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The Rainbow Bible

Published by ‘Noahide Books’

The Publishing wing of ‘The Advancing Noah Movement’

© 6170-6181 SC  / 2007-2018 CE

By Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly & The Advancing Noah Movement& Noahide Books


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Chapter one


The Structure of the Seven Divine Fellowships as we define it

Deity: God Almighty. El Shaddai. God, the Creator of the world, is the God of the ANM. He is Sovereign over us in his rights to dictate our observance of the Rainbow Torah (Genesis 1:1 – 11:9). This means he has complete sovereignty and authority to require of us to observe the principles and tenets of the Rainbow Torah, with the right to rebuke, reprove, correct, admonish and teach accordingly. In relation to the teachings of the rainbow bibles of the Advancing Noah Movement (ANM) and the Pseudepigrapha of the Angels Saga, we grant him the right to educate us and teach us these principles in a scholarly, thoughtful and compassionate way, much akin to that of a heavenly father who has concern for his children. Gentle correction, and inspired teaching to guide us in the way of the ANM. In this sense and terminology of God's authority, we place ourselves within the Kingdom of God in the general Community of God as his servants.

Spiritual World: Monotheism

Belief: Unitarian Yahwistic Monotheism

Faith and Accountability: Rainbow Torah Scripture Faith – Genesis 1:1 – 11:9. This is where we give accountability for our faith. We are accountable to the 'Plain' meaning of scripture, in Karaite tradition. We are allowed to be judged by the teaching of the Rainbow Torah, which we affirm obedience to. We are also accountable to the Deciarchs in the future world to come (Most likely the heavenly afterlife, but potentially the future of Planet Earth). The Deciarchs are: Adam (The First Man), Seth, Enosh, Cainan, Mahalalel, Jared, Enoch, Methuselah, Lamech and Noah.

Scriptural Basis and Justification for the Advancing Noah Movement core position: Genesis 1: 26 teaches that humans are made in the image of God. Thus, a human descended from Noah who adheres to the Rainbow Torah correctly has the ability to think holy thoughts as well, because God is holy. My attempt at writing the theological articles for the Rainbow Bible is to act in the image of God, and act in a holy way, and thus produce writings which are holy and appropriate for Rainbow Torah based Noahides to live by. As I have secured early copyright in mankind's history of holiness principles and submitted these copyrights to Almighty God and in Prayer and in Online Sources, the justification and validation of our Rainbow Torah based religion and, thus, as part of the Rainbow Torah community is eternal. The personal witness to me when requesting God to show me a Rainbow when the discussion with God that day had involved the Noahide faith, and the intent of the request to show me a rainbow was validation of the rainbow covenant from scripture, and the subsequent rainbow appearing, shown in video format at Noahide Videos Bible, I feel is somewhat a sign of validating my own Noahide status and to a certain extent justifiction of my Noahide Work. Generally I feel our movement is justified by its own rainbow covenant, as shown in the video. Further, as the first promulgators of the Rainbow Torah faith, we have the legitimate right to claim first and most honoured places in the Rainbow Torah community amongst any other potential movements.

Fellowships and Assemblies: The ANM is comprised of the Seven Divine Fellowships (7DF) and the Assemblies of Faith (AOF). The Seven Divine Fellowships are: 1) Haven Noahide Fellowship, 2) Assembly of the Divine Creator, 3) Universal Faith Assembly, 4) Assembly of the Living God, 5) Universal Truth Assembly, 6) Assembly of the Most High & 7) Haven Adamide Fellowship. Each of the 7DFs have their own particular Rainbow Bible specifically the spirtuality of each fellowship. The ANM Rainbow Bible (This document) is the Rainbow Bible for the entirety of the ANM, the unifying document, whereas the differentiation of spirituality is seen in each Divine Fellowship's Rainbow Bible. The Assemblies of Faith also have their own unique Rainbow Bible for the same purpose. Each of the various AOFs are attached to a particular Divine Fellowship as its mother supporting Fellowship. The AOFs are: 1 - HNF) The Progressive Gentile Noahide Movement, The Way of the Eternal Dove, Noahide Friends of Catholicism, Unitarian Catholic Church, The Rainbow Parade& HNF Assembly of Satan the Son of God; 2 - AOTDC) Godianity, The Modern Day Sadducee Movement, Glorious Church of Hope & Zenith of Creation; 3 – UFA) Universal Faith Assembly Original Faith Community, The Karaite Noahide Association of the Study of Spiritual Paradigms, Independent Watchtower of Macarthur & Islam of Glory; 4 – AOTLG) New Knowledge Ministries, Branch of Enoch & Noahide Friends of Jesus of Nazareth the Preach; 5 – UTA) Assembly of the Covenant, Torah Covenants, Radical Judaism, Historical Torah Society, Karaite Zebulunism & Eckist Lightbringers; 6 – AOTMH) Unitarian Scientologists of Jehovah, Assembly of the Dawn & Spiritual Fellowship Assembly; 7 – HAF) Adamic Covenant & Cherubim Torah Community. There are other related movements.

Linked to Biblical Noahides: We are also linked to the Biblical Noahide Movement, with its denominations, which was first conceived as Canberra Noahides, prior to the ideas of ANM, circa 2000 CE.


Chapter Two


The Rainbow Bibles are built motivated by the Rainbow Torah (Genesis 1:1 - 11:9). It is based on religious ideas studied in the Torah and society in general. I developed these ideas through my own thinking. God shared a few ideas with me, but the high majority is all my own theological thinking about what spiritual truths can work in the real world. In this sense it is definitely man-made Noahide Covenant based religion, but God had a tiny bit of a say in things he put in my mind and spoke to me about. The potential that God is involved in my mind and thinking, as proverbs also suggests God works in the minds of men, suggests that there may possibly be quite a bit of God actually involved – but the degree of any such spiritual work I can not testify to. The soundness of the Rainbow Bible's theology is up to anyone interested in judging it for themselves based on their own views and understanding of life. I don't claim it to originate anywhere else other than my own thinking, but a lot of biblical study and ideology of the Torah principles shaped it. Yet, also a lot of other views from mainstream religions and politics, things which influenced me, which I shaped to my own vision of spirituality. Hopefully it is quality spirituality which can work in the real world. I am hoping it to be useful. It is written 'IN THE NAME OF NOAHIDE FAITH' so it is meant to be theology and teaching for the Rainbow Torah community. Finally, the ANM Rainbow Bible has bee submitted to God for his use as his own Sovereign Word. There are now sections from other writers in the full Rainbow Bibles of the ANM. The purpose is sanctification, salvation and prosperity for the individual reading the text of the ANM Rainbow Bible and the various Assembly Rainbow Bibles. It is meant to be a work of guiding the person in life, providing answers, and motivation to live for the God of Noah, in service to him. It is a work produced – works produced – to provide answers to human beings who are wanting to live by the scriptures of the Torah and pertaining to the covenant of Noah, but who desire further guidance and instruction on top of what the core scriptures of the Rainbow Torah lay down. You are not alone in facing the human dilemma that the scriptures do not teach a great deal for mankind as a whole under the Noahide faith, and the inspiration of these Rainbow Bibles is to provide spiritual words and ideas to help you in life and give you answers to questions which help your spiritual, theological and material nourishment. They are the best of me, an imperfect human, and I pray God teaches you in the Rainbow Bibles the kind of things which will help your life and guide you to success, prosperity and happiness. The Rainbow Bibles are shaped to have a biblical format, and to be used like a regular Bible, for instruction, study, reading and learning. May God teach you through these words and give guidance to your life.


Chapter Three

THE ADVANCING NOAH MOVEMENT IS NOW OFFICIALLY PART OF THE NOAHIDE COVENANT AS ITS OWN NOAHIDE FAITH WHICH PEOPLE CAN JOIN IF THEY CHOOSE TO VOLUNTARILY. November 6178 SC. God has been speaking with me. He has told me some of the life of Noah and his generations. I have asked God today whether my Rainbow Bible and its Pseudepigrapha, the Chronicles of the Children of Destiny, can be officially become part of the Covenant of Noah, the sign being the Rainbow, as a religion within the Covenant of Noah which people can choose to follow if they want to of their own choice. He said yes. It is thus a voluntary Noahide religion people can choose, officially part of the Noahide Covenant. March 6181 SC. I asked this again on the 10th of March 6181 SC, and he affirmed the same truth. The Rainbow Bibles of the ANM are acceptable as voluntarily joines faiths within the Noahide Covenant Faith. Essentially the Rainbow Bibles of the ANM & CBN are official information of the Rainbow Covenant of Noah. They are not universally applicable as it is knowledge and instruction which is chosen voluntarily by an indvidual – it is not automatically binding upon a child of Noah. It is instruction for those who feel the teachings of the original Adamide-Noahide communitywhich have survived could use further embellishment from a contribution by those dedicated to the same religion as that community an working stll to provide spiritual food for those who serve the Rainbow Covenant.


Chapter Four


ANM Code of Conduct form

Recurring Guests

Upon the fourth visit by a guest, to still visit, they are required to sign the recurring guest code of conduct form.

I hereby swear before the throne of God Almighty that I will make every endeavour to:

·         Abide by the general rules and principles of law of the nation in which I live.

·         Practice courtesy, respect and refraining from vulgarity and expletives whilst in spiritual fellowship with ANM.


Associate/Unofficial Members

Any Recurring Guest of 5 visits or more may apply to become and Associate/Unofficial member of ANM, and they are required to sign the Associate/Unofficial Members form:

I hereby swear before the throne of God Almighty that I will make every endeavour to:

·         Abide by the general rules and principles of law of the nation in which I live.

·         Practice courtesy, respect and refraining from vulgarity and expletives whilst in spiritual fellowship with ANM.

·         I promise to abstain from Idolatry as taught in the principles of ANM.

·         I promise to abstain from public blasphemy as taught in the principles of ANM.


Official Members

Any Associate Member after 6 months in the congregation may apply to become an Official Member.

I hereby swear before the throne of God Almighty that I will make every endeavour to:

·         Abide by the general rules and principles of law of the nation in which I live.

·         Practice courtesy, respect and refraining from vulgarity and expletives whilst in spiritual fellowship with ANM.

·         I promise to abstain from Idolatry as taught in the principles of ANM.

·         I promise to abstain from public blasphemy as taught in the principles of ANM.

·         I promise to tithe to ANM.

·         I promise to study the literature of the ANM on a regular basis.


Eternal Official Members

Any Official Member after 12 months in the congregation may apply to become an Eternal Official Member. An Eternal Official Member has access rights to ANM Private Library borrowing rights.

I hereby swear before the throne of God Almighty that I will make every endeavour to:

·         Abide by the general rules and principles of law of the nation in which I live.

·         Practice courtesy, respect and refraining from vulgarity and expletives whilst in spiritual fellowship with ANM.

·         I promise to abstain from Idolatry as taught in the principles of ANM.

·         I promise to abstain from public blasphemy as taught in the principles of ANM.

·         I promise to tithe to ANM.

·         I promise to study the literature of the ANM on a regular basis.

·         I will make an oath before the congregation and Almighty God that regardless of any future change in faith or beliefs, I will commit eternally to weekly fellowship as a minimum with the ANM and tithe the 10% of my net income eternally to ANM.

·         I promise to do my very best to live by all the principles, rules, laws and teachings of the congregation in which I am part of according to the obligations taught in the Official Scriptures.



Chapter Five


Official Members of the Advancing Noah Movement give 10% of their net income as a tithe to the Movement. We consider the gross income not necessary, as taxation amounts cover vital things for society anyway, which prosper us all. The breakdown of each fellowships tithe goes like this:

First of all 10% of each Fellowship's Income received as tithe goes to the head National Fellowship as a tithe, and 10% of the head National Fellowships tithe goes to the International Head Branch in Canberra. The Head Branch in Canberra also tithes, 1% each to the Deciarchs, Adam, Seth, Enosh, Cainan, Mahalalel, Jared, Enoch, Methuselah, Lamech and Noah, totalling the 10% tithe. The Deciarchs are the Patriarchal overseers of the ANM.

Breakdown of the 10% tithe of Individual's Net Income

2% - Electricity, Internet costs and Maintenance of the fellowship hall

2% - Sabbath day (varies for each fellowship) barbecue/picnic costs. Men's, Women's, Children's and Family breakfasts periodically throughout the year. Social Activity Night (Once per week).

2% - Charity/support mechanisms for the Movement to support low income earners in the movement

2% - Miscellaneous. Includes other ministries.

2% - Pastoral Support Allowance. Income the Pastor receives.


Chapter Six


I grew up a Catholic. One of the biggest memories of my childhood masses I attended was the smell of the candles. It brings in much in my memory, and it always seemed to make the service spiritual and ethereal. It is no real surprise that the Tabernacle had a candlestick for its use, as Candles bring a particular 'Feel' to spiritual ministry. ANM services have a variety of flexibility in their potential approaches to the way they operate, but one of the central aspects should be the lighting of candles to be used in the service. An altar can be used in ANM fellowship halls and buildings, which is where candles can be placed, usually one each at the two front corners facing the congregation. Also, a main large candle should be lit when the service begins, to help create the atmosphere the service is needing. Bread and wine can be used in the service, as it is used in Jewish and Christian services, and this wine is a symbol of our fellowship and that we are one big 'Family', sharing bread and wine with each other, being there to support each other. A simple loaf of bread, broken up by the pastoral figure on the altar, and wine, which are both blessed on the altar, the wind served in little disposable plastic cups, can be shared with the congregation, and eating the bread following a prayer of thanks to God for his provision. Towards the end of the service is the traditional time to eat, after the opening Messages, Worship and Bible Readings and Sermons are given. Priestly garments are very traditional, and a good way for the service to operate. And, naturally, traditional style stone buildings for the Temple are the ideal way to go.

A basic ANM Service could follow this pattern:


Private Prayers

Opening Prayer



Bible Reading


Fellowship Meal

Closing Prayer

Potentially tea and/or coffee and biscuits and/or cake afterwards.



Chapter Seven


The Advancing Noah Movement is generally in favour of the idea of a religious class who are dedicated to Yahweh. In serving Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, we think it a good idea to follow Christian tradition in having a serving class of religious people who have made vows and dedications to the Lord of particular service, mostly cutting themselves off from the majority of mainstream life, to live in secluded Monasteries, Convents, and other religious communities. Vows of celibacy are appropriate for those who can make this genuine commitment. It has to come from the heart, and the test is that you find comfort in abstaining from sexual conduct and marital life, happy to have a primary relationship with Jehovah. Its a calling where God is in the centre of your heart, and you don't really feel the need to have a personal relationship of intimacy with another person of the opposite sex because you are happy with God at the centre of your concerns. Such religious of the ANM are dedicated to prayer and study, and growing in knowledge of God and the literature of the ANM. They pray for members of the ANM, and likely occasionally teach in ANM schools and universities, as well as at ANM congregations. A pastorship is not quite necessarily a religious calling, as it is expected our pastors marry and raise children, which is the example they set for their congregation – a godly man (and occasionally a woman) who sets the example of the family man who can raise a household properly. But the religious are segregated to a personal calling of love and devotion to God. They pray the psalms and prayers of ANM, and live simple lives, often involved with a small garden/farm for the monastery which provides their needs, and maybe working at a small market which sells fruit and vegetables to pay for the costs of the Monastery or Convent. It's not a business – just simple work to provide the food, and for any necessary miscellaneous costs. Culture used by the religious needs to be of a quite holy standard, as this is their calling in life. ANM comedy material is ok, as this is part of the spirit of ANM, but its meant to be a seclusive and reclusive lifestyle, where ANM pilgrims often visit for a spiritual retreat, away from the hurlyburly of regular mundania. In terms of our Assembly buildings, I do like buildings built in stone – thick stone – and large church style and cathedral style buildings are definitely a good idea. Gargoyles on some are also ok.

Chapter Eight


(NOTE: Ensure you check scripture quotations to ensure accuracy for personal verification. An important point to remember is we are dealing with approximations to the nearest YEAR as months and days are rarely specified. Thus a plus or minus figure range of a dozen years or so can be reckoned into the final date.)

SC = Since Creation

Genesis 5

No of Years SC

Adam to Seth 130 0 – 130 SC

Seth to Enosh 105 130 – 235 SC

Enosh to Kenan 90 235 – 325 SC

Kenan to Mahalalel 70 325 – 395 SC

Mahalalel to Jared 65 395 – 460 SC

Jared to Enoch 162 460 – 622 SC

Enoch to Methuselah 65 622 – 687 SC

Methuselah to Lamech 187 687 – 874 SC

Lamech to Noah 182 874 – 1056 SC


Genesis 11

Noah to Shem 502 1056 – 1558 SC

Shem to Arphaxad 100 1558 – 1658 SC

Arphaxad to Shelah 35 1658 – 1693 SC

Shelah to Eber 30 1693 – 1723 SC

Eber to Peleg 34 1723 – 1757 SC

Peleg to Reu 30 1757 – 1787 SC

Reu to Serug 32 1787 – 1819 SC

Serug to Nahor 30 1819 – 1849 SC

Nahor to Terah 29 1849 – 1878 SC

Terah to Abram 70 1878 – 1948 SC


Genesis 21:5

Abram to Isaac 100 1948 – 2048 SC


Genesis 25:26

Isaac to Jacob 60 2048 – 2108 SC


Genesis 47:9

Jacob to his arrival

In Egypt 130 2108 – 2238 SC


Exodus 12:40


Jacob’s arrival to

The Exodus 430 2238 – 2668 SC


1 Kings 6:1


From the Exodus to the beginning of the Temple in the fourth year of Solomon’s reign in the month of Ziv 480 2668 – 3148 SC



1 Kings 11:42

Solomon’s Reign 40 3144 – 3184 SC


1 Kings 14:21

Rehoboam’s Reign 17 3184 – 3201 SC


2 Chronicles 13:1

Abijah’s Reign 3 3201 – 3204 SC


2 Chronicles 16:13

Asa’s Reign 41 3204 – 3245 SC


2 Chronicles 20:31

Jehoshaphat’s Reign 25 3245 – 3270 SC


2 Chronicles 21:20

Jehoram’s Reign 8 3270 – 3278 SC


2 Chronicles 22:2

Ahaziah’s Reign 1 3278 – 3279 SC


2 Chronicles 22:12

Athaliah’s Reign 6 3279 – 3285 SC


2 Chronicles 24:1

Joash’s Reign 40 3285 – 3325 SC


2 Chronicles 25:1

Amaziah’s Reign 29 3325 – 3354 SC


2 Chronicles 26:3

Uzziah’s Reign 52 3354 – 3406 SC


2 Chronicles 27:1

Jotham’s Reign 16 3406 – 3422 SC


2 Chronicles 28:1

Ahaz’s Reign 16 3422 – 3438 SC


2 Chronicles 29:1

Hezekiah’s Reign 29 3438 – 3467 SC


2 Chronicles 33:1

Manasseh’s Reign 55 3467 – 3522 SC


2 Chronicles 33:21

Amon’s Reign 2 3522 – 3524 SC


2 Chronicles 34:1

Josiah’s Reign 31 3524 – 3555 SC


2 Chronicles 36:2

Jehoahaz’s reign 3 mths 3555 – 3555 SC


2 Chronicles 36:5

Jehoiakim’s Reign 11 3555 – 3566 SC


2 Chronicles 36:9


Jehoiachin’s Reign 3mths

10days 3566 – 3566 SC


2 Chronicles 36:11


Zedekiah to the

Babylonian Exile 11 3566 – 3577 SC


The Babylonian Exile in the Christian Calendar is marked as 587BC which was 3577 SC

3577 SC = 587BC

3577 SC + 587 Years = 1 AD/CE

3577 + 587 = 4164 SC

4164 SC = 1 SC

Adding 2018 years, 2018 AD/CE = 6181 SC

Thus we are currently in the 6181st year since creation.

(Note: In the formative HNF calender a year 0AD was included, but this was a mistake as the calendar goes from 1 BC to 1 AD and there is no year 0 (Zero). Corrections have been made.)

Chapter Nine


Thursday Night from 7:30pm to 10:30pm, closed by 11:00pm, would be the best night to run 'Activities Night' for the MKN movements. Activities Night is held primarily in the Auxiliary room which is connected to the main chapel were the preaching takes place. There would be a bar potentially, but members would be limited to 2 alcoholic drinks per evening, and there would likely be 'Slips' which you can use to claim your drinks, and drunkenness would be completely forbidden. ANM people aren't children. And the ANM is not a nanny-state organisation. But we are a religion of God and standards are required in the ANM auxiliary halls. Normally there will be a canteen also, again run with redeemable slips. Members of the congregation would be given their slips package, probably each month would be best, which gives the free items for members of the ANM. Payment for this comes from members tithe. There is also music, videos, board games, card games, and a basic disco. Music is not too loud but not too soft either. Singles are encouraged to mix with each other, and whatever natural relationships form from that, so be it. There will likely be an Activities Night Co-ordinator appointed for each congregation, often the chapel steward, who runs the affairs for the night. Access is available to the ANM library, as usual each night, for private or group study. Essentially this is supposed to be the ANM members 'Hang Out' place, were they chill out in a 'Godly' environment and can relax around spiritual people.

Chapter Ten

The Administration of Spirituality in the ANM is based on an idea that we have scripture approved from God in the long term. All the writings of the ANM (& the writings of MKN) have been submitted to God, and website links submitted, at alt.god and and other sources at Google Groups, as well as directed to God personally in prayer. This information has been submitted to God for HIS use in teaching morality to Noahides and potentially mankind. It is true that it is 'SOURCE' material. And that from this source material, an ultimate 'Biblical' project from the community could arise. However, my gut feeling is that the source material itself is probably good enough to use in the biblical sense. I feel the source material gets the job done. It has not been refined by the thoughts of God and taught through a Karaite Noahide priesthood as of yet by any means. But my get tells me that people will probably want the source material in the end. The Hebrew Bible probably had records – source material – which formed it. Bible followers would, in general, dearly love this source material to be available. So, as said, my gut feeling is that the source material will generally do as the actual biblical product for Karaite Adamide-Noahide faith. It is prayed over. A run of biblical psalms have been applied to the sanctification, salvation, prosperity and preservation of Noahide Books Network and Noahide Videos Bible network. These prayers each exceed 100 utterances. The process of God sanctifying this source material is possibly well under way. So make of that what you will. Now, this material can be used as the source for administering MKN bodies and and individuals personal approach to Noahidism. We do not advocate you be in an assembly. We advocate that it is a good idea, but solo Noahides are perfectly fine. My general idea is that each congregation is headed by a Man (or Woman) of God, who runs the show for that congregation and, as Pastor Bacon of Hughes Baptist Church once preached, does business with God. I feel the congregation generally runs its own affairs. Multi-congregational similarity in approach is not a problem. If people want and like that idea – a more universally organised religion, that is fine. It is about what works best for the people. There is no real law of human society which says we have to do it in such and such a way. It's up to you. So administering the biblical material of MKN can be individual, congregational, denominational, and any admixture in between. However people feel it best.


Chapter One


Ultimately, the Advancing Noah Movement only regards Karaite Adamide-Noahide faith as the true faith for mankind. People are allowed to develop spiritual teaching and ideas. That is a natural part of the human condition. But they are NOT allowed to deviate from the requirements of Genesis 1:1 – 11:9, which is called 'The Rainbow Torah'. Religious teaching developed by non-Abrahamic individuals falls within the rights of the Noahide world to utilize as its own spirituality within its own land, should that teaching be communicated to society in general. We claim the right to purchase information released to the general markets of mankind, whatever we deem appropriate. If it is legally for sale we have legal rights to purchase such product. Information also becomes public domain in time. False doctrines, those which contradict with the truths of the Rainbow Torah (and on points of spiritual fact with the Tanakh), are not permitted to be believed, and are considered heretical. All religions of mankind outside of Non-Abrahamic peoples have false teaching in their religion. But they do have true teaching also. True teaching, once purged of its false elements, can be compiled in a 'Noahide Bible' utilizing the Rainbow Torah as its foundation for use in our assemblies. This teaching can be taught as spirituality and religion, and may legally attract adherents. Religions based on Jewish or Abrahamic foundations may only be permitted to function and exist in the covenanted land of Abraham. This includes Christianity (founded by a Jew), Islam (based on Abrahamic tradition), and Bahai (Based on the Torah, Christianity and Islam). These religions have no legal status with the Karaite Adamide-Noahide movement for functioning beyond the borders of the Abrahamic covenanted land. We ARE friendly towards these religions, and allow study of them in various degrees in the ANM, as we are permitted to acknowledge the faith of Karaite based religion, but none of it can be taught as binding or authoritative within the Noahide lands. The various Jesus based and Abrahamic based movements of the ANM are permitted to be studied by regular members of the ANM, but ultimately should only be physically located in the Abrahamic covenanted land. Official affiliation with a Church, Mosque or Temple is only permitted by us within the covenanted land of Abraham. The same applies for all faiths initiated by Abrahamic people. For the purposes of society as a whole, this is the observance of members of the ANM, and would only be attempted to be applied to society legally through due legal process in ANM related voters and members of society gaining majority membership of any particular Noahide nation. We would not attempt usurpation of the natural voice of society, and would only work to achieve such results in a fairly mandated majority position.

Chapter Two

Why would you want to? I guess its just chasing the dollar and the (False) glory you gain from it. ANM disavows entirely the use of performance enhancing drugs, as it is not fairplay or a good attitude. Wouldn't you want to genuinely earn your income and sporting glory through your own efforts? To do otherwise is really lame and quite pathetic. ANM Sporting activities are undertaken with a spirit of fairplay and decent behaviour. We want the truth and we want those who have genuinely earned the glory for their sporting successes to have that. Not drug cheats. At ANM sporting events we would require drug testers be present, and athletes instructed regularly on the morality of fair conduct in human condition in the natural and pure way a human was created by God to compete with. We are born with our natural talents and inclincations and abilities, and it is those natural talents which should come to the fore, the genuine reflection of the athelte in competition, and not the endeavours of scientists from the latest research in medical studies. Do not cheat in sports – it's unethical and brings into bad repute sporting competitions which are held for the common good of Noahide society and for our betterment as human people in fair and honest competition. Part of life is that we represent ourself honestly. It is about communicating to the world what they really see in front of them, and not imitate a kind of behavioiur which is not in harmony with our true self. When we try and disguise ourself in a new family surname we have changed from the one we are, we are not really representing who we genuinely are. When we attempt to present ourselves with a resume which is embellished beyond the truth, again it is not a true representation of who we really. The same it is in drugs in sports – they are adding a level of performance to our behavioiur which is not genuine to what people really see in front of them. It's an exaggeration of our natural abilities, and it makes people, when they see our results, and think they are real, it makes them think that you have to perform even harder to excel at a competition, when it is not genuine competition, but artificial enhancement. It is a distortion of the true level of natural competition a person compete with, and it can influence others to cheat as well, making it a whole mess of cheaters and fake results. It's no good in the end, and in all your sporting accomplishments, don't be sullied by using drugs to get the result. It's just not worth it in the end.


Chapter Three


The Creator Lives. The Creator Loves. The Creator has a life of his own. The Creator enjoys the life of his own. God works in mankind. God works wonders in mankind. Many receive, perceive and appreciate those wonders, and some are jaded, disinterested or only apathetic about this. The Creator is Yahweh El Shaddai. He has a mind infinite, and knows a lot of stuff. The Creator made men – in his image – and gave them a life purpose. The Creator blessed Job, and gave him offspring, long life and vast possessions at the end of his suffering. One of the purposes, thus, the Creator has for your life is those prosperity ideas. So, the Creator usually has a plan for lives that accept him and draw close to him. Strive for success in life if you want it – striving is how it is achieved. The mediocre approach gives the mediocre result. For some that's enough. For some they just want more out of life. The Creator has his wisdom, and it shines in the design of his creation, yourself included. And his moral rule is found in Torah, the guide for life. The Advancing Noah Movement and the Cherubim Torah community seek the influence of the Creator in their lives to guide and judge them, and to teach and inspire them. To the Creator be the glory, Alleluia, AMEN. Now the Creator can guide you and teach you. In the Rainbow Torah of Genesis 1:1 – 11:9 is his core book of human morality. When expounded upon, learning its principles, God teaches us a way of life of moral structure, which helps us to achieve the prosperity he usually plans for us to achieve. By following God the Creator and his principles of life, we can achieve things in life which give us ultimate consolation for the purpose of it all. Life can become empty if we don't acknowledge our Creator, who fashioned us, knows how each and every one of us moves and has our being, and in finding what he thinks is good for our lives, we can live in happiness, knowing it will all work out in the end. Trust in the Creator and follow his teaching. It will be blessing to you ultimately of eternal life.


Chapter Four


God has had words with me, and as the ANM is new development in the ancient Adamide-Noahide religion, it is an opportunity to bring in sexual standards God thinks is appropriate for members of the ANM to abide by.

·         No Fornication. Unsafe sex practices are not really wise and should be avoided. They tend to uncleanness and disease, and are immoral in God's judgement. Safe sex practices should be thought through and considered carefully.

·         No Adultery. It is just to unethical and unfair to cheat on your husband. It is quite immoral in God's judgement. Also, for a married man to sleep with another unmarried woman is somewhat unethical, so should be carefully considered, and safe sex would be mandatory.

·         No Incest. Very weird in God's judgement. No sex with parents or aunts for men. Sex with siblings is a bit strange, but exceptions can be made if absolutely necessary.

·         No Bestiality. Genesis already has established that animals are not a suitable mate for human beings. God finds this behaviour very crude and disgusting.

·         No Homosexuality. It's crude and weird. There are exceptions if the people who practice this are very lawful and decent in most of their life circumstances. The allowances for this behaviour in the ANM limits membership to the Rainbow Parade and the Divine Life Procedures Assemblies of Faith.

·         No Paedophilia. Very crude behaviour. Puberty should be reached before engaging sexually with a person.

·         No Necrophilia. Sex with dead people is very sick. God doesn't like it at all.


An eternal member of the ANM is not permitted to fornicate, either without protection or with protection. We understand that as you are learning spirituality you make mistakes, but it is ultimately not permitted in the ANM. You will have to leave the congregation if you intend to permanently engage in prostitution or fornication.

Chapter Five


Fools ignore the Bible. They ignore the principles of Life Management it represents. They justify their own thinking and the idea they are free to do as they choose each day. They also will likely, in a casual 'She'll be right' spirit think they can handle complex situations because they have pride in their experience. This pride gets used to thinking it has all the answers it needs in life. There are a multiplicity of rules required to continually observe to manoeuvre through the obstructs of harmonious living. Living things, machinery, tools and utensils, medications, eating habits, environmental dangers, city traffic and infrastructure, club and associations culture, intoxicants, abode layout structures, geographical facts (especially water, height and other natural hazards), degree of appropriate etiquette, diplomacy skills, matters of the heart and loyalty, volume levels of noise inducing equipment, electricity hazards, fire hazards, dangerous equipment, and a whole host of others, as well as the principles of danger which biblical rules already protects from, are all a vast cavalcade of life rules and knowledge of behaviour and conduct interaction required to be scrupulously observed and mastered to navigate through the pathway of eternity. When a patter of apathy sets in towards observance of these principles, pride certainly trusts in its own thinking, and decay towards correct observance slowly settles in and gradually leads the soul astray, inevitably leading to corruption and death. The Key is to learn the rules of each potential life hazard factor, and learn them well, and continue to learn them over your eternal sojourn. For new things, learn quickly and carefully, ask questions, and have a clear and proper understanding of how the new situation works and functions. It is better to be safe than sorry.


Chapter Six


Members of the Advancing Noah Movement need a “Lifeplan”. First of all, seek God Almighty in prayer for his direction and wisdom in forming your lifeplan. Lifeplans should emerge from a young age, as soon as you are young enough to start thinking thoughts about life and what you want to do with it your lifeplan ideas should be coming through, and discussed with parents. Over these years as a child grows parents should record the details of their children's dreams and aspirations, and when they have reached about 16 years of age the first tentative 'Lifeplan Document' should be solidified. The years building up to this is where the Lifeplan has been developing and taking shape.

The Lifeplan needs: *Your Dreams; *Your Ambitions *Your Goals *Your Family Values and Desires *Your Society Impact Statement *Your core representational principles

Your dreams are the things you long for most of all, which may prove at times challenging and seemingly out of reach. They have to be considered carefully, and you need to lay down step by step actions in how you are to achieve your dreams if you really wish to. Your ambitions are a bit more realistic, where these are things you set out to achieve if at all possible, in the ambitious way you have in your self. Your goals, however, need to be realistic. These are what you work for in the real world and know, in assessing your self strengths, what you are genuinely capable of achieving. YourFamily Values and Desires are what you set as the tone for whatever family you are part of, your values you bring to this family, and your basic desires for what you want from your family, both in family life and any worldly success. Your society impact statement is what you bring to the world and whatever change you want to impact the world with. And, finally, your core representational principles are those core values and strengths by which you want your name to be remembered upon and which you agree to work upon during your life to improve your character. With a well thought out lifeplan a successful life can be lived and a decent legacy achieved.


Chapter Seven

A large part of the Advancing Noah Movement, especially 2DF (The Assembly of the Divine Creator) is the Anglospheran theology. We take pride that our religion is based in a Celtic-Anglospheran culture and that we represent a Torah Based community of the Celtic-English peoples. We are NOT a Torah people of the Abrahamic or Jewish people. We are a Torah people of the Celtic-English peoples. As Noahides we further represent to mankind of the Noahide Nations, and offer our teaching to the perusal of all peoples for study and enjoyment. But we are particularly entrenched in Celtic-Britannic culture as our core base culture and source of spiritual strength. We are a Torah community. Based on the ideas of God and his teachings of lawfulness and obedience to religious principles.Make no mistakes about that. But we are NOT an Abrahamic Torah people, and our religious teaching emanates from the thoughts and ideas of the Celtic Britannic upbringing that I have been through. We are a Torah community of the Anglosphere - with our own teaching. Not a Jewish or Abrahamic one. In this cultural embrach of the Anglosphere, the primary focus is the English language. That is the core of what constitutes ANM identity in many ways – we speak and talk in English. But there are celtic-britannic traditional wsys in our culture, and I feel the Angels Saga best reflects the kinds of sayings and attitudes from which our spirit and ways work. It is a religion which has emerged from the Anglophere, and doesn't pretend otherwise. The same way the Hebrew Tanakh is primarilly and Israelite cultural reality, the ANM Rainbow Bibles are an Anglospheran reality. But, llke Judaaism accepts others into their fold, the Anglospheran culture of the ANM is not based on race. We are open to all citizens of our Anglsophere, all peoples internationally, who wish to partake of this faith, its ways, and its teachings. Ultimately ANM theology can be translated into other languages, which I expect in time, but the origin and centre of our faith is an Anglospheran worlview, and it is intended that point of origin not change.


Chapter Eight

The Advancing Noah Movement believes and upholds the teaching of separation of religion and state. In our core religious motivations we do not attempt to enter into mainstream political and civil society our teachings in the 'Torah of Noah' - the list of rules and commands for our movement - nor the general sermons, doctrines and other rulings of the movement. These are placed within the domain of private spiritual assemblies and adhered to by choice by members of our movement, and governed internally within our movement. We do not attempt to usurp civic society, nor ever intend to, in the way of promoting our teachings in a political election of any kind. We uphold and teach the doctrine of separation of Religion and State (aka Church and State), and believe that individuals within our own party should form their own political voting upon their own consciences. We do not believe it can be successful to attempt to meld our core religious ideals with society as a whole because of the diverse array of beliefs and values and attitudes held be society as a whole and, even when and if such views become common, the lack of complete unanimous agreement with our own position, which would remain an eternal reality, disavows us in good conscience from attempting to foster our beliefs and views upon the general public of any nation in which we have our adherents.


Chapter Nine

International and National, Provincial, State, Territory, and Local laws of the world are accepted by the Advancing Noah Movement. In each year of the calendar the laws of the land for that year are the binding laws for equivalent generations, in our own judgement (which appears to be the judgement of heaven) for heaven also. We feel that God is required to actively involve himself with future developments of the legislation of mankind to improve the moral code and the civic code of law at each level of law. The law should continue to be developed and improved, yet it is also meant to have something of a finality about it, meaning that it should eventually be finalized at each level in all International cultures. There should ultimately be an end to law, and it is God's responsibility, in our opinion, to ensure this outcome is achieved. Theocracy can not necessarily be enforced in every culture - democracy or communism or alternative systems of lawmaking, should they prove sufficiently moral enough, can and must be worked with - by God - and the law should rest ultimately within the domain of these systems. There is a large area of religious law which CAN NOT be enforced in Civic law or the Law of the Land. In the way the Law of the Land has developed and come to be certain areas of morality are not judged as acceptable for Civic Law to Judge anymore, as has been done in prior generations. The judgements of the courts must still, of necessity, be enforced, thus matters pertaining to issues of morality on 'Gray' area issues must, of necessity, remain within the domain of religious communities to uphold and follow. Separation of Religion and State is a legal principle, and now must, regardless of our like or dislike of such realities, be adhered to. Thus, issues such as abortion, same sex marriages, sexual activities, behaviours involving alcohol consumption and various other issues, have been protested to such a degree by mainstream society that the rights of the religious communities to insist upon their adherence by society at large has lapsed. It is the responsibility of religious communities to regulate these issues for themselves. There still remains quite a large core of moral and ethical and pragmatic law, or civic law, which remains within the domain of the Law of the Land, and this law must also be upheld by all citizens, including religious. It remains the eternal right of all members of God's Kingdom to protest at any law which requires disobedience be actually practised against God's law, and to neglect observation of any such law requiring them to disobey God's law, but in areas of responsibility such as administration and and general support positions in companies and workplaces and other social settings with gray areas, unless asked to deliberately break a law of God or moral principles of objection, they are required to support their organisation if they wish or intend to remain employed by them. A nurse or a doctor can not be forced to perform an abortion against their will. But if they work in a hospital with such practice, or some other health clinic, they must perform related duties as appropriate. A judge must approve gay marriage certificates if the law dictates that. He or she can not object, as they have sworn to uphold the law, and if they do not, they must needs resign. You are not required to disobey your conscience, but you are required to get along with society and accommodate society if required. Some times you might have to do some things you just don't like because of the rights of other members of society on these issues.


Chapter Ten


Dear Friends 
If you are 40 or younger, your life isn't over yet. You still have enough years left ahead of you to do amazing things in life. The question is, do you want to? Could you be bothered? Or are you happy with the same old same old. There are no secrets in success - not really. It is about going off to a tertiary institute, working your 'ass' off, studying your brains out, going for broke to the best of your ability, gaining great qualifications, and seeing what life can offer you. The only secret is it is BLOODY HARD WORK, AND YOU HAVE TO STAY CONSTANTLY FOCUSED. Do you want to know a way to achieve MASTERY in a particular field of study? Find a quality reference book on the subject of at least a few hundred pages, and study it day and night, constantly, for 5 solid years. Read that baby at least 20 odd times, and probably more, master it absolutely completely, and you will have the core knowledge to have great success in your chosen field of endeavour. Find your reference text book - stick to it - never change your focus, and work your ass off in studying it. MASTER THE RUDDY THING. Then the world will open up for you.


Chapter Eleven

Civil Guardians, a new idea and initiative of the Advancing Noah Movement, are citizens of their nations, who join others (in a minimum group of 10) with a lantern, and mobile phones, who patrol their suburbs of their cities they live in each night They work in 3 teams of 4 hour shifts, starting at 6 pm and going through to 6 am. They are not imbued with any legal status such as a police force, but are meant to be thoroughly trained in 'Citizen's arrest' which may be used as a last resort, and must perfectly comply with the law in all uses. Our object is to be a 'Night Watchman' for the suburb, and be a beacon of safety people can turn to for protection. We are vigilantes who carefully watch the suburb for any criminal activity, and all such activity is reported to the police, for we don't intervene in anything that we have no legal rights to do. We are very concerned with the law on such issues. The Advancing Noah Movement hopes to establish the 'Civil Guardian's' as a society worldwide for men, and brave women, who are committed to spending a shift of 4 hours in a group of 10, who can patrol their suburb or town for the time, to ensure safety and happiness for our citizens. If you have an interest in being such a civil guardian in your own suburb or town, please contact myself and we can discuss ideas of how we might go about establishing such a worldwide society. Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly: Email:


Chapter Twelve


Unrestrained sexual activity can lead to a plethora of venereal diseases. When you open yourself up to the 'World of the Fornicator', you inevitably open up yourself to the kind of people who have had sexual relations with bisexuals, who, in turn, because of this depraved sort of lifestyle, have had sex with homosexuals who, in turn, because of this depraved sort of lifestyle, have sometimes had bestiality sex. That is where a huge variety of Vds can originate, probably including AIDS. But more than that – excessive fornication, going with too many different partners, biologically attracts minor symptoms and strains of herpes and other things, which over time will build up and destroy your genital, which will destroy your life in the end. Life on earth is only temporary anyway, so people often don't care, but in eternity, where the same principles apply, and you normally live a lot longer, if you practice excessive fornication, uncontrolled, fuck around too much and eventually you will die and that will be the end of your eternity. You won't live forever. You'll be dead. Adulterous fornication is perhaps the stupidest of the lot, because you can make an angry husband potentially prepared to kill you. It really fucks up a stable family environment and can lead to endless hostile arguments and unforgiveness. Children born from Incest can often have genetic problems. That is very common in incestuous sexual relations. And speaking of adultery, it's just not very honourable is it, especially when you have taken marriage vows. Hardly loyal and faithful to your partner, are you? Homosexual behaviour? It's just fucking weird. In the natural order people mate with the opposite sex to have family and children. You can't have children in a same sex relationship. And its not what the genitals are designed to do. The penis is meant to go into the vagina in normal sexual behaviour. Going up another man's arse – that is just weird. The sexual pleasure is a fetish, the carnal nature of sin, which God allows to tempt you, because you don't want to commit to normal and holy things, but like perversity. If you are not going to value, cherish and respect the natural order and the normal lifestyle choices, but want weird sexual activities, God allows you to do it, calls it sinful, and in the inherent way the biological natural system of sexual activity is designed, those things, when rampant, will kill you in the end. Just the way it is.


Chapter Thirteen


When we go into nature, into the bush, into the jungle, into forests and wildernesses, where there are often deadly snakes and spiders and other creatures whose bite or sting can be harmful and often deadly, it just stands to reason that, if you value your life, it might not be the best to have your flesh so easily or readily exposed to this hazardous environment. Having long trousers on, of material which can't be bitten through so easily, and having boots on, with the trousers covering the boots, and often a rubber band or a mini belt of some kind at the bottom of the trousers, around the boots, to prevent snakes crawling up trouser legs or other creepy crawlies, is probably a very wise, and life preserving thing to do. Naturally in summer it can get hot, and people like to wear shorts a lot, but it is not always that safe. The wild can be a dangerous place - caution is advised. Wearing strong boots is the only sensible action in the wild. Stings can happen very easily on unprotected feet, and you can step on sharp rocks and often glass and needles and other sharp things which careless litterers have left behind. That can happen not just on the wild, but on city and town streets as well. Walking along a beach in Australia you can tread on blue bottles and get their deadly stings very easily, so at the very least you should be wearing thongs, but in the end, despite the pleasures of a walk on the sandy beach in your bare feet, is it really worth the risk? And in eternity, where if your life ends, that's the end of the show, braving the wild in such a carefree spirit is just not really worth the risk. The sun can get hot in a place like Australia, so wearing a hat is a necessity and sunscreen is probably about mandatory these days, as well as sunglasses. It's all about preventing harm to your delicate and sensitive body and, in eternity, ensuring you have sensible practices for dangerous environment which will help you to live forever. When you enter into the wild you need to assess the hazards of it before hand. What could go wrong? What are the dangers? What are the kind of things which could end my life if things go wrong? Be prepared for that, and plan accordingly.


Chapter Fourteen

One of the most important areas of knowledge I have learned in life has been in my training and study in occupational health and safety. This is an area of knowledge which teaches how to work safely in your working environment, and to work healthily. The process is about identifying hazards. Hazards are things which, while not necessarily immediately dangerous straight away, have the potential for causing harm. Things like unsafe working machinery, carpets which have frayed edges, jagged bits of building infrastructure which people can injure themselves on, slippery floors, unstable furniture and other items, loose flooring tiles, improperly contained hazardous liquids which can spill easily, sharp objects on the ground, too bright or too dim lighting, electrical cords which are not secure, or which can be tripped over easily, or too easy exposure to electrical circuits and power, cutting instruments not properly put in their place, stored food items which have started to decay which are not properly disposed of, and a whole host of other hazards or potential hazards are the kind of things which can make an unfit workplace. One of the things an occupational health and safety worker, or anyone in a workplace for that matter, needs to do is regular workplace inspections to identify hazards and have them addressed to minimize harm. Calm discussion with bosses and management about hazards is the best way to address the problem of hazard management. As a last resort union or legal action can be taken, as you have a right to work in a safe workplace, and stay employed in that workplace


Chapter Fifteen


He's going to keep his word. He's going to keep his pride. He made his decision - he will live with it - damn the consequences. We all have a bit of that. That arrogant self knowing that 'I'm right' and I don't give a damn what anyone else says. And often, so often, its on a course of behavioral traits, often very carnal, which we pass off as 'Just the way I am' and, even worse, 'It's just the way God made me'. which involved decadent, carnal and unruly behavior, which can end up killing us and ending our eternity, or giving us a poor reputation as an arrogant prick or insensitive soul or uncaring beast. It's that passionate stubborn pride which sets itself on the course of hell and is too proud to admit that it is wrong, and too proud to admit that God knows what he is talking about, and often too damn proud to acknowledge God even exists at all. You see, the passionate man often thinks he knows it all. He's a man of passions, who reacts at the first hint of aggression towards himself with a punch in the face of his adversary or a 'Fuck You' at the very least. But not just the aggressor, but the person whose conduct is corrupt on, say, sexual morals, or cheating at competitions, or an unrepentant thief who passes it off as 'Kleptomania' or a whole host of sinful and carnal behaviors which we just insist is 'Our charming personality', and excuse ourselves thereby. It will end our eternity in the end, thinking we know it all. The ultimate undoing of the passionate man is that he knows he's gonna die at the end of his sinners lifestyle choices, and when he is given opportunities to repent, is just to pigheaded and stubborn and pride filled that he says 'It's just the way I am. I am a man of passions. What can I say?'. Stay on that course, you'll end up in sheol, the world of the dead, and that is the end of your eternal life enjoyment. But, hey buddy - that's just the way it is.

Chapter Sixteen

When you get emotional on something which builds up pride in you, maybe a passion over a sporting result, or passion for your success at industry or passion over a hobby or a wonderful movie you have just watched, or any other thing which has brought an 'Excitement' out of you, I can tell you for certain that the very best thing you can do is to go off to your bedroom or a quiet place, do some steady breathing, lie or sit down, and relax and calm down and just let it go. Let all the emotions and the energy and the high - let all the pride which is building up in you - let it die. Let it completely die. Nationalistic pride is also one of the pitfalls, and that too must be quelled. Calm down, be sober, and let the agenda come to an end, and instead think of sense and stability and caution and wise ways of acting, without an agenda to 'Make a name for yourself' or 'Put the opposition in its place' or 'Rise to Glory'. All that stuff - it doesn't work. It does not work at all. All those highs, even when you have achieved them, are not worth it. Believe me, they are not worth it. It gives you a sense of life after that which gradually becomes prouder and prouder, and in all seriousness, you feel uncomfortable, but you might not notice that initially. Its' a distortion of our natural self. Let competition and the glory be a simple thing, which is bothered with for the entertainment or the good sport of it, and never anything more, because the passion will destroy your soul in the long term. It leads to a sense of invincibility and that sense will corrupt and destroy you. Calm down - let it go - get over it.


Chapter Seventeen

Exposure to prolonged loud noises for too long can damage the hearing and turn you deaf. Too loud noise can damage the hair cells in the ear, leading to gradual diminishment and, ultimately, loss of hearing. The problem with deafness in an eternal environment is that, for starters, you don't get to enjoy music or listening to TV programs, but further conversation can be difficult unless you are good at lip reading or sign language. But, further, it can make it difficult to hear things which are dangerous, in the wild things like dangerous animals or rock slides or avalanches and other things, and in cities things like approaching traffic and a whole host of other potential dangers. And if you are not cautious these things can kill you. Bang - there goes your eternal life. It is probable that in eternity deafness can be reversed by refraining from being in an environment in which prolonged exposure to loud noises exists, or, an alternative, wearing ear muffs to lessen the impact of the loud noises. Noise pollution is quite obviously something to be considered by work safety and health practitioners, and something which we should all really be aware of.


Chapter Eighteen


Agriculture is the cultivation of plants and animals for food and other purposes. It involves techniques of working with the land to improve yields of food and other substances, to provide for the sustenance and welfare of human society. It involves foodstuffs such as cereals and grains, fruits, vegetables, oilseeds, meat and fungi, which feed populations, as well as for use in cosmetics, perfume and other industries. Agricultural knowledge is primary knowledge for farming practices in this world, as it gives the knowledge of how to properly and more efficiently harvest the provision ofmother nature for the sustenance of mankind. Ideally agriculture should use sustainable techniques, which can be relied upon into perpetuity. Now, in this modern world, which is largely capitalist, it is often the case that the richer societies, family's and individuals can afford the best of the reaping of the work of agriculture, and that less developed nations, ironically, often work hard in agricultural fields only to see the fruits of their labours go to the more wealthy nations. God is a God of equity and justice, and the psalms speak often of God providing justice for the poor and downtrodden. Equitable agriculture should be a theme of Noahide Civilization, and in our industries, businesses and associations we should have in mind to maintain both the product of agriculture and the work involving agriculture as things which are beneficial not just to the upper class, but to all human society. Charity is not an unknown concept, and while often the richer first world gets all the benefits, we leave the third world hungry much of the time, as we have surpluses and foodstuffs which just get wasted at times, which could be used to benefit less developed countries, and especially used as reserves for famine affected nations and nations affected by wars, natural disasters and other emergencies. Adam and Eve need their children fed. An agriculturalist should have a good and decent heart, and realize the fruit of their work is for humanity, that they are for everyone, so we can all enjoy the benefits and rewards from the Garden of Eden which God created for all of us to enjoy.


Chapter Nineteen


In the Christian book of Revelation there is enforced by the Beast a Mark – the three 6's – and nobody can buy or sell unless they take the mark, and are ultimately condemned to hell for doing so. In ANM we regard the book of Revelation as essentially an apocalyptic fairy tale, giving it no real credence. However, in relation to a theoretical 'Mark' being attempted to be enforced by a world dictator, we do have a response. Tattoos on the flesh are against the Torah, and something like a Branding on the flesh, while not clearly specified seems to go against the intent of the Torah's laws against tattoos and cuttings of the flesh. In this sense a worldwide enforced 'Mark' is not really acceptable in ANM ways of doing things. An international ID system, should it arise, is considered a normal enough idea by ourselves. RFID implants into arms for the military is probably understandable, but we would not favour such a thing for the general civil population. An international ID card is a normal idea, and in fact we support such a notion should it arise for proper administrative purposes. But a traditional 'Mark' is untorahic, and generally against the natural sort of life which ANM proposes. We don't really support the agenda of the Beast of Revelation in any such manner, nor any ideas involving oppressing of nations or peoples of a particular religion. We are not against wealth, and in fact encourage people to prosper in life, and some of the things described as what Whore Babylon owns – luxury items – are just regular and normal things in ANM life. A judgment that you should be concerned about greed would be focused by us mainly on having a sensible diet, but wanton lust for possessions, without a genuine desire for the object and usefulness of it would be considered vanity by our movement. We are not against wealth, though. Quite to the contrary – we encourage people to seek prosperity in life. So, in this sense, we make these judgments known about our views on the Mark of the Beast and Revelation issues of the New Testament.


Chapter Twenty

Rings are required for marriage in the world to come if you didn't marry in life on Earth in the ANM. Without a ring you may not marry in the world to come. It is important, if you wish to marry in the world to come, to acquire a ring during your earthly sojourn in life on earth. What you acquire in life you acquire in life for eternity. If you do not have a ring in the world to come, and wish to marry, you will have to make a ring from the raw resources available to you in the world to come. Some piece of metal that you own, or decent wood, will need to be carved or molded into a ring. A metal ring is excellent. A wood ring is ok. A plastic ring is rather second rate. This is a serious part of the marriage covenant in the Noahide world. But, ultimately, if not a ring, there needs to be a physical emblem which expresses your devotion to your wife or husband – some physically tangible thing which you can both look upon everyday, which reminds you of the commitments you made to each other, and the responsibilities of staying pure to each other. Ultimately whatever emblem you choose it needs to be appropriate an symbolize the devotion, love and respect you have for each other, and in looking upon that emblem you are encouraged to keep faith with your marriage covenant, and faith with your partner, loving them all the days of your life, and utilziing the emblem as a motivator to keep a proper marriage, run the proper way, done according to the vows you probably should have taken in oath to each other.


Chapter Twenty-One

As the founder of the Advancing Noah Movement I will state we are committed to the general ideals of the United Nations in promoting peace in mankind. Members of the ANM would be allowed to act as Peacekeeper armed military personnel. If this involved the taking of lives which are acting in ways contrary to sound lawful conduct, for example, despots who intend to rule with tyranny and corruption, hostile coup de tat types of guerrila groups who wish to establish their own authority contrary to the already established rule of law and, in general, other renegade types of individuals or groups, then that must be done. We believe that their are channels of operation for changing structures of the authority of power within a nation. To attempt to seize power, unless the current government is excessively corrupt and hurtful towards its populace, is not a moral decision by a emerging political or religious movement or any other ideological movement. They should be working within the framework of their nations established traditions, protocols, customs and laws to voice their concerns in the first instance. Those motivated by greed and wealth in their seizing of power through bloodshed can be eliminated by UN peacekeepers. This is not pleasant work. The allies, in the end, did the right thing in World War II. Hitler had to be stopped. The UK was morally correct in its declaring war upon Germany when they invaded Poland. Germany was crossing too many lines under the Nazis in their Empire building expansion program. At this stage of development in society the United Kingdom and it's Empire had learned sufficient lessons of behaviour that the old Empire program of building had diminished and was focused more on a way of civilization and rule of law. This, in truth, had always been a motivation of the building of the British Empire. Hitler's attempt was not really good enough. The racial ideology of the Nazi's was far too disharmonious in its possible outcomes for European society to be happy. A master race is proud of itself, and can use that power, if it is in power, to really abuse people who it considers a lower breed of people. This was grounds in and of itself to destroy the Nazi powerhold. Further, although in a long history of European tradition, making war against other nations was tolerated, the spiritual growth of Europe had gotten to the point that what Hitler was doing was not quite acceptable anymore. That sort of building of Empire was not quite acceptable anymore. There was not sufficient life enhancing products and ideas required for human society to justify the expansion of the Germany program. Romans had built roads in the end. This alone did sufficient to justify the rise of the Roman Empire. Further its complex legal structures were good strengths for human society. God allowed this Empire to rise a fair degree as it offered a lot to the world. Germany, in the end, didn't really have much to offer to justify their ambitions, so their reich empire plan failed. An ANM peacekeeper needs to keep in mind this philosophy. It needs to guide them when they are involved with conflict with various groups. Katniss Everdene was challenged. She knew Snow was bad, everyone did, but when she was standing their with the chantings being made by District 13, she also knew this president coin was in the end a bit of a power mad bitch, despite the noble enough intentions. her arrow shot true in the end. Sometimes we need to kill those things which are going to harm in the end, and even if it is a dirty job, someone has got to do it.


Chapter Twenty-Two

When Christian Pastors and teachers are teaching sound teaching of Old Testament theology, theology which is consistent with the message of the Old Testament as a whole, this is a case for points of unity between Karaite Noahides and Christian movements for discussion on such biblical issues. I don't think this really necessarily means we enter into any official association with Christians, as we maintain they are guilty of idolatry in the way the deify and venerate Jesus of Nazareth to the status of Son of God, God the Son and, in Oneness, God himself. We maintain this witness that there is a core sin in the Christian faith - Idolatry - and we can not officially associate with Christians because of this. Not in any joint congregational attendance manner. However, discussion with Christians and being friendly with Christians is certainly acceptable, especially Christians who are well trained in biblical knowledge, practice of biblical ideals, and repented sufficiently enough of wickedness in general. The greater a Karaite Noahide has developed their spiritual knowledge of the Bible, and gained spiritual strength in doing this, the more tolerance we are capable of showing towards Christians. We will have greater strength with more biblical knowledge and commitments made to God, and this allows us to more easily associate with Christians in a more regular friendship way of life, and discussion on religious matters at neutral locations such as libraries, education facilities and formal general public institutions which maintain decent and formal rule of societal law. Neutral ground in other words. The Christians have rights to their own spiritual domain, and it is not appropriate to enter their spiritual kingdom without permission, and could be challenging in other ways associated with idolatry, which is a major issue for Karaite Noahides.


Chapter Twenty-Three

God made water. Water has 3 major states. Frozen, liquid and Steam. These 3 states have differing degrees of fluidity or movement associated with them. The Rainbow Torah faith is an unchanging state. It is FROZEN. The Word of the Rainbow Torah never changes. The Advancing Noah Movement chooses to be like the state of Water, in that we remain frozen eternally. We intend to never change our state. Now, the analogy between water and the ANM is nice, but not completely accurate. We intend to be not capable of changing our state, through prayers of commitment to God to never alter the final structure of our doctrine once it is finalized and established. This is further achieved by never rescinding or amending or altering finalized doctrine and teaching. We are FROZEN. However, as we advance through the eras we develop new teaching to adapt to the eras. Yet this teaching is also FROZEN and never changes. We build the ANM on blocks of ICE in a sense. We NEVER CHANGE our state. But with each new era we add knowledge to adapt to the new era which is built in connection to the previous era's knowledge. It is not knowledge built UPON previous knowledge. We don't BUILD UP our community on those who went before us. This builds BABEL. This is not legal Rainbow Torah spirituality. Each generation of the ANM has its own fashioners of faith who develop the knowledge of the ANM and are the next block of ice in the production factory. Each must go through their own trials and tribulations to fashion forth the knowledge, spirituality and information for their era of which they are part of. This is added into the collection of knowledge for the ANM. This knowledge is reviewed and studied throughout history, and as we analyze the world and learn how to adapt to the changing times, and encounter things which come into fashion revived again, we can study our core knowledge, which is categorized into libraries of data classification systems to help us understand key relational principles required for adapting to the era at hand. Each block of ice needs to be frozen properly, and not given to change.


Chapter Twenty-Four


Dear Assemblies of Monotheistic Beievers. Daniel Here. Now, in case we reach for the stars and the galaxies and the rest of the universe one day, finding the technology, it is naive to think you will only have to battle the Devil. There are potentially, in the future ahead of us, countless souls who will choose evil and try and establish empires of sin to rule men. For your seed of eternity ahead of you, you need to make provisions to ensure the knowledge is studied to keep evil under control. A very important key factor is, of course, the potential size of space craft made from resources of the universe. There are quite possibly endless planets designed and made by God in the universe. As time progresses mankind will likely settle such planets. However, it is not wise to assume that, necessarily, all planetary governments will always choos goodness. It is the responsibility of Godfearing individuals to keep the faith, walk with God, and never forget to build strength and resources, especially physical matter in time, to build the biggest frikking space ship imaginable. You need to be well prepared. Part of the task is to explore and go further out into the universe before any evil responsive teams can do so. It is of primary importance that the monotheistic assemblies of God get there first, settle the worlds, and build forces of strength to resist and oppose evil. I am aware that you seem to be responsible enough in what reasonable liberties you allow each other, but always exercise caution in such issues.  Update: According to what God has spoken with me, this galaxy will be settled by humanity eventually. He has stated that we will not be able to reach other galaxies, as the light for energy is not available to reach the other galaxies. They are too far away.


Chapter Twenty-Five


Perhaps a conclusion of Adam and Eve, when they ate the forbidden fruit, was that evil served a purpose, as good served a purpose in life. This tolerated evil, this idea, if they held to it. I know in this world some people believe there is a point to evil and good. But it was possibly the toleration of too much evil, perhaps under this view, which allowed evil to prosper, which ended up killing them. Evil kills. Thinking evil is cool leads you to sin, which ends in Sheol - death. The lesson is to abhor evil, oppose evil, get rid of evil out of your life, and honour goodness. Long life - eternal life - is about goodness. Songs of darkness should only be treated as entertainment. But if you start justifying evil concepts, instead of regarding them as simply what they are, evil, and think they have any real significance in reality, real life, then you will quite possibly enjoy the dark devil, the burning of hell, and the absence of feeling good about anything at all really. In the day you eat thereof you shall surely die.


Chapter Twenty-Six


Karaite Noahides of the ANM affirm God's Covenant with mankind and a commitment to righteousness like Noah. We affirm the authority of God and our responsibility as human beings made in the image of God to follow God's example of being good and, in our creative works, of creating works which are good. The product of the ANM, as a whole, should be intended to be very good. It must be pointed out that in creation there is a shrewd serpent. In the works of the ANM there are shrewd serpents also. Yet our works are full of a cavalcade of type, and the strict and faithful are amongst our numbers as in the works of Almighty God. We do our work in the image of God faithfully as to how God does his, following the scripture, following the faith, obeying God, seeking his will, doing it with good hearts, doing it with good intent. The Creative works can be as diverse as the Creation of God – a large variety of subjects. They can be created in following a logical order of works, like God creates in a six day period, a variety of things, one day after another. Like this, in time, in our creative works, we can create one thing, then move on in time to other things. Ultimately God finished his creative works in a way, so we can too. But God works with his creations, which allows us opportunity to promote our own creative works into a life of their own. Sharing our creations shows us that we care about them, and finding our creative works as the heart of the ANM culture gives us a culture which identifies us and something we can place our passions, loyalties and concern and love thereon.


Chapter Twenty-Seven


In the Rainbow Bibles of the fellowships of the ANM there are often lists of rules for various fellowships. The ANM has a basic code of rules also. As a member of the ANM -A movement which is only and can only be joined on a voluntary basis and choice by mature minds – you come into a contract made with the ANM and God Almighty as the God of the Movement to uphold these rules also as part of your practice of religious faith. The Rules are:

1.     Respect God and acknowledge his Deity

2.     Do not Worship Idols

3.     Do Not Steal from other people or organisations

4.     Do Not commit sexual immorality which leads to venereal disease ultimately

5.     Do Not commit adultery

6.     Do Not commit incest

7.     Do Not practice paedophilia

8.     Do Not Murder

9.     Do Not practice violence

10. Do Not engage in regular drunken behaviour

11. Do Not brawl

12. Do Not practice extortion

13. Do Not practice bribery

14. Do Not practice blackmail

15. Obey the traffic rules of society – Do Not Speed or Drive while Drunk or High

16. Do Not Kidnap People

17. Do Not Sexually Harass people

18. Do Not Sexually Molest people

19. Respect the land rights of your fellow citizens of mankind

20. Do not engage in proactive warfare

21. Do not commit bestiality

22. Do not commit necrophila

23. Do not rape

24. Do not lie in courts of law

25. Respect mankind

26. Do not practice abortion

27. Do not practice euthenasia

28. Do not kill yourself

29. Read the Rainbow Torah in full at least once a year

  1. Repent of your sins

Chapter Twenty-Eight


You are a child of God.  But you don’t live in isolation.  There are other children of God.  And the idea is that we live in a community of the children of God and we support the community of the Children of God.  With a smile, a laugh, a dainty bow to an elder, a chuckle at a joke, some sign of comfort to our fellow believers to encourage them and let them know you care for them and have their best interests at heart also.  Remember that – it should be in you – a lot of the time it is in you – the rest of the congregations desires for success and happiness, love and fortune.  Be a team player at times, and go into bat for you fellow congregants, and pat them on the back, and give them a supporting nod of encouragement and let them know they are doing well.  Edify them – build them up – by doing that you are strengthening the community of God and strengthening your own community – something you joined and are part of.  You know you are doing the right thing when you do this, you know that deep down in that heart of yours, showing loving concern and kindness, and affection towards your fellow believers in the faith.  By doing this and showing that traditional societal motif of unity you build a pillar in your congregation which gets stronger the more you act with these ideas of support and encouragement.  And that example you set often inspires others, and they too can build that pillar of goodwill in your congregation, the spiritual bedrock of your assembly, which can be relied on in bad times and good.  Don’t quit – don’t give up on your loved ones and your friends and your mates.  Stick around.  Even if you are doing all the work and the suffering, stick around because you will be rewarded for your labours in the end.  God sees all your good deeds, but more than that.  Know in your heart you are doing the right thing and take some responsibility in life for being the source of strength and support yourself.  Make that  decision that it doesn’t matter in the end if people don’t really appreciate you for it, because you know it’s the right attitude, and that God will always love you for it regardless.  And you’ll find in time that God will arrange things in positive ways for you, and that your good deeds and kind words and positive encouragements will be an eternal blessing, for God sees and rewards his servants and appreciates the help he gets in keeping the congregations of the Lord strong and supported and full of happy and positive encouragement.


