23rd century earth. Unopened in its box. It's worth a hefty sum and contains spirit of the original integrity of toothbrushes.'

'Done,' said Ned, instantly touching his plaque-ridden teeth.

They did the contract signings, and Daniel's bank manager transferred the money which went through, already on authorization, immediately. Ned glared at Daniel.

'You are parting me with a child of mine, Daniel Daly,' said Ned.

'The land is very matured now. The societal infrastructure surrounding it is well developed and greatly enriched. The growth of your dominion through your seed or citizenship will be great and of good quality,' said Daniel.

'Have your bloody comic,' said Ned, and flicked it to Daniel in its mylar bag, and grinned at him. 'A pleasure doing business with you,' he said.

Daniel took the comic. 'Gotcha baby,' he said to it. 'You'll meet the second and third printings of you soon. Be kind and not too proud.' The comic did not reply.

* * * * *

'So we off to dinner?' Daniel asked Melanie.

Melanie picked up her handbag. 'Let's go,' she said.

They were at Kazraphon Keep, in the restaurant, eating pumpkin soup. 'Good stuff,' said Daniel.

'Daniel. Do I attract you?' Melanie asked him.

'You're a babe,' replied Daniel.

'Gee. Wonderful. Aeons old and calls me a babe. Nothing more than that?'

'I'm not going to get ego trip central on the virtues of Melanie C?' asked Daniel. 'Ariel tried that for years. Do you love me Daniel? Do you admire my work Daniel? Do I impress you Daniel? Do I have good taste Daniel? And so fucking on. Always plugging for that 'I'm fucking special worship me bastard' angle. Chicks are so fucking predictable.'

Melanie looked at him, and picked up her spoon, and started eating her pumpkin soup.

'This is a nice place,' she said.

'Yeh. Homely. Kazraphon has always been like that,' he replied.

'Do you value my work?' she asked, trying another angle.

'I didn't choose Beelzebub for the position of Danielphon's second overseer, so what do you reckon?'

'I won the job fair and square,' she replied.

'But I conceded of my own choice,' said the Seraphim. 'It's only because you are competent, loyal and decent. And we get along traditionally quite well. I also love you quite a bit, and think you are a gal with a bit about you.'

'Thank you for answering my questions then,' she replied.

'You are important to me,' he said. 'You should know that.'

Melanie sipped on her soup. 'Yes, it is homely,' she replied. 'Kazraphon Keep has that atmosphere about it.'

Daniel nodded, and took out a pen. He wrote down on his napkin, 'A lot of people are silly about some things. You are mostly grounded,' and passed it to Melanie. She read it and looked at him.

'You've ironed out your major flaws, babe,' he said. 'Wherewithal for a competent eternity. A good perspective and grounding on what goes on in life and staying active and alert to it. Not silly with your money, and plans well for the future. A constant in eternity. A good example.'

She smiled, and nodded to herself. He had noticed the kinds of qualities she had worked on.

'You're sweet,' she said softly. He smiled at her, and said. 'Well, so are you.'

They ate their meals, and walked home to Danielphon, leaving the car at Kazraphon to collect later. They stopped in a park, and listened to the night crickets. She was happy with their semi-platonic friendship. Very happy.

Chapter Five

'You're not fucking married to the chick. You're fucking married to me,' said Jessica Daly nee Murdoch.

'And your fucking married to David Rothchild in your heart,' replied Daniel. 'So go fuck yourself.'

Jessica looked at Daniel, and was about to respond, but pulled back. After a while. 'My religion has nothing to do with love in my heart. Ambriel's religion speaks to me. What has that got to do with anything. I observe the Rainbow Torah rules closely. I read it from time time. Every century or so there is a full reading of it. You shouldn't complain. I'm loyal enough to Noahide faith as my foundation.'

Daniel looked at Jessica, and was about to respond, but pulled back. After a while. 'I'm married, currently, to you and Jessica Bradley. I don't sleep with Melanie Chisholm. We are platonic best friends. I think she is probably my best friend, actually. I don't really want to marry her again. Ok. I like it the way it is. I want her friendship eternally, though. And she makes a good consort for my Arch-Regency, which you don't take any interest in.'

'No. That's not an issue,' she replied. 'You don't sleep with her anymore?' she asked him.

'No,' he replied. 'She has a handful of lovers here and there, which she practices safely with, and rarely does it anyway. There's an old husband who is still around who she doesn't cheat on with unsfafe sex. They are not married, but they have children together, which she now honours. She's a free spirit, but I like her friendship. She's a good buddy. Understands me and I understand her.

Jessica stood there, arms crossed, giving him a stare. Finally she relented. 'Ok then. I don't insist you do away with your friendship. She's a nice lady, and probably good for you in that respect.' She went silent. 'I'm number one, and I won't divorce you. I don't mind the other Jessica, but no more wives, understood?'

'If you insist,' he replied.

'Good. Now I am going back to Zionistya were I will be for a few thousand years. But I will be coming back after that and moving into Danielphon into your bedroom and sleeping with you. And, yes, we will be sexually active in the full sense.'

'Ok,' he said.

'Goodbye,' she said, and walked out. Daniel knew he had been claimed He hadn't chosen. One of them had chosen him.

* * * * *

Wolfgang, the Theophany of God, was hanging in Danielphon's lounge on the ground floor. Melanie and Daniel were watching TV with him.

'God,' said Melanie.

Wolfgang looked at her.

'Logos and Memra are technically the Oraphim of the Realm of Eternity. Does that make them angels?'

God looked at Melanie for a few moment, and looked at the TV. They were watching the A Team. Finally Daniel spoke. 'What kind of question is that, Melanie?'

'I was curious. They have been regarded as the Oraphim of Eternity forever. Are they angels?' asked Melanie.

'What if they are technically?' replied God.

'Metatron is the solitary Onaphim angel of Eternity. He has always been known as an angel. But Logos and Memra have never been specified.'

'Lgoos is sensitive about it,' said God, and returned his focus to the TV.

'He likes to think he is God,' said Daniel. 'It's an old argument. He's proud.' God chuckled on that.

'But he's an angel,' persisted Melanie.

'A damn arrogant one as well,' said God.

'The Shadow angels are classified as Ozraphim of Eternity. Now, are they compatible and of the same exact species as the Ozraphim of Infinity.'

God was silent. He looked at Melanie. 'Yes, technically,' he said.

'And are Memra and Logos compatible with the Oraphim of Infinity? Are they the exact same species?'

'Give th girl a medal,' said God.

'So Samael of Infinity and Metatron, being the genetic Onaphim, like Dolphyel and Garanel and the others, are of exactly the same species?'

God nodded. 'Metatron doesn't make a big deal out of it,' said God. 'Eternity was planned before Infinity. It all worked out in the end.'

'Satisfied?' asked Daniel to Melanie. She nodded.

'Fascinating information,' said the Spice Girl. 'I have some conversations ahead of me.'

God looked at Melanie and shook her head. Some noses were about to be put out of joint, he could tell. Some stiff noses indeed.

* * * * *

Jessica had not actually left the realm yet, and had stayed at Senersphon Hotel for a while. But she came back home to Danielphon. She wanted a situation resloved a bit better before she left.

'You know, I do love Daniel,' said Melanie to Jessica Daly nee Murdoch.

'But are you in love with him?' asked Jessica. 'As I am.'

Melanie looked at Jessica, and picked up a copy of vogue, sitting there in Danielphon couch, reading it. 20 minutes passed, Melanie reading the magazine, and Jessica filing her nails. Finally Melanie put down the magazine.

'Not exactly in love with him. I love him dearly, and am his proud consort, but not exactly in love with him. It's madness that he can't be mine, but that is the way it is. We're not quite that relationship. I don't have big enough, uh.'

'Tits,' blurted out Jessica. 'Don't worry. Daniel is that basic in the end. He needs reasonably sized tits in his wife. Mine aren't huge, but they are a size, and he likes them well enough. I'm also blonde, have a Victoria Beckham figure that he likes and dress like Victoria, and have the sex appeal he likes. What he is looking for a in a wife.'

'Thank you so much for being honest,' replied Melanie, and glared a little at Jessica.

'We only got what we got,' replied Jessica. 'No point in arguing with nature. You're a cute enough gal Melanie C, but you will need to find a permanent husband, if that is what you are after eventually, who is not so fussy on what he requires. Plenty of men like your type well enough. Believe me I know.'

'Humph,' replied Melanie, and sat there stewing. After a while, 'That's the reason then, is it? Not quite sexy enough for him.'

'He think's you are adorably cute, and that you are good in bed, but not what he wants eternally. Likes you though. More than just about anyone else he likes you. Probably likes you more than he likes me. But not what he wants to screw.'

Melanie picked up her magazine, and started reading.

'Platonic eternal is what he is after,' said Jessica. 'From you. Get used to it.' And she stood and wanderd off to Daniel's room.

Melanie sat there, emotions going through her. But she resolved them and realized men where what they were, and if she didn't have the goods for Daniel, she would have to face up to it and be brave. But it was interesting that he liked her more than just about anyone else. That redeeming point she found of interest.

Chapter Six

'Let the works – BEGIN!' yelled Melanie. She cut the cord, and the work team moved in, getting stuck on the tower. It had been a busy few months, but the design had been finished, then smoothed over by architects, and now World Builders International were getting stuck into the job of building Danielphon Keep Tower. Daniel stood back on the other side of the road with Ariel and Meludiel and Ambriel, as Melanie wandered over to them.

'Here we go,' said Melanie.

'How long is it going to take?' asked Jessica Murdoch nee Daly.

'Not forever,' said Daniel. 'But they won't rush the job. Possibly a few decades, but they'll do it properly. There won't be any shortcuts.'

Ariel took her twin's hand and squeezed it. 'Your dream is seeing its reality, danny boy.'

Daniel squeezed back and smiled. He looked at the workers getting on with things and turned to Ambriel. 'Ok dude. You can take us to Senersphon hotel now. And remember, the first 5 rounds are on you at the bar.'

Ambriel smiled, and as they headed to the van across the street, Daniel gave Danielphon one last look, wondering what dreams may come, and got into the van, ready for a brave new chapter in his life.

The End



Zaphon Keep

Saruviel sat in darkness. He looked at the throneroom. On the northern side of the throneroom were two doors. One which went into Raphael's social office, and one which went into the old ground floor overseer's office of Zaphon Keep. The door was traditionally never used, like Raphael's office these days also, but Saruviel stood, walked over to the overseer's door, and tried the Knob. It turned after a bit and he opened the door. It was dark inside, and he went in, flicked on the lightswitch, and looked around. There was Elenniel's picture on the wall, which had always been there, and the filing cabinet and the desk which had a computer. He opened the filing cabinet which indeed had files in it. He spent that morning then looking through the files. They were old things, from the first age of the Realm, projects which he recalled himself, and they had sat there, getting older. Ancient documents now, official records of the realm. Around lunchtime he went to the cafeteria, and sat there, drinking Melit water. Through the doors and through the central north-south corridor of the Keep, you came to the dining room, which had the arts and craft room on the south and the choir hall on the north, which had a semi-circular end to it on the northern side. The library was south of the throneroom, but you had to go out into the corridor to access it. The elevators of Zaphon Tower, were in the north-west corner of the Keep, at an old stair-well, which had taken you up to the old second level were the dorms still were. Saruviel sat in the cafeteri, and picked up his mobile, ringing Cindradel.

'You're moving. Down to Raphael's social office on the ground floor. Bring current files. I'll be in the ground floor social office. We're tackling some old projects from the filing cabinet down here in the overseer's office. I even recognize a few of the ancient ones I started at my first turn as overseer. Come after lunch.'

'Will do boss,' replied Cindradel.

Saruviel returned to the office, and looked at the file he first wanted to work with. It was titled 'Playgrounds of the Realm of Eternity', and had some basic ideas on playgrounds were traditional realm things like Monkey Bars and Slides were used, as the angels still liked that a bit when they were young. Cindradel showed up after 20 minutes, and she came into the overseer's office, with a notepad and a pen.

'Right boss,' she said. 'What's on the agenda.'

He passed her the file. 'Playgrounds of the Realm of Eternity,' she said. 'Gosh, that goes back a bit.'

'Expand it,' he said to her. 'Use grasslands of the discs, and establish some new playgrounds, the ORIGINAL way. No changes whatsoever.'

'Very traditional,' she remarked to Saruviel.

'Get to it. We'll be tackling every file in the cabinet, and strengthening foundational principles of the Realm. Early work. This is still a rebirth period of the realm, and we'll be going back to foundational principles, as I said, to restore and renew and refocus on what we represent.'

'Excellent,' said Cindradel. 'Sounds wonderful.'

Saruviel nodded, and as Cindradel went back to her new office, he lit a cigar, and looked up at the picture of Elenniel's.' 'Here's to you babe,' he said, and puffed away happily.

* * * * *

Saruviel sat with Meludiel in the choir room oz Zaphon Keep.

'The Eternal Noahide Seraphim?' queried Meludiel. 'You want me to write a song on the Eternal Noahide Seraphim?'

'The males, this time, only,' said Saruviel. 'Further out rimwards there is a restoration of original realm design going on. Foundational stuff. I need the song to represent ancient ways of the eternal noahide seraphim, things we were like in our earliest years. Not quite a song, but more of a concert of songs. A musical I guess. In fact a musical will be fine. There is no need to reference the Seraphim of Zionistya, as we are starting again with the new list. It's an old list as well, if you recall.'

'I do recall,' she replied. 'Fine. Won't be a problem.'

'Good,' he said. 'And they are to sing their parts. Favour nobody in particular, and keep it within 2 hours length.'

'Will do,' said Meludiel.

'Thanks Mel,' said Saruviel. He offered his hand, and she shook it. 'Your ongoing work for the Realm is appreciated, and we are happy you have chosen to stay in the Realm rather than insisting on following Ambriel in the end.'

'He's content with his new life down in Zionistya. He gets allowed though to visit the Realm, as people approve of him up here. They are not to fussy on Ambs. Gets along well usually enough. They just can't stomach Mikey anymore. Too much Israelite pride. It's been an issue a long time now. Think's its his godgiven right to dictate to people. Has gotten too arrogant for the community's liking.'

'That was set in stone from the beginning,' said Saruviel. 'It emerged in the long term when he finally started acting like himself, and stopped bothering with the holiness he practiced. Does what he wants now. Doesn't have a decision to change himself to conforming with God's standards for the realm. No core repentance to that degree. Never seen it in him.'

'I'll get to this musical,' said Meludiel.

Saruviel left, and Meludiel went to the office at the end of the choir hall, sat down, took up some paper, and wrote down, 'Ancient Voices'. That would be the working title of the new work.

* * * * *

Saruviel had Daniel the Seraphim in his office.

'You're grounded,' Daniel said to Saruviel.

'Very funny,' replied Saruviel. 'Yes, I do consider myself a grounded sort of fellow. Well equipped with knowledge of my role.'

'That's what it's all about,' replied Daniel. 'I, myself, liven things up. Keep the ball rolling on life, set some new agendas, shore up traditions which have heart by supporting them with edifying words or cold hard cashola if they have a decent spirit of eternity in them. Keep life active and fit and well.'

Saruviel nodded and handed Daniel a cigar. 'Let's talk movies,' said Saruviel.

'What's on your mind?' asked Daniel.

'I want to bring the Chronicles of the Children of Destiny to life with a fresh cast. A reshooting of the canon with new stars from the rim were the renewal is going on. To give them their own children of destiny to set their hearts upon. Stars which have a flair and panache for life, which can breathe new life for the realm for a new era. Give this rebirth its own new heroes, but in traditional names which they know and can rely on.'

'Spunds brill,' said Daniel. 'But talk to Valandriel. I hereby assign him in charge of the job. He can bring Valandriel's insight into the new version of things. A perspective not Daniel's, but from his best buddy. It will give the freshness and uniqueness the new project needs.'