Chapter Twenty-Nine


Heaven for the Adamide-Noahide world works in levels of each standard year in the common era calendar currently.  In the older systems the older calendars are used.  Each year also has sub-levels, where future heavenly progeny and their offspring down through the generations in continually created sub-levels exist.  God teaches me the concept of ‘Bloodlines’ and ‘Blood’ of human beings.  The bloodline seems to be a record of the ‘Life’ of a human, its spiritual integrity and strength.  When a bloodline is holy enough it is able to achieve eternally growing progeny in its heavenly offspring.  Apparently there are many peoples and individuals who live in the heavenlies who do not have the spiritual strength in their bloodline to be able to procure eternally growing progeny.  In this sense, the further down the sub-levels you go the less of certain family lines will be present until you reach the point, ultimately, where you are only dealing with bloodlines of eternal progeny.  This would create in these planetary sub-levels a particular type of society, less variety naturally, but one which is more identifiable by God as the nature of human’s eternal seed and life.  Stronger bloodlines of eternity will have a stronger presence in such planetary sub-levels, and weaker ones a lesser presence.  To achieve a greater strength in your seed of eternity, once you have gotten to the point that, firstly, you are acceptable to God and qualified for eternal life yourself, and secondly, you have gotten to the point in your blood that you have achieved eternal progeny, the whole basis, for the first and second point and the third one, of greater strength in the sub-levels, is greater and more study and application of Torah.  The more times you have read or listened to the Rainbow Torah (Genesis 1:1 – 11:9) in life on earth, the foundation of your eternal reward, as an Adamide-Noahide the greater your strength of your heavenly progeny will be.  Thus, to improve your standing in the world and society, read more scripture.

Heaven is based on this real world we have already experienced.  The faithful make it to heaven, and the corresponding infrastructure you lived with on earth – the housing, industry, and all other feature of urban and natural society – are mirrored in the corresponding year in the heavenlies.  There are houses and abodes which are not lived on, because the people did not make it to heaven.  They can be claimed through purchase.

Through discussion and arrangement with God, an individual has the ability to shape their future world and life in heaven.  If you design blueprints of houses and other structures, if you have served well enough such things can potentially be arranged to be built.  There is also the possibility of your own sub-level through service, and on such sub-levels you would gain the natural elements of nature you have knowledge of, all the scenery you have seen in both the real world and photographs and television and internet etc, and the building structures only based on what you have owned in life.  The same core materials which were part of your dwelling, or which you owned, which can be multiplied to fill your sub-level to the degree required.


Chapter Thirty


This is based on ‘Prayer and Faith’ of ‘Legal Substance’.  God builds peoples worlds with prayer and faith.  Yet it must be of the legal kind which endures eternally – it must be Torahic in its substance.  Prayer from the Tanakh can sanctify creative works of fictivie and non-fictive nature if applied by a person of legal status who has served to the point God authorises and guarantees their salvation to them personally.  When a person has achieved eternal life in their person, threir prayers can achieve eternal affect through the utterance of a chapter of the Bible to sanctify prayer requests.  Such a person can pray with scripture – 5 utterances for an eternal effect – 50 utterances for an eternal effect growing in their generation of life and 100 utterances for an eternal effect in every future generation, providing the prayer is achievable and kosher with God.  Thus, this prayer and faith can build the world to come on planet earth, as well as the future heavenly reward.  Heaven comes first in your salvation, which is where the majority of the righteous shall spend eternity.  The physical world of the Earthly world to come is far more challenging and difficult to earn.  This world can be affected, primarily by those inheriting the physical world to come, and grown through prayer and faith.  Structures of the eternal world to come in the physical world are built through prayer requests based on the knowledge rights of the person praying the prayers.  The same required amounts of prayer apply.  It would be the general judgement in ANM tradition that rights of inheritance of physical assets apply to those inheriting the physical world to come of 3 generations upwards and downwards of your own person, for the rights of life that you are able to acquire.


Chapter Thirty-One

In the world to come, Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly plans on establishing, with all his library of reference books, as well as fiction books, 7DF University in Tuggeranong, were Noahides of all Denominations worldwide may came and study. Tuition fees will be a natural part of the University plan, but a sliding scale for those who can not afford so much will be established. Daniel has acquired a large range of works in his time, and they will be restored to him in the world to come and become part of the Library of 7DF University for the learning and knowledge studies of any and all desiring Noahides internationally. Because of my providing the entire denominations of the Noahide world with data in the 'Noahide World Information Database' I now have greater access to the entire Noahide Movement, and they may study with me. 7DF University will offer 950 places each year - the same number of places as the years of the life of Noah. Certificate, Advanced Certificate, Associate Diploma, Diploma, Advanced Diploma, Degree, Honours Degree, Masters Degree and Doctorate of Philosophy Degrees are offered by 7DF University. A maximum number of 950 students may be studying at any particular time throughout the year, so as some courses are less than a year of study, it is anticipated that there may be quite a number more than 950 students who have studied at the university throughout any given year. But there is a mandatory maximum of 950 students allowed at any one time. Tuition fees are set at affordable prices, a Hecs equivalent loan scheme is available from 7DF for student loans to study, and a sliding scale for fees based on affordability is also a part of the scheme. It is anticipated that 7DF university will be located in Macarthur in Tuggeranong, but will have to be placed in the end where we can afford to find a location. 7DF Libraries will be split - the Non-Fiction library will be part of the University, whereas the fiction and general Media library will be housed with Noahide Books Macarthur Branch. DVDs, Video Tapes, Magazines, CDs, Comics & Newspapers as well as general fiction works are available from the General 7DF library. There will also be a range of Jigsaws, Board Games & Card games made available to the Library. Doctorate of Philosophy Students have access to Video Games with the Dean of the University, but Doctorate courses are limited to 45 students as a total maximum each year. 7DF University functions in Macarthur, by the looks of it, at my address on one of my levels at 29 Merriman Crescent. Ultimately 950 yearly students sounds possible at a latter time, when I may have earned enough Noahide rights for land and the building of a Noahide University, but initially there will only be a handful of Noahide Students each year which I will Oversee studies with. It will have to be in a reasonably formal study setting, and they will have to live in my rooms here at 29 Merriman, in dorm rooms, and I will teach them and oversee their studies throughout the year. Later on full degrees should be realistic, but in early years mostly a commit to study of a subject and 1 to 2 or 3 or even 4 associated appropriate books from my library would be read in full throughout the year, and discussed with myself. The Knowledge has the purpose of strengthening and building and enhancing Adamide-Noahide society with structures, infrastructures, ideas, knowledges, paradigms, laws and principles, morals, ethics, designs, teachings, systems and products which lead to a better quality of life - the main intent. I have sufficient rights with Computers and Printing Paper, and enough Programming Programs, such as MS Word, to know how to draw up lessons, and University rules and protocols and timetables and policies and administration documents and legal documents (of which I also have decent knowledge from my qualifications), to ensure that the University for Adamide-Noahides can indeed function properly and well enough. Providing I am allowed to form the business later on in heaven I shouldn't have any problem registering an appropriate business name, claiming an ABN (Australian Business Number), and arranging correct financial procedures and complying with Australian Law. I have sufficient training in OH&S awareness for future University Campus issues to be basically addressed, and should not have too many problems going in depth enough on this issue with my rights. Tax issues for the Business should all be under control. Generally, as I see it, the establishment and running of the university, till its need is finally used to completion, should be achievable. The progeneration of the University through my heavenly seed (which is indeed planned and desired) as well as the progeneration of Noahide Books and the Advancing Noah Movement in General, down the levels of future generations of heaven is and will be maintained by myself and ANM.

Chapter Thirty-Two

Advancing Noah Movement has libraries in the world to come. Libraries are buildings which contain collections of books primarily, but also CDs, DVDs, Magazines, Comics, Newspaper and other media. They are usually stored of library shelves, which are often bookcases stacked together, and have an organisational index file available for the recording of key data on the item. This can be a hard physical index, or a computerised one. A librarian looks after the library. ANM policy is for all the works of the ANM community offered to the community to have these works stored in various ANM libraries. Appropriate denominational works and denominational libraries are a reality, as well as 7DF general libraries, AOF individual libraries, 7DF individual libraries, and ANM libraries in general. Buildings should be made of Stone - that is my preference, with carpet or linoleum or slate or wood as the flooring, and paint or wallpaper to cover the walls. Appropriate design decoration can be used, and there needs to be toileting facilities, library borrowing rules, library use rules, records kept of what books and items are on loan and by whom. Library cards for users should also be maintained. Books need to be catalogued and placed on shelf in Alphabetical order, as well as subject order.

The ANM Library Focuses on its Collection of Books as Canonical for their Area of Knowledge (Something Akin to Copyright Fields of Knowledge).  We have an eternal and perpetual committment to the books of our library, for them to be kept eternally (Eternya) and to be learned, studied and elaborated on eternally.  They are canons of knowledge for the ANM community of Karaite Adamide-Noahides.  Members of the ANM study them, keep them, are devoted to them, and treat them as scripture for the purposes of ANM Library Archival status recognition.  They are our Bibles of Human knowledge.  The Library contains many of the classics of modern literature, with such authors as Austen, Dickens, Shakespeare, Rowling, Tolkien and so on, and many works of reference non-fiction material also.  They are collected, kept and maintained by the head library of the ANM, and are our treasures of knowledge to be kept for education and study and perpetual enjoyment by members of our assembly.  This rich legacy, from the contributing efforts of mankind's scholastic figures, is prayed over utilizing scripture for its perpetuity in a spirit of sanctification, salvation and prosperity as well as eternality.  Thank you God for our ANM library.

Chapter Thirty-Three


But let's face it. All the glory, gosh, it's certainly exhausting training 12 hours a day to win a sliver of metal which only ends up as bragging rights. And in the end, Taylor Swift may have all the fame, but that touring schedule must bite, and all the fans and all the fuss and, man – is it really worth all that hassle? Stalkers, exes, rude reporters, so many problems with having a fame filled life. Sure, there are perks, but is it really worth it in the end? Most say, in the end, no. They'd much rather have a regular, normal and ordinary life. Sure, they'd possibly take the fame ticket if they could, but in the end the more common deciion is to settle down, get a job, get a family of sorts and live a more regular life. And that is probably the sensible thing to do. Living a regular life has an advantage in as much as what you do with it and how you feel about it and the value you take from it is still in your own possession. You don't need to live by the judgment of others in what is an acceptable life, and whether you achieved much or not with it. In all honesty, just getting to the end ot it is an achievement enough in my book. There ar regular things you do in life, and I've touched on some of them already, but its going to regular family gathering, visiting places to see things on holidays, talking with everyday people, having everyday friends, and getting through the grind every single day. Day by day with the Lord – day by day. It is a choice to live a regular life which is sort of akin to the standard package you order from your creator. You get the regular thins, the regular humdrum, with its highs and lows, and in the end it is generally satisfactory enough. You may not have set the world on fire, but you were content in the end, if you played by the rules, an you ended up happy. And how can that be a bad thing?

Chapter Thirty-Four


It is the judgement of ANM that surnames, once we have the power to establish the law of society, may not be permitted to be changed. Your birth name is your legal name for your entire life. Further, it is our judgement that Patriarchal lineage determines covenantal status for children born of mixed faiths. If they are also descended patriarchally from a Jewish male or a convert to Judaism, they are also required to observe this faith and live in the land covenanted to Abraham. A surname is an integral part of our identity, and it is important for our own identity in this world, and for others to have a clear understanding about us and our heritage. It is not a trivial thing which we can pick and choose at the drop of a hat – that makes mockery of the serioiuness and importance of our genealogy, and genealogies are a fundamental part of the Rainbow Torah and Adamide-Noahide life.

Chapter Thirty-Five


Talmudic Judaism misrepresents the historical Noahide faith by claiming there was a tradition of 7 laws given to Adam and Noah. This is a falsehood and a lie. The Talmudic Noahide faith thus misrepresents Noahide faith, and are not true Noahides. They are heretics. The idea of decapitation for theft is barbaric. The idea of decapitation for eating blood is also barbaric. The idea of decapitation for failing to establish Noahide courts is, yet again, barbaric. They are heretics - enough said. The Advancing Noah Movement acknowledges the Scriptures of the Abrahamic covenants - The Tanakh. We acknowledge this faith God has established with the people of Abraham. Thus we are Karaite - followers of Scripture - as we keep the faith of the Tanakh in its applicability to the people of Israel. Further, we follow Genesis 1:1 - 11:9, which we call the Rainbow Torah. There are NO OTHER bodies of Noahidism which currently follow the Rainbow Torah without corrupting it with historical lies. Thus, the ANM is following the tradition of the Rainbow Torah. It is the same faith as Noah. Now, in the Rainbow Torah there are religious traditions from Adam through to Noah, then Shem, Ham and Japheth and the Tower of Babel community. The ANM continues on the tradition of mankind's covenant, and adds in further religious teaching, in the form of the Rainbow Bible, the Rainbow Apocrypha, the Tree of Knowledge Bible and the Angels Saga (Chronicles of the Children of Destiny etc). We have NO other official council to represent our information too, thus we make the judgments for ourselves of what is acceptable religious teaching to build on the earlier tradition of the faith. Because we are the natural continuation of religion from the time of Noah, our religion has an unchanged foundation of originating from Adam and Eve 6179 years ago. We are the oldest religion of mankind.

Chapter Thirty-Six


The ANM are biblical traditionalists and conservative in their life approach. We are NOT fundamentalist, but we are NOT progressive/liberals. We DO advance with the era'sand inculcate regular and normal societal trends into our culture. We follow traditional roles for Women and Men. Women are not expected to follow the traditional house wife role if they choose a career for themselves, but it would be the more normative thing to do in regular circumstances. A house wife is a noble and proper place for a woman in society, as raising children is a cherished and valued part of responsibilities in society. But a young lady in the Advancing Noah Movement is not denied career ambitions if that is what she chooses to do in life. A wife is expected to submit to her husband, as this is biblical and what the Rainbow Torah teaches. But a husband can not be dogmatic and domineering in his role. He should be caring and sensitive to the wife and her opinions, and listen to what she has to say, and if she has good ideas they should be acted upon. In terms of family income, the normal expectation is the husband is the bread winner, but a wife who works can contribute a maximum of 49% to the family income. The family income is for all the needs of the family, including children, as a whole. If the wife earns more money than the man, the remainder above the 49% of the family income is her own personal spending money, which she can spend on whatever she wishes. A wife is not required to work, which is the man's responsibility, and a wife can insist her husband works hard to provide for the family to meet the basic needs and wants of the family. But in dire circumstances a wife sometimes will need to work to help the family. The 49% level is a rule, but it is not immutable, lack of decent income from the husband being the only exception. But it would have to be an extremely low income for the husband for this rule to be excepted on. Biblically a husband rules over his wife, so it his responsibility to contribute the greater portion of the family income. We do not reject modern notions of equality, so the contribution of up to 49% of the family income by a spouse is acceptable. But, that said, it doesn't have to be 49% by the wife at all, and could just as much be 20% or nothing at all if the husband's income is sufficient. If a man marries a rich wife, the 49% rule still definitely applies. Males, like females, in the ANM should not be 'Gold Digger' - after a spouse because of their wealth. We marry because we love, are fond of or admire and like someone of the opposite sex, or are very compatible. Not because of wealth. A rich wife can not lavish expensive gifts on a poor husband. Only gifts within very equitable proportion to his own income level and status in life. And not too many, either. However, a rich husband has greater liberties, as the wife is not required to contribute to the family income necessarily, and if the husband has become successful in life, the wife may share in this success. If both have become successful, the wife may continue to provide 49% of the family income if she wants quite good things for the family as a whole. Motivations to marry a rich and older wife, to receive her inheritance if she dies earlier are not noble. Motivations to marry someone because of their wealth are not noble at all. You should like that person because of their personal qualities, otherwise you are fake. So if they are successful in life, and if you are only moderately successful, this principle should not change at all, and you should never expect to gain profit from marrying someone who is doing well in life. Don't look for business opportunities either from a successful spouse. However, if a business planned has 'Genuine' potential, careful investments by a wealthier spouse can be a consideration. A desire from a wealthier spouse to invest in their partner, to boost their standing in life, is a reasonable motivation because of love and to strengthen the family, but such investments MUST be based on sound business opportunities from the investment. If a decent return looks likely and possible, such investments credibility are directly correlative to this. But, again, looking to marry a rich partner based on looking for a sound investment is neither noble either. Make it genuine affection for your spouse. You only marry forever because you love that person in the end. If it's just getting rich, move on, because you should be able to find your own fortune in time anyway.

Chapter Thirty-Seven


And when men began to be multiplied upon the earth, and daughters were born to them, the sons of God, seeing that the daughters of men were beautiful, took to themselves wives from all whom they chose. And God said: “My spirit shall not remain in man forever, because he is flesh. And so his days shall be one hundred and twenty years.” Now giants were upon the earth in those days. For after the sons of God went in to the daughters of men, and they conceived, these became the powerful ones of ancient times, men of renown. Then God, seeing that the wickedness of men was great upon the earth and that every thought of their heart was intent upon evil at all times, repented that he had made man on the earth. And being touched inwardly with a sorrow of heart, he said, “I will eliminate man, whom I have created, from the face of the earth, from man to other living things, from animals even to the flying things of the air. For it grieves me that I have made them.” Yet truly, Noah found grace before the Lord.

The Sons of God were those descendants of Adam who kept pure faith in God and his ways and teachings. They were the religious people of the time period. When the Sons of God defiled themselves by coupling with the daughters of men, they produced a race of great people, intellectual giants and fearsome leaders. But this was not God's will. The daughters of men were worldly hedonistic people, and the people of the faith should not have mixed with them. The ANM is mankind's only representative of the uncorrupted religion of mankind (outside of the lesser covenants of the Abrahamic fold), the faith of the Adamide-Noahide community, as shown in Genesis 1:1 - 11:9. Other religions deviate from mankind's official religion with their own heretical teachings and false saviours. They don't stay pure to the teaching of the Rainbow Covenant. The heretical Talmudic Noahides describe a false Noahide system, which did not originate in the time of Noah, but is Phariseeical heresy. Karaite Judaism teaches the uncorrupted faith for Israel, and they are the only other religious movement we recognize as keeping its religion properly with God. We do not associate with them, as they have a separate covenant of service to God, and are required to live in Israel. The ANM, thus, can not procreate or marry outside of its religion, as there are no other faiths which keep the Noahide covenant purely. Everything deviates from the original doctrine with teachings they claim are true and divine, but are just man-made. They are also often heretical. The teachings of the Rainbow Bible ARE based on the Noahide tradition itself, and the origin of the teachings in this modern time are clearly stated. Further, it does not claim any direct divine revelation or being the direct will of God (apart from very clearly stated passages), but rather religion based upon God's official religion for mankind (Genesis 1:1 - 11:9) and motivated by this faith. All our claims are factual - it originates with us ourselves, and it is spirituality judged on its own merits, not claiming divine status. Thus, we alone currently represent the true religion for mankind,and can not marry daughters of men, as we follow God's faith in an uncorrupted way.

Chapter Thirty-Eight


As you reach maturity in life it is sensible and wise to start to formulate in your mind, and written down also, the general way you apply a lifeplan you may have for life, and life in general too, with all its plan and whims, recording the outlow of your life from your day to day decisions, and use this to shape a day to day living lifeplan. Some people use diaries and calendars and notebooks and to-do lists and things like that. With experience in starting to understand how your life works, either written down or in your thoughts it is a good idea to develop a general lifeplan implementation journal of how you go about living your dreams and choices from day to day throughout life. In the end the Lifeplan does not have to be a dettailed and methocially written out thing, but that certainly helps. The core idea of the lifeplan is to get a focus in life on what you want to do with it and the kind of choices you need to make to achieve the kind of things you want or may want to do in life. So many lives are lived going with just a flow of things without any clear direction or vision, and some times live are not satisfactory because people haven't shaped a proper vision for what they want to do in life, and have just gone with what works at any particular time. So many lives lack clear direction. The strength of the lifeplan is that it gives you clear direction, and with a daily organized way of going about your life, either in a diary or something similar, or a well weorked out plan in your head, life becomes purposeful and you have direction you understand. Remember, the more planned out it is, the more ways you will have of knowing what to do with it all, yet still make room for life to happen, which also sometimes wants to take you in unexpected avenues.

Chapter Thirty-Nine


Tasks. Chores. Jobs. Whatever you want to call them life is full of things we have to do, for our own life, our family and work's sake, and part of doing a job is doing it through to completion. Not leaving it half done. As a kid your parents often said when you had tidied up enough of your room, 'That will do'. Obviously we didn't always to it to completion or perfection, few ever did really. But in life, as we grow up, one thing we steadily learn is that you need to complete tasks. You really need to get them finished properly. When you begin something, which is often the hardest part, it is important to keep in mind that you really should only do this thing if you are intending to complete it the way it is supposed to be done. It doesn't build a great reputation at work if you leave things half done, and somebody else has to finish what you started. You get a name for someone who doesn't complete tasks – who doesn't do the job properly. Tasks should be completed. They should be finished. They should be worked upon with an attitude that you will get all the work done, and not leave it at 80% or some other figure. Get it all done. Naturally there are times when you are tired from life's activities and you can't always get something done which you planned to do, and it is not the end of the world to ask for help in completing something properly. But if you can, get to it after you have had a rest, or the next day – get it finished as soon as possible. Obviously there are things in life which don't matter so much if they are finished much properly or not. Creative works, which are really up to you whether you finish or not, are learning experiences regardless for whatever you get done. But, in general, if you start it, finish it. Complete your paid work for each day, tidy your room to a proper neaness, wash the car until it is properly clean, and do the dishes until the las knife is spotless. Finish what you started and committed to – it is a good attitude to have in life.

Chapter Forty


In the end life is life. And life can be a bit much at times. A bit boring, a bit bland, a bit routine, a bit here we go again, just a bit too much of the humdrum of it all, the regular in and out day to to day stuff, which becomes often so pointless and futile at times when we get down about it all. All I can really say is life goes on. There are good times in life. Special times, events, moments, when you feel real good about yourself, and you are happy. Birthdays, romance moments, births, weddings, special times. Those days were everything is right in the world, and its just damn wonderful to be alive. But there are bad times, as you can' t have the good without the bad. Times of pain, fear and suffering. Times of death and departure. Times of loss, misery and even agony. Life can be a rollercoaster, and usually is, where we all go through the highs and lows of it all. But a big part of it also is that dreaded humdrum, that dreaded monotony, when we really are too fed up with everything to really give much of a shit. Get through it. Knuckled down, toughen up, put on a brave face and soldier on. It will get better in time. Sometimes its dreams which seem a long way off, which you are longong to happen today, but that is just not reality. They will come in their own good time. Someimes its Mr or Mrs Right who you are looking for, but again, when its meant to be. Romance is like cooking an egg – you gotta wait till its ready. But the tedious bits of life, which happen to all of us, which make us blue – well unfortunately that is part an parcel of the package of life. What is up to you in this is to make your life better, through effort, and fill in those dull bits with a happy grin, a ring on an old friends phone number, a smile at someone you haven't smiled to in a while, or a trip down to that place which always makes you happy. Gett off your butt and cheer yourself up. The humdrum is necessary and its probably from God because it teaches us patience in life. But when you have had your fill, try again, work on, and the routine of things, one way or another, in a world were you are simply not alone, will gradually bring you back to life. Cheer up. Life goes on.

Chapter Forty-One


When God made the world he made night and day. The day seems to be a time for activity and work and play and adventure.  When we get things done. In the natural world this is when we can see with our eyes and can navigate ourselves around.  It is a time when it is warmer because of the sun, so obviously it seems to be the time when we are about our occupations and things, and enjoying life.  W hen it becomes dark though we lose a lot of this.  We still have natural light in the stars and moon, but it is much less and obviously we can't work in the natural world so easily in the night.  We need rest every day so this seems to logically be the time we rest.  Humans, in the end, probably function biologically on the natural 24 hours of the day, where we work in day and rest in night.  It it a natural system of life management, designed by God in our best interests. Throughout the history from Adam through to Noah society gradually advanced and progressed. It seems to be the instincts of humans to develop this world. In this modern era, as time has progressed over history, we have many jobs which involve working at night. Security workers, workers in 24/7 convenience stores, defense workers, medical workers at hospitals, and so on. These jobs have gradually risen up throughout history, and it seems that while the majority of us work in day and rest in night, there is a demand in human society for nocturnal activity. This is probably a normal enough thing, and the general behaviour of most people working in day and sleeping in night, with the exception of various occupations of a specialized need, is a reality of a world with a large population when such things become a reality. But even then the natural cycle of things with the majority still working in day and resting in night still bears its influence, and perhaps both always will and always should. It seems to be natural law at work, and when we go with the flow of nature our life probably works more harmoniously and in a natural way.

Chapter Forty-Two


The teaching God imparts to me at times indicates the potentiality that life can be grasped only through the tree of life of the Garden of Eden. The general resolution of faith of the ANM is that the written prophets of the Neviim in the Tanakh (Hebrew Bible – Basis of Karaite Faith) is the likelihood that they pursued their own agenda largely, representing more the will of Israel rather than the will of God on the subject matter of their discourses. They do not really speak the Word of the Lord is a conclusion often reached in the ANM. It is a matter of debate. There is the understanding that Isaiah and Jeremiah and Daniel and the rest of the written prophets only speak wishful thinking and that the reality of eternal life must be found in the earlier witness of scripture. This, as said, is realized in partaking spiritually of the tree of life of the Garden of Eden, granted by God to repentant souls and those desiring eternal life. This is potentially the case. The structures of eternal life in heaven and of a world to come are doctrines and ideas considered valid for faith purposes by the ANM – they could ultimately prove the reality. But the potential is they are wishful thinking to believe in and wishful thinking to believe that they truly contain a pathway of eternal life. A reality could well be that dead is dead. You have your chance in the here and now – don't waste that opportunity. In my own, Daniel Daly's, witness of life on Earth, should you be reading this and I have passed on, there is possibly the answer. God appears to be promising me the gift of eternal life, and I have partaken spiritually of the fruit of the tree of life. So if I have died, you could presume I am enjoying such a reward in the heavenlies. But if I am still with life on Earth, then such will be the witness of this passage in my own life. Time will tell one might imagine of the truthfulness of the situation.

Chapter Forty-Three


We are one. But we are many. And in all lands of Earth we live. We are humanity – Adam and Eve and their offspring. The seed of Noah and his sons Japheth, Ham and Shem. One by one we have a life made in the image of God. One by one we have an identity with our one thoughts and feelings and concerns for life. One by one we contribute to being part of our family which is the core essence of our local community. And that local community is made up of villages and towns and society which likewise form the overall society of the nation we are part of in this global village of mankind on planet Earth. We must think globally in many ways, about the big picture of it all and how we fit into that big picture. The Universal Ethics of the Rainbow Covenant should influence us constantly to be moral beings in society, caring for our world and its environment, caring for the Garden of Eden of this world, as God would have us do, and in that universal concern, acting locally in our own community to do the right things which God would have us do to maintain order on planet Earth and function correctly according to the will and teaching of Almighty God. We are individuals, but it doesn't all factor upon us. We are individuals in a community, which we must learn to get along with, and that community needs to comply with the overall direction of the society it is part of. We can always have our influence. That is a natural part of human thought and ambition. Yet influence needs to be tempered by scriptural wisdom and unity, and as part of something, an overall society at large, we need to let the will of society marshal our thinking as much as we wish to impart our own will thereon.

Chapter Forty-Four


An ANM Medical Health Worker takes the Hippocratic oath, is registered, and complies with the laws of their nation on medical and health issues. They exercise a duty of care and take that seriously. They study to proper completions of their qualifications, and do their work professionally and courteously and in a friendly manner. They take their work seriously. They covenant with God in prayer and devotion to do their work as a Medical Health Worker, while they are thus engaged, with human dignity in mind and concern and consideration for all their purposes. They make this commitment before God and affirm they will not shirk in their duties. They usually agree to stay up to date well enough in their medical education, and charge fees which are fair and decent and in accordance with standard and regular medical charges. They do not attempt to exploit patients for income, but they do offer services if it is deemed a good idea, and do not need to shy away from earning a decent income. They are meant to be genuine workers who do their jobs responsibly and are meant to earn a good name in society as being reliable, caring and decent. In the end they are only human, and do make mistakes, but should be careful about errors, apologize when they are made, and remedy them as best they can. You are not really called to medical health – but if it seems suitable enough, and you have the skill and knowledge to be able to do the work – certainly make it an option in your life career choices.

Chapter Forty-Five


The Soul Structure Upon Death is set within a nature of sin.
In life on Earth it has made choices to acquiesce to sin and let
the temptations of sin have greater rule over its heart than the
choices of obedience and righteousness.  Unless sin was
vanquished, as Cain was exhorted by God to accomplish, then
the sins and sinful impulses which are present will ultimately
be the undoing of the soul in the afterlife.  It is a nature of choosing
to not push away the impulses of sin which has become set
and when the soul has died a physical death the spiritual person,
if they have inherited the afterlife, will indeed continue on with life
for a time, but eventually the sinful impulses will rise and create
within the person sinful actions which will ultimately lead to the grave
and destroy the last remains of the person.  There is no eternal
life in death.  It is eternity here and now in the physical earth
which must be attained to have eternal life.  Further, because
of the nature of the flow of things in their natural way, a soul
will not be resurrected from the afterlife for another chance as it
were because it is set on a particular way and it is not the will
of God to change a soul and its destiny once the fateful choices
of their lives have been made. God is committed to answering

prayers of mankind but prayers do not override his general will of
things.  God's will is to allow mankind make his
natural choices and see the 'Honesty' in man on
his morality.  Because of this, once a soul gets
set on its way, God will not intervene to change
the course of this souls decision from the destiny
it is set upon, in the sense that it is a destiny
which is simply accepting death as the natural
end of physical earthly life, which is a result
of failure to repent both of sins and the sinful
impulses human beings are prone to.  God will and
does answer prayers, and on issues of salvation
requests for humans he does what he can, but in reality
he is only working towards the gradual achievement
of eternal life souls on earth arising in the fullness
of time as history progresses.  He will not be
deterred from this as his general will of things.
One thing is that those who achieve eternal life
on Earth receive the guarantee from God of support
from both their parents, even if deceased, which
is an issue of the judgement of God on the issue
for such peoples well-being.  Thus prayers can and
are answered by God but, ultimately, you can not pray
a soul into eternal life.  It comes down to their own
will and choices in life.

Chapter Forty-Six


There are doctrines that the afterlife ultimately ends in death, and there are doctrines that the afterlife is the only true destiny of eternal life for mankind, and there are doctrines that both eternal life on earth and heaven can be realized, and there are doctrines that some people may endure in eternal life in the afterlife and some may not, and these are doctrines of the ANM, and there is meant to be this diversity of paradigm view on the doctrine of eternal life, and death, in the scriptures of the ANM. It is meant to be this way. It is the nature of the challenge to understand and consider this issue for members of the ANM. Naturally, a human will have an interest in the notion of eternal life. It would be a strange sort of situation if a human gave little thought to this issue. We can be rather lax in considering heavy spiritual issues at times, and often all such thinking is dismissed by many individuals who place no faith in religious things. But for those of us who feel we know there is a God and a reward of eternal life potentially realized, it is crucial to have some sort of knowledge and opinion of sorts on this issue to make a judgment for how you should approach life and respond to the potential calling of an eternal existence. It is important to seek God in answering this question and ask for the guidance of his holy spirit, for to make a mistake, it could well be, that while you might think yourself beyond any doubt in your eternity, you may be mistaken. We can all be verily mistaken, even when our faith is sure. I encourage the student of the ANM doctrines and teachings to take a lot of time to consider this doctrine, it is one of our fundamental areas of study, and you should have thought through the different viewpoints we teach of in our knowledge, know that each of these views is considered the potential truth of the situation at times, and try to wrest, as one searches for silver, the pure truth and faith on this issue, to make wise judgement and learn to know to go the right way in your understandings on this crucial issue.

Chapter Forty-Seven


The Advancing Noah Movement (ANM) is linked with Canberra Biblical Noahides (CBN). I have also conceived of other movement ideas within the faith. This faith is Modern Karaite Noahidism. It is modern in as much as it pertains to the modern era in mankind's culture. This would be regarded in my judgement as post-romantic, in terms of classical music, from about the 20th century onwards, potentially post-victorian tradition. The modern era is probably not complete yet, as of 2020 anyway. Thus, the doctrines of MKN are from the modern era timeframe, founded on the ancient covenant of the Rainbow, found in the Bible in Genesis chapter 9. We represent that the scriptures themselves are the main and primary witness of original Noahide faith. We disagree with the notion that the Talmud represents the original Noahide faith with its 7 laws of Noah doctrine. This appears to have emerged with the ancient Godfearers and Pharisee movements associated with Israel. We maintain it is not the original faith from the time of Adam through to Noah and his sons, which is revealed, the scope thereof, in the Bible itself. Our work does not denote our doctrine and teaching as the original Noahide faith. There are a few minor things God has spoken to me about Noah, that he was intelligent in his generation, and they have been noted in the writings so far. But by and large we maintain that the scriptures themselves are the one true repositry of knowledge of the covenant faith. However, we are people who have studied the Rainbow Torah, from Genesis 1:1 to 11:9 – from Creation to Babel – a great deal. We have learned the knowledge and inculcated that into our lives. Because of this, being well versed in the ancient Adamide-Noahide faith tradition, we are a community of modern era Karaite Adamide-Noahide people. We follow the same faith in God that Adam through to Noah followed. Yet, as we are of the Adamide-Noahide community in faith and following the tradition of scripture, naturally within our lives comes new history and new ideas, for mankind has advanced much in the few thousands of years since the time of Noah. We have much new knowledge and understanding, and our own experiences with this knowledge in our own lives, with which we have formed opinions on issues of morality and things pertaining to the Rainbow Torah faith. It is perfectly reasonable and normal to express our understanding in this modern era in the form of literature, and that is the work of the ANM in general. Now this literature is often a search for answers and meaning on difficult and challenging questions. We don't really claim to know the fullness of the truth on many issues. At times we may be convinced of a certain viewpoint, and present our doctrine as such. At other times we may be equally convinced of an opposing viewpoint. The point is, we are attempting to understand and work out the truth on many complex and difficult issues in life – and that is what Modern Karaite Noahidism represents – the truth of life issues. We probably don't always get it right, quite frankly. But we are trying to do so. You can know with a surety we are trying to get this message of Modern Karaite Noahidism right, for ourselves, for those who read and listen to our work, and for humanity in general. It is a genuine search for truth. So with that in mind, please remember that the doctrines might not always be completely consistent with each other, but that's life anyway. They should ideally provoke in the student a querying attitude, from which all learning begins.

Chapter Forty-Eight


Part of life and staying safe and well is literally watching your step. In the urbanized terrain it is naturally less of a concern, but there are always risks. In the wild it is certain of prime importance. Hazards are everywhere in this physical world we live in. On roads there is constant traffic, and vehicles can crash killing very quickly. In the end, when you are sorted out well enough, you probably really need to avoid most traffic. It is just too risky. Going down to shopping centres is often best practiced at times when traffic is minimal. In 24/7 shopping areas often it is best left till the wee hours before going off to get what you need. Personally, I often buy my smokes at the local service station in the early hours of the morning. For the traffic on the road this is the ideal time to get them. Naturally there are always budgeting concerns to take into account for the types of shops you are buying from, so time things the best for the leas traffic possible. Further, walking around roads is often very risky business, as pedestrians can suffer the most harm at times. It is something to minimize and get well under control as your life progresses. City life can be interesting, but the city can be filled with citizens who are not always lawful. Despite you liking to often get out and about on the streets and walkways, this is often simply not a good idea. There can be too many dangerous souls out there which makes it not worth the risk in the end. Sometimes staying inside is simply the wisest course of action. Around the home you need to be wary of standard health and safety hazards, like cords and water on floors and electricity and things. Fire concerns should always be on your mind also. Part of navigating eternal life is that you have a good sense of what can harm you and you completely address these concerns by negating the things which can do you harm. Literally watching your step day in and day out is part of the plan for an eternal life.

Chapter Forty-Nine


In society it is best we observe the rules between competing clans and families and institutions of not stealing from each other. Each individual and group has worked in an effort to gain resources and wealth and assets for the furtherance of their ambitions in life. It is not justice – it is injustice – to deny the natural work efforts of individuals and groups of their earnings in terms of wealth and assets. It is not fair. They have worked hard to obtain and attain these things in life – it should not be deprived them. The rules of law relating to stealing are defined by the abstaining of taking wealth which does not belong to the individual or group or institution or clan or family you are part of. Within a private family, different rules apply. Life can be a matter of needing to find your own way and functioning, and mum and dad have to cop a lot in raising their children. Children within a family unit have the moral right to take what they need to survive and cope from family members of their own household. This has to be balanced to ensure other members of their own family household still gain what they need to cope and be happy, but the furtherance of the ambitions of the family household can be judged by individuals in their own estimation of what is needed to get by. Pinching from mum and dad is ok. In the judgements of earned rights and goods from God, family earned rights from a person pinching from their parents remain in the original asset holder of the wealth stolen to pay for such goods. If you pinched money from mum and dad as a kid to buy lollies or comics or toys or whatever, these goods, in the light of eternity, purchased become the rights of the mum and dad for the family to share amongst all the family members as the parents and monetary right holders decree. The goods end up the property of the family. You enjoyed their privileges when you stole them, but they ultimately cede to your family in their ownership rights. This is prolonged. And, vice versa. Parents who steal from children, siblings from siblings – when all takes place in the same family household, it is the rights of the original money holder to allocate the use of the things bought with the money in the light of the eternal rights on the items purchased. In your family you can use cunning, because your family HAS to put up with your scheming ways, because that is morally expected from your family – they have to put up with you and accept you and love you regardless. It is their moral duty. When you eventually get over the behaviour, remember, the original money holder decides the fate of the assets purchased, but that fate must remain within the domain of the original family household the money was spent within.

Chapter Fifty


We can spend a lot of time dwelling on the negative. Change your thoughts. Spend time focusing on the things which are working for you in life and what is going well. If its financial constraints, be honest with God, and ask him to help you to do proper work to earn an income. Be willing to work properly for your money, and God will help you. Be positive about work and life and having a good attitude in the work place and with your occupations. In family, stay positive about family members. Remember why you love them and care for them, and consider their feelings and how your negativity can affect them. Look at the good things you have with your family, the good times, and concentrate on building those traditions in your family life. Turn away from evil. Seek good. Look at all the good things happening in this world before you get too critical. Remember, a lot of people are happy in life and have a good life. Emulate that with a decent attitude change. Care more. Try to care more. Put some effort into it. Your life can change with some soulsearching when you sum up a lot of the good things about your life and try and work to encourage more of those good things and things which bring genuine happiness and contentedness. Avoid the mistakes of the past. Learn from them. Look to bring a happy smile to your face, and be honest with your problems. You know what to do. Do it. And life will be better with some patience and honest effort.

Chapter Fifty-One


Sporting events - competitive ones like football - and other things, now have their agro mostly under control enough. God is not a hypocrite. He is unwilling to resurrect souls who die again and again in the same old types of sporting accidents and/or rough behaviour in life. Society has to continue to get things under control till the point comes when it is reasonable for God to resurrect the dead and also obligate himself to ongoing resurrections when people do occasionally die and get killed. God will not be mocked in this respect. He expects humanity to do its best and get things under control before he will give the great resurrection of the dead and continue to resurrect souls at times thereafter. Remember - he won't be mocked, or take this job trivially. He expects humans to honour life and keep it precious. Wilfully harming human bodies is not what he is about. The entertainment in Rugby League for example needs to be well enough under control that accidental deaths are kept to a minimum. The same with occupations and jobs which encounter too much danger and risk to human life. God will not start resurrecting the dead until the world is safe enough to do so regularly. Now, he doesn't want absolute perfection. You don't have to be extremely fussy in this respect. He has made that clear to me. But it needs to be well under control. Judge this issue for yourself. God does not like life and health of a human mocked. He expects us to take good and proper care of ourselves. Until society is doing that to the standard he expects he won't perform ongoing resurrections.


A Prayer for the Internet

Dear Jehovah God. By your goodness and grace, may you please bless the Internet, keeping banking and business transactions uncorrupted, granting safe online social communities, and smooth flow of internet surfing and general web interactivity. AMEN

A Prayer for the Advancing Noah Movement

Dear Jehovah God. Please unite the Advancing Noah Movement. Please perpetuate us eternally, as everlasting as the Rainbow. Please grant us grace, truth, peace, harmony and prosperity. Please sanctify us to wisdom, humility, righteousness and honesty. And please help us to serve you and the Kingdom of God in fidelity and loyalty. Now and forever. AMEN.

A psalm of Israel.

Make a joyful noise unto the Lord, all ye lands. Serve the Lord with gladness: come before his presence with singing. Know ye that the Lord he is God: it is he that hath made us, and not we ourselves; we are his people, and the sheep of his pasture. Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, and into his courts with praise: be thankful unto him, and bless his name. For the Lord is good; his mercy is everlasting; and his truth endureth to all generations.

A prayer I developed back in the 1990s. To you dear Lord my God I pray.

To you dear Lord my God I pray. Direct my paths throughout this day. And keep my life away from strife as you guide me along the way.

Psalms of the Advancing Noah Movement

Psalm 1

God is in Control.

God rules the Nations. Powerful is God.

God installs Authority positions in mankind. Powerful is God.

God provides for the seed of Adam and Eve. Powerful is God.

God blesses the seed of Noah. Powerful is God.

God teaches through his devotees the way of life. Powerful is God.

Establish the Empire of your Authority Almighty God, we beseech thee.

You are Powerful, Almighty God. In humility we acknowledge your authority.

God is in Control.

ANM Prayer Campaign – Resurrection

The God of the ANM is responsible for answering the prayers of the ANM. Amongst those prayers is the prayer to resurrect the dead. The prayer uses Daniel chapter 12 prayed well over 700 times now. It is for the resurrection of the dead to the life of the World to Come. The application of this prayer would probably not be done on a wholesale basis. It would be done individually, for a soul who is in the afterlife, when they have achieved enough spiritual knowledge and sanctification to maintain eternal life on Earth, so that the resurrection plan would not be done in vain in their life. It would fit in with the ANM's prayer on World Expansion. Thus, it would be done on occasions, January 4th each year a popular day for this to occur, but not necessarily exclusively to that day, and would be handled by God. The resurrected soul, done from the prayers of the ANM, would have requirements to learn ANM doctrine and be associated permanently thereafter with the ANM, as a full eternal member or an associate eternal member.


·         A cavalcade of colour can be entertaining to the eyes. A life full of colour is a pleasure for all to see.

·         Wisdom is seen in length of the days of eternity. The short lived who found folly, why wouldst thou put thine trust in them?

·         To live forever, it seems to me, is the only point, eternally.

·         If you can gain income through little work, it might not make you think yourself valuable to the society necessarily. Hard work often impresses you in your own being.

·         Better to live the life of luxury and tell the hard workers to enjoy their pride, for the easy life, once attained, is really not worth giving up.

·         A man who knows his legal rights and responsibilities, such a soul can chart its way through society.

·         Concern for your family and loyalty to them is a work of the heart worth eternally committing to.

·         The black sheep of your family needs someone to love them as well.

·         The wisdom of loyal friends should be rewarded with carefully judged loyalty.

·         If your buddy keeps on hanging around, divulge a bit more of your personal life to them with time.

·         If you really want eternal life, it makes sense to seek out those who have a similar desire.

·         Don't trust to easily, but sometimes some souls deserve you to make a fool of yourself when they betray you a little bit. Remember, they are only frail humans.

·         If a person is happy to live and let live with you in society, they are the fellow families of society which make welfare from the central social organisation a good enough idea.

·         People who continue to hang around in life, and live without hassling others, they are worth the effort of work to support them.

·         A person who is lazy, but generally kind and lawful, give them a break for a season and a time.

·         A person who is lazy, but generally kind and lawful, when they finally get off their arses, smile as they say 'This sucks'.

·         The end of the matter is the beginning of the next.



Chapter One

Fidelity Club – On the first Sunday of the Month, at 1 in the afternoon, you take a notebook with you and walk to the nearest playing field. You stay for 1 hour and write down all the types of animals and humans which cross your view. Usually it is best to choose a place of activity and to sit on a bench. You are not just bird watching but fauna watching in general. Record the total number of different animals in the general sense (You don't have to go right down to species level, but can if you want to), and take the data home and put it into your life database. Fidelity runs for a whole year, and naturally you will need fidelity to get through the year. At the end of the year you meet up with other members of your 'Fidelity' club to have tea and biscuits, and discuss your Fidelity findings for the year, as well as chatting about all the interesting things which happened during your year of fidelity. It's an annual meetup, so fidelity club headquarters are not really required (Unless affordable, as it can be used as a meetup place in general), just a meeting place at a community centre or hiring a function room for the afternoon. It is similar to birdwatching in many ways, but from a broader perspective.

Chapter Two

Ballpower – You play on a playing field with a standard soccer ball. There are 4 goals, one on each side of the square playing field. The soccer ball is placed at the centre of the field. There are 4 teams of 5 player each. At the start of play the four teams are all behind their goal line, on the edge of the field. The whistle is blown and they all run to try to get to the ball first, and then play begins. The object is to kick the ball into one of the goals to score a goal, any at all. The other teams defend the goal or try to score themselves. It is very challenging, because a player can deflect a ball slightly with his head or foot from someone elses kick, and claim the goal. When a goal is scored the team scoring the goal claims the point, and then the ball is placed again in the centre, and players return to the sidelines to start again. There are two halves of 45 minutes each. Winning team is the team which scores the most goals. In a ladder competition there are 3 points for the win, 1 point for teams who draw with the highest number of goals, and no points for non-winners.

Chapter Three

Weight Run – This can be used in the Noahide Summer Games (held every 4 years in the year before the Olympic Games.)  The weight run is a run over 20 miles, carrying weights in a backpack to test your endurance.  For females the weight is 50 kilograms and for males the weight is 75 kilograms.

Chapter Four

General Cricket CRICKET LAWS of ANM

Law 1: The players. Each team comprises eleven players, with a captain also.

Law 2: Substitutes. A substitute placaye can replace an injured player, and fully take part in the game.

Law 3: The umpires. There are two umpires, who judge the Laws and gameplay. One Umpire stands behind the wicket at the bowlers end, and the other is at 90 degrees from the batters end, a distance of about 15 yards from the wicket.

Law 4: The scorers. There are scorers who record the score of the game, following the umpires signals in the gameplay.

Law 5: The ball. A cricket ball is between 8 13/16 and 9 inches (22.4 cm and 22.9 cm) in circumference, and weighs between 5.5 and 5.75 ounces (155.9g and 163g).

Law 6: The bat. The bat is no more than 38 inches (97 cm) in length, and no more than 4.25 inches (10.8 cm) wide. It may be made of wood or a composite plastic or rubber type substance, but no metal of any sort.

Law 7: The pitch. The pitch is a rectangular area of the ground 22 yards (20 m) long and 10 ft (3.0 m) wide.

Law 8: The wickets. The wicket consists of three wooden stumps that are 28 inches (71 cm) tall. The stumps are placed along the batting crease with equal

distances between each stump. They are positioned so that the wicket is 9 inches (23 cm) wide. Two wooden bails are placed on top of the stumps. The bails must

not project more than 0.5 inches (1.3 cm) above the stumps, and must, for men's cricket, be 4

5⁄16 inches (10.95 cm) long.

Law 9: Bowling, popping, and return creases. This law sets out the dimensions and locations of the creases. The bowling crease, which is the line the stumps are in the middle of, is drawn at each end of the pitch so that the three stumps in the set of stumps at that end of the pitch fall on it (and consequently it is perpendicular to the imaginary line joining the centres of both middle stumps). Each bowling crease should be 8 feet 8 inches (2.64 m) in length, centred on the middle stump at each end, and each bowling crease terminates at one of the return creases. The popping crease, which determines whether a batsman is in his ground or not, and which is used in determining front-foot no balls (see law 24), is drawn at each end of the pitch in front of each of the two sets of stumps. The popping crease must be 4 feet (1.2 m) in front of and parallel to the bowling crease. Although it is considered to have unlimited length, the popping crease must be marked to at least 6 feet (1.8 m) on either side of the imaginary line joining the centres of the middle stumps. The return creases, which are the lines a bowler must be within when making a delivery, are drawn on each side of each set of the stumps, along each sides of the pitch (so there are four return creases in all, one on either side of both sets of stumps). The return creases lie perpendicular to the popping crease and the bowling crease, 4 feet 4 inches (1.32 m) either side of and parallel to the imaginary line joining the centres of the two middle stumps. Each return crease terminates at one end at the popping crease but the other end is considered to be unlimited in length and must be marked to a minimum of 8 feet (2.4 m) from the popping crease.

Law 10: Innings. Before the game, the teams agree whether it is to be over one or two innings, and whether either or both innings are to be limited by time or by overs. In practice, these decisions are likely to be laid down by Competition Regulations, rather than pre-game agreement. In two-innings games, the sides bat alternately. The team batting first eternally fluctuates in order from one team to the other, one after another, the first team at the premeier of the ongoing competition batting first is designated by which team comes first in its official team name in alphabetical order.

Law 11: Intervals. There are intervals between each day's play, a fifteen-minute interval between innings, and lunch, tea and drinks intervals. The timing and length of the intervals must be agreed before the match begins.

Law 12: Start of play; cessation of play. Play after an interval commences with the umpire's call of "Play", and at the end of a session by "Time". The last hour of a match must contain at least 20 overs, being extended in time so as to include 20 overs if necessary.

Law 13: Practice on the field. There may be no batting or bowling practice on the pitch except before the day's play starts and after the day's play has ended. Bowlers may only have trial run-ups if the umpires are of the view that it would waste no time.

Law 14: Scoring runs. Runs are scored when the two batsmen run to the other end of the pitch and ground their bat or foot beyond the crease line. Several runs can be scored from one ball.

Law 15: Boundaries. A boundary is marked round the edge of the field of play. If the ball is hit into or past this boundary, four runs are scored, or six runs if the ball didn't hit the ground before crossing the boundary. It it lands on the boundary line it is four runs.

Law 16: Lost ball. If a ball in play is lost or cannot be recovered, the fielding side can call "lost ball". The batting side keeps any penalty runs (such as no-balls and wides) and scores the higher of six runs and the number of runs actually run.

Law 17: The result. The side which scores the most runs wins the match. If both sides score the same number of runs, the match is tied. However, the match may run out of time before the innings have all been completed. In this case, the match is drawn.

Law 18: The over. An over consists of six balls bowled, excluding wides and no balls. Consecutive overs are delivered from opposite ends of the pitch. A bowler may bowl as many consecutive overs from opposite ends as liked.

Law 19: Dead ball. The ball comes into play when the bowler begins his run up, and becomes dead when all the action from that ball is over. Once the ball is dead, no runs can be scored and no batsmen can be dismissed. The ball becomes dead for a number of reasons, most commonly when a batsman is dismissed, when a boundary is hit, or when the ball has finally settled with the bowler or wicketkeeper.

Law 20: No ball. A ball can be a no ball for several reasons: if the bowler bowls from the wrong place; or if he straightens his elbow during the delivery; or if the bowling is dangerous; or if the ball bounces more than twice or rolls along the ground before reaching the batsman; or if the fielders are standing in illegal places. A no ball adds one run to the batting team's score, in addition to any other runs which are scored off it, and the batsman can't be dismissed off a no ball except by being run out or stumped, or by handling the ball, hitting the ball twice, or obstructing the field.

Law 21: Wide ball. An umpire calls a ball "wide" if, in his or her opinion, the batsman did not have a reasonable opportunity to score off the ball. A wide adds one run to the batting team's score, in addition to any other runs which are scored off it, and the batsman can't be dismissed off a wide except by being run out or stumped, or by handling the ball, hitting his wicket, or obstructing the field.

Law 22: Bye and Leg bye. If a ball that is not a no ball or wide passes the striker and runs are scored, they are called byes. If a ball that is not a no ball hits the striker but not the bat and runs arescored, they are called leg-byes. However, leg-byes cannot be scored if the striker is neither attempting a stroke nor trying to avoid being hit. Byes and leg-byes are credited to the team's but not the batsman's total.

Law 23: Appeals. If the fielders believe a batsman is out, they may ask the umpire "How's That?", commonly shouted emphatically with arms raised, before the next ball is bowled. The umpire then decides whether the batsman is out. Technically, the fielding side must appeal for all dismissals, including obvious ones such as bowled. However, a batsman who is obviously out will normally leave the pitch without waiting for an appeal or a decision from the umpire.

Law 24: The wicket is down. Several methods of being out occur when the wicket is put down. This means that the wicket is hit by the ball, or the batsman, or the hand in which a fielder is holding the ball, and at least one bail is removed, but if both bails have already been previously removed, one stump must be removed from the ground.

Law 25: Batsman out of his ground. The batsmen can be run out or stumped if they are out of their ground. A batsman is in his ground if any part of him or his bat is on the ground behind the popping crease. If both batsman are in the middle of the pitch when a wicket is put down, the batsman closer to that end is out.

Law 26: Bowled. A batsman is out if his wicket is put down by a ball delivered by the bowler. It is irrelevant whether the ball has touched the bat, glove, or any part of the batsman before going on to put down the wicket, though it may not touch another player or an umpire before doing so.

Law 27: Timed out. An incoming batsman must be ready to face a ball (or be at the crease with his partner ready to face a ball) within 7 minutes of the outgoing batsman being dismissed, otherwise the incoming batsman will be out.

Law 28: Caught. If a ball hits the bat or the hand holding the bat and is then caught by the opposition within the field of play before the ball bounces, then the batsman is out.

Law 29: Hit wicket. If, after the bowler has entered his delivery stride and while the ball is in play, a batsman puts his wicket down by his bat or his body he is out. The striker is also out hit wicket if he puts his wicket down by his bat or his body in setting off for a first run. "Body" includes the clothes and equipment of the batsman.

Law 30: Leg before wicket (LBW). If the ball hits the batsman without first hitting the bat, but would have hit the wicket if the batsman was not there, and the ball does not pitch on the leg side of the wicket, the batsman will be out. However, if the ball strikes the batsman outside the line of the off-stump, and the batsman was attempting to play a stroke, he is not out.

Law 31: Run out. A batsman is out if at any time while the ball is in play no part of his bat or person is grounded behind the popping crease and his wicket is fairly put down by the opposing side.

Law 32: Stumped. A batsman is out when the wicket-keeper (see Law 40) puts down the wicket, while the batsman is out of his crease and not attempting a run.

Law 33: The wicket-keeper. The keeper is a designated man from the bowling side allowed to stand behind the stumps of the batsman. He is the only player from his side allowed to wear gloves and external leg guards unless a specified second wicket keeper in the first slip position is chosen to play in this role also.

Law 34: The fielder. A fielder is any of the eleven cricketers from the bowling side. Fielders are positioned to field the ball, to stop runs and boundaries, and to get batsmen out by catching or running them out.

Cricket Team Mascots for ANM

Cryptic Gargoyles



Vampire Bats

Fierce Minotaurs


Huge Leviathans

Epic Gargantuans

Invincible Warriors


Honey Eaters

Doom Leopards

Shadow Princes

Angry Bears

Sarcastic Zebras

Monkey Magic

Dolphs Crusaders

Edgars Goats

Fuzzy's Love Bugs

Zeldas Ladies

Daniel's Bulldogs

Animal Crackers



Jade Champions

Gold Pennies

Onyx Elephants

Funnell Webs

Deadly Orcas

Mighty Steeds


Chapter Five


The Fat Meerkat

52 Deck of Cards, no Jokers. 3 Players. All 3 players are randomly dealt 12 cards. Choose a player to go first. First player plays lowest card in his hand (lowest number, suit doesn't matter). Aces count as 1, Jack counts as 11, Queen counts as 12, King counts as 13. The next player must play a card 3 digits higher or pass. When all have passed, the last player to play the card on the play deck gets the cards, which go into his 'Count Pile'. After reaching a Jack, Queen, or King, you continue on playing cards, starting the sequence in play with the Ace, which is 3 up from the Jack, and so on, and it just goes on sequentially until nobody can play a card. Every time you pass, you can draw a card from the spare pile card deck. When all cards are finally played, the count piles are counted or scored (Ace = 1, 2 = 2 etc to King = 13) and player with the most points wins and is called 'The Fat Meerkat'.


From 2 to 5 players may play. More players make it easier to finish, but 2 players can be a lot more fun. Standard 52 card deck with Joker's removed. Setup: The 4 Aces are removed and placed upwards as the 4 'Foundation' piles. Players may only play Black cards on Black Foundations and Red Cards on Red Foundations, either of the suit of colour is fine. Object: This is just a team solitaire sort of game. You don't play against anyone, and it is just for fun and passing the time and the challenge. The object is to build from the 'Ace' to the 'King' in the 4 piles of cards. All the cards are dealt out, and there is always a dummy hand given. With 2 players, you have 2/3 of the deck between you, and the odds of finishing a foundation are less than if there were 4 or 5 players. You can play more than 5, but it takes the challenge out of the game. You simply alternate turns, and you choose a card from your hand to place on a foundation, and the object is to complete the runs between you as a team from the Ace to the King. It's not really a game of any skill, but it is a game of fun to see if you complete the challenge. The cards must go in ascending order from Ace to King, and must be the same colour, but suit doesn't matter. You always have to place a dummy hand so that it becomes a challenge to see of you gut lucky with the cards. It is an excellent game for making bets on. You can bet whether (in 3 players for example) there will be 1, 2 or even 3 complete runs. You can bet what run each suit will finish at. ie Spades may reach number 7 etc.

High Card
Use standard 52 card pack. No jokers. 2 to 6 players recommended. The order of value of suits is Hearts first then diamonds then clubs then spades. All cards are dealt out and players keep cards to themselves. The object is to play a card from your pack of your choice, and each player in turn places a card on top of the first card. The card which is highest wins the trick. The ranking is Ace of Hearts highest, then Ace of Diamonds then Ace of Clubs then Ace of Spades then King of Hearts then King of Diamonds and so on all the way down to the two of Spades which is the lowest. The player with the most tricks once all cards are played wins the game. A very simple 'Tricks' game.

Blood Suckers

Four Players.  Noah, Shem, Ham and Japheth.  Noah is given the hearts, Shem the Spades, Ham the Clubs and Japheth the Diamonds.


4 Aces – 40 points

4 2-10s – 40 points (for each card) plus value of cards

4 Jacks 100 points

4 Queens 120 Points

4 Kings 150 Points

3 Aces – 30 Points

3 2-10s - 30 points plus value of cards

3 Jacks 80 points

3 Queens 100 Points

3 Kings 130 Points

2 Aces – 20 Points

2 2-10s – 20 points plus value of cards

2 Jacks 60 Points

2 Queens 80 Points

2 Kings 110 Points

1 Ace 10 Points

1 2-10s – 10 points plus value of cards

1 Jack – 40 Points

1 Queen – 60 Points

1 King – 90 Points

Now you suck the blood in trading cards.  3 Rounds of trading.  3 cards placed face down for trade voluntarily.  One can be chosen from pack.   You must trade with all three other players. Players choose the cards they want to trade from the other traders 3 cards or hand.  You can only trade your own suit unless you have none of them left in which case whatever you choose. If you get your suit cards again they must be available for trade in the next rounds if they are all you have left. Order of trade is decide as you go.

Chapter Six

Papier Mache and Model Works of MKN Properties

Part of our Arts & Crafts projects is doing Papier Mache and Model works of our Creative Products in MKN. So the designs of buildings especially, but other pictures which have been created in MKN, can be the basis of our designs for work in this field, primarily as hobbies and pastimes. Obviously Noah's Ark and the Tower of Babel are main properties to use. But things which have been created in the MKN can be used, and in nature there are many things which are not owned by anybody which can be done in private usage. Animals, landscapes and scenery of various kinds, mountains, lakes etc. can be done in Papier Mache format and Model work. Also models of the various vehicle designs done by MKN can be done. In general, things in the Public Domain we have legally claimed for fair use can be done, and things in the Public Domain of the Natural world, as well as MKNs own created works.




The Rainbow Torah



In the beginning, God created heaven and earth. But the earth was empty and unoccupied, and darknesses were over the face of the abyss; and so the Spirit of God was brought over the waters. And God said, “Let there be light.” And light became. And God saw the light, that it was good; and so he divided the light from the darknesses. And he called the light, ‘Day,’ and the darknesses, ‘Night.’ And it became evening and morning, one day.

God also said, “Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it divide waters from waters.” And God made a firmament, and he divided the waters that were under the firmament, from those that were above the firmament. And so it became. And God called the firmament ‘Heaven.’ And it became evening and morning, the second day.

Truly God said: “Let the waters that are under heaven be gathered together into one place; and let the dry land appear.” And so it became. And God called the dry land, ‘Earth,’ and he called the gathering of the waters, ‘Seas.’ And God saw that it was good. And he said, “Let the land spring forth green plants, both those producing seed, and fruit-bearing trees, producing fruit according to their kind, whose seed is within itself, over all the earth.” And so it became. And the land brought forth green plants, both those producing seed, according to their kind, and trees producing fruit, with each having its own way of sowing, according to its species. And God saw that it was good. And it became evening and the morning, the third day.

Then God said: “Let there be lights in the firmament of heaven. And let them divide day from night, and let them become signs, both of the seasons, and of the days and years. Let them shine in the firmament of heaven and illuminate the earth.” And so it became. And God made two great lights: a greater light, to rule over the day, and a lesser light, to rule over the night, along with the stars. And he set them in the firmament of heaven, to give light over all the earth, and to rule over the day as well as the night, and to divide light from darkness. And God saw that it was good. And it became evening and morning, the fourth day.

And then God said, “Let the waters produce animals with a living soul, and flying creatures above the earth, under the firmament of heaven.” And God created the great sea creatures, and everything with a living soul and the ability to move that the waters produced, according to their species, and all the flying creatures, according to their kind. And God saw that it was good. And he blessed them, saying: “Increase and multiply, and fill the waters of the sea. And let the birds be multiplied above the land.” And it became evening and morning, the fifth day.