'Sounds fine,' said Saruviel.

Daniel lit his cigar. 'Cubans,' he said. 'Always the finest.'

'Indeed,' replied Saruviel, feeling cool smoking cigars with his younger Seraphim brother.

* * * * *

Krystabel sat knitting. 'On with the show dear brother,' she said.

'I have a new inspiration,' said Saruviel. 'I feel – energized. I think that Daniel prayed for me for a while after he left yesterday. Feel a new focus for my work at this time. I think I have the understanding that the outer discs, and we've decided to start the projects with the firs quartered discs, have a new beginning enscribed in destiny for them. It's a time of a fresh start for the realm, and we're going back to basics, keeping traditions alive, but with a fresh new focus. We've got most ideas sorted out for life now, and it is by variance and consistency in a harmonious balance that we push on. For this time anyway.'

'Then you are wise,' said Krystabel.

'And what dreams may come...' said Saruviel.

And he lit yet another cigar, and puffed away as Krystabel exclaimed she had finished the scarf, and held up for him to see a scarf with Percival the Superteddybear all over it, which could only bring a smile to Saruviel the Seraphim, overseer of Eternity.

The End

Zion Blues

'He's an asshole,' said Michael.

'Calm down son,' said Wolfgang the Theophany of God to Michael the firstborn Seraphim of Zioinistya.

'Kick me out and take over at Zaphon. I know what's frikking going on. Renewal of the outer discs. Remaking it. Meludiel's new musical WITHOUT us guys. They are frikking assholes.'

'Too many proud heads,' said God. 'The Realm of Eternity had too many proud heads, and you guyts were always at each other's throats. Now calm down and let's get on with this project of new developments around Zion Keep. The library needs an upgrade, more in line with Zaphon traditions. I don't want the electronic catalogue to be the only thing. Please get some index cards. I don't want to be embarrassed by Zaphon polished expertise when I get there. I have a heart for Zion also, and I expect some ancient tradition. It's why you are down here. Stop being so dogmatically 'I don't give a damn'. It is not becoming the firstborn Seraphim of Zionistya, which is Israel's eternal domain, so get on with the job please. You know what to do.'

'Father,' whined Michael. 'I want to go home.'

'Stop your whining. This is home now.'

'Fine,' said Michael, and picked up his cigar. 'This is Saruviel's brand, right?'

God nodded.

'Then I'll smoke these mothers and do my job, so go away, and I'll get on with things.'

'Index cards. Don't forget,' said God, and pinched one of Michael's cigars before he left.

Michael put down his cigar when the old man had left the room, and called in Nimorel. 'Right, Nimmy. Are you sure you can commit eternally to this job. I know your musical commitments, but Zionistya needs a loyal secretary. Cindradel was always faithful. You'll have to live up to her reputation.'

'What's the agenda?' asked Nimorel, notebook ready.

'Index cards for the library downstairs. Old fashioned. I need an old Jewish soul. Ahisamach and Bezalel. Contact them. They worked on the original tabernacle. I need their expertise for the index cabinets. Will get this job done properly, as the old man was fussy.'

'Good idea,' said Nimorel, writing that down.

'And get Moses and Aaron in here. I want to discuss Zion and God's fussyness. He wants an overhaul, and a more traditional look. Zionistya is the eternal thing I'm afraid Nimmy. We're here for the duration. Too many heads in the Realm, he says to me. I get a feeling he's got two tribes, as they go on about, and he wants us older heads down here, cause we can hack the new work and frustrations of starting over.'

'They were more loyal,' said Nimorel. 'The Evening stars never lost focus on that. You won't fool me Michael. You goofed off too many times for the Morning Stars to remain in the Realm and rule it. Saruviel was faithful to his work and never got up God's arse with complaints, and Daniel always made God smile and say he was crazy. That impressed him in the end. You'd have gotten the job if you had remained perfect. But the Morning Stars are for Zion, so its the way it goes bro.'

'You are right. Pride rearing its ugly head.'

He looked at her. 'Well get to it,' he ushered her, waving his hands.

Nimorel smiled, and returned to her office, while Michael smoked his cigar, and thought about golf on Friday with Gabriel.

* * * * *

'Time to get on with Gabrephion,' said Michael to Gabriel at the golf course, 'I've bought you an office block exactly 22 miles south-south-west of Zion. If you don't have any objections that will be the base of the Keep.'

'That will be fine,' said Gabriel, taking out his golf club and looking down Federation Golf Course, just near Zion Keep. They were on the second hole, and both had parred the first hole. 'I had no specific location in mind yet, but that sounds fine.'

'Make it professional and a hint is traditional,' said Michael, watching Gabriel take aim and swing.

'I'll build in big stone,' said Gabriel. 'Roman stylings. Traditional old style palatial stuff, and only about 7 levels or so. No tower for it. Home for an old emporer. Want to develop my future dominion in its older aspects along those principles, and progress through time architecturally as the dominion grows. I'll focus on south-south-west alignment from Zion. Build that way outwards.'

'Good idea,' said Michael. 'Oh, is that the thing then?'

'Degrees from Zion. Ambriel and Daniel the Cherubim started the idea, with specific distances from Zion for the foundation keep. They build from there their dominions outwards along those degree lines. Sariel thinks it a top idea, and is working on English culture with his project, as predictable. Israelite things will be handled by Judael and co, so remember, buddy, that those Christians from Sariel will be a big factor, as well as Jesus, and It's a lot more of international culture than just Israel, but Israel will be the dominating power from Zion, which according to Ambriel is supposed to fill in gap areas from time to time.'

'Will do,' said Michael. 'What claim Zion dominion in places here and there?'

'Ambriel thinks that a good idea. Latter Zion minor keeps which start sub-degrees and progress from there. Like spokes on a bicycle with new spokes further out.'

Michael thought on that idea and saw the logic in it, with Zion in the centre.

'Well, work to do. In all honesty, while I was used to home, this place is ok enough. It will do.'

'So let's get on with things,' said Gabriel, and they picked up the golf bags and startred strolling down the fairway.

* * * * *

'What the hell does Saruviel need a kid of yours to a gentile?' asked Michel to Ambriel.

'A Noahide,' said Ambriel politely.

'Whatever,' replied Michel.

'He needs an official Seraphim offspring forAmbriphora Disc to replace me. The child must have a Noahide mother. It can be circumcised, as long as it is trained in Noahide tradition of doing things. Apparently all the discs we ran will have required them a son or a daughter for official replacment of our positions.'

'I suppose they don't want one for Zaphon?' inquired Michael.

'For Zaphora they do,' said Ambriel. 'Technically Zaphora disc and district needs its own permanent overseer. The overseer of the Realm has been doing the job since you left, but he wants a son from you as well.'

Michael stared at Gabriel. He muttered a few things, and turned to his PC.

'They can bite me,' he said softly.

'That's hardly the spirit of friendliness,' said Ambriel. 'You should be happy about it. A new child after all these years.'

'Saruviel can go blow,' said Michael.

'It's the least we can do, ' said Ambriel.

'Fine. I'll shag a rainbow bitch,' said Michael. 'Give me a new wife, fine. I'll do the business.'

'Good,' said Ambriel. ' And you have to go up to the Realm where it should be born in the capital of the disc. For you Zaphora.'

Michael looked at Ambriel. 'So Zionistya is home forever,' he said softly. Ambriel nodded. 'Our lot in life brother.'

'Ok, he can have his damn seed,' said Michael. 'Now buzz off. I've work to do.'

When Ambriel left Michael sat there, and finally chuckled. In a way, the more things changed the more they stayed the same. Obviously they were still wanted in a way, but through Noahide co-parents. But if that was what was meant to be, such was life.

The End

Happy Chaps Tower II

Percival Nighthammer worked producing tissues. It was the work he undertook in Happy Chaps tower in Glimmersphon District. They were an ongoing permanent job, producing disposables, which were needed time and time again. A lot of the product was just used in Happy Chaps Tower itself, but they did sell to other places throughout the realm. He worked in the bleaching section of the plant, and it was the same old job, day in, day out, but it didn't bother him, as it paid the bills, and he got on with his life serving God, happy enough to do his own little work in the Realm of Eternity.

'So, Boris. How was Melladon?' asked Percival.

'Pretty good,' replied Boris Blindfrith. 'We ate a lot of fried chicken, and danced the afternoon away. Got drunk practically that evening, but you know me. Never to excess. Just a bit before that, true. But never to excess.'

'Don't I know it,' replied Percival.

'Have you checked out Janelle,' said Boris. 'The aboriginal girl. She's been here a long time now. Been doing work with the boss in some minor admin. Started last month with a part time position one day a week. We always needed a bit more done in the office. Always overtime up there.'

'Nah, haven't bothered with her,' replied Percival.

'She's cute,' said Boris. 'And a nice manner. And she's a success with the work she does out in the city. Quite rich I've heard. Works for Lucky Thrills. Daniel and Ambriel the Seraphim's company. Ambriel apparently like the other Seraphim still have their finances in the realm. Lot of discussion on Economy Tonight about how a lot of cash leaves the realm for Zionistya.'

'Their earnings,' said Percival. 'The way it goes I suppose.'

'Gives them a lot of power,' said Boris. 'But who cares. They never bothered me. But what's done is done and can't be undone. Probably for the best the new order of things.'

'Yeh, whatever,' replied Percival.

'Hey, there she is,' said Boris, indicating Janelle Diararogon who had entered the cafeteria.

Percival gave her a bit of a casual look, noted she was cute enough, but didn't focus on her after a casual glance.

'She's coming this way,' said Boris.

'Is this seat taken?' asked Janelle, to Boris and Percival.

'Feel free,' said Boris.

Janelle sat and started eating a salad roll. 'I'm Janelle Diarargon. I have a temp contract in the office. Just one day a week.'

'We heard,' said Percival. 'Indigenous Australian aren't you?'

'Indigenous Realm of Eternity,' she replied. 'But yes. From Native Australian stock. Go back to the original community of Terraphora.'

'Right,' nodded Percival.

Silence for a while as people ate.

'What do you do?' Janelle asked Percival.

'Bleaching,' replied Percival. 'Simple work, but I've done it forever. Pays the bills, you know.'

'Essential task' she said. 'Good to see we have it in safe hands.' And she smiled at him, flashing her teeth.

'Yeh. Pretty much,' agreed Percival and, despite himself, smiled back.

'Well, back to work. See you there,' said Boris, standing, and smiling at Janele, before heading off.

Percival sat there, and looked at Janelle, who smiled back.

'Shit,' he said under his breath. She was actually quite attractive.

They ate in silence, and Janelle finally stood. 'I guess I'll see you around. I'm here only for a while, but it will probably become permanent from what I've been told.'

'Cool,' said Percival.

She left, and he watched her go. He was embarassed. He had an erection. That night, after sitting in front of TV, he was embarassed further He went to his room, layed down on his bed, and couldn't stop the urger to masturbate, thinking over Janelle Diarargon. He really thought she was quite a spunk.

The End

Angels of Hope 13

Gloryel was at home in Joniquay. Sariel was far down below in Zionistya, working on his new Keep down there, and Daniel was currently schmoozing with her Spice Sister Melanie C, thinking himself terrific, she assured herself. Mikey and Danny Robinson had dropped in on her when she had arrived, and she’d had dinner with them, caught up on things, and was settling down in the place. Layers of dust had built up, but she had dusted, and the house was looking fine. Time to get on with life here for a while. Christian Horner was on a planetary body way out, doing his racing, and they were together, but he was busy for a while. Solo life for a few millennia instead. She picked a book of the shelf, Moby Dick, and sat down and started reading. Then, predictably, a knock on the door. She stood, walked over, and opened it. The dread Daniel stood there.

Hey babe,’ he said. ‘Long time no see.’

Should I invite the devil in?’ she asked herself out loud. ‘He could fuck me over, couldn’t he?’

I’m up for that,’ said Daniel, and pushed past her, into the house. He had a plastic bag with him.

Here we go again,’ said Gloryel. She came inside, and sat down opposite him on the single couch, and looked at him.

Have a hamburger,’ he said, passing her a hamburger which was from the local café. ‘It’s the works,’ he said. ‘And bottles of coca cola. Cold as well.’

She accepted them, and started eating the hamburger. ‘Why the visit?’ she asked, in between mouthfuls.

Melanie is happy with overseer work for the next few hundred thousand years. Says she is happy and busy enough for now. I decided to let Jessica my woman settle down with Melanie, as they are now working together, and come and hang with you. Got word on the grapevine you’d drifted up here for a while, so I’ll take the spare room, and we can be buddies for a while.’

Wonderful,’ said Gloryel sarcastically. ‘And I was just starting Moby Dick.’

If you are looking for dick,’ began Daniel.

Some things never change,’ sighed Gloryel, as Daniel flicked on the TV set, and started watching the A Team.

* * * * *

Daniel and Gloryel were in her back yard, getting the garden going again.

Joniquay in this second heavenly realm is quite settled,’ said Daniel. ‘New businesses don’t get established in the inner world much now. Competition has stabilised with established citizens.’

Your point?’ asked Gloryel.

They do accept fruit and veges at the local markets. Anyone can launch a stall. 15,000 years on a stall, and the business sector will allow us to start a company further out a bit. It’s time we worked on your company portfolio and got something new established. GlorDan Fruits and Vegetables was registered by me the other day. I have a trademark on GlorDan here in the second heavenly realm, and the idea is to get established this market, work it for 15,000 years to show commitment and establish the business further out. About 200,000 years and it should be established well enough eternally through prayer, if we keep quality of decent standard and consistent.’

Gloryel looked at him. ‘You are happy to stay that long?’

I need you from time to time, and this is something we can do together, and you need to work on your glory. So if you don’t object, yes, I’ll stay that long.’

Then that is what we will do,’ said Gloryel, and came next to him and touched his arm. ‘Nice to see you again Daniel.’

He smiled at her, and they got on with the gardening. That evening they had vegetable soup from some of the surviving veges in the garden, and Gloryel looked at her new current best buddy, and smiled. It was nice for an old flame to come back for a while.

* * * * *

They were at the movies. The Man from Snowy River 50 was showing. Daniel had bought popcorn and they were in the foyer, on the seats, watching people.

They all have their dreams,’ said Gloryel.

True,’ replied Daniel.

She turned to him ‘What are your dreams?’

To get bloody laid some time,’ he replied grinning.

You’d be lucky up here,’ she said. ‘Strict rules.’

Yeh, I know,’ he said. ‘Porn does the trick well enough.’

Rude boy,’ she said.

Jessica does me in Danielphon’ he said. ‘She’s a pretty hot babe.’

Is that what you need?’ she asked him.

Actually, it’s more a case of she’s the wife who insists on staying married to me. Messiah Ministries motivates her to stay eternally loyal, which suits me also.’

She’s also very attractive,’ said Gloryel. Daniel did not answer. But after a while he spoke up.’

But so the hell what? What’s that supposed to prove? She ended up the one who stuck. I didn’t make that rule. She could leave if she really wanted, and she did for a long time. But she came back eventually and said it was forever. So she chose me Gloryel.’

Gloryel looked at Daniel, then looked forward once more. ‘She’s still a fox, though. You know. Just saying.’

You’re cute enough. A solid 7 at least.’

7!’ exclaimed Gloryel. ‘Ginger Spice is no 7 out of 10 Daniel Daly’

Ok, 8 on a good day. But it would have to be,’ replied Daniel.

Humph,’ replied Gloryel. ‘7 out of 10 my butt.’

Oh that’s a 9,’ said Daniel. ‘One of the best tushes in the business. All that fitness shit you do.’

Oh, that’s consoling,’ said Gloryel sarcastically.

Yeh, a solid 9. 10 after a workout,’ said Daniel.