God also said, “Let the land produce living souls in their kind: cattle, and animals, and wild beasts of the earth, according to their species.” And so it became. And God made the wild beasts of the earth according to their species, and the cattle, and every animal on the land, according to its kind. And God saw that it was good. And he said: “Let us make Man to our image and likeness. And let him rule over the fish of the sea, and the flying creatures of the air, and the wild beasts, and the entire earth, and every animal that moves on the earth.” And God created man to his own image; to the image of God he created him; male and female, he created them. And God blessed them, and he said, “Increase and multiply, and fill the earth, and subdue it, and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and the flying creatures of the air, and over every living thing that moves upon the earth.” And God said: “Behold, I have given you every seed-bearing plant upon the earth, and all the trees that have in themselves the ability to sow their own kind, to be food for you, and for all the animals of the land, and for all the flying things of the air, and for everything that moves upon the earth and in which there is a living soul, so that they may have these on which to feed.” And so it became. And God saw everything that he had made. And they were very good. And it became evening and morning, the sixth day.

And so the heavens and the earth were completed, with all their adornment. And on the seventh day, God fulfilled his work, which he had made. And on the seventh day he rested from all his work, which he had accomplished. And he blessed the seventh day and sanctified it. For in it, he had ceased from all his work: the work whereby God created whatever he should make.


Adam and Eve

These are the generations of heaven and earth, when they were created, in the day when the Lord God made heaven and earth, and every sapling of the field, before it would rise up in the land, and every wild plant, before it would germinate. For the Lord God had not brought rain upon the earth, and there was no man to work the land. But a fountain ascended from the earth, irrigating the entire surface of the land.

And then the Lord God formed man from the clay of the earth, and he breathed into his face the breath of life, and man became a living soul. Now the Lord God had planted a Paradise of enjoyment from the beginning. In it, he placed the man whom he had formed. And from the soil the Lord God produced every tree that was beautiful to behold and pleasant to eat. And even the tree of life was in the midst of Paradise, and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

And a river went forth from the place of enjoyment so as to irrigate Paradise, which is divided from there into four heads. The name of one is the Phison; it is that which runs through all the land of Hevilath, where gold is born; and the gold of that land is the finest. In that place is found bdellium and the onyx stone. And the name of the second river is the Gehon; it is that which runs through all the land of Kush. Truly, the name of the third river is the Tigris; it advances opposite the Assyrians. But the fourth river, it is the Euphrates.

Thus, the Lord God brought the man, and put him into the Paradise of enjoyment, so that it would be attended and preserved by him. And he instructed him, saying: “From every tree of Paradise, you shall eat. But from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, you shall not eat. For in whatever day you will eat from it, you will die a death.” The Lord God also said: “It is not good for the man to be alone. Let us make a helper for him similar to himself.” Therefore, the Lord God, having formed from the soil all the animals of the earth and all the flying creatures of the air, brought them to Adam, in order to see what he would call them. For whatever Adam would call any living creature, that would be its name. And Adam called each of the living things by their names: all the flying creatures of the air, and all the wild beasts of the land. Yet truly, for Adam, there was not found a helper similar to himself. And so the Lord God sent a deep sleep upon Adam. And when he was fast asleep, he took one of his ribs, and he completed it with flesh for it. And the Lord God built up the rib, which he took from Adam, into a woman. And he led her to Adam. And Adam said: “Now this is bone from my bones, and flesh from my flesh. This one shall be called woman, because she was taken from man.” For this reason, a man shall leave behind his father and mother, and he shall cling to his wife; and the two shall be as one flesh. Now they were both naked: Adam, of course, and his wife. And they were not ashamed.


The Temptation

However, the serpent was more crafty than any of the creatures of the earth that the Lord God had made. And he said to the woman, “Why has God instructed you, that you should not eat from every tree of Paradise?” The woman responded to him: “From the fruit of the trees which are in Paradise, we eat. Yet truly, from the fruit of the tree which is in the middle of Paradise, God has instructed us that we should not eat, and that we should not touch it, lest perhaps we may die.” Then the serpent said to the woman: “By no means will you die a death. For God knows that, on whatever day you will eat from it, your eyes will be opened; and you will be like gods, knowing good and evil.” And so the woman saw that the tree was good to eat, and beautiful to the eyes, and delightful to consider. And she took from its fruit, and she ate. And she gave to her husband, who ate. And the eyes of them both were opened. And when they realized themselves to be naked, they joined together fig leaves and made coverings for themselves. And when they had heard the voice of the Lord God taking a walk in Paradise in the afternoon breeze, Adam and his wife hid themselves from the face of the Lord God in the midst of the trees of Paradise. And the Lord God called Adam and said to him: “Where are you?” And he said, “I heard your voice in Paradise, and I was afraid, because I was naked, and so I hid myself.” He said to him, “Then who told you that you were naked, if you have not eaten of the tree from which I instructed you that you should not eat?” And Adam said, “The woman, whom you gave to me as a companion, gave to me from the tree, and I ate.” And the Lord God said to the woman, “Why have you done this?” And she responded, “The serpent deceived me, and I ate.” And the Lord God said to the serpent: “Because you have done this, you are cursed among all living things, even the wild beasts of the earth. Upon your breast shall you travel, and the ground shall you eat, all the days of your life. I will put enmities between you and the woman, between your offspring and her offspring. She will crush your head, and you will lie in wait for her heel.” To the woman, he also said: “I will multiply your labors and your conceptions. In pain shall you give birth to sons, and you shall be under your husband’s power, and he shall have dominion over you.” Yet truly, to Adam, he said: “Because you have listened to the voice of your wife, and have eaten of the tree, from which I instructed you that you should not eat, cursed is the land that you work. In hardship shall you eat from it, all the days of your life. Thorns and thistles shall it produce for you, and you shall eat the plants of the earth. By the sweat of your face shall you eat bread, until you return to the earth from which you were taken. For dust you are, and unto dust you shall return.” And Adam called the name of his wife, ‘Eve,’ because she was the mother of all the living. The Lord God also made for Adam and his wife garments from skins, and he clothed them. And he said: “Behold, Adam has become like one of us, knowing good and evil. Therefore, now perhaps he may put forth his hand and also take from the tree of life, and eat, and live in eternity.” And so the Lord God sent him away from the Paradise of enjoyment, in order to work the earth from which he was taken. And he cast out Adam. And in front of the Paradise of enjoyment, he placed the Cherubim with a flaming sword, turning together, to guard the way to the tree of life.


Cain and Abel

Truly, Adam knew his wife Eve, who conceived and gave birth to Cain, saying, “I have obtained a man through God.” And again she gave birth to his brother Abel. But Abel was a pastor of sheep, and Cain was a farmer.

Then it happened, after many days, that Cain offered gifts to the Lord, from the fruits of the earth. Abel likewise offered from the firstborn of his flock, and from their fat. And the Lord looked with favor on Abel and his gifts. Yet in truth, he did not look with favor on Cain and his gifts. And Cain was vehemently angry, and his countenance fell. And the Lord said to him: “Why are you angry? And why is your face fallen? If you behave well, will you not receive? But if you behave badly, will not sin at once be present at the door? And so its desire will be within you, and you will be dominated by it.” And Cain said to his brother Abel, “Let us go outside.” And when they were in the field, Cain rose up against his brother Abel, and he put him to death. And the Lord said to Cain, “Where is your brother Abel?” And he responded: “I do not know. Am I my brother’s keeper?” And he said to him: “What have you done? The voice of your brother’s blood cries out to me from the land. Now, therefore, you will be cursed upon the land, which opened its mouth and received the blood of your brother at your hand. When you work it, it will not give you its fruit; a vagrant and a fugitive shall you be upon the land.” And Cain said to the Lord: “My iniquity is too great to deserve kindness. Behold, you have cast me out this day before the face of the earth, and from your face I will be hidden; and I will be a vagrant and a fugitive on the earth. Therefore, anyone who finds me will kill me.” And the Lord said to him: “By no means will it be so; rather, whoever would kill Cain, will be punished sevenfold.” And the Lord placed a seal upon Cain, so that anyone who found him would not put him to death.

And so Cain, departing from the face of the Lord, lived as a fugitive on the earth, toward the eastern region of Eden. Then Cain knew his wife, and she conceived and gave birth to Enoch. And he built a city, and he called its name by the name of his son, Enoch.

Thereafter, Enoch conceived Irad, and Irad conceived Mahujael, and Mahujael conceived Mathusael, and Mathusael conceived Lamech. Lamech took two wives: the name of one was Adah, and the name of the other was Zillah. And Adah conceived Jabel, who was the father of those who live in tents and are shepherds. And the name of his brother was Jubal; he was the father of those who sing to the harp and the organ. Zillah also conceived Tubalcain, who was a hammerer and artisan in every work of brass and iron. In fact, the sister of Tubalcain was Noema. And Lamech said to his wives Adah and Zillah: “Listen to my voice, you wives of Lamech, pay attention to my speech. For I have killed a man to my own harm, and an adolescent to my own bruising. Sevenfold vengeance will be given for Cain, but for Lamech, seventy-seven times.” Adam also knew his wife again, and she gave birth to a son, and she called his name Seth, saying, “God has given me another offspring, in place of Abel, whom Cain killed.” But to Seth also was born a son, whom he called Enos. This one began to invoke the name of the Lord.


The First Genealogy

This is the book of the lineage of Adam. In the day that God created man, he made him to the likeness of God. He created them, male and female; and he blessed them. And he called their name Adam, in the day when they were created. Then Adam lived for one hundred and thirty years. And then he conceived a son in his own image and likeness, and he called his name Seth. And after he conceived Seth, the days of Adam that passed were eight hundred years. And he conceived sons and daughters. And all the time that passed while Adam lived was nine hundred and thirty years, and then he died. Seth likewise lived for one hundred and five years, and then he conceived Enos. And after he conceived Enos, Seth lived for eight hundred and seven years, and he conceived sons and daughters. And all the days of Seth that passed were nine hundred and twelve years, and then he died. In truth, Enos lived ninety years, and then he conceived Cainan. After his birth, he lived eight hundred and fifteen years, and he conceived sons and daughters. And all the days of Enos that passed were nine hundred and five years, and then he died. Likewise, Cainan lived seventy years, and then he conceived Mahalalel. And after he conceived Mahalalel, Cainan lived for eight hundred and forty years, and he conceived sons and daughters. And all the days of Cainan that passed were nine hundred and ten years, and then he died. And Mahalalel lived sixty-five years, and then he conceived Jared. And after he conceived Jared, Mahalalel lived for eight hundred and thirty years, and he conceived sons and daughters. And all the days of Mahalalel that passed were eight hundred and ninety-five years, and then he died. And Jared lived for one hundred and sixty-two years, and then he conceived Enoch. And after he conceived Enoch, Jared lived for eight hundred years, and he conceived sons and daughters. And all the days of Jared that passed were nine hundred and sixty-two years, and then he died. Now Enoch lived for sixty-five years, and then he conceived Methuselah. And Enoch walked with God. And after he conceived Methuselah, he lived for three hundred years, and he conceived sons and daughters. And all the days of Enoch that passed were three hundred and sixty-five years. And he walked with God, and then he was seen no more, because God took him. Likewise, Methuselah lived for one hundred and eighty-seven years, and then he conceived Lamech. And after he conceived Lamech, Methuselah lived for seven hundred and eighty-two years, and he conceived sons and daughters. And all the days of Methuselah that passed were nine hundred and sixty-nine years, and then he died. Then Lamech lived for one hundred and eighty-two years, and he conceived a son. And he called his name Noah, saying, “This one will console us from the works and hardships of our hands, in the land that the Lord has cursed.” And after he conceived Noah, Lamech lived for five hundred and ninety-five years, and he conceived sons and daughters. And all the days of Lamech that passed were seven hundred and seventy-seven years, and then he died. In truth, when Noah was five hundred years old, he conceived Shem, Ham, and Japheth.


The Sons of God

And when men began to be multiplied upon the earth, and daughters were born to them, the sons of God, seeing that the daughters of men were beautiful, took to themselves wives from all whom they chose. And God said: “My spirit shall not remain in man forever, because he is flesh. And so his days shall be one hundred and twenty years.” Now giants were upon the earth in those days. For after the sons of God went in to the daughters of men, and they conceived, these became the powerful ones of ancient times, men of renown. Then God, seeing that the wickedness of men was great upon the earth and that every thought of their heart was intent upon evil at all times, repented that he had made man on the earth. And being touched inwardly with a sorrow of heart, he said, “I will eliminate man, whom I have created, from the face of the earth, from man to other living things, from animals even to the flying things of the air. For it grieves me that I have made them.” Yet truly, Noah found grace before the Lord.



These are the generations of Noah. Noah was a just man, and yet he was predominate among his generations, for he walked with God. And he conceived three sons: Shem, Ham, and Japheth. Yet the earth was corrupted before the eyes of God, and it was filled with iniquity. And when God had seen that the earth had been corrupted, (indeed, all flesh had corrupted its way upon the earth) he said to Noah: “The end of all flesh has arrived in my sight. The earth has been filled with iniquity by their presence, and I will destroy them, along with the earth. Make yourself an ark from smoothed wood. You shall make little dwelling places in the ark, and you shall smear pitch on the interior and exterior. And thus shall you make it: The length of the ark shall be three hundred cubits, its width fifty cubits, and its height thirty cubits. You shall make a window in the ark, and you shall complete it within a cubit of the top. Then you shall set the door of the ark at its side. You shall make in it: a lower part, upper rooms, and a third level. Behold, I shall bring the waters of a great flood upon the earth, so as to put to death all flesh in which there is the breath of life under heaven. All things that are on the earth shall be consumed. And I shall establish my covenant with you, and you shall enter the ark, you and your sons, your wife and the wives of your sons with you. And from every living thing of all that is flesh, you shall lead pairs into the ark, so that they may survive with you: from the male sex and the female, from birds, according to their kind, and from beasts, in their kind, and from among all animals on earth, according to their kind; pairs from each shall enter with you, so that they may be able to live. Therefore, you shall take with you from all the foods that are able to be eaten, and you shall carry these with you. And these shall be used as food, some for you, and the rest for them.” And so Noah did all things just as God had instructed him.


The Flood

And the Lord said to him: “Enter the ark, you and all your house. For I have seen you to be just in my sight, within this generation. From all the clean animals, take seven and seven, the male and the female. Yet truly, from animals that are unclean, take two and two, the male and the female. But also from the birds of the air, take seven and seven, the male and the female, so that offspring may be saved upon the face of the whole earth. For from that point, and after seven days, I will rain upon the earth for forty days and forty nights. And I will wipe away every substance that I have made, from the surface of the earth.” Therefore, Noah did all things just as the Lord had commanded him. And he was six hundred years old when the waters of the great flood inundated the earth. And Noah entered into the ark, and his sons, his wife, and the wives of his sons with him, because of the waters of the great flood. And from the animals both clean and unclean, and from the birds, and from everything that moves upon the earth, two by two they were brought into the ark to Noah, male and female, just as the Lord had instructed Noah. And when seven days had passed, the waters of the great flood inundated the earth. In the six hundredth year of the life of Noah, in the second month, in the seventeenth day of the month, all the fountains of the great abyss were released, and the floodgates of heaven were opened. And rain came upon the earth for forty days and forty nights. On the very same day, Noah and his sons, Shem, Ham, and Japheth, and his wife and the three wives of his sons with them, entered the ark. They and every animal according to its kind, and all the cattle in their kind, and everything that moves upon the earth in their kind, and every flying thing according to its kind, all the birds and all that can fly, entered the ark to Noah, two by two out of all that is flesh, in which there was the breath of life. And those that entered went in male and female, from all that is flesh, just as God had instructed him. And then the Lord closed him in from the outside. And the great flood occurred for forty days upon the earth. And the waters were increased, and they lifted the ark high above the land. For they overflowed greatly, and they filled everything on the surface of the earth. And then the ark was carried across the waters. And the waters prevailed beyond measure across the earth. And all the lofty mountains under the whole heaven were covered. The water was fifteen cubits higher than the mountains which it covered. And all flesh was consumed which moved upon the earth: flying things, animals, wild beasts, and all moving things that crawl upon the ground. And all men, and everything in which there is the breath of life on earth, died. And he wiped away all substance that was upon the earth, from man to animal, the crawling things just as much as the flying things of the air. And they were wiped away from the earth. But only Noah remained, and those who were with him in the ark. And the waters possessed the earth for one hundred and fifty days.



Then God remembered Noah, and all living things, and all the cattle, which were with him in the ark, and he brought a wind across the earth, and the waters were diminished. And the fountains of the abyss and the floodgates of heaven were closed. And the rain from heaven was restrained. And the waters were restored to their coming and going from the earth. And they began to diminish after one hundred and fifty days. And the ark rested in the seventh month, on the twenty-seventh day of the month, upon the mountains of Armenia. Yet in truth, the waters were departing and decreasing until the tenth month. For in the tenth month, on the first day of the month, the tips of the mountains appeared. And when forty days had passed, Noah, opening the window that he had made in the ark, sent forth a raven, which went forth and did not return, until the waters were dried up across the earth. Likewise, he sent forth a dove after him, in order to see if the waters had now ceased upon the face of the earth. But when she did not find a place where her foot might rest, she returned to him in the ark. For the waters were upon the whole earth. And he extended his hand and caught her, and he brought her into the ark. And then, having waited a further seven days, he again sent forth the dove out of the ark. And she came to him in the evening, carrying in her mouth an olive branch with green leaves. Noah then understood that the waters had ceased upon the earth. And nevertheless, he waited another seven days. And he sent forth the dove, which no longer returned to him. Therefore, in the six hundred and first year, in the first month, on the first day of the month, the waters were diminished upon the earth. And Noah, opening the cover of the ark, gazed out and saw that the surface of the earth had become dry. In the second month, on the twenty-seventh day of the month, the earth was made dry. Then God spoke to Noah, saying: “Go out of the ark, you and your wife, your sons and the wives of your sons with you. Bring out with you all the living things that are with you, all that is flesh: as with the birds, so also with the wild beasts and all the animals that move upon the earth. And enter upon the land: increase and multiply upon it.” And so Noah and his sons went out, and his wife and the wives of his sons with him. Then also all living things, and the cattle, and the animals that move upon the earth, according to their kinds, departed from the ark.

Then Noah built an altar to the Lord. And, taking from each of the cattle and birds that were clean, he offered holocausts upon the altar. And the Lord smelled the sweet odor and said: “I will no longer curse the earth because of man. For the feelings and thoughts of the heart of man are prone to evil from his youth. Therefore, I will no longer pierce every living soul as I have done. All the days of the earth, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, night and day, will not cease.”

And God blessed Noah and his sons. And he said to them: “Increase, and multiply, and fill the earth. And let the fear and trembling of you be upon all the animals of the earth, and upon all the birds of the air, along with all that moves across the earth. All the fish of the sea have been delivered into your hand. And everything that moves and lives will be food for you. Just as with the edible plants, I have delivered them all to you, except that flesh with blood you shall not eat. For I will examine the blood of your lives at the hand of every beast. So also, at the hand of mankind, at the hand of each man and his brother, I will examine the life of mankind. Whoever will shed human blood, his blood will be poured out. For man was indeed made to the image of God. But as for you: increase and multiply, and go forth upon the earth and fulfill it.”


The Covenant

To Noah and to his sons with him, God also said this: “Behold, I will establish my covenant with you, and with your offspring after you, and with every living soul that is with you: as much with the birds as with the cattle and all the animals of the earth that have gone forth from the ark, and with all the wild beasts of the earth. I will establish my covenant with you, and no longer will all that is flesh be put to death by the waters of a great flood, and, henceforth, there will not be a great flood to utterly destroy the earth.”

And God said: “This is the sign of the pact that I grant between me and you, and to every living soul that is with you, for perpetual generations. I will place my arc in the clouds, and it will be the sign of the pact between myself and the earth. And when I obscure the sky with clouds, my arc will appear in the clouds. And I will remember my covenant with you, and with every living soul that enlivens flesh. And there will no longer be waters from a great flood to wipe away all that is flesh. And the arc will be in the clouds, and I will see it, and I will remember the everlasting covenant that was enacted between God and every living soul of all that is flesh upon the earth.” And God said to Noah, “This will be the sign of the covenant that I have established between myself and all that is flesh upon the earth.”

And so the sons of Noah, who came out of the ark, were Shem, Ham, and Japheth. Now Ham himself is the father of Canaan. These three are the sons of Noah. And from these all the family of mankind was spread over the whole earth.



And Noah, a good farmer, began to cultivate the land, and he planted a vineyard. And by drinking its wine, he became inebriated and was naked in his tent. Because of this, when Ham, the father of Canaan, had indeed seen the privates of his father to be naked, he reported it to his two brothers outside. And truly, Shem and Japheth put a cloak upon their arms, and, advancing backwards, covered the privates of their father. And their faces were turned away, so that they did not see their father’s manhood. Then Noah, awaking from the wine, when he had learned what his younger son had done to him, he said, “Cursed be Canaan, a servant of servants will he be to his brothers.” And he said: “Blessed be the Lord God of Shem, let Canaan be his servant. May God enlarge Japheth, and may he live in the tents of Shem, and let Canaan be his servant.” And after the great flood, Noah lived for three hundred and fifty years. And all his days were completed in nine hundred and fifty years, and then he died.


The Second Genealogy

These are the generations of the sons of Noah: Shem, Ham, and Japheth, and of the sons who were born to them after the great flood.

The sons of Japheth were Gomer, and Magog, and Madai, and Javan, and Tubal, and Meshech, and Tiras. And then the sons of Gomer were Ashkenaz, and Riphath, and Togarmah. And the sons of Javan were Elishah, and Tarshish, Kittim, and Rodanim. The islands of the Gentiles were divided by these into their regions, each one according to his tongue, and their families in their nations.

And the Sons of Ham were Cush, and Mizraim, and Put, and Canaan. And the sons of Cush were Seba, and Havilah, and Sabtah, and Raamah, and Sabteca. The sons of Raamah were Sheba and Dadan. And then Cush conceived Nimrod; he began to be powerful on the earth. And he was an able hunter before the Lord. From this, a proverb came forth: ‘Just like Nimrod, an able hunter before the Lord.’ And so, the beginning of his kingdom was Babylon, and Erech, and Accad, and Chalanne, in the land of Shinar. From that land, Assur came forth, and he built Nineveh, and the streets of the city, and Calah, and also Resen, between Nineveh and Calah. This is a great city. And truly, Mizraim conceived Ludim, and Anamim, and Lehabim, Naphtuhim, and Pathrusim, and Casluhim, from whom came forth the Philistines and the Caphtorim. Then Canaan conceived Sidon his firstborn, the Hittite, and the Jebusite, and the Amorite, the Girgashite,
the Hivite, and the Arkite: the Sinite, and the Arvadian, the Samarite, and the Hamathite. And after this, the peoples of the Canaanites became widespread. And the borders of Chanaan went, as one travels, from Sidon to Gerar, even to Gaza, until one enters Sodom and Gomorrah, and from Admah and Zeboiim, even to Lesa. These are the sons of Ham in their kindred, and tongues, and generations, and lands, and nations.

Likewise, from Shem, the father of all the sons of Heber, the elder brother of Japheth, sons were born. The sons of Shem were Elam, and Asshur, and Arphaxad, and Lud, and Aram. The sons of Aram were Uz, and Hul, and Gether, and Mash. But truly, Arphaxad conceived Shelah, from whom was born Eber. And to Eber were born two sons: the name of the one was Peleg, for in his days the earth became divided, and his brother’s name was Joktan. This Joktan conceived Almodad, and Sheleph, and Hazarmaveth, Jerah and Hadoram, and Uzal and Diklah, and Obal and Abimael, Sheba and Ophir, and Havilah and Jobab. All these were the sons of Joktan. And their habitation extended from Messa, as one sojourns, even to Sephar, a mountain in the east. These are the sons of Shem according to their kindred, and tongues, and the regions within their nations. These are the families of Noah, according to their peoples and nations. The nations became divided according to these, on the earth after the great flood.


The Tower of Babel

Now the earth was of one language and of the same speech. And when they were advancing from the east, they found a plain in the land of Shinar, and they dwelt in it. And each one said to his neighbor, “Come, let us make bricks, and bake them with fire.” And they had bricks instead of stones, and pitch instead of mortar. And they said: “Come, let us make a city and a tower, so that its height may reach to heaven. And let us make our name famous before we are divided into all the lands.” Then the Lord descended to see the city and the tower, which the sons of Adam were building. And he said: “Behold, the people are united, and all have one tongue. And since they have begun to do this, they will not desist from their plans, until they have completed their work.} Therefore, come, let us descend, and in that place confound their tongue, so that they may not listen, each one to the voice of his neighbor.” And so the Lord divided them from that place into all the lands, and they ceased to build the city. And for this reason, its name was called ‘Babel,’ because in that place the language of the whole earth became confused. And from then on, the Lord scattered them across the face of every region.

The End



In Genesis 9:1 God tells Noah to fill the world with his sons. All the world is meant for the sons and daughters of Noah. Our legal religion is the Rainbow Torah (Genesis 1:1 - 11:9). Noah cursed Canaan. He was to be the lowest of slaves to his brothers, Shem and Japheth. Canaan ultimately inherited land. The land of Canaan. This land is to ultimately fall into Japheth and Shem's hand, and the Canaanites are to be slaves to the progeny of Japheth and Shem. The Table of Nations in Genesis 10 delineates the famiies of Japheth and Shem. In the rest of Genesis 11 we find the extension of a Shem line, through Eber, down to Terah. Terah had a son called Nahor and another son called Haran. Nahor had a wife called Milcah. Milcah was the daughter of Haran, who had another child called Iscah. One of Terah's grandsons was called Lot. Lot left the land of Ur of the Chaldees, and ultimately arrived in the land of Canaan. Lot lived in Sodom for a while. Two angels eventually came and gathered him with his wife and two daughters, and took them out of Sodom, which was destroyed by the LORD with fire from heaven. Lot's wife looked back at Sodom when they were escaping, and was turned into a pillar of salt. Lot's two daughters decided to get their father drunk, as they had no other opportunties for mates, and they did so, one the first night, and another the second night. They became Ammon and Moab, which formed the nations of Ammon and Moab and the Ammonite People and the Moabite people. Ruth was a member of the Moabite people. Ruth ended up living in Bethlehem. She was from the line of Shem. It was promised by Noah that Shemitic people would inherit the land of Canaan. Ruth lived there for a while. Nahor appears to have had a son called Laban. Laban had a sister called Rebecca. These were Shemitic people. Laban entered into a covenant with a certain individual not to pass beyond a certain point of land, which had a witness of a pile of stones to mark this covenant. This was Laban's personal covenant. This covenant does not stand for anything except Laban's own commitment to it. Laban was a Shemite under the Covnenant of Noah. He was a Noahide. Lot was a Shemite under the Covenant of Noah. He was a Noahide. They were Noahides who believed in God. The foundation of the nations of Moab and Ammon were of nations who believed in God. They were formed from foundation as Noahide Nations.  Lot had an uncle who had interaction with the priest of the Most High God, Melchizedek.  Melchizedek was priest of Most High God in Salem.  Salem is apparenty in the land of Canaan, and was probably renamed Jerusalem.  In the book of Joshua we have a king of Salem called Adoni-Zedek, an Amorite.  This is most likely a descendant of Melchizedek, who was thus most probably an Amorite Priest of Salem.  Melchizedek was also King of Salem.  Lot’s uncle got involved with warfare, and returning of goods to their rightful owners in some way, and he was giving a tithe of certain goods to Melchizedek.  Melchizedek told him to keep the goods, but that he would accept the souls (presumably as slaves or servants).  Lot’s uncle declined this, saying he would not keep the tithe of goods for himself, lest Melchizedek say he had made Abram rich.  However, he maintained that his friend Aner, Escholl and Mamre should have their parts.  Of course, as an Amorite, Melchizedek was a Noahide, and functioned under Noah’s Covenant.  Being a priest of Most High God, and receiving a tithe, which is 10%, we can know from this that tithing 10% of goods to a Noahide Priest is a normal activity for a Noahide.

In Genesis 41 we learn about the Pharaoh of Egypt.  Egypt is traditionally known as the Noahide Nation of ‘Mizraim’.  Mizraim is listed second on the sons of Ham, son of Noah, in Genesis 10.  Noah did not curse Mizraim.   Ham had been cursed, not Mizraim.  Pharaoh is recorded as having had a dream.  It reads:  “Then it came to pass, at the end of two full years, that Pharaoh had a dream; and behold, he stood by the river. Suddenly there came up out of the river seven cows, fine looking and fat; and they fed in the meadow. Then behold, seven other cows came up after them out of the river, ugly and gaunt, and stood by the other cows on the bank of the river. And the ugly and gaunt cows ate up the seven fine looking and fat cows. So Pharaoh awoke. He slept and dreamed a second time; and suddenly seven heads of grain came up on one stalk, plump and good. Then behold, seven thin heads, blighted by the east wind, sprang up after them. And the seven thin heads devoured the seven plump and full heads. So Pharaoh awoke, and indeed, it was a dream. Now it came to pass in the morning that his spirit was troubled, and he sent and called for all the magicians of Egypt and all its wise men. And Pharaoh told them his dreams, but there was no one who could interpret them for Pharaoh. We read later in Genesis that there were seven years of famine followed by seven years of plenty.”  God had spoken to Pharaoh in a dream, giving him a portent of what would happen in the future.  We learn from this history that God speaks to us in dreams about future events.  We can thus learn from this to record our dreams, and think abou them, and perhaps work out what might happen in the future from the dreams.  We don’t have to, you know.  We can live and let life flow on, following God, and walking with him.  We do not really know of Pharaoh had much faith in God at this time.  It seems that Egypt had fallen into a lot of idolatry.  We, as Noahides, should learn that idolatry is not really the facts.  The Rainbow Torah teaches us who God really is.  Egypt still exists as a country today.  This biblical Nation of Mizraim endures.  In fact, the biblical Noahide nation of Assyria exists today as the nation of Syria still.  Further, the biblical nation of Lebanon also still exists to this day.  Damascus is mentioned in the bible, and it also still exists to this day.  There was an employee of a certain individual in Genesis, named Eliezer.  He is called in some translation Eliezer of Damascus. He is possibly a Noahide from Damascus. Damascus is in the Noahide nation of Assyria.  Progressing into Exodus we learn more about Egypt.  Egypt suffered 10 plagues under the judgment of God. They had persecuted a foreign people who had been their slaves, and God had informed the Pharaoh through one of his servants amongst those people that Egypt had been acting too harshly towards this people and oppressing them.  God expects Noahide nations not to oppress other nations is one of the core lessons we can learn from this.  Potiphar was a figure of note in Genesis as well as his wife, and Potiphera priest of On had a daughter who married a member of these foreigners.  The Pharaoh of Egypt in Exodus had a daughter who brought up a foreigner who acted as the servant of God who spoke to Pharaoh.  Pharoah was addressed by God from someone in his own family in a sense.  Of course it was a new pharaoh later than the prior one who was addressed.  They quite possibly knew each other.  Movies based on teachings from Exodus make this claim, but there is nothing specific in the text itself to prove this.  Well, Egypt carried on as a nation, and the foreigners were allowed to leave after the 10 plagues, which had been quite severe from God, and while the nation had been decimated, they ultimately survived and in this year, 6180 SC (2017 CE) Egypt continues to survive as a nation.  There are various other figures of note from the scriptures of the Tanakh, which ultimately fall under the Noahide Covenant in their covenantal status with God, yet a review of that text, if interested, should be a matter of personal study.  In the book of Daniel, though, we have Babylon talked about, as well as the nations of Persia and Greece.  In the apocryphal book of Maccabees the Roman people are referred to.  Ancient Greece and Rome had pantheons of gods.  These were idols – not true gods.  But from my personal observations there is much of merit in Greek and Roman culture.  Aesop was a Greek story teller, who lived approximately 600 years before the beginning of the common era.  He was apparently born in Thrace at a point on the Black Sea.  Other commentators say he was born in Phrygia.  Aesop, an ancient Greek storyteller, a nation in Europe, is credited as the author of a collection of fables. These fables have stayed alive in humanity’s earth culture, and I have known ideas from these fables since youth, especially the story of the hare and the tortoise.  I have included, tentatively, a collection of Aesop’s fables in the Haven Noahide Fellowship Rainbow Bible, the collection being from the Public Domain, the translation being in English.  If there were ever legal issues of royalties on this, and Aesop approved of us using his collection of stories, proper royalty arrangements would be contracted upon.  Aesop is a slice of history and culture, from Greece, which I think is appropriate enough for Noahides to make use of.  The tales have a sufficient moral and other form of lesson in them, that they are useful and practical for Noahides to make use of.  Of course, Aesop, being Greek, can only really be judged by Noahide Covenant faith ultimately in his earthly sojourn.  He was by no records established in any other covenantal status with God, and his time on earth preceded latter offspring of Tanakh Hebrew faith communities.

Ancient cultures of mankind since the dawn of Civilization include Egypt, Assyria, Phoenicia, Babylon, Persia, Arabia, Lebanon, Mesopotamia, Greece and Rome amongst others.  There are many cultures of mankind which existed before the beginning of the common era.  In these communities idolatry was often present, and knowledge of the God of the Covenant of Noah was not widespread.  But the judgement upon them by God ultimately did refer back to the Covenant codes of ancient days.  These people were ultimately Noahide peoples, and fall under the judgment of Noah’s Covenant, and the scriptures of Genesis 1:1 – 11:9, the Rainbow Torah.  With the advent of the religion known as Christianity in the early years of the common era, which emerged from Hebrew Jewish Israelite faith, the world entered into a new phase, dominated by the teaching and zeal of Jesus of Nazareth and his claims of being the Messiah of Israel.  These claims are false, but the apparent standing Jesus has with God for his religion is official status somewhat, of a Torah based faith.  Christian culture is a separate culture within mankind, a subculture of sorts, despite its large size in this modern 21st century of the common era.  This subculture controls much of the world’s land and institutions of society.  In public schools and public law of the west, Christianity takes its place and works alongside non-christian citizens.  Christians are quite dominant in western cultural societies but there are other citizens who have not joined the religious community of the Christian Church.  The Rainbow Torah community recognizes in various degrees the official status of Christianity and its denominations, which function under the teachings and authority of the New Testament and its church elders and teachers.  We do not associate with the Christian Church in the Rainbow Torah community in any legal sense, apart from recognition that they operate under the authority of God, who controls the church for his own purposes.  They are recognized by us as legal citizens also, and afforded their legal rights, but not regarded in any more sense of import than cultural contributors to the marketplace, and often co-workers in public and private organisations and businesses.  They are not required to be acknowledged by us in any great sense, and affiliating with their congregations in their church hall meeting places would best be avoided, due to their focus in an idolatrous way upon the historical person of Jesus.  Essentially cult like in many practices, they are often best avoided.  Naturally there are members of the Christian community who have something approaching decency and humanity, prepared to acknowledge the salvation outside of their church, but these beacons of light are few and far between.  It is difficult in salvation cults like Christianity, Islam and Bahai, amongst others, for individual members to ever really escape the indoctrination of the pastorship.

King William conquered England in 1066 of the common era.  He was embroiled, most likely, in the Christian faith.  Throughout Britain most citizens were caught up in Christianity.  It continued on in its strength from the early centuries of the common era right up to the 20th century.  In the 21st century of the common era it is probably in decline somewhat, as church attendances are dropping, but people still often get their children baptized.  Today, in 2017, there is a large percentage of Britain which is non-christian.  Generally in our view they would fall under the covenant of Noah.  We are not 100% sure on the requirements of the Christian church to adhere to the Rainbow Torah or not, as God has suggested to me it might be an official religion, but for those outside of the church we are comfortable teaching that they should generally involve themselves with service to the Noahide Covenant.  There have been many citizens of mankind over history which have been people who have accomplished noteworthy feats and achievements.  Who can say really who does not belong in official ANM history and who does.  But  we are seeking what we can of official Noahides or those who identify in a way of righteousness among mankind who are not clearly affiliated with another faith.  One might speak of Aime Palliere, but he was involved ultimately with the 7 laws of Noah heresy.  The famous German writer and statesman, Johan Wolfgan Von Goethe, seemed to identify as a Hyposistarian.  He was of belief in God, but seemed to identify with the God of Israel.  He was close to a Karaite Noahide concept.  In the Talmudic Noahide movement of recent years there have been figures of interest, and to include names I will mention some of them.  Frances Makarova, an Australian Noahide of the Observant Bnai Noah of Australia, and her friend June Cantrell.  In the United Kingdom Hesediah, or David Dryden, a former Karaite Noahide adherent of sorts, now functioning under the 7 laws of Noah.  Billy Jack Dial, who has been associated in the past with the High Bnai Noah council.  J David Davis, who wrote ‘Finding the God of Noah’.  Jack Saunders, a prominent figure in the Noahide community.  Adam Penrod.  Ray Petersen at Noahide Nations and, finally, Alan Cecil, who has written Noahide works.  There are others, but that will suffice.



The Life of Niall of the Nine Hostages

A biography by his descendant Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly

It's shrouded in myth, because it was long ago, and records are contradictory and told in legend format, but Niall seems to have been a genuine enough historical personage, one of the High Kings of ancient Ireland. He is the apparent progenitor of the O'Neil clan, and many others, including the Daly clan, and it is considered that as much as 8% of modern Ireland is descended from him patrilineally. He lived in approximately the 4th to the 5th century of the common era, the son of Eochaid Mugmedon, who had four other sons to another wife, not Niall's own mother. The moniker of 'The Nine Hostages' refers to nine hostages that he received, from parts of Ireland and Britain, but legends conflict on the exact origin of these hostages. The O'Neils became kings of Ireland for a few centuries following his death, and other Irish surname families are attributed to him also. Niall is presumed, on the basis of the historical importance of his sons and grandsons in Irish records, to have been a genuine historical figure, but the early Irish annals say little about his life. The Annals of Inisfallen date his death before 382, and the Chronicon Scotorum to 411. The later Annals of the Four Masters dates his reign to 379-405, and the chronology of Geoffrey Keating's Foras Feasa ar Éirinn to 368–395. There is not much we can known for historical certainty on Niall's life, suffice to say that it is probable he existed and is the ancient father of much of the modern Irish peoples.



Victoria's England

Historical Notes of Daniel from 6178 SC

Victoria's England. I remember it. Sort of. Not really in the actual living history of experiencing it firsthand, but in the repercussions of her tenures, which are still felt today. You see her on those half crown coins, that noble face, that staunch old English maid, who a nation worshipped and prayed for the salvation of, and knew herself a goddess over the world's biggest Empire, surely to rule the waves eternal. You see it these days, the emblems of the Victorian era, in our still tradition of good dress, and fine speech, and intelligent British conversation. A culture shaped linguistically so much since the time of Shakespeare, but born again in Jane Austen, and seeing life clearly in Thomas Hardy. Mary Poppins may have indeed popped in to many a home, but those values were staunchly British, and the Empire was onwards forever. I think of Victoria as the Grand Matriarch of British Society, and despite Cromwell's protestations, the young Churchill as its deepest advocate of the British way of life. They fought wars, and built Empire, and Victoria's name and rule was known from far flung India, to the heart of deepest, darkest Afryka. I see it still in our English teaching Institutions, were strict headmasters bring out the cane, and enforce discipline, and I think that Tom Brown's school days were difficult times, with not much mercy I often felt, but which was the making of you in the end. Victoria, actually, did have liberal spirit as well. She was a woman of her era, when virtues were stricter, but there was a merriment in life also. Agatha Christie was born from such a world, and young J R R Tolkien's Middle Earth had so much of its culture shaped from the generation of Victoria's rulership. The Victorian era. A great name for Antique collectors, for it is all Antique now in the British requirements of a century of age having been reached, and while she is not ancient history quite yet, it is an era steeped in its own one day realized sense of myth, like ancient Britain is, with its Arthur’s and Robin Hoods, and while we have so much historical fact from the era, there is so much fantasy of the Victorian spirit which lives on to this day, and continues to shape our modern English culture. It was a time when Britain went through great Industrial change, and jobs changed all the time, waking up from the classical and middle ages eras, into a growing and more technologically emerging world. Lucy Potter would not quite have been burned at the stake in those days, which were a little bit more tolerable of the magic arts, but a witch was still a witch. She seemed to know how to be a queen. How to rule. How to curb the Empire to her will almost. How to instil respect in England's institutions, and how to maintain that respect long after her passing. Cricket really emerged strongly through the Victorian era, as did the football codes, and the British Empire eclipsed Rome under Victoria's steady hand as the biggest and most influential, and to this day the Anglosphere is the largest and most widespread cultural reality on the planet. Victoria was a real person. Victoria was a true person. She lived her life, did her duty, and was that pinnacle of Aristocracy the Empire probably really did need, which continued proud traditions, and made Britain strong and great. In some ways we live in the shadow of Victoria still, although Elizabeth the Second has eclipsed her service in this year of 6178 SC, and I think, despite the great majority of King's the Empire has had, it is her Queen's which have seemed to have risen to the greatest of prominence and fame with the recollections of history. Long may we say God save the Queen.



The Life of Winston Churchill

A biography by Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly

(Written 14th of September 6180 SC / 2017 CE)

Winston Churchill was a Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.  He came to prominence especiall during World War II, in leading Britain against the evils of Nazi Germany under Adolph Hitler.  Winston was traditional in his ways, but would act boldly at time, and break rules to get things done.  He inspired England during the war with determined speeches to oppose the blitzkrieg of Germany, to fight them on the beaches and in the air and to defend the British Way of Life.  England had declared war on Germany in 1939 after Germany had invaded Poland.  This had crossed the line in British political opinion, and so war unfortunately had to be waged.  Prominent during the war was the Spitfire, a British plane, which was a key asset in the Battle of Britain, the airwar fought with Germany in the skies over Britain.  Germany didn’t win that fight, in the end.  They left off, and Britain eventually, when the American’s joined the fight, pushed into Europe with D Day, and eventually conquered the German’s attempt at building another reich for the glory of Germany.  Winston Churchill lived on after the war, and was one of the most influential people of the 20th century.  He was also an artist, and our family have a jug with some of his artwork on it.  After resigning from Government in 1955 he painted over 500 pieces of artwork as a hobby of his.  Winston was born on the 30th of November 1874 in Blenheim Castle in Woodstock, Oxfordshire and died at his London home, aged 90, on the 24th of January 1965.



The Life of Peter Paul Daly

A biography by his Grand-Son Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly

I never met Peter Paul. He died before I was born. Dad (Cyril) tells me he was a hard man, and I get the feeling dad didn’t appreciate it that much. I think dad said he had a taste for classical music, so he must have had some records. Mum also told me that Peter Paul played the fiddle, so obviously he had a fondness of music. Peter Paul was the son of Peter Daly, who worked as a Grocer in Mullingar (who dad recalls as also being Peter Paul Daly) and Maria Daly nee Molloy, and he was born in Earl Street, Mullingar in Ireland on the 6th of July 1876. Peter Paul's father, Peter Daly, was on the Town Council of Mullingar, serving as Chairman of the Board from 1888 to 1899. Of Course, Peter Paul Daly was born at Earl Street in Mullingar. Also from that time period we have this online record of Denis Daly and his family. The address was 3 Earl Street in Mullingar from the 1911 Census. Denis was born about 1857, which potentially makes him a brother of 'Peter Daly' the Town Commissioner, due to the Earl Street Residence were Peter Paul Daly was born.

Peter Paul Daly was baptized into the Roman Catholic Church on the 11th of July 1876. Funnily enough my brother Gregory was born 100 years after Grand-pa, in 1976. At one point in Peter's life he worked as a Tutor in Orange, NSW and at another he worked as a cellarman in one of the Pubs on one of the main streets of Sydney (ie Pitt or Elizabeth or York street or something like that). Peter married Mary Ann McLean (born 26th of June 1885 in Sydney, the daughter of Duncan McLean and Mary McLean nee Finn) at St Mary's Cathedral in Sydney on the 10th of February 1908. Joseph Daly, his brother, witnessed the marriage and signed on the certificate. They had 1 girl, Molly, followed by 9 boys (in no particular order) Stan, Keith, Frank, Leo, Vincent, Cyril, Brian, Peter & Kevin, followed by another girl, Philomena who was last of all. Here at 29 Merriman crescent we have a photo of Peter Paul with some of his boys, as well as a photo of him with his wife (my grandmother) Mary Ann. Peter lived at 43 Arden Street in Clovelly in Sydney where the family was initially raised in Cyril's years, and it would have been a tight fit with so many children. The whole family was Roman Catholic, and it appears they were quite religious and Grandfather probably went to church every Sunday like dad. His son Leo was a Marist Brother, and the whole Clan were involved with Church throughout their lives and kept the faith. I remember going along to St Vincent de Paul with uncle Kevin in Sydney one time, and that uncle Frank went to the latin mass later on in life. Each of the Daly boys seemed actively involved with the Church. Peter Paul used to go to Mass every morning, and he would read the papers in the park before work. He went to Mass up in Waverly at Immaculate Heart instead of Arden Street church, because he preferred those priests who wore the brown habits. At home in Arden street, it was a small 2 bedroom place, with a lounge room, and the family would sit in the kitchen, while Peter Paul sat alone in the lounge room very often. An anecdote from the family is that every afternoon, on radio 2BL, Peter Paul would be listening and 'God save the King' would come on the radio at 4 O'Clock, and he would storm down the hallway in a huff (In true Irish fashion). Auntie Shirlie provided that anecdote for me. His grandson Philip Modaferi informed me that he was indeed a strong man, that he once went on a holiday to Ireland in his older age, and the kids all cheered him off, and that he had astronomy textbooks and studied the stars. Telling that to mum she recalled he was into the stars, and that Cyril once told her that Peter Paul used to get the children out at nights to look at the stars. His wife Mary Ann died on the 5th of July 1939 at 43 Arden Street, and this was recorded in the Sydney Morning Herald in the obituaries on Thursday the 6th of July 1939 (available to view online). There was a requiem mass for the repose of her soul held at St Anthony's church, Clovelly, on the Thursday morning at 9 O'Clock. The funeral party would leave the church, after Mass, for the Botany Cemetery. By request there would be no flowers. According to online records found at the 'Ancestry' website, Peter lived at Waverly in Sydney in 1915, Coogee in Sydney in 1930, Coogee in Sydney in 1937, Waverly in Sydney in 1943 and Clovelly in Sydney in 1963. He died on the 20th of June 1965 aged 88. Grandpa Peter has 'Daly' features in photos of him from younger years, and I can see were his son's get their looks. I am grateful to my grandfather for having my father, and without him I would not be here. I am sure he is in the heavenlies, receiving his reward and enjoying his rest, and my prayers and best wishes are for him.

Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly

The Life of Thomas Joseph Baker

Compiled by his Grand-Son Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly

Thomas Joseph Baker was born in Hartlepool, Durham, at Colenso Street on the 9th of September 1902. His parents were Terrence Baker and Annie O'Neil. He married Gladys Stone in 11th September 1930 in St Mary's in Wilton Street, Hull. They had 3 children, Terrence, Gerald and my mother Mary. When they got married they lived in Brazil street. Later they lived on Newbridge Road, possibly number 89.. They were going to 8th of September which is Our Lady (Mary's) Birthday, but it was pushed back to the 11th. When Mary was born he was a builders labourer and one of his jobs was working on East Hull Estate, a group of houses. Later he worked in Bennigers Margarine Company which probably closed down, and he got work at about 60 on the docks of Hull as a glorified office boy in mum's words. At 60 he had a major heamorraghe and lost a lot of blood, and his death certificate says he died of lymphoma. He had a lot of problems with his leg and couldn't get into the army because of it. Later addresses were 58 Preston Road and 18 Ganstead lane were he lived in latter years. The Newbridge road address was bombed during the war, and they had to move. Tom liked cards and he played solo a lot. He liked to visit the pub on weekends and would visit southcotes lane pub. Music he liked included Sasha Desell. He smoked Woodbine tobacco. He never drove a car, and rode a bike. He liked soccer, and supprted Hull City (My team also). He liked reading readers digest magazine. He wasn't particularly academic and mum says her mother was brighter. He took the kids to Hull Fair a lot especially as because his sister Kitty lived near it. Kitty moved up from Hartlepool to work on the trains and lived in 5 Bulmier Terrace Edinburgh Street Hessle Road. He was a placid man and the family seemed to get along well enough. He always stoked the stove at church and looked after the gardens at the back of the school. He had general tools in the family and could do what was called crazy paving. He liked watching basesball at Sutton. At Rockford playing fields and took my mother on occasons.. He would bike everywhere with the family and they visited Paul Village a lot. That's all for now – more to come later.

The Life of Cyril Aloysius Daly

A biography by his son with further autobiographical information and commentary on Daniel's own life

Compiled by Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly

Cyril Aloysius Daly was born on the 11th of August 6086 SC (1922 CE-AD). His father was Peter Paul Daly and Mary Ann Daly (Nee McLean). Cyril was the 7th boy of 9 boys, the boys (in no particular order) being Vincent, Leo, Keith, Stan, Brian, Kevin, Peter & Frank, and his sisters being Molly and Philomena. Cyril was raised in Sydney in New South Wales in Australia. His first home was in the suburb of Clovelly, in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, on the coast. Cyril served in World War II, but did not see any personal combat himself (fortunately, or I might never have been born). He worked in telecommunications sort of work in World War II. He was a war hero because he served his country against the terror of the Axis trio of Germany, Italy and Japan. After the war Cyril worked in different things, but ended up working for the PMG (Post Masters General) and for Telecom. Cyril worked for the PMG/Telecom area for 38 years. My family still has a painting which was presented to Cyril for his achievement from Telecom. It is a lovely painting of the Yaouk valley. Cyril married Mary Daly (Nee Baker) on the 26th of December 1968 in the Christian Calendar, which in the Haven Noahide Fellowship Calendar we would call the 26th of December 6132 SC. Cyril's ancestry traces back to Noah and he is a Noahide biologically and naturally. Cyril was raised in Roman Catholic faith and believed that Jesus was the Christ and died with this faith. His wife Mary Daly is, as of early 6175 SC, also still a practicing Roman Catholic, yet I (Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly) have been attempting to convert her to Noahide faith to accept Haven Noahide Fellowship.

I have had dreams of Cyril Daly my father in heaven, and he has a beautiful spirit associated with him. I believe in my heart that my father will live forever in heaven, and that my mother Mary Daly, when she dies, will join him. I am hoping that they will realize the wisdom of the Rainbow Covenant of Noah and realize, as Genesis teaches, that the Rainbow Covenant is an Everlasting Covenant. I have firm faith in my abilities to convert him should I eventually die and go to heaven, so I truly believe that both Cyril and Mary will inevitably become members of Haven Noahide Fellowship once they realize that Jesus was not the Messiah of the Hebrew Scriptures and that the Jewish people were correct in realizing this truth and, further, that Christianity displeases God. The Noahide faith is an eternal faith, an everlasting covenant as Scripture maintains, and the Rainbow is a natural and supernatural sign of God’s divine intervention in mankind. The Rainbow Covenant is the family faith of Noah’s children and the Daly’s are most probably descended through Noah’s son Japheth to Nigall of the 9 Hostages, and on through to Peter Paul Daly (Cyril’s father) and to Cyril Aloysius Daly and to myself, Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly.

In English Noahide Gematria utilizing Ordinal Equivalents, Cyril equals 67. Daly equals 42. So Cyril Daly is 109. Aloysius is 121. So Cyril Aloysius Daly is 230. Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly is 228 in Noahide Gematria Ordinal Equivalents.

Cyril had 5 children – in order of birth, Matthew, Brigid, Daniel, Jacinta and Gregory. His grandchildren in order of birth are. Madalene, Jayden, Georgia, Ronan, Amelia, James & Rachel so far.Madalene, Jayden and Georgia are Brigid’s children through David Bridges. Ronan, Amelia and Rachel are Jacinta’s children through Alan Bradley. James is Gregory’s child through Christie Daly (nee Gonzaga). Cyril died in 2007 in the Christian or Common Era Calendar which would be 6171 SC in the Haven Noahide Fellowship calendar. His funeral Service was well attended. Trish Kirby gave the eulogy for Cyril Daly as she did for my brother Matthew. It was excellent on both occasions. Cyril liked to take photographs, and we as a family still have many of them. As a family we used to go to Buckenderra in New South Wales, for Telecom Christmas parties. These were wonderful times for the family, and I have good memories of them. I remember some early memories of Cyril and myself in Berridale. I was being cheeky and say Zee instead of Zed. Cyril said if I said Zed he would let me have a biscuit (and I think it might have been a Granita biscuit). I obeyed him, but when I had the biscuit I cheekily said Zee anyway. I was a bit of a devil. I remember another memory being in the verandah of 7 Bent Street in Berridale and saying to dad I will stay up all night with you. I didn’t do that in the end, but the memory is still with me. I remember playing in a box which dad had brought home from Cooma, and then the Goodies came on TV. I played in the box for a while longer, then went inside. I remember the time which dad brought home a clock, and we still have that clock here at 29 Merriman Crescent. One of the hands of the clock is currently unattached, but it can be put back on if it needs to be. The clock was made in Korea. This goes back to the 1970s. I have recently thought the clock might be a bit of a collectable, but the family should really keep the clock forever. I have some photos of my dad Cyril Aloysius Daly and I want to keep them forever.

I remember being up in Sydney recently when Auntie Molly had just turned 100, just before she died, and looking at her I was speaking with my mum Mary and saying, doesn’t she look just like dad, and mum agreed. We went up to Sydney with Gregory and Christie and James I think, and we visited Auntie Shirlie (Uncle Stan Daly’s wife) in Caringbah, were we talked about family things. I saw a picture of my cousin Colin, who looks a lot like my brother Matthew. Coming back from that trip to Sydney we listened to a CD, and I was really enjoying the final song by the Pretender’s (500 Miles) which finished perfectly just as we got back home to 29 Merriman Crescent. I was thinking to myself what a good celtic song to sing. I remember another time with Cyril and the family near Nimmitabel were there was a telecom office, up in the forest. We stayed the night and played Monopoly. It was a lovely memory. I think we might possibly have gone more than once. I remember many visits to Tathra as a kid with the family. We would collect shells and swim in the ocean and play on the rocks. And I remember a time when in Infants school my mum Mary was chosen to accompany a school visit to Tathra. It was a lovely time for me. I remember a family visit to Uncle Peter’s in Sydney with the family and there were other uncles there. I made some jokes and I think it was Auntie Pat who said I was clever or something like that. I remember we stayed at Uncle Kevin’s with Auntie Pat’s a lot.

There was this time in 1989 CE when Cyril took me and my friend, whose nickname was noodles, up to Sydney to see the Bon Jovi concert. Me and Noodles were up the back a long way from the stage, but I did see Jon Bon Jovi and the Bon Jovi band in person, even if from a long distance. There were two girls in front of us who we thought were cool. I bought a Bon Jovi T Shirt with a heart on the front of it at that concert, and I remember seeing a guy with a Skid Row T Shirt which I thought was very cool. Bon Jovi have been one of my favourite bands for a long time. I have listened to the Albums Bon Jovi, 7800 degrees Fahrenheit, Slippery When Wet, New Jersey, Keep the faith, These Days, Crush, Bounce, Have a Nice Day & Lost Highway. Hopefully I will get around to hearing the rest of their albums in due course. My brother Gregory recently saw Bon Jovi live in Perth with Christie. He said they were good. I remember listening to Bon Jovi on the radio in Perth when we visited just last year in September, and the song ‘When We Were Beautiful’ was playing, and it was a very touching experience for me. I have had a number of dreams about Bon Jovi, very cool ones, and I love the band heaps. I remember when I was younger listening to the Bon Jovi song ‘Bad Medicine’ being played in the Cooma Pinball Parlour. The first Bon Jovi album I owned was a tape copy of ‘Slippery When Wet’ which Damien Asanovsci had given to me. Later on I bought New Jersey on tape and I loved the album after a while. I thought it was not very good on the first listening, apart from Bad Medicine and 99 in the Shade, but after a while I adored the album. There was a time me, Damien Asanovsci and Peter Dradrach were working up at the Jindabyne Trout farm, and I had brought along my tape player and I played Bon Jovi up there. The trout farm was a great place, and I have good memories of my time there. They had a clock, like our current grandfather clock, which you had to pull down the bars to make the clock work. Damien rolled a Ute on the farm for the short while we were working there, but he didn’t get into too much trouble. When I got back to Cooma I talked with my family about the time, and I remember the time with Brigid when we talked a bit about it. I think I had a tan when I got back. It was good work, not too hard, but we pinched some drinks a little bit because we were thirsty. But we definitely earned our money, and it was about the first paid job I had. I got a cheque for the work, which I cashed probably at St George, probably in the bank account which I still have. It was a building society in those days, but is now a Bank and has recently merged with Westpac.

My father supported the Eastern Suburbs Roosters Rugby League side, as he was from that part of Sydney. My mother Mary also supports the roosters, and I assume she did so to support her husband's team. Matthew, my brother, initially supported the St George Dragons when he was younger, but supported the Roosters later on in life, perhaps because of Cyril. Dad was quite a placid gentleman of a father, though he occasionally had a temper. He never beat us, though, but did bring out the strap rarely when we were younger and gave us a very mild strapping. There was never anything fierce in Cyril's punishments, and he was an excellent father and very appropriate disciplinarian. Of course, dad enjoyed Classical music, and I do remember us watching 'Amadeus' here at 29 Merriman Crescent a number of years ago. Dad liked comedies like 'The Two Ronnies' and 'Open All Hours', but shared with me once that the 'Porrige' comedy was about criminals, and he had a few issues with the show because of it. Obviously he felt that criminals probably shouldn't be glorified in some way, which likely reflected his understanding of his faith. I think, from memory, mum was possibly a lot more social at church than dad, but I can't really remember for sure. Dad was usually with mum out the front of St Pats after church service, and I guess he probably did talk a lot with the congregation. He went faithfully to church every sunday his whole life and was a very devout Roman Catholic, and prayed the Rosary all the time. He read those mini pamphlets which Catholicism produces quite a lot, but I don't recall a big devotion to the old Bible we had in the family, yet I assume he probably knew it well enough. He was a very competent driver of the family car, and didn't speed ever. In fact, I remember in trips from Berridale and to Cooma as well as Canberra always asking dad to go faster. Fortunately he was wise enough to ignore me. When we moved from Cooma to Canberra, we did the move ourselves (or most of it – details are fuzzy) and me and dad went down a couple of times in the station wagon and filled it up with stuff from 6 Bradley to take it to our new rented home in Kambah. He did a basic load, but I insisted on adding a few more things to fill up the car properly. I think he was mainly concerned with getting beds and things up to Canberra on these trips. I remember one time dad took me and Greg out to the Murrumbidgee river because I had hassled him to do so. I didn't even want to go that badly, and we went to the other section with the large bridge. I jumped off it once, and Greg had done a little bit of swimming, but we didn't stay terribly long that time, and went home. But dad had taken us anyway which was kind of him. Dad kept a lot of notes in notebooks related to his work, a lot of it on jobs and things he did for Telecom, going here and there to fix things up. He seemed a competent enough worker at Telecom, though he didn't terribly highly in the organisation, but he always did his work and worked until retirement age. He was a faithful man to work and his occupation and I look back now very proud of a father who raised his children, saw to their schooling and ensure we never went without. We also had enough toys, entertainment, and although mum was the driving force behind it, we definitely had a good share of holidays. Mum and dad argued from time to time, but the definitely loved each other. The undertook Marriage Encounter weekends with their church, were they developed their relationship with each other. I am extremely grateful to have a father which lasted the distance in his marriage and didn't cop out when the going quite possibly got tough. I will always remember that if and when I get married. Dad had a host of tools and enjoyed gardening. He built our first billy cart, and we learned to build them ourselves later, and he taught us to us hammers and nails and screwdrivers and saws. In the garage he had stacks of boxes of those transistors they used in old telecommunication equipment. There were all sorts of odds and ends in the garage, and much of our youth, especially in Cooma, was tinkering around with this or that. He made a little phone system for us in Cooma, which was a wire running between two boxes, were you could speak in one end and hear in the other. It was loads of fun as kids.

A lot of the family holidays were along the NSW south coast. When we were younger the family went to Tathra beach a lot, and I remember coming home sunburnt a heck of a lot. Dad and mum didn't go in the water to swim with us terribly much, and usually stayed up on the beach on the towels. But they might walk in the ripples with us a little, but not usually swim. Sometimes there were exceptions to this, but the norm was for them to stay on the sand as we went swimming or off to the rock pools to collect shells and cuttlefish and things. A holiday home in Terrigal in Gosford was visited a bit, but as we got older we went to Milton near Ulladulla a couple of times I think. Dad was usually the quieter one, driving the car, and talking with mum, while we kids were snapped at not to do this and that by mum an awful lot, and played and had our fun. Dad occasionally played cricket with us over the years, in the back yard at Berridale and Cooma, and here and there, but this diminished, naturally, as he got older. He was an indoors man a lot of the time, but he loved to tinker around in the garage and do things in there. Dad once taught me the secret of batting was to keep your eye on the ball, which I think he learned from Don Bradman's teaching on the issue. I think – I might be mistaken – but he also said the Don usually hit the ball along the ground a lot and was not caught out much because of it. Dad's book collection (which we still own) was mostly scientific technical sort of books, and he had a lot of work related Telecom manuals on hand. In many ways Matt took on dad's stylings in this department, as Matt kept his electronics studies material, and kept his notes and things, and is reminiscent of Cyril in many ways on these things. Matt liked to collect cables and cords and little electronic knick-knacks of various types, and gadgets and things, and I think a lot of that is Cyril's type of behaviour as well. I have probably inherited Cyril's religious genes, being very religious like he was, while Greg has probably got more of Dad's studious type of mentality and his academic scholasticism. It is sort of like Cyril's qualities were divided up among his sons. Dad had an old desk, which is still sitting her in this front room at 29 merriman were I am typing, and a lot of his notes and things are still in files in the desk, untouched by mum for the most part. If he came back from the dead today he could resume his life to a fair degree, and Matt also. The Camera dad have, Matthew seemed to have inherited, but I have it now, in the wooden cupboard in my room which had belonged to Matthew. I moved into Matt's room recently just before Greg got here again recently, and have settled into it. Naturally, we have turfed a whole lot of Matt's studied paperwork now, because nobody in the family really needs it, and its mostly just clutter now. There are many things for both dad and matt that we have retained, though, mostly the important and essential memorabilia of their lives. We still have dad's projector and his films, and Greg got it up and running a couple of years back, but it mostly sits in the closet now, as mum is starting to get on in life, and nobody in the family has much of an interest in those things. Jacinta seems to have a desire – or something mum said relating to that – to own the projector and films, so they will probably go to her one of these days. I will likely inherit dad and matt's book collection and mum is leaving me her book collection also when she eventually passes on. I do have a scrapbook of my father's of movie promo newspaper articles which dad cut out and pasted into the book. It is one of the permanent pieces from dad that I will keep forever. All his photos are still in the cupboard in the room connected to this one, and it looks like they will just sit there until mum passes, at which point I intend to get copies of them all from all the negatives the family still retains of them. There is a photo of dad and mum's wedding right beside me on the wall here in the lounge room and mum has her marriage certificate faithfully on the wall near her bed. Many things have changed since dad's passing (and Matt's also) but many things remain just the same. James, Greg's boy, is getting older, and he reminds me of Cyril in many ways. Soft like dad, and gentle, and of good manners. Mum says he is not close to her at times and feels at a distance somewhat from him, but he opens up to me all the time when he is around and we get along really well. James Daly is an awesome kid and I am very proud of Greg and Christie for producing him. I love him heaps. James full name is James Adelino Cyril Daly, and he takes his middle names from both his grandfathers. He is in Perth at the moment with his mum Christie and they are living at Christie's parents place in Forrestfield, while the home is being rented out, as the family tries to resolve its living situation and work situation. Greg's work at Centrelink is on a contract, and if that ends and he doesn't get alternative work, he will probably go back to Perth, but time will tell either way. As far as I understand it Christie still works at Medicare in Perth, so the family has two incomes at the moment. I am sure they will resolve their challenges in life in time. In latter years, when dad's parkinson's disease became quite prevalent in his life, he was on a wheelchair to get him around a lot of the time, and had become quite a frail old man and of soft speech. It was challenging to talk to him because he was very frail, but things could be said when necessary. We had a lot of carers who helped take care of dad, and they were good for the family and I miss some of them somewhat – without that help it could have been a real challenge taking care of dad. When Matt died, my sister Brigid started going back to the Catholic Church regularly, and now goes each sunday to the church mum goes to, Holy Family church in Corpus Christ parish. That was dad's church in his Macarthur years, and I attended there regularly briefly for a few months in my early 20s when I returned to Christian faith, although after that I went off to Pentecostalism. But Brigid goes regulalry now, and seems to have become somewhat faithful in the way and example mum and dad always set, and mum still does. If it was still my religion I would be going every Sunday myself and, knowing me, all the weekday services as well. Because there are no real believers in my faith in my community here in Canberra I have to do all my religious observances on my own, but I would definitely be very regular in a church if I was still a Christian. So, instead, I read the bible a lot and pray a lot and do things online. It is how I keep my faith and, perhaps many ways, how I walk in the religious tradition of my parents and those before them. The religion may have changed, but the tradition of fidelity to God and King remains the same. I think, of all the things Cyril Daly instilled in his children, it was most definitely a strong religious observance of going to religious assembly and honouring God. Perhaps more than anything else vital to a soul, dad instilled that in us, which gave us so much potential for have a relationship with God and knowing his salvation that, when it all comes down to it, without that in your life, what really matters that much anyway? Thank God dad and Mum care a lot about that issue as far as I am concerned, and will always be grateful for what knowledge of God they did in fact impart to the life of Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly.