I’ll keep that in mind,’ replied Gloryel.

Shut up and eat some popcorn,’ said Daniel. Gloryel complied, and just shook her head at Daniel, who had an amused look on his face.

* * * * *

Mikey Robinson looked up at the customer. 'Here we go,' he said to Gloryel. Gloryel stood and the customer bought 5 zucchinis and looked at their little sign and looked at Gloryel.

'This permanent?' he asked her.

'Will be doing this for 15,000 years to establish business rights,' she said.

'Righty O,' replied the man in a tweed cap. 'You'll do for something new. I shop here every week. I'll commit to zucchinis for a while, and if you can offer me something exotic the other storeholders don't stock, like kiwi fruit, hint hint, I'll buy that too.'

'We'll look into it,' replied Gloryel. 'Thanks for the purchase.'

She pavked it all up annd they exchanged cash, and she sat down again. Daniel showed up a few minutes later.

'All sorts of stuff here,' he said. 'We might have to diversify.'

'A customer said they'd commit to kiwifruit regularly if we stocked it,' said Gloryel.

'Well that's a prayer answered. Finally a fricking customer. Kiwifruit, huh? That shouldn't be a problem for your garden.'

'No,' replied Gloryel. 'I like the fruit in fruit salad's as well. We'll plant it soon enough then.'

'Sounds like a good idea,' said Mikey Robinson. 'Well, it's been chill, babes, but I gotta run.'

'Seeya Mikey,' said gloryel, waving the old friend goodbye.

'Did he buy the zucchinis?' asked Daniel, looking at the stock. Gloryel nodded. 'Was he committed?'

'Said he'll be a regular on the zucchinis, and then suggested kiwifruit because it's not stocked here.'

'Yep,' replied Daniel. 'Get a niche not covered. Basic lessons of commerce. Simple enough to do as well. I guess we internet that when we get home?'

'The thing to do,' replied Gloryel.

The afternoon passed, and they had a lady in a pink coat buy some apples, but nothing else.

'Slow,' said Gloryel, as they packed up.

'We're new,' said Daniel. 'But word of mouth, and some people who have seen us and now know we are here, should do something after a bit. It will come along.'

Gloryel nodded. Probably true, what Daniel said. And she was starting to think business thoughts, and her portfolio. Certainly, at this point in life it was at least something new to do, and Daniel had an energy which made it exciting. She'd run with the project. Let it fill her life for the forthcoming millennia.

* * * * *

So they got stuck into the weekly market, and Daniel was the perfect gentleman in actuality. There were no midnight knocks on her door, and he didn't touch or kiss her, but sometimes he put his hand on her cheek and said ,'I'll always be there for you Geri girl. And that soothed her heart after all the friends she had lost along the way. And life carried on, and the market started attracting customers, and life was happy for Gloryel at this time, and the future, well, it looked bright enough for now. Definitely good enough for now.

The End

The Frosty Nightmares of Professor Zelzazon 2

'Ok,' said Melanie C. 'It's like this professor. Genesis 9 teaches that children of Noah are put to death if they kill. Society has had mercy on you. So do you get the point? It's a sin.'

The professor ignored her, and continued playing with his marbles on the cell floor.

'It's not kind, you know. To kill people. In fact it is about as rude as you can get,' said Melanie.

'Mum said I shouldn't be rude,' said the professor, offhandedly. 'But Israel is in violation of their rights to intermix with Noahide mankind. Hitler knew this as well. They are obligated to Zionistya now. They have no further rights in the realm of eternity, and they should be out on Televeran sub-planetary bodies the lot of them as far as I am concerned.'

'Well you got your way, didn't you. They are nearly all in Zionistya.'

'Then they get the point,' said the professor.

'It's hardly the point. Killing innocent people is morally corrupt.'

'So you say,' replied the professor. 'I've never murdered anyone in my life. Killed nearly all mankind, but never murdered anyone. Cleansing mankind through plagues and such was God's will. He wanted a fresh purge, and was interested in survivors. Those who wanted eternal life seriously enough. He tacitly approved of my work. I know this.'

'I doubt it,' said Melanie. 'So remember, thou shalt not kill.'

'I'll think over my principles,' said the professor. 'I'll consider your view, but I doubt I'll change my philosophy. It's well researched scripturally.'

Melanie looked at him, frustrated. After a while she considered her words. 'Well, ok. But let's have this discussed. Daniel suggested I chide you and look into the case. Danielphon and its overseer have a lot of influence in the world, and he's usually by the book on things. So I'll visit you again.'

'Whatever you want,' said the professor.

That night Professor Zelzazon dreamed, and a big Melanie C had the bible and was preaching at him. And he felt convicted, and then she turned into an eagle and shat on him. He just smelled on that case of embarrassment.

The End

Human Touch III

40 years on, and the market stall was busy all day. Gloryel was used to putting fruits and veges into plastic bags, which had the GlorDan Fruits and Vegetables logo on it. The business plan they had for the company was in early formation, and Daniel had been having initial discussions with the business council indicating their future intent. They had laid out the kind of places in the second heavenly realm which could potentially have their business developed in, and Daniel had chosen a new continent called 'Sparksendrya' to establish the first official store. Technically Gloryel would run the show from her home, but they were about to visit 'Centre City' in Sparksendrya to acquire land and get the main headquarters and first shops reserved. Daniel had suggested they start with Lucky Thrills in the stores just to have a place in Sparksendrya for the company, and the main business would be established when it was legal. Lucky Thrills was already established in the second heavenly realm, as it was upwards as well, and Sparksendrya was yet to have one. It would then go to running traditional parties, instead of the storefront, which would be a temporary thing.

'Come on Glory girl,' said Daniel. 'We don't want to miss the VFT. The VFT was the Very Fast Train, a network which ran throughout the second heavenly realm. It got up to big speeds after a while, and they were taking it to the edge of the continent, were they would take a very quick travelling submarine which would take them to 'Sparksendrya'. The submarine was a goliath class, very large, and built for passengers.

'Coming,' said Gloryel. She presented herself to Daniel, done up a little.

'It's a frikking business trip,' said Daniel. 'You don't have to entertain the Queen of England you know.'

'I'll change then,' she said.

'Too late. That will do.' He walked over to her, and gave her a rare kiss on the cheek. 'Well done babe. Good to see you taking this seriously. It's a good opportunity in the long term to establish your name, which is worth doing in the end.'

Gloryel nodded, and they heard the taxi, and went outside, off to the train station in the heart of Joniquay.

* * * * *

'Daniel. You love me, don't you,' said Gloryel, as the train sped along.

'Yeh,' said Daniel, reading a cricket magazine.

'You seem to be sensitive to me of all your sisters. But Meludiel as well of course, and Melanie. Your twin naturally. But is it a Spice Girl thing?'

'Don't think so,' said Daniel. 'More of who the spice girls were as people. You sort of clicked in my heart, but it was you Gloryel. It was what you were like as a person which drew me in. English. Ravishing redhead. A bit of a goer. Passionate. Full of life and love and laughter. Not too serious. But grounded at the same time. Lots of qualities, really. But you are also cute.'

'I thought I was a 7,' she said.

'A solid 7 babe,' he replied.

'Right,' she said, and returned to her magazine. After a while, though. 'So you love me then?'

'Yeh,' he said again.

'How much do you love me?' she asked.

'I don't spend my time, which is money, helping ever Tom, Dick and Harry, you know. And I know a few of them. Your special. Love you heaps,' he replied.

'Still romantically?' she asked.

He put down his magazine. 'Your married, Gloryel. I don't cheat you know.'

'I know,' she said. 'But if I was single?'

'Thought it was platonic these days,' he said, returning to his magazine.

'Oh,' she said. 'Yes. I guess it is.'

'Then there is your answer,' he said.

Gloryel looked at him and nodded to herself. He didn't cheat. Well, good. He was honourable now. She made a mental note that Daniel was no longer such a loverboy, a little more steady and stable in life, and let the issue drop. That would do for now.

* * * * *

They did their business, and Daniel was entirely professional. One afternoon in Centre City Central Park they were feeding the swans in the pond, throwing bread crumbs to them, and Daniel was sitting next to her, in his shirt and tie, standard business attire. He'd cut his hair that morning, a rarity, and he looked very much the man. She wsas in a smart coat, with a nice belt, a headband in her hair, all straight and smart, and they looked every inch the couple. She noticed people looking at them and smiling, and she, innocently, put her arm in his. And she sat there, feelng attached. Feeling that human touch. And feeling wonderful.

The End

Dalnaphon Keep II

'They want a frikking what?' asked Helen Grant nee Gilmore to her husband Sariel the Seraphim, actor Hugh Grant.

'They want me to have a child to a Noahide wife for overseersmanship in Dalnaphora, the 8th disc of the realm, to rule from Dalnaraphon, the capital of the disc. They suggested that you would actually make a fine mother in reality.

'Fucking hell,' said Helen. 'I am not a surrogate mother for the Evening Stars ambitions,' she replied. She sat there, in Ambrephoria Keep, perturbed. Finally she looked at Sariel. 'Ok. If they really want a child of yours for the overseer, fine. I don't mind. He will have a good life and good opportunities. You are down here forever then, in the estimation of things.'

'Looks like it,' replied Sariel. 'I mean, how bad can it be? We only have to.........' he trailed off.

'Where do they want the child born?' she asked.

'They suggested Dalnaphon district actually. That keep is the namesake for the 8th disc. It is the heart of the disc in many ways, so we'll return home, and make a baby.'

'Yes,' she replied, looking at her husband. 'We'll make a baby.'

* * * * *

William Grant was an athletic 5 year old. Running around Dalnaphon Keep, he adored his mum and dad Hugh and Helen, and knew he had an amazing future as ruler from Dalnaraphon of the 8th disc of the Realm of Eternity, Dalnaphora. He had friends in other of the recent arrivals, 13 other so far, of 22 boys, who would rule the formerly held Overseersmanship discs of the Morning Stars of Eternity. On 3 occasions girls had been born first, but then a boy had come next, which was obviously always going to happen. William was told they were the 'Morning Stars Juniors' club, and would be part of Noahic traditioin in the Realm of Eternity, with no allusion to Israelite allegiance, which was not permitted. William had taken this for granted, and being doing pictures of rainbow at Dalnaphon Primary School. He did not seem to have any problem with that idea or his future.

'He's a happy lady,' said Helen, bringing in the washing from the line. 'Plays around in the dirt, and has a pet toad at the moment.'

'I've seen it,' said Sariel. 'Disgusting thing. Plays with it all the time. Should let it go back to the river.'

'Leave him be,' said Helen. 'He's only a boy doing what boys do. You were a boy once, weren't you?'

Sariel's mind flashed back to his human childhood on earth, and he sat there for a while, eyes misted over, reminiscing. Finally he came to himself.

'That's hardly the point. But I will relent as he is only 5 years old, and things like that still have a fascination for a young and inquiring mind.'

'Good to know your not a complete fuddy duddy,' said Helen. 'I'll be putting this stuff away,' she said, indicating the clothes. Sariel nodded, and returned to his chess magazine.

* * * * *

In time William grew, as did the other Morning Stars Juniors, and the full rank of all 22 showed up soon enough, with procrastinating Michael finding a suitable wife, and maintaining the child could 'Kiss his arse', but raising it with love regardless. And when they got to their late 50s, God moved them each into their overseersmanship responsibilities, and life in the Realm of Eternity, after the hiccup of the exiting Seraphim, seemed to return again to a bit more semblance of normality.

The End

Daniel 3

Daniel Daly, the angel Callodyn, aka Callodyn Gabriel Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly in his legally registered birth name, was at home in Televere, in his den, reading 'The Lord of the Rings'. Claudia was standing by the doorway, waiting on him. She didn't have anything better to do at that moment, so stood there, waiting on her employer. He read through the 7th chapter of the 'The Fellowship of the Ring' which was the first book of the trilogy of three books by J R R Tolkien in the series, and when he was finished he put the book down, and picked up his can of coca cola, which was still cold, which he, in his traditions, read after completing a chapter of a book he was reading, and would sit there relaxing a while. He looked at Claudia standing there, looking at him.

'Not much to do, huh?' he asked her. She shook her head. He looked at the book and thought over reading another chapter, but decided against it. He looked at Claudia. 'Come with me,' he said. He stood, and she followed him into the back games room, where he got the boardgame 'Squatter' down from the shelf. He sat down at the gaming table, and indicated for her to sit. She sat down, and looked at the board game as he opened it up.

'I have never seen you play this game,' she said.

'It's a rarity,' he replied. 'Mainly for family and people who are trusted. A bit personal, as it was a game of my younger human life.'

'Oh,' she said.

'Here are the rules,' he said, handing them to her. She sat there quietly, reading the rules, occasionally asking a question, and he would answer. She looked at the board then for a few minutes, and said 'I think I understand.'

'We will make this a tradition,' he said. 'Today's date is the 36th of March in the Televere calendar, so every year on this day we will play squatter, when I am in town.'

'Very well,' replied Claudia.

'I expect you to beat me if you can, once you have experience,' he said. 'Don't go soft on the boss.'

'I won't,' she replied.

They started the game, and she was a quick learner, but Daniel won easily in the end. When it was finished Claudia helped him pack it away, and she put the game back on the shelf where it fitted.

'That was fun,' she said. 'An interesting board game.'

'It's an Aussie classic,' he replied. 'I don't play it much normally, but it will be something we will play now.'

'What would you like for dinner?' she asked him.

'Do you have the ingredients for lasagne?' he asked her.

'I have the lasagne pasta and the cheese,' she said. 'I can go down to the shops and get the mince meat.'

'Ok,' he said. 'I'll drive you down.'

They went to the shops, and Daniel bought the day's newspaper, and they came back, Claudia going into the kitchen to prepare the lasagne. He went back to his den, and started the next chapter of the Lord of the Rings. When he was finished he went into the main lounge room, and started watching TV. Later the dinner was ready, and she brought it out on a plate to him, and he sat there, watching TV, eating his dinner, with the apple juice she had brought him. She sat with him, in her couch she usually sat on, watching the TV, eating.

'Rain tonight,' he said. 'The clouds are starting to build.'

'Most likely,' she replied.

'Kayella is visiting next week,' he said.

'That will be nice,' replied Claudia. Daniel nodded.

Daniel continued watching the TV. He looked at his housekeeper, She was watching the TV avidly enough. He noticed again her attractiveness, but dismissed the thought, and finished his dinner.

The following morning Daniel announced he would be at a conference for the ANM in the next city for a week, and Claudia nodded. He left, and she began a cleaning of the place, as she usually did after he left for a while. When he got back he noticed the freshness of the place, and that everything was very clean. Later on that week he returned to reading his book, and Claudia stood at the doorway again, watching him, waiting upon him. After a point he looked up at her, and then indicated the spare seat. She sat there quietly. He stood, went to the bookcase, and brought down a copy of 'The Twilight Realm' by Christopher Carpenter.

'Unless you have an objection to fantasy, start reading,' he said. She took the book, opened up to the first chapter, and began reading. He went and got her a can of coca cola, and put it beside her. Then he returned to her book. He noticed she sipped on it after a while. He smiled.

The End

Karaite Zebulunism V

King Gabrias of the tribe of Zebulun sat with Zebulun himself, in the tribal lands of Zebulun in Israel on New Terra.

'Well, the book is finished,' said King Gabrias. '1 Chronicles of Zebulun'. The theophany was consulted on every verse practically, and the prayers have been constant. It has qualified as scripture as far as we are concerned. 37 chapters of the history of the tribe from the resurrection days. Only the most poignant moments of our history and icons, concisely presented, culling a multiplicity of source material to make it as eclectic and universally wise as possible.'