One of the big things for us as kids was the yearly trip to Buckenderra on Lake Eucumbene for the annual Telecom Christmas party. Dad drove us there and the whole family went, fitting into the station wagon, all 7 of us, some of the kids in the boot, were I usually was, as we drove out to the four mile and took the off-road up towards Adaminaby and up to Lake Eucumbene. We would get things like cans of soft drink for free and I think there were always things like potato crisps and there was usually a barbecue with sausage rolls and probably steaks with fried onions. Dad would have obviously caught up with his workmates at such a gathering, and mum was incessantly mingling with all the people she came along in life anyway. We would have a rug or something, were mum and dad would sleep, and we might play along the shore of Lake Eucumbene, notice the birdshit from the seagulls I think (possibly), but the thrill of the day was when some old chum showed up in a Santa suit and gave all the kids presents. It sure made our day. When the day ended it was a long drive home, but there were lots of long drives home in those early years, especially back from Canberra. That is part of my deepest and fondest memories, the drive in the station wagon home from Canberra at evening after we had done our business in Canberra for the day, and I am sure dad and mum have memories of fondness from those times as well. I remember getting lost in what, I now remember as, the Canberra Centre when we were kids. It gave me bad memories for years, and I was delighted when dad walked past and out the entrance and me and Greg went and chased after him. I don't think dad had even noticed me and Greg had disappeared. Some of the big memories of our trips to Canberra were seeing the giant red golf ball at the golf course in Narrabundah (I think) just near Symonston. We didn't travel through Tuggeranong in those days to come to Canberra, but up the Monaro and past Fyshwick into Manuka, which is were we usually first got into Canberra from. Mum and Dad liked to shop in a Catholic bookstore called 'Pellegrinis' in Manuka in those days, and we went occasionally to a catholic outlet just across the road from St Christopher's cathedral in Manuka. Early childhood is a lot of memories of us going to this or that Catholic place or church ororganisation, especially Vinnies in Cooma were dad did volunteer work and mum as well from time to time. I even did a little volunteering there myself on just a few occasions. That was dad's religion and that was dad's faith, and it kept his life very busy and was probably his biggest thing in life, looking back, apart from his work and things. Dad usually watched TV with us, and the family was usually around the TV set in the 80s for the Friday Night and Saturday Night movies which were a big deal for us as kids. We got a VCR as a family some time in the mid 80s and then movies became a more and more common thing, but they were pretty big news before that for us as a family in the earlier 80s, and TV was what we had and watched. I think our TV was a rental back than, but we owned later on and, as a lot of people can relate, they tended to proliferate in the household when they became more affordable. Ironically, these days it is not so much the fuss of paying for the TV, but paying for someone to take the damn old tube one away. In fact, life tends to accumulate a lot of crap in the average Aussie household I think these days and as your family grows in age and wealth it is more of a matter of where I am going to put the damned new things I have gotten. We're not exactly hoarders as a family, but we hardly need anything new these days. Almost more of a recycling thing really, with out with the old and in with the new, and sometimes it doesn't even have to be that old before we let go of it. Just the way of the world at the moment. Dad, in younger years, would have been more used to toasters that you toast one side at a time and then open the lids, turn the bread around, and toast the other side. I could imagine that would have been exactly what he had. But later on, like kettles and things, they became more elaborate. Obviously dad, being born in 1922 and dying in 2007 lived through a turbulent time of not only conflicts, but vast technological change as well. He probably would have seen the advent of TV and Computers and probably got something of a concept of the Internet, even though he was a bit old and out of touch by the time it was starting to really emerge. Dad was never a PC Computer man at home, dabbling with older technologies like 70s calculators and telephones of his era and things, but he is the kind of man who would have been had they been around in his generation. Quite possibly would have been an IT man if he was born in later generations. Amongst his old letters and work envelopes and things he had a lot of letters with 'O.H.M.S' on them, which I think were related to his time in Post Master's General. He worked in various places, and of course working up in the snow a lot of time during the Snowy Mountains Scheme years, though mum tells me now that he didn't actually work on the scheme itself, but did work up there during the time-frame. Ironically the Snowy TV mini series from the 90s I think it was, was set in Cooma, but it wasn't actually Cooma were they filmed because all the places were different. Dad enjoyed his TV, and watched a lot of it in Canberra years in retirement. He lived a quiet enough life I guess for the most part, and wasn't given to going on a huge number of trips personally, though he went with mum a lot. In latter years Greg and Mum and me and Matt and Dad would travel a lot here and there around the Canberra region on various trips with dad, getting him in and out of his chair and helping him to get along. Really, despite dad's frailty, they were enjoyable times, and in many ways the best years of my life. A lot of that was the early 2000s before dad died in 2007, and I hope dad enjoyed those years, despite his frail condition. One trip was out to the tracking station in Tidbinbilla, and I remember pushing dad along in his wheelchair, and pointing out the big dishes to him which he enjoyed looking at. Dad's sort of stuff, really. They were good times, those years. Really, quite good times. I was young in my Noahide faith, but happy with it, and I enjoyed my life with my family, and was, even though I might not have expressed it, very happy to be part of a family with a good father at the head. Since then, life has become gradually a bit more sedate, and I think that will go on for some more time yet, but I sense change is coming one day, and a more interactive life will start happening for Daniel Daly again. Not yet, but I'll get there. Naturally, dad had incontinence problems in later years, and the carers did great work, as did mum, in taking care of him properly. Dad WAS taken care of very well in his latter years. He had an active life, despite his frail condition, and mum was a wonderful lady to stand so dutifully by her husband and ensure he had the best of care for him in his latter years. He deserved it as well, and I have very fond memories of our final years together.

The holiday to Victoria in the 1980s was probably our biggest family holiday as kids. Dad rented a fold down caravan which we towed behind us, and we stayed in that on our journeys. We stayed at places like Creswick caravan park, and visited the Dinosaur park there, and some other places as well. Bendigo was visited as well as Ballarat, were we went to Sovereign Hill, the old Gold Mines. Dad did all the driving in those days (mum never got a license) and Dad would always sit in the driver's seat with mum nearly every time in the seat alongside him. In latter years there may have been some minor exceptions to this rule, but none that I can recall from memory. Dad always took care of the oil for the car and I remember often him testing the oil level for the car in his mechanics of taking care of the car. He probably did this a lot on our Victorian holiday, and one thing we did a lot on such trips was play a lot of cards. Dad liked Euchre, but mum liked Rummy. As little kids we played snap and fish a lot, but moved on from that in later years. Like the Milton trips in the holiday home we stayed in, we were very together as a family, and lived in each other's company constantly. Nothing escaped mum's notice, and she always ensured we had clean clothing and looked our best. The number of times she probably combed my hair when I was young would have been numerous. Dad himself was not an overly affectionate father when it came right down to it. He was in his very old age, a very kind and loving old man, who was probably doing his very best then to show proper love to his family. But mostly growing up he was a caring and thoughtful father, perhaps a little distant from the kids as they grew, but always responsible with them. I was a lot closer to my mother Mary in those years, and always have been closest to my mum of all people, generally, and Dad and I didn't talk a huge amount over my life, but when I was quite young he was definitely daddy who took care of us all. In the latter teens, though, I would hardly have cared very much, more concentrating on my gang friends from the arcade. In the early years in Canberra in the 1990s I probably talked to dad a little bit more about things, but I was mostly in my own world in those days, lost in depression and heavy metal, and didn't really have time for anyone really. But Dad would take me places, and he helped me out when I needed to go to job interviews and things by driving me there. I remember specifically a telemarketers job in Fyshwick he took me for, though I didn't really bother to try and get the job properly, mainly a requirement fulfilled on my job diary to get my next payment from social security, because I really wanted to just go to CIT in a few months from then anyway, and was just bullshitting about looking for work. I would simply ring up those ads which had jobs with phone numbers, ask if they had filled them, which they usually had, and asked them to take my details, so that I could put that on my job diary. Really, though, I just wanted to study at CIT, so didn't care at that stage. But If I had ever been offered a job I would have taken it – it just never happened because I had no real experience or qualifications. For those years in the early 90s I only talked to Dad, and ignored mum completely for 5 years, not talking to her at all except once on the phone when I had to, because I was ringing to get dad to pick me up from southside TAFE. I don't really recall much of what I probably talked to dad about in those days. He was in retirement, and spent most of the time at home with mum, probably watching a lot of TV and just pottering around the house. Though the Parkinsons sort of came in around then some time, and things were starting to be noticed on shakings and things. In the mid 90s, after my crisis, I disappeared off to various group houses and flats of my own for about 4 to 5 years, and I didn't visit home a huge amount in those years. But I did drop in from time to time, and occasionally stayed there in between moves and things. I was taught judgementalism of Catholicism by many of the Pentecostals I ran with at the time, which went to my head a bit, but later on in Noahidism all that nonsense gradually died away. It was nothing but protestant hype and winging as far as I am concerned, and did not relate to the real world and the actual way catholics did in fact live their life. Just bullshit from pride-filled biblical zealots who really thought their biblical devotions and works made them something special. A load of cobblers as far as I am concerned now, but I do give them a break because they are studious of the bible and do maintain good moral standards as people, even though irrationally judgemental. My friends Chris White and Paul Saberton are still pumped up on that hype, and I don't really rebuke them on it, as they just argue biblically ideas from revelation and, from experience, I am just wasting my breath to differ with them anyway. They don't really care about the facts of the situation, and follow 'Two Babylons' ideas of Hyslop wether he proved his case or not. But Chris and Paul are kind and loving people, just stuffed up with biblical zealotry as far as I am concerned. In many ways Paul is very grounded, but he needs to live in the real world for a time. Dad, on the other hand, lived in the real world his whole life, as did mum, and had a far more universal approach and understanding on life, much akin to the way Catholicism which means universal, likes to operate. I had a good grounding growing up, got into pentecostalismand saw the point some of them were driving at with various passages of scripture, but they push it to the extreme, and are not really in touch that much with the real world, nor try to be. The Devil'splayground as far as many of the zealot pentecostals are concerned. God love em. Someone has to. Dad never really spoke to me about protestant christians, although Luther was mentioned a little bit as well as King Henry starting the Anglican church, but Mum and Dad didn't really say much about the other churches or worry about them much, although mum did say to me occasionally that if she hadn't been a catholic she would have been in the Salvation Army. Perhaps that says a lot. I found out, from conversations later, that dad did know passages in his bible well enough, and knew some standard catholic interpretations of some passages on philippians I was discussing with him one time in his old frailty. He knew how to answer as well according to his faith and saw his point, though I still disagree with his earthly views (whatever he believes now I don't know, because I hope he is in heaven) that the New Testament or the early church ever taught the Trinity. But obviously the Father, Son and Holy Spirit is what Cyril Daly solidly believed in all his life most likely. Parents and children don't always agree, but they should always love each other, and I think we managed that well enough when all is said and done.

In the Macarthur years dad became gradually older and older and, by the time I was finally starting to grow up and learn about people and loving them and respecting them, he had become a very old man, beset with Parkinson's, who was sometimes difficult to communicate with properly. Oh, we talked from time to time over the years, but in some ways I never really got the opportunity to know him well enough, which is possibly because of the big distance in age between us. Yet I have always respected my father, and really do miss him a lot. I continue to pray for him quite regularly now, as I do for others of my family in heaven. I hope to meet them when this earthly life of mine passes, and catch up a lot and really have a good old yarn with the old man about life and everything 'Daly'. Really, everyone has the best dad in the world, but mine is VERY suitable for Daniel Daly, and I would never consider trading him, nor my mum either. I admire them and respect them, and while we may have different faiths, I know they take God very seriously. I am proud of my parents. I love them both, very deeply, and need them forever in my life, and pray to God they will always be there.

Dad had tools in his tool boxes and out in the carport shed we have 2 metal cabinets full of odds and ends and things. Dad was no great organizer of things, but neither was he disorganized. Mostly a regular type of guy who would usually put things back in their right place, and with things like drill bits and pieces he would never leave them out but ensure they were packed away responsibly, like he did for all his tools. It's just that on the shelves were he put things they wouldn't necessarily always go into the same place. But they were always packed away appropriately. We still have as of today lots of wires and cables and all his tools and things, all out in the carport, and since by brother Matthew passed on last year, that stuff is basically left to me and perhaps Greg, who I doubt will be terribly fussed over it. But there are a lot of memories in those old things, and some times I sit out in the carport, even now in winter, just to be out of the house and feeling busy, even if I am just sitting there. All things considered, dad was an all round sort of a guy, with a blokey sort of aspect to him, but also a very academic one also. His work reflected that, being a technician for Telecom. His mind, like my brother Gregory's, was very mathematical and scientifice and while I myself have abilities in these areas, I am clearly stronger on things like Literature and Religion than Gregory, while he is stronger on Economics and Maths and Science, and we have about the same talent at music. It's not that we don't have the others strengths, its just that we don't pursue them a great deal. For example, Greg has written some fiction, but doesn't pursue it. Like I have said, it's like each of the 3 of Cyril's boys got a different share of his own qualities. Remembering back to Cooma years, I can't see Dad in my head a huge amount, but he was doing things often like mowing the lawn and having cups of tea with mum and guests and driving us to church and things. He watched TV regularly with the family, and we as a family watched a lot of Friday night and Saturday night movies together back in the 80s. In Canberra years, in his retirement, TV was a strong reality of his life. He did readbooks, and we have a family library full of various tomes, and he would often be looking at a book on Ireland or some such subject, and then he would be getting fed his dinner for, with his ongoing parkinsons problems, he faded away gradually with older age. He would laugh at the simpsons, in which he appreciated the sarcasm, but he had limits in what he thought was appropriate TV. Strangely, when I probably should have talked to him the most, coming into my 20s, I was living out of home in pentecostal group houses, and, by the time I should have been getting to know my dad, it seemed he had become too old, and too frail, and the mind, while it was there, couldn't get past the body so easily. We didn't have any great intellectual conversations in our life, as we didn't talk on any great subjects at all hardly, but there was an odd chat about religion later on, when I was Pentecostal. I am now wise enough to know that it didn't really matter who was right and wrong on that issue, as Dad kept Catholic faith perfectly well as any Pentecostal kept biblical faith. Dad went to church every sunday, but I never really saw him reading the bible as such. It wasn't his thing. Instead it was sunday missals and newsletters and booklets on catholicism, rather than a great scriptural devotion although I do know that he had read the thing. Later on, as he got frail, he still insisted on trying to confess his sins to a priest, and mum got a priest around from time to time, and he confessed, but she said to him he was so old and that God didn't need to hear them. She was probably right for the old man. The wheelchair was the main thing for his older age, and we pushed him all over the place and around various places on outings here and there, especially down to Cooma and Chakola and places like that. Dad was merciful man, and he had great love for his children's wellbeing. I know he hoped that Matt would get married one day, for I remember him reflecting on some of my words on the subject, and I bought my brother a ring recently, and sacrificed it to heaven, like I did for 3 of my uncles, just in case they need them, you know. For I have heard you might just need to own a ring if you want to propose later on in the heavenlies, and they are not that easy to come by. Dad loved us all, and prayed for us regularly, and I continue to pray for all members of the family also, using psalms especially, for all of us, praying regularly throughout the year for all the members of our family and extended family and friends also. I really do miss dad quite a lot now, and really look forward to seeing him again when I pass on one day. He was the foundation of my life, and his example on decency and responsibility will always be part of my cherished memories for my old man. I guess, if I was asked to describe my dad in 1 word, I would use the word 'quiet' to describe Cyril Aloysius Daly. He was certainly conservative and faithful and loving and kind, and a lot of other virtues as well, but he was more than anything else 'Gentle' and above that 'Quiet'. He was not a ruffian of a man, had a calm demeanour, the quiet type of guy, who worked carefully and with fidelity to get the job done, and didn't spend an eternity bragging about it later. He was a wonderful old fella.

Various tools dad owned included hammers, saws, hacksaw blade, screwdrivers of various kinds, drills and drill bits including a manual hand rotating one, digging fork, digging spade, pick, axes, block buster's, ladders, trailers, lots of various nuts and bolts in jars, plenty of nails, files, whetting stone, alan keys, pliars, wrenches, spanners, cutters, electric sander and all sorts of other things, and bits and pieces of things, especially electronic things. In his desk he had things like hundreds of staples and pens and pins and safety pins and things. We still have the desk, which we got when he was in Cooma, and mum uses it now. I think some of his old files are still in there, and the photographic equipment is still there, the really old stuff. When he worked at the brick Telecom building in Cooma, I would often visit after school or sometimes on Saturdays for a little while when he brought me and often Greg and Matt in. I would wander around the big electronic boards full of wiring, or type away at a writer thing dad said I could write on, or drink water from the water fountain, which I just about always did. Dad usually sat quietly in the partitioned off mini-office area in the main section of the building, were he did his thing, and I always liked looking at the cool electronic calculator he kept from the 1970s. Matt inherited that calculator, but its gone now. Dad would discipline us as kids, but he never got really angry, or very rarely with us, even though we were a brat pack of kids. It all worked out as we got older though and the family stuck together through thick and thin. I am sure he learned how to raise children as a work in progress just as much as anything he he had learned from a book or his own family experiences, but I think, looking back, he did a pretty good job at it. Mum and himtook to the task with responsibility and almost expertise. Mum had been a nanny in England, and had some training looking after children, so she always knew when we could have a break and when we had to be disciplined, and looking back I feel they usually worked together as a team to resolve the various problems which cropped up. It seems they likely always talked about it to resolve the issues, and while mum usually directed us in what was to be done, it seemed everything was talked over with Cyril beforehand. They worked together well as a team raising children, and despite the difficulties and challenges, I think the world of them both for the wisdom they were able to impart, more from their examples than anything else. If and when I have children of my own one day, I know the kind of responsiblities I will be entrusted to and, because of mum and dad, the kind of ways and lessons I know to be able to handle them. I guess, if I really have a problem with Cyril Daly, is that he has passed on, now, when I am at the kind of age which wants to chat with dad and ask him questions about life and really develop a good friendship. For so much of my life it was Daniel-centric vision, but I am starting to get over myself and see the rest of the world, and I really do wish I'd had another decade or so with my old man, just to nut out his wisdom on life, and to have a drink of beer with him, and uncle Kevin, and chat about the war and the cricket and old grandpa Peter Paul and life in general. Yes, if I have one complaint, is that, even though he lived to 84, he was gone to soon for this son of a gun. But life decides when, and I thank God our final time together was a blessing, and that he died in peace, content in a good home with a good family. He's buried at Queanbeyan lawn cemetry, with Matt now on top of him, and just the other day mum paid for another plot, which can have someone placed on top of it as well, which is for herself and myself when I finally pass on. It's not the same column going along, but it is in the same row I think, and we are not far from Dad and Matt. It's all paid for and the family knows so, when I rest in peace myself, I won't be too far from the man who gave me life in the first place. And that must be a good thing.

There was one time in Cooma, when I made a gate between the house and the garage (the shed). We had what was probably the side of an old cot or something, and I used bolts or fasteners of some kind and then, finding a chain which would support it, connected it to the house so that it swung as a gate. It lasted a few years or so, and I was proud of it and, from memory, I think dad paid me some money for doing the job although I never asked for the money. There was another time when I cleaned out the garage voluntarily, not thinking of money, organising everything and putting it all neatly away, and dad paid me for that as well. But when I had put a lot of comics on the account at the newsagency, even though I wasn't supposed to, mum and dad allowed me to do some chores to pay them off a bit. I think I probably overcharged them for the work I did, but I did do a number of chores to work it off, and they left it at that, and didn't hassle me about it. Of course, they probably knew I pinched a fair few pennies from mum's purse, but it was always grace which covered it. They didn't judge me too harshly. They were merciful and forgiving parents. I look back now and realize that dad had a caring heart, and he rewarded work and effort we did for the family. They were occasions I did think voluntarily for the most part, not expecting payment, but they paid me anyway. It was very kind of them, especially with 5 kids and what must have been a tight budget as mum stayed home looking after us all. I never went without clothes and food, though clothes had initially been hand me downs from Matt when I was a bit younger and he was still bigger than me. We got new shoes pretty regularly, and I was always in my school clothes, and they were always clean and washed and ready for school. The lunches were predominantly sandwiches, but some times we had lunch orders from the canteen, which were always my favourite days. They obviously did well balancing the family budget, and we had many regular holidays, looking back in fact it seemed we were always away some where doing this and that. There were a lot of coast trips, especially Terrigal and Tathra, and numerous visits to the Newmerella river and the Murrumbidgee, but we went to other places as well. Mum was usually the instigator in getting us out and about, and she said she often had to push dad to get us out somewhere, but he never really complained, and let mum handle the organising of those things, but, like he said, he was always there with us, and he watched over us as a responsible parent ought to do. With a moderate sized catholic family, they obviously budgeted well, and with his superannuation payout he was able to pay back his brothers for some of the money we got on house loans to buy the families first homes. When we moved to Canberra, we went into a payback interest only loan for many years from our bank, for the Macarthur house, but that was all finally paid off last year, and Cyril can attest to having afforded the family a Canberra home, largely through his own fidelity to his work. A responsible man, who provided properly for his family's needs – if anything else, that is an enduring legacy of the life of Cyril Aloysius Daly, as much a positive and good witness as any family man can hope to attain. He drove us everywhere, and he would even come and pick me up from Peter Dradrach's down town in the later 80s, after I had been at the Games Arcade or playing cricket at the Rotary oval nets in cooma, and he didn't need to do that, as I usually walked home from these things, but he did do it from time to time anyway, as he had done earlier on picking me up from Andrew Pighins house in Cooma West after work, as I went there after school. He never once roused at me for doing this from memory, never complained to me that I was too much of a problem, and always treated me with care and respect, and was a greatly caring father because of it. One of the things I felt later on in life is that he never really taught me any great moral lessons of the family as it where, but he did give me 16 years in Catholic church every Sunday, and his silent witness, retrospectively, is more than enough now for me to learn from his example of the Godly father and parent he was to me. He was a great dad, and I will always look fondly on how he did raise us, for I am well experienced now in how many parents of especially latter generations can fail so readily on these challenges of life. Good on you dad.

In 1967 dad was living in Jindabyne with a friend, working for PMG/Telecom, and he went on a pilgrimage to Lourdes in France were he met mum and a lady called Maeve. He had an interest in Maeve, but nothing ever eventuated, but he also met mum and the became friends. He returned home, and mum returned home to Hull, were she was staying the Presbytery of St Stephens at the time, looking after a priest, and dad corresponded with mum. He eventually proposed in a letter, and she said no initially, but after a while she said yes, and he came over to England and married her in 1968. They came to live in Jindabyne then, were they stayed, although they lived for a brief while in Braidwood. Matthew and Brigid were born while the family was living in Jindabyne, but then they moved to Berridale in early 1972 (I think) and I was born later on that year on the 20th of November back in Hull, because mum wanted to go home to have help from Grandma with the birth and early times of the new baby. In Berridale one of the friends of dad (who I remember) was Joe Scotland, who lived up the road in a more southern area of Berridale. The Luchetta's and the Lindstroms were good friends in the Berridale years, and I still remember the Berridale Catholic church intimately and the statues which were for a while kept in a vault in the ceiling. The church has a bell tower which is still there today, and Berridale is much the same as it was then, still around the same size and population and housing. Of course, next door to us in 7 Bent Street in Berridale was the Anglican churchpresbytery, with the Anglican Church at the end of Bent street. Dad would take the trip into Cooma each day to work at the Telecom building in Cooma, and while there had been options of buying a house in Jindabyne, they eventually bought 6 Bradley street in Cooma in the late 1970s/Early1980s, and the whole family moved into town. As I have said previously, the Berridale house had a double garage, and we kept chickens and had a dog called Toby (which disappeared one day) who was a little terrier, and had all our early adventures tromping around Berridale town. There was a tennis court across the road (a variant of which features in one of my 'Harvest' stories in the Chronicles of the Children of Destiny), but we never played on the court, and I wasn't sure if it was private or the town courts. Mum was really the centre of my world in those years, but dad was too, and we were a close-knit family who did our thing, and it was one of those lucky idyllic childhoods, before the schooling years began, and a harder world started becoming known. I think, in many ways, in such a small town, I was shielded from some of the harsher elements in life, for it was an idyllic little town, with beautiful summers, were everything was fascinating and interesting in the town, especially the weird bugs in the back yard which were native (it seems) to the region, and with the pool and the cannon in the park and Anzac day marches dad marched in each year, and plenty of brothers and sisters, and wonderful christmases were pillow cases were full of presents, filled a young life with imagination and happiness and very good times. But school started in the late 70s, and the boys at St Pats were tough, and I wasn't quite ready for the real world I soon found myself in. But, regardless of all that, there was a firm and protective hand from Cyril Daly on his family, watching over us, making the right decisions for us, and as when we came to Canberr in 1990, the move to Cooma in 1980 seemed like a progression of sorts, and in hindsight, the wisdom of God to lead us on to bigger and better things. Even if those things had a whole host of new challenges associated with them. I think dad probably liked Jindabyne and Berridale, for he worked all over the snowy mountains region with his work, and in Cooma he was living a life in a town he was well used to after his earlier years in the Sydney region of his youth. As I have said, dad didn't seem to attract a lot of personal friends to home very much, mostly friends of what I would call the family, but he was always at church each Sunday, and it seems, now, looking back, his friends and colleagues of the church were the main part of his life, especially the workmates at St Vinnies were he worked in various capacities, and were mum occasionally did some volunteer work sorting clothes and things into the various bins. St Vinnies used to be on Sharp Street, but moved to its current location on Vale Street back then, and so much of my childhood memories are of entering the store and asking mum 'Can I have this? Can I have this?' We'd get a lot of stuff we wanted, but not every single time, and we always had nice toys and things to play around with from the charity. Even now I shop very regularly at Vinnies here in Tuggeranong especially, and while I am no longer a Roman Catholic, if I were, I could imagine I would be heavily involved with such an organisation. The main friends of the family in Cooma years were The Collins across the street, who also were Catholic, and the Bryants and the Torley's. The Bryants and the Torleys are still part of our lives, and we see Gerard and his family now every now and again, who live in Theodore, down south in Tuggeranong. Jill Torley is a long friend of the family, but she is now in Western Australia, yet sends regular correspondence and cards and things to members of the family. Dad got along well, mainly it seems, with these sorts of people as his company for they were regular guests in our household, and, looking back, while he had a rare beer at home, he was not the kind of guy who ever really went out drinking with his mates at the pub. It wasn't part of dad's makeup. Oh, I am sure there was the odd beer at a pub with a co Telecom worker now and again, but I never once remember him going off to get pissed, as it wasn't part of his makeup. He was always a sober man, and for that I am eternally grateful for his good example.

I was talking with Auntie Shirlie, Uncle Stan Daly's wife, about dad. She is quite old now, and her memory is not what it used to be, but she had some comments on dad. Like I said above, she found him a 'Quiet' man. But she added, in her own words, that he was 'Strange', in the way he would come to dinner with them, and pick at his meal (which was good food) and be very quiet. I kind of feel, thinking about this, it is sort of were myself, Gregory and Matthew, and even little James (Greg's boy) get a lot of our quirky natures. Dad took lots of photographs and was a scientific and rationale sort of man, but from memory he seemed to express creationism as his viewpoint on origins as opposed to evolution, so from my perspective he really was a sound thinker on a lot of things. But I can see, from Shirlies statements, were I may get some of my schizophrenia and odd ways about myself also. Dad had parkinson's in later years, which is a lack of dopamine in the brain, wereas with my psychosis I get too much of that stuff, but it sort of reflects that kind of person who often has those academic qualities associated with him or her, who also has a gifted mind and often odd quirks which people notice about the character. Very often these are quite religious people, for from my own personal experiences there are a lot of very religious people in mental health circles. Maybe it was something in Dad's DNA, or maybe it was lot more of his strict parenting from an old catholic man who, from Auntie Shirlies own words today, was quite a domineering personality, but dad was a strictly disciplined man in many ways, and very religious himself on his Catholicism, so had those often different to society aspects of his life which mark him out as different in some ways. Hopefully special ways. Dad was bright and intelligent, and his religion and occupations throughout life were a vehicle through which he could express that quiet mind and quiet thoughts, and I assume he was mostly a happy enough spiritual soul, who had a deep appreciation of his faith, and likely a strong respect and devotion to God. We went to church every single Sunday as a family, and dad was very religious about this. My sister Brigid, since Matt's death last year, now goes regularly to church as well, at Corpus Christi were mum goes and, if I had remained Catholic, the new devotion to God I found again in my early 20s would have been leading me in a very similar pathway of dad and my uncles and grandparents catholic devotion. But I found the oldest covenant, and focus my energies on Noahide faith. But I am equally as serious about my old man on religion, and have learned to appreciate Catholic faith more so now, seeing it as a development from Judaism in many ways, and dad will not find me at all slack in my prayers or biblical devotions or writings and discourse on the faith of God Almighty. I believe I have kept the family faith, and while I can't call Jesus Christ or God, I accept him still on a personal human level as a teacher of Gospel truths, and Torah, my new foundation, is eternal in my heart, the rainbow enduring from my and dad's ancient ancestor, Noah himself. I have an older faith, dad, I will tell him. Older than even old Abraham's. Hope that is good enough for you old man, but yes I am damn serious about devotion to El Shaddai as well. Yes, dad had a lot of devotion to religion, to put it bluntly, so if you actually knew him, you would know that I was raised in a very religious household, not really a fundamentalist one in attitudes, probably more in touch with a mainstream focus in society, but definitely one which accepted religion at its heart, and took God seriously when it was time for Church and Godly devotion. Mum calls herself a conservative liberal, and I think that sums up a lot of our own family's way of doing things spiritually. We take it seriously, but are not TOO dogmatic, and we can live and let live and get along with the world well enough as well. We are a grounded family, easy to get along with, generally humble and quiet and serious kind of people, but we can enjoy a good laugh like the next fellow. Yes, dad laughed a lot, and enjoyed comedies on TV, especially Dad's Army and the Two Ronnies, but even some of the more modern comedies in his older age he could have a bit of a chuckle about. As I have said, there were limits, but we are a godly family and, despite our flaws, or perhaps in spite of our flaws, we feel we give a good witness for the faith of monotheism.

Dad liked to watch movies of his era. I have a scrapbook of dad's filled with cutouts (usually from a Catholic newspaper) on old movies of the glory days of Hollywood, which he cut out and stuck into the scrapbook. He took films and had a projector (which is still in the family with a lot of his old films). He was a photographer as well, and this seemed to have been his main hobby or pastime for his life. We have lots of dad's old books on film and photography, and this is one of the legacies he has left his offspring. I remember as a kid I also had a scrapbook (an old notebook of dad's) were I took cutouts of footrot flats cartoons from the papers and pasted them in. I guess I may naturally have followed in dad's way of doing things. He liked the Marx brothers and Laurel and Hardy and things of that era quite a lot, and I remember watching 'Duck Soup' by the Marx Brothers with dad in latter times. He was an older man when he had me (mid 40s) and I always seem to remember dad being an older sort of man, a little distant in some ways, from an older era. He was conservative, and didn't meet my potential expectations I guess from school that dad's be with it and have mates they drank with and stuff like that. He was too old for that, in reality, and from a more conservative world. It is just the way it was, and I guess I didn't always connect with him in some ways because of it. A little bit distant in some ways. But his dad was in his mid 40s when he had Cyril as well, and it's like a very old generation gap separates us all. A different culture and experience of world events, a different appreciation for the struggles in life, because while I have now certainly had my own struggles, I never really saw war as a nation, or depression (which dad would have seen in his youth) or challenges like that. He would have really known the difficulties in life, and probably worked hard to shield us from those things because of it. I have grown up in Australia in a prosperous era, where recession has been the main challenge of the early 1990s, but with strong government support for welfare and social initiatives. I haven't had the challenges of life dad had in his own era, and I perhaps take a lot for granted because of it. The world turned many times over dad's life, living through the 20th century and some of the 21st. He would have seen technologies come and go and new things would have been a constant part of his experiences. He was a technical man, and in Telecom worked with emerging technologies, but its ironic that, something recent like 'Telex' is now replaced, and so suddenly, and that things come and go, not in lifetimes, but in a matter of a few years, and months even. It must have been a very challenging life to have lived in many ways, and exciting in many others, and I could well appreciate that he might have often had concerns about staying up to date in his working knowledge and things like that. But whatever challenges came his way, he worked till he retired at 65, and had 38 years of employment with PMG-Telecom upon retirement. He went the whole distance, and I am proud of him because of it. He knew CD technology in older age, though I never really saw him handle a CD, but he did listen to the music when it was put on, and he would have been well familiar with computers from the 1970s and early 1980s, probably working with various things. I don't think he had a PC as such at Telecom (not really sure on that), as the exchange was mostly other types of telecommunications technology of its day, but he would have had to stay abreast with all of that to do his job properly, and it is a credit to him that he managed to do so and not be made redundant. We had a lot of transistors of the old type in the shed (not the radios, but the transistors which went in televisions and things like that) and I feel he was probably most familiar with earlier technologies of probably the 1960s for the most part, which seemed to be a lot of his textbooks, and 1950s also, and that seems to be the era of the best of his knowledge, but he pulled through, and kept at it in his job, and managed to do various tasks for Telecom of substantial nature. Obviously, especially in this current era, and even more so in technological industries, the world changes so very quickly, and it can be frightening to constantly keep up, but thankfully he kept his knowledge relevant enough to maintain his employment, and the weekly or fortnightly wage was always paid, and the family always got by. Again, it is a credit to him for taking on the challenges of life and seeing them through for the sake of his family.

I have other memories about Cyril Daly, but that will do for now.

All the best.

Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly

The Life of Mary Philomena Daly

A biography by her son Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly

with thoughts from my own life intermixed

Chapter One

Mary Daly was born in Kingston upon Hull in England in the United Kingdom on the 7th of July 1937. She was the third child of Tom Baker and Gladys Baker, her two older brothers being Terrence and Gerald. Mum and Terrence didn't get along terribly well she tells me, but she and Gerald seemed to get along better. Mum remembers the war years. Hull was bombed a fair bit when she was a wee little one. She saw real war devastation, but seemed to come through unscathed emotionally. She liked music a bit, and some of the stars she liked were Lonnie Donnegan and Val Doonican. She tells me she was a bit too early for the Beatles, and doesn't appear to have had much of an inclination for the music of the 1960s or later. We always had the radio on in Berridale, and she listened to that, but I don't think she really ever became much of a fan of latter music artists, although in latter years there have been some bands she likes, like 'The Priests' and she is fond of the lads 'The Justice Crew' but is not really into their music as such. More of a Father Chris Riley fan who was instrumental with the lads. She studied at a Girls Catholic School, taught by French Nuns, in Hull, and then worked in various jobs, before meeting my father Cyril Daly on a Lourdes pilgrimage in the mid 1960s. They married and Matthew, my older brother, was born on the 21st of October 1969. They lived in Jindabyne to start with in New South Wales, but then moved to Berridale, not far from there. My mum and dad are big parts of my childhood memories. There was one time when I was outside of 7 Bent Street in Berridale were we lived and I wanted to get onto the roof. I had explored the entire perimeter of the House and deduced I needed a ladder. Dad had a heavy metal blue ladder (which is currently rusting in the back yard of 29 Merriman) which I attempted to unfold to put against the house. But I was too little and got caught in between the folds of the ladder. I screamed and screamed for mum for a number of minutes, before she finally appeared. I was so thankful to her for it. She tells me that one of her memories is me coming home from school on my first day and saying ‘Thank God for That’. Mum has a definite English accent, still does, and has not yet taken out Australian Citizenship, but is a permanent resident. But she calls herself and Aussie Pom because she has lived in Australia longer than she lived in England. In Berridale we went to the Catholic Church from my earliest memories. Mum and Dad would take us in the car, the family, and I would sit there, staring at the cross, not thinking much except that it was boring. Mum and Dad prayed the rosary at home in those days and we occasionally had people over to pray at nights. Mum was in the kitchen a lot and the radio seemed to be perpetually on. I remember hearing the new songs and learning them quickly, and liking them. Mum likes some of the old artists from around the 1950s, but doesn’t really listen to them at all. She listens to classical music mainly when she listens to music. There was a time when Grandma Gladys in England sent us a big box of stuff from England. We got lots of surprises. Mum would visit Mrs Luchetta in Berridale a lot and some of the other Berridale residents. She always seemed to be very chatty, and we would stay behind after church was finished for mum to chat to her friends, which she has never stopped doing after church and still does. I remember that Mum went into hospital a while after Greg was born, and she had a miscarriage. I figured that out in time. When Greg was little I remember wanting to hold him, but mum said Brigid would, because she was older or something like that. We travelled to Cooma via the bus when we started school. I remember one time, coming home, we had missed mum at the bus stop in Cooma and came home alone. There was a big doll she had made, and I was ever so grateful to her and hugged her for it. It meant the world to me and I really loved my mother for it. I remember riding my first bike out the front of 7 bent street on the road. Mum would look at us and I would shout ‘Watch me’ as all kids do.

We moved to Cooma around 1980 and the ‘Collins’ were across the road. We lived at 6 Bradley Street, and Mum became friends with Mrs Collins across the road, who also went to the Catholic Church. Us kids played with Peter Collins a lot, who also went to the Catholic School and was in Jacinta’s year. Peter’s cousin was David Lancaster, who was in my year. David was a pretty big guy, and I liked him, but I was never too popular with him or the other kids in the Catholic school. At times I was a little bit befriended, but not much. However, around 15 I befriended some of the kids from the Public school and had a new gang. That is were I seemed to fit in and probably explains why I eventually left Catholicism. Sort of, in my mind, Noahide equates with ‘Public Schools’ (aka State Schools in Australia), and Catholicism is for Christians. Even though, as a courtesy to Jesus, I attended the Catholic Church last Sunday (I go a couple of times a year) mainly to honour the early commitments I made as a Catholic in my youth, I really am not a believer in Catholicism or Christianity. But, in truth, Jesus, to my mind, just started a ‘Torah-Like’ ministry anyway, and the moral and ethical teachings of Jesus probably do deserve to last forever and, in a non Christian sense, he deserves to have a spiritual community based on his teaching enduring throughout eternity. Sort of a ‘Kosher Jesus friendly Assembly’ which is NON-Christian and NON-Messianic in any way, because he WASN’T the Messiah, but he taught some good ideas anyway. To my mind, he wanted to start a spiritual community, so for his evangelistic efforts he deserves some sort of permanent legacy. Jews sometimes call him one of their own and a watered down gospel could maybe one day pop up in some sort of Jewish assembly which didn’t mind Jesus on a personal human level. I had some ideas for a ‘Gospel of Jesus of Nazareth Ministries’ which removed all the ‘Christ’ ideas from Matthew Mark and Luke and all the scathing anti Jewish comments (which I think Jesus is now over with in his heavenly domain – were I do believe he lives alongside the righteous who have died) and start a Jew friendly Jesus club, for want of a better word. Someone might do that one day.

Mum is a big Jesus fan, of course. Quite into him these days, and serves on the altar as a ‘Minister of the Eucharist’. She is FAITHFUL and has hardly missed a Sunday service in her whole life, just like my father, and my older brother Matthew. My brother Gregory goes a lot of the time as well still. I personally really wish I had a Noahide fellowship here in Canberra to attend, as I would probably go practically every day – but Noahidism is just beginning, so I concentrate on my personal studies and devotions. Mum went to ‘Galong’ in New South Wales to the various Catholic retreats at the monastery there throughout my years growing up, with Dad. We kids were bought along a few times, and it is a lovely place. You definitely notice the peace and tranquillity in the place which is through all the prayers of the saints offered up to God. I am quite sure God keeps faith with Catholics as well and loves them dearly. I just think they haven’t quite worked out yet that he isn’t a Trinity and connected to Jesus in that sense. They are two separate beings. Jehovah’s witnesses know this – Catholics will hopefully eventually work that out. But God definitely loves the faithful Catholic Church, and they are his people too. As it goes for all the people of the God of Noah and Abraham. Mum is of average height for a woman, a little bit of extra weight, which has diminished in her older age. She reads constantly, mainly thrillers and crime dramas, but other stuff as well. She watches a lot of the British television programs on crime drama, as well as being a big fan of ‘Home and Away’. Her best friend here in Canberra is ‘Trish Kirby’ who is a strong theological lady in the local Catholic Church here in Gowrie were they both attend. Trish’s husband ‘Ron’ is non-religious, but I think he is a great guy, and there grand children ‘Liam’ and ‘Noah’ are tops. Trish has been a strong friend of mums for years, and gave the eulogy a few years ago at dad’s wedding. Dad lived to 84. Mum misses him, but life goes on in the end. She keeps his photos up around the house. They were a faithful couple in their marriage – definitely took it seriously – and were great examples to me because of it.

Religiously she is strong in the faith, without being too strict or too modernistic. She feels there is something to Christianity simply because it has continued to exist for so long. She might be right. She has standard catholic paraphernalia around the house, including a small Jesus statue, some pictures and other stuff, but doesn’t go on about it too much during the week. She studies the bible from time to time these days, and seems to be keeping the faith even stronger in her elderly years. To my mind she has definitely ‘Walked the Walk’ and has never slacked off. She is a genuine Catholic Christian. Nothing fake about her (or dad for that matter on the issue). She has worked with St Vincent de Paul society, as has dad, and done teaching of RCIA and taught religion to little kids in school. She has been quite involved with the Catholic community her whole life, and is the ‘Real McCoy’ when it comes to a practicing Catholic. She probably gets along a bit better with her daughters than her sons, but this seems to be a feminine bonding thing. But we are a strongly connected family, and it is good living here with her at 29 Merriman, despite our arguments which crop up. She gives as good as she gets, but she always knows when to give it a rest. Another of mum’s strong friends is ‘Jill Torley’ who now lives over in Western Australia. Jill writes letters to mum a lot (and she also sends me birthday cards) and we have known Jill and her family for years now. Jill is a very faithful Catholic like mum, and a big reader of the Bible as well. Jill has a few sons, and Paul Torley has been close to the family as well. Mainly in Cooma years, even though he now lives in Canberra as well like us, but he has a lot of children so is a very busy man. Jill sometimes does artwork in the letters she sends, and writes little short stories from time to time. She is quite a good artist. Of course, she trained in music and is a piano teacher. These days she is well retired from that life as far as I understand it. Mum studies a lot with father Michael Fallon’s scripture studies groups at the ‘Curtin Catholic Centre’ in Woden. Michael has written a large number of commentaries on the bible, and his translations of the text are very good. We have a copy of his ‘Isaiah’ commentary, and it illuminates the text in a way I hadn’t seen before. He is a quite competent priest, and currently is parish priest in the Kippax church. He has a website if people want to go looking for it.

Mum likes shows like ‘Dancing with the Stars’ and likes to watch ‘Sunrise’ on channel 7 a lot. She is usually busy enough and is out most days of the week doing this or that with some group or another. She has a form of diabetes and gets medication for it, but a recent medical improvement has helped her ‘Sugar Levels’ quite a bit. She is doing well now. I think, when all is said and done, Mary Daly will likely be very happy with her life. She has led a positive, helpful life – been faithful to God with the knowledge she has – married, raised 5 good kids, and been a positive servant of the community. She has a good reputation with a lot of people and, to my way of thinking, has benefited mankind because of it. She leaves a good legacy to her offspring. When she finally passes I will do up a myspace site dedicated to her, but can’t do that because she objects to such things. But when she is dead I will do it anyway whether she likes it or not. And while she probably wouldn’t like me posting this biography online, I am going to do it anyway simply because I want to make sure she is remembered. I think, in time in the next life, she will approve of what I have done. All things considered, Mary Daly was and is and has been a good virtuous woman of God. She would be the first to say she was not perfect, but she has always cared, always loved, and always done her best. I am proud of her.

Continuing on now in 2014, me and mum are living here at 29 Merriman Crescent still. Greg (my brother) is staying with us at the moment, and working at Centrelink, trying to get things right with him and his family situation, with Christie (his wife) really wanting to live in Perth were she is from, and Greg probably preferring the east coast. But if Greg continues on in the work they will probably move over here yet again. Mum keeps her day busy with a lot of church related activities, mostly the 'Bailey's group' were they pray and chat, and some gentle exercise meetings and other things. Trish Kirby remains mum's closest friend, but Jenny Knee is also a part of her life. Of course, Brigid and Jacinta (my sister's) take up a lot of her time as does the family in general (were all her worries come from, she would tell you). Mum helped us all out recently with some money which came into the family, and a lot of work has been done on the house to improve it. New kitchen a while back and now a new bathroom and toilet and back door and painted rooms. It is looking quite good the house now, and there is work being done on the roof soon to fix up some broken tiles and other things. Recently mum was at a Galong weekend (and I think Brigid went as well) and it was run by a nun from melbourne. She enjoys her Galong retreats and they revitalize her life. Matt's death (my brother) last year affected mum strongly, but life moves on (as she said the other day) and time heals things I guess. The death in the family has been accepted and Mum is strong and has coped with it. She visits the Cemetery were Dad is buried with Matt from time to time and has a few quiet thoughts for them. They are buried in the Queanbeyan Lawn cemetery, just near the Jerrabomberra township, which is not that far from Macarthur were we live actually. Mum continues to read her thriller books quite a bit, which is how she occupies herself, and his been knitting all sorts of things recently. Some of them have been for people in East Timor (and she asked me were that was) to help them out. A lot of her time is knitting and reading and watching TV and usually she makes the evening meal for the family. She enjoys watching TV a lot, and channel 7Two is probably her favourite. Most mornings she watches 'Sunrise' on channel 7 with David Koch and Natalie Barr and Samantha Armytage and co, and she enjoys that greatly. I usually sit with her for a while and watch a lot of it as well (and its a great show, channel 7. Really well done). She usually watched the Morning Show with Larry Emdur and Kylie Gillies aftewards, but recently has been watching Studio 10 or whatever it is called on channel 10 for something new. The mid day movie is commonly watched and Escape to the Country, Bargain Hunt and then things like My Kitchen Rules and Masterchef are very popular. The British Crime stuff like Inspector Morse and Endeavour and Jack Frost and others are always watched, as well as Midsomer Murders and Poirot. All Saints we have been watching recently in the afternoon, and City Homicide, and she enjoys 'A Place Called Home' on 7 on sunday nights a great deal. Very good show again channel 7. TV has been a big part of mum's life for a long time now, because it gives you something to do and keeps you informed. Her life is really quite balanced on how she spends it and she seems happy enough. There are usually outings from time to time with Brigid, especially places like Gold Creek were they buy things they like and they have gone to England 3 times now (I think) in recent years, and have returned with lots of knick-knacks. She spends time talking with the neighbours, including Bernadette across the road, Doreen and David Grima next door, who have always been faithful friends, and Diana Archer down the street in lower Macarthur. Mum is generally a conservative lady and doesn't approve of a lot of my musical tastes. And she obviously has somewhat conservative views on sexual morals and thinks shows on TV push it a bit too much on various issues from time to time. I tend to think she is somewhat a product of her era (as a lot of older people are I guess), and perhaps doesn't easily connect with the idea that our latter generations have, in general, a lot more liberal standards. But she gets along with the world and the culture well enough and is happy enough and is by no means a fish out of water. I should probably take Solomon's advice more and listen to the wisdom of my mother more, because she probably knows what she is talking about.

Mum was telling me today (Shrove Tuesday 2016) about how when she was younger she used to attend the Shrove Tuesday Fancy Dress party at her Church, Sacred Heart Church, in Hull. She went as a Red American Indian a couple of times, and had cocoa on her face, and her brother Terrence went one year as a Cowboy singing a song, and her brother Gerald went one year in a Dutch girls outfit. Today me and mum had pancakes, and this really begins the religious season of Lent, which starts tomorrow on Ash Wednesday. She was recalling some childhood memories on the subject. In the last while mum and me and have visited my sister Brigid's place in Calwell for dinner a couple of times. The first time Brigid's whole family was there and we had a lovely chicken and bacon dish, a risotto of some kind. The other night Brigid invited us over again, and we had pork chops with potato and honey carrots. We watched 'Our Zoo' on ABC, which I really enjoyed, but mum mostly read her book. I think she is still reading the same one, which is a Wilbur Smith book, one of her favourite authors. At the moment mum is in very good health, looking at her, seems strong enough in both her mind and body, but she sometimes forgets minor things. It doesn't appear to be Alzheimers though or anything like that really – mainly just older age. She's quite a strong lady still, and it feels like she will be around for quite some time yet. Recently she went with Trish Kirby to see the movie 'Joy' which was alright as she put it. In the middle of last year she visited England again with Brigid, and had a good time, and this year her brother Gerald is probably going to be staying with us here in Canberra, and with the strong possibility Greg and his family will be coming over from Perth for Christmas over here, it will be a big family gathering Christmas this year. All in all mum is doing well at this time in February in 2016. Anyway, I will continue on with this again some time and share a few more details about my life with Mary Daly from younger years.

It's the 2nd of July 2016, and I have some new stuff on mum. It's been a sedate enough last 6 months for mum here at 29 Merriman Crescent. Mostly life as usual. She got involved with a Special Catholic Presentation group on 'The Dark Night of the Soul' for a little bit, and we had a chat on that. She shared some of the ideas of how life usually is a travel up to God on top of the spiritual mountain in the traditional view, but in the Dark Night of the Soul view, there are periods were you dip right down for a while, in soulsearching melancholia, before regaining your ground and continuing on upwards. There seemed to be some truth in that idea from my perspective. She mentioned that in her Baileys group she's getting a little bored now with some of the conversations, one of the reasons being that they don't really discuss Vinnies work much anymore, and just chat about life. They'll now only be doing the group twice a month, in the first and third week of each month, instead of every week. Mum likes to share anecdotes of her life story with me regularly, and talks about people from church and her friends and family she grew up with. We continue to watch shows like Bargain Hunt and Family Feud, and we are enjoying Masterchef Australia quite a lot, which is probably the best show we watch together a bit, but I'm in my room a lot of the time. Today she is off voting, and says she will probably vote for Labour, but might vote for the Christian party. We chatted about things, and I suggested she should vote for the party which best represents her values, and she said that was probably the Labour party. She is shopping also this afternoon, which she usually does about once per week, and Trish Kirby usually, but not always, shops with her. It's Woolworths more often than not, but sometimes Aldi and Coles as well. Nearly always in Tuggeranong somewhere, and Erindale has long been the place she likes to go. Her, Trish and Matt used to do the shopping after church each Sunday nearly every week, but since Matthew died a few years back, and recently since Trish has starting going to another Catholic Church in Tuggeranong, things are on no set pattern for when she gets the shopping done, and she just gets it done when she can. I have a little bit of a winge when we're running low, but she tells me its not easy, and she does the best she can do. She's great though, and at 78, soon turning 79 (just a few days away on the 7th), she's in good health, and can appear to still do the things she does physically well enough. She's not an olympicathlete by any means at her age, but she's no couch potato either. Mostly her health is good, and she's a strong and determined lady to live out life to the very end. She's no quitter. Her Baileys group friends gave her some nice birthday presents the other day, and Jenny Knee made a nice cake, which I got to eat most of when she brought it home, as she didn't really fancy it. She's going to England yet again next year, and of course her brother Gerald will be visiting us and staying with us here in Canberra later on in the year for about 3 months. Mum is a content lady, has no plans for ever moving house again, and is completely settled here at 29 Merriman. Her life is still full and active enough, and I sense she is mostly happy with the fortunes of her children. She has concerns that Alan (Jacinta's husband) is a bit too selfish, but she does say she likes him. Arguments between us aren't terribly fierce much anymore, and we are always on talking terms even right after a tiff. We get along well enough as a family, and life is good enough for the most part at the moment in the life of Mary Philomena Daly nee Baker.

That's all for now.

Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly

Canberra, Australia

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Chapter Two

Mary visited the UK and Ireland this year, mid year, with her daughters Brigid and Jacinta, from the 24th of July 2019 and returned home on the 12th of September 2019. One of her comments to me was that two's company but three's a crowd. She explained that she had arguments with them, but felt that if it was just her and one daughter it would have gone much easier. They stayed with Gerald in Hull. They got to London first of all, flying on British Airways. They went to Manchester and rented a car. Brigid had to pay extra for insurance. This annoyed mum because she had already paid for the car. Then they drove to Hull. They got to Geralds and visited Caroline (My cousin) soon enough for dinner. In Cottingham (near Hull were Gerald lives) they walked around the village, visited a new antique shop, mum bought some tea plates, Jacinta bought something, a candlestick or something, mum can't quite remember, and they bought food at Willerby supermarket, where Gerald took them. They visited a stately home in Ripon, Newby Hall, and mum has some mementos of the trip. They went on the river at that place and the girls went on a miniature train ride around the gardens and hall. The follfowing Monday or thereabouts they drove to the Lakes District which is north west of Hull. They stayed at a 5 star motel, which was beautiful. It had been a hotel at one stage, and it was changed into a Motel. Two sisters owned it and they were very hospitable. Good meals, a nice area to sit in, lovely views over the lake, Lake Windemere mum thinks, and they went into Windemere, and drove around. They took a ferry across the lake to get to Windemere. After that they stayed at the Peaks district in Derbyshire in another BNB. It was a Christian owned home, an old home, it was near Bakewell. They owners had been Christian missionaries, and were in Africa at one stage. They had a retreat house in the back garden, but because it was so wet mum never went to look at it. After that they drove to North Wales to a small house in a little village where they looked after themselves. It was a bad spot in mum's opinion, but the gentleman who owned it was very nice, whose wife was sick. They visited the village of Betsico, Gerald didn't go on the Betsico trip, and they visited Carnarveron castle. The girls explored it, but mum wasn't interested. On the 15th of August they went to Mass at a church in Bangon in Wales. After that they went to Ireland via a boat leaving from Anglesey to Dublin. From Dublin they went to Mullingar and stayed in a house just outside Mullingar. They saw were my grandfather Peter Paul Daly was born in Mullingar, though Jacinta wasn't terribly interested. They visited a town which had what was supposedly the smallest pub in Ireland, and bought some things. We also went to the birthplace of St Oliver Plunkett north east of Mullingar. After that they left Ireland and returned to Hull, via Dublin and the return boat. In Hull they took Auntie Joan to Burton Constable, they went to Lincolnshire to Lincoln and Stanford, which was a bit disastrous because it took so long and they didn't do much when they got there. They visited Marlene Scanlon an old friend of Mum's, they also went to Greg and Christine Humphrey's before they left, who have a son in Melbourne. They also visited Edinburgh by train and saw the tattoo and met one of the Canadian police pipers. British Airways had a strike, so they returned on Qatar Airways, which was excellent, stopping at Dohar, finally getting home on the 12th of September. I was relieved when mum got home, as it had been a lonely time on my own for 7 weeks. Update Sunday 20th of December 2020. It's been a hectic year with the Coronavirus Covid 19 Pandemic. Mum hasn't been affected, nor myself, and Canberra has been largely unaffected by the virus. This year mum did a variety of things. When the virus got going, church gathering largely ended, and Mary would watch Mass on my laptop most weeks. Sometimes she would watch it a few days later, as it stayed online from the local Catholic Church. Mum undertook her regular shopping most weeks, usually with Trish, but sometimes with Brigid, and I think Jenny Knee on an occasion. We had a good time watching the cooking shows on TV as we do most years. There was a lot of discussion about food, about the mail, about the packaging from my mail deliveries which mum insisted be taken to the garbage immediately, but I would always 'Get around to it'. She had a lady come to home here at 29 Merriman on Monday mornings for a while to give her Eucharist. She would chat with her and received the body of christ in Catholic tradition. She had a decent enough birthday with many visitors, and she was happy enough with that in the end. She read a lot of books, as she usually does, and did a lot of knitting. She bought a gnome/dwarfe the other day. A little pottery one for the garden. We were discussing the back yard and the ornaments on the back concrete verandah, and I suggested a gnome/dwarfe and she purchased one just the other day. It wasn't quite what I expected though. I was thinking about the traditional colourings for these garden ornaments, but this one has very modern colouring stylings. Very up to date sort of stuff. It's a good one though. She talked to me a lot about people in the UK as she usually does, family and friends, gave anecdotes about younger years, as she often does, and spent a lot of time on the phone as always with family and friends. Mostly it's been a regular enough year for the Daly family, without any real major events happening this year – no deaths, births or marriages – mostly a standard year in Catholic Ordinary Time, if you get the joke. She is in good enough health at the moment, and at 83 is going well enough in life. Christmas is soon, and we plan on staying here for Christmas, but mum will likely go to Corey Mico's family's place with Brigid for part of the day. I've decided to stay home, as I'm probably more comfortable here. I don't really like the place being left on its own much either. All things considered a regular enough year without too much drama. Final Entry: 8th of March 2022. Mary died on the 28th of February 2022. She had been admitted into Canberra Hospital in early December 2021. It was a stroke to start with, but also a virus and problems with her teeth and other things. She was in hospital a while, but was allowed to go home to stay with Brigid at her place in Calwell. She visited 29 Merriman Crescent a couple of times, but was soon returned to hospital. Towards the end it became apparent that there was likely not long to go, and she was given palliative care with a bed at her daughter Brigid's house in Calwell. She died in the morning at around 8:20 am at Brigid's place in Calwell in Canberra. Just before she came home to Brigid's Greg, Christie & James came over from Perth. Christie stayed with her a night at the hospital, and recalls asking mum 'What do you see'. And mum was saying 'I see God. I see God'. She seemed to be seeing pictures of the afterlife, which I noticed in her final days also from her. The funeral is to be on Wednesday the 9th of March at Holy Family Catholic Church in Gowrie, and she is to be buried at Queanbeyan lawn cemetery. She was 84 years old when she passed, the same age her husband Cyril reached in life, and she will live long in memories.


The Life of David Eddings

David Carroll Eddings (July 7, 1931 – June 2, 2009) was an American fantasy writer. With his wife Leigh, he authored several best-selling epic fantasy novel series, including The Belgariad (1982–84), The Malloreon (1987–91), The Elenium (1989–91), The Tamuli (1992–94), and The Dreamers (2003–06). Eddings was born in Spokane, Washington, to George Wayne Eddings and Theone (Berge) Eddings, in 1931. Eddings has stated that he is part Cherokee.

Early life

Eddings grew up near Puget Sound in the City of Snohomish. After graduating from Snohomish High School in 1949, he worked for a year before majoring in speech, drama and English at junior college. Eddings displayed an early talent for drama and literature, winning a national oratorical contest, and performing the male lead in most of his drama productions. He graduated with a BA from Reed College in 1954, writing his first novel, How Lonely Are The Dead, as his senior thesis. After graduating from Reed College, Eddings was drafted into the U.S. Army, having also previously served in the National Guard. After being discharged in 1956, Eddings attended the graduate school of the University of Washington in Seattle for four years, graduating with an MA in 1961 after submitting a novel in progress, Man Running, for his thesis. Eddings then worked as a purchaser for Boeing, where he met his future wife, then known as Judith Leigh Schall. They married in 1962, she taking the name Leigh Eddings, and through most of the 1960s, Eddings worked as an assistant professor at Black Hills State College in South Dakota.

Child abuse

David and Leigh Eddings adopted one boy in 1966, Scott David, then two months old. They adopted a younger girl between 1966 and 1969. In 1970 the couple lost custody of both children and were each sentenced to a year in jail in separate trials after pleading guilty to 11 counts of physical child abuse. According to the Black Hills Weekly, February 11, 1970, the couple's four year old adopted child was found in the pitch-black basement of their home, locked in a cage, wearing nothing but a tee-shirt. The child had been physically abused with a heavily swollen and disabled hand with scrapes, and heavy bruising about his body, as well as evidence of prior beatings. Investigators during the trial noted that there were restraints on the walls, no lighting, and the strong smell of cat urine in the basement. Though the abuse, the trial, and the sentencing were all extensively reported in South Dakota newspapers at the time, these details did not resurface in media coverage of the couple during their successful joint career as authors, only returning to public attention several years after both had died. After both served their sentences, David and Leigh Eddings moved to Denver in 1971, where David found work in a grocery store.

Literary career

Eddings had completed the first draft of his first published novel, High Hunt, in March 1971 while serving his jail term. High Hunt was a contemporary story of four young men hunting deer, and like many of his later novels, it explores themes of manhood and coming of age. Convinced that being an author was his future career, after a short period in Denver, David and Leigh Eddings moved to Spokane, where he once again relied on a job at a grocery shop for his funds. High Hunt was published in early 1972 by G.P. Putnam's Sons to modestly positive reviews. Eddings continued to work on several unpublished novels, including Hunseeker's Ascent, a story about mountain climbing, which was later burned, as Eddings claimed it was "a piece of tripe so bad it even bored me." Most of his attempts followed the same vein as High Hunt: adventure stories and contemporary tragedies. None were sold or published, with the eventual exception of The Losers, which tells the story of God and the Devil, cast in the roles of Raphael Taylor, gifted student and athlete, and Damon Flood, scoundrel determined to bring Raphael down. Though written in the 1970s, The Losers was not published until June 1992, well after Eddings' success as an author was established.