'The document, then,' said Zebulune. Gabrias handed him the official scroll, and Zebulun sat with Gabrias in his throneroom, reading through the text. The hours passed, and by late afternoon Zebulun had finished.

'It is fresh spirituality,' said Zebulun. 'It is the word of God alive, it seems. New work to add to the Tanakh from our tribe.'

'It will be published soon enough as a whole. It will be placed in the Kethuvim following 2 Chronicles. There has always been agreed that there will be a second volume, but not till time again has passed shall we have that tome completed.'

'Very good,' said Zebulun. 'Where is this scroll to be kept?'

'In the temple of Zebulun,' said Gabrias. 'Beneath the 10 Commandments of stone, in a hollow in the wooden altar. It will rest there eternally, and will not be touched after the ceremony is complete. We will eventually place the second volume in there also, and that will complete it. But there is suggested a book of psalms and a book of proverbs from our tribe also, to bring to completion our contribution to the scriptures. That is widely discussed in rabbinic circles and online, and if the ultimate product we have to work with is of sufficient quality we will go ahead with the project.'

'I've heard much of the discussion,' replied Zebulun. 'I am generally in favour of the ideas so far.'

'Then all will be well,' replied Gabrias.

'Tell me, how is Hilda?' he asked.

'The queen is in good spirit these days,' replied Gabrias. 'She walks the grounds of the castle often, and has recovered from her malaise of the soul. She was not really sure at times if she wanted eternity. Life seemed too drab for her. Too dull. But her spirit has risen in recent centuries, and things seem well again. I have no fears at this present moment for her endurance.'

'Good, good,' replied Zebulun. 'Then all is well.'

'Father, it is demanding being the king. There are issues with the other tribes over our independence, and Naphtali is attempting to rival us on a constant basis. In Zionistya there is huge competition from all the sons of Israel, and we struggle to make success there at times.'

'Thus the necessity of getting this published as soon as possible,' replied Zebulun. 'It will be strength to our tribe.'

'Naturally,' agreed the King.

'Let us drink this evening to its success, and thank the Lord for his blessing upon us.'

'That we shall do,' agreed King Gabrias, happy with how well the new work had been received.

'It's good in the end,' said Zebulun. 'To have the strength to be our own people in a way. It is the natural growth of things. Judah will not always be the only glory of Israel to mankind. Our time will come, Gabrias. Our time will come.'

'Let us hope so,' replied the King of Zebulun, as the day outside passed, and the tribal citizens of the land of Zebulun in New Terra carried on with their regular daily activities.

The End

Lost in Eternity II

Aquariel was back in Perth, in Canbraphora, lost again. She was chatting with her old rabbi through mail now, as he was in Zionistya. And she had said it was time to serve God again in celibacy and quietness. She had taken up a job as a receptionist for a ValDan company, which she was amused by, as they were a dominant power in the realm of eternity, and a lot of the jobs were actually for companies owned by them. But that didn't really matter anyway. Someone had to be go getters. And that was what she was supposed to be, in some ways. But that focus was gone, and it was a focus on eternal life. It was something the cherubim Melanie had shared with her – a long devotion to a spiritual thing, whatever it was, and she had taken to that idea again, and drifted back to Perth in Canbraphora, and was reading scripture most days, and watching the same international TV station, not bothering to change the channels, but just accepting whatever programming was on this channel. And she would walk down to the local park near her rented flat, and sit there, watching the birds squawk and do their thing, and enjoy nature, and learn to be patient. It was still necessary for life eternal – patience – and she was learning that again. To be patient.

Gabriel was busy in Zionistya, but she had decided, like most of the female Seraphim now, not to bother with those ideas. Rivalries between Michael and Saruviel were eternal, but each was gone with the wind after time, and forgotten, so why bother getting caught up with temporary trivialities. Better to stay in the realm and let it blow over in time. She assumed in her heart one day, and she knew it would be a while this time, but that one day the Morning Stars of Eternity would come home, and stop being so proud, and that things would return to their natural order. She assumed that, so didn't bother with Zionistya visitations and just went on with her life, learning to be patient, and earning her wages again the old fashioned way.

She was at acting school, studying acting properly, and going through the complete process of learning the craft. From go to woe all the expertise and tips she listened to, and read avidly on, and was totally committed to getting it right for future broadway musicals and plays she intended to star in. There was not much future in movies these days, as most things had been covered now, but drama was eternal, and that she persisted in, working on developing her knowledge, talent and skill at the craft. She would be brilliant in the end. Brilliant.

It was routine, again, getting used to it, but she settled into her work, and the time flew by, and while she missed her friends, she didn't miss them quite so much, especially as Canbraphora, and this Perth she was part of, was familiar now, and it was a lot more settled. It had a feel of the realm of eternity gradually coming into it, and there were faces she spied that she was sure she recognized, and a life to be lived here, she now knew, she would always return to from time to time.

Things, really, were good. She was lost in eternity, but she was found. In her heart of hearts she knew just that. She was found.

Life was good.

The End

God and Callodyn – A Chapter in the Life of 2

'Ok,' said the theophany. 'I chose vanilla you idiot. You've changed your flavour hundreds of times since I recommended you settle down.'

'I like Ice Cream,' replied Callodyn. 'Besides, I've been a single man for a long while, giving that issue a long think over. For now I'll just choose the single life and let love find me. I'll take my time kemosabe.'

'Fine,' replied God. 'Well, how about this Claudia girl? Jewish, good looking. She'd be perfect for you.'

'Miss Moneypenny?' asked Callodyn. 'James Bond does not marry Miss Moneypenny. She has forlorn love for James which is never justified. I like Miss Moneypenny doing her job, and that suits me just fine. She's the housekeeper, I'm the house owner, and we'll leave it at that thank you very much.'

'Kayella?' he asked him.

'Faithfully married to Mr Blackstock. No chance there buddy. She likes me as a twin, but nothing more. Too late for love I think. Worked it forever, but it fell away to standard buddies, and nothing much else goes on anymore. Probably a dead issue now.'

'Right,' said the Theophany. 'What about Aquamarine? She still likes you. Or Rebecca Roshentay. How about those two?'

'Aquamarine has fantasies about Wormdog being her eternal best buddy and is lost in Ascension world all the time. She likes her scene, and doesn't want a change. And Rebecca Roshentay is high maintenance, and too damn expensive for my taste in things. She expects Callodyn the Cool 24/7, where I go to beaches in designer swimwear, wear sunglasses, and act like I'm God's gift to the frikking human race. Nah, she's not my type.'

'No. Probably not,' said God, scratching his head. 'Let me think things over.'

'You do that,' said Callodyn.

* * * * *

'Right. How about Bluebell Halliwell. She is a very good friend of mine, and is fond of you,' said God, four days later, coming into Callodyn's house in Televere unannounced.

'For fuck's sake,' said Daniel, and turned off the TV. He sat there, scratched his belly, and looked at God. 'Bluebell Halliwell? Mmm. Interesting suggestion. Spice Kid. Could be fun.'

'You can take her off my hands and romance her a while. Blokes are daunted by her mother's fame. I keep her company a lot.'

'She's not your type?' asked Callodyn.

God gave him that glare he gave.

'Fine, fine. I'll date frikking Bluebell Halliwell. You have her number.'

'We'll go next week. I know where she lives,' said God. 'But there is a special on the Marines this week. Every night. Want to watch it.' And God went off to the kitchen, and spent the next 20 minutes rifling through Callodyn's pantry, as Callodyn sat there thinking over what the hell he would say to the daughter of Ginger Spice.

The End

Ambriel and the Amazing Fiona McDowell 2

'Hey stoopid,' said the Harlequinn.

Ambriel looked up from his mopping Golden Fries and Burgers Forrestfield store floor. 'Fiona McDowell?' he queried. 'What the hell are you doing here?'

She brushed past him, and went out the back. Soon she reappeared in GF&B uniform, and took the mop from his hands.

'Eve again?' asked Ambriel.

The Harlequinn nodded. 'She's got me on an angle this time. I've been slovenly in heaven a very long time now, and she and Adam ganged up and said if I didn't do some service what kind of name had I? I felt guilty, and she said back to Golden Fries you go queen of mayhem. So here I am. Gah – work. Hate it.'

She started mopping and Ambriel smiled. Fiona again. Life would be fun.

The day passed, and his wife dropped into the store to say hello. Fiona MacIntosh no longer worked at the Forrestfield GF&B as Daniel had judged, unless she really insisted, that it would be best not to have married people working together. So she had taken up an occasional position in Canberra GF&B, and was mostly at home with Ambriel, but doing part time work at a local pool, watching over swimmers, and general maintenance and things.

'I'll have a burger,' she said to Fiona McDowell who was on the counter.

'What type Miss,' said the Harlequinn in reply.

'The Superburger,' replied Fiona Rothchild. 'With fries and a small drink.'

The Harlequinn passed her an empty cup which could be filled self service, and stood there, waiting for the team to cook the burger. When it was cooked she collected the fries and put them on a tray, and called to Fiona to collect.

'I thought I recognized you. The Harlequinn of heaven, isn't it?' queried Fiona. 'Fiona as well, I think. McDowell or something like that.'

'Yes, it's McDowell,' replied the Harlequinn.

Fiona sat, and then watched as David chatted with the Harlequinn, flirting mildly, and trying his best to look cool. They seemed to have something between them – a joviality and sense of fun – which Fiona was instantly jealous of. But she had landed her man, so didn't really have any concerns.

Later that afternoon.

'You like her?' asked Fiona, as Ambriel was driving them home.

'Who?' asked David.

'Fiona,' replied Fiona.

David looked at his wife, and then looked his head. Then he started chuckling. 'I'm over a trillion years old, you know. I'm not exactly one given to passions much anymore Fi. I make decisions very slowly now on such issues.'

'Right. Ok,' replied Fiona. She steamed that evening. Ambriel was oblivious to it.

The following day Fiona accompanied David to work, and took magazines and knitting with her, and all that day she would keep her eye on David as he chatted with the Harlequinn, and she would wave to him when he looked her way.

When they drove home that night, Ambriel finally said 'Paranoid bitch.'

'Cheater,' replied Fiona.

They didn't chat that evening. Ambriel slept in the spare bedroom. Tension in the Rothchild household.

The End

Kayella and Callodyn 4

Kayella adjusted her scarf, and continued reading her magazine. The train sped along, and Callodyn, in the seat opposite her, continued reading his cricket magazine.

'This is a long journey,' said Kayella. '14 months till we get there.'

'The central continent has branches which extend out eternally,' said Callodyn. 'Eternya is still being formed that way further out. This is eternal land mass – not just limited stuff.'

'The whole concept, as I recall,' said Kayella.

'Pretty much,' agreed Callodyn.

'The prices on this train for the canteen are expensive,' said Claudia. 'About 3 times what similar items cost in Paradision.'

'Eternya is expensive in a lot of places,' said Callodyn. 'Just the way its come out by the looks of it. Serious people who expect serious reward for their efforts in life.'

The train continued to speed along.

'What cricket magazine is it?' asked Kayella. 'From your collection.' The cricket magazine was from the flat he and Kayella shared in the North Pole of Eternya, the centre of Eternya.

'Eternya Cricket Foundations Issue 647,' replied Callodyn. 'I have about 50 issues, and have always wanted to get around to collecting more of them. Just time, you know.'

'Do you have a run of them?' asked Kayella.

'From about 550 to about 700, with many missing,' said Callodyn. 'I do have issue 2 which I won on an online auction, but that's about it.'

'Right,' nodded Kayella, making a mental note.

The train journey continued. The days passed, then the weeks, and months, and they arrived in 'Bristlingforth' a major city, with a large population.

'Let's go,' said Kayella, taking her luggage. Callodyn and Claudia followed her. The next 17 weeks were spent in Bristlingforth pubs, hotels and other attractions, and Kayella, who was in charge of the tour of Eternya they were on, directed them around everywhere, taking the lead, and making sure they didn't miss anything worth seeing. It was generally a fun and enjoyable time.

One evening when Callodyn and Claudia got back to the hotel from a dinner date, they walked in to find a pile of about 100 magazines.

'What the hell are these?' asked Callodyn.

'Issues 1 to 100 of Eternya Cricket Foundations. It was a bulk lot which I won on auction. Number 2 as well I'm afraid. Cost a pretty penny, but, you know. They're yours.'

Callodyn looked at his twin. 'You're sweet,' he said, and kissed her on the cheek.

'Now take them and read them,' she said. 'And its your problem were to fit them in the apartment.'

'I have room,' he said. Kayella smiled. It was nice these days. They were getting along well. And Claudia was a good foil to take the heat out of the situation. Ironically things had worked out between Kayella and Callodyn the Callophim. Ironically things had worked out.

The End

The Cherubim Urakiba – Angel of God II

An angel of God had work to do. Urakiba farted, fucked his twin, collected his dividends, and watched cricket. And fuck all else.

'Yo, nutbag,' said Semyaza.

'Yo yourself,' replied Urakiba.

'How's Talael?' asked Semyaza.

'She's out the back listening to 'Fear of the Dark' by Iron Maiden. Going through Maiden's catalogue. She did Black Sabbath last week and Led Zeppelin the week before. Next week is Metallica. She's metal goddess at the moment,' replied Urakiba. 'And I'm watching the frikking cricket.'

'Tell her you are going out,' said Semyaza.

Urakiba groaned, and went out the back, saying he was going out with Semyaza for a while. She nodded, and continued listening to her music with her headphones on.

'Where we going?' asked Urakiba, as they sped through the streets of Zaphona city.

'Barton the vampires,' said Semyaza. 'We're going to drink beer, chat, and listen to Evanescence.'

'Sounds good,' said Urakiba.

They arrived at Barton's apartment block, went downstairs, and knocked on the metal door. Barton soon appeared, and ushered them in.

Fallen by Evanescence was playing, and they were smoking, drinking and watching porn.

'This is pretty toxic stuff,' said Urakiba. 'Not sure all that is legal. How old is that woman? She must be about 12.'

'Ask no questions, get no answers to incriminate yourself,' replied Barton.

'Dafuq do they want to pour hot wax on each other's anus?' asked Semyaza. 'I mean, I'm pretty fucking crude, but that is pushing it mate. I mean, that is practically sick, dude.'

'Gets me off when I need to blow,' replied Barton. 'Does the trick. Got some others really toasty as well.'

'Toasty indeed,' said Semyaza.

When the porn was finished Barton put on the next CD 'The Open Door' by Evanescence, and they switched to cola. Urakiba hadn't drunk too much alcohol, and would be under the limit, the designated driver. This time Barton put on 'The Adventures of Sue the Bestial Necrophiliac'. As Semyaza and Urakiba watched Sue the star have sex with a dead donkey, they questioned whether the show had any redeeming qualities. Barton replied that it 'Engendered wild fornication,' to which the others assented may be the case for some. Urakiba suggested a wild nymphomaniac whore bitch might get turned on by it, perhaps, to which Barton voiced no objection. With the show over Barton took them to the games table, and they played poker. Semyaza had brought 500 credits for himself, and loaned Urkakiba 500, with the imperative to pay him back as soon as he could, and they gambled till midnight, Semyaza winning most of the cash.

'It's been wild,' said Semyaza. 'You really know how to – party – dude.'

'Till next time,' said Barton, closing the door on them.

When Urakiba got home he thought about stripping off and getting into bed with his twin, but he just couldn't do it. He spent 20 minutes in the shower and washed his crotch at least half a dozen times first. He got in with her then, but still felt a bit dirty. Even Urakiba, angel of God, had a conscience in the end. Some things were too crude even for a fallen angel. One of life's little ironies.

The End

4 O'Clock 19

It was 4 O'clock Stuff it. May as well go clubbing. The theophany of God walked outside of home, leaving the sega megadrive game he was playing on pause, and walked to a portal, indicated where he wanted to be taken to, and stepped through. He arrived at Kalerphon, down the road a little from the Keep, and walked on. It was night also, and he came to the Keep, where the club disco seemed to be still going. He came up the steps, nodded to the bouncer who instantly let him pass in, and came inside. He came to the bar, ordered some ginger beer, and looked around. Same old crowd by the looks of it. He came over to a table, sat down, and enjoyed 'Fragma' as they played on the speakers. After a moment someone touched his shoulder. He looked up.

'Riri,' he said. 'What on earth are you doing here?'

Rihanna sat down, and looked at God. 'Order me a drink boss,' she said. God waved over the waiter, and ordered a vodka and orange. The waiter soon returned, and Rihanna took the drink and sipped on it.

'Long time no see, babe,' said God. 'Thought you were finished with angel glory. Planets for you. Humanity and such.'

She stared at him. 'I got over it babe,' she replied. 'I was probably fed up, and proud as well. Got a visa recently, which they instantly approved, and came to Senersphon hotel, were I booked a room. Been there a few months now.'

'Right,' said God.

'Let's dance,' she said.

God stood and they went over to the dance floor, and God did his moves in his Hawaiian T, and Rihanna looked the same old cool pop diva, dancing with God, who did have the older moves on the dance floor, routines from the 1970s, but he kept pace with the ravers. They enjoyed his company. They danced the night away thereafter, and drank, and around 7 in the morning God yawned.

'Not out this late too often. Need some sleep,' he said.

'Take me home,' she said, and fell into his arms. He carried her outside, and went through a portal which he summoned, and came back into home, and put her on the couch in the lounge room. He put a doona over her, and left her be, as she snoozed away. She'd been many times before, and wouldn't be worried when she woke. He yawned again, walked into the games room, going through to his bedroom at the corner of Home, and looked at the game on pause. In fact, it had been completed and the credits were rolling on repeat. Logos or Metatron had finished it. Little buggers. He'd have words. He went through the games room, into the corridor where the other bedrooms were located, and into his room. He lay down on his bed, and soon enough fell asleep.

While he was sleeping he dreamed and the spirit spoke to him. 'Hopefully you are happy enough now. Rihanna is a permanent feature. Not necessarily a lover, but a permanent feature. Get used to her.' God felt warmth then, and happiness, and the scene changed, and Ambriel was battling a dragon, with Daniel by his side, with Meludiel in a tower, waiting on her brave rescuers. Then they killed the dragon, and confronted Meludiel, who turned into a harpy and said 'About time dudes'. And God chuckled.

The End

Ruth 26

Chapter One

Ruth smelled the roses in her front garden. They smelled delightful. She picked two of them, and took them inside, placing them in a vase in the front near the front door, and went to the kitchen to work on dinner. Half an hour later Boaz got home from work, and came into the kitchen.

'Nice roses,' he said. 'Good to see you cutting them and using them. You don't always bother.'

'I like them for the front,' replied Ruth. 'Builds a good reputation with the Paradision community.'

Boaz nodded, understanding were she was coming from. 'What's for dinner?' he asked.

'Potato cakes and chips and peas and corn,' replied Ruth. 'The chips are beer battered chips. It's a lot of fat in tonights dinner, so be warned. We'll be eating vegetarian the rest of the week.'

Boaz walked over and looked at the frying food, and poked around at it with the spatula, before disappearing to the front room. Ruth came in soon enough, gave him his plate, and handed him a bottle of apple juice, which had been chilled. It was actually apple cider, and Boaz smiled, as it was the brand he liked. They sat there, watching the news, and Boaz enjoyed his dinner.

'Boaz,' said Ruth.

'I don't like that tone,' replied Boaz. 'What do you want?'

'Today is a special day. Do you recall what it is?'

'No idea,' replied Boaz.

'To the exact epoch we met Daniel Daly here. To this day. I recorded the event a long time ago.'

'That long, huh,' replied Boaz. 'Well he's been a faithful neighbour, and doesn't look like he'll ever move.'

'I don't think so. He says he prays over the permanence of the address in his name. Settled now, so he claims.'

'That's good,' said Boaz, watching the news.

'So Daniel will be back from Eternya next week, and I propose we have a bit of a party to celebrate.'

Boaz looked at Ruth. 'What's it going to cost me?'

'We hire the function room down at the RSL club,' she said. 'Invite about 20 close friends. The rabbi included. It will be kosher food all through for everyone, and I want to hire that band in town. The Joy Boys. They offer traditional music from the early 20th century era. Nothing too fancy. Just a celebration of life and friendship.'

'Should be fine,' replied Boaz. 'I'll let you book the room, and I'll drop in and pay for it on Friday.'

'Very good,' she replied. 'And thank you.'

'Think nothing of it,' replied Boaz, as he finished off his chips.

Chapter Two

'And you know where you can shove Claudia's blue beetle figure she gave you? Right up your arse,' yelled Kayella, and threw her drink into Callodyn's face. She stormed off, to the other side of the function room, leaving Callodyn wiping off the alcohol from his face, apologizing to everyone. Ruth ambled over to Callodyn.

'Woman trouble, huh?' she asked him.

'She's a bitch. Forgive me. She's a little so and so. I accept her gift of a bunch of cricket magazines, and when Claudia gives me a rare Blue Beetle action figure it has been hell ever since. She thinks she frikking owns me these days. I'm her little best buddy on the side. A perfect little escort for when she's bored and the hubbie is doing other shit.'

'I'm sure it's not like that,' replied Ruth.

Callodyn looked over at Kayella, who was staring at him, and stuck his tonuge out at her. She did the same, and started talking to a woman.

'What? Is it love again?' asked Ruth. 'Apparently that is finished.'

Callodyn looked right at Ruth. 'You are kidding, aren't you? Love with Miss Bitch of the century. That's a joke.'

'It's love,' said Ruth. 'How are you going to get Mr Blackstock away from her?'

'I'm not frikking trying to get her away from her husband,' replied Callodyn. 'Jesus. That's a dead issue these days. She's taken.'

'Quitter,' said Ruth. 'How can you let your Callophim twin think of anyone but you?'

'Cos she's too much to handle,' replied Callodyn. 'She's extravegent, out there, proud, conceited and fake.'

'Sounds like someone I know,' said Ruth.

'Gee thanks,' replied Callodyn. He looked at Kayella. 'Fuck it. I'm going to sort this shit out.'

Callodyn wandered off to argue with his twin, while Boaz came up to Ruth.

'The life of the party as usual,' said Boaz. 'He always has something going on to entertain us with.'

'I think he is in love with his twin again,' said Ruth. 'I see the way they stuck their tongues out at each other. Passion of first romance. He likes her a lot at the moment.'

Boaz looked at the two of them, who were chatting animatedly, but without the former passion. 'You might be right. Kayella does love her twin. She might be thinking that he has settled these days, as he has over the last long while. A bit more sober and down to earth. Less head in the sky than in former eras. More grounded.'

'I have noticed that as well,' said Ruth. 'You think that is what is making her have second thoughts perhaps?'

'I could well be,' said Boaz. 'She's seeing a side of him he doesn't normally display. And she might be impressed.'

They watched as Callodyn and Kayella sat down, and he touched her on the arm, and kissed her on the cheek. She smiled at him, and they continued chatting.

'They are making up,' said Ruth.

'Who knows,' said Boaz. 'Possibly just being a loyal twin is what is in his head. But who knows.'

'Who knows indeed,' replied Ruth, intently watching the two warring angels.

Chapter Three

They were mildly intoxicated, wandering home along the back streets of Paradision. Callodyn and Kayella were probably drunk, each making stupid jokes with each other, while Claudia walked behind them, sober as a button, carefully watching them should they fall over, which Callodyn had already done once. Ruth and Boaz were further back, walking steadily, watching the entertainment.

'And now they are besties again,' said Ruth.

'I fear what they might do tonight and regret it later,' said Boaz. 'They are not in their normal state.'

'Oh, shush,' said Ruth. 'They're not stupid.'

'Even the wisest souls do stupid things,' said Boaz. 'And in their current mood I fear for her virtue.'

'Virtue?' queried Ruth. 'He's probably slept with her a million times before.'

'Not sure if that ever really counted on legal grounds,' replied Boaz. ' She is married to another man. It is still adultery.'

'Oh, pooh,' replied Ruth. 'Life is more than the rules. Yes, they guide us, and should be obeyed, but without, I don't know. That Je Nais Se Qua in life, it becomes a bit too dry for everyone.'

Boaz stayed silent. Ruth looked at him. 'No response?'

'I didn't disagree with what you said,' replied Boaz. 'Yes, life still needs a bit of spice. Don't let it go to your head, but wihtout a little of the less predictable, it does get bogged down.'

'So if they sleep together?' she asked him.

'They'll regret it later. But life will go on,' said Boaz.

'Yes,' agreed Ruth. 'Life will go on.'

They continued on walking sedately, up the back streets, and into their own, and Daniel slurred 'Nighty night' to Ruth and Boaz, and climbed up the steps of his house, with Kayella still laughing madly. Claudia waved to them, and closed the door, and Ruth turned to Boaz. 'Let's hope they just get to bed and sleep it off.'

'Let's hope so,' replied Boaz. 'But I know that look on Daniel's face. He's in a mood. He won't let this opportunity go by.'

Ruth looked at Callodyn's house, thought on that, and sighed, as they came into their own home, and settled down for the last bits of the evening.

Chapter Four

'He was on top of her in the lounge room, and had her knickers down and was feeling her up, and he fell asleep,' said Claudia. She passed out after a bit as well. She was moaning his name and saying 'Give it to me beast boy.' It was – amusing.'

'Oh,' replied Ruth. 'So nothing really happened.'

'They were too drunk to do terribly much,' replied Claudia. 'But in the morning she came out of his room. She'd obviously woken later, and gone in there with him.'

'Oh,' said Ruth. 'So they might have.....' she trailed off. Claudia just shrugged. 'Well, it's there business,' said Ruth. 'They are responsbile adults. I am sure they didn't do anything too silly.'

Later on Kayella was around. 'Yeh, we slept together,' she said. 'We woke around 3, and he was still in a mood. We went to his bedroom, and he had a condom, so I didn't really see any point in arguing. He was good, though. Didn't last long, but he was good.'

'Oh,' said Ruth. 'Well, does this mean anything for your marriage?'

Kayella stared into the distance, her mind away. 'Not sure,' she said in a hazy voice.

'Oh,' finished Ruth.

'Well, at least she knew what she was doing,' said Boaz, over dinner. 'She can take responsibility for any consequences.'

'She had a look on her face about the incident,' said Ruth. 'Like she was thinking over something deep. No idea what.'

Boaz nodded. They at dinner, and Boaz looked at his wife. 'Ask her what she was thinking.'

The following morning Ruth was at Daniel's next door. Daniel was out, and Kayella was in the lounge. Ruth asked her what had been in her thoughts the previous day.

'I was thinking about eternity. That there is so much of it after a while, and that as time drifts by, at least what happened between us was something which was happy for both of us. And I decided, as we had a condom on, and neither of us is in any unsafe territory health wise, I just wouldn't give a damn. It's forever, ahead of me still. It always is. And I just didn't mind, right then, if it even happened again. He's not marrying material for me, as I'm happy with what I've got. But if I shag him once an aeon or so, well. Well, I don't think I really mind.'

Ruth nodded, getting the understanding of Kayella's view. And she thought on that the rest of the day, and did not, in the end, know quite sure what she was to make of Kayella's epiphany. Not quite sure at all.

The End

Happy Chaps Tower III

There was an emergency in the printing press of the tissue factory in Happy Chaps tower. Someones belt had got caught in the machine. The worker had undone his belt to check his knee, which he had sprained in a sporting contest, and the belt had not been done up proerly. Happy Chaps were used to stringent work procedures and policies, and were careful on such issues, but when the worker had been about to redo his belt he had been interrupted by a co-worker, and his mind had been distracted, and the belt had not been buckled properly. When he had leaned into the machine to check something, the belt had gotten caught on the printing press, and had tangled up the machine as it grinded to a halt. Everyone was in that section of the large factory floor, looking at the worker, as the manager and the OH&S rep, who was also the safety office, came down to sort the issue out. Janelle Diararogon was standing there, and Percival Nighthammer was next to her, watching the Kfuffle.

'Shit happens, huh,' said Percy.

'No kidding,' replied Janelle. 'Even in the safest workplaces there are still incidents.'

The safety manager disconnected the power plugs, though the machine had already been turned off, and they loosened the belt, able to remove it. The press would have a complete checkup, though it looked mostly fine, and as it was designed and built with eternya blessing upon it, there should be no scratches on essential parts. The worker looked relieved, and did up his belt properly, and explained how the incident occurred. It seemed a natural enough mistake, so no demerit was issued, or warning given. Just one of those things. The issue resolved, people started making their way back to their workplaces, while the worker seemed fine, and was assigned the backup press to finish his days work with. Janelle stayed there for a bit, watching things, and Percival looked at her.

'You fitting in I suppose,' he said to her. She nodded. 'Standard sort of work we do. Nothing spectacular, but it has its moments.'

'It does indeed,' replied Janelle. She turned to look at him. 'You look good in that shirt,' she said.

Percival looked at his shirt. Bright yellow, with a tie, and the X-Men on the tie. He was into X-Men comics, and had action figures and movies also. 'Yeh, its a cool shirt. Do you like the tie?' he asked.

She smiled. 'I'm a moderate fan of the X-Men. I prefer Batman and Superman and DC Comics, but I have a bunch of the X as well.'

'You are into comics?' queried Percival, his eyes lighting up.

'Oh, I read them all the time. Got about 20,000 of them in my apartment, and over a million of them at my parents place. Major obsession in younger years. Daniel the Seraphim lets me look at his collection occasionally. Major obsession for Daniel. I've worked a long time at Lucky Thrills, and he favours me a fair bit.'

'Cool,' replied Percival. 'Mmm. Want to come to my place and read some comics, maybe, some time. We could watch a Justice League movie or something. You know, if you want.'

She looked at him, concsidering him. 'Sure,' she replied, a little hesitantly. 'Yeh, why not. Something to do.'

'I don't know. This weekend maybe?'

'Fine,' she replied. 'I'll get your apartment number later. Got to get back to work.'

Percival smiled at her as she left, and looked at her for a moment, walking away, checking out her arse, and then got back to work. A busy day yet to complete.

The End

Zero Hour

2nd Process

25,309 HY

'Today is a grand day,' said the Theophany of God, in the throneroom of Zaphon Keep, with the room filled with the gathered Seraphim of Eternity and the Seraphim of Zionistya, as well as elder Cherubim, and the major International TV stations of the Realm of Eternity and others from various realms and planets. 'This is the second Zero Hour. Creation of new realm. Today the Eeternal Realm of Letters is being formed, and over the next millennia 9 more new realms, ancient in their conception, will be brought forth. The first Zero Hour honoured the creation of the physical universe. This second Zero Hour honours new creation also, well planned, well thought out. There is a group in the seventh heavenly realm known as the 'Alphabet Gang'. There is nothing particularly noteworthy about this club, but it has a core idea brought forth by them that fills also the core plan of the Eternal Realm of Letters. They have already been talked with for a while now, and will form the core of the administrative body of the Eternal Realm of Letters. And, as the decades and centuries pass, the remaining 9 new realms will be brought forth, completing the second Zero Hour's work. This is a brave and bold gambit from the Most High, and I commend to you the Eternal Realm of Letters, which is to be placed below Eternya and above Zionistya, the next new realm of God. Any questions?'

Hands rose, and God spent his time answering questions, and Saruviel, in front, next to Michael turned to him. 'You're lucky he gave a damn about bringing you up for this. Still official with him, your birthplace, but that will change buster.'

'Keep on dreaming buddy,' replied Michael, his eyes focused on God in front of him.