Success in fantasy

Eddings doodled a fantasy map one morning before work. According to Eddings, several years later, upon seeing a copy of Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings, in a bookshop, he muttered, "Is this old turkey still floating around?", and was shocked to learn that it was in its 78th printing. However, he had already included Tolkien's work in the syllabuses for at least three sections of his English Literature survey courses in the summer of 1967 and the springs of 1968 and 1969. Eddings subsequently began to annotate his previous doodle, which became the geographical basis for the country of Aloria. Over the course of a year he added names to various kingdoms, races, and characters, and invented various theologies and a mythology, all of which counted about 230 pages. Because the Lord of the Rings had been published as three books, Eddings believed fantasy in general was supposed to be trilogies. He initially laid out The Belgariad as a trilogy as well, until his editor Lester del Rey told him the booksellers would refuse to accept 600-page books. Instead del Rey suggested the series should be published as five books. Eddings at first refused, but having already signed the contract, and with Del Rey's promise that he would receive advances for five books instead of three, eventually agreed. Pawn of Prophecy, the first volume in the series, was issued in April 1982. The Belgariad series of books (published in five volumes between 1982 and 1984) were popular, and Eddings would continue to produce fantasy material for the rest of his life, usually producing a book every year or two. By 1995, new books were credited jointly to David and Leigh Eddings; Eddings explained in a brief foreword that their working together as authors "had been the case from the beginning." This is generally accepted to be broadly accurate, although Eddings scholar James Gifford notes that collaboration would have been "impossible" with Eddings' first published novel High Hunt, as David Eddings' own notes show that the first draft was completed while he and Leigh were both in different jails, about half-way through their terms. The Eddingses' final work, the novel series The Dreamers, was published in four volumes between 2003 and 2006.

Later life

On January 26, 2007 Eddings accidentally burned about a quarter of his office, next door to his house, along with his Excalibur sports car. On February 28, 2007, David Eddings' wife Leigh died following a series of strokes that left her unable to communicate. She was 69. Eddings cared for her at home with her mother after her first stroke, which occurred three years before he finished writing The Dreamers. Eddings died of natural causes on June 2, 2009 in Carson City, Nevada. Dennis, Eddings' brother, said that he had suffered from dementia for a long time, but that the disease had progressed rapidly since September, and that he needed 24-hour care. He also confirmed that in his last months, his brother had been working on a manuscript that was unlike any of his other works, stating "It was very, very different. I wouldn't call it exactly a satire of fantasy but it sure plays with the genre". The unfinished work, along with his other manuscripts, went to his alma mater, Reed College, along with a bequest of $18 million to fund "students and faculty studying languages and literature." Eddings also bequeathed $10 million to the National Jewish Medical and Research Center in Denver for pediatric asthma treatment and research. Eddings' wife Leigh had asthma throughout her life.

The Life of Maurice Keith Hudson

Maurice Keith Hudson was born on June 13, 1947. He is the son of Robert Hudson and Ann Pearl Robison. His parents were of English descent. His children include David, Angela and Katheryn. Keith and his wife Mary are active Pentecostal preachers. Pentecostalism is a branch or movement of the Christian faith. Keith teaches genuine christian eschatology, and encourages those who preaches to to forego slack and lazy ways, forsaking lukewarmness, a message he shares with the regular laity of the church, and ministers as well. Keith is traditional in his pentecostalism, and teaches on the power and the work of the Holy Spirit to turn people away from lives of sin and decadence, to consider their lives, and return to God in their ways of life. Keith emphasize the building up and strengthening of the Christian Church, and for people to get their main focus on the Kingdom of God, living dedicated lives to him, which bring God's blessing. Keith's website were he promotes his work is . Keith's ministry teaches traditional Trinitarian Pentecostalism, and the bible as the authoritative word of God is taught in his ministry. On his website their arerecommendations from Christian figures of the quality of Keith's work. He appears to be respected in his Christian ministry. In the recent 2016 presidential election Keith and his wife Mary voted for Donald Trump, who was elected president. His daughter Katheryn, also known as Katy, released a Christian rock record, which had moderate success.


The Life of Hugh Cook

(Written 14th of September 6180 SC / 2017 CE)

Hugh Walter Gilbert Cook was a science fiction author, the writer behind the 10 volume ‘Chronicles of an Age of Darkness’.  He was born in 1956 in Essex in England.  Childhood experiences of castles in England and later on experiences from his time in Kiribati, an island on the equator, were things which influenced his writing.  Book covers of the Chronicles of an Age of Darkness belie this fact.  He later moved to New Zeland were his first novel was published in 1980, titled ‘Plague Summer.  The Chronicles of an Age of Darkness was conceived of as ultimately encompassing 60 volumes, and while only 10 were ever published, there are details on Hugh’s website of plot notions for some of the other planned works.  He moved to Japan in 1997 were he taught English.  He underwent treament for cancer in 2005, non-Hodgins Lymphoma, and wrote a medical memoir about his experiences on this.  He passed away on the 8th of November 2008 following a relapse, in a hospice in Auckland, New Zealand. The 10 volumes of the Chronicles of an Age of Darkness are:

The Wizards and the Warriors

The Wordsmiths and the Warguild

The Women and the Warlords

The Walrus and the Warwolf

The Wicked and the Witless

The Wishstone and the Wonderworkers

The Wazir and the Witch

The Werewolf and the Wormlord

The Worshippers and the Way

The Witchlord and the Weaponmaster



My own Fanfiction work ‘The Wyvvern and the Warlock’ is tentatively Volume 11 in the saga, featuring characters from The Wordsmiths and the Warguild.  In recent times I started a facebook group for Hugh Cook’s writings, a fanclub, which has shown a little bit of interest from the public.  There is also my Hugh Cook Noahide Fanfiction website where you can find the Wyvvern and the Warlock:


The Life of Christopher White

A brief biography by his buddy Dan Daly

Copyright 2015

Chapter One

Chris is an ordinary looking fella, with an ordinary outlook on life, with ordinary friends, and an ordinary attitude. But he's an extraordinary type of guy. I first met Chris in my Potter's house days, the twin brother of Brenton, who I lived with in a group house in Pearce when we were going to Potters House Christian church. Chris came to church occasionally, but had spiritual issues which prevented him from coming all the time. But a friendship with Chris persisted, even after I left Christian faith in 1999, and for a while in the early 2000s I was visiting him in his flat in Belconnen which he shared with Dave Hobday for a while. Chris is blonde, of average height and weight, and remains a dedicated believer in Jesus of Nazareth, though these days his church attendance is minimal at best. But he has occasional fellowship with Paul Saberton, another Pentecostal friend of mine, and still discusses religious issues, especially the book of revelation ideas, which he is fond of discussing. Chris works for ComSuper in IT work, and has done so for many years. As far as I understand he works well with 'UNIX' computer language, and is faithful to his job and has remained employed because of it. He now owns his own home which he is paying off, and is probable somewhat settled in life. If I recall rightly they have another brothed, called Adrian I think, who lives (or lived) in Bonython in Tuggeranong. They also lived here in Macarthur for a while in younger years, up in upper Macarthur. They possibly lived in this suburb while we lived here in the very early 1990s, but I don't know for sure, as when I started attending Potters House in 1995 he lived in Greenhaven Court in Hughes in a flat. I also lived in Greenhaven court from 1998 to 2000 and saw Chris a little bit to start with before he moved to Belconnen. Chris dated an asian lady called 'Nim' for a while, but it didn't work out. Then he married another asian lady called 'Ann' for a while, but that ended in divorce eventually. Ann owned a Silk supplies store in Gold Creek in North Canberra for a while which Chris helped her established, but unfortunately it didn't last because it was difficult to make a profit with the new business. Chris got involved with music for a while, I think it was with Nim, and he was playing the Keyboard. Obviously Chris has his own PC, and has computer games of his own (I recall a spiderman PC game he owned), and he his tech savvy. Chris and I have had many religious discussions over the years, sometimes heated, but we usually find grace with each other and have remained friends. We both see Rob Preston from time to time, another Potters House survivor, and we have gone off as a group to see movies occasionally. I remember we saw 'Payback' in Civic in Canberra once as a group, but I didn't end up watching it, as I went off on some of my philosophizing, which I was doing a lot of at that time if life. Me, Rob and Chris once spent some time at Rob's farmland up in Gunning territory north of Canberra, where we stayed the night in this tiny little shack, and bummed around the land, and had fried bacon and eggs for breakfast. We were just being blokes, and I remember Chris telling a lot of jokes, even dirty ones. Chris has a great sense of humour, and is a cool cat. He is very close with his twin brother Brenton, and they chat with each other often. Brenton works as a painter, and is somewhere up north Australia these days, especially as he likes the warmer weather. I have suggested Chris write some things on fiction and religion occasionally but he has declined - he's too ruddy lazy he tells me to bother with things like that. It's a pity - I would like to read what he has to say on a lot of issues. Chris is heterosexual, thinks homosexuality is an abomination to the Lord, and is at the 'Right Wing ultra-conservative' side of religion. This doesn't bother me, as I have a degree of that attitude myself, but he is a tolerant enough person in his societal interactions, and gets along with the world well enough. Chris is easy enough to talk to, and while he has deep convictions on religious beliefs his personal manner is somewhat laid back. He is responsible and clean in his living standards, and I remember his house was always well run and taken proper care of. He dresses somewhat casually like myself at times, but he is always well presentable. Chris probably doesn't believe in the Trinity anymore, and might be close to Paul Saberton's 'Father and Son' teaching on the nature of God and Jesus, so I guess you might call him something of a 'Unitarian' Christian. He believes the Roman Catholic Church is essentially the 'Whore Babylon' from the book of Revelation, which is a common view in Pentecostal Christianity, but, as I said, it doesn't affect him from being friendly and courteous with all members of society for the most part. I think he has a good witness in this respect. Chris is not overly concerned with sports and things like that, he likes music a bit, and went and saw Belinda Carlisle open for a sporting even with her songs once but didn't bother staying for the game. He believes Armageddon is just around the corner, and thinks the world is sinking down into sin. But he continues on with his regular life, and doesn't go off and hide away in a 'Rapture Ready Cult community'. Chris has a calm demeanour, enjoys his life in Canberra by the looks of it, and is an ordinary fella - and an extraordinary one. He's a good friend.

Chapter Two

July 2020 CE / July 6183 SC. Chris has been getting on with life. He's about up to 100 months till retirement from his public service work. He made mention of that to me. He is Covid-Safe in his workforce, something he also remarked on. His brother, Brenton, was staying with him for a while, but Chris asked him to leave, and Brenton has not been talking to Chris for a while. Chris has a current girlfriend called Rose. She is asian. Chris has a humorous paradigm of being a reverse-racist and only dating asian girls. My hunch is that it's probably not a law with Chris, but something he does run with in practice. He has a new car – a Mazda Astina – which is undergoing repairs at the moment. His prior vehicle was damaged (I think he said) last year in 2019 and he had to get a new one. I chatted with Chris about a planned board games night with my friend Michelle Bullock and Robert Preston, which is planned for 2022 and 2023. Chris gave the opinion that it was a bit much time to wait, and could perhaps be done sooner, but I responded that I wanted to give plenty of time for people. He asked me to notify him a couple of months before the date because he can forget things (like anyone). I made a joke about the 4 of us if it comes to be being like the 4 main characters of Seinfeld. Chris asked which one he was. I told him I was Jerry (as Peter Fletcher used to call me Jerry because I used to wear skivvies like Jerry Seinfeld), and he was probably George. It was an amusing thing.


The Life of Matthew Joseph Anthony Daly

Matthew Joseph Anthony Daly was born on the 21st of October 1969 in Cooma Hospital, New South Wales, Australia, the firstborn son and child of Cyril Aloysius Daly and Mary Philomena Daly nee Baker.  He lived in Jindabyne in his very youth, but the family moved to Berridale when he was very young.  Matthew soon had Brigid, then me, then Jacinta then Greg as his siblings.  Matthew would watch TV at the Berridale home like all of us, and he was obviously a fan of Dr Who, as that was popular with him throughout his life.  Dr Who used to show on the ABC on weeday nights, and Matt probably watched it a lot in Berridale years, as he would have done in Cooma years.   Matt’s first school was actually the Berridale public school, but soon enough he was going on the bus to St Pats in Cooma.  He picked up the nickname of ‘Slagger’ for spitting on the bus window once, and it was used about him a little bit in school years.  Later on he was called ‘Wal’ by his schoolmates, and I think it was because he looked like the Queensland Rugby League player Wally Lewis.  Matthew shared a room with me in Berridale, which was a large room, which I think all 3 Berridale rooms were.  I recall he was involved with the cubs I think (the junior boyscouts) but only for a while.  In Cooma years he soon enough had a room at the back of 6 Bradley Street which had been built specifically for him, and I recall he had a black and white TV which he had been given, which he would watch.  Aunt Molly stayed in that room once, who visited us from time to time over the years.  Matt would play cricket with me and Greg in the back yard, and also with the Collins across the road.  We unfairly said he was a chucker, when in reality it was just the way his arm had a bend in it when he bowled.  He was never really a chucker – he would play by the rules.  Just his bowling action.  Matt had a tiger blanket, which is in my room here as I type this, and he would have that on his bed for years.  It goes back to Cooma years I’m pretty sure.  Matt would never let anything go.  He’d keep receipts for everything he bought, and he’d keep them forever.  When he died in 2013 he still had all his receipts, and I commented this to mum and we had a laugh about it.  Matt actually died of a brain bleed – a cerebral haemmorage.  Mum found him, and we had been wondering where he had been all day, as the door to his room was locked.  When I looked in through the window I couldn’t actually see him, but later mum fiddled with the lock and got it open, and found Matt lying naked and dead on the floor in front of his computer.  Poor Matt.  The funeral was at Holy Family church in Gowrie, and I was in attendance, as was his family.  Trish Kirby, a family friend, did his eulogy, as she had done so for dad.  Matthew collected stamps and coins, and when he died he had a stamp album, but many coin albums, which I luckily inherited.  Also a number of books on coins as well as books on Electrical circuitry.  He studied that at the Canberra Institute of Technology, but didn’t manage to get any substantial work in the field.  In Cooma years Matthew, like myself, was not terribly popular in school.  But he got through those difficult years in one piece in the end.  He did the Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour dreamcoat with me also, and both of us were Pharaohs guards, either in 1985 or 1986 or possibly 1987 because I do remember he repeated year 5 I think it was.  Matthew owned games like Rummy Royal and Mah Jone and Warhammer things, as well as two of the Dungeons and Dragons Basic Sets 1 and 2.  He’d read a lot of similar fantasy books that me and Greg would read, like J R R Tolkien’s works and David Eddings also.  He was a fan of the Blakes 7 science fiction series, and had the entire series on video cassette.  I think we still have that set.  He was also a bit of a fan of things Japanese, some anime and Karate, which had a white belt and yellow belt in I think, and maybe another one but I don’t know for sure.  He studied Karate at the local Karate centre in Fadden Pines, which was the Macarthur Boy Scouts hall, just down the road from here a bit.  Matt never had much permanent employment, but did do cleaning in Perth for a bit at a school, and in the final year or so he was permanently employed at Big W, and I felt sorry for him, as he had never had much luck with permanent jobs, but when he died he had settled into something which probably was going to be permanent, and his life had turned around a lot.  Just unlucky that it was at the end of his life.  Ironic.  But he was gainfully employed when he perished, and he never really shirked a job if it was offered to him – he just never really got terribly lucky with employment.  He wasn’t lazy,  just a little difficult to get along with.  Michael, my sister in law Christies Aunties husband, called him ‘Professor’ because he knew everything.  He didn’t really, but he did know quite a bit, and was happy enough to share all his information.  Matthew went to church nearly every Sunday of his life, right till the end.  He was a believer in Catholicism, in some way, shape or form, not exactly the most spiritual of people, but he was definitely one of the faithful.  That was a strength in Matt, and reflects the ‘Daly’ motto of Fidelity to God and King in all truthfulness.  Matt was the kind of fellow who sort of ran with societal norms a bit.  He did what was expected of him somewhat, and would follow normal enough societal ideas.  It didn’t mean he tried to do everything with his life – he was mostly content enough in his room leading a quiet life – but he did things in a formal enough way, even though he was definitely a candidate for grouch of the year on many occasions.  Greg can be a little bit surly at times, but Matt is grouchy.  Me – I’m lovely, but very sarcastic.  Matt played some cricket in his time, and a bit of Australian Rules Football in school years.  He was not really a sporting champion, but he didn’t back off from getting involved with things.  He’d attend Mah Jong events at the Yamba Southern Cross club in Woden were he would play the game, and he visited the Southern Cross Club, and was a member, with the family and likely on his own on many occasions.  Probably the kind of place he was comfortable with.  He had a friend called Todd Ballanden (or something like that) in Cooma years, but mostly stuck with family friends in latter years, and was close to Gerard Bryant, a faithful friend of our family.  Matt would go to the river and down the coast with Gerard and Greg and other family members quite often.  He was part of the family holidays which I have written about in my own autobiography, and did the usual stuff any fellow would do.  He was mostly speaking a meek enough fellow, despite being grouchy, and he was a law abiding citizen, with a decent enough reputation.  He never married or had any kids, and I never knew a girlfriend he ever mentioned, as he was a loner for most his life.  I’m not really sure if that bothered him much, but he was seemingly content enough with his life, and as I said, I wished it had gone on till a more fuller life, as he had finally found work, and could get so much more of the good times out of life.  But life took him when it wanted him, so ce la vie.  He’s buried out in Queanbeyan lawn cemetery, near his father, and my mother and me are to be buried in the same grave at the Queanbeyan lawn cemetery, so we will all rest in peace together.

Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly

Canberra, Australia, December 30th 2018

The Life of Brigid Marguerite Antonia Bridges nee Daly

Brigid was born in Cooma Hospital on the 26th of October 19721, the first daughter of Cyril Daly and Mary Daly. She attended St Patricks School Cooma from Kindergarten through to year 10. She lived in Berridale, Cooma, and the region as well as currently in Calwell in Tuggeranong, Canberra. She married David Bridges on April 1st in the mid 1990s. There children include Madalene, Jayden and Georgia. Brigid works for the department of defense in Canberra. Brigid has a drive licence and has been driving since her teens. She owns some nice paintings which she painted hersself, lovely nature imagery in green shades. She eats regular food, and is not a vegetarian, and does eat meat. She hardly ever touches alcohol. She is friends with a lady named Paula. Her friends at school included Donna Veneables and Danielle Hughes. She is a Catholic, but not really a regular church goer, just on occasions. She was married in the Catholic Church in Numerella east of Cooma. Brigid played netball when she was younger. She has a collection of CDs, but mostly relaxes by watching television. She is a straightforward person, with common sense. She likes to listen to classical music when she is driving. She likes to visit Gold Creek with our mother Mary to buy Knick-Knacks and things from time to time, usually on weekends. She has travelled to the UK & Ireland with mother and often others from the family on several occasions. She is particularly fond of the British Isles. She is in no way a trouble maker and is a law abiding person. As far as I can tell she is a heterosexual woman. She was baptised, received her first confession, her holy communion and confirmation in the Catholic Church. She is generaly a believer, but not really caught up in any major religious devotions.

The Life of Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly

Chapter One

I am not really sure what my oldest memories are, but I do remember being in the kitchen at Berridale (7 Bent Street) playing on the chairs we had, which had black vinyl, being chairs I had played on often, doing a rocking horse motion on them around the kitchen, and thinking right at that point, in thoughts which had slowly developed for a while, I will remember this time for the rest of my life. And I have never forgotten it. I was born on the 20th of November 1972 Kingston upon Hull in England in the United Kingdom. I was born at the Hull Maternity Hospital, which Mum tells me is no longer there. What had happened was my older brother Matthew was born in Cooma Hospital on the 21st of October 1969 and my older sister Brigid was born in the same hospital on the 26th of October 1971. But when it came to the third child, myself, mum decided to have me in England in Hull, were she likewise had been born. She was born on the 7th of July, 1937 (meaning she turned 70 on the 7/7/2007 – which is probably why 7 is her favourite number). My mother’s name is Mary Philomena Daly nee Baker. Dad was born Cyril Aloysius Daly on the 11th of August 1922 in Sydney. I remember, in those early days, the world book dictionaries we had, and the set of world book children’s encyclopaedias. We still have the dictionaries, but the children’s encyclopaedias are long gone. They had a games section of a jungle map which you followed from page to page, as well as a volume of kids activities which I liked to look at. I remember a big box which dad brought home from work one day, which we played in in the back yard for a while. And I remember the first day thinking that when the ‘Goodies’ came on (on ABC at 6) that I would still keep on playing in the box. But I think that the others went inside when the Goodies came on, and I went in shortly afterwards. The Goodies were big to me as a kid, and so was Dr Who which ABC put on right after the Goodies. They are my earliest childhood TV shows I remember, alongside The ABC News at 7 (which is still the time they show it) and the Saturday morning Cartoons. I remember ‘Point of View’ which they showed before the cartoons at 12 which was a political commentary show. When ‘Point of View’ came on I was usually watching TV, waiting for the Cartoons. The ‘Whacky Racers’ was a show I remember, were the hero turned into a bad guy as well. Star Wars was a big thing because every one was talking about it, and when what I thought was Star Wars was supposed to come on TV I was broken when the blackout occurred and we missed nearly all of it. In fact it was just the Star Wars holiday special (but I didn’t know at the time) and perhaps it is a good thing I missed it because Mr Lucas maintains he would prefer if it was totally forgotten. I read online that some people consider it Star Wars canon, because it contains plots which supposedly tie into the saga (ie Chewbacca visiting his family). Later on, when I learned about confirmation names, mine was going to be ‘Luke’. It was going to be ‘Luke’ for a long time, mainly because of Star Wars ‘Luke Skywalker’. But I ended up choosing ‘Tarcisius’ just a few months before my confirmation because I read a book in Year 6 at St Pats in Cooma in the back on St Tarcisius. I also read one on St Pancratius, but was scared of the way St Pancratius died (I think he was beheaded) and preferred the death of St Tarcisius. I guess I ended up choosing Tarcisius because I thought that was the spiritual thing to do. I pinched my dad’s 2 cent and 5 cent coins almost straight away from his jar, because I knew they bought lollies. I kept on pinching from mum’s purse into my teens. It was where my arcade money came from. I was convicted a lot and felt guilt, but always brushed it aside. I remember, later on in Cooma, getting busted for pinching lollies from Woolworths, and they took us to the police station. We were under age and just got a warning. It is the only time I have been to the police station for illegal activity. I have never been arrested, and have worked hard to make sure I won’t be. Anyway, God dealt with the pinching gradually through my life, and I learned my lesson eventually. I do remember, though, that whenever I pinched some money and mum asked who was pinching from her purse, it was normally always me, but I would deny it to her face. I am not really sure if my siblings ever pinched money. There was this time, though, in Cooma, when Aunt Molly accused me of pinching a dollar, but it actually wasn’t me that time. I think she had just mislaid it. Like ‘Swiper’ from Dora the Explorer, pinching was my main problem, but apart from that, looking back, I usually feel I was a good kid with a good heart. I was usually gentle throughout my school years, and did not like fighting, and was picked on because of it. I was extremely unpopular all the way through to the end of year 10 at St Patrick’s. Fortunately, they were never too violent towards me, usually just occasionally calling me names and letting me know my place at the bottom of the hierarchy. Throughout those 11 years at St Pats there were a lot of hard times, but there was an occasional moment here and there when things were just a bit okay. My teachers were Mrs Macminnamin in Kindie, Sister Susan in year 1 and 2, Mrs Jones in year 3, Mr McHugh in year 4 & 5, Sr Ann in year 6, and then various teachers in high school. I first went to the pre-school in Cooma north before kindie, but only occasionally. I remember a few times staying at the big house up the top of crisp street at the top of the hill in Cooma – the very big mansion like one – after pre-school for some babysitting. I can’t remember the people, but they had a shack were I remember thinking there was a fox there. It is a big part of my memory. Mum tells me they asked me questions but I was playing them for fools as a little devil. The first day I got home from kindie, mum tells me I undid my shoes, took them off and said ‘Thank God for that.’ I remember I was trying to be dramatic.

I learned to read very quickly, and that was my main strength in school. I was good at maths, but excellent at reading. I remember in year 1 or 2 one time when the class had to read a book, I was finished very quickly before the rest of the class, and I think it was Sr Frances taking the class a the time who told me to read it again, and I did so very quickly, a lot of the class still reading. I had free time for a little while and thought about stuff. I remember getting in trouble once and being told to go down to stay with the kindies. But I was too embarrassed, so hid behind the kindies class, and looked under the school at the stuff they kept there. Later on I went to the section were the toilets were. I got caught out the next school day and told Sr Susan I was were the toilets were, not telling her I was at the other part of the school. Another lie. But I didn’t get into too much trouble. I remember sporting carnivals. I never got any places, ever, at any sporting carnival. I don’t think I ever came last, but I was always down near the bottom. Once I got a fifth place, just missing out on a forth and a white ribbon. I was no good at sports to start off with. But, later on, when I was with my friends from the public school (the gang I got into) we played a season of Indoor Cricket in the B Grade competition, and we actually won it. There were only 4 or 5 teams, but we still came first, and I got invited to play that day in the A Grade final, which I did. We lost, but I always remember we could have won. The problem was we thought the ‘Hot’n’Tots’ were invincible, and we lacked confidence, but they played poorly in that final. We lost, but we might have won with the right motivations. But I still got a trophy for wining in the B Grade final with my team, and that was about the only sporting triumph I have achieved in serious competition. Although I was on the winning team for the UPC Oldies vs Youngies cricket competition for both the first 2 years, once on the oldies and once on the youngies. I think I was the only person who could claim I was on the winning side for both years. One of those years I made a ’50 Not Out’ and matched Jonathon Downs effort (the Pastor John Downs’ son). It was a mandatory retirement at 50. Of course, Jonathon was a much better batter than myself, and had all the shots. But my innings started slowly, and worked up gradually. And towards the end I started hitting ‘4s’. I guess I go slow to start with but gradually build up strength. Either way I was pretty happy to match Jonathon’s score. The gang I joined was a Cooma game arcade group of kids. I started going there to play games at about 14 or 15 and Damien Asanovsci and Peter Dradrach befriended me. I had never really had friends, but they seemed to care. And those few years were some of the best years of my life. Peter and Damien, alongside Michael Werle and Michael Gratwick and Keith Willis and Mark Post were the gang, and we listened to Heavy Metal and played Indoor cricket. The bands we listened to were ‘Metallica’ and ‘Iron Maiden’ and ‘Motley Crue’ and ‘Def Leppard’ & ‘Megadeth’ mainly, as well as ‘Helloween’. I liked Bon Jovi because Damien had given me a copied tape of ‘Slippery When Wet’. It was the first major album I had listened to, apart from a ‘Black Funk’ tape from probably Boney M or someone similar, and a few kids tapes. I thought the album was incredibly cool and became the biggest Bon Jovi fan in Cooma most likely. I ended up seeing them in Sydney in 1989 alongside my friend ‘Noodles’ who lived near the train station in Cooma. The only other live concert of a big act I have seen is ‘Rebecca St James’ in Sydney in the early 2000s. The Bon Jovi concert was far too loud, and I had borrowed my brothers binoculars without asking him to see the band. There were 2 rock chicks in front of us and they went wild. But we were way up the back, and the view was not fantastic. Still, I can claim to have seen Bon Jovi live in the 1980s, and that is a big deal to me. I bought a t-shirt at the concert which had a big heart and a dagger on it, and they still use that symbol. I was on Austudy at the time and was buying all the Bon Jovi cassettes and records, and had a number of posters and magazines. I even bought a metal ‘New Jersey’ badge, which I lost later on in life. They were the biggest band for me to start with, and my favourite for a long time. No band really ever replaced them as my favourite, but I have a lot of favourite bands and artists now. Iron Maiden, Def Leppard, Queen, Alice Cooper, Madonna, Spice Girls, Britney Spears, Billie Piper and so many others are big on my list, and I have owned probably over 1000 CDs by now. But with my schizophrenia I usually end up either destroying them, or trading them back for others, or selling them, or giving them to family members. But I am less attached to a CD as a possession now anyway, and FM104.7 plays all the new hits and radio is usually enough. Freddy Mercury from Queen went on about the ‘Disposable Pop’ idea. And these days what I know is that new hits always come along, and new artists always replace the old, and you don’t have to stay attached to the same old music forever. Some styles seem to stay in vogue now, and older styles come back from time to time. I think Billy Joel sums it up – ‘Everyone is talking about the new style funny but its still rock and roll to me.’ We were in Berridale for the 1970s, Cooma for the 1980s and Canberra for the 1990s and beyond. I did go back to live in Cooma in 2001 briefly and in 2007 briefly, and in 2009 until the present moment, were I am living both in Cooma and Canberra. I have a cheap flat I am renting whose lease expires shortly, and I am undecided wether I will keep the flat or not. Berridale was a blissful town to grow up in. We went to Catholic Church on Sundays, the whole family, and I did that every week until I was 16, when I went my own way on beliefs. I remember looking up at the crucifix and realizing that was the Jesus fellow. I remember praying the rosary in the rosary group which came to our house. I remember the statues of angels at the church which were put up in the attic of the church I think (because of something to do with protestant discussions at the time – I am not sure though). But, whatever else, church was extremely boring, a massive guilt trip, and I never really liked it that much. Later on as an altar boy it was alright because I was doing something, but I couldn’t abide sitting in the pews. I never liked church, and that was that. At 16 Mum went on a holiday to England with Greg, and I stopped going to church. When she got back I was so headstrong that she didn’t try to persuade me to go back and that was the end of the matter. From there I gradually drifted into Agnosticism, and while over the next few years I strongly considered atheism, I never quite made the commitment to that viewpoint. At that stage my faith was a work in progress. In 1990 we came to Canberra, first in Kambah and then in Gilmore and then in late 1990 to 29 Merriman Crescent Macarthur, were I am right at this moment in the front middle room typing this away (Tuesday 2nd of March, 2010). We will get up 20 years at this place later on in the year, and that is a pretty good achievement. But it is still taking a while to get used to even the suburb, and I haven’t totally done that yet. In a strange way Tuggeranong is still new territory to me, and the rest of Canberra as well, but I am gradually getting used to it as home. Actually, Cooma is home as well these days, and I suppose I am basically a ‘Monaro’ boy. I also have a younger sister, Jacinta, and a younger brother, Gregory. They are both married and Jacinta has 3 kids and Gregory has 1. In my early 20s I was studying at the Canberra Institute of Technology, undertaking an Associate Diploma of Business in Office Administration. I ended up completing all the requirements, with 3 distinctions, 5 credits, and many passes. It was during the latter half that I had my crises of faith and finally went back to church. But I had an accident in testing my faith, jumping off a bridge barefooted near parliament house. I turned schizophrenic that day. I blacked out immediately after stepping off the bridge, and woke up a while later on the ground. The ambulance came shortly, and I was in hospital for a couple of weeks. It was when I went nuts, and I am still essentially a Schizophrenic. From there it was off to Catholic Church in Gowrie for a while, but I was witnessed to by Pentecostal girls, and ended up going to Potters House Christian Church. In fact, I attended a service there just this Sunday – my first in a good few years as I don’t go anymore, no longer being a Christian. I was at Potters House for about a year, then off to United Pentecostal Church because I no longer believed the Trinity. But the ‘Oneness’ was wrong also, and I ended up ‘Unitarian’ in faith. After 6 months at Hughes Baptist church attending occasionally I became a ‘Noahide’. That was a leap of faith in January 1999 and now, in March 2010 I am still a Noahide. So I have 11 years up and hopefully am slowly gaining some credibility for my faith. Jesus talks about traditions of men being taught by the Pharisees as commands of God. I agree with him, and thus disregard the Mishnah and Gemara (the Jewish Talmud’s). There are different ways of looking at the Jewish Bible itself, and I would probably make a ‘Hexateuch’ argument if I had to, but I am no longer sure it really matters. In the end conversion to Judaism has simply not been an option, and the Noahide thing is working for me very well indeed. I am happy with it, content with my situation, pleased that Haven Noahide Fellowship today has 3 official members, with reasonable potentiality for growth, and happy that Yahweh is not asking me to do anything in particular out of the ordinary. I have had ‘Rainbow’ witnesses at key points over the last decade and it seems to me that the Rainbow as the Covenantal sign of my covenant is really, in truth, the one to stick with. Scripture declares it an ‘Everlasting Covenant’ so, to me, faith in an everlasting Covenant leads to everlasting life. Now, my books. Morning Stars was begun the writing of in the year 2000. I began it at work in AQIS one day in the Exdoc section. Saruviel popped in pretty quickly, and I think the name was bubbling away from ‘Suvrael’ the southern continent of Silverberg’s ‘Majipoor’. Lord Valentines Castle, The Majipoor Chronicles and Valentine Pontifex were awesome, and some of the many fantasy and sci fi epics I have consumed. ‘Morning Stars’ the title comes directly from Job 38:7 KJV. It was borrowed directly from that translation. It took 5 or 6 years to write the first version of Morning Stars (the currently paperback published version of 100 copies only), but writing took off very quickly after that point. I write heaps now. People occasionally ask me were did I come up with me ideas about angels. Well, Michael and Gabriel come from the Book of Daniel in the Old Testament, and Gabriel appears in the Gospels, and Michael appears in ‘Jude’ and in the ‘Revelation’ in the New Testament. I have also read some of the ‘Pseudepigrapha’ and Michael and Gabriel and a number of others appear in 1 Enoch in the Pseudepigrapha. Some churches actually hold to 1 Enoch as scripture, and for biblical students I strongly encourage you to go check it out because Jesus quotes the hell out of it. Metatron is in one of the Enoch’s as well (there are 3 Enoch books, I think) and he has a heap of names in there, well over 70. The Rabbinic literature goes on about various angels, and Muslim literature also does as well. Also, don’t forget the Doreen Virtue Books and many others out there. Currently Angel Books are doing well, and I am aiming to get the major fantasy niche in this market if I can. I cheekily call ‘Chronicles of the Children of Destiny’ the third volume of the Pseudepigrapha. I guess, because the Pseudepigrapha is public domain, and if I had the money, I might consider publishing it myself one day under the ‘Noahide Books’ imprint and adding the first ‘Arc’ of the Chronicles to it and calling this the third volume of ‘Haven Noahide Fellowship’s’ own Pseudepigrapha. Recognition from the big churches and the big Jewish and Muslim movements might not be easy, or it might end up being quite easy – you never know. But we are actually quite serious about being NON-cultic, quite serious about being lawful and in harmony with the general rules and customs of the land, and quite serious in our devotions to God. On salvation, we generally teach that this is mainly God’s business. Ironmaiden sing a song which says ‘There’s not a God to save you if you won’t save yourself.’ Some Christian fundies will argue that works aint gonna do it, and that only faith in Jesus death is going to get you there. But Jesus teaches in revelation to one of the churches a doctrine which says ‘I have not found your works perfect.’ Of course, the New Testament can be argued on Calvinistic and Armenian standpoints, but taken as a whole – ie the 27 books being the New Testament, I would actually agree that you probably need to be a Christian to be saved, doctrinally. But it depends how you view it. For example, you can’t enter the kingdom of heaven unless you are born again. Is this the New Jerusalem? Thus, if you are not born again, like John the Baptist in Jesus own words, is the new EARTH available instead? Jehovah’s witnesses think so. Is this were the Catholics go? As in there creed they say ‘The Life of the World to Come’, which is the standard Jewish doctrine on salvation.The World to come – the new earth. Of course Isaiah goes on about a new heaven BUT ALSO a new earth. Are there different destinations for different folks. Jewish salvation is works oriented. I think Catholics seem to be of that mould also these days. The fundies are faith oriented. Is it a different destination for different groups? So if you are not Born Again my fundamentalist friend, I know you can’t enter the Kingdom of God, but is that Kingdom the New Jerusalem? And if it is, is the New Earth available instead? Interesting question. You see, Jews actually do have faith. And they have faith in God, and not Jesus. Will this works doctrine of salvation get them the ‘New Earth?’ Perhaps, I think. Perhaps. Anyway, just so you will actually know, Haven’s own doctrine of salvation for us Noahides in particular in Haven Noahide Fellowship is that God is the saviour. Jews have to circumcise to maintain their own covenant. Christians have to baptize to maintain their own covenant. We believe Noah’s covenant is totally up to God’s own effort. You see, we can’t make a rainbow – only God can make a rainbow. So we don’t even bother to save ourselves. We do whatever the heck we want to, can be slack and second rate on spirituality if we want to, occasionally little devils on legal issues (as the Coloured Devil’s would testify), but, in general, happy enough and amused by all the entertainment. You see, God didn’t actually give us Noahides a doctrine of salvation, so we do bugger all, smile that the rainbow still pops up for us every now and again, and thank our lucky stars we don’t have to slave away at the Sabbath, or confess every sin under the sun in true Johannine fashion. Amen and amen and amen. But enough with religion. I am tired, thirsty and hungry, and fortunately the kitchen is still were I would imagine it to be. This chronicle is finished for the moment, but I will give you some more thoughts later one. Cheers. Daniel

Chapter Two

(Written Friday the Fifth of March, 2010 CE/AD, in the morning)

Funnily enough, I am actually published already. No royalties, or anything like that, but in reasonably significant publications. My first publishing is actually a fan letter to a comic. I was a big fan of DC Comics growing up and loved the Justice League International and others from the 1980s, but in the early to mid 1990s I loved quite a few others and ‘The Demon’ run by Garth Ennis and John McCrea was awesome. And, thus, I am published in the last issue of the 1990s run of the ‘Demon’ in poetry form. I have to go off and obtain the comic again, but here is the poem as far as I can recall from memory.

A Devious Plan by Etrigan to conquer all the Earth

Saw light in Demon 52 when Glenda did give birth

A Tragic fate it does await a child so innocent

For the Demon’s evil schemes are not heaven but hell sent

I laughed with glee in 53 at Hitman’s futile folly

Too kill an undead army, methinks it’s not that jolly

And Jason Blood he knew the score and gave a grin not frown

As he stepped into the circle and took the bastard down

It was a fight with fire and flight which came in 54

A merry battle yes indeed with blood and guts and gore

So to the victor go the spoils and Jason blood did smile

While Etrigan his dark revenge will have to wait a while.’

I wrote out the letter on paper with a pen, and my writing is not that neat, so they misspelled the last name and put ‘Daniel Dacy’ instead of ‘Daniel Daly’, confusing the ‘L’ for a ‘C’. I sent in another poem on the Demon as well, but the first poem was in the last issue, so they couldn’t have published the second one. I did though have my name mentioned in an issue of ‘Green Lantern’ I think around this time as well, (just a little later), in the letters section. My next publishing was in poetry anthologies from (I think they have changed their name now). My poem ‘Cat’s’ was published in ‘Treasures to Discover’ and my poem ‘The Next Day’ was published in ‘The Best Poems and Poets of 2001’. After that I was published in a magazine in America, but never received a copy of the magazine, and it was one of my poems. I think it was called ‘Anointed Magazine’ by Magpie publishing, or something or another. I’ll get it one day. And then, just last year, I was published in ‘Short and Twisted 2009’, an Australian Anthology book, with short stories with twists to them. My short story ‘The Diabolical Adventure of RXQ7’ was published in this anthology. Of course, ‘Morning Stars’ and ‘Ye Olde Devil’ were published at the same time under my own ‘Noahide Books’ imprint in 2007 with 100 copies of each of them. I have handed most of them out, but still have a few of each at home. My writing is central to my life, these days. I receive a Centrelink ‘Disability Support Pension’ for my Schizophrenia, and because I have a lot of free time available, I write books. I became schizophrenic in the mid 1990s the day I returned to faith in the God of the bible (interesting that, isn’t it). It was a hectic time. I had just spent the afternoon at YWAM in Watson with a girl called ‘Ariel Cheng’ who was studying with me at CIT at the time. All the previous night my depression had reached its worst, and I needed to See Ariel because she was saintly and a believer. All that day coming through Canberra from Macarthur to Watson I felt all this heaviness upon me, but when I got to the ground of the YWAM place, the spiritual heaviness abated. But when I left later on it returned. I stopped off in Woden at the Christian book store, bought a ‘Good News Bible’ and stopped off again at Holy Family Catholic Church in Gowrie and read the entire book of Job. And that is when I felt the goodness of God and returned to biblical faith. The following day I went off on a mad crusade after having confessed my sins to a Catholic priest in Red Hill, and, in an attempt to test my faith Indiana Jones and the last crusade style, I ended up jumping of a bridge near Parliament House. I was in hospital for a couple of week, and then in a wheelchair, but most of the anxiety and depression was now gone. And then about 6 months later when I prayed a sinners prayer in Potter’s House in Pearce, the rest of the depression left. BUT, in those 2 and a half years as a Christian, until January 1999 there was still a degree of anxiety. This, though, left in January 1999 when I became a Noahide. And since then things have been very good for me. I have had Schizophrenia all throughout this time, rejected the medication on naturalistic grounds a number of times, but now take it consistently. My symptoms are talking to myself a lot, and hearing voices a bit, but it is fine now. It doesn’t really bother me that much anymore. I have learned to live with it. But because I receive a Disability Support Pension since applying in 2005, I no longer really have to work so, to keep myself busy and (hopefully) earn a living one day, I write books. The main intention with my books is to keep them FREE to read online, but if people want to purchase paperback copies of my books, those ones I can sell. That I think is an ethical way of going about business, and completely fair. My main saga, of course, is ‘The Chronicles of the Children of Destiny’. This is about Angels and Children of God, from their creation up into a potentially neverending future. There is quite a bit written about them now, and I don’t really plan on ever finishing the saga in this human life. I have prayed many, many times to God for long life, and hope he continues to bless me with this. The first book written in the ‘Chronicles of the Children of Destiny’ was ‘Morning Stars’. This was begun the writing of in 2000 CE/AD. Prior to this my writing achievements were: A story about insects who flew in leaves in year 6 (which I was very proud of), a Frog and Toad story in primary school, a Fantasy Epic which I had maps drawn up for, about Kalan Lyant and Mallintor the Magician and the continents of ‘Kaluvia’ and ‘Ky-Keria’ and Karadarak’ and the main bigger one which I can’t remember the name of but had the capital city of ‘Rhyan’ and a minor village called ‘Lameth’ were a female bartender called ‘Marni Bonniker’ worked, who was to figure into the saga. ‘Ky-Keria’ was a continent on the north of ‘Kaluvia’ and they were just connected (like north and south America’. All of ‘Ky-Keria’ was barren land with the dread city ‘Yalth’ in the centre, were the main protagonist of the saga, and evil warlock, resided. On Kaluvia on the north-east side were the ‘Iridian Jid’ mountains, two cities called ‘Ejin’ and ‘Eijin’. On Kaluvia, over the other side of the Iridian Jid on the mountains on the northern side, near the ocean, was ‘Haven’. On Karadarak on the top north-eastern corner was ‘Auar’ and the ‘Auarii’ were the elf-like creatures from the hidden Shangri-La of ‘Auar’. Auar was totally surrounded by impassable mountains on the land side and impenetrable cliffs on the ocean side, and thus had never been found by the dwarves or humans. I had written in year 7 or 8 or 9 (I can’t remember which) quite a bit of this story on paper, but eventually lost the writings unfortunately. But later on in the mid 1990s it was going to be called (with new ideas) ‘The Doomsayer Chronicles’ with all sorts of ‘Armageddon’ overtones. I will definitely write this saga one day, and ‘The Belzandramanian’ which is currently underway mentions this saga, and should be viewed also as a prequel alongside David Eddings two sagas. I had read ALL of the Belgariad by this stage, and was about to be pleasantly surprised by Damien Asanovsci with his mothers copy of ‘Guardian’s of the West’ in hardback. The other major fantasy works I read in those years were: The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, The Twilight Realm, the First Shannara Trilogy, The First 5 Riftwar saga books (Magician, Silverthorn, A Darkness at Sethanon, Prince of the Blood & The King’s Buccaneer), The Dorian Hawkmoon books by Michael Moorcock, Conan the Adventurer, The Pliocene Exiles (and later the Galactic Milieu saga) by Julian May, The first nine Xanth books by Piers Anthony and later the first seven Incarnations of Immortality Books and Battle Circle by Piers Anthony (and I have ideas for a Battle Circle sequel, which I might do in fanfiction – hey, I will call it this: ‘Battle Circle II: Circle of Death’ – I just made up that title then. Anyway, my idea for the sequel is that the two guys left stranded near the end with the radiation poisoning (was that it? It is years since I have read it) but it was Sos and Sol wasn’t it? Anyway, whatever, they get rescued and cured by the Chinese Helicon, and they are in the sequel. It was just an idea I had back then because I liked the books so much.), Some of the Discworld novels by Terry Pratchett, Most of the Foundation Saga (yet to read the two prequels to foundation), All 10 Chronicles of an Age of Darkness books by Hugh Cook and even a short story in the saga in his online website (check it out Hugh Cook fans, there are other short stories in the Chronicles there), This is the Way the World Begins featuring Ram Burrell by J T Macintosh, The Sword and the Satchel by Elizabeth H Boyer, The first two volumes of ‘Memory Sorrow and Thorn’ By Tad Williams (I am halfway through the final volume and will finish it off eventually), and more recently the first two volumes of the Faded Sun Trilogy by C J Cherryh (I will finish of the third volume eventually) and others still. I will probably start ‘The Doomsayer Chronicles’ soon. After that in the Mid 1990s I wrote the first two versions of ‘The Harmony Bridge’ both of which never got finished. The Current short story ‘The Harmony Bruidge’ is a different version still, but contains some of the ideas. It really should be seen as a sequel to the original ideas for the Harmony Bridge, the plot I still have in my mind which I will write out some day. In fact the original version of ‘The Harmony Bridge’ birthed the name ‘Callodyn’. That is were he was born. Radric was born in the second version of ‘The Harmony Bridge’ and later I met Andre Wheeley from Crossroads Christian church and ‘Ambriel’, in a sense, was born from the ideas of both of these. Radric was a friend of Callodyn’s.


Here is my current resume:

Resume of Daniel Daly

Address: 29 Merriman Crescent


Phone: (02) 6291 4414


Date of Birth: 20th of November, 1972

Skills: Office Administration Skills

Wourd Processing Skills – MS Word (Intermediate to Advanced)

MS Excel (Basic to Intermediate)

Typing: 60 wpm

Creative Writing Skills

Pastoral Skills

Education: Associate Diploma in Office Administration

(1995) Canberra Institute of Technology

Certificate in Word Processing and Office Skills

(1993) Canberra Institute of Technology

Year 10 Certificate

(1988) St Patrick’s School, Cooma

Work History:

2000 – Current Author. I have my own website

( dedicated to promoting my own fictional books about angels. I have spent the last decade writing these books.


1996 – 2000. Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service

Position: Clerical Officer – Various Positions from ASO1 to acting ASO3

Duties: Various database work, Excel Spreadsheet work, Travel log, Stationery cupboard maintenance, Photocopier room maintenance


1996 Department of Employment, Education and Training

Youth Affairs

Position: Clerical Assistant

Duties: Photocopying, Filing

It is not an exhaustive resume, just a basic one page one. Well that is the end of chapter two. I will write more soon. Cheers. Daniel

End of chapter two

Chapter Three

(Written Friday the 12th of March and Saturday the 13th of March 2010 in the evening, late on Friday, and early the next morning, Saturday, just after 12 midnight)

Thereu is a line in a song which goes ‘A Good Heart these days is hard to find.’ Thinking about it, what will really last forever, beyond your works even, is if you have a good heart which people are attracted to and find peace in. If people can get along with you and find acceptance with you, if you can overlook their flaws and fallible nature and love them simply for being them, for being human and alive and worthy of love because of it, if you can show empathy and relate your heart to theirs and give them consolation when they are low and be a faithful friend in both difficult times and good times, if you can be a little rock of eternal friendship and hope in their lives, then that will really last forever and be a blessing of untold wealth. Money comes and goes. Perhaps, in the world to come, we will be trillionairres a trillion times over, and perhaps right at the bottom a number of times too. Who can really say, hey? Perhaps we will own mansions, and cars, star in movies and sing great songs. But when everyone has had their turn at glory, what will last? Thinking about Jesus, who I don’t believe is the Christ or Messiah or God or anything like that type of nonsense, but thinking about how he often comes across in his simple human wisdom, he apparently forsaked all the glory of wealth in his life, didn’t bother really trying to earn thousands of drachmas (or whatever their currency was) and living out the high life, but instead sought to teach people spiritual values and share a message of love with them. And while I think God has various ways of looking at the person of Jesus of Nazareth, ways unlike how the church views him, I think there is still a heart of popularity attributed to this man simply because he comes across has having cared about people, and perhaps was even willing to die for them, which he apparently did. I couldn’t do that, personally. I have the guts to take a bullet for any wife I would marry and children, but I couldn’t die on a cross. But then again, that’s not me. If someone asked me ‘Would you die for me?’ I would have to tell them ‘NO.’ But then I would say ‘But I would LIVE for you instead.’ But, whatever, the message of Jesus simple love is, really, what is going to last forever. The message of findiung a heart which accepts you and treats you kindly, which will sacrifice for you and dig you out of difficult situations, will give you blessings when you need them, and stay faithful to you – well who can say that they don’t really want that a lot? And, hopefully, that is what Haven Noahide Fellowship, if it really ever starts growing well and turning into something which I hope it could become, will be all about. Above all else I want Haven to be exactly that – ‘A Haven’. I think everyone can say at some time in their lives they needed a place to get away, a place to call their own, a place to be accepted, loved unconditionally, and helped out in difficult circumstances. In Australia were I live we are so lucky that we have a good welfare system which helps out the people with low incomes. I know that Indigenous Australians still have a degree of poverty, but it has gotten to the point in Australia that if you really want to succeed in life, the opportunities are there. Schooling will be free if you can’t afford it, you can gain HECS to study a university degree and pay it back later. There is the jobsearch allowance to support you while you are looking for work. And there is government housing for people who can’t afford to own or rent in the private sector. All of this comes from, to my way of thinking, a society which genuinely cares about its citizens. And that is what we all want, isn’t it? To live in a world which cares and has a heart in it. All my life I have heard it said occasionally that this is a cold hard uncaring world. But I have found the opposite often equally true. There ARE a lot of caring people in this world. There are synagogues and churches and mosques and temples full of religious and spiritual people who are motivated by pleasing God and helping their fellow humans. And there are non-religious people who hold to an ethical or moral stance of live and let live and trying to be a good person. And, I think, that may just be what it is all about, this thing called life. C S Lewis argued in ‘Mere Christianity’ that there is a ‘Moral Law’ which we all seem to ascribe to. For exampleu, we often say of things ‘That’s not right’. Or ‘That shouldn’t be’ as if there is some benchmark or standard of righteousness which we all seemingly hint at, even unknowingly. A lot of that may be as a result of centuries of grooming on our morals, but is it more than that? Is there really a sense of justice innate to being human, made in the image of God. And, for me, Justice is not just about righting wrongs, but acting justly to ensure a society in which happiness is found. Haven Noahide Fellowship, as of today, has a tiny number of members. But it has a growing number of people who know about us. My hope is that Haven WILL grow, and end up being that Haven in peoples lives, a place of sanctuary, a place were they can escape to and find peace from God and solace for the heart and soul. I want Haven to be a place wereEVERYONE is accepted, because we are all children of Noah and Noahides. It is to be a place were people can be put right with God, meeting him, encountering him in prayer and meditation, and finding others who also connect to him. It is to be a place, ultimately, in which Jew, Christian, Muslim, Bahai and any of the believers in the God of Adam, Noah and Abraham can connect and find Haven from the conflicts which have often beset them. You see, Haven accepts everyone of all the Adamic religions, wanting to be a place were they can find acceptance with each other and tolerance for their differences. And it is the sign, the simple sign of the ‘Rainbow’ with its bright colours, which all of us can see and witness to, and have hope in the promises of God that his Grace will remain, everlastingly so.

* * * * *

I have had a crush on a number of female pop singers for a number of years now. I have fancied the Christian pop singer ‘Rebecca St James’ for a long time, ever since the umid 1990s when I was given a Christian compilation CD from my sister with her song ‘Here I Am’ on it. I think she is a wonderful person, and hope she soon finds the right man for her, because she is still a virgin in her early 30s and has been faithfully waiting for the right one. I really like all 5 Spice Girls, and am currently reading Geri Halliwell’s biography ‘If Only’. She comes across as a very genuine person, in no way flakey, with a very real upbringing and with a heart which cares. I think she is FAB. I am also a big Madonna fan now, and hope the best for her. I also really like Britney Spears and Kelly Clarkson, as well as Mandy Moore, Hilary Duff and Lily Allen. I remember in the 1980s when I first heard of Madonna. She was that new big super popstar, who at the time I thought was basically one of the real big popstar's like Michael Jackson. I never bought any of her albums though and was never really a fan until the early 1990s when I was at a video store and looking at CDs for rent and thought I may as well try the ‘Bedtime Stories’ album by Madonna. I loved it and became a fan then. I know Madonna has studied Kabbalah for many years, and I also know she still seems to be a Christian in faith as well. I find her a very interesting personality and the fact that she has faith in God is, to me, a great thing. To me that is someone who ‘has it all’ but still remembers where her bread is buttered. Success in life, finding the big dream of it all, and finding your piece of the pie seems to be what it is all about for many of us in the west. I wrote a poem a while ago called ‘Stuck’ which sort of summed up how I view things. It is in my ‘Life, Love and Other Mysteries’ anthology of poetry and song. So much of my own yearnings in life over these past 20 years have been for some sort of success. To make a name for myself, to achieve wealth and success, to gain my own, supposedly deserved, glory. But I suppose I have to learn the poem God gave me to write for myself. ‘In patience what I need comes to be.’ I guess, if we can learn to wait, to learn to let go of the demand for ‘Instant Wuealth’ and ‘Instant Success’, then perhaps what we actually really NEED will be given to us by God and that in this ‘Prison of Life’ we will end up FREE from the frustrations of our own covetous lusts for wealth and success, instead transformed into a person which is content with God’s love and whatever he sees fit to provide for us. Because if we have God’s love – if we have the love of the one who is eternal and has always been there – then it is just patience we need to have, for he will give us all good things in the fullness of time. What we need to learn in the mean times is to love each other, to respect each other, and to value each other. For those gifts, which are FREE, are the ones we really need for eternity anyway.

* * * * *

When I stopped going to Catholic Church at 16 it wasn’t really because I didn’t believe in God. It was because church was boring and I had better things to do. But, gradually, looking back, I realize now that the simple faith I had in God as a child disappeared in those years from 16 to 18 or so. But not for long. I questioned, intently, wether God was there or not. I thought about it all the time, a great deal, and then, later on in year 11 or 12 at Lake Tuggeranong College I stole a book on philosophy for beginners from the library (which I might have eventually returned to the Civic library) and read some of the arguments for the existence of God. What nailed it for me was the ‘Argument from Design’. Essentially it argues that nature is so complex, wonderful, beautiful and has such a design to it that it indicates a ‘DESIGNER’ behind it. I gave this thought, then, and within a short while confessed my faith. Yes, God was there, had designed the universe, and was the creator. It was at that point I really did believe in God, and have never stopped since. But I was NOT a religious believer, instead, I guess, being deistic in my viewpoint. uI did believe in an afterlife, though, and shared that view briefly once with Ariel Cheng, a friend from CIT. But she alluded that unless I was a Christian I wouldn’t receive that afterlife. That got me interested in Christianity and later I became apentecostal. But for a long time now, since being a Noahide, I KNOW I was in the right position back then. I had faith in God, believed in a world to come, and I know that was and still is enough for God to accept you. It was all he needed to save me. Over the course of my walk with God, though, I have come to know that Jehovah is NOT a trinity, and that Israel is his ‘Rock’. But, the way the Noahide world is gradually emerging now, we Noahides are becoming God’s ‘Rock’ as well. After all, we are of the ‘Oldest’ of the biblical covenants, older still than Abraham’s covenants, and perhaps in that sense should be the MOST responsible of God’s holy people. Perhaps, because we are of the OLDEST covenant, we should be the most mature and reliable in our service to the Most High. It is what I believe personally anyway. Faith in God in action can mean a lot for many people. For many it is a belief system which guides their lives and moral choices. For others it becomes the central focus in a religious calling. And for others still, just that little part of faith in their lives, that little corner, which they occasionally go to that reminds them that, yes, they believe, and that there is a meaning to it. But then back off to the real world. For me, personally, it is perhaps a mixture of all those perspectives. As a Christian in Potters House and the United Pentecostal Church I evangelized on the streets of Civic in Canberra a great deal, handing out flyers, talking to people and even street preaching. I hardly ever saw anyone come to church that I had talked to, but wonder these days what, if any, impact I had. It has been slow going in Noahide faith as well, but what I seem to be understanding these days is that you REALLY need to get your time up in a religion and a religious assembly and show REAL commitment before God will bless you with souuls. If you are a monotheistic evangelist, and you want to win souls to your assembly, they won’t come forth unless YOU stick to your assembly. If you quit later on, God has wasted his time in using you as an example, hasn’t he? You have GOT to stick to your guns and really commit, or you are just wasting your time. Real soul winners are ones who end up sticking to something, and showing people their faith is genuine. If it isn’t you won’t bear fruit in the end. In this day and age it is as simple as that, because with all the religions on offer people see through the shallow ones very quickly now and move on.

* * * * *

I lost my virginity to a prostitute in Fyshwick in Canberra at 26 years of age. It was the day (early in the morning) after I left Christian faith and was thinking about Jewish/Noahide faith. I was living in Hughes in Canberra, working at AQIS, and had come to the conclusion that I really didn’t believe in Jesus and that I just believed in God. And then, later on that night, thinking that because I was no longer a Christian, that all the Christian teaching on sexual purity until marriage really didn’t apply to me, with all my years of sexual frustration having built up, I went off to the keycard machine at the mall, withdrew a number of hundreds of dollars, and early the following morning took a taxi out to Fyshwick stopping at ‘Exotic Studios’. The girls working name was ‘Amber’, she was from Cooma originally (funnily enough) and was very pretty. I went a fair number of times after that, but it gradually diminished. Sexuality and what God requires of us is a big issue for me, and very challenging. Not being Jewish and, further, honestly believing that the Talmudic system of Noahide faith is simply rabbinic invention, I have only been able to rely on the Scriptures themselves. I would be lying to myself if I tried to follow the mainstream ‘7 Laws of Noah’ code. I don’t believe it is the historical trutuh, so there is no point in trying to meet its religious requirements. I essentially have a ‘moderate’ stance on the composition of the scriptures, and would recommend ‘Richard Elliott Friedman’s’ ‘Who Wrote the Bible’ to explain source theory on the Documentary Hypothesis. While I would question ‘Dating’ of the sources, I agree there ARE differing sources in the Torah. Some say it is Priestly invention, the sections in Leviticus and that, by and large, the rulings are developed rulings. This is probably true to a degree. IF there are any genuine Mosaic sections in the Torah WE don’t know with any certainty what they are. Further, we really DON’T know what are the rule from God, if any, on sexual morality. The bible says what it says, but is this reality? Is this the moral truth of human lives? I am not sure. In the Australian Capital Territory were I live Prostitution is legal. Because of that I occasionally visit a lady and have an intimate encounter. I have shared this with a number of friends in my mental health groups, and nobody really seems to object. In fact it is usually an article for light hearted conversation. From observations on this throughout life, smirks, laughter and grins are often the result in male to male conversations on their sexual escapades. Is that, then, the reality of sexual conduct? And, therefore, are the biblical prohibitions rabbinic nonsense? Is it really that big a deal? Today we have homosexuals well entrenched in our society, and nobody seems to mind. In fact many churches say that is ok now. With my knowledge on the composition of the bible and the lack of real proof of God’s own voice on the subject, what can we really say? In the end I only argue common sense should prevail, and your own convictions and inner voice. There are a lot of sexual freedoms now, and I think that will always be part of society from now on. We won’t ever be going back to the Victorian era, and the restrictive ways of the past. X rated porn is here to stay, and they are the facts of life. What I do know, though, is that VDs aka STDs or STIs are a permuanent part of the landscape, and a fool practices unsafe sex with every Tom, Dick and Harry. So whatever your practices on this issue, be bloody careful.

* * * * *

I probably had my first cigarette in my teens. But I can’t really remember. In fact, it might have been my early 20s. So far I have smoked about 20 to 30 cigarettes in my life and drunk about 50 to 100 cans of beer in my life. I am not actually really trying to abstain from beer – it is just that I don’t really like the stuff very much. I do like cigarettes, but plan on never taking them up seriously, as I know all to well the dangers. But once or twice a year I will have a smoke, little enough to ensure I do no real damage. I got weighed just the other day and came in at 154 KGs. Quite a bit, but funnily enough down on the last weighing. I have been up over 160 KGs previously. My diet, and the fact I now drink quite a bit of water, is gradually and slowly wearing down my weight. The way I am going, 3 or 4 years from now I expect I might be under 140 KGs. I am hoping for that. Being health, of course, is a big part of life. It seems for so many that it is a major preoccupation and for the other half a non-issue. But we are probably all concerned in some way. God’s plan is for us mainly to eat fruits and vegetables and various plants, and he started us off on that. Later he gave Noah permission to eat meat, and we can do that as Noahides as long as we drain off the blood. Nobody is supposed to eat blood. All of this is meant to support our life and make us healthy. Of course, we don’t have access to the tree of life, as we can’t get back to the garden. I pray that God feeds me that fruit spiritually, and I pray that a lot, and hopefully he does. I really enjoy life these days and want as long a life as I can possibly get. Of course, we need to be heualthy and because of this I make sure I don’t smoke or drink too much, and I try to gradually improve my eating habits as the years go by. I am even slowly thinking about vitamin tablets as an option to consider.

* * * * *

My brother Gregory was probably my best friend for most of my young life. I teased him a bit too much I think, and was a bit bossy an older brother, but I really did like him, and am grateful I had him as a brother growing up. We used to play cricket together in the back yard quite a lot, and across the road with the neighbours boy as well. Greg has a boy, James, now. James really is a ‘Daly’ and is like his grandfather with a quiet nature. I have never been married, but would like to one day. At 37 I realize I am not getting any younger, but still hope to meet a nice lady to have children with. Of course God told Noah to populate the earth, and I am willing to do my bit, but just haven’t found the girl I connect with yet. Hopefully one day. Gregory is married to a Philippino lady called ‘Christie-Mae’ who was born on Christmas Day. They seem to get along, and I enjoy having her in the family. They are in Perth now, were they will build a house, so I won’t see him a lot in the future. But he is my favourite sibling, and I wish the best for him.

* * * * *

I have listened to hundreds, possibly over a thousand, CDs in my life. With my schizophrenia I am in the habit of getting rid of them in some way, but I have a large knowledge of many musical artists. I have many favourite albums, but some of them would include: Bon Jovi – New Jersey, Def Leppard – Hysteria, Kings X – Faith, Hope, Love, Spice uGirls – Greatest Hits, Britney Spears – The Singles Collection, AC DC – Back in Black, DC Talk – Jesus Freak, Cheri Keaggy – My Faith Will Stay, Rebecca St James – God & Susan Ashton – A Distant Call. I love music, can listen to it all day, and hopefully always will. I myself have composed a number of basic classical piano pieces, and hope to eventually have a small compilation CD put together. It will go on ‘Myspace’ if I ever get the project done.

* * * * *

Anyway, I will close this third chapter with a slice of wisdom. ‘Whatever you do, do well.’

All the best. Daniel

End of Chapter Three

Chapter Four

(Written Tuesday, 6th of April, 2010 CE, early in the morning)

It has been quiet enough the last few weeks since writing the last chapter. I finalized the cleaning of my flat down in Cooma (Unit 4 / 194 Sharp Street) were I had just finished a six month lease. I signed the bond release form and hopefully they will find it all up to scratch. I have lived away from home (my parent/s) a number of times over the years, but due to lack of marriage have usually ended up back with them. My first time away from home was in 1995 when I joined the Potters House Christian Church in November of that year. I had been witnessed to by Tammy Saunders and the church had some established group houses for its younger tween meumbers. I stayed at a place on McFarland Crescent in Pearce in the Woden district, just up from the Pearce Shops and community hall were the Church met at that time. Since then they changed locations to Civic in the Griffin centre for a while, and now down at a primary school in West Kambah. They have had pastor’s come and go, and the original pastor that I was baptized under, Philip East, is now in Indonesia I think, still at his gospel work, with a different church. I lived in the men’s group house with Brenton White, Scott Boswell, Rama Vaa and Craig Holford. Craig Holford, along with his wife Raelene, are the only ones still attending the Canberra Potters House church from the days I attended the church (1995 to 1996, for about 1 year). Brenton has a twin, Chris White, who is still a friend I see every now and again. Scott was the main guy responsible for my induction in a sense into the group house and into Potters House, but I got along best with Rama Vaa, a Samoan fellow who was at university. In the women’s group house, which was just down the street a little, there was Deonie (who later married Scott) Tammy Saunders (who later married a fellow named Mal Makkinga who had come into the church and who developed a close friendship with myself), Camille and Sofya Sharaf, who I had a crush on, who later married Sung Taing who was in the church with her for a while. I was in the group house briefly, and then had another psychotic episode, wandering the bush, and then returning home to live with my mother for a while. But I returned to the group house and the church, before living with Brenton White in the ‘Wall’ in Mawson for a little while. After my year in Potters House I went to the United Pentecostal Church in the next suburb of Chifley, and moved to a flat in ‘Chifley House’ on Eggleston Crescent. I was in that flat for a year or so. After that I moved into a flat in Greenhaven Court in Hughes in Woden, just opposite the Hughes Jehovah’s Witnesses Kingdom Hall. I attended the ‘Baptist Church’ in Hughes on and off for a little while, and a few visiuts to the Kingdom Hall. In January 1999 living in Hughes I became a Noahide, and the following year in 2000 I began writing ‘Morning Stars’. I was offered a ‘Package’ in 2000 due to lack of duties for my position, but I could tell the Schizophrenia problem was perhaps the main issue as to why my duties had dwindled. I had been hospitalized a number of times by then. I returned to 29 Merriman Crescent in Macarthur in 2000, not long before I took my package. In 2001 I lived in Cooma on Baron Street for a six month lease, but was only there a few months before I had another episode and took off for Melbourne. I stayed briefly with June Cantrell the Noahide who was a friend of mine (and of Frances Makarova ie Rachav), before being hospitalized in the Dandenong Hospital. Just before leaving Cooma I remember (as I had no television) going into the newsagents and seeing the paper of the 911 incident with the twin towers. I returned to Canberra after my hospitalization, and never really went back to Cooma to live to finish off the lease. It was cleaned and I stayed in Cooma since then. I was not hospitalized again until January/February 2008 (7 years reasonably well) and have not been since that time. In 2007 I returned to live in Cooma at, this first time, unit 3 / 194 Sharp Street, which is the front unit on the right. Returning back to Canberra I had published in paperback form, just after my father’s death, Morning Stars and Ye Olde Devil. I was hospitalized just a little later. I stayed then at Ainslie Village in the ‘Lodge’ for a few weeks, then my mother let me return home. And then, since October 2009 till just the other day I had a lease for, this time, unit 4 / 194 Sharp Street, which is the front unity on the left. Small world huh. But I didn’t stay there a huge amount, and returned to live in Canberra for much of the lease. I was just too lonely there in the end (although I was coping with it) and missed my newly acquired friends from the Mental Health Tuggeranong Drop in Centre. One of the friends I have met in the drop in centre is ‘Marcus Low’. He is from an Asian family, ubut he has a normal Australian English accent so I assume he was probably born in Australia. Recently, at Woden Bus Interchange, I ran into him and asked him to write a story about an Angel for me. We had discussed the idea of him writing stories for my website previously, and his story can be seen on the ‘Contributing Authors’ section of the main page.

That is all for now. All the best to everyone reading this ongoing dialogue.

The End of Chapter Four

Chapter Five

(Written Friday 9th of April 2010 AD/CE)

I printed off my first 2 printer copies of ‘Jack Dagger – Skull and Crossbone’ yesterday at Tuggeranong library. I haven’t printed off hard copies of most of my stuff, and am now getting around to it. In this new electronic world, with computer memory and internet websites, it hasn’t really become necessary to print off actual paper copies. I have 2 USB drives were I save my writings, and I think that is an absolute essential necessity these days with the ways hard drives so often crash and you can lose data. I remember, when working in AQIS, hearing about the term ‘The Paperless Office’. There was a seminar given on this at work and one of the senior workers took it so seriously that he assumed they no longer wanted printed copies of things, and just worked electronically. An ironic statement I once heard it that in the new electronic environment, the paperless office uses more paper than ever before. But such is life. My first close female friend, who I guess in hindsight was a girlfuriend, but I have never called any girl my girlfriend so far, was ‘Louise Roseman’ back in year 11 at Monaro High School in Cooma. She had a crush on me and scratched ‘XAD’ into her arm, thatbeing my nickname which I used as the signature for the high scores on various video games played at the Cooma Video Game Arcade. We kissed at ‘Peter Dradrach’s’ and, while I learned she was ‘Easy’, we never had sexual relations. Just around that time I was at the Cooma Show with my group of friends and I went on the dodgems for quite a while with a blonde girl from year 10 named Jenny. I remember at school boasting to Mark Post that I only went with Jenny to make Louise jealous. But that was actually all bravado, and completely untrue, since I just made it up at the time. I was in no way trying to make Louise Jealous. Jenny had written me a porno letter, and I was still scared of such intimacies at that age – I think, looking back, I was trying to escape the friendship with Jenny in some way. Jenny was a nice girl, but not for me. There was, interestingly, another Jenny in year 11 called ‘Jenny Cheetham’ who told me she ‘Knew’ there was a God. It was one of my first ‘God’ conversations, and one of the things which propelled my teenage mind to search for God. I rung up Jenny’s mum just a few years ago and got back in touch with Jenny. Her father died just around that time, and while she was working in New Zealand, she came back to Canberra briefly and we caught up. I was way to strong in my comments about Jesus and Christianity not being true, and I put her off any future friendship, which I regret. I really like her, and I had a crush on her back in high school. She had changed a lot though. When I started attending CIT in 1993 to 1995 doing the ‘Associate Diploma of Business in Office Administration’, I ended up making a lot of close female friends, because the course was mainly filled with females. One of the girls was ‘Ariel Cheng’ who told me she was a Christian. She was a very quiet and gentle girl, from Taipei, and I ended up going to the place she was staying to talk withu her the afternoon before I had my accident the following day. That afternoon I bought a Good News Bible and returned to faith. Other girls I studied with at CIT and remember were Nary Ly, Caroline Blanc (who I think works in Tuggeranong), Lindy Barham (who was a close friend) and Lee Chiu. Lee Chiu was my second close female friend, and when she returned to Hong Kong we wrote letters to each other for a while. But she was never quite my girlfriend either. When I went to UPC I proposed to ‘Ann Kim’, but I was having a psychotic episode at the time (which she might not have known) and she said ‘Later’. I ended up leaving the church, and haven’t seen Ann Kim in years, but in reflection she was definitely not the one for me. Too differing personality types and theological beliefs. But it was only a brief friendship with her, and while we kissed a few mornings (as we walked down from Chifley to Woden to go to work) I had never called her my girlfriend either. It was mainly a brief romantic fling. We never had sex though. Later on in that church I was interested in Becky Kent, and just before I left the church we were starting to sit together in service. But I ended up leaving UPC in 1998 because I didn’t believe Oneness theology. I think I was in UPC for about a year and a half. To Oneness believers I recommend 1 Corinthians 8:6 and John 17:3 which should teach you Jesus isn’t God. The logic of putting Matt 28 and Acts 2 is correct, but name simply means ‘Authority’. It doesn’t mean a literal name in the scriptural context. You see, in terms of the New Testament, Jesus receives the ‘Authority’ of the father, which means he received the ‘Name’ of the father, with the power (Name) to send the Holy Spirit. God revealed to me just after leaving Christian faith that worship of Jesus was extreme idolatry and carried a death penalty, but then told me later on, while I was considering that, to ‘Be in the Hearts of Men’. You see, while God has made his judgement on the issue, he tells me to have mercy, and look at the heart of the people in such churches, uwho are really just in error theologically, and simply don’t know any better. I have just started collecting old bibles, SVDP in Tuggeranong being a major place of purchase, were you can get them currently second-hand for $1. I particularly like finding ‘To Such and Such for your such and such’ in the front cover with a signed date and year. I am in the habit of putting my name and purchase date and signing these copies myself, just next to such markings. I like a record of who has owned such bibles – I think that is a good idea. In fact, with all the books I now buy, I sign and date them. For ‘The Da Vinci Code’ paperback I purchased from SVDP I wrote in a little plot idea for a Robert Langdon story in the front cover. The story is called ‘A Contract with the Devil’ and is set in Jerusalem.

* * *

I read the ‘Belgariad’ by David Eddings way back in Cooma in around 1987/1988. A friend of the family had given us some books and ‘Pawn of Prophecy’ was amongst them. I read it as the second fantasy work I had read, and thought it was amazing. I went off to the library to find if they had the rest of the saga and was overjoyed to find they had all 5 books in the series. I read them astutely and thought they were incredible. This started my collecting of fantasy and science fiction novels and I read quite a number of works in those years. Recently David Eddings died (early 2009), and then just a few months ago I began writing ‘The Belzandramanian’ which is a fanfiction sequel to David Eddings ‘Belgariad’ and ‘Malloreon’ series. When I posted the first part of the story to a message board for Eddings on Google I found out he had died. The Belzandramanian is going to be a major 5 part series, as long as both the Belgariad and Malloreon, which are both 5 book series. I am workinug hard on it, and hopefully the readers will enjoy it. Anyway, recently my neice Georgia Bridges (my sisters daughter) started slowly righting a short story on my computer. She is only 10 years old and I thought the story was a good effort for Georgia. I edited the finally copy, but all the words are hers. You can read it at the contributing authors section.

Anyway, that’s all for now. All the best to everyone. Daniel

The End of Chapter Five

Chapter Six

(Written Monday 19th of April & Friday 23rd of April 2010 AD/CE)

This morning I have been working on my family tree, getting all the information out of my mother Mary. I want to ensure I get all the details I can in case anything unfortunate happens to her before time.

Here is an interesting genealogy, with sources, from internet records I have put together. From 105 back to 87 is Very Highly reliable, being part of the records of ancient Ireland which were carefully kept. Going from 87 back to 37 & 36 is reasonable data in my opinion. That Niall of the Nine hostages goes back to Milesius is commonly held to. From 37 back to 13 is questionable, but is the only data we have. Nennius table of nations, from my mind, may have been written by himself simply because of the popularity of the biblical genealogies, and 37 back to 13 which is from this source is highly questionable because of it. The names may be genuine to some degree (Peurhaps he drew on traditional names floating around the nations) it is questionable on authenticity, and is probably reactionary to the Christian faith and demand, but it is all we have so I place it (as others do) as our official genealogy back to Adam and Eve, but held with a degree of suspicion. Whatever else, the amount of names going back to Adam is about the right amount historically. I was watching Benny Hinn this morning and they talked about Schizophrenia. The doctor who was on the show had been involved with research into the condition and claimed it was a lack of ‘Niacin’ in the diet which caused the lack of Brain nutrition, leading to the voices and schizophrenic symptoms. Vitamin D was called necessary to help improve people with this condition. I ate a lot of breakfast cereal when I was growing up, often twice a day, but this disappeared in my early 20s, when the depression entered in and the schizophrenia followed the depression. If what this doctor says is true, then my lifestyle choices fit the pattern. I will be trying Niacin for a while from now on and will let you know if my schizophrenic symptoms improve.

* * *

I have been buying a lot of books and trading cards recently. When I am unwell I am unfortunately in the habit of destroying some of my possessions, and have lost many things because of it. But I have been praying recently that God would help me not to destroy my possessions and would cure me of schizophrenia. I think, with the new Vitamin D information, perhaps he has. Anyway, currently my bookcase is full of books, paperback and hardback, fiction and non-fiction, and I have a lifetime of reading ahead of me. I am also going to be collecting things like: CDs, Records, Trading Cards, Comics, China, Books, Stamps & Coins. I like collecting things, but presently finding ruoom for them is starting to become a problem. I have resorted to purchasing large plastic boxes and storing things under the house. When I was in my teens living at 6 Bradley Street in Cooma I was given some fantasy books by a friend of the family, Gerard Bryant. David Eddings ‘Pawn of Prophecy’ was amongst them, and was the second fantasy book I read after ‘The Twilight Realm’. My favourite genre of fiction is usually fantasy, followed by Science Fiction. However, my own saga about Angels with the term ‘Angelic Spiritual Fiction’ would now be my favourite genre of fiction, and the stuff I enjoy writing the most and reading about. I am really hoping that my work ‘The Chronicles of the Children of Destiny’ becomes the ‘Lord of the Rings’ of Angelic Fiction. Fingers crossed. Strangely, when I was very young, living in Berridale in NSW in Australia where I was brought up, I seem to remember something about an angel called ‘Ramiel’ for some strange reason. It is quite possibly just my extensive imagination in rethinking about my past youth, but that angel name rings a bell for some strange reason. I do remember we had rosary group meetings back at our Berridale house when I was very young, and perhaps the Angel’s name was mentioned then. Or, perhaps, I had angels talking to me when I was very young, and my mother often said that ‘Do you remember playing with the Angels?’ referring to before I was born. I had a dream about that recently, a dream which gave me the impression it was referring to a time before my birth, when I was in heaven. I was living in Cooma, of all places, and attended St Pats school, and was learning things. The dream seemed to be a flashback of my time in heaven, and I remember in the dream certain memories in my mind ‘Clicking’ to what the dream was showing. They seemed to be part of my inner memories, part of the very fabric of my being. Interestingly in my dream one of the Nuns told me ‘Your mother is going somewere and won’t be coming back,’ which the dream communicated to me as my mouther going off to be born into the physical earth. I was at school with my St Pats school-friends in the dream, and I believe now that there is a world of dreaming, a world of heaven, which precedes all of our lives before earth, and which seems to follow it as well. Talking of dreams, for a number of recent years, tapering off after I prayed to God about it, I was having the most intense of dreams, ones in which I often felt like I was really alive in them, and they were so very real. I often tried to make the dreams last as long as they could, refusing to wake up in my dreams. I remember many scenes from many of my dreams, and I have dreamed about many celebrities funnily enough, as well as family and friends and many other faces I don’t yet recognize. Daniel’s are really supposed to have vivid dreams, and they are supposed to be interpreted by us as well. That is the gift of the book of Daniel for those who bear this name. Further, Daniel’s are supposed to be judges because Daniel means ‘Judge of God’ which means ‘God’s appointed Judge’ (To Judge others, not meaning Judging God himself).

That’s all for now. I will write more later.

The End of Chapter Six

Chapter Seven

(Written Saturday the 24th of April 2010 CE/AD)

I have decided in the last few days to try and keep a more comprehensive journal/autobiography on a far more regular basis. I want to record all the various activities I get up to so that in latuter years for myself and any interested parties they can get a very detailed account of my life. Yesterday I was down at Chess for the Leisure Activities run by Mental Health Tuggeranong. The people who attend the various activities usually suffer from Mental Illnesses such as Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar, Schizo-effective disorder and Schizophrenia. This seems to be the general type of disorders they deal with for MHT. Conversations centre around a range of subjects, but naturally medication and the conditions are often talked about. Currently Risperdal and Seraquel are talked about as commonly used drugs by various people in the centre, and I am currently on a Risperdal Consta (injection) of 50 mg over every 2 weeks. When I first started on the medication back in the 1990s, first using Olanzapine from memory, I was on tablets. However I was never faithful to the tablets, as I couldn’t find consistency in taking them, and was hospitalized for my psychotic attacks a number of times. Eventually they put me on injections, and they have worked much better and I find it easier to remember getting a fortnightly injection as it is less often. I am reasonably ok at Chess, and have played it for many years. In fact, way back in Berridale when I was very young I remember my father Cyril teaching me the game and playing it with me. I used to play with Matthew to start with (I think) but definitely with Gregory over the years as we grew up. Greg has also become quite good at the game. Greg had a book called ‘The Chess Player’s Bible’ which Matt borrowed, but when Greg moved to Perth with Christie after selling their Calwell house just recently, he left the book behind with Matt and Matt didn’t want it so I asked Greg if I could have it and he gave it to me. Fortunately it is a good book and I am gradually learning strategy from it. I also had a big chess book given to me for either a birthday or Christmas present when I was younger, and I never really studied it in youth, apart from what they called ‘Pitfall number one’ which gave me a basic strategy to get a quick ucheckmate. But it only works against new players as experienced players spot it pretty quickly. I had a really nice chess set when I was a kid with big carved out pieces, which I managed to get from SVDP in Cooma were Dad worked and mum occasionally did volunteer work. Unfortunately I left it behind one time at a Galong spiritual retreat which Mum and Dad took the family on to the Catholic Monastery in Galong NSW (Up Past Yass). I recall going at least twice to this place I think, and one of the times I saw the movie ‘Highlander’ which became my favourite movie as a kid. In fact it was Troy Bobbin who took some of the kids to rent a video and I chose Highlander. Troy later became a priest and I was at his ordination. And when I was very young at a SVDP Camp on a property near Jerangle Troy Bobbin was an older boy who befriended me and we did an ‘Act’ together in the ‘Talent Night’ with another guy. It was a great camp and we played ‘Spotlight’ on one of the nights, with a torch out on the grass at night, with the object to make it down the grass to the base without being seen. I can’t remember for sure if I made it all the way down or not. I also remember walking to a river from the property. I remember asking ‘How long it would take us’ and was told it was one mile to the river and would take us about an hour, which was accurate. There was also a room which had people writing over the wall there names and band names and things like that, and I am pretty sure I remember writing ‘The Village People’ because along with Abba and Kiss they were about the only bands I had heard about at the time. I think a lot of the kids wrote about ‘Kiss’ on the wall, as they were a big thing at the time. I remember we had hot Milo for supper after dinner, and we slept in dorms. We had a big ‘Envelope’ hunt and I found a lot of them, and when they gave out awards at the end of the time there I was called ‘The great Envelope Hunter’ or something like that. It was mostly kids from Canberra and Queanbeyan and other regions who were on the camp, but I went uwith some other kids from my family. We also used to play in a hayshed on the hay, but I spotted a spider on the wall, and they took us out. But I later went and looked at the spider and it was dead so we started playing there again. I remember we were walking on a road and someone tuned in a radio and said ‘We have 2XL’ which was and still is the Cooma radio station. And I remember when I got there looking in my bag and looking at my socks and my bathroom items, as mum always had a toothbrush and toothpaste and soap put aside for us when we went on camps. This camp was in the 1980s while we were living in Cooma, and probably the mid to early 1980s. Anyway, I remember visiting an elderly lady in Cooma East which my mother knew and we played on my elaborate chess set. I won the game, but she had confused the Queen for the Bishop in the set, which is why I probably won. But I was so young and ambitious back then that I wouldn’t have let her take the move back probably – I have softened, though, but still have a degree of that attitude in me. Yesterday I got to chess in the morning. Adrian Harry Chan (I found out his middle name was Harry recently, and at the pool on Thursday, the day before yesterday, I have been teasing him calling him ‘Harry Potter’ and making wizard jokes) is the guy who picks me up in the MHT Van to take me to Swimming on Thursday afternoons and Chess on Friday mornings. I go each week and he usually picks me up around 10 to 11 in the morning, as sometimes he is early and sometimes a bit later. I played one game of chess with a guy called ‘Roary’ and I just lost, but it was a close game. Later I played Scrabble with Rebecca Hill and Tony Beer and another guy called Shane. It was the first time I had played Scrabble in the group, and they have been playing it for years, but I am not usually interested in Scrabble. I was trying hard in the game to win, and fortunately got my letters out in the end before the others, so ended up winning, to which I was grateful. But I probably won’t play scrabble that much more any muore – it doesn’t usually interest me a great deal. I knew Rebecca Hill before getting involved with the MHT leisure program activities, having remembered her face from visits to Vision Pentecostal Christian Fellowship, were she attends, in Fyshwick. I couldn’t actually remembered were I first place her, but when we started talking for the first time and she mentioned Vision I knew it had been there were I had seen her. Rebecca works in Parliament House in Canberra in the mail room I think. She is in her mid 20s. Tony is in his 50s I think and no longer works. I receive the Disability Support Pension from Centrelink and a lot of people who attend the activities are also on the DSP, but not everyone. Names I know well now from the programs are ‘Rebecca Hill’, ‘Tony Beer’, ‘Marcus CCC’, ‘Marcus Low’, ‘Alun Dorahy’, ‘Michael Laird’, ‘Matthew Sanderson’, ‘Steve Mansfield’, ‘Jenny Cutting’, ‘Tania’ , ‘Elizabeth’, ‘Scott’, ‘Des’, ‘Rodney’, ‘Isaac’, ‘Kevin’, ‘Richard Glinka’, ‘Andrew Wojick’, ‘Richard’, and the workers ‘Carmel’ and ‘John’ and ‘Laura’ and ‘Adrian Chan’. They are all nice people and I am slowly developing some good friendships amongst them. Yesterday, though, I surfed the internet as they have a PC for the centre with internet access which I use quite often. I don’t have the internet connected at home at the moment, so use it in the library, in the hyperdome and at the centre mostly, as well as at some places in Civic occasionally. Apart from that I chatted a bit. I also printed off ‘I Love You, Always and Forever’, which is a short story I wrote the day before (Thursday Night) for Marcus CCC, dedicating it to him. Marcus CCC is a very generous and kind person and has been shouting me meals for a few weeks at some Tuggeranong Restaurants simply because he is so generous and I usually spend my money of my allowance all on the Thursday I get it, rarely trying to make it last for the fortnight. I told him I need to shout him as well but he asked ‘Just dedicate a Noahide Books story to me’ so I wrote it out and printed off 3 copies yesterday. Carmel, Mattheuw Sanderson, Rebecca Hill and Marcus read the story yesterday and they all liked it, getting some smiles about the second Marcus. Of course, this is the story in the previous chapter of this autobiography. Carmel had been speaking over the last little while about some tickets to Canberra Raiders football matches she had been able to acquire. She rang up the raiders and told them she wanted some free tickets for the leisure program and they were happy enough to provide her with 4 tickets for each match to various matches. I wanted 3 copies of the up coming Bulldogs match (as I have gone for the Bulldogs, I am pretty sure, since the late 1970s when living in Berridale) but Paul McNally from the programs, who is also a big Bulldogs fan claimed two of them. But I decided to take the two anyway. Last year me, my brother Gregory and my brother in law Alan and his son Ronan, all of us being Bulldogs fans, went to the match between the Bulldogs and the Raiders, which the Bulldogs thankfully won. It was the third Rugby League ARL/NRL match I had ever been to, the previous two being the same lineup, Raiders versus Bulldogs at Bruce Stadium in Belconnen. Third time is the charm, because the Bulldogs lost the first two matches I saw live, but we won the third one I saw. Anyway, Greg is now in Perth so I don’t need the fourth ticket, but I really wanted a third for young Ronan. We have decided (as I rang Alan just this morning) to try and get a ticket for Ronan in the same section as ourselves on one of the next numbers, as soon as the tickets go on sale to the general public. If we can’t get one near us I will simply buy any child’s ticket, and he can sit on Alan’s knee (which Alan suggested). It should be a good enough solution. But the tickets were free so I can’t complain. I am looking at the tickets right now and they are ‘Section Bay 14, Row PP, Seats 25 & 26’. They have the dates of Friday 25 – Monday 28 Jun 2010 on them because I think the Raiders don’t set the date till closer to the time, but Alan says (after looking the match up online) that it is for the Muonday Night, the 28th of June. When I was a kid back in the very early 1980s and late 1970s I went for the Bulldogs always as my first time, but because Newtown Jets were also in blue (navy blue I think) I went for them as my second team. They left the competition after 1981 I think, but I found out they were in the Metropolitan cup as it was called, and are now still a team in the NSWRL competition, and I support them as my second team. Just a few years ago I decided the Raiders would be my third team as I was naturalized an Australian Citizen in Canberra, so I now go for the Canberra Raiders as my third Rugby League team in Australia. Of course, I go for the two Hull teams in the Super League competition in England. And I am anxiously waiting on the final 4 games of the Premier League Soccer competition in England, because I support the Hull City Tigers and they are third last at the moment, facing relegation. They only made it to the Premier League for the first time ever 2 years ago, after having been a club for over 100 years in the lower grade competitions. But they rose a lot in the last few years, having come from the fourth division of the overall competition (Ie Premier, Champions, I think 1st division and then 2nd division this being the fourth division I am talking about) and rising all the way up to Premier league in about 6 or 7 years. But they are finding Premier League challenging, as it should be. They are an ok side though, and even if they return to Champions next year, I think they have an excellent chance of returning to Premier League the following season. I go for the ‘Hull Ionian’s’ Rugby Union side, but haven’t gotten around to viewing the website that much, but intend to. I follow the English Cricket side very passionately and might finally see some of my first Test Match this year in the up and coming Ashes series against the Aussies in Australia. England currently holds the Ashes winning the last series in England 2 – 1 in 2007, but I don’t expect it to be an easy fight in the up and coming series. England will have to fight like hell to beat the Aussiesu in Australia, but I am hoping and praying for the best of results for us. I chose some Aussie Rules sides from the competitions apart from the VFL when I was a kid, and I still support ‘Glenelg’ in the South Australian competition and ‘Subiaco’ in the Western Australian competition. They will likely always be the teams I support in those competitions. In Australian basketball I went for the Canberra Cannons in the NBL, but they haven’t been in it for a while. But I won’t choose another side, and will support any future Canberra team, hopefully still called the Canberra Cannons. In the Super 14 Rugby Union competition I support the ACT Brumbies as my first team, but support the 3 other Aussie sides (NSW, Queensland and the Western Force) in all their games against the Kiwi and the South African Rugby Union sides. I think this year an Australian team might just win the competition. In the local ACTAFL competition I go for Queanbeyan, because when I was younger they were called the ‘Queanbeyan Honey Bunny Tigers’ because ‘Honey Bunny’ were their sponsors I guess. But I won’t change my team of choice, even though I will now go for Tuggeranong as my second team in the ACTAFL. In the Canberra Rugby Union competition I go for the Tuggeranong Vikings, and I support Tuggeranong in the Canberra Rugby League competition (I think they are called the Buffaloes). In the big AFL competition I have gone for Hawthorn since the early 1980s and will always have them as my number one team. Speaking of the Canberra Cannons, Phil Smythe was my favourite Basketball player as a Kid and he played for the Cannons for years, but then went off to the Adelaide 36ers. Anyway, from the free-throw line he hardly ever missed and I thought he was great. He wasn’t a tall player, but was pretty good. I remember he came to St Pats High when I was a kid and was showing us basketball tips. I didn’t get a chance to talk to him, but I was pretty chuffed in having seen him. I actually played basketball for St Pats in Primary school but only played a few gamues. I don’t think we ever won, and I was hopeless. I think I wore a red t shirt with number 15 on it. We were slaughtered once about 55 nil, but only had a few players on the team as the rest of the team hadn’t shown up. It was up at the Cooma basketball stadium, just up near the old St Pats infant school near the Snowy Hydro Electric Corporation, not far from were I lived. Right next to it is the Indoor Cricket centre were I played in the 1989 competition with my gang team and we won the B grade competition and I was selected to play in the A Grade comp that day. Mum has gone off shopping with Brigid my sister this morning. Currently it is school holidays and Madalene and Jayden and Georgia are down at the Chakola farm with their father David. Mum usually goes shopping on Sunday after 10 am church with Trish Kirby. Trish has been a friend of the family for many years now, and probably mum’s best friend. She is a mature lady and teaches Catholic lessons to the school of religion I think it is, or perhaps RCIA or something like that. Mum also taught the kids in schools for a little while. Trish has a degree in Theology from Australian Catholic University at the Signadou Campus in Watson in North Canberra. I studied Primary Teaching there in the early 2000s, but only completed 3 quarters of my first year subjects, giving up on it. I convinced myself that I wasn’t going to give the kids my best effort, but I think I’d had enough of study by then. Rebecca Bourke was a girl who stood out in my studies at ACU and we did a project together and I visited her place once in Belconnen. She had a cat with one eye. I remember talking to her about Noahide faith a few times. Right at this moment I am listening to Delta Goodrem’s album, ‘Innocent Eyes’ and the song ‘Running Away’ is playing, which is track number 11. Delta’s boyfriend (they might now be married, but I am not sure) Brian McFadden currently has the number one song in Australia. The song is ok, but I don’t think it is that great, and I only think it is number one because of his relationship wituh Delta, as she is very popular in Australia. She had 4 number ones from her Innocent Eyes album, which was a record. I think it was Kylie Minogue who had the previous record with 3 number ones from her first album back in the 1980s. Because of my Schizophrenia I destroy things I own a lot when I am psychotic, but have been concentrating a lot and praying a lot for this to end. In my current CD collection at home I own:

Delta Goodrem – Innocent Eyes

Dio – The Very Beast of Dio

Kelly Clarkson – One Minute CD Single

Dream – He Loves U Not CD Single

Cheryl Cole – 3 Words

Kate Miller-Heidke – Curiouser

Madonna – Something to Remember

AC DC – Let there be Rock

Billie Piper – Walk of Life

Tina Arena – In Deep

Cascada – Platinumu

I am hoping this CD collection now lasts, and the psychosis diminishes and I return to normal.

Some of my very favourite Albums of all time (and I have listened to hundreds of them) are:

Bon Jovi – New Jersey

Bon Jovi – Slippery When Wet

Def Leppard – Hysteria

Madonna – Something to Remember

Cheri Keaggy – Child of the Father

Cheri Keaggy – My Faith will Stay

DC Talk – Jesus Freak

Rihanna – Good Girl Gone Bad

Lisa Loeb – Tails

Lisa Loeb – Firecracker

Lisa Loeb – The Way it Really Is

Kings X – Faith Hope uLove

Spice Girls – Greatest Hits

Britney Spears – the Singles Collection

AC DC – Back in Black

Queensryche – Empire

Helloween – Chameleon

Helloween – Keeper of the 7 keys Part II

Iron Maiden – Fear of the Dark

Boom Crash Opera – These Here are Crazy Times

Queen – Absolute Queen

Seal – Seal

Jewel – Pieces of You

Alanis Morisette – Jagged Little Pill

Avril Lavigne – The Best Damn Thing

Taylor Swift – Fearlesus

Kelly Clarkson – Breakaway

&many more

I am catching up with my friends Chris White and Robert Preston tomorrow at Woden plaza food court at midday. I have known Chris and Rob since Potters house days in 1996 and while I see Rob every few weeks and have done ever since potters house days, I only catch up with Chris every year or so. But we speak a bit more often over the phone. Chris is married to an Asian lady named Ann who he met at a party. She was married at the time but had problems with her husband and I remember Chris saying she might divorce him, which she actually did and married Chris. Chris was dating another older Asian lady called Nim prior to this, but had problems with her. Chris likes to talk about issues relating to the book of Revelation in the New Testament, as does his twin brother Brenton who now lives in Townsville and works, I guess, still as a painter. Chris is a good guy, with a savage sense of humour, but is friendly and easy to get along with. We were going to live together briefly, but I had to pull out for personal reasons. Chris and Brenton are identical twins, but Brenton was in the habit of wearing a short beard so you could always tell them apart. Brenton also started using a diet shake or something like that and thinned down a lot, but Chris is still a little stocky like myself. I am currently 154 KGs, but hope to lose at least one kilo for my next weigh in with my mental health psychiatrist who weighs me when we meet up. I have been doing more exercise in the last few weeks and am being more faithful to it. I hope to get down to 153 or 152 and over the next few years intend to work carefully to eventually get under 100 KGs if I can. I am getting a bit more in control of my diet as a grow up and mature so things are looking good in the long term. Chris uplays the keyboard somewhat and might be quite good by now. I started playing the keyboard seriously back in Lake Tuggeranong College were I studied music, and ended up composing a lot of my own basic classical pieces. We don’t have a keyboard at home anymore and when Greg moved to Perth he took his piano with him. But when I have access to a piano or keyboard I usually sit down and play an improvised piece – just messing around, which is all I really need to do anymore with it. Robert Preston is married to ‘Michelle’. They don’t have any kids together, but Robert has a daughter called ‘Rachael’ from a previous relationship, who now has a daughter of her own so Robert is now a Grandfather. Rob is about 40, just a few years older than me. He lives in Weston Creek. For years now we have been seeing each other every few weeks, and often go on outings. We used to go canoeing a lot when he had a canoe, but most of the time we head down to KFC in Tuggeranong or some other place for a meal and chat. He has helped me move my stuff a lot and is a good and faithful friend. Well, I have spoken about my dreams before, and I thought I would share some of the things I have dreamed about of famous people. Freddy Mercury from Queen singing a song ‘Life is Like a Jigsaw, It’s Unreal’, which he never sung on earth. Bon Jovi singing a song with the line ‘If the People say its alright, well its alright’ which they have never sung on earth. A Bon Jovi song which I now remember dreaming about before when I was a kid, from the New Jersey Era of songwriting, but which they never sang on earth. Queen singing a song ‘Queen says Fuck’ which they have never sung on earth. Def Leppard singing a song about me as Lucifer which they have never sung on earth. At least 2 other very cool Def Leppard videos I saw in my dreams, but the band on earth do not sing. In a dream snippets of a Kasey Chambers album, going quickly through many of the songs. They were very cool, but I don’t think she has released them on earth.

Well, that is all for todayu. I hope to write again very soon.

The End of Chapter Seven

Chapter Eight

(Written on Monday the Third of May & Tuesday the Fourth of May 2010 AD/CE)

Here are some of my suggestions.

Noahides (and everyone else for that matter) should strive to maintain permanent genealogical records. And with the advent of the online world and computer memory we have the ability to store practically endless amounts of information, meaning: People should take it as a lifelong obligation to keep a record of their life in autobiographical form and arrange for this to be kept permanently in the family record. A good idea is to arrange for a free or or website and put all your relevant information into these web-pages and arrange for your offspring to permanently have the password details for accessing these websites and maintaining these websites. These websites can in turn link to their offspring, and so on, for all future generations. It is also a good idea for all your life’s story to be placed on such websites for future generations to read about. Every child of Noah has an interesting life story and all peoples lives are worth reading about. I think it would be a good idea if the United Nations formed a worldwide family tree department and attempted to have as many willing nations contribute their genealogical records to form a permanent family tree for mankind. These should be kept in an online environment, accessible by the general public, with the opportunity for people to contribute their own autobiographical informaution as well as family photos and videos. I think this is an area of Government input which citizens would welcome and not object to paying tax dollars for the maintenance of. Wouldn’t it have been awesome growing up if you could have accessed an online database of your family tree and read about all the exploits of your great-great-great grandfather or your great-great-great-grandmother, and so on, all kept in an online autobiographical and biographical section. 4th of May It was raining this afternoon. Thunder was booming in long bursts at a distance, and lightning struck. I have always liked the rain – it brings forth feelings of security when locked inside my home, safe away from the harsher realities of the fury of nature.

God created nature and, I suppose, in many ways it reflects God himself and not just his fertile imagination. He is a God of wonder and power, of fury and might. When he appeared to Israel at Mt Sinai he surrounded the top of the mountain with thunder and lightning. What this meant to the Israelites was a witness of a God of Power and Might – a God not soon to be forgotten. Perhaps one of the strongest testimonies to the truth of the God of Israel is in how so many of the other deities, which the Hebrew God calls ‘idol’s’ have come and gone and been all but forgotten by the world. Sure, we still bandy about the Roman and Greek god names in legendary story telling, but nobody seriously believes in their existence any more. And as for all the ancient Canaanite gods most people can’t even name one. Yahweh, the Lord, the God of Israel, seems to have stayed around in the imagination of humankind for some reason. For some reason this particular deity has imprinted himself on the hearts and minds of humans with the belief that he is the true God and creator of all that is. Either, for some strange reason, this particular religion has some sort of appeal which speaks to many, or it just may be what it claims – the truth. When Yahweh spoke to me in a dream in Goulburn about a decade ago he spokue with a voice which emanated pure, flawless truth. It is not just a voice which I sensed I could trust and would not lie to me in this sense, but you could sense the literal spiritual truth of the voice. That is what Yahweh himself is like – pure, unadulterated truth. I believe Yahweh is ONE – that is how he communicated himself to me. He is not some confusing triune deity of the majority of Christian belief. He is a being of singular nature in the same way human beings, made in his image, are likewise one singular human person. And, in fact, the New Testament teaches this truth as did the Christian church to begin with. I lived in Cooma from 1980 to 1990 – the decade. My family lived at 6 Bradley Street in Cooma. The family attended the Catholic Church every Sunday for the whole decade, whereas I myself left the church in about 1988, no longer believing in Christianity and not really believing in God very much. The Catholic Church in Cooma is St Patrick’s Church, and I attended St Patrick’s school from Kindergarten through to Year 10, first travelling in from Berridale and then walking to school every day from 6 Bradley street. In 1989 I attended Monaro High School in year 11 for one year, before the family moved to Canberra in late 1989 I think (or possibly very early 1990). I still have strong memories of year 11 in Cooma. For the previous couple of years I had finally found friendships, never having found any at St Pats of any reasonable length, making new friends with the kids from the public school system who I have talked about already. We used to hang at Peter Dradrach’s house mostly, but were very rarely at my house or occasionally at Damien Asanovsci or Michael Werle or Michael Gratwick’s house. Peter had a Commodore 64 computer and we played it constantly in the late 1980s, also going to the Arcade parlour all the time at this point. We played various arcade games at the arcade parlour which was on Bombala street a couple of hundred metres down the road from Peter’s house. And, of course, just down from his house was the Rotary Oval were wue did our cricket training, playing in the nets a heck of a lot over a few summers. In 1989, the year before I left for Canberra, it was the time we played the Indoor cricket competition and won the B Grade competition. It was a time when my life was very full with my friendships, friendships which had not really been there in a major way in earlier years, perhaps apart from Peter Collins who lived opposite us on 6 Bradley Street, and I grew up a lot and found out about people and relationships. In year 11 Louise Roseman had a crush on me and carved ‘Xad’ onto her arm which was my nickname from computer arcade games and fantasy games (a shortened version of my made up ‘Xaddadaxx’). Berridale was my very early youth, from 1972 to 1980. Cooma was my childhood from 1980 to 1990. But I achieved proper adulthood and became a man living in Canberra from 1990 onwards, and that is were most of my fundamental spiritual growth and maturity came from. I had pinched a lot growing up, and in our gang we pinched things from shops a bit. We were not innocent lambs of God. But I always knew our particular group, which listened to a lot of heavy metal and hard rock from the 1980s, were still good kids and we were not an aggressive gang in any way and we never really made any trouble for people. A very few minor incidents but never any real problems. Looking back we were ok kids and in my relationship with God today he never brings up any problems from my youth. I was a little bit of a devil, but I was alright in the end. I liked Louise a bit, but I liked Jenny Cheetham more, who was a girl in my year (Louise was a bit younger) who was from the Public system, as I never knew her in St Pats, and while I never dated her or anything like that, my heart really yearned for her for a few weeks. I met her again in a Revival Fellowship meeting in Tuggeranong a few years back after she returned from New Zealand for her dad’s funeral. She had changed, and my feelings for her were not the same, but I still liked her quite a lot. She’d beeun married since, but had divorced. But she was keeping her married name so there was no future for us possibly. Besides, she didn’t agree in any way with my Noahide beliefs, and I was possibly too antagonistic in some of the things I said to her. But such is life – it is never always smooth sailing.

That is all for now. I will write again in a while.

Best wishes to those reading this ongoing work. Daniel.

The End of Chapter Eight

Chapter Nine

10th of June 2010 AD/CE / 6174 SC

Today was the 10th of June 2010 AD/CE or 6174 SC as I like to call it. I have decided today that Haven Noahide Fellowship should keep historical records in an online format as well as in a published paper format as our own history of the world and Noahide relevant issues.

Here are my activities for this day.

Just after 2.30 this morning I went down to the service station at the Chisholm shops to use the St George ATM. My money sometimes comes in after 3.30 in the morning, but sometimes after 2.30. Today it was in after 2.30. I bought a cottage pie from the station (which I do a lot on Thursday mornings, early, when I go for my money) as well as a glass bouttle of Coca Cola, which is currently sitting on my desk near my, now having been drunk). I purchased the CD’s from the Service station of ‘AC/DC – Back in Black’ as well as ‘Queen – Absolute Greatest.’ They both cost over $20. They had a copy of Metallica’s self titled album, and later on when I was at home I was thinking over how the ‘Back in Black’ album and ‘Metallica’s’ self titled album were basically flawless albums as I saw it, both with black covers, and both having symbols relating to Satan. I spent time when I got home, first listening to the Queen album, and listening to most tracks until about track 10 when I skipped them a little and changed to the AC/DC album. I remember looking at the songwriters for the various Queen songs and noting, as I have noted in the past when I had most Queen CDs at a time, that each of the four members of the band had written at least one decent hit, and that each member contributed to a real band as I saw it. I remember looking at the picture from the First Greatest hits album in the folio and thinking it was a classic photo.

Later on, just after 6, I headed off to the bus stop to catch the early bus to Tuggeranong. I caught the 67. The 65 comes at a very similar time each morning, and I usually prefer this one as it gets to Greenway just a little bit quicker. There was a girl at the bus stop who I recognized from yesterday, and she asked the 67 bus driver about the 65. I caught the 65 yesterday with her and she got off at Mackillop catholic school. I think she is a teacher or something. When I got to Tuggeranong Hyperdome I ordered a Caramel latte and noticed the girl who worked there again. I have been g0ing to the coffee shop on Anketell street on the Hyperdome which is open from about 6 and there has usually been a guy working at that time. But the last couple of times it has been a girl. She is of average looks and I thought about her as a potential girlfriend as I do about all the girls on the bus and who I see in the streets. I measure them up and assess wether I would be interested. She was meudium in looks, and I didn’t really fancy her. I ordered a grande $5 latte and went into the hyperdome to use the Internet. There are Internet stalls which take coins and credit cards which you can use whenever the Hyperdome is open. I have a username, which I can’t tell here, and a password I use all the time now. When online I emailed Naomi Samadi from Haven Noahide Fellowship in India. I also paid my regular credit card bills for my go MasterCard. One bill was just over $70 and the other I paid just over $92. The bills come each month. After that I think I did some updating to my Noahide websites, as well as checking my email and my myspace accounts. Most days I check my webhits for my Noahide Books website, and I can’t remember how many I got today but they were a decent amount of hits. After that I went shopping. I bought 4 magazines and 2 scratchies from the Hyperdome Newsagent. The Magazines were ‘Goddess Number One’ (X 2 copies), Heart of the Earthmother Volume 3 (I also have number 1 and 2) and a copy of Antiques and Collectable. On one of the scratchies I won $4 which is the amount I had spent on them. I rarely win a decent amount. Then I went off to Revolution CD with the plan of buying some CDs, but instead I bought a milkshake and went to the library. Oh, earlier, after the magazines, I bought 3 cds and 2 cd holders from Kmart. The cds were a double pack of Avril Lavigne (Let Go & Under My Skin) and Evanescence ‘Fallen’. The CD holders cost $5 each and are durable plastic ones. When I got to the library I spent ages printing off, for the first time with the exception of Ye Olde Devil and Morning Stars, a printing each of Volumes 0 to 10 as well as volume 13. So most of the saga is now officially printed in A4. The printings are in my room here in Macarthur. I spent a lot of money on the printings, and went to my bank to get out extra funds to print as much as possible. I will finish off the final printings soon. I got home, wrote a few more stories, updated my website and then returned to Tuggeranong to uploaud the updates as well as printing off ‘The Rainbow Bible’ with the little money I had left. This was the actual first printing ever of my ‘Rainbow Bible’. On the way to Greenway for the second time I was having fun giving funny names to various trees and signs and other things, just for the sake of humour and the voice which speaks to me using my voice. I think it is God or a spirit or something, and not my subconscious. Remember, I am a schizophrenic. When I got home I had my dinner (which was stew, and quite nice) and did some more work, wrote volume 20 of the Noahide version of the Chronicles, and then started typing this chapter. While typing this chapter I have been listening to my CD Cascada ‘Platinum’. And that is were I am up to, so I will finish this chapter now.

The End of Chapter Nine

Chapter Ten

11th of June 2010 CE/AD / 6174 SC

Today’s Activities

Very tired last night. Slept erratically as usual. Got up this morning when Adrian Chan arrived and went off for my weekly chess club at the Mental Health Leisure Program at the Southern Cross Stadium in Greenway near the Hyperdome. Didn’t actually play any chess today but mostly used the Internet and uploaded latest writings from late last night. Brought along 3 CDs to play at the centre – AC/DC ‘Back in Black’, Daughtry, Rogue Traders ‘Better in the Dark’. They were well received by most. Had pizza for lunuch with the group and a can of Coke – Adrian paid for me, and I promised to pay him back later. We used to go to a café down next to Lake Tuggeranong College for lunch but that is currently being remodelled. Met Justin Angold, who is a Noahide, and I gave him the time and date for the first meeting of Haven Noahide Fellowship in Canberra, which is scheduled for the 3rd of July on Saturday from 11-11:30 till late in the afternoon. I am going to pray for a reasonable turnout, but it might end up just being me and Justin. But that is ok, because it has to start somewhere. This afternoon I listened to Queen ‘Absolute Greatest’ again and had a nap. I was quite tired. Then later I reorganized the Index page for Noahide Books and removed Volume 20 & 21 which were 2 Daniel stories and have instead put them into a new title called ‘Anthology’ which will be the Noahide Version of the Anthology tales for Chronicles of the Children of Destiny. I have now 2 versions for the Chronicles of the Children of Destiny. The Jewish Version which is now complete from Volume Zero to Volume Thirteen. The Noahide Version uses the same first 5 volumes (zero to four) and then includes ‘Ye Olde Devil’ but then goes into ‘Rachel’s Lament’ with Rachel Smith INSTEAD of Rachel Rothchild who was in ‘Rachel Daughter of Eve’. Thus, the Noahide Version of the Chronicles is a separate universal tale. ‘Lucy Smith’ is part of the ‘Jewish Version’ while ‘Lucy Potter’ is part of the ‘Noahide Version’. I also began ‘Valandriel’s Little Adventure’ which I will finish tomorrow. Currently I am listening to ‘The Offspring – Splinter’ and the song ‘Hit That’ is playing. I bought the CD Single when the album first came out, but just bought the album recently from Sanity records at the Hyperdome for $10. I was listening also to Avril Lavigne’s ‘Let Go’ album today and I noticed some quite interesting lyrics in the song ‘Things I’ll never say.’ Quite cool, Avril. Quite cool. That will do for today.

The End of Chapter Tenu

Chapter Eleven

12th& 13th of June 6174 SC (2010 AD/CE)

The 12th – Activities

Went to library in Erindale today to update websites. Met William Chol on the bus, an African guy who goes to Lake Tuggeranong College, who introduced himself to me at the bus stop the other week.He invited me to his house in the afternoon to watch some world cup soccer, but I was too busy. At the library I began ‘Haven Noahide Fellowship World News’ ( ) and intend to update this page as regularly as possible. It is just Haven’s record of world affairs. I get the data from the Newspaper. When I got home I put together some new Chronicles of the Children of Destiny websites. I started (NOW DELETED)which has some original material in the Chronicles intended for Catholics, as well as (NOW DELETED) which has some original material in the Chronicles intended for Christians. I also have some planned for other religious groups which I am currently working on. These differing versions are for the specific religious groups they are written for, with their beliefs and doctrines taken into consideration. I returned to the library later in the day and uploaded those two websites with their documents, if people want to check them out. There is some original info on them, but not a huge amount yet. When I got home I did a lot more writing, and then went to bed. I listened to various CDs from my collection throughout the day.

The 13th – Activitiesu

Didn’t do much today. Quite tired. I was going to go to the library, but decided to put it off until tomorrow, when I can also drop in to the leisure program in Greenway. I worked on ‘Archangel Michael’ which is one of the volumes for being the intended website for Jehovah’s Witnesses. Also, last night I wrote a short sequel to ‘The Gathering’ called ‘New Conflicts.’ Both of these stories will feature on the JW’s website.

Currently I am listening to Kelly Clarkson’s album ‘All I ever Wanted.’ My nieces Madalene and Georgia have stayed over for the weekend and have been playing video games and watching movies. Nothing much else happened today.

The End of Chapter Eleven

Chapter Twelve

This is the final chapter of my initial autobiography. This autobiography now goes into the foundational ‘Rainbow Bible’ of Haven Noahide Fellowship. If you are familiar with the Bible you will know it has historical information of early Israel. In the fledgling Noahide world Haven feels itself responsible to produce an ongoing series of Bibles on a decade by decade basis, filled with spiritual wisdom and historical information on all the children of Noah – mankind. It is the intention of myself and Haven that the first ‘Rainbow Bible’ be produced sometime in 2011 CE/AD (or 6175 SC). After this point the second Rainbow Bible in 2016 AD/CE (or 6180 SC) and the third in 2026 AD/CE (or 6190 SC)and the fourth in 2036 AD/CE (or 6200 SC) and so on and so forth forever. For the 2016 Rainbow Bible I will be revising this autobiography and rewriting it in a more comprehensive and historically chronological manner, including all the history of my life as well from 2011 up tillu 2016. For more information on ‘The Archives of Haven Noahide Fellowship’ please read Sermon 50 in the Spiritual Devotional Series of the ‘Rainbow Bible’. I will now leave off the writing of this autobiography, which will be published in the Rainbow Bible 2011 edition. NEW NOTE: This information has been added on Monday 19th of January 2015, but is dated from July 2011, and placed here as the most appropriate place for it. Karaite faith is the faith of the Hebrew Bible. It is the faith of adhering to the principles, laws and teachings of the Hebrew Bible and applying them to one's life. The Hebrew Bible is also known as the Jewish Bible, the Tanakh, and by Christians as the Old Testament. There are 24 books of the Hebrew Bible, which also includes 5 books combined as the Megiloth and a number of the Minor prophets combined into one book. Thus, while it comprises the same material as the standard protestant bible of 39 books, a number of books in the Hebrew canon are merged together into the Megiloth and the minor prophets. The Hebrew bible chronicles a history of mankind in its own words, from the creation of the universe in the first chapter of the first book of the bible - genesis - up until the end of Israel's kings in 2 Chronicles. The Hebrew Bible is divided into 3 main sections - the Torah the Neviim and the Kethuvim, which in English are the Torah Law of Moses, the Prophets and the Writings. In Karaite tradition it is taught that this historical set of books combined as a 'Bible' is inspired by the creator of the universe - Yahweh, who is God. Karaite Judaism has differing ways of interpreting the inspiration of the Bible, varying from individual to individual, as in Karaite Judaism it is stressed the importance of individual interpretation of the scriptures, which would logically lead to diverse opinion on the exact nature of the inspiration of the text. Haven Noahide fellowship is Karaite in the sense that we adhere to the very same Hebrew Bible as the basis of our faith. It is the scripture of the fellowship - the blueprint for finding fauith as a descendant of Noah - and in the same way Karaite Jews utilize it to find their pathway in relation to the will of God, Haven Noahide Fellowship as a Rainbow Torah Fellowship uses it in the same manner - as particular, though, to the Noahide rulings and way of life as taught in the Hebrew Bible. This doctrine of Rainbow Torah faith can be found in my other online video presentations. Karaite Noahides are not the only Noahides. In fact, Karaite Noahide faith, being known as such, is largely my personal invention. In terms of historical Karaite Noahides there do not appear to be any who have existed from my own research into history from online sources. It is true that there have been converts from the gentile world to Karaism over the centuries, and in a pre-conversion state they would be Karaites in training to be Jewish, and could possibly be identified in hindsight as 'Karaite Gentiles' or the likes. Karaite Judaism, in general, frowns on the idea of Noahide faith, believing it to be the invention solely of Rabbinic Judaism. This is not true. Haven Noahide fellowship bases its Noahide concepts solely on the Hebrew Scriptures and do not follow the Talmudic approach to Noahide faith. Currently, the Karaite Jewish organisation 'Malkut Yehudah' teach a basic approach to Rainbow Torah faith. This information has appeared recently online. Thus, there now is precedent in the Karaite Jewish world for a Karaite Noahide position. However, I, personally, have identified essentially as a Karaite Noahide since the year 1999 in the common era or the Christian calendar. Thus, I have been calling myself primarily a Karaite Noahide for the last 12 years. In this 12 years there have been very brief periods were I have identified as 'Creationist Deist' and 'Ecumenical Karaite'. These periods have lasted for as much as a few days, perhaps a few weeks at time, but never lasted too long in the end. There have also been brief periods were I have strongly considered some arguments from Christianity. Ultimately, though, I would say for at least 95% of the last 12 yearsu I have identified primarily as a Karaite Noahide. I have worked through nearly all of my faith questions about this issue and have generally concluded I fit in the Rainbow Torah faith position. Finally, I have also considered the 'Torah Noahide' or the 'Samaritan Noahide' position of solely the 5 books of Moses as the Scripture of authority, and also the Hexateuch or the first 6 books of the Bible, which includes the 5 books of Moses as well as the book of Joshua as my faith positions. But, as I have said, for the high majority of the last 12 years I have specifically identified as Karaite Noahide. This appears to be my final faith position. I have seen comments from people who since that time have identified themselves as Karaite Noahide to varying degrees. An individual calling himself 'Joshua Elijah Emmanuel' identified as being as such on 'Beliefnet'. I have been since unable to contact him. The Noahide from the UK who on Youtube carries the identity of 'Hesediah' who has Noahide videos appears to be Karaite and Noahide friendly and may possibly be a Karaite Noahide. I have had correspondence with him previously when I specifically asked him if he was a Karaite Noahide he said 'You could say that'. However, I was not sure if I sensed a firm commitment on that position by himself. He seems to also accept the '7 Laws of Noah' position also to some degree. I am unsure of his exact position. Another friend of mine online, Alesiah, vaguely identified as a Karaite Noahide, but I am not completely sure if she is fully of this faith. It is still a work in progress for herself. Here in Canberra, a friend of mine, Aaron Goodsell, seems to be gradually coming around to Karaite Noahide faith. He has yet to give me a firm assentment of this as his spiritual belief, as he is still working through questions about his former Christian faith. The followers in India in Gujarat of Noahide faith, who have proclaimed to me via email that they are members of Haven, do not seem to affiliate with myself any longer, and have had problems with other Noahide movements. They did notu seem to be of great commitment to Rainbow Torah faith in particular - they were mainly identifying simply as Noahides. Some of the members may have had a firm commitment to the Rainbow Torah position - I have no firm information either way. What I am saying is that I have not found, either in the history books, or in the online world, any people who I would say have 'DEFINITELY' 100% confirmed themselves as Karaite Noahide. I have. I anxiously await others who would also confirm this with me. 

Good bye for now.

Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly

22nd of June 2010 AD/CE / 6174 SC

29 Merriman Crescent, Macarthur ACT 2904, Australia


Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly 
Canberra, Australia 
July 6175 SC (July 2011 CE/AD)

uChapter Thirteen

The Year 6175 SC

Written on Friday 29 July 6175

I have not been keeping any great records of what I have been doing so far this year, but will try and put down now some of my continuing life story.

In terms of writing I have completed this year so far:

Morning Stars II – most of chapter 12, chapter 13 & 14, finishing the volume.

Lazy Days – the remainder of chapter 1, and chapters 2 to 14, finishing the volume.

The Dark Side of Gloryel

Life on the Edge

Life Goes On

The Dark Saber

Melanie and Daniel 2

A small number of short stories

Currently working on Lucy Potter and the Sprite of Chakola, which I intend to finish before the end of the year.

I have now set ambitious goals and have a great number of works planneud for writing in my life. I intend to accomplish as much of a series I call the ‘Circle of Magic’ series, which is a series of 7-Novel sequences, of various Harry Potter related characters, including my own creations. Harry Potter fanfiction is exceedingly popular these days online, and there are heaps of stories out there.

Today, funnily enough, after all the recent posting I have done to various Harry Potter forums, my Weblink is currently the number one webhit on Google for the search term ‘Lucy Potter’. The other day I returned a webhit for the previous day of 176 webhits – a record of mine for one of my websites. Hopefully the future promises even more.

In the last few months most of my time has been spent writing, visiting the Mental Health activity programs in Greenway in Tuggeranong, and using the Internet a heck of a lot down at Greenway. While I can indeed afford to have the internet on at home without any trouble, the reasons I don’t are: Too many virus problems to make it worthwhile personally, 2) liking to actually get out and about a lot, out of the house, and doing things. While I definitely spend a lot more using the internet down at Greenway then I would at home, I would still rather go out to use it. Uploading to the web, though, is not problematic with the constant use of USBs I employ. I have lost a few of them, though. I make sure, now, I have at least a few on hand with all my stuff saved on them. I no longer use the hard drive on my PC to store data, and won’t do that anymore ever, as the hard drives inevitably crash over time, and USB storage will likely last a lot longer and is far more convenient, and you don’t really have to worry about crashes with them. CD Erasables are nowhere near as good as the USB type of storage, too fussy, the disc scratches, and USB and the other types of mini storage devices are the best option now. I visited a working girl in Fyshwick (a prostitute) for sex twice earlier in this year. I am still single, and have never been married, and have no childuren. I have worked out that for Karaite Noahides, in my own judgement, that the teachings of sexual morality we should adhere to are first and foremost the teaching of Genesis 1 – 11:9, which teaches that a man and a woman normally get together in a marriage situation, but little more than that. However, Leviticus 18 & Leviticus 20 are to be considered, in my judgement. Now, God judged the Canaanites for these practices, but it WAS the promised land to Abraham’s seed, and the Torah talks about the Land getting its rest. I have talked with Jews before, and they talk about the importance of the land of Israel – remember, society often calls it the ‘Holy Land’. Because of this, Canaan was judged IN the holy land for their sexual deviancies, BUT, as it appears to be, outside of the Holy Land for Noahides, the strictness of these judgements does not seem to apply. Israel (In Exodus 19) is called a holy nation – NOT the gentiles. Outside of Israel, as a Karaite Noahide, the strictness of Leviticus 18 & 20 does not appear to apply. We should perhaps be mindful of these passages, but they don’t appear to be obligatory. However, if you really want to please God to the utmost of your life, and serve him, the fullness of his salvation according to the teachings of the book of Isaiah is found in connecting to the people and land of Israel, converting to this full torah religion with circumcision, and offering your sacrifice on the altars in Jerusalem. Messiah is supposed to get the third temple built, so whatever on that issue. I would argue that God’s salvation is ALSO seen in the Rainbow Bible, as it calls Noah ‘Perfect’ in his generations, but if you want to really connect to the utmost in your life to God, he might well indeed call you to his people Israel. Remember, in that sense, Karaite Noahide takes you only so far with God. But for people like myself, with a strong sense of my own Noahide family and clan and pride, I don’t suspect I will ever be connecting with the people of Israel in a conversion sense. I don’t want to – don’t need to – and have dug down over a decades roots intou Noah, so that is were I will stay – and probably forever, now. Earlier this year I went on a holiday with the Mental Health patrons in our Tuggeranong community, down to Tuross Head, on the east coast of Australia. It was called the ‘Coastal Creators’ holiday, and we did a lot of creative activities. I did some felting, wrote a tiny short story about ‘Ambriel’, a little bit of artwork, and played a lot of cards with some people. I had a wonderful time down there, enjoyed the trip there and back, and it looks like a strong possibility there will be another one held next year. This year the Australian Government put a lot more funding into Mental Health, so things are probably a bit better for me relatively speaking. There is a new drug called ‘Invega’ which will be available (most likely) in injection form soon enough. Apparently it has no side effects, so a substantial amount of the weight I have gained since taking my medication for my Schizophrenia could fall off. I have been told that the weight gain is very marginal for the drug. I have a bit of a stomach because of my medication, but being a lot slimmer would be wonderful. I am anxiously awaiting the new drug, and it might be available within a year for injections. It is already available in tablet form. I have a new case worker for my condition down at Mental Health in Tuggeranong called Ashley. My old case worker, Jan Haskell, has now retired. I got along well with Jan, and miss her somewhat, but Ashley is doing a good job. Adrian Chan, a mental health worker, still picks me up for swimming on Thursdays and chess on Fridays, and I have known him for a while now. We can’t have any friendship outside of his working role, though, and I once wanted him to come to a birthday party of mine, but his work restrictions don’t allow that. I see Robert Preston, my Pentecostal friend, still a fair bit from time to time. We recently went down to ‘Tharwa’ for a drive (near Canberra) which we do occasionally, and I love the country down there. I could retire there if I had the money. I have chatted to Chris White on the phone, wuho is sort of a Pentecostal Christian, and we have chatted about Christianity versus Noahide faith, and he likes to talk about concepts relating to the Christian book of Revelation – the final book of the New Testament.

My mother is still of reasonably good health, and I continue to live with her and my older brother Matthew here at 29 Merriman Crescent in Macarthur. She continues to go to church each Sunday, and has a lifetime of devotions to God built up. She is a good example to me in this sense. My nieces and nephews are growing up, and have lost a lot of their bratty ways, and I can talk with them in a lot more mature ways and adult conversation almost. They are getting there.

My brother Gregory has recently expressed his desires to return to live in Canberra (he currently lives and works in Perth in Western Australia) and says he might like Lanyon Valley in south-west Tuggeranong to live in. I look forward to this should it occur. I was strongly thinking about going to year 12 at CIT this year, and enrolled, but decided to cancel it in the end. At the current moment, there is more activity in my various websites, and I have committed myself to a lifetimes work of writing to leave as a legacy. So while I currently receive my Government Disability Support Pension, I see no real point in changing plans at this time. Maybe in a few more years, should my health continue to maintain a reasonable level of wellness mentally, I might consider applying for work again. But a few more years, in my own judgement, is still warranted.

There is nothing really on the romance scene – per se – but things seem possible soon enough. Perhaps.

All the best.

Daniel Thomas Andrew Dalyu

29 July 6175 SC

The End of Chapter Thirteen

Chapter Fourteen

Daniel at 29 Merriman Crescent on Monday the 21st of November 6175 SC (2011 AD/CE).

Yesterday was my 39th birthday. One more year until my 40th. Now, I have reached my conclusion that the Rainbow Bible II will be now combined into the Rainbow Bible I, and that I will have it published by Copyqik printers here in Canberra very shortly. There will be NO further Rainbow Bibles published by Haven Noahide Fellowship. I feel I have addressed the issues sufficiently enough as is. If you are curious about an issue from a Karaite Noahide perspective, ultimately, in the end, go purchase a copy of the Jewish Bible – (the Tanakh – and I recommend the JPS Tanakh 1985 edition, but any decent version will do, Jewish, Christian or otherwise) – and then work out the issues for yourself. Part of the core principle of Karaite Judaism is the importance of the individual doing the work for themselves. On judgement day, your pastor is not going to be able to defend your life after all. I want, in this final chapter, make some final judgements for the Karaite Noahide community. Firstly, the key set of scriptures we utilize in Haven Noahide Fellowship, now, are:

The Tanakh – The 24 Books of the Hebrew Bible – for the Wise and the Unwise

The Pseudepigrapha – the 70 Books of Wisdom for the wise

These comprise the 94 books ucomposed by Ezra and the other workers inspired by God in the tradition of 2 Esdras.

Haven views the 70 books of the Pseudepigrapha as Scripture, authoritative, and the Word of God. It is viewed that Ezra and his compatriots compiled all the writings of the Torah, the histories, the prophecies, and the psalms and wisdom and so on, put it all together, and produced the 24 books. They were the ultimate editors and compilers of the finished biblical product. We strongly recommend Richard Elliott Friedman’s book ‘Who Wrote the Bible’ to see many good ideas for how the Torah (first 5 books) may have been ultimately produced, yet we would view the final redactive stages of all 24 books as a work of the Ezran community described in 2 Esdras.