The End

Unity Hour II

2nd Process

34,816 HY

It had never worked. From the establishment of 'Unity' the idea that money was only to be used for collectables and such had never worked. Almost instantly people had gone back to using money for goods and services in general, and while it had been a lovely moral high ground which had established the principle, it just never worked in any practical way. Saruviel thought on that. He had thought on that a lot recently. There was a line from a Bon Jovi song which taught how some dreams lived and some dreams die. Of course, life went on regardless, and while some dreams died, some lived. And it was usually a reality of practicality and what worked in the real world which shaped such practicalities. He thought about it for a while, and realized that the moral impetus did in fact shape the character of life for many citizens, and that his own influence individually could and did change attitudes. People could still improve, and repent, and align their lives with better principles. It was his job, as an adversarial figure amongst the Seraphim, to challeng them to the best of their behaviours. And thinking that inded things did improve gradually, he though on Unity. But he thought also on justice, and fair work for fair pay and felt that, deep down, the monetary system, despite people being able to become obscenely rich upon it, in general rewarded fair work for fair pay and people could always strive to improve their lot in life. And that being true enough, he concluded that idealism of them just taking to assigned roles and doing their work was not completely as fair as earning their living and being compensated with the power of the credit to purchase the goods and services they needed to get by. And, naturally, if you didn't work and earn, you didn't eat, so it was a perpetual motivator. So, concluding that all the charitable hearts in the world probably would never change that truth, he did not push forward with that element in his new endeavour. And that was 'Unity Hour II'. He had taken knowledge of the Galagon project, and how it had shaped humanity in the physical universe initially, and that it was a uniting force to bring common regulation which people could understand universally. And while there were endless debates about centralization versus decentralization, federal versus state and local, and where the power should be, and the whole philosophy of personal empowerment and the needs of the indivudal versus group rights, one thing appeared clear enough. There were always enough universal norms which people tended to adhered to for convenience sake more than anything, that a work to unite all citizens of the spiritual universe with certain core principles could work, if it had a decent enough point to it, and was practical enough that people didn't really mind. The inflow and outflow of immigration and migration were perpetual truths, but a nation had a spirit, he honestly felt, and it was not always in a nations best interest to be so easy when it came to others wishing to invade 'Their turf'. In the end the Realm of Eternity was designed and made for the angels of the realm of eternity. It had attracted a lot of visitation from humanity, but this didn't seem to be too much of a problem, as the human being was a standard design genetically which didn't change, and their ubiquitios assembly in all the realms of God as well as the planetary bodies seemed normal and natural enough. Every angel tasted manifestation eventually, so it was a uniting thing – their humanity – which seemed acceptable enough in Saruviel's own thinking. But indeed the angels liked their own turf, as did human cutures and society's. In this sense, while it would be lovely to throw open borders in a universal gesutre of togetherness, it was not practical in the real world. So those elements of Unity Hour II were not pursued. However clarity of certain things, like the economic system, and legal ideology, could be pursued, and that was the main crux of Saruviel's plans. Primarily the credit, which was popular everywhere, but which had different notes in usage depending on where you went. And they weren't always so easily transferable with other cultures at the same value. Realm of Infinity credits, for example, would usually always insist on the current exchange rate in business and privat transfers, and Saruviel had thought about this and was proposing, quite simply, a unified economic system. Further, certain areas of law, including traffic rules and other things which tended to be acceptable as universal norms, were to be pursued for consistency for the common universal good. That was the crux of Unity Hour II, and the thinkings of overseer Seraphim Saruviel at this point of his life. And, in that idea, he took to the auditorium outside of Zaphon Keep, at a gathered press conference, and spoke of his plans of Unity Hour 2. An official document was given, 'Unity Hour 2 Project' which was handed out to those gathered, and Saruviel, with the conference finished, walked through to the Zaphon Keep library, came up to Brindabel at the chief librarians desk, handed her a copy of 'Unity Hour 2 Project' and said 'File this permanently.' Brindabel nodded, said 'Hi Saruviel' and Saruviel walked off, leaving Brindabel scratching her head as to where the new document was to be housed.

The End

Human Touch IV

'You're the idiot,' said Melanie B, the Seraphim angel Melaniel to Gloryel her older sister.

'No I'm not. You are being stupid if you think I have a thing for Daniel. He has been in my spare room near on 10 millennia now, and kissed me on the cheek only a dozen times at most. Nothing kind of funny is going on.'

'You won't admit it. I see the way you look at him,' replied Melanie.

'Past love,' said Gloryel. 'He's two wives, Jessica and Jessica, and not looking for another. And Jessica Bradley is more a mistress than anything from all he says. Ms Murdoch has chosen eternal fidelity to him, and he sees no point in dilly dallying.'

Melanie stared at Gloryel, and then shrugged. 'No matter then. I doubt that will last, though. He's Seraphim. He'll want a bigger fish than Jessica Murdoch in the end. It's his ego. He can't contain it.'

Gloryel picked up a copy of 'Elle' and started turning the pages. She looked at her Seraphim sister. 'You think that is how Seraphim males think?'

'It's how Daniel the Seraphim male thinks,' said Melanie. 'I'd bet my life on it. His twin and Meludiel are taken, and so are you in fact, but he wants a Seraphim babe if he can land one.'

Gloryel nodded, continuing to read her magazine. 'That may be the case. But it might not even be an issue to him. Perhaps this Jessica challenges him well enough, and he's happy with her. Ego's are sometimes for show, and I often think Daniel likes to entertain rather than anything else. He probably doesn't care.'

Melanie stood, and walked over to the bookcase, looking at the books. 'He's Seraphim in the end. Ego comes in regardless.'

'So you say,' replied Gloryel.

'Better believe it sister,' finished Melaniel. Gloryel just continued reading her magazine, but Melanie's words were on her mind.

* * * * *

'Daniel,' began Gloryel.

'Mmm,' replied Daniel, not looking up from his stamps magazine.

'Do you think you will only ultimately be satisfied with a Seraphim bride for eternity?'

'Not an issue,' replied Daniel, not looking up from his magazine.

'Melanie seems to think it is. In Seraphim males. Do you have a comment?'

Daniel put down his magazine and looked at his older sister. 'We all have a common humanity in the end, and besides I am content with Jessica. She turns me on, and is very sharp. Bright enough, though not necessarily a genius, but sharp as a tack. Cuttingly sharp. You fuck up she'll nail you down. She might not guilt you that much, but she convicts through her honesty. Very in control and very much knows what she's about. Very attractive option to me personally. Excellent for long term success.'

'Oh,' replied Gloryel, making a mental note. 'And that is what a Seraphim male looks for? Or is that just you?'

'Valandriel is sedate in many ways,' said Daniel. 'Content with his twin just because. You know. She'll do sort of mentality. It varies, sweetie. There are common enough elements, usually that the babe turns you on enough. Even love king Ambriel settled with Fiona MacIntosh aware that she, while no great stunner, was more than just a plain jane. She has a good enough look about her as well. Sort of comparable in attractiveness to Ambs I think. Maybe, same score. What do you think?'

'Crude Daniel,' replied Gloryel. 'But I chart them about the same if you really must know.'

'So there you go,' replied Daniel, returning to his magazine.

* * * * *

'He looks for a human touch,' began Gloryel to Melaniel. 'Which is not one necessarily with the most loving of hearts at all. He likes a frikking power woman. Jessica has success genetics, he said to me later. The kind of stuff he personally is very attracted to. And the sex is hot. Apparently the Seraphim chicks have that about them usually a bit, but there are only 70 of us, and the rest of the fish in the sea have a lot more on offer. Brutally honest decisions.'

Melanie stood there, hands on hips. 'Whatever,' she finally said. 'Must be what makes him tick. My twin? Wants me if he can get me, but I don't let the bugger near much. What I'm used to. Not how they all think at all, I guess.'

'Apparently so,' replied Gloryel.

Gloryel had come to a bit of a revelation on her current house guest, and a bit more of an understanding about life, and the basic point that sometimes people have views and opinions which are not necessarily always the truth. Melaniel had expressed her view, but it did not hold that true for Daniel in particular, and Gloryel made the mental point which she traditionally anyway that wisdom lies in a multitude of counsellors. It was a lesson she would not soon forget.

The End


Saruviel is to give a speech at Zaphon auditorium in front of the press with visiting dignitaries from the realm of infinity, paradise, heaven, Eternya, New Terra, Televere, Santros and Earth. Project 'Unity' is about Unifying practices of law and behaviour around the spiritual universe. A greater sense of consistency, and the proper universalisation of the 'Credit' and economies. Red Death the assassin has been hired by 'Certain Parties' to ensure this speech does not go ahead, and that Saruviel is assassinated. 100 Trillion Credits in gold have been planned for sending by Zaphon Government to various bodies for the establishment of Project Unity. On a high security train headed for the spaceport in 'Terraphora' robbers steal the gold to thwart project Unity. They escape in a convoy of 3 buses loaded with the gold, which have special shielding technology to escape notice. The gold is taken to a hideout, but a fire breaks out, and after an explosion the place is burnt out, killing the thieves who are present. Slick McSlick, the angel Shabrien, is exploring the hills of his Terraphoran town, and comes down into a 'Private' valley, climbing over the fence and not really caring about the law on the issue. He finds the burnt out structure, which is camoflauged from the air, and goes in to investigate. The buses were singed, but the gold remains in them. He swears, contacts his twin Shentella, and they steal the gold, taking it back to their abode, where it is stored in their garage in the midnight hour. From this point the special interests make it a matter of honour to retrieve the gold, which was not stolen necessarily for its cash value, but to thwart project unity. Saruviel, taking a personal interest in the missing gold, as it relates to project unity, hires detectives Jack and Dick Dagger as well as Alf Lambert to find the gold. Shabrien and Shentella, realizing they can't hide the gold permanently in their garage purchase a warehouse in Terraphon City and hide the gold in there. One evening Azrael, Cosadriel and Kesha, doing a pub crawl in Terraphona City, break into the warehouse as a joke, as they are quite inebriated. They find the gold and steal it. Kesha buys a gold trans am, and they are living the lush life for a while. President Castro, of an unnamed south American political entity wants the gold, but also wants Saruviel dead, The assassin Red Death is contracted to kill Saruviel and accompanying him are Kwik-Kill and Kill-Kwik, less competent tough guys, who are to find the gold. Kesha and co have stored the gold in a cave and Bruce Magee and Rachel Chan are still on holiday and go hiking, finding the gold in the cave. They steal it, hiring a warehouse, ironically, next door to the warehouse were the gold was stored by Shabrien and Shentella. The parties interested in recovering the gold are drawn on a hunt to retrieve 'Their frikking gold' and congregate at the original wareshouse. Bruce and Rachel are at their own wareshouse with the gold, and come outside. Spying Azrael, Cosadriel and Kesha, they come and chat with them, as they have been introduced to Azrael and Cosadriel previously. Azrael and co mention casually they are looking for their lost gold, and Bruce and Rachel look at each other nervously. Kwik-Kill and Kill-Kwik have tracked down the gold to the first warehouse, and break in while the others are chatting, but they don't find the gold. Coming out, they look at the chatting parties. There is a fight, and Kwik-Kill and Kill-Kwik win, but leave, as the gold is nowhere to be found, thinking it best not to kill the people, as they don't want to attract that much heat from the authorities. Bruce and Rachel confess they have the gold, and Shabrien and Shentella, who arrived when Kwik-Kill and Kill-Kwik left, accompany them and they all have the gold. The warehouse is locked, but that night Barton the vampire, with his fellows from the club, break into the warehouse, as they are drunk, and find the gold, and steal it. They take it to their club in 3 vans they have hired, taking quite a lot of the gold, but most remaining where it is. Red Death has been watching the situation through his rifle binocular all the time, but not getting involved, not being paid to actually take any interest in the gold. The day of the speech comes, and the detectives have by now tracked down the gold, and apprehended Kwik-Kill and Kill-Kwik, who blab about the assassination attempt. The detectives rush to Zaphon and Red Death is shot, but not mortally. The gold is returned, and then Slick McSlick explains their convoluted story, to which Saruviel's signals their absolute stupidity, but lets them all go.

The End

Mythora: 3 Aliens from Mars


Jagwag, Splinder and Threshontar were having an argument.

'I saw the human jar of nutella first. I should sample it,' said Jagwag.

'I coveted it more. It should be mine,' said Splinder.

'I shat in it, You can have it all,' said Threshnotar.

The other two declined his inviting proposition.

They'd dealt with enough shit being aliens from Mars.


Later on that day Jagwag had his head stuck in a 20 kilogram nutella jar.

'You're dealing with a lot of shit,' said Splinder.

'Unenviable shit,' said Threshontar.

'Fugg yuuuuuuhhhh,' said Jagwag.

'Did he just insult us?' asked Splinder.

'I think he might have. I'd take him seriously as well.'

'If he didn't look like an alien from Mars,' finished Splinder.

Jagwags raised index finger only confirmed their sarcastic looks.


Blueberry Smith, the human 16 year old girl who looked after her visiting alien friends, looked at the empty jars of Nutella.

'You eat a lot of chocolate,' she said to the aliens.

'We don't get much chocolate on Mars,' said Jagwag.

'Import tariffs from Earth are exorbitant,' said Splinder.

'It's good for the digestion' said Threshontar.

'I bought a palate of 24 jars at the beginning of the week. They are all gone,' said Blueberry. 'I'm not a rich human girl. Dad is only a mid level public servant.'

'We are grateful,' said Jagwag.

'We honour you, frail human being,' said Splinder.

'Buy more chocolate,' said Threshontar. 'Or I will get the shits.'

'I also do the cleaning of the toilets. The shits is all you've had.'

'True,' said Jagwag.

'It's our biology,' said Splinder.

'I have bowel problems,' said Threshontar.

'Shitty business all round,' finished Blueberry. 'Thank God they hadn't found the Mars Bars,' was all she really could think


'You found the Mars Bars!' exclaimed Blueberry.

'How could you tell?' asked Jagwag.

'Empty wrappers all over the house,' said Blueberry.

'We shall repay you,' said Splinder.

'Also, the toilet has a new smell of poo in it. Very rich the new smell. I notice the caramel.'

'Good for the digestion,' finished Threshontar.

'Tell me about it,' replied Blueberry sarcastically.


'Do Martians only eat chocolate? I can get you something else,' suggested Blueberry.

'Boiled sheep brains look nice,' said Jagwag.

'Stewed leeches would be ideal,' said Splinder.

'Cow dung sounds marvellous,' finished Threshontar.

'I'll stick with the chocolate,' said Blueberry wisely.

The End

Adventures in Knitting

And time passed in heaven, and history came and history went, and aeons of life were lived. And heaven developed, and there were 7 heavens, and many a realm, and the children of heaven, through thick and thin, lasted. And lives were lived and tales were told.

'You know, knitting is pretty boring,' said Joshua, the 25th of the children of heaven, to his twin, Jenny. Joshua's role was 'The Adventurer' and Jenny's role was 'The Tailor.'

'So you have said before,' replied Jenny. 'It does not disuade me child of heaven. I knit, and donate to our charity, and the cardigans and jumpers and scarves go forth to the planetary bodies and realms, and find home in souls delighted that Jenny the Child of Heaven would knit something just for them.'

'Humph,' replied Joshua. 'I suppose if that is what satisfies your life. Just so boring,' he said.

'I like my life simple,' replied Jenny. 'This gives me something to do to pass the time, and it suits me just fine. Go away brat. Leave me to knit,' as she sat in the common room of the children of heaven, watching TV, a few of the other children hanging around.

'Knitting was conceived of by someone boring,' said Joshua. 'She would probably watch the sheep and look at the wool and say 'I could do something with that shit.'

Jenny smirked.