2 Esdras describes how the ‘70’ books in the Pseudepigrapha were formed and inspired by God. It gives a description. We of Haven find this satisfactory.

Now, our interpretation of the four beasts of Daniel 7, which is also a beast described in 2 Esdras, is that Beast 1 was Babylon, Beast 2 was Media-Persia, Beast 3 was Greece & Beast 4 was the Roman-European beast, with the ultimate 11th Antichrist Horn represented by the Nazis and Adolph Hitler. The beast persecuted the ‘Saint’s’ (Israel) who just after WWII concluded took possession of the ancient Kingdom of Israel, as the chapter describes they will. We of Haven see Noah himself as part of this community of Israel, as Abraham also is likewise. Those who are OBSERVANT amongst the children of Noah and the children of Abraham according to Noah’s covenant and Abraham’s covenant, also take there place in the community of Israel as members of the three covenants of God and God’s Holy Kingdom. We of Haven believe that God desires Parents honoured, as the commandments teach, and thus the observant Abrahamic community deserves greater honour than Israel in the Everlasting Kingdom of Daniel chapter 7, but the Noahide Community, which is older still than the Abrahamic community, deserves the greatest honour. Honour your fuather and mother, as the scriptures rightly teach.

On other issues:

We regard the Talmudic Noahides as important. We agree with the death penalty for murder, but NOT for any other others of the 7 laws. We think the 7 laws concept is a good idea, a good approach, and we approve of Talmudic Noahides if they want to follow this way of life. We argue it is NOT historical back to Noah, but we agree that Rabbinic Judaism likes the ideas of the 7 laws of Noah concept, and agree they have something of a commission (according to Deuteronomy) to make judgements for Israel, so Talmudic Noahides can listen to their judgements IF THEY VOLUNTARILY WANT TO. We recommend the 30 laws and the 66 laws of Talmudic Noahidism as the established viewpoints, and think they are a good idea for the Talmudic Noahides to follow and abide by. They are ok.

Now, for Karaite Noahides.

We think Fornication, Lesbianism & Prostitution are OK. The 30 & 66 laws do not forbid these for Noahides, and nor does scripture.

Haven now teaches GRADES for Salvation.

GRADE 1 – Mastering Genesis 1 – 11:9.

GRADE 2 – The Above, with the addition of Leviticus 18, Leviticus 20 and Deuteronomy 18: 9-12

GRADE 3 – The Above, with the Remainder of the 30 & 66 Laws of the ‘7 Laws of Noah’ system

GRADE 4 – The Above with variouus chosen Torah Laws of your own choice

GRADE 5 – Complete observance of Torah, with the exceptions of No Passover celebration (Only For Full Converts)

Over and Out


21/11/6175 SC

Chapter Fifteen

(Written Saturday 12th of January 6177 SC - 12th of January 2013)

It has been a year and two months since I last wrote an autobiography entry. That is enough time for some new information. I am currently reformatting the Rainbow Bible (even as I write this today), and there are now 7 Rainbow Bibles, 1 for each of the 7 Divine Fellowships. The Kingdom of Noah Torah which runs through the Rainbown Bibles should not be taken too seriously by anyone, as there is a lot of tongue in cheek in it, but it is meant to be thought provoking and attempting to elucidate interesting ideas which may or may not be ultimately true. I wouldn't personally call it scripture, but there is hopefully a point to all of it, even if just for general reading. There are potentially many 'Curios' within it.

I am now 40 years old, still single with no children. Life hasn't changed a great deal in the last year. Julia Gillard is still the current Prime Minister, and I prefer her to the opposition leader. I hope Labour win the next Australian Fedreal Election. Barack Obama was re-elected, which was the best decision as far as I was concerned. I have recently been pruaying a lot, and 'Parity' amongst some of the world's major currencies has been one of my petitions to God. I have also been praying for the success of my Rugby League team 'The Bulldogs' as well as for Great Britain's success at future Olympics, as I am patriotic towards Great Britain, where I was born.

Recently there was discussion between Marcus Chuan Chi Chin and myself about possibly sharing his unit in Mawson, but that has been put off because of his financial concerns. So I am still here at 29 Merriman Crescent. I am still regularly involved with MHT group activities, and Amanda Caldwell and Brett Love are two of my newer friends in the group. I still am a 'big boy' of quite a few kilos, and am just over 6 foot tall. In 2012 I visited Fyshwick prostitutes about half a dozen times. By the looks of my personal morals I am committed to the Sex laws of Leviticus 18 & 20, which Canaan was judged for, but not Leviticus 19, for which Canaan wasn't judged, which includes the law forbidding making your daughter a prostitute. So by the looks of it in my walk with God he is allowing me to fornicate with prostitutes if I wish to. This is legal for Karaite Noahides. I DO use a condom every time, though, beacause that is the law in the ACT.

I visited Wagga Wagga in 2012, staying in a pub overnight, but couldn't get any sleep that night. My mother visited England again in 2012 with my sister Brigid. My brother Matthew is now working at Big W in Woden. We had Christmas at Sue Gray's place in upper Macarthur in 2012. The food was good. I helped move her washing machine downstairs.

I read the complete written Torah (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers& Deuteronomy) in one day once in early 2012. Towards the end of 2012 I started praying a great deal every day and that hasnu't let down yet. I have a host of written prayers I recite quite a lot. I am hoping God answers them all.

My 40th Birthday party had a number of familiar faces from recent parties, including: Marcus CCC, Rebecca Hill, Tony Beer, Brett Love, Amanda Caldwell, Chris White and Robert Preston. We ate pizza and watched Adele live at Albert Hall on DVD. I began smoking in 2012 mid year, and I enjoy Port Royal tobacco with papers i roll, without filters. Other filtered cigarettes in packets I don't like much anymore. Mainly Port Royal. I prayed the numbered psalms equivalent to my year of age for future birthdays in 2012. So, as an example, I read out Psalm 41 for a blessing upon my 41st birthday party coming up. I also sent Greg half a dozen birthday cards for the last half a dozen of his birthdays. An idea of mine is to send new friends birthday cards for every year of their life backwards bact to their first birthday once you know them well. It is a 'Kindness' thing people could do for fun and love. Its never too late to send someone a birthday card for a birthday of theirs you had missed sometime later on in life. Better late than never.

That will do for now

The end of chapter fifteen

Chapter Sixteen

16th July 6177 SC / 2013 CE

Been a quiet day at home. Been a quiet last few months really. Sort of settled down to simply living with my schizophrenic condition and accepting that it is what I have to deal with for now in life. Wouuld really like to work a regular job and contribute to society in that way, but my occasional impulsive thinking, which can get quite excitable at times, is still too much of a problem to be able to contribute a calming persona for any workforce I would want to join. So I will stick with my books for now, writing out the Angels saga, and hopefully something will come of that in time.
Played scrabble today with mum - we didn't score. Did a lot of internet surfing. Not much else. It took all night and all morning to upload an Introduction to Karaite Noahide Faith video to youtube. Came out well, though. I am 40, still single, never married, no kids. Life's ok. Could be better. Could be worse. I am looking forward to 60 when I can claim my superannuation payout. Might travel the world, especially to the UK, but who knows.
Life's good.

17th of July 6177 SC / 2013 CE

Bloody hell - I haven't had a ciggie in nearly 2 weeks. I go cold turkey in between packs these days to watch my health somewhat. I buy 30g or 50g packs of tobacco and roll them mysef. I don't like smoking the pre-made ones (tailies, as they call them), because they usually taste a bit fowl to me, and I hate filters. Centrelink payday in the morning, and I'll get a taxi down to BP Chisholm to buy some ciggies, probably a couple of pies, and some drink. Might buy some magazines also, and I will look at the DVDs and CDs to see if there is anything I want. Pay comes in around 2 to 4 in the morning, and I check to see its in with phone banking, but will now use the inuternet banking since the internet came on at home recently. Greg chose TPG (which I had used previously). They are a decent ISP.

Later same day

Another quiet day today. Slept a lot. Meatcake for dinner. Internet surfing as usual. Uploaded 'The Wyvvern and the Warlock' and 'The Belzandramanian' and 'The Hand of Eternity' vols 1 & 3, the concise versions of each of these fanfic works, to and the two Lord of the Rings ones to the Lord of the Rings fanfiction website in the last 24 hours. The webhits for these fanfics are already decent. At the moment I have no prescribed writing projects that I am working on particularly, but I am probably going to tinker around with Morning Stars 3 a bit more (which has a concise version called Morning Stars: Raphael, on the website, but I plan on finishing it off now as a novel akin to Morning Stars and Morning Stars II.) Apart from that I have to continue on in general with the current book, 'The Divine Mysteries: Kelly' until it reaches a minimum of about 50,000 words or so. Its at about 30,000 words at the moment. It will continue on, like all 3 Divine mystery works so far, as being an anthology of short stories collection. There are 7 divine mystery works planned. Lucy Potter novellas 6 & 7 still need to be finished, and they are on my mind also, as well as the unfinished fanfiction works.

30th of July 6177 SC

Went bowling today. Did a lot of work ouvernight on my websites. Put on some graphics. Made a fundamental decision recently to include some Public Domain documents as part of the Canons for the Seven Divine Fellowships. Believe I have God’s approval for this. The texts are oldish, now, and were written in a time of greater innocence and purity of character. I call them scripture. I am putting them in the Bibles of the 7DF. These are meant to be Karaite Noahide Bibles. I treat them as Scripture. I am choosy in what I am putting in, and they have to have merit, worth and decency and interest associated with them. The Spirit tells me God spoke out rather quickly the earlier writings of the Rainbow Bibles in heaven to the Archangel Michael and others. God has made them his word by speaking them. It’s true as well. The sarcastic bits raised an eyebrow, but were passed. They are Scripture now. These writings did not all originate in a divine sense. God has affirmed them, though.Having another birthday party again this year. Applied for a grant which may allow me to advertise my books website on local TV here in Canberra. Hope I get it. Finished the First Chronicles of the Children of Destiny just the other day. Have just started the Second Chronicles of the Children of Destiny. It is planned on being the same length – about a million and a half words. Later on, when it is finished, after a long rest, the ‘Last Chronicles of the Children of Destiny’ will arise. Daniel is the key character in the First Chronicles. In the Second Chronicles it will be ‘Job’. In the Last Chronicles it will be ‘Noah’. I have canonized the writings now as Scripture for the 7DF, progressing from Pseudepigrapha. The definition does not imply historicity of the writings. They are obviously fictive.

The End of Chapter Sixteen

Chapter Seventeen

25th of February 6178 SC (25th of Februaury 2014 CE). I didn't mention it in the previous chapter, but my older brother Matthew died in March last year. He was 43 years old. We got along well in our very youth, but as the years passed not so much. As much as I hate to say it, if old Matt inherits the world to come, I honestly feel the time apart between us will be the best medicine to what had become an awkward relationship. Today it is just me and my mum living here at 29 Merriman Crescent. Greg moved over to Canberra just after Matt died, not really to live here, but to try and find work and move his family over. He didn't have any luck, though, and returned to Perth last month. Greg's family has been back and forth between Perth and Canberra a bit now, because he doesn't really fit in the Perth scene, but his wife Christie is from there. Its a persisting problem. Hopefully he will resolve the issue in time. My older sister is Brigid, still married to a farmer, David, although they are separated. They have 3 kids, Madalene, Jayden and Georgia, which feature in the Lucy Smith/Lucy Potter novellas in my writings. My younger sister is Jacinta, married to Alan Bradley, and they live in Cooma East now, 100kms south of Canberra. They have 3 children, Ronan, Amelia & Rachel. Greg and Christie have one boy, James.

I haven't married yet, and am still single with no children at 41. The spirit whispers to me and suggests not until 60, when I can claim my superannuation payout and buy a small flat (probably in Cooma) will he settle me down for marriage. He wants me settled permanently in one place before he builds up my life, so he tells me. God is probably wise on this in the end.

Since the 'Kelly' story, I have gone on and written more of the 'Moonflower City' stories, as well as writing the 'Eternal World' saga, which is at the end of the Angels saga. At the moment I am on a hiatus from writing again, and don't know if I will write again for quite some time. I don't really get feedback for my work from fans at all, even though the webhits arue pretty consistent each day, so I know the stories are being read quite a bit. I seem to be writing popular enough stories, but nobody seems bothered much with going any further with them apart from casual reading, and I am not sure if there is much real interest in Karaite Noahide faith yet, anyway. Perhaps one day.

I am still involved with group activities in the Mental Health community, and often go swimming thursdays with the group and do the friday lunch group. It keeps me busy and gives me a social life I guess. You see new faces from time to time, but the Friday lunch group is male dominated to a huge degree. Hardly any female presence at all, which can be a little frustrating. Still, what you gonna do, huh?

My 41st birthday party was again here at Macarthur, and the turnout included Tony Beer, Rachel Hill, Paul McMahon, Robert Preston, Sean Pedditt, Chris White, Isaac Lane and myself. Similar to the previous year, and it was a good and happy occasion. We followed it up somewhat with a 'Risk' night on Australia Day Holiday night, when Paul and Sean showed up and we played Halo Risk. There is another night planned for the Canberra Day Holiday evening, and we plan on doing it each public holiday, except from the Easter and Christmas celebrations. Just a blokes night a few times each year – I'll probably try and make it into a tradition.

I have been a karaite noahide since 1999 (or a Noahide since 1999, becoming a Karaite noahide sometime in 1999 or perhaps 2000 – can't remember for sure). This faith will never change now, I am settled in it, and will generally promote it to all who are willing to listen over the remaining years of my life. I believe it represent God's covenant and God's truth, anud am happy to share this faith with others.

So, presently, not a great deal on the horizon, and I keep myself busy with the regular things of life, a lot of internetting, and working on developing my CD collection for the main part for the next while.

Life is good though – can't complain – and that's about it for now.

Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly, Tuesday 25th of February 6178 SC (25th of February 2014 CE)

Chapter Eighteen

Written Friday 14th of March 6178 SC (Friday 14th of March 2014 CE/AD).

I lived in Cooma in 2001 for a few months around the time of the 911 incident of the twin towers. I had rented a flat on Baron street, not far from Coffees pub, and the flat was a duplex with a fellow called Adrian Knight (from memory) who lived in the other flat. He was a bit of an ocker Aussie male, and we chatted a couple of times. I remember, once, reading my bible out the back and his kids were there with him. I was reading it and they asked what I was reading. I told them the bible. One of the boys asked what it was about, and I was lost for words for a few moments, not sure how to answer, but the other one said it was God's book of rules or something like that. In some ways, that was the innocence of Cooma. South of Canberra, 100kms or thereabouts, its a quiet town, called the Gateway to the Snowy Mountains, and has maintained a population of around 8000 for a number of years since I was young, but in recent times seems to be developing somewhat. St Pats school is in Cooma, and I hauve good memories of that school, even thought I didn't get along great with the kids. Andrew Pighins was a good friend in Primary School, and I went to his house a number of times after school and we did stuff. He punched up on me a bit in science class later on in high school, but I hope I still have good thoughts towards Andrew. He was a bit of a fighter, but a heck of a lot of the Cooma lads in those days – perhaps born from savage 70s bands like AC DC and Rose Tattoo and other mentalities of the ocker Aussie male – were fighters. They were tough kids. I have found, in my years in Canberra since 1990, a far more genteel environment, and the kids a lot softer. When I was doing my primary school degree (which I never finished) from Australian Catholic University in the early 2000s, I did some of my In school teachers aid experience at Curtin Primary school in the Woden district of Canberra. I had illusions from childhood about what Catholic kids were like – I was wrong. These kids didn't have half the mockery and attitude of the kids I grew up with. They were a lot kinder and easier to get along with and more caring. But, I have surmised, it is more perhaps a Canberra thing – the public service town – or a big city thing. Cooma was a country town with tough kids who lived the country lifestyle, and drank beer as they got older. It wasn't an environment totally amenable to the more passive and gentle of God's children. Heck, I handled it well enough in the end, and even ran with a group of my own friends from, mostly, the Public school system, as I have talked about previously. We were into a lot of metal, and it toughened me up a bit, but there were still exasperating encounters with the Cooma youth my age. It wasn't always easy. But St Pats, these days, when I look back, I remember the feelings and spirit of the school and its environs, and its really special to me now, those memories, and those corridors and classrooms and playgrounds are part of my life. The teachers were always ok at St Pats, and I have very good memories of them. Even sturict sister Ann from Year 6 who, now, I would probably get along with very well, because I love spiritual things. I was an altar boy with Andrew Pighins for a while, and rang the bell and did those things. 16 years, every Sunday, since birth, I was at a Catholic Church Mass, first in Berridale and later on in Cooma, but I look back now and think of those solemn priestly ways and hymns and creeds, and they are still part of the fabric of my being. I didn't have a God fixation as a kid. Religion was never a big deal, but I was a believer in God and I did pray a little bit. I stole rampantly from mum's purse, and always felt guilt, and even later stealing from Woolies with kids from St Pats, and a bit with my gang, but even though I felt that guilt, the connection, which I probably should have known, that this was sin – it never really connected with me. I never really gave much thought at all to the idea, even when caught stealing from Woolies and having to confess my sins to Father Barry Cotter in the St Pats Confessional. It never connected. I never really understood I was doing wrong. That changed, though, from about 20, when I started trying to be 'Perfect' and started amending my ways in life, despite the huge depression which had settled in by then. In the book of Joshua, those children under 20 still got to come into the promised land, when those above them who had accompanied Moses never got to, apart from Joshua and Caleb – because they had a different spirit. Perhaps 20 is something of an age of accountability. Whatever else, when I get to 20 my morality started showing up at last. No, you would never have called me a sinner kid, though. I was passive at school, and never really fought much, and I had respect for my teachers and fellow students most of the time, although I was a little bit cheeky occasionally (pulling Zosia Pitrowskis hair in year 3 because I liked her, only to be reprimanded by Mrs Jones, for example). No, we were friendly kids, our little gang in my late teens. We were 'Bad Boys' because we were into metal, but we were kind and affectionate. We were ok. Hell a lout of the time for the parents raising us, but we had good hearts. Looking back, I have felt for years now we were doing wrong, but our hearts probably weren't trying to. We were just being cool and living for the rush of it all. I think a song by Iron Maiden – weekend warriors – sums a lot up of my Impulsive sins of youth. But I was bloody alive, I can tell you that much, and life had an intensity from about 1987 onwards for those few years. My first girlfriend, of sorts, was Louise Roseman, who I kissed once, but was really nervous about all of that. She was a cutie, but when we came to Canberra in 1990 I never saw her again. It had been Berridale for the 1970s, which really had been a classic 'Golden youth' which people often talk about. It really had been for me as well, as I had very responsible parents, and I look back in great happiness at that time. I remember the doll mum made for us kids – I love my mum so much these days, and even dreamed about that doll once. All things considered, My youth certainly had its challenges, but I wouldn't exchange it. I don't regret any of it, because it was all learning experiences, and it all worked out well enough in the end. For the most part.

Today, though, time has moved on. I'm 41, currently taking Green Coffee Bean extract to lose weight, because they rave on about it, and it seems to be working well enough so far. I am a lot more content, now, especially since last year, which was the biggest praying experience of my life, the whole year. God assures me I will reap from my prayers in years ahead. I have a positive attitude, still, and am happy with life. It's good enough, ok. Its good enough. Sure, things could be better, but after all the shit I have been through in it, things could be a heck of a lot worse. I'm still one of the lucky ones, I think, in the end. Still blessed.

I'm still collecting a lot of CDs, comics and other things. Working on completing lists of albums from various artists. I have a pretty big collection again, now, and the final bits of my destructive tendencies seem to uhave finally disappeared. I have made deliberate decisions to stop doing that, and have prayed a bit for stability in life, and it seems to be working. Things are going ok in many ways with my Schizophrenic condition now. Of course, now it is just me and mum here at home, but its good, cause we usually get along quite well and talk with each other quite freely. We get along.Its good now. She is off to the UK, yet again, soon, again with my sister Brigid, and this time my nephew Jayden is going off with them. They will be gone for 3 weeks very soon, and I have asked for a 'Baker' family shield, which is my mum's maiden name, and a mug from Hull, were I was born. Oh, Hull City Tigers, my soccer team, are in the semi finals of the FA Cup. And they have a realistic chance of making the final. Finger's crossed.

The writing goes on as usual, and I have a fairly extensive 'Angels Saga' written now. The Lucy Potter books are mostly finished, and my daily webhits for my books website are consistent and of good numbers. One of these days – hopefully someday soon – self publishing and selling the things on the website might become a realistic option. Let's hope so.

I went swimming at Lake Tuggeranong pool again yesterday, with the little group which Adrian Chan takes along, and I had quit it for a while, but am now back into it. Life seems, for the most part, to steadily go on. Just that, really. Life goes on. Had a risk night on Monday this week, were I played Halo Risk with 3 other guys from my Mental Health group, Paul, Jarrod and Richard, and it was a lot of fun. We have agreed to meet up each Public Holiday, barring the Christmas and Easter celebrations each year, to have these risk nights. We have had 2 so far, and they have been great. Another tradition, perhaps, like my recent spate of birthday gatherings, which hopefully will last as weull.

Yeh, life's good. Could be better. Hopefully the girl of my dreams is just around the corner, but till then I'll survive.

Bye for now. Danny.

Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly

Canberra, Friday 14th of March, 6178 SC

Chapter Nineteen

It has been a quiet and regular enough month. The last month. The other day I finished up a year and a half's solid prayer, were I must have prayed over 10,000 prayers all up, utilizing scripture passages a lot of the time. I had a lot of requests I suppose, but I was very anxious to try and establish some things, including blessings on various sporting teams I support, blessings on the salvation of various townships and cities throughout the world, and a whole category of various miscellaneous prayers. Now, I suppose, I have some faith, and wait for God to answer them all. Fingers crossed. Mum, Brigid, Jacinta and Jayden went to England and Scotland for 3 weeks. They didn't have the best of times, apparently. Jayden was a pain in the neck, and Jacinta was supposedly a bit depressing. But she bought another load of her prized possessions which she gains on these trips – things like little jugs, figurines, tea towels and other things. She brought me back a Hull City Tigers scarf celebrating them getting into the Wembley Semi-Final for the FA Cup. They actually won that final, and now are in the FA Cup Final itself against Arsenal, just on this upcoming weekend. GO HuULL!! She also brought me back a MacLean clan paperweight, which was all glass, round, with a picture of the shield ensconced within. I love it. Brilliant little thing. She stayed with her brother in England again at Cottingham, Uncle Gerald, who is now 80 or thereabouts, and getting on a bit. Cottingham is right near Hull, and they were in Hull a fair bit of the time (well, in Cottingham I suppose). Jayden doesn't really have any faith in God yet, despite having been confirmed a catholic, but I think he went through with that just to please the family, because he didn't have any belief in the thing. He looks a lot like Matt did in former years these days. I get along with him well, but mum finds him awkward. Anyway, the other day I completed the Chronicles of the Children of Destiny for the absolutely last time for this lifetime. God has always been hassling me to continue on with the saga, but it has a suitable enough ending, and that will do for now. He has promised me 50 million words all up in my name as an author, the majority of which are to be written in the afterworld. Essentially, my main plan at this stage is to work just on the writings I have already written, and flesh a lot of the shorter stories and novellas and things out into a far more substantial tale. Even the novels can be extended in this sense. I will also then continue on with the work on the unfinished fanfiction sagas I have started, and because God tells me all the time that the afterworld works in cycles of life based on the life you live on earth, I will attempt (at this stage) to write the same amount each time, until the 50 million words are used up. I doubt that I will need to do any new projects – mainly just work upon and complete the projects I started. Apparently the 50 million words are justified because of the demand in heaven for my writings. Good for me I suppose, but it will mean hard work each lifetime for a while. No romance in the last month since the last entry, and life has gone on pretty much as usual since mum got home. Oh, Greg, my brother, actually has gotten a part-time job heure in Canberra, after having finally gone back home, so he will be coming back again soon enough by the looks of it anyway. I am thinking about now studying a Computer Gaming degree through CIT (Canberra Institute of Technology). One of the ideas I have is doing a Role Playing Game (like the Ultima Series of games) for Chronicles of the Children of Destiny. I sent an email to CIT the other day to get my student number again, so I will consider applying for semester two very carefully. It will be something to do with my time, I suppose, and could be very productive. But if it isn't games, it might end up being music. But music might come in my mid 50s. You never know. I continue to smoke Port Royal tobacco using the papers. I usually smoke a full pack of either 30grams or 50 grams tobacco, smoking it usually in the first few days of the fortnight, and then giving it away until the following payday when I buy another pack. This has been my usual habit for ages now. I feel, honestly, that I'm not addicted at all, because I could quit if I wanted to. I just don't want to. It's a choice more than anything. God tells me that as long as I don't abuse them and become arrogant about being a smoker I should be fine with them. Statistically that sounds correct. I have been continually buying things and recycling/sacrificing them, because in my faith God has made it clear to me the principle that 'What you acquire in life..................' or to be more accurate in legal terminology 'The rights you acquire in life are the rights you acquire in life', which means everything I have owned in life has become part of my rights for eternity, and those good were all owned until destruction by myself, so that I have all that put aside for me in heaven. It is one of the whole points of life, apparently, which is information we get from God once we have served him well enough. Usually what happens is that things build up in my room for quite a while, and then I sacrifice them, and start again. It happens quite frequently. I have a number of things which have survived many sacrifices, and they are becoming my personal thinugs. I have a regular Disability Support Allowance, so can afford this practice at this stage of my life, but I feel I have enough for eternity now, and have been desiring to end the practice. I am mostly complete enough in this work that I have been doing on sacrifice as far as I am concerned, really. At the moment, Miranda the cat is sleeping behind me on my queen size bed here in my room at 29 Merriman crescent. It is about half past four on a Monday morning, and has been a quiet and steady day. Life goes on as usual, I guess, and there haven't really been any shocks for a while. Again, hopefully romance is just around the corner, but time will only tell.

Bye for now.

Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly

Canberra, Tuesday 12th of May, 6178 SC (12th of May 2014 CE)

Chapter Twenty

This chapter is a bit of revision, with perhaps some new highlights. In 2000 I began writing Morning Stars. I was working for AQIS, in the EXDOC section on higher duties, and did my work too quickly in hindsight, meaning I had free time. I sat down at the PC, and using an idea from Pawn of Prophecy about the first thing Garion rememberd (being Faldor's farm) and the opening sentence of Magician, how it uses short sentences to start chapters, I came up with the first part of Morning Stars. 'Awareness'. I had just written the prologue first, and then came out the first parts of the first chapter. And I decided to persevere with the idea so, written on work PCs and my IBM Aptiva at home at 29 Meurriman Crescent, using floppy disks to transfer the story, I got stuck in. It took me at least 4 or 5 years to get up to the end of part two, and although I have lost the writings now, there was something of a different part of part three written back then (part of chapter 15 I suppose) which was set on earth just after the creation and told of the families of Adam and Eve and how they interacted with the line of Cain. I think it might have been 'Tubal-Cain' (it was one of the names of Cain's line) who was trilling away on a pipe to entertain one of Adam through Noah's line. I can't remember all the exact details. But the writing is lost now, and I guess it awaits my decision upon it in the heavenlies. In November 2000 I left off working for AQIS, having taken a retrenchment package, and have not worked a full time job since then. I have done part time at McDonalds very briefly, Woolworths nightfill very briefly, and brief volunteer work at the conservation council near the ANU. I also did some brief work for the dole in 2007 at the Vale Street cafe, before throwing it in and walking home back to Canberra. I was probably somewhat unwell at the time (and in fact was hospitalized in Canberra Hospital a few months later in early 2008), but I think it was God taking me home just in time for dad's death. Cyril Aloysius Daly (dad) was really just old and frail when he passed, parkinson's diseaese having got the better of him. He was 84 when he passed, and well respected. I miss him a lot. Morning Stars was self published just a little later, and I also got them to publish Ye Olde Devil at the same time. Copyqik printers in Civic in Canberra City did the job. A few years later, daughter of Eve – the sequel to Ye Olde Devil – was published, but I haven't bothered with anything since then. No demand really. Online, though, the books currently get read a reasonable amount each day. I have had good webhits for the last year and a while. I have never really had any donations yet, but lets hope so eventually – or maybe a decent publishing deal. Finger's crossed. I became ua Noahide in January 1999 and a Karaite Noahide very soon afterwards. It has been over 15 years now that I have been keeping this faith, so hopefully God has taken notice and will add to my movement on earth soon enough. Again, finger's crossed. That, then, has pretty much been my life since 2000. Writing books and theology and, since about the time Morning Stars was published, also being involved with the group activities for mental health in Tuggeranong. 2008 was the last time I was hospitalized, and I honestly feel I am starting to cope a lot better with my schizophrenic condition. Life is good enough at the moment. I feel like I have been at a crossroads of decision with what to do with the rest of my life for the past few years, but that is settled now. I will stay here at 29 Merriman Crescent with mum, and continue working on my theological writings, my fanfiction stories and, even though the Chronicles of the Children of Destiny stories are now supposed to be complete for this lifetime (though God has promised me a fulll quota of 50 million words to write, the remainder in the afterworld) I have been thinking about not developing any new story ideas, but working upon and expanding already established works. A heck of a lot of the short stories could (and perhaps should) be expanded, and I guess that is what I will probably do over my remaining years. Yesterday I went to Friday afternoon group down at Greenway. Our activity centre is found in the Southern Cross Club basketball stadium in Greenway (the Tuggeranong Town Centre were the Hyperdome, Lake Tuggeranong College and Library, Tuggeranong pool. Police station, and heaps of other shops and services are available). The Southern Cross Club is an association of the Canberra-Goulburn diocese of the Catholic Church. There are some basic clothing standards required to gain entrance to the club, but I have always found these reasonable and appropriate. It's a decent club which I recommend to others. Mental Health, though, only rents an office in the stadium from the club. We have beuen there a few years now, but when I first statred going in 2007/2008 we were in the front room of the Tuggeranong Community Centre, down near Lake Tuggeranong between Lake Tuggeranong /college and the library and McDonalds on the other side. I am an alumni of Lake Tuggeranong College, having attended in 1990 (its first year) and half of 1991. I know Tuggeranong pretty well now, and am very comfortable with her. I chatted with Brett Love at the group yesterday (who originates from Berridale like us – his uncle, Michael White, went to school with my older brother Matt, and was in the St Pats Musical, playing the lead role of Joseph, in Joseph and the Amazing technicolour dreamcoat which we did back in school in the 80s. Myself and my brother Matthew both played as Pharaohs guards. Brett is a great guy, and we looked up the Hull Mariners AFL website on facebook. Hull is in England (the city I was born in) and England has a growing Aussie Rules competition now. I found out Hull had a team, so decided to support them and roped Brett into supporting them as well. We bragged we might be the only supporters of the Hull Mariners in the Southern Hemisphere (which is probably just a pure boast). Brett is about my age, but younger. Not sure of his exact age though. I purchased a chunk more of books from Vinnies again yesterday, which have been catalogued again into my personal 7DF (Seven Divine Fellowships of Karaite Adamide-Noahide Faith) library, the books going into a different fellowship library determined on its category/genre/area of knowledge. I have almost a random list of subjects for each different fellowship written down in a notebook, and I write down which fellowship library each book goes into depending on its classification. Anyway, that will do for now.

Bye for Now.

Daniel Thomas Andrew Dalyu

Canberra, Saturday 17th of May 6178 SC (17th of May 2014 CE)

Chapter Twenty-One

Well, Hull City Tigers lost the F.A. Cup Final against Arsenal, 3 – 2 in extra time. Well done Hull for reaching the final. It was played Saturday 17th of May at Wembley in London, and it was the first time ever Hull had made the final of the F.A. Cup. I was born in Hull, of course, so good work team. A brilliant year. Hopefully our fortunes next year will be even brighter still. Anyway, I want to talk about my years working in AQIS, and a lot of this I have already said piecemeal. I finished my studies at the Canberra Institute of Technology in 1995, end of year, after having had an accident and having to repeat the final semester. I started mid-year 1993, in the 2 year course. I gained my Associated Diploma of Business in Office Administration, and just before completing the year of 1995, I began attending Potters House Christian Church in Pearce in November. It was a pretty full on time in a pretty full on Pentecostal church, when my schizophrenia had just begun – all was chaotic in many ways. A big rush. I prayed a lot, and soon enough was employed at St Vincent de Paul doing voluntary work, but then on to DEETYA for 3 months temping. But then, at my years end in Potters house in November 1996 I left and joined UPC, and started work at AQIS about the same time. My supervisor was Kerry Scarlet, a bloke who also originated from Berridale like myself. Apparently his parents ran the corner store there, one of the grocery stores, so I actually probably knew them as a kid – it would have been the place I spent the 1 and 2 cent coins I pinched from dad's coin jar on 3 musketeer bars and chomp bars and the like. Kerry was a dinkum Aussie Bloke, working at the ASO6 level, and in his 50s, I guess, at the time. At the interview I remember him asking if I played a footie codeu at school. For some strange reason I said Rugby League, when I really meant to say Rugby Union, which was what I had actually played, but it impressed him because Rugby League was his game of choice. I told him this a few years later and we had a laugh about it. Kerry supported St George as a kid in Berridale, but turned to the Raiders when he moved to Canberra as an adult I guess. He was a big Raiders fan all my time in AQIS. Kerry was married and had kids, but separated during my time in AQIS from memory. He lived over in Monash, and I think he still does, which is also in Tuggeranong. Joel Judge and Helen Banks were also workers in my section when I started at AQIS, and the first place we worked was in Bligh House in Barton. About a year or so later we moved to the Edmund Barton Building around the corner and up the road just a little, but we were in Bligh House when I began at AQIS. Kirsty Gilchrist also worked in AQIS, and I had a huge crush on the spunky Crossroads Christian Girl. I was invited to her wedding a few years later to Garnett Swann, and we had become friends. Garnett was a lovely guy, and they had kids together. They ended up moving to Sydney, but I am not sure were they are today. Dean Ingham was one of the pastor's at Crossroads, and we had a discussion on the Trinity once, which I was denying by then. Kirsty was a kind hearted baptist girl, as Crossroads was an outreach of the Baptist Church – an independent one. I had a number of crushes on girls at my time at AQIS, including Odette Wells, who worked on the same branch in the EBB, Michelle Bullock, who also worked on the same branch, who was a Jehovah's Witness. I went to her congregation a couple of times in Hughes when I was living there and working at AQIS. She married another guy from AQIS – Stuart Grant. They had a girl called Shemaiah, named from the bible, from memory. The other girl I had a crush on was Klaudia Papp, who didn't work for AQIS, but for a company which did stationery for us from time to time. She was an extremely attractive girul, and we used to chat on the telephone. Nothing ever really came of it, though. During my time at AQIS I played in a softball competition, and our team made the final. There were about 6 or so teams, but we were ok. Not the best, obviously, but I had a lot of fun in the competition, and found my batting skills in softball are superior to my batting skills in cricket. It's a pity its not the other way round personally, but that is the ironic way life works some times. I worked in the Program Analysis and Support section for the Animal and Plants Program Branch of AQIS for most of the time at AQIS, and we were a support unit. I did a lot of work in the photocopier room, fixing paper jams and replacing paper and ink and stuff like that, and handled stationery orders. I really overspent one year, when I was made responsible, and later on the job was taken from me. Everyone on the branch had special orders, it seemed, and all wanted to use my code for ordering, charging to our section. It wasn't really fair, I suppose, getting the blame for that, but I have learned to be stricter about budgeting for my organisation or section, and not be so soft next time. I handled some minor databases in my job for a while, but later on in the work there was not much to do. This is not surprising, though, as I'd been hospitalized for my schizohrenia a number of times during my working years at AQIS, and it became too much to give me the extra work. So I surfed the internet a lot during the final time there, and did not much else. My last time of hospitalization for schizophrenia was in 2008 and before that in 2001, so, realistically, if I went back to AQIS now, I would probably do a far better and more competent job. I would probably cope quite well now, especially as I am on a good medication. Maybe that might be an idea Jehovah? Who knows. St Marks library was across the road from the EBB, and I would often sit in there at lunch, reading one of the library books, or just sitting quietly. It was very calm in there, and quiet and spiritual. There was also the Christian Science reading room on the Bligh Houseu block, and I went in there occasionally as well. I left a copy of Morning Stars at the Christian Science reading room the day I gave away many copies around town, but nobody was there at the time. I just left a copy on the front reception desk. Don't know what they did with it, though. That was years later, though, in 2007. I enjoyed working in AQIS for the most part. The work was enjoyable and satisfying, and I liked doing it. It was challenging to start with, but I grew into it, and soon liked my responsibilities. I really wish I didn't have so much schizophrenia to deal with, as would have loved to have stayed employed. But sometimes we have stuff to deal with in life, so that is the way it goes, you know. Anyway, that will do for now.

Bye for now.

Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly

Canberra, Sunday 18th of May 6178 SC (18th of May 2014 CE)

Chapter Twenty-Two

The last month has been steady enough. I had a very bad chest cold recently, and it took me a while to recover. I'm better now, but it was very frustrating. The Soccer world cup began, and England lost its first match against Italy. We'll see how they go throughout the tournament. I've been staying at home, now, for most of the past month. I have gone swimming on thursdays once or twice, but I don't have as much group activity at the moment as I once did. Losing a bit of interest in the group, really. There is very little female interaction, and nothing much to draw me into it. Marcuss CCC is always good company, as well as Rebecca Hill, but some of the males are a bit too rowudy for my liking. I can get along with them ok, but it's not the ideal situation now for someone who is starting to show genuine signs of improvement in his condition. I don't know how long it takes to heal of schizophrenia, but I feel acknowledgement of things which are true, and by this avenue combating the delusions of the mind and heart, we can overcome some of the deceiving voices in our condition. I'm certainly a lot better now than I have been, and the medication is working well with me these days. Even study looks like an option in a few years. My brother Gregory is yet again staying with us and has a job doing Centrelink work at a call centre. He doesn't really find the job that enjoyable yet, because he doesn't know what to do with a lot of calls. I feel, though, even though I haven't said it to him, this will improve if he just gives it some times and learns the intricacies of Centrelink's policies. He should persevere. Time will tell if he does. I moved out of my old room at the front of the house, and Greg moved in there. We've had it painted recently, and after all the refurbishments over the last few years (new kitchen, bathroom, toilet and the painting) the house is starting to look quite good. And house prices here in Macarthur are quite high at this present time. Lucky us. I moved into Matthew's old room at the back corner of the house, where I actually started when we first moved into the house back in 1990. It was my metal years back then, going to Lake Tuggeranong college, and I remember that I had heavy metal posters all over the room. I've been through a number of changes since that time, but the more things change, ironically, the more they stay the same. The move has been good for me, and a change is always as a good as a holiday, but I am now starting to settle in. I sleep a lot, because I don't have that much to do at the moment apart from my books and religious things, so I am often in the new queen size bed mum bought me for my birthday last year, sleeping away the hours of the day, lost in dream worlds of great sarcasm from God. Vuery weird dreams I have a lot, especially of alternative visions of places around Canberra were I live. The Chronicles of the Children of Destiny is pretty much complete now for the most part for this life time. I did write an extra story in the eternal world part on cleopatra to tie up a loose end just a little, and explain the ideas a little better, and I was asked by my friend Rebecca Hill from group to write a story about her and Marcuss CCC and myself, in the way I have written other stories about people from the group. I sat down and wrote the short story 'Crazy Days' which I placed at the end of Destiny's Children. Marcus liked it, but Rebecca hasn't responded to my email with her opinion yet. Hopefully she liked it. I tried to keep it somewhat true to the real life characters. Apart from that, I am finishing the 'Lucy Potter and the Gem of Wonder' story in the Ascension Tales saga, and considering completing some of the few unfinished stories in the saga, just to have them properly completed. This is not that much work, really, and because they were already started is not really anything new. I haven't completely made up my mind whether or not I will spend a number of years working on completing my various ambitious fanfiction projects, such as the Tolkien inspired Hand of Eternity trilogy or the David Eddings inspired Belzandramanian, but if I continue to get a hunger to write things, I will probably turn my energies and attention to finishing these off in time. We'll see how it goes. I visited a prostitute again in Fyshwick not long back. She was an attractive Asian working girl. She massaged me and she got on top. It was the basic package, but I had a good enough time. Sometimes sexual behaviours are all they are cracked up to be, and sometimes they are just a bit of a fun occasion with nothing much more than that associated with them. They are often, in fact, not the enormous deal the youth often make about the experience as well. Varies a lot, really, in the end, and I can sort of understand our traditions of a woman saying she has a headache whuen a man is keen, because she just couldn't be bothered and is probably tired from the day. It can often take a bit of effort after all. God never pricks my conscience on my prostitution activities and never really has. Oh, when I was younger he pricked my conscience and gave me guilt on my stealing constantly, because I was a little penny pincher from my mum's handbag for years, spending money mostly on lollies in younger years and then on video games down at the Cooma arcade parlour as I got older. I have since repented a lot of those activities, and while I'm not quite ashamed of myself yet for what I did in younger years, I most certainly regret these stupid choices and would not do them again at all with my current attitudes. Young and foolish and addicted to too much pleasure seeking in liking the lollies and entertainment from the video games. But I've matured a lot since those days, and God I feel has forgiven me for the most part from my sins of youth. I'm still ordering a lot of stuff online, especially from ebay, and this is mostly were my new CD's come from now. Mostly online shopping. I do usually pay for a taxi to go down to the local BP service station each fortnight in the morning when my money from my pension comes in, and that is were I usually buy a pack of tobacco which I smoke at the beginning of each fortnight. I now only smoke one pack of either 25/30 gms or 50 gms of tobacco, usually, each fortnight. For half the fortnight I am usually not smoking. I don't really think I'm addicted to them, as half the fortnight I am not smoking and don't really crave them in any major way, and, further, I have no real desire to quit anyway, and only smoke because I choose to and enjoy them. I'm a happy smoker, really, for the most part, and feel fine in my health. There were a few minor issues when I first started and smoked a bit more heavily, but all that has lightened up since I lightened up my intake, and I don't perceive any real problems that are going to happen to me with them. I don't think I abuse tobacco in all honesty. I've been enjoying a lot of tuhe English TV which mum watches for quite a while now, and feel I am steadily growing more conservative in life. Probably a good thing in the end. I have passion for life, but was never really a hugely outgoing person when it comes right down to it. In my youth with those I trusted I was playful, but really, for the most part, until I get to know someone well, I am a little cautious and shy. I guess evanglizing on the streets of Civic with potters house, and having to witness by talking to people about my faith gave me a lot more of an outgoing personality, but usually Daniel Daly is a conservative, reserved sort of guy. Life changes you, sometimes, though, doesn't it? Mostly the last month has been the same old regular type of stuff. Get up some time, use internet, eat over the day, chat to mum a little bit, lots of teas and coffees and bikkies and toast and things like that, and enjoying my dinners and especially ice cream when mum buys it. It's a simple life, and part of me is hoping for something more in this last few years of a crossroads I feel I have been going though, but I think it will mainly be steady as she goes, and this will do for now. Time will tell what happens next.

Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly

Canberra, Monday 17th of June 6178 SC (17th of June 2014)

Chapter Twenty-Three

It's only been a few days since my last entry, but I thought I would write about a period in my life when it was the hardest, and the lessons learned. At 16 years of age, I left the Catholic Church. It wasn't a faith crisis. There wasn't any real faith to speak of. Sort of, over the next few months, I guess I lost whatever faith I had in God, and didn't really not so much belieuve any more, but just didn't care anymore. I had hardly cared anyway, quite frankly, for most of the days of my Catholicism, because it was a religion foisted upon me by my parents, and I never really wanted to go to church very much at all anyway. It was just a holy day of obligation mum and dad taught me, and we kids had to go. Mum went off to England when I was 15, and I stopped going then, so that when she got back it was kind of official. I didn't go to church anymore. I did, though, promise God that if the Bulldogs won the Grand Final (1988) I would go to church, and they won, and I did go to church. But that was the end of it, and I think I just left it after that. I sort of lost my way, really. Ultimately, that time I went to church because the Bulldogs won the Grand Final I probably did believe in God, but afterwards, over the next while, I sort of lost my way more than losing my faith. It wasn't me giving up on my faith – I stopped going to church and after a while the faith just wasn't really there. I wasn't trying to deny my religion, you know. I just sort of lost it through going astray in hindsight. Well, in year 11 at Monaro High (1989) I was spending most of the time with my gang of friends built up from the Cooma Arcade. Damien Asanovsci, Peter Dradrach and the rest. We won the B Grade indoor cricket comp that year, just up near the Infants school for St Pats, next to the Cooma Basketball stadium. I used to walk up via the bush near the water tower to get there. Damien lived just behind me, and we also played outdoor cricket for the cops team ironically enough. I wasn't really much cop at the outdoor version (forgive the pun) but was competent at the indoor style, and we developed a quick hit and run method for scoring runs indoor cricket style, which helped us win the comp. I think a lot of those ideas developed from myself in memory, in all honesty. Throughout that year at Monaro High (because we moved to Canberra the following year) I only attended half the lessons (well probably more, but I bludged quite a bit, and didn't do any schuoolwork properly that much anyway), but there was a girl in my year, Jenny Cheetham, who I had a huge crush on. I have written her into the Chronicles of the Children of Destiny as Jenna (Jesus' twin) for a bit of fun. She said to me in discussion 'I know there's a God'. It affected me. Month's later in Canberra I was asking her hypothetically (not talking to her, just theoretically her) 'How can you know there is a God?'. I was agnostic. The case had been closed, because nobody could actually know for sure. Sure, there might have been, but there was no proof. And over the next few years, while I bordered on atheism from time to time, that was still the ultimate official position. Nobody could know.

I got depressed from then on. A heck of a lot. All the way through 1990 and 1991 at Lake Tuggeranong, all the way through the 6 months of bludge after year 12 (which was never completed properly), all the way through the 6 months of TAFE which became CIT for my office skills certificate, and then the 6 months waiting to start my associate diploma in CIT in office admin, again followed by nearly 2 full years of the course – all that time the depression hit me hard, and it was bloody horrible. I know, now, what it was. I didn't have depression in my church days. When I left the church, the depression came gradually in because I dismissed God but, then, had no spiritual organisation to be part of. BUT because I had not worked out how to live life on my own without this giant support network I had taken for granted, the troubles of this world were too much for my spirit. Depression was inevitable. It is for everyone without a strong support network. Then I got my philosophy book which I stole from the library, worked out the argument from design, and believed in a creator. But the depression was still there, even though I was starting to repent to the deistic sort of God I believed in. I was witnessed to by Ariel Cheng on her faith – the depression hit its peak – I went along to visit her, and felt the darknuess all day. Then I bought a bible on the way home, had my first schizo episode the following day, but the depression dropped in half. 6 months later visiting Potters house and praying a sinners prayer, the depression disappeared totally. Schizoprhenia ran rampant since then, but the depression left.

In 1999 I left the church, and had to start spiritually again. No depression this time, but no real spiritual strength either. Now, today, I have a lot of prayers in my Karaite Noahide faith for the movement itself. This means everything God tells me. The prayers I have for my movement – absolutely fundamental to everything for the religion. So, I keep on praying these days (since late 2012 a tremendous amount of prayer has been done) and reading scripture. This will go on for the rest of my days. My movement of 7DF needs all the prayers it can get. But I'm getting there. Growth will happen slowly. I just need to persevere, and give it some time. The faith will be established gradually.

All that hell I went through, ultimately, made me stronger. It was a big part of my life, but it taught me the lessons I so much needed to learn, and has given me invaluable experience – eternally.

Dan again

18 June 6178sc

Chapter Twenty-Four

In the last 5 days not much has changed. Notu much would, you would imagine. On Thursday morning my Centrelink Disability Support Pension came in (around $750 after my $90 advance repayment). I paid some credit card bills, put a little on my HECS repayment, a little into my superannuation account (I make regular personal contributions to my scheme), and bought a Def Leppard Record on ebay (an old bootleg ep called 'First Strike' – not the original one with the map of America, but a latter red vinyl limited edition reprint from a few years later with a picture of an aircraft on it). When my credit card payments had been processed, the following evening I purchased 20 odd CD's on to increase my collection again. A couple of them I had owned previously, but most were new ones. Fishpond appears to be owned by Catholics, because when I do book searches a lot of the books are Catholic books. It's a lot of mainstream stuff, but I have noticed a proliferation of Catholic artists in the mainstream who feature on the lists of CDs. There are other artists there, but it is obviously owned by a group of catholics most likely. It doesn't really put me of buying there, and I buy at St Vincent de Paul (Vinnies) regularly anyway, and besides, with the free postage, and the low price you can get some very decent CDs at when you select the right search options, they actually offer very good value. When I shop on ebay I don't really discriminate on who I buy from, because they all are mostly anonymous when it comes right down to it. I think its the best policy not to really worry too much in the general marketplace of the 21st century, unless it is obviously some sort of corrupt organisation. I also purchased a comic (Dethlok number 1 from the early 1990s) on ebay. On Friday I had been given two tickets from Brett Love in the group who was given them from the group to go see the Canberra Raiders versus the Bulldogs (my team) at Bruce Stadium in Belconnen that night. Me and Greg were going to go, but I pulled out later on. I didn't really fancy going out in the cold that evening. The Bulldogs won anyway. Over the weekend I slept quite a bit, did a lot of prayer, and a heck of a lot of new writing, both in the Rainbow Bibles and in my literature. I began uthe 'Chronicles of the God's of Destiny' which looks like it will be a lot of fun, actually, and I intend to continue on writing that regularly. It picks up were the Chronicles of the Children of Destiny leaves off, and introduces the created 'God's' of the old pagan idolatries of mankind. I am hoping to have a lot of fun with this new saga, and expect a lot of humour and sarcasm along the way, as well as some serious stuff. I got 'Ghost Stories' by Coldplay with my money also (down at the BP garage early thursday morning when I went down to buy my tobacco) and really love the album. It is mellow and very enjoyable listening. My niece Madalene Bridges was in hospital the last couple of days with some sort of infection, but she is better now. My niece Georgia Bridges, though, always seems to be having some problems. But she works through them and is a happy enough young lady. The kids are all grown up now, it seems, and Madalene is now working in Child care. She's got a boyfriend, so she might end up married one of these days and get to having kids of her own. Perhaps I'll be a great-uncle before I know it. I went to my Lunch Group on Friday again with the Mental Health team and had pizza, which is what we usually eat. My friend Marcus CCC wasthere, and I chatted with him a little, but didn't say or do much else, apart from a little time on the computer. It's a steady enough thing, the lunch group, and the people which go there, but it is not very much inspiring to me anymore. Sure, I get along well enough with the people, but sometimes its just a little bit boring and drab with not much to do. I suppose the real highlight of the day is getting there and going home while chatting to Adrian Chan in the front seat, the worker who does some of the activities and picks up some people and takes them home. We have an ongoing discussion of wit and humour between us, and some of the jokes can be crude to a degree, and often filled with a lot of jibing and mockery. But that's the trips in the vans for the most part, and a lot of the blokes crack jokes. It veryu rarely gets out of hand, and it lightens up the shit a lot of us are going through with out mental problems. My schizophrenia is mostly under control these days, and I remain medicated for it. There are still issues, which I feel are now mostly handleable and under control, but I'm not out of the woods yet. Still there remains a number more years of learning to cope with and get used to the condition I am suffering. I'll get there one day. Naturally, I'm still single, and often think that is my lot in life. I'd like to lose weight, but that just doesn't seem to happen, and I don't fancy snagging the kind of girl I'd like to marry until the weight issue is a bit better resolved. Maybe later in life, perhaps mid to late 40s, something might happen then. From the spiritual voice which constantly talks to me, apparently, the closer I am to 60 when I can claim my superannuation, and the more I put in it these days, increasing the total payout figure, brings a wife closer and closer, as far as God's concerned. He's not a God who wants to take too many risks with my life, and sort of insists I have a degree more stability and security still to offer a wife and potential family before he will invest those things into the life of Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly. So I'll have to be patient for now. Still, life is good enough and I get by ok, even though I do complain constantly to God and have a good winge about my situation, blaming him all the time. He apparently takes it with a grain of salt, and grins at me afterwards. Woe is me.

That will do for now. Cheers.

Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly

Canberra, Australia. Monday 23rd of June 6178 SC (23rd of June 2014 CE)

Chapter Twenty-Five

Short Chapter. Epitath of things. Life is good. On we go.

Chapter Twenty-Six

God can get me down, too. There, I said it. Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly is only human, and even he is frustrated and pissed off with the judgement of Almighty God from time to time also. I mean, who is the Lord to dictate to me what to do with my life? Remember? Of course, in honesty, he doesn't really dictate as such, but you are not of the faith, I guess, if you are not obeying God's religion, goinug to church on Sunday, making sure you fast half an hour before Mass, and confessing your sins to the priest in the confessional. For me, young Catholic Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly, in my early years, that was the faith. Church on Sunday, fasting half an hour before Mass so as to not despoil the Eucharist and the actual confessions we also bothered with from time to time. Almost the 3 pillars of my Catholicism (and seemingly the family from my young perspective) growing up, but scapulas and rosary beads were a little bit of a deal also, as well as the church missal somewhat. Certainly no bible, but the family did have a big and chunky mysterious and old hardback one, with big words and haunting pictures in true catholic style. It was a St Joseph's one, and had family baptismal records and things in it. In the end, I never really took Catholicism that seriously, apart from my time as an altar boy, were I had learned the rituals, and almost enjoyed them somewhat, but come 16 I was out of there, and real life beckoned with Aso and the gang. I did believe in God, and prayed to him. I prayed to have some friends a few times – I had been universally perpetually unpopular in my St Pats years, apart from some brief friendships, which disappeared later on. I have gained many over life – friends – it seems the prayer was answered in time. I prayed to stop wetting the bed quite possibly. At about 20 that finally stopped happening. Gosh, yes. It took till 20. Since then there has been one abberation in all that time, which was down at the Noahide June Cantrell's place in Melbourne, which is a big item of curiousity for me, but since 20 my bowels finally got their act together and I have had dry nights ever since. Thank bloody God – seriously. I had once been told I stinked (smelled) by a St Pats High teacher – I was embarrassed – she was right. I really needed to wash every morning after wetting my bed, but often I just didn't, and just towelled myself off and went to school, because we had to walk a kilometre to school and just didn't have the time for a lot in the mornings very often. It uwasn't fun, in many ways, those years, even though than can be viewed through rose coloured glasses with age. But no, in all honesty, schooling really sucked. The kids hated me, or at the least I was terribly uncool, practically nobody talked to me apart from an odd casual word in bumping into them or something or an a relevant question. No, I spent most of those 11 years of St Pats training on my own, looking after myself, and getting by well enough in the end anyway. Andrew Pighins had been a bit of a friend in primary, Wade Holzheimer a bit of a friend in Infants, Lucas Coates a very brief friend in high school, and Jaimie Hurford and Josephe Peak tolerated me somewhat, but mostly life on my own. Around year 9 Aso and Dradrach showed up at the Arcade (or, really, I showed up there and made friends) so I didn't care that much anymore about the St Pats kids anyway. I finally had some decent friends, AND got along with them. In fact, year 11 at Monaro high was really quite blissful for my status, a year to remember in many ways. All along that pathway, from youthful innocence at the Berridale Church, looking up at the Crucifix of Jesus and knowing this was my religion, to the time I went solo at about 16 with my new friends, God had never, in the end, been that big a deal really. Yeh, sure, he existed. I did believe in him. I just didn't care very much. My later lack of faith is perhaps not that surprising in the end given my earlier attitude. Remember, God has no grandchildren as the saying goes, only children, and I was definitely only a grand-kid for the most part back then – just living on mum and dad's religion, nothing of my own. That was most definitely the case but, of course, things changed a lot later on. The early years in Berridale were a memory of ensuring we got to church on time on Sundays, and sometimes praying a decate of the Rosary. The Hail Mary and the Our Father were the fundamental prayers of my youth, and of course the prayers for penance after the confessional, which you did after your first confession, and while I did this uat church, on rote, like everyone else in the congregation, following the ritual, it was never a living faith of my own in those days. It was just that God probably existed and those were the prayers of the faith, and that was about it. Never any serious consideration on what it all meant. But should there have been? Perhaps, in the end, I was just far too young to really get with the bigger picture. After all, what does a kid know? When I hit 20 I was starting to figure out that God possibly was there, and the question was by then, since about 18ish I guess, really actually starting to become a big issue. One I couldn't let go of and really needed to resolve, one way or the other. And I was lucky – whatever it was, it always had to be the truth. Just that. In the end, I would believe the truth, and would search hard to find exactly what that was. You know, I really meant it on that fundamental principle of life once I cottoned on that that was what it was all about for the life of Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly. The TRUTH. John 14:6 naturally became a big issue later on, but you would kind of expect that, wouldn't you. The truth was not actually a concern in Berridale years. Pinching dad's copper coins to buy lollies was a concern, and being sneaky enough to get away with it. Lots of the times the kids got in trouble. Lots of the time it was me, but I never confessed. I recall that it was indeed the Scarlets store were I mostly spent my young takings, and I worked with Kerry Scarlet later on in life in AQIS. His dad apparently ran the store with his mum, just down the end of Bent Street to the Anglican Church, turn left and you were just about there after a short walk. Lollies and chomp bars and things – the stuff of my young lustings. The Anglican Church was next door, apart from the presbytery house of the Anglican priest between us. I sort of always knew they were the other Christians, but that wasn't our one. I possibly formed the idea that those were what church building were back then, brick churches, stone buildings. I probably thought the Anglican's were Christians If I had evuer given it any serious thought. Later on I think that there were thoughts that they probably were, especially in a high school religious class, were I defended the Jehovah's witnesses for what they were saying about God against the teachings of the teacher, saying 'What is wrong with what they believe? They seem fine. Looking back I do remember that time in that class, and I think I did have a few inklings back then that the Lord alone might have been God. Very soft and subtle, but they may have been there. Later on, of course, that became quite apparent. But at that time I was embarking into the newly emerging Politically Correct world of modern thinking, and I definitely acknowledged the other churches were also Christian, just with different viewpoints. I was a universal christian who accepted the churches then – it didn't bother me at all. Just a few months later it was not a concern, heavily into heavy metal and my gang of friends, but Jenny Cheetham told me she knew there was a God in year 11, and when I got to Canberra in 1990, that really started becoming an issue. Did God exist? I lost my young faith, but in truth, yes, I did search for it pretty quickly in life after I had lost it. And I absolutely had to have the truth of the bloody issue. Nothing else at all would suffice. In the end, all along the way, religion was still there as an issue in my life. I thought it was the bane of mankind at one time in my very late teens, but it was still there. It was God, probably, who had a hold on me. I entered depression when I lost my faith, and it became horrible after a while, but when I found it again, and confessed my faith in God, half the depression went, and when I confessed my sin a bit later, the rest disappeared. Schizophrenia had taken over after that, mind you, but I know Yahweh personally now. I'll never lose my faith again, despite the younger years of deity blues.

Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly, 6178 SC.u

Chapter Twenty-Seven

It was mentioned to me by the Spirit today that, at the end of the 21st Century, the world, which is becoming more and more legal actually, will change copyright laws. The 'Clans' and the 'Families' become the inheritors of the rights of their foreparents works of copyright. The Tolkien writings are briefly in the Public Domain within the 21st Century, when fanfiction works can be legally published, but this ends at the end of the 21st Century. In fact, I have been corrected on the issue of judgements and truth on religion. My OWN judgements in the Rainbow Bibles on salvation are how I am judged by God and how my movement judges others. BUT, in accordance with the actual truth, each monotheistic movement is judged by their own beliefs. Protestant christians aren't much saved under 7DF salvation standards. Under their own denominations, they will hardly miss a beat when they go into heaven. You see, the monotheisms are actually sanctifying the world and it is becoming MORE holy. Not less so. Each generation the world increases in holiness. They are the actual facts of salvation.

Oh, I did briefly continue on chapter 26 into the AOTDC rainbow bible, and then off in 'Elders of Destiny' which was briefly going to be just a work of biographies of real life equivalents of the children of destiny, but it has come home to roost now in the first Rainbow Bible. I plan on adding these entries, now, in almost journal like format, till I croak. Perhaps quite a few hundred chapters by the time I'm finished, but time will tell.

Anyway, my Chronicles work is finished. Completely. Heavenly workers in fanfic and other canon-related realites may plunder and pillage and write to their heart's content. A planned son on earth, should I be so lucky, in young Callodyn, shall verily flesh out the Chronicles of the Children of Destiny to match my own effort (and a grandson likewise in younug Daniel), with the full word count of each of the primary 37 volumes to ultimately total 400,000 words approx each. My fanfic work is also complete, again, apart from hopeful offspring's commitment to continue on with them and finish off some grand plans. For example, the Chronicles of an Age of Darkness will need Volumes 11 to 20 completed, and Hugh planned 60 so, if the century permits, and the offspring come forth and are will, thus shall be done. Let's hope so anyway.

In terms of fiction I am finished.

Theologically the works go on. There are over half a million words in the Hebrew Bible. Each of the 7 Rainbow Bibles may as well match them, if I can, so I will continue on for some time yet on those theological diatribes. And this autobiography will be much of the continuance of the First of the 7.

I've had a busy enough last few days, some new females appearing in my Mental Health groups, and the masculine dominance still quite noticeable, but now less so. May that continue to be true for freshly faced new female acquisitions to our motley crew.

Greg has invited myself up to the Snow next week with Christie, who should be in town from Perth for a holiday then, and that is something to look forward to. I plan on zero tabogganing, as Greg does plan, and will be happy to throw snowballs at mum should she accompany us. Nay, I shall enjoy the shelter of the Thredbo main community hall, were the stores and lattes will keep me amused most of the afternoon, with a glance out at the frolickers in a sedate walk around the large hall. If a camera is available for some personal pics, I will make use of it and get some shots up online.

Family members continue to get older, aus mum commented today, and young Georgia is 15 very soon. Madalene has already left school and is working, has a boyfriend, and I could be a great-uncle before we know it. She's quite an attractive young lady, stunning really, and I expect she possibly has it in mind to have a bit of a clan of her own. I do hope I am a late bloomer on this issue, and, with recent attitude improvements in my personal around the house activities, something which was difficult before, as I lacked the energy and motivation, but which recently has become a little easier, my prospects for my life fortunes to continue to gradually improve seems actually real. The struggle of Job, which I feel I have been living (it was the first biblical book I read completely), seems to be turning slowly towards the end of the suffering, and a time in which the latter years of blessing might soon and eventually be rearing up their ugly heads with the words from God – 'I TOLD YOU SO DANIEL, YOU IMPATIENT BUGGER'. Hopefully I shall praise his mercy and grace still.

Life is acceptable and life is good and I am happy enough. The future beckons yet, and the walk of life goes on. Hopefully the next chapter will have yet more of my story to tell.

All the best.

Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly

Canberra, Australia, Tuesday 8th of July 6178 SC (8th of July 2014 CE)

Chapter Twenty-Eight

The last month has been a regular sort of life for me. No great happenings. There is a bit more life in my mental health group now, with a new female around my age joining the group regularly, named Geunevieve. The group is very male-heavy for those who attend the Friday lunch group, and there are rarely appropriate females of appropriate ages to keep the menfolk good company. The change is hopefully a sign of things to come. I have really wanted to finish off the Chronicles of the Children of Destiny in the last month, and have considered various options on the saga, but the reality, at 41, is that I am still youngish, in my writing prime, and it doesn't appear to be letting go of me, new stories still coming along. The river of my talent hasn't run dry yet, and there are all sorts of tales I could continue to tell, so I am resigning myself to the reality that it just won't be finished up any time soon. Besides, the way the actual saga is structured, it is more of an open-ended storyline of a whole host of characters really, in the end, leading somewhat regaular, if extraordinary, lives. So, like life in general, it really just seems to go on, and the saga as it continues to be written reflects this. Just the way it goes, I suppose. My brother Gregory found work back in Perth, after his brief stay here working for Centrelink, and is now in a permanent part-time position in Perth in a familiar job. I have, in the end, wished Greg and his family to settle on this side of the continent, but his wife, Christie, has her family in Perth, so they have been back and forth a bit. Hopefully he will settle eventually. My sister Brigid continues on in her job in the Public Service, raising her three children, the eldest now working, and while she is still married, they are separated. But the continue to get along reasonably well when they are together, so a reality of a marriage is still there. She said to me once 'David's not for me', which I guess sums up her position, but she couldn't afford a divorce, so hasn't bothered, and doesn't appear to wish to remarry anyone by the looks of it. Her three children live with her in Calwell in Tuggeranong, and we are on the other side of Tuggeranong in Macarthur. Tuggeranong is the southern district of the city of Canberra in the Australian Capital Territory of Australia. Iruonically, Tuggeranong just got admitted into the AFF (Australian National Soccer competition). Not Canberra, mind you. No. Tuggeranong. We don't have a Canberra team. Very ironic. I had decided I would support a Canberra team in the A League as it was called, and there once was one, but I never followed soccer much back then. But the new Tuggeranong team has all my support. I will start following them soon enough I would imagine. Masterchef finished recently, and 'Brent' won the competition. I had a feeling he would. I found it riveting entertainment (which is saying something for a cooking show), but I found it personally really well done and enjoyed it a lot. Me and my mother Mary shared many nights watching the show, and we discussed it at length. Not much now on TV, but we have sort of tacitly agreed to watch the new X Factor series, and I am going for 'Dean' already. I have followed females in such competitions previously, but this year a bloke seems the best bet for my liking of who I think has the most talent. I watched the Youtube presentation on Little Mix and their journey through the British X Factor the other day (Little Mix are a new all girl band, similar in many ways to the Spice Girls and Girls Aloud), and I have become a big fan of their music. It is very positive and upbeat stuff, and I especially enjoy their 'Word Up' video in support of 'Sport Relief'. Melanie C appears in that video as well, from the Spice Girls (Sporty Spice). My other sister Jacinta continues on her life as usual down in Cooma (about 100 kilometres south of Canberra) and she is enjoying her married life with Alan and their three children. I asked Christie, my sister in law, when she was here recently whether they would have more children, and she said it was really up to God. So, ok. Dear God. Give Christie a ton more please. I haven't been on a holiday out of town for a while now (not since last Christmas I think, down at Jacinta's in Cooma) and have been thinking about a yearly holiday weekend getaway to some country town of NSW, just to escape things for a while, and guet a change of scenery. Probably do me good, and I should really get to that. My mum is well enough in her health, but she has been feeling tired recently. She is approaching 80, so things are starting to slow down for Mary Daly. She has always had a lot of energy, and been busy around the house, and still is, but the years seem to be finally catching up to her a bit. She is a great warrior to me. Lots of strength. I am now in the back room of 29 Merriman Crescent, having moved from the front room next to the main bedroom a few months back, and I am settling in, now, it seems for the duration. Either until my mum's passing, an intervening girlfriend, my own death, or the end of the world, I am now likely to be stuck here at 29 Merriman crescent, and this is my lot in life. I recently decided that work, again, and further study, really are too late in my life now for serious consideration. I have been out of the workforce far too long, have put on too much weight with my schizophrenic medication and my general lack of a great number of things to do, and the reality of work again seems to have finally said 'Enough is enough'. So the likelihood is that I will just go on adding to my online writings for now, promote my faith in various online and offline avenues, and suffice on this being the life of Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly, and leave it at that. I shouldn't complain. I have my health, a beautiful and prosperous country to live in, and a house which the family now own outrights. Things could indeed be worse, even if they could be a little better with a little luck. I think that will do for now, so, until next time, adieu.

Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly

Canberra, Australia. 6th of August 6177 SC (in the newly adjusted calender of HNF), (6th of August 2014 CE).

uChapter Twenty-Nine

Hi. I'm Daniel. I was called 'Danny' as a kid, and that is what I was known as at school, and what my family called me growing up. I lived in Berridale in the 1970s and Cooma in the 1980s, and that is when I was called 'Danny'. But we came as a family to Canberra in about 1990 and I started being known as Daniel. But now I want to use 'Danny' again also as a name to go by, and should start telling mum that she can use that about me if she wishes to. Today, on facebook, I answered a question which asked 'Do I accept Jesus'. I answered by saying 'Yes, I accept Jesus on a personal level, as a person, but do not believe he is Christ'. And that sums it up. Jesus and much of his Gospel is ok to me, but I believe he is just a man, not messiah, and definitely not God. I agree, we should love each other. Great idea. Jesus didn't invent it, but he certainly promoted the shit out of it. Good work, Yesh. Capital evangelistic strategy. I'm a Noahide. I'll keep it simple that I try to follow Noah's religion, and I like the Rainbow as the sign of the Covenant. I have my own additional writings for Advancing Noahide ideas, and that is all part of my religious crusade to make the world a better place from my input. I can try, anyway. I invented the card game 'Foundation' today, writing up the rules here on the Karaite Daly Clan homepage, and this card game is just meant for heavenly members of the 'Daly' clan, oh, and any earthly members who read this. But these pages are focused on the 'Eternity' audience, like most of my writings in reality at the moment. I'm 41 now, still single, never married, no kids. I did pash a Korean girl back in the late 1990s, from UPC, whose name was Ann Kim for a while, each morning before work. She was ok, and we got along, but not for me in the end. Not quite my style when it came down to it, even though I proposed to her (but it was during a psychotic attack, and it was only rushed thinking). She was a nice girl, but not my type in the end. Been single ever since then, and still hoping to find someone, but might have to wait till eternal heaven before that happens. Still writing my 'Angel' stories in the Chronicles of the Children of Destiny, uand its getting longer and longer as a saga, with no sign of it ending any time soon. I will probably, now, go on writing it all my days. I'm starting to really enjoy the traditional and conservative English TV on ABC and ABC2 now, and thought the Inspector Banks movie the other night was wonderful. Mum's kind of stuff, but I am starting to get conservative, now, according to mum, and I think that is true as well (and I don't mind either). I really enjoy 'Midsomer Murder's' a lot, as well as the various English TV shows, and while I didn't have a choice in being born in England, and raised in Australia, I can see the wisdom of God in the issue, as I have always been patriotic in sports towards England, and now I really enjoy the things I have been seeing culturally about the place. The other day, on Google Maps, I had a long trip around Halifax in Yorkshire. Google maps is 100% photographic resemblance of the real world, and with the click and point options you can move the view always along the roads. You can see places from most angles, as it was special 360 degree photographic equipment which filmed it all. It's called 'Google Earth' and covers every town, village and city on the planet just about as far as I can tell, but I am not sure about North Korea and some places. It's really brilliant, and by clicking just further up the road, and scrolling around a town, you can take a complete car trip around any city in the world, and see it all. I saw a great deal of Halifax, especially the town centre, and intend to visit many places using this technology in the future. Google earth is brilliant. I also like Wikipedia, which is the public domain encylopaedia online which anyone can edit, and it has information on everything under the sun. I research al my favourite music acts discographies using wikipedia, as well as other things. I smoke, now, and have done so for a few years now, but I don't really regret starting, and don't want to quit, as I enjoy it a lot. But God tells me not to be proud about smoking, or it will be a problem for me. If I keep it in moderation, and do not abuse thuem, I should have no problems in latter years. Here's hoping. All the best.

Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly, August 2014 / August 6177 SC (in the adjusted HNF Calendar).

Chapter Thirty

This is the final chapter of my autobiography and the final entry of the Rainbow Bible chronologically. The date is Monday the 8th of September 6177 SC in the adjusted calendar of HNF (formerly 6178 SC). Important notes are: There are no longer 7 separate Rainbow Bibles but 1 Rainbow Bible with 7 Sections. The idea of growing and correcting the Rainbow Bibles over time to make them more accurate is complete with this entry. It needs to stabilise and it needs to stand regardless. If there are contradictions, so be it, but I say that about it anyway. It is ultimately in harmony well enough in my own liking and own viewpoint, so the whole work stands as a work of theology for the Dominion of the Noahide Family. Those who adhere to the covenant of Noah and follow the faith of the Patriarchs of Adam through to Noah in fearing God Almighty and walking with him and obeying his ways. The faith is finished, and all that now remains is a little more work on the Chronicles of the Children of Destiny for the next few months, and my spiritual writings will be completed. I saw Tina Arena in concert on Saturday night, and because I bought one of the most expensive tickets to the show, got to meet her in a meet and greet after the show. She said during the show one of the things she felt she was doing was contributing socially to society as an entertainer. That is my goal, in a way, as well. To make this world a better place.

I hope they think that of me when all is said and done.

All the best.u

The job done.



(Note: As of the 21st of November 6177 SC (adjusted HNF Calendar Date) there have in fact been several more entries now since this entry in the Rainbow Bible. It really must go on for quite a while yet, and thus I will continue this autobiography. Part of a work of the heart, mind and spirit often wants to complete itself when perhaps enough has been done, but it often yearns for more, and thus, in that truth, I will continue on.)

Chapter Thirty-One

Today is the 21st of November 6177 SC (21st of November 2014). Yesterday was my 42nd birthday. I received two birthday cards, one in the mail from Jill Torley, a friend of the family, and one from my mother. I greatly appreciate both of them. In the last couple of months since the last autobiographical entry, life has gone on much as it always has done for myself. I have continued my activities in the mental health community I attend, and they have been satisfactory enough. I have purchased more goods for the Karaite Noahide community that I am part of. I believe I am able to share later on in heaven the goods I have (within a legal rights scenario) with my own Karaite Assemblies as I am the head of the Advancing Noah movement of the 7 Divine Fellowships of Karaite Adamide-Noahide faith. This seems to be one of the rights of founders of legal religious movements with God. I have decided that nearly all the goods I purchase in life will become part of the rights of my cuommunity, but certain items will be reserved strictly for myself later on to retain a small degree of personal originality. Our cat, Miranda died, not long ago, and we have a new cat called Pepper. Miranda was only about 5 years old when she died, and it was a little confusing to me and mum because she was quite young. I do miss her. Pepper was bought by mum for myself to be my cat, but he has shown a strong affinity with mum and her bed. Alack alas he doesn't have a great deal to do with my anymore apart from a little initial interest. But it is good to have a cat in the house again, as we are more cat people than dog people. Apparently, from what mum was sharing with me from something she was reading the other day, cat people are usually a little more, for want of a better word, sophisticated then dog people. Dog people are more of the out doorsy kind of people, while cat people are more indoorsy and probably academic. And on cats, a thought mum has is that male cats are usually more affectionate and female cats are more independent. That actually appears to be reasonably true from my experiences with cats upon reflection. I am now in the back room of 29 merriman, and have been for a while, and it is going well enough. It is just me and mum at home at the moment, but mum is anticipating the possibility of my sister Jacinta coming to live with us, as she is having difficulties in her marriage to my brother in law Alan Bradley. I tend to doubt they would divorce, but a separation of sorts seems possible at this stage. Jacinta finds some of Alan's attitude awkward (and probably quite male and a bit selfish). Alan is a good hearted and likeable enough fellow, and a responsible father, who works for his family, but perhaps not everything is perfect in his life. Time will tell of the outcome of this situation. I have continued on writing the Chronicles of the Children of Destiny, and the website has a slightly new format in the way the Chronicles are presented, one which I think will probably work for the best in the end. In fact, the saga really is calledu 'The Angels Saga' and the Chronicles of the Children of Destiny is really just one of the groupings of chronicles based titles volumes that I use. That will probably be the way it remains. Originally I had the title 'Children of Destiny' for the name of the books for a fair while, but I think it was in the Monaro library in Cooma were I came up with 'Chronicles of the Children of Destiny'. I had looked up the title Children of Destiny online, and there were already books with that title. In hindsight, I still could have called the saga Children of Destiny, but Chronicles of the Children of Destiny is a better choice, especially as it is actually structured as Chronicles types of story telling for the most part. I am still single, with no real girlfriend on the horizon, and overweight, and show no real prospects of losing that weight at this stage. I am 42 now and men usually put on weight as they age, so I am not really sure if I care that much about it anymore anyway. Still, I would welcome a relationship with a lady if it came along, and the preference would still be to have children if possible. My mother is in good health, and plans on visiting England again next year, with some of the family members. She has been a few times in recent years, but with recent finances coming into the family not long back she can afford such luxuries. In my life I am currently paying of a Hecs university debt for studies, slowly paying a bit through bPay each allowance day, and I usually put a bit aside in personal contributions to my superannuation account. It has a reasonable amount in it now, most of it earned during my working years at AQIS. I haven't really gone anywhere in recent times, and have mostly been at home, living a simple and quiet life. It suits me well enough though. On thoughts on the potential resurrection in a world to come scenario, my general view is that the prophets really just anticipated this possibility due to the idea perhaps that when you were dead you just went to the world of the dead (Sheol) and so there needed to be a reward for your service to God and the probably crueated the idea of a resurrection to life on earth in the world to come. I tend to doubt this now and usually think that it is probably just heaven when you die if you are decent enough, and that is were eternity is spent. But I am ambivalent, and still acknowledge that such teaching is biblical, and perhaps may occur. I really don't know for sure, and God just won't clarify the issue completely with me. Recently, for about the first time in my life, I have actually started enjoying the taste of beer a little. I have drunk a number of beers in my time, but not always really had any great fascination with the stuff. I have never really been much of a drinker, but I do now enjoy smoking. But recently I have developed a little bit of a taste for beer, and don't mind the flavour so much anymore. But I am quite cautious about excessive drinking. Most of my time is spent writing my religious material, watching TV, listening to music, and resting and sleeping a lot. Apart from that, a bit of social activity with my mental health community. But in truth I am mostly now content enough with my life. It is not yet perfect, but it is perhaps getting there. Working in a job again some day, now, seems probably unrealistic. I have been away from the work force too long, and have grown accustomed to my lifestyle. I have a secure income, so the actual need to work is mostly really put on the back burner. I will likely just keep on doing what I am doing for the remainder of my earthly sojourn. I think, perhaps, I have really just settled now in life. But that is good enough.

All the best.

Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly, Canberra Australia, 21st of November 6177 SC.

Chapter Thirty-Two

Yesterday (Thurusday 4th of December 6177 SC) was my pension day. I bought some things, and also got into Civic to Impact Comics and bought a bunch of new comics to restart my collection. I have been collecting comics on and off all my life. Back when I was a young kid I collected comics like 'Richie Rich' and things from school fetes, but at about 15 I got into superhero comics, especially those from DC comics. Favourites were Blue Beetle and Firestorm and Justice League International amongst others. I have had big collections over the years, but they have been recycled, and later on in the belief that they were put aside to my heavenly afterlife reward. In fact, in a doctrinal article for the Rainbow Bible in the Assembly of the Most High section, just the other day I wrote a sermon on 'Acquisition' which went on about the general view of 7DF on 'What you acquire in life you acquire for eternity'. I'm a big fan of comics, and now with the restart, and the fact I no longer recycle things to put them away for eternity, the biggest problem I will have in my comic collecting is finding room to store them. And that could possibly be an issue soon enough, as my room is full of books and CDs and not getting any bigger. Fortunately there is room in the carport of the house, where I should be soon enough getting some bookcases for storing more stuff. The carport is sealed off somewhat, and protected from the rain, so if I store things carefully in there they should be fine enough. My current CD collection is now over 100 CDs again, and I have recently concentrated on collecting many of my favourite CDs I have liked over life. It's a growing collection now, and I will be storing many new arrivals in time in the carport on the bookcases. I write comic fanfiction myself, including Justice League Internationa fanfiction, as well as 'Lucifer' fanfiction (from DC Vertigo) and Nurse Jenny from Richie Rich comics. I will likely go on doing this for quite a while, and it would be wonderful one day if I could find an appropriate artist to do them up for me. Time will only tell. I have prayed, now, most of this year very solidly and have thousands of prayers built up, mainly using chapters of scripture uttered with each prayer request. And I pray the same prayer ruequest using the same chapter all the time. I sort of now have the impression that a prayer builds up energy, and with legal prayers to God, based on his covenants of Torah, the prayer lasts forever, or the effect of the prayer. This year has been an ok year for me, and I have gotten good webhits throughout the year for my websites, and anticipate, with solid work, next year should be good again. I spend a lot of time doing ads for my websites using MS Paint, and they are colourful, usually basic, but some look quite nice. I post these ads on my facebook and myspace accounts, as well as a new website called spiritual networks were I also have an account which can post images. Gradually, I think, as time passes over the years, the popularit of my websites will increase and, in time, actually selling physical copies of the stories and the religious books seems hopefully possible. The Angels Saga has grown well for the year, and a lot of stuff got done. I have finished off a lot of works in progress, but there are still a number which need work. A lot of my attempts at fanfiction epics based on Tolkien and Eddings and so on have been mostly on a hiatus for a few years now, but hopefully I will eventually find the patience to get stuck in and continue with them. I have sort of put them into the Angels saga for now, weaving the storylines into the worlds as created planets elsewhere in the angels saga universe. I don't know if I will pursue this for sure, as fanfiction can't really be published till works they are based on enter the public domain, but I might risk it. It will need some careful consideration, or more likely just a quick decision just to continue on with them as part of the Angels saga now anyway. I am talking to a number of people occasionally now on facebook, and there have been faces which I have gotten to know well now. I think, with patience, I might gradually develop some decent friendships, although most of them are overseas, which could prove difficult for meeting them in person. But I like facebook and will stick with it, as I will my other accounts on uother websites as well. I visited a prostitute in Fyshwick at Exotic Studios the other night. I have been about 4 or 5 times this year, mostly earlier on, and it had been a bit of a wait. She was a very slim girl, in her 20s, and it was a stimulating experience. Safe sex was practiced, and I have been assured by a very sarcastic spirit which talks to me that all such girls, due to my highly exalted status as a legal citizen of earth based on a torah covenant, in a city which largely lacks such citizens, shall become my personal concubines in the world to come. That could be very interesting cause I've known a few now. Hubba hubba.Move over Solomon. I am 42 now, had a birthday in November, and am hopefully another year older and another year wiser. I still feel quite young in my spirit, and have tastes of a younger Daniel of even his teen years in many ways. Perhaps we never really change that much as people from the fascinations of youth, and older generations, who can often appear as if they have matured greatly, are just reflecting the kind of culture they had in their youths as well anyway. I notice that my generation still wears about the same type of clothes as they git older and that things don't really change that much in the end anyway. Interesting. Life goes on. I am happy and positive at the moment, and my mental condition is really quite well all things considered. I haven't been hospitalized, now, since 2008 – 6 years – and prior to that it was 2001. So in over a decade I have only been in hospital once for my schizophrenic condition. As much as anyone with my kind of mental illness could say, I suppose I am handling it as well as you could really hope. Still there are issues, but they are manageable. Work seems like a possible option in a few years. Depends how things turn out. All things considered, it has been a productive year, and I am hoping for some positive things for 2015/6177SC as well. Especially Star Wars Episode VII at the end of the year which should be fantastic.

Cheers for now.u

Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly

Canberra, Australia

Friday 5th of December 6177sc/2014ce-ad

Chapter Thirty-Three

Today is the 27th of December 2014 CE. Today I was chatting with a friend of mine, Justin Angold. Angold is his mother's surname, but his father's surname is Holder. Just sort of identifies as Hebrew-10 Commandments type of faith. Yet, he generally views the prophetical figures as schizophrenics and crazy madmen. For many years now I have been trying to justify Karaite faith as the truth. I have accepted that the scriptures are part of the religion of faith in God, and that the Talmudic approach is not inspired. I had previously considered the Torah only approach, similar to Samaritanism, but came back to Karaism in the end. But not any more. I have been praying Daniel 12 this year in regards to resurrection concerns and the life of the world to come and I have found that the spirit affirms my faith and denies it and I can never get consistent truth EVER from God on these doctrines. It is because the spirit of prophecy is a hodge podge of multiplicity of viewpoints and doctrines about future world, and no consistent truth exists because it is NOT truth. It never was God's plan to start with. So, do I go back and return to just Torah only, the pentateuch faith. No. I have found this alternative. THE OLD TESTAMENT FOUNDATION FOR THE ADVANCING NOAH MOVEMENT. This Bible is 'Tyndale's Old Testament'. It is the translations William Tyndale did in his lifetime of various books of the old testament, which have been assemubled by the editor David Daniell, with word usage updated by the editor David Daniell in a more modern style. The books included are 1) Genesis, 2) Exodus, 3) Leviticus, 4) Numbers, 5) Deuteronomy, 6) Joshua, 7) Judges, 8) Ruth, 9) 1 Samuel, 10) 2 Samuel, 11) 1 Chronicles 12) 2 Chronicles, 13) 1 Kings, 14) 2 Kings, 15) Book of Jonah. That was the fullness of the translations that William Tynsdale did in his life of the old testament writings. William Tynsdale was the first English translator of the Bible for publishing. The Advancing Noah Movement has recently concluded that the writings in the Neviim in the Tanakh (Old Testament) on Prophecy, such as Isaiah and Jeremiah and so on, in the end, are works of the prophets themselves and not inspired by God. They are sources of confusion and elicit beliefs in 'future worlds' and 'World to come' realities which are untrue. They are prophetical madness, ultimately, and I have found no peace in attempting to justify my karaite faith with these works. My karaite faith needs remodelling - and the prophetical works must go. Because of that, the above foundational writings of William Tynsdale, the first English Editor of the Bible Old Testament, in a translation assembled by David Daniell, will suffice as the doctrinal starting point and scripture foundation for the Advancing Noah Movement from this point onwards. Our attempts to justify and understand such prophecies, especially the book of daniel, have always led to confusion, and it is time to dispel the madness. We may even perhaps argue that God got the right books translated by William Tynedale, the first of the translators for publication in English, in the first place. The list of 15 books will suffice. This is the new starting point of my faith, and the Advancing Noah Movement will gradually adjust over the next while to accommodate the new position. It is perhaps arbitrary that those 15 books are the books accepted, as I am mainly rejecting thue prophetical literature of 'prophesying' prophets. Yet William Tynedale is the father of English Bible translations, they are the books he actually translated, and it is an existing bible with a compromise on its contents (not done deliberately for my sake) but which approximately satisfies what I am looking for in a bible. I think, because those 15 books will about do anyway, and that with the name and respect that William Tynsdale has associated with his biblical translations, this work of the editor David Daniell in forming this bible will suffice. The Advancing Noah Movement thus makes the judgement that is remains 'Karaite' as followers of scripture, yet rejects the prophesying prophets and future world doctrines, which bring no peace and soundness of mind and thought. Apart from that, its been a quiet enough time for me. I spent Christmas at my sister Brigid's place in Calwell, and it was a good celebrations. There were quite a number of people there during the day and the food was awesome. The mental health group has concluded its activities for the time being for the year, and will start up again soon enough next year. At the moment I am finishing up a long year with many days of extra resting, for I have been quite tired as of late, and with a recharged, renewed and refreshed spirit, I hope to start with a new beginning in 2015/6178sc. Life has been good enough to me so far – by the grace of God may it ever improve.


Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly

Canberra, Australia

Saturday 27th of Deucember 2014/6177sc

Chapter Thirty-Four

Today is the 1st of January 6178 sc (in the adjusted HNF Calendar, aka 1st of January 2014 ce/ad). In 2014 I prayed over 200 times, reciting mostly Daniel chapter 12 in full, for God to resurrect the dead. Very recently I concluded that the prophecies are probably just the rambling prophesying of the Jewish prophets. Saul prophesied, king of Israel. He spoke the word of the lord. But perhaps the word of the Lord is an urge to preach the holiness trained within oneself from the walk with God, and the spiritual blessings of the spirit from God, but is it always perfect? Is it always the divine will of God? If predicting future events do they always have to come to pass? Was Isaiah and Ezekiel and Daniel's prophesying of a future world to come of resurrected souls the absolute truth of God's plan or a prophetic initiative, and nothing more? In the end, I am not 100% sure either way. The David Daniell translation of the Tynedale bible is a possibility for myself, but only in time. Not quite yet. Still further reflection and consideration and prayer to God needs to be done, for indeed, is it not possible that the Tanakh is the very word of Yahweh? If a resurrection comes very soon, then yes indeed I had my part in praying for that to come true soon. Wether that was prayers answered, or the plan all along, is another mystery. And if it does not venture forth any time soon, then that is also a mystery to me. In the end, like I said, I just don't know. But I need patience, and to wait upon the lord, and not be so anxious for an answer so immediately all the time. But I hope for a return of the dead, and the advent of an everlasting paradise, and if it is just for the life of trees as Isaiah 65 prophesies, so be it, yet if it is a time beyond that, when Daniel's resurrection occurs, and indeed eternal life on earth is gained, then so be it also. Time will tell. I have not made any great resolutions for this year, and never really do indulge in such things. Not normally umy style, but I recognize other people often make them. Last night I watched in the new year on TV on ABC24 with all the fireworks in Sydney, another spectacular show, and was wondering, is this it? The end of the world. But life still goes on. I have finished up another Lucy Potter story today, Lucy Potter and the flickering flame, which is a shorter one in the saga, and saw the death of Shelandragh May. For now I think I might rest a little on the chronicles, or perhaps this may be the end of it all. Time will again tell. I've smoked a bit the last few days, ordered some comics on ebay the other day, and listened to a lot of music on my stereo. It's been quiet, with not much happening, but that is the usual life of Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly. In 2014 I prayed the scriptures over many requests an enormous amount, and even bested the phenomenal effort of 2013 I would suggest perhaps. Certainly in terms of using the scriptures as prayer anyway. My guardian angel, or the spirit, or whoever it is that talks to me through my voice told me once that God answers prayers at the end of the year also, a summation of all the years prayers to him. Perhaps that is true. I do hope so, for there are a lot of things I have asked for on all sorts of issues to come to pass, and as I have been told that we should pray for what we need or want, then I have done exactly that. But I have kept others in mind as well, often praying for the sanctification of many souls and localities. 2014 or 6177 was a good year. As January continues on, barring a resurrection from the dead, I will likely indeed continue on with the Chronicles of the Children of Destiny soon enough, and probably get around to something like Lucy Potter and the Terran Dragonrider to complete soon enough. I am hoping for good webhits on my websites this year, and God may possibly be favouring me this year with good numbers. Again, time will tell. I have had a good life so far and am content enough at 42. I'm happy most of the time, and though I go through personal hardships throughout the year, itu is all worth it in the end. Hopefully 2015 or 6178 sc will live up to all the promise in the world. Hopefully.


Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly

Canberra, Australia

Thursday 1st of January 2015/6178sc

Chapter Thirty-Five

You know, it's really about time the Baptist Church produced 'The Holy Bible of the Baptist Church'. The history would logically start with early Anabaptist Christians and their reactions to the Catholic Christendom Empire, and trace the roots up to the foundation of the Baptist union. The book would need Key Histories of various Baptist founders illustrated, as well as hymns, psalms and proverbs of the Baptist Church. Further, the best sermons they can produce for the Baptist Church, as well as the clear doctrinal statements of faith. Other articles and essays could be put in, and prayer to Almighty God for the Word of God and the Spirit of God to guide them would be absolutely essential in this task. Yet, as I have said before, not only the baptist, but Judaism needs another bible, Catholicism needs bibles for every century of the history of the Catholic Church, and all the established churches need their own holy bibles, something along the ideas of that illustrated above. Noahides, who have passion, should produce their own bibles as well. A key word is copyright. Get it while you can. It doesn't last forever. Today is the 16th of Januuary 6178 sc. I wrote this the other day.

Orders of the Holy Roman Catholic Church upon the Reunification of Christendom

God the Father, God of the Holy Roman Catholic Church
Jesus Christ, Lord of the Holy Roman Catholic Church
The Apostles and Disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ of the Holy Roman Catholic Church
The Majisterium of the Holy Roman Catholic Church
The General Body of the Holy Roman Catholic Church
The Order of Baptist Christians of the Holy Roman Catholic Church
The Order of Luther of the Holy Roman Catholic Church
The Order of Presbyterian Christians of the Holy Roman Catholic Church
The Order of Anglicans of the Holy Roman Catholic Church
The Order of Jehovah's Witnesses of the Holy Roman Catholic Church
The Order of Christadelphians of the Holy Roman Catholic Church
The Order of Mormons ouf the Holy Roman Catholic Church
The Order of Pentecostals of the Holy Roman Catholic Church
The Order of Evangelical Christians of the Holy Roman Catholic Church
The Order of Orthodox Christians of the Holy Roman Catholic Church
The Order of Salvation Army Christians of the Holy Roman Catholic Church
The Order of General Christians of the Holy Roman Catholic Church
The Order of Congregationalists of the Holy Roman Catholic Church
The Order of Methodists of the Holy Roman Catholic Church
The Order of Lawkeepers of the Holy Roman Catholic Church
The Order of Messianics of the Holy Roman Catholic Church
The Order of Arian Catholics of the Holy Roman Catholic Church
The Order of the Church of Christ of the Holy Roman Catholic Church
The Order of Amish of the Holy Roman Catholic Church

The Order of the Dominicuans is bound to be jealous, should the new guys show up. Ha.

Went to group today. It was ok. Went swimming yesterday. It was ok. Bought a Commodore 64 computer on ebay the other day, with a disk drive. Looking forward to getting it. Still have some disks from the C64 we owned years ago. Looking to get some of the games for the computer we never owned. Life has moved on. A resurrection of the dead never happened on January 4 this year, which I prayed for. I have prayed, in persistence, for it now to happen next year in 6179 on January 4 again. Might happen. Might not. Wrote relating to ideas on Daniel just earlier and put it in a sermon in the Rainbow Bible in the Assembly of the Living God section. Resurrections? Still considered. Will it happen? God only knows. Showed people in the group today my youtube video on the rainbow which appeared to me a few years back when I prayed to God asking for a rainbow. I had been discussing noahide faith that morning with God and, after a while, I said to God 'Give me a Rainbow'. It was a completely clear day with barely a cloud in the sky, and half an hour later it was cloudy and a rinbow appeared. It's a 100% fact. Rainbow Covenant guaranteed my friend. Life is good. Busy with my books as usual. Wrote Callodyn and Kayella IX earlier, and it was brill. Really pleased with it. Got a new female friend on facebook. Jessica Moulin. She's a french canadian. Time will tell if anything serious happens. Really, happy I guess, at the moment. Life is going by alright. Bye for now.

Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly

16th of January 6178sc. (16th of January 2015ce)

Canberra, Australia

uChapter Thirty-Six

Today is Wednesday the 11th of February 6178sc (11th of February 2015ce/ad). It has been a quiet month since my last entry. Very occupied with writing doctrine for the Rainbow Bible and the various other Assembly of Faiths of the Advancing Noah Movement, and especially getting the required websites established. Have a webcam again, and am now making some more videos which go onto my youtube account. Things back up and running in that sense. My old internet service provider had been started by my brother Gregory, and I had been paying him for its use, but when the contract expired we got it cancelled, and I am paying outright for my own service now. Did a few things in the last while – not much though. The highlight was visiting the arboretum in Canberra Central, up nearblack mountain. It is a new thing, which overlooks the city with stunning views, and has a gift shop, a bonsai tree collection centre as well as the large main room with a cafe and a restaurant, which are the main ideas for the place, alongside the stunning views. I went with my sister Brigid, Mum, Sue Grey (a friend of the family) and Sue's dad who had been visiting from England. It was a little bit rainy on the day, but I had a wonderful time, and enjoyed myself greatly. Apart from that I've been to group a little bit, bought quite a bit more stuff online, and continued on with my writings and a fresh bout of prayer for the year. It's been mostly quiet though. One thing has happened, though, quite unexpectedly. The french Canadian Lady I mentioned last entry, Jessica Moulin, has really started connecting with myself quite strongly. We have had a very well established email dialogue on facebook, with exchange of quite intimate photos, and she seems to be really falling for me, which I find quite strange, but who knows the mysteries of a lady's heart. At this stage ideas of marriage and children have been aired and, while I as of yet have not met her in person, as she works in London as a doctor for Doctor's without Borders, she seems wholesome enough and kind enough to start a relationship with. I could not object really – she is stunningly beauutiful, doing well in life, and has a positive and charming personality. But I'm not in love yet, which happens in Daniel Daly's life simply when it happens. That said, my heart is probably gradually being drawn to the girl, simply because she has a great interest in me, and she seems such a great catch. We'll see if love has happened by my next entry. Mum is looking quite healthy and fit. She went walking yesterday with a new group, and I thought to myself last night she looks healthier than me. She'll be around for a while yet, I have constantly been telling myself, and now, at this stage, that indeed looks quite true. I would not be surprised to see her live to 100 or even longer. She takes very good care of herself, and is a great example in this respect. Go for it mum. We're watching My Kitchen Rules, for the most part, at the moment, as we did last year. I'm not quite as addicted as last time, but its a very good job of it yet again. They have a good balance of identities they have chosen, and its done very, very well. Good stuff. Seen most of my nieces and nephews here at the house in the last month, with visits, but James, Greg's son, is still in Perth and naturally I haven't seen him for a while. Greg has given up on the teaching idea, which I think is for the best, as he has plenty of qualifications, and really just needs to commit to a job and just learn to put up with it, rather than always chasing rainbows, which is a Gregory Daly tendency. I, personally, never really wanted to leave my AQIS job, and was planning on working at AQIS for the rest of my working life. I saw no point in every trying to change from the company I was with, and would have still been happy there, if my schizo condition hadn't made work too challenging. No matter – I have been kepy busy enough the last 15 years since leaving AQIS,and my own religious agenda will suffice till my dying day. I know it is important to secure a decent income for yourself, and fortunately I qualify for a disability support pension from Centrelink but, in an ideal world, I would be far healthier in my thoughts and not havue the schizophrenic condition, as I would genuinely rather work for my income to feel better about myself and that I am really earning what I get. But I guess I have to face reality as well, and that work will only come along in the future if my condition stabilizes well enough which, at the moment, is not quite true, but may be one day. We'll see how things go. I've completed the Riftwar cycle by Raymond E Feist in terms of having now collected all the books in the saga, except for a recent new novella late addition called Jimmy the Crawler. But I should have that soon enough. I read Magician years ago, back in the 1980s, which starts the 30 volume epic, and while I haven't read the entire saga yet, it will be great to one day eventually get it all completed. Feist is a great author, like David Eddings whom I also greatly admire. So, for the most part in the last month, I've lived safely and securely here at 29 Merriman crescent, in the back room, with little action. Tomorrow, thursday, swimming looks likely, and for now life is going alright. In fact, the future looks good, and I am happy and content enough with it all. Looking forward to more life and seeing were the road takes me.


Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly

Canberra, Australia, Wednesday 11th of February 6178 SC.

Chapter Thirty-Seven

Written Thursday the 12th of Feburary 6178sc/2105ce/2015ad/5775JewishCalendar. It is only been one day since my last entry, but I thought I would do a new entry with various things from my life in general. I have started a series of uvideos on my youtube account called 'Daniel Crapping On' series. I will release a new episode regularly, I hope. The concept is simple – just me bullshitting on about life in general, and picking up things from around my room and talking about them and my religion and just mockery and fun and bad jokes and stupid stuff. Reality Bullshit is what I call it. May it be successful by God's grace and I become an instant Youtube Celebrity. I wrote a short story to my friend Marcus Low just a few minutes ago, using ideas on those video titles, calling the stories after a story I asked Marcus to write for me – 'The Angel Cures'. Marcus is a sufferer of mental illness like myself, and I met him in the Tuggeranong group a few years back. He sells copies of the Big Issue for a living, and is a creative soul. He write a bulletin of sorts he releases regularly of about a page, and is a little bit crazy, just like me, but a happy and friendly enough fellow. His diatribe is that the world is against him, but to me he is slowly working it all out. I wish him well. Jenny Knee, one of mum's friends, dropped her home yesterday after she had been out for a while, and Jenny is a good friend of the family. I think highly of her, as she has a positive and friendly attitude, and has respect for people. Mum is catholic, and while I was raised Catholic, but journeyed on my own faith to find my best understanding of the truth, mum has remained loyal to the church of her upbringing. I wish I could, you know, in the end, have done that. Remained loyal to the Catholic Church. It's not easy to be someone who desires to keep the family faith, but then finds it at odds with what he really believes. I just couldn't remain in it in the end – too difficult to reconcile my own beliefs with that of the church. It's awkward, because I don't really like going against the grain when it all comes down to it, but In the end I guess you just gotta go were your heart leads you. I have been a Noahide 16 years now, have made an oath to God that I commit eternally to Karaite Noahide faith and, as far as I am concerned, the issue of what religion I am ius resolved forever now. I know God is there – he has spoken to me, as I have discussed previously – and it has become apparent that my religious beliefs are good enough to satisfy him. So while I had to walk some hard yards, and leave some things behind I didn't really want to, I have made an eternal home in my new faith, and I am sure it will all work out in the end. In kindergarten my teacher was Miss McMinnamin, who became Mrs Ferguson. I can still see her face in my head, and have vague memories of that first year. I didn't really socialize at all with the other kids then, was shy, and put off by their tough talk and behaviour. And that is how the following 10 years at St Pats went for the most part also. Mostly a loner, insular, and not really fitting in. Friends came and went, but it was not ultimately meant to be. Probably, back then, God already knew where my hearts decisions were leading me, and it was just an education job in the meantime. I have very strong affection, though, especially for the high school campus, of those school halls and playgrounds and areas. The spirit of the place was really quite strong, things I notice animistically now, and while I didn't get along great with the kids, the actual spiritual environment and the feel of the school was fantastic. It was probably the fidelity of the brigidine nuns prayers for the school which led it to feel that way, and if it was, I am eternally grateful to them for their tireless efforts. In the end, I was not really a religious kid ever, despite being an altar boy, and while I found it all terribly boring then, I really get it now. If I was still a catholic, it would probably have worked out quite well by now. I like catholic churches, the feel of them, the pews and corners and places you can sit and be at peace. It's a church which has a long tradition, and it is a church which has prayed to God for a long time as well – not always to Jesus, mind you, but to God the father for the most part, especially it seems in the services which honour God a great deal. Sure they teach a trinity concept, but God the father is still tuhe top of it all theologically. I don't really know how catholics get along in the hereafter, and the spirit says different things about all of that, but as a message to any Noahides reading this, Catholicism is not the end of the world. There are a lot of serious dedicated catholics who take religious concepts seriously and try to live decent and godly lives. I still look back with fondness over a lot of my catholic upbringing. But, in the end, the covenant of the rainbow has won my soul, so that is were my eternal future must rest. Canberra has a lot of churches, as does Australia, and the biggest church is the catholic church, whereas the biggest movement is now the pentecostal movement. Potters House was a very full on church, and people call it a cult. But I would say this – if it suited you and you like it, it had a lot to offer. If you understood the grind the pastor was going on about, and saw how it was useful for your own life, it could work. But for a lot of people it just doesn't. It suited me for a while, but I don't think its everyones cup of tea. Too much 'praise the lord' for a lot of people's appetites quite frankly, and they often go off to older more sedate churches as they get older because of it. The for the Advancing Noah Movement I would probably like a diversity of approaches amongst the differing denominations should they ever establish themselves on this Terran soil, because I don't think that just one approach is necessarily the only way to go, or even, from some ways of looking at it, that much of a healthy thing. Too much dictatorship in just one way for everyone. Too much conformity. Divided we stand – united we fall. My pension allowance came in this morning, and I have spent it online already, and bought some tobacco and paid mum my board. I'm working on my comic collection again, and my various collections of things, and am happy enough. I'm doing videos for youtube, as I said, and life is reasonably busy still for the life of Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly. Romance finally seems to be in the air, and things are still going well. Family contacts from couusins are happening at the moment, and my prayer life is good and my torah study is equally good. The doctrines continue to be established in the Rainbow Bible and the various websites for my writings, and life goes on much as it has done these last half a dozen years or so especially. My new webcam works well enough, and I am pleased that I bought it, and it was a good price as well. Today is thursday, which is normally my swimming group day, but I haven't decided wether I will go or not. Adrian Chan who runs the group activities (or many of them) is a great friend now, and I have been talking to him about Noahidism for a while now. No conversion as of yet, and it might never happen, but fingers crossed. My hebrew friend Justin Angold came around yesterday afternoon, and we chatted a good long while. He has ideas about a 10 commandments sort of faith, with common law principles in dot format fitting into one of the 10 commandments and made into a little passport size booklet. He has dyslexia and wouldn't be able to read it well, except slowly, but he doesn't mind me writing this out. Yet, like we discussed yesterday, he is not 100% sure if he can make a big enough commitment to it anyway. He is not shallow in his faith or anything like that, it is just that he doesn't really know how much of his heart is in it yet. I think he will work that out gradually. I've known Justin for a while now and he's becoming a good friend. Robert Preston, my bestie, rang me up also yesterday afternoon, and he is getting into comics, for either investment, speculating or collecting or something – but he's not sure which yet. He asked my advice on a few things, and I have been collecting comics since 1987 for the most part, so had a lot to share. It will be great if Rob gets into them in a major way, as comics are a huge part of my own life. Well that will do for this update, and I will post again soon enough.


Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly

Canberra, Australia, Thursday 12th of February 6178SC.

Chapter Thirty-Eight

Written Thursday 12th of February 6178sc. Entry two for the day. Special Entry.

Here is the story I wrote for my friend Marcus this morning. It is only in an email to him, an online facebook group, and published only here.

Copyright 6178sc/2015ce/2015ad/5775hebrew/Jewish calendar - Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly.

Dedicated to Marcus Low

Stuart had an imagination. A rather bizarre one. He dreamed of Asian girls, naked, who approached him and his nether region and gave him intoxicating feelings of divine bliss. They were veryattractive, the pick of the gene pool of Genghis Kahn's DNA, and Stuart was in love with each and every one of them. He needed this - hot girls - to infatuate him and his rather deprived sex life. And then, one morning, after some ravishing adventures, an angel, blonde, appeared to Stuart and said to him 'I am the Archangel Gandraladiel'. I am the head angel of a quartet of Guardian angels assigned to you these past 15 years of your life to entertain you and let you know you are special and loved by God. We know you have had a hard life, with wicked parents who have not really given you a proper allowance to further yuour desires of growing your mediocre Batman comic collection, but no matter. We will satisfy you with the finest Asian fantasies, and in time, with your increased libido, we are sure you will find the power within to get off your arse and exercise your 235 kilogram body, lose some weight, and actually finish the schooling you have delayed these past 6 months due to medical excuses. Stuart, you really need a job. This is a tough world in the year 2048 of the Christian Calendar, and life isn't getting any easier. There is a population worldwide now of over 47 billion people, and its a tough marketplace to compete in. But fortunately you have talent - we hope. Our suggestion is you register that Youtube account you have been thinking about getting, work with that Webcam given to you last Christmas, and start a series of videos called 'Stuart Crapping on'. The objective in these videos is to sit there and just crap on about whatever crosses your mind at that particular moment. Tell simple, pathetic and stupid jokes if you wish to, pick up an object from your room's collection of things and talk about that, and really, in the end, just bullshit on about life for a while. That is what, from our research, people are after now. Reality bullshit. They don't really need it so serious anymore - just talk about whatever crosses your mind, register the video on youtube, and with your copyrights intact you are inevitably onto a successful career. So get to it lad.' The angel had cured Stuart that day. He had an idea of being a Bullshit instant youtube celebrity and, over the next 29 years, he grew from a minor account with a few hits into a world wide sensation of the famous Stuart Marcus Ten Low, bullshitter extraordinaire of whatever the hell crossed his mind at any particular moment, enshrined in vaults of youtube security, and beloved and loved by all and sundry worldwide. And for a while Stuart was happy. Until Stuart Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly entered the arena and took Stuart on at his own agenda. The end

And here ius some writing of mine on Collection Ethics I wrote today. Only online in a facebook group and published only here.

Collection Ethics (Copyright 6178 SC by Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly – has to be released online and available for viewing, as all my copyrights generally have to (apart from really personal stuff, if God allows me copyright on it)). Look, Dan (speaking to myself). I invest in coins for a return. I'm not going to invest in something else like, for example, a Bon Jovi CD, simply because I actually want those Bon Jovi records, and wouldn't sell them anyway. And when it comes down to it, taking 'Tokyo Highway' as an example, if I owned all 100 copies of this limited edition, I would still want them all anyway. I have to compete with Redbank on BJ credibility for starters, and that won't be easy. I mean, what is the point in all that comic collecting – money? A return? What good is money. If I've got enough, don't bother. The coins will simply do as in investment. And even if I got mind boggling amounts of cash for something I owned, well, in the end, I may as well own it and keep the value and status of such an item. Why bother buying it in the first place if I really don't want it. Sure, if it was deliberately done as an investment, maybe. But you claim to be ethical, so while that is reasonable for a print run of maybe 4000 for a comic, for example, if it has low demand, then you may as well get a few I suppose, but for Bon Jovi of really ruddy limited stuff, leave it alone. Leave that stuff alone for the others who really actually just want the disc and music coz they love the ruddy thing. So don't rip off BJ's fanbase, and only buy those bootlegs for actually listening to. And, in the end, for a limited of 100, maybe 2 or 3 copies is ok for such a diehard BJ fan as yourself, especially as you want BJ collector status, which is sort of important to you now, but leave the rest of the babies alone. There are others who would like them if they knew. Don't be a jerk, buddy.

Cheers again

Danny Du

12/2/2015 – 12/2/6178

Chapter Thirty-Nine

Written Sunday 15th of February 6178sc/15th of February 2015ce. Have been at home last few days – haven't gone out. Justin came over again, and has essentially agreed to join Assembly of the Covenant, one of the 70 Assemblies of Faith. It has had introduced to it the Australian Federal Criminal Law code. Justin's idea is to be a judge, in the Judge Dredd mould, who defends the laws of society when and if anarchy reigns. So Assembly of the Covenant is founded on the ancient law of the 10 Commandment and the Criminal Code of Australia as of February 2015. We won't change or update the law but, like the Torah, keep it unchanging throughout future generations. That is the same principle of all my religious rules and writings – they never change, and are never meant to, but act as timeless morality of this era in which they have been formed, which reflects much of the past eras of mankind in their formation. I am collecting things solidly again at the moment, and working on my books, comics, CDs, records, magazines, DVDs, computer and video game collection and other various things. The room is well stocked at the moment, and whatever happens in regards to world to come potentialities, I will go on collecting in the meantime. The relationship between myself and Jessica Moulin is continuing to progress, and hopefully she will be able to meet mum in Hull when mum and some of the family goes over to the UK in July. She wants to surprise them, so I hope for a favourable reception. I have now continued on with some decent prayer again for this year. In late 2012 I began praying in earnest, which continued on throughout 2013 and 2014 in very zealous ways. 2015 started moderately, and I have no great ambitions for rivalling the past two yuears efforts, but it is now starting to become a solid sort of year for prayer and Torah study and, perhaps, the kind of effort which will hopefully and ideally remain throughout the days ahead. I feel prayer is a big part of life, and it is best to keep God informed of the desires you have in life. I don't think it is so much that God serves us in answering our prayers, because he doesn't serve us at all. But he has expressed in his Torah that he desires us to pray and seek things from him, because he claims to be a provider for us, and, ultimately, he is concerned for the welfare of those who call on his name and turn from darkness and evil and sin. God tends to care for those who seek him and return to him, and loves us as well, especially when we stay faithful to him over a long time and stay loyal to him, his name and his heart. A great fatherly figure and provider for mankind, in essence, but he doesn't mind it personal, especially when we get over idolatrous realities which can come between us and him. He's not a trinity and he's not Jesus himself – he is Yahweh, he is Jehovah, he is the Lord God Almighty, El Shaddai – and when you really know who he is personally, prayer works better, and life, in general, works better. I've visited prostitutes about 50ish times in my life now, and while I have definitely received guilt for things in life, most notably for my pinching when I was younger, and I do remember those guilty feelings, I don't get guilt for visiting prostitutes. Having said that, I do kind of know the realities of safe sex practices with these working girls and, I tend to think, if I wasn't following ACT law of Canberra on the issue by wearing the condom and practicing safely, there may indeed by some guilt from God and even possibly rebuke. Maybe, maybe not. But if my name becomes defiled with sexual sin, which some might already think, and some might not, because in some ways my (manhood) is still intact with no breaches by physical contact of insertion without a condom, which might mean I am still afforded a degree of recognition on some semblance of sexual moruals. I'm physically clean, have no VD's, and have always been courteous, polite and considerate and warm and loving with the girls I have engaged with for my sexual stimulations. I have never been or acted in any disgusting way with prostitutes, and have behaved like a discreet gentleman in this regards. And the girls, pretty much all of them, have been polite and seemed like nice girls for the most part. They didn't seem oppressed, and seemed to be doing what they wanted to voluntarily without any form of coercion, and none of them seemed to be complaining. But, having said that, yes, I am there to satisfy my sexual desires – what a beast I am. A stack of Bon Jovi and Def Leppard records arrived in the mail the other day which I had ordered on eBay. They were collectable ones of limited editions, some of them the standard singles released which are no longer available, and some specific limited edition collectable types of things. I've been a fan of both bands since the 1980s, and all up have, if all my collection over life was extant, quite a healthy collection of such records. I am nearing the full collection of Bon Jovi 1980s products which were released, and will progress, after that, to complete some of my standard favourites on such 1980s things, such as Def Leppard, Iron Maiden, Dio and even Madonna. Also, latter eras of such bands as Evanescence and the Spice Girls and maybe even some Britney Spears and Taylor Swift and other favourites, may be focused on in time, especially vinyl records of various kinds, which is the thing in some ways for the serious heart of my collection. Well, to me anyway, because I do also value rare CD releases, but records are the glory. I have continued working on my religious websites, and much more work is getting done. There is little in the way of new fiction at the moment in the Chronicles of the Children of Destiny, but I would imagine, as it seems to invariably do so, I will carry on again, and continue with the furthering adventures of the Children of Destiny. Life continues to remain pretty good, and while I mighut argue with God a bit from time to time, there seems to be a core amount of respect and admiration towards the creator in my heart which guides me over the rough patches and which, I hope, continues to grow in trust, respect and concern.

Cheers for now.

Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly

Canberra, Australia, 15th of February 6178sc.

Chapter Forty

Written Friday 20th of February 6178 SC / Friday 20th of February 2015 CE. Today my friend Justin Angold came over again and we discussed Torah. He remarked, as he has done previously, how he honours his parents by not reading the Torah, even though it is part of his faith. He doesn't really want to much either, because it sends his head in a spin, as he has mental issues like myself. Really, Ineither approve or disapprove of this approach, but in the end I think it would be better if he studied a little Torah at a time on occasions, maybe a verse here and there, and tried not to get too excited about it. But that is in Justin's judgement, and whatever will be will be. Rob came around and discussed comics, and I gave him some Vision and the Scarlet Witch comics. He has bought some Uncle Scrooge Comics from Gold Key from eBay and wants to be a seller of Gold Key Disney comics, especially Uncle Scrooge ones. I wish him well. I went to group lunch today. It was a standard enough affair. Some banter with Adrian as usual, and nothing too much out of the ordinary occurred. Jenny Cutting was at the group today, uwho has left Christianity and gone into Buddhism. She dislikes the violence of the scriptures, and really does not like the Christian epistle to Timothy because of what she views as sexism within it. Jenny Cutting is a friendly enough girl, and while there is not that many girls who regularly attend the Friday lunch group, and it is always good to have them when they do, it is still alright going there, if not a little boring these day. Mostly been there, done that, if you know what I mean, and not much new under the sun. But after a while in life, it can become repetitive, especially if you are in the same routine all the time. Being staying at home a lot in recent times because I am finding myself happier with the simpler home life and my own religious activities online, rather that integrating so much with the mental health community. Justin has been a godsend in a sense, because it allows me to express myself and my religious desires, and the ideas for Assembly of the Covenant continue to progress. It is one of the 70 assemblies of faith and Justin is happy enough with the ideas we are discussing so far about how it should operate, function and what it should be based upon. Today he suggested the idea of incorporating the negatives of the Torah (the thou shalt not commands for want of a better word) into the code, fitting them into one of the 10 commandment categories. That will be discussed for a while. He brings beer usually, and mum is not completely happy with that because she is under some sort of belief it interfered with medication, which is not true for alcoholic consumption in moderation with our conditions. As I've said previously, I've never been drunk in my life, but I am drinking a bit more alcohol than usual as of late, so I remind myself to retain my non-drunkenness policy, and mum's advice should be listened to. We discussed how parents are often wiser than us and see things in our life we don't see so well, largely because of their own experience on the issue. I remarked how older generations are usually holier than newer ones and, if weu should die and go to heaven, and people in heaven have continued walking with God and in the faith since year dot it stands to reason that by now the older a generation is the holier it would be anyway. Most of my recent spate of eBay orders have arrived now, and I am very happy with my new Bon Jovi records in particular – rarities on vinyl. I continue to enlarge my current collection and the stability in my life has continued to grow, I think especially because of prayer, a passage from the book of proverbs which I prayed as a stability prayer over my life over 100 times, and I no longer have any real compulsions to destroy or sacrifice my belongings, and apparently (according to the spirit) I will now gradually grow in real wealth. One of the psalms says its a blessing of the righteous to have houses filled with wealth so hopefully, as I am indeed trying to become a righteous person, my home and mum's (here at 29 Merriman Crescent) will continue to grow in wealth. I must be well over 500 offerings of Psalm 1 for the sanctification of the suburb of Macarthur now (where I live in Tuggeranong) and I add to that regularly. I have a lot of prayers now which are well over 100 using a full chapter of scripture, especially the psalms, and I continue to add further readings to those prayers on a regular basis. The Jessica Moulin relationship is quiet but stable. I will let you all know if things continue to develop with the girl. I am eating a lot of greens now. God told me I neglected my greens growing up, which are necessary for metabolic reasons to deal with weight issues, which is why I have had weight issues a lot of my life. I suppose it is the 'Green' elements of green coffee bean which help in weight loss, because standard coffee never really did anything for me in this respect. I even feel a little lighter in recent days. Hopefully I will be trim soon enough. All things considered, like I have said a number of times in the closing of these entries, I am pretty much content and happy with my life. Things are working out spiritually and in my standing or relationship with God, and I iuntend to really keep this faith forever – I oathed to God I would, so I can't really change my mind on it regardless. Life's good. Could be better. Maybe gradually becoming so.


Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly

Canberra, Australia, Friday 20th of February 6178 sc.

Chapter Forty-One

Special Entry, Friday 20th of Feb 2015. A letter just written to my brother Greg.

Dear Greg. I am going to post this letter into my autobiography.

Well, I'm Danny Daly. Your bro. We've known each other all our lives, pretty much. I remember you back in Berridale. I wanted to hold you, but mum let Brigid mainly, when you were a little tyke. You were the new kid in the fam, and I was jealous of Brigid getting all your attention. But I did get a chance I think. Growing up with you as my bro was great. Matt became kind of awkward as he grew, but you were always a cool bro. Cooma life, especially, was great. I remember our times especially at Lambie gorge near the showground, going over the place, and exploring. To me it always looked like something a bit unexpected for Cooma - I was little shocked when I first saw it, because I didn't think something so cool could exist in Cooma. When I lived in Cooma a few years ago I went up there walking once, andu stood on the lookout tower, which I think is a more recent addition, and relived some of our memories there. School for me wasn't that great, as I wasn't hugely popular, and I do appreciate your year putting up with my bullshit when we played hand tennis for a while in high school. I did occasionally play hand tennis with the kids in my year, but was always a little put off by them. They were often too much for me in many ways. I loved when we would play with our army men together, and have marble wars throwing the marble at the army men we had lined up to defeat each other. I probably cheated lots of times, because I was overly zealous with my interpretations of fair play in those years, but believe me, with my rigorous education on spiritual things which happened from about 20 onwards I got over most of that crappy mindset. I'm really not the kind of kid I was back then. You might not really know me in many ways because we have been a bit stand offish for a few years now, but I've grown up for the most part. I do know I pushed you a bit with the car to drive me around places when I was here in Canberra in the early years, but I'm a lot more cautious about asking favours now and taking people for granted too much. I'm sorry for the way I came across at times in those early years. I was focused a lot on my life and things I needed to have done for myself, and I should have given more consideration to how I was impacting with others in what I was asking of them. I guess life and experience and reflection can be good teachers. I'm pretty religious as you know, and while I would really have preferred in the end to have remained in the Catholic church, I just couldn't because of how I understood the truth myself. I'm not really the kind of person, you know, who wants to go against their parents religion and upbringing. I'm not. I crave continuity and stability and tradition, but sometimes you just gotta do what you have gotta do, even if you don't like it. It's just the inner convictions some of us have. I didn't like Matt's attitude for years, and found him veryu grouchy, but I was always trying hard to respect my older brother, even if that didn't come across too well. I'm a bloody grotty sort of person around the house, and I damn well know it, and mum still complains a lot. I am sort of still caught up in my own thing and working on my books and stories and collections of things, and I really don't give the time or consideration to more mundane matters, which I do know I should. In the end I don't think I'm really actually lazy - more just not focused enough on practical things yet. That will change though, in time, because I am aware of my problems and am working on them. I must congratulate you on the choice of Christie for a wife, because she is extremely intelligent and of good humour and maturity. You have found a first class wife who you should always appreciate, and James is the best kid in Australia. I think forgoing further education by yourself is, in the end, the wisest thing for the time being. I would commend your music website, and encourage you to work on that idea further and get it well established. The quality of the recording of Prince of the Blood was first class on the site. Me - I wish I could get around to doing up a similar music site with my own recordings, but I just haven't had time for quite a while. I've been very busy with the Chronicles of the Children of Destiny, and webhits continue to roll in and gradual popularity of the sites seems apparent at this stage. So I'm busy enough, and things to do aplenty for the time being. I'd love to be able to get with you and your recording music and get 'Dangerous Hearts' and some other of my song lyrics turned into songs, as I have ambitions also, and I think we work well together on that stuff. Hopefully some time in the future. My hope has always been that you move back to Canberra permanently, and I would recommend Macarthur nearby mum somewhere if you could afford it. LIfe's good for me at the moment, and things are going well enough, and I hope you make some good decisions in the next few months to guide your life towards a suuccesful and well earned retirement.

All the best.

Your bro

Danny Daly

Chapter Forty-Two

Written Friday the 27th of February 6178sc / 27th of February 2015ce. Today Justin Angold came over again briefly, and we chatted about this and that. He used his USB stick and I uploaded the Assembly of the Covenant doctrine page (which is found online also) to his memory stick. My PC copy has the Federal Criminal Code of Australia within the document, and his challenge over the next year or so is to take the various laws of the code and place them within this or that desgination of the Ancient Covenant – the Ten Commandments. After all this time praying and working on Karaite Noahide faith, it is the Assembly of the Covenant idea, with the 10 commandments as the central pillar, which seems to have finally attracted someone. With his work finished in time, I will add a small number of psalms and sermons, and we have agreed at this stage to have 100 copies of a booklet of the code printed off, 50 for him and 50 for me, costs split equally. Hopefully this idea will catch on with someone out there, and it may hopefully be the beginnings now of some sort of spiritual fellowship for all this activity of mine. He tried to talk me into walking around the block for health reasons, and he wouldn't give me a beer if I didn't, as he usually brings some beer along. I didn't do the uwalk – he didn't give me the beer. I went to group activities three times this week, which also had the collecting of some books and things from Vinnies down in Greenway at Tuggeranong town centre. My room is starting to fill up again with collected things, and this time I have sworn off against destroying or sacrificing anything to the best of my stability and discipline and now, after all this time with chaos on that issue, it finally appears to now be happening. Alleluia. Usual banter with Adrian Chan in the Van, and I tried some conversion talk on Noahide faith with him yet again, but only humorous silence normally replies. He is at this stage just not interested. A shame, he's a good friend, and great public servant, yet he couldn't get involved with a fellowship with me at this stage anyway, as he can't see mental health clients outside of work proscribed activities due to policy of the department. Yesterday I did a great deal of work on some of the Assemblies of faith, writing new mini sermons and various psalms for them, and they are becoming a little better established in their webpages. Activity overall on my webhits is standard sort of hits at the moment, so I must continue on with my prayers and persevere with the faith, for I am sure God will bless me with patience and time in my ambitions. My current CD collection features now well over 200 CDs, and is now finally starting to get towards the largest CD collection I have owned at any particular time of my life. I have destroyed practically every CD in my collections at times over life, yet the stability prayer I prayed quite a while ago now is finally starting to bear fruit, and I am stable now in my ownership and care and responsibility of my possessions. It's been a long and hard fight, but the future looks good at this stage. The relationship between myself and Jessica Moulin continues to develop, and we have both expressed stronger interest in potential family and marriage ideas in the future. Jessica is a very attractive lady, and I would be very fortunate to be married to such a lovely divine anugel. I am continuing to work on home videos for my youtube account, and am enjoying my 'Daniel Crapping on Again' series of videos, which is just me bulshitting on about whatever crosses my mind. It's copyright though, and I intend, at this stage, to continue doing these videos for quite some time to come yet. Today I recorded 'Daniel Crapping on Again 4' and it is uploading at the moment. Very slow the upload to youtube with my current system, but it gets the job done eventually. Family is all well and in good enough health. Greg has quit his uni studies, and continues to work nightfill atwoolworths, while Christie works at Medicare. They'll get through it all I am sure. Greg now has a new music website, and it has a sample recording of his classical piece 'Prince of the Blood' on it. It sounds the best I have ever heard it sound, and he's done a great job. I wish him all the success in the world. Hopefully he can find what has eluded me in the real world in many ways so far. Thoughts of the world to come have been on my mind recently, and in spiritual discussions with the Holy Ghost. It will definitely happen it tells me at times, and then contradicts itself and claims I need to be more rationale, and that the prophets were just speaking their mind. It is a nebulous predicament I find myself in, and God simply isn't forking over an answer to this old question of mine I have sought him for ages now any time soon. Come on Jehovah – spill the beans. Regardless, life goes on and, with thoughts on the lovely Jessica on my mind, it finally seems that Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly, after so much bloody suffering, might have a hope and a future and an expected end. It would be a welcome relief from the service of suffering I have been going through for quite some time now indeed. It looks like my Hull City Tigers may possibly stay up again in Premiere League for another season, and the Bulldogs look really professional at the moment. Hawthorn Hawks have won the last two AFL grand finals, and things look good for a threepeat. Fingers crossed. A regular sort ouf week, but God has kept me amused enough, and through his Holy Spirit talks to me all day long now, and I am never alone in a very real way. I continue to be happy living with mum here at 29 Merriman Crescent and while she is going to England in July, life is generally a content enough thing for Danny Daly, and while I hope for better, I am happy with what I have got. And I know I've said that before.

All the best.

Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly, Canberra, Australia

Friday the 27th of February 6178SC. (Note: SC stands for 'Since Creation')

Chapter Forty-Three

Written Friday the 27th of February 6178sc. Entry two. Taylor Swift is my favourite pop princess when it all comes down to it. Her most recent album was calle 1989. She was born on the 13th of December 1989 and 13 is her lucky number. So I felt, seeing as I just put the CD on and 'Welcome to New York' is currently playing, I would chat about my life in the year 1989. It dawned with new possibilities. The ego year of 1988 was finished – not my ego, but the ego's of my St Pat fellow school mates as we finished the 11 year slog from kindie to year 10, and I travelled with the pack the whole way through. The ball the prior