'I know. Fleece the bitch, and make a fucking jumper. That's what I'll do. So she cuts off its winter coat, and the sheep glares at her the rest of the day, and she spins it or something, and her husband, who was probably an old ante-diluvian legend, comes home and sayd 'Dafuq' is that.'

'Sheep coat,' she replies. 'And he smiles and says 'Lovely dear', and think's she's gone crazy.

'Look up the origin of Knitting by Aristotle,' replied Jenny. 'He's done research into the issue.'

'Another boring book to yak on about,' replied Joshua. 'I mean, if you knitted a picture of Evil Knievel on a bike, doing a jump, that would be cool. But you have boring flowers and simple patters. Trite. Seen a million of them.'

'Evil Knievel is not a role model I would want on my work,' she replied.

'Yeh. You'd have a life then,' replied Joshua, who looked at the bookcase full of board games in the common room.

'Play battleship with me at least. I'm stuck here in heaven for a while, so I need something fun to do before I crusade again.'

'Fine,' sighed Jenny, and put down her knitting.

A few of the children gathered to watch the game, and Joshua was his usual animated self. Jenny smiled when she won.

'Enough adventure for you?' she asked. 'I beat you. You'll have to challenge me every day to get your pride back, buster.'

'I will,' he said. 'Now how about that Evil Knievel picture. You can do it on a jumper for me.'

'Keep on dreaming,' she replied, as she returned to her knitting.

'Boring,' he said, and sat down next to her. He watched the TV, which some of the others were watching, and thought on the heat in the room. It was the cold season in heaven, and the atmosphere was warm and inviting. There was a light shower outside, and it reminded him of days of youth when days like this were exciting, and things happening.

'Do you want some chocolate cookies?' asked Joshua.

'I'll have some of them,' said Callodyn, down the long couch a bit.

'Me too,' said Christie.

Joshua went off, and came back 20 minutes later with a tray full of hot chocolate in mugs, and a big back of chocolate chip cookies. Callodyn took his mug, and grabbed a dozen cookies, which got a look from conservative Christie who took only two, and Joshua handed Jenny her mug, which she took, and they sat there watching TV.

'This is more like it,' said Joshua. 'And at least the Formula One is on now.'

'We changed the channel,' said Jenny. 'To shut you up.'

'Charmed,' replied Joshua.

'Eat your damn cookies,' said Jenny, and stuck her tongue out at him. Joshua grinned, and settled down to watch the grand prix. And an afternoon passed in heaven.

The End

Ishmael the Wildman

Ishmael and Joshua, the 15th and the 25th children of heaven respectively, were at it again. On the prowl through heaven's wild. Hunting boar. They were both armed with they 'Synergy' bows from Elite, and dressed in hunting costume, with blackened faces, and looking deadly. They stole through the growth, quiet, deadly.

'There,' said Ishmael, pointing at a boar about 50 yards ahead of them.

'Wait,' said Joshua.

They waited, and the boar grunted around, and shortly another 4 appeared.

'They're big,' said Joshua. 'They could rush us.'

'What's life,' said Ishmael. 'Without a frikking adventure.' He creeped forward, Joshua following, and they got on their knees, taking aim.

'Now,' whispered Ishmael, and they released their shots. The arrows sailed through the air, each connecting with their respective targets, the boars howling, then collapsing on the ground.

'Wait,' said Joshua.

They waited as the other boars squealed, then looked at their dying kin, and bolted. They waited a few minutes, then stood and walked over to their conquests.

'Should taste good,' said Ishmael. 'This breed is in demand. We could even sell the meat.'

'Yeh, we'll sell it,' agreed Joshua.

The two of them hauled the carcasses to their shoulders, and making their way back to the jeep, they put the dead pigs into the back, tied them down, and covered them with tarpaulin, and got in, headed back to the main camp.

As they drove on Joshua looked out at the scrub. 'We've been doing this forever,' said Joshua.

'Pretty much,' replied Isaac.

'I don't know. It still has its zing, but maybe I need a new adventure. Or maybe an old one I haven't done for a while.'

'You usualy do snowboarding when you are like this,' replied Ishmael knowingly.

'I know,' replied Joshua and sighed. They drove along, and suddenly wild horses bolted in front of them, and then took off. Joshua looked at them for a moment, then an idea struck him.

'Equestrianism. Maybe I'll take an interest in that. Jenny actually likes horses. That might be something to get into.'

'Whatever tickles your dick,' replied Ishmael.

'Something new. Done it before, but never got majorly involved. Might take it seriously this time.'

'Then you got your prayer answered,' said Ishmael.

'I guess so,' replied Joshua, and as they drove along his heart settled again, thinking over horse things, which seemed like a good enough idea for the future. Something new to do for a while, anyway.

The End

Equine Escapades

Jenny looked at the stallion. 'What's its name?' she asked Joshua.

'Freddy Firefoot,' said Joshua.

'Can he run? With a name like Firefoot you would hope so.'

'He's not a running horse,' said Joshua. 'He's old, and well trained at Eqestrian. It's why I bought him. Not racing, which you might expect from me, but I'm going to take this equine escapade seriously for quite some time. A new focus.'

'Fascinating,' said Jenny, petting the horse in the makeshift stable Joshua, Ishmael and Paul had built outside their main community. 'But best get some proper stables done. It's long been a thing we've all talked about, so if you are committing, make a good job of it.'

'Will do,' replied Joshua.

Abraham volunteered to design the stables, and the men decided it was a job for the children of heaven themselves to build, rather than leave it to a work team, and they got stuck in and built the thing. It took 4 years, and when it was finished it was a quality job from most of their impressions. They were well experienced at lots of things, given their age, and the stables looked like stables should look, with red brick and proper wood stalls, and smelling like it should smell when a few other horses joined Freddy Firefoot after a few weeks after the official opening.

'So,' said Jenny one afternoon, when Joshua was grooming Freddy. 'When do you begin?'

'I'm studying books first,' he replied. 'I've got about 1000 magazines to read, and 50 or so books on the subject, and am taking my time to learn things properly. I'll get to initial work on the adventure soon enough. Want to know the theory well first.'

'Right,' nodded Jenny, looking at her twin. 'You are happy with this, aren't you?'

He nodded. 'Building the stables was worth doing anyway. And I think this is the kind of thing we set as an example for us as children of heaven. Horses always has that air of poshness about it. It's an upper class thing, which we like to think we strive for. So, yes. I'll take it seriously for a long time. Probably permanently if I really start to like it and get along well with it.'

'Then all is good,' replied Jenny, and started patting Freddy Firefoot on the neck.

'All is good,' replied Joshua, in a happy mood.

The End

Equine Escapades 2

'He'll kick your arse bitch,' said Jenny, to Shannon Devonport, the elite ROI angelic equestrian athlete.

'He has less than a snowballs chance in a million degrees of hellfire,' replied Shanoon. 'I am the finest Onaphim horse rider of all time. Nobody equals me. 47 million years in the saddle now, and I eclipse them all by virtue of my brilliant poise, sophisticated stance, and unquestionable commitment to excellence. Dung boy Joshua farty fart fart is fucked, my dear.'

'He'll kick your arse,' said Jenny again. Shannon stuck her nose in the air, and wandered out of the stables.

The competition began, and Joshua rode well. He nicked a pole at the end, which brought a grimace from Jenny, but he timed well. Shannon was last that afternoon, and did a perfect run, winning the one day event. Joshua came 7th. That would not normally be too bad. There were 7 competitiors.

'She kicked your arse, dickweed,' said Jenny.

'Shut up,' replied Joshua.

'I bragged you would demolish her,' said Jenny.

'Leave me alone,' replied Joshua. 'It wasn't my day.'

'How the fricking fucking heck did you hit that pole. They scored you down for that. You might have finished 6th or higher if not for that fuck up.'

'Hey, I'm still new at this Jen. Give me time ok.' He sat there, in the clubhouse, looking disappointed in some ways, but he was generally in a good mood.

'5th event now,' he said. 'It was pretty cool to compete against Shannon. She was brilliant.'

'She's a bitch,' said Jenny. 'Way up her arse.'

'Takes one to know one,' said Joshua under his breath.

'What was that?' retorted Jenny.

'Nothing,' said Joshua.

'It better not have been. Ok. No more clowning around. Take this seriously bro. I have a reputation I want maintained.'

'What the fuck has gotten into you? Knitting lost its appeal or something? Why the fuss? You normall don't care,' replied Joshua.

Jenny looked at him, and looked at his riders helmet. She took it from it, and put it on her head. 'Ok, buster. I'm doing this now. You and me – we are a team. I will push you, as you obvioiusly need motivation.'

'For fuck's sake,' he said, trying to grab back his helmet, but she would have nothing of it. 'What? Seriously?' he asked her.

'That Devonport has got something coming to her,' replied Jenny.

'Grudges,' sighed Joshua. 'The oldest motivator in the book.' But Jenny would have nothing of that, and paraded around in her helmet, as if she was lady muck herself. Joshua knew, right then, he had bitten off more than he could probably chew. But what was life, he finally said to his heart, without a bit of adventure.

The End

Memra's Musing

Memra was making orange juice.

'Now, should I squeeze it or put it in the juicer?' she mused to herself out loud.

'Squeeze it,' said Logos, coming into the room. 'Traditional Mem.'

She looked at him, and began squeezing. Shortly God and Metatron were present.

'Now should I bake cookies or make chocolate cake?' she asked out look.

'Cookies!' the three males said as one.

Memra got out the ingredients, and started working on the cookies. 10 minutes later they were in the oven, and they were slowly drinking their OJ.

'Who has been good?' asked Memra. 'I have baked 17 cookies, and one of you gets 5 if they have been very good.'

'I've been exemplary,' said God.

'He's been ordinary,' said Logo. 'Always cheating at chess. I watch him play Metatron. Moves the pieces around a bit in long games when Metatron is away.'

'Untrue,' said God. 'We do get earthquakes here a bit. They rattle the board.'

'Not God then,' said Memra.

God glared at Logos.

'What about you Logos?' asked Memra.

'He's been stealing the ice creams from the freezer at midnight,' said Metatron. 'It's why they always run out so quickly.'

Logos glared at Metatron, who grinned back.

'Well I guess that leaves you, Mettie,' said Memra.

'He's been teasing the goldfish,' said Logos, and glared again at Metatron. 'He stirs the aquarium with a spoon to annoy them. They get awfully frightened. I can tell these things.'

'None of you,' she said. 'Pathetic.'

When the cookies were cooked, Memra handed out four each to the boys, leaving the spare one on the plate.

'I guess its mine then,' mused Memra out loud. But the men each grabbed for it, the cookie crumbling, each grabbing a bit each, and instantly devouring it.

'Pathetic,' said Memra, scolding them all. 'Oh well, Four is plenty,' and ate her cookies. The boys just glared at each other, as they ate their cookies and drank their juice. Memra was encouraged to bake an even number the next time. She saw the wisdom in that advice.

The End

The Olde World III

Gwen Locksley, fair maiden, economic counsellor for the guild of merchants in fair Londinnium in 'The Olde World' of the 17th disc of the Realm of Eternity was amused. Perlock the Dwarf was dancing around the candles on her table, playing his lute, and singing, rather badly quite frankly, but such was the talent of Matriggles Theodore Perlock.

'My maiden. I am exhausted,' said the dwarf, and collapsed on the table.

'Poor Perlock,' said Gwen. 'Have I asked too much of ye?'

'Nay, ye could not ask too much of Perlock the Jester, for I live to serve you constantly, faire Gwen.'

'You are tired,' she said, and came over, picked him up, and carried him to his bedroom.

'I am not a child,' he said, yawning. 'Don't treat me like one.' But he was practically asleep in her arms. He was heavy enough, in all honesty, but she managed. Soon she had him tucked away in his bed, and she sat there, singing softly to her best little friend in the world. He was looking up at her, listening to the singing, and slowly his eyes closed, and he was soon fast asleep, away with the fairies. She looked at him, and brushed the curls of hair from his eyes, and smiled. Such a gentle little fellow, but full of life, and charm. She wondered if there was ever to be a maiden for little Perlock. And, thinking just that, she returned to her room, and took out a Londinnium directory, and looked up, not sure if she would find anything particularly, dwarves. She did in fact find something. The Londinnium Society for Shorter People.

'How remarkable,' she said to herself. 'They have their own world.' She wrote down the details on a parchment, and placed it on her table, right on her writing pad, to remind herself to look at it in the morning. Then, tired, she changed into her nightgown, locked the door of her room in the guild of merchants, and retired to bed, blowing out her candle. And soon she slept.

* * * * *

'I would not join such a thing,' objected Perlock. 'It's – insulting. There, it's insulting. I am not a – little person.'

'Oh contraire madame. Ye are indeed as short as a leprechaun. Shorter perhaps. I am not really quite knowing the truth of a leprechauns height, but I could imagine they could be anything really. Maybe halflings, and you are barely a halfling.'

'GWEN! I am not a little person. Just – short,' he said proudly. Then he sulked, and went over to his couch in her room, and sat down, picking up his lute, and strumming away.

'Don't be so proud,' she objected with force, and returned to her table, continuing her work from the prior day. An hour or so passed, the guild jester sat there, strumming. But after a while he came over to her.

'Where do they meet?' he asked softly.

'And why in heaven's above would you care where the Londinnium Society for Shorter People meet?'

'I am short. I'm NOT a little person. But I am short. I admit it.'

'It doesn't say dwarves society. Shorter people. They don't have to be so damn politically correct, do they? We are not such a world were a dwarf can not be called a dwarf. We are the Olde World. Not Mitraphoran liberals, with their respect for ants and courtesy to slugs.

Perlock chuckled on that one.

'Dwarf,' she said to him.

'String bean,' he replied, chuckling. She ribbed him for that, and then composed herself.

'I love you Perlock, and if you were more my height, in truth I would consider you for a consort.'

'You would?' he replied. 'Seriously?'

'Aye, Matriggles. You make me smile. But it's just not practical in the end, and making love to you would be awkward.'

'I admit that true,' he said softly.

'And you don't claim to be in love with me, do you?'

He looked up at his lady, then looked down. 'I think of you with tender heart, but I don't fool myself. The height is an issue for me as well. It would not work. But I am fond of you my lady.'

'As I am of you. But if you are to meet, and let's be frank, a lady of similar stature. Well this society seems ideal.'

He took the parchment, and looked at the address. 'I will write them a letter this week some time,' he said.

'A good idea, dwarf,' she said giggling, then ribbed him again. And he once again jumped on the table as done the prior evening, and sang and danced and played his lute. Albeit badly.

* * * * *

'Her name is Gilda,' said the society president to Perlock.

Perlock sighed. Another plain dwarf. He looked at her and bowed, and she moved her hair a bit, clearing her face, and he looked again. And then he looked once more.

'I am a maiden,' said Gilda. '14,000 years old, or to be precise, 14,337. I am youngish in Londinnium, but have lived here all my life.'

'Indeed,' replied Perlock, who looked at her again. She was – in truth – quite reasonable. About his own looks, maybe a tad prettier. She was not a princes beauty, but she was not the assortment of odds and sods he had met so far that morning.

'A pure maiden?' queried Perlock.

'Is that in issue Master Perlock?'

'Not necessarily,' he replied.

'I have been wooed and kissed on the cheek thrice, but nothing more. I am a maiden. I may wear white on any wedding day.'

'There you go,' said the society president. 'I had felt she was. I did not care to pry, you see.'

'Thank you,' replied Perlock, being polite to the president, who took the hint and left Perlock be with Gilda.

'And what do you do?' asked Perlock, sitting down on the couch next to her.

'My father keeps me. I have work if I wish in his bakery, but he asks little of me, except to help mother in the kitchen. And to keep my room tidy, naturally.'

'I see,' he replied. 'I am jester for the guild of merchants. I have been many a year. It is a permanent position, and my wage is permanent fixed. It is quite adequate to support a family and an independent home in Londinnium. I have savings to afford such a home if necessary,'

'Well. Tis good,' she replied. 'I see that, if we took interest with each other, the essentials seem addressed well enough. Would you agree?'

He looked at her face once more, and noticed her figure was quite fine, and nodded. 'The essentials seems well enough addressed.'

'Then you may woo me Master Perlock, and if I am taken with you I shall indicate you may speak with my father.'

Perlock tidied up his shirt, and took his lute into his arms. 'I sing and play. I can sing well, with effort, but my comedic talent is my strength.'

'Then play, master Perlock,' said Gilda, smiling warmly.

He played, and he sang with concentrated effort, and she giggled a little, and gave him her hankie when he was finished.

'May I visit you again here at the society club?'

'Please come often,' she replied.

'I shall,' said Matriggles Theodore Perlock, and looked at the now beautiful face of Gilda once more.

* * * * *

'Gilda loves Perlock,' said Gwen, and picked a petal of her flower. 'Perlock loves Gilda,' said Gwen again, and picked another petal off the flower.

'Stop doing that,' complained Perlock. 'I am not in love with Gilda. I don't even know her last name.'

'Then ask, silly,' replied Gwen. 'A fair maiden usually needs her noble knight to know her name. Courtship can be a tad difficult without such information.'

'I'll ask her next time' replied Perlock. 'I should have said nothing. You've done nothing but tease me,' complained the jester, and sat down on his couch, in a huff.

'Come now, noble dwarf. Tis a rare day when Perlock the Magnificent has a love interest. He is reliably monastic in his regular attitude. Not one for silly women.'

'I've never been like that,' he said.

'I've never seen you with a lady,' she replied.

'I'm short,' he said, and started sulking.

She sat down at her desk and worked on her job. After 10 minutes she spoke up. 'Well she's short too. She must have gone through a struggle. You are probably a breath of fresh air. Seek the maiden's heart. She sounds fair and reasonable. Visit her at her abode.'

'I don't know where she lives,' he replied.

'Then call in on the society and seek an address.'

Perlock put down his lute, and went to the door and put on his boots. It was raining. 'I'll be back in a few hours.' And he was gone.

'Must have taken me awfully literally,' Gwen thought to herself as Perlock disappeared.

* * * * *

Gwen lifted the barrel of oats. It was a small barrel, and she took it from the store, carrying it through the labyrinthine complex of the guild of merchants, up to her dormitory. She came inside her room, locked the door, and took the oats and placed them on the floor next to the main couch of the room.

'Come on Hyslop,' she said. A little young pony, of a few months, came over to her, and she started feeding it the oats. The pony was actually a miniature pony. Or a dwarf pony. Whatever you wanted to call it. She had purchased it that afternoon, and also purchased a saddle to put on its back when it was grown, which would not be particularly large she was assured. She inquired into the dimensions, and was satified. She fed little Hyslop some oats, and thought. Now she could harldy keep the pony in her room permanently. The dung would need to be dealt with for starters, and she couldn't steal oats on a permanent basis. Of course, the guild had a stable, but she had not official permission to add another horse in, as she had one downstairs which she used on occasion. She had decided it would not be a problem, and that the guild master would not mind, and accept the tiny little pony with her own horse in her own stable. She was sure it would not be an issue. She petted little Hyslop, and looked out the window at the rainy day. 5 days had passed, and no sign of Perlock. Whatever was he up to? Had he found sudden love, and was in mad love affair? Hardly Perlock's style. But you could never tell what mysteries lay in the heart of a man either, and Perlock was a human as any other. He'd arrived back soon enough, she assured herself. She petted Hyslop for a while, the pony bought for Perlock in her intentions, and went to her desk, getting on with her days work.

* * * * *

'Tis is Gilda,' said Perlock. 'My wife.'

'What!' wxclaimed Gwen. 'You got married?'

'We eloped. Got married in Norwich cathedral. The priest didn't object to a private ceremony. She is Mrs Gilda Perlock.'

'Pleased to meet you,' said Gilda, offering her hand to Gwen who, still shocked, shoot it, and looked at Perlock.

'Where have you been?' she asked.

'On an adventure. It was wild and crazy, and we got married yesterday. All over the region we have traversed, in pubs and taverns, and under bridges and in parks. It's been amazing.'

'He's led me on a merry danc,' said Gilda, looking at her husband. 'I couldn't say no when he proposed. We were south of Norwich, so took a carriage there, found the priest at the cathedral, explained ourselves, and he said why not. So I am Mrs Perlock.'

Gwen stood there, her mouth almost hanging open. 'Well,' she said, after a moment, regaining her composure. 'Congratulations are in order then I guess.' Gwen sat down, and Hyslop the pony came over to her, looking for oats.

'Oh, how cute,' said Gilda. 'A tiny little pony.'

'Oh, yes,' said Gwen. 'I bought him for Perlock. To ride on. Cost me an awful sum, but it was worth it.' She looked at her dwarf friend. 'What will you do now?'

'Well, I have enough money for a deposit on a home not far from the merchant hall. I've had my eye on it for a very long time,' said Perlock. 'We will buy it. Once we talk to Gilda's family.'

'You haven't told them!' exclaimed Gwen.

'Uh, not yet,' said Perlock. 'You're the first we've shared the news with.'

'Oh. I see,' said Gwen. 'Well. There you go then.'

Later, after Perlock had seen Gilda off on a carriage, he came back to Gwen's room. 'Forgive me,' he said. 'I've never really found love so quickly. But I just had to get it all over and done with. I think it was the right thing to do.'

Gwen sighed. 'Oh, Perlock. If she is right for you in your heart it will work out in the end. I was just shocked, that's all.'

Perlock nodded, and looked a the pony. 'Thank's for the pony,' he said. 'I'll probably even ride him.'

'Yes,' replied Gwen.

Perlock stood there, not quite knowing what to say, but he came up to Gwen, touched her arm and said 'It's a new thing. But I haven't changed. You'll get used to me being married soon enough.'

'Of course. You are right,' agreed Gwen. And Perlock smiled at her, and took out some balls from his pocket and started juggling then he made faces, and Gwen laughed, and the tension was dissipated Oh well, Matriggles Theodore Perlock a married man. Had to happen eventually one day anyway, she supposed. Just quite a shock to the system, the suddenness of it. Quite a shock indeed.

The End

New Jersey

The red light lady tramped on down the dimly lit street. Another night, another selling her soul for the salvation of the mighty credit. And now a universal credit? She could fuck dudes from Santros to the 7th heaven. Whoopee. Not that they'd let her kind in the 7th heaven. Hell, even Eternya, which had a lot of liberal elements, probably wouldn't like her kind that much. She knew they had them, the upper realms – but they were the girls who were legalistic, followed the rules, and didn't fuck around with anyone. But her kind? Street Jezebel, who didn't always ask for the condom, stuck on the streets of New Jersey on New York III, a pretty shitty planet in many ways. At least, from her perspective. From what she dealt with. She had been born on New York, one of the second 12 original planetary bodies of the spiritual universe. But she'd fallen from grace, her mother told her, and it became pretty damn clear that Jackie, with her standards, or lack thereof, was not welcome terribly much on New York. So she drifted to New York II, and that was again a bit too legalistic for her, so ended up on New York III. And they had a place for her at least, on the dark streets of New Jersey, where John's showed up, one's who were not so damn holy, who had less concerns on legal issues, and would ask for things a little cruder which Jackie, who was a little cruder, would provide. Anal was in demand a lot, and it seemed she took it up the arse twice as much as regular sex. And there were the sex toys they asked for, and the dirty videos they brought along. She wouldn't touch a beast, but she'd had that many offers for major cashola for something a bit more adventurous. She supposed, ironically, she still had standards. Just enough not to attract the authorities who dealt pretty heavily with bestiality and the darker elements of sexual misconduct. Nah, she was just a fuck for a buck bitch, who nobody gave a damn about, and who didn't give much of a damn anymore about her own soul. And then Jon showed up.

She knew who she was – Jon Bon Jovi – one of the world's biggest rock stars. It was at 'Soul Kitchen' where she drifted in, low on cash, and sat there, humbly, drinking potato soup. And then Jon Bon Jovi himself had sat down opposite her, and asked her what her story was. And she had confessed, and he disappeared, and came back with a copy of his band's first album. He pointed to the cover, and said to her, 'You know. We deal with this stuff.'

* * * * *

'How's things, Jackie?' asked Jon.

Jackie continued scrubbing the dishes in Soul Kitchen, and looked over at Jon. 'You know. What can I say? Life sucks. I fuck for a buck, and I do this these days because some of my old regulars have disappeared, as I'm a bit too scungy for them these days. I lost the reputation I had. It was a whores reputation, but now its street scum. Lowlife for lowlives.'

Jon nodded, and disappeared. She continued scrubbing the dishes, and when she was finished she fished into her pocket and forked over a dollar to pay for her meal. Whatever she could afford, the policy of Soul Kitchen, and if she could work off a meal they would let her. She went home then, back to the basement apartment, which she was lucky to own from money her family had given her when they had gotten rid of her, and she came down the steps, into the damp room, and locked up the door with the 3 bolts and 2 chains, kicked off her shoes, and walked over to the bed in her bedsitter apartment, laid down, and looked up at the ceiling. Not much point anymore, she was thinking to herself. They treated her as refuse now, and she was not sure she thought much more of herself anyway. It was getting near the dark end of the street.

* * * * *

She was at Soul Kitchen again, cleaning the dishes, and Jon came up to her. 'Do you have an education?' he asked her.

'High school,' replied Jackie. 'I'm not stupid, just classless.'

'Nobody's classless,' replied Jon.

'You don't know me. Shit I'd do. These days there's illegal stuff I'm considering just to get the cash.'

'That low, huh?' asked Jon.

'Didn't think I'd fall so far. I was wrong. And even now I feel the pinions of New York III society digging into me suggesting I might just wanna drift off half a dozen worlds down the line, as I'm not really up to scratch anymore.' She looked at him, forlornly. She was on her last legs.

'We can get you through night school. Help you out till you finish. You sign a commitment form, and we'll help you. I won't ask you to quit your own job, but its a start on a better life.'

She looked at him and her eyes misted over. 'Is there any point with a bitch like me?' she asked him.

He reached out and touched her cheek. 'There's always a point,' he said.

She touched his hand briefly, and then took it away, and continued scrubbing the dishes. 'I'll try,' she said after a while.

'And I'll help,' he said softly.

* * * * *

Jackie bothered showing up at the information session to a bookkeeping class. And then she bothered to show up to the first class. And, understanding it, she took the textbook out one weekend, and read her lessons, and, not knowing if she really should ever give a damn again, gave a damn. And as the 6 months passed she completed her basic certificate, which Soul Kitchen paid for, and then, smiling at Jon one afternoon asked him if they would sponsor a diploma in accounting. He smiled and nodded, and she got stuck in. She passed the 2 year course with good grades, and bought a smart office suit, and applied for a job at McDonalds, as assistant manager, doing accounts. They looked her over, and she confessed her trade on the streets, and that Soul Kitchen had been helping her out. She gave her the reference Jon had written for her, and they chatted briefly. 'Ok. We'll give you a go,' they said.

A while later Jackie had sold her apartment, taking a loan for a new flat up town a little. The job was steady, and while not a huge income, her lot in life had improved. And she'd quit the whoring. She continued going to Soul Kitchen, and she smiled at Jon, who would be around for a few more years, and realized a saint from New Jersey had redeemed her. And she went to church, and sat down, and prayed to God. And said 'Why you give a damn is beyond me. But thanks. Thanks heavenly father.' And she left, and got on with the rest of her life.

The End

Zaphon Keep II

Saruviel was playing cards with Kantriel and Daraqel. They were using a pack of Star Wars playing cards.

'You know,' said Kantriel. 'You ar a lot like Emperor Palpatine, Saruviel. You dress in black, like him, are completely dramatic, entirely vain, and manipulate people into doing your will.'

'I concur,' said Daraqel.

Saruviel looked at Kantriel. 'You, my younger brother, are a lot like Jar Jar Binks. Dreadfully unpopular, totally lame, no fighting abilities, and the bane of the universe.'

'I concur,' said Daraqel.

Kantriel nodded. 'You are also like Jabba the Hutt, Saruviel. Dictatorial, a crude sense of humor and generally evil in most ways.'

'I concur,' said Daraqel.

'You are also like the ughunats. Servile, spineless, ugly and unless you are pointed out completely forgetfull.'

'I concur,' said Daraqel.

Kantriel and Saruviel looked at Daraqel. 'Chewbacca?' suggested Saruviel.

'Yep. Can't speak properly, more of a sidekick, and with terribly hygiene proglems,' said Kantriel.

'Hey,' said Daraqel. 'Not fair.'

'I have 3 aces,' said Saruviel, laying down his cards.

'I have 2 pair,' said Kantriel, laying down his cards.

They looked at Daraqel.

'Straight flush,' he replied, laying down his cards.

'Figures,' said Saruviel.

'Don't it,' replied Kantriel.

'The wookie always wins in the end,' said Saruviel.

'He's even starting to smell now, and I think he needs flea shots.'

'Hey,' said Daraqel. 'Not fair.'

The game continued. Daraqel got most of the chips. Star wars jokes abounded.

* * * * *

'Well, Unity is a bit of goer,' said Saruviel to Krystabel. 'But it will take time to see if people really take to the idea. First discussions have been profitable, but it will take many years to see if we get progress on anything. But unifying principles generally work if practical and in people's best interests.'

Krystabel nodded, continuing her knitting.

'What do you knit for?' asked Saruviel. 'I've never seen you with the results very long. What? Do you give it all away or something?'

'I wondered if you would ever ask,' replied Krystabel. 'It goes to a charity common amongst the realms, primarily for the planetary bodies. A lot of us girls knit and sew and the clothes we make are sent out for the less fortunate.'

Saruviel nodded. 'I see. Of course, there is an endless supply of new citizens who need things.'

'Yes. There is,' replied Krystabel.

'I'll be back in a few hours,' said Saruviel. He stood, walked to the door of the Zaphon tower overseer's apartment, descended to the second floor, and went to his old dormitory. He looked in the bookcase and pulled out a book. Basic metalwork. He referred to the index, and found the design page of the 3 metal toys, an airplane, a tank and a car, which he knew from aeons ago when he bought the book and taken it to his dorm to store it. He took the book, and took a taxi to Zaphona City airport, where flights were common to Kalphon every half hour. He paid for a flight, and 45 minutes later he was at Kalphon, and walked around to the workshop. He nodded to the craftsmen present, and found some metal sheeting, and took it to a free bench. He looked at the book, realizing that the workshop had what he needed, and placed the book on the bench, next to the metal sheet. He spoke to the head craftsman and said he would be in the workshop, occasionally, on a permanent basis. Then he returned to Zaphona City via the return flight he had booked, came up to the overseers apartment, and sat back down.

Krystabel was sitting on the couch, reading a book.

'You are back,' she said.

'I'm going to start doing 3 metal toys for children. They will be sent to the rim for newborn angel and human offspring. I will maintain it eternally as some of my charity work.'

Krystabel nodded. Saruviel got to his feet, and went to the den, leaving Krystabel sitting there. Then she smiled.

* * * * *

And on went life in the real of eternity. Saruviel committed to his toymaking charity, and improved the quality of his work after a while. The overseers of Zaphora carried on with their responsibilities, and Callodyn was adamant he would not be so foolish with Kayella again. Daniel the Seraphim continued on his work in the second heavenly realm with Gloryel, and they remained good friends. And in Zionistya Michael was finally starting to get into life in Zion, adapting, and getting on with his life. And, for the most part, happy enough lives were lives all round, and the worlds kept turning, and life went on. Life went on.

The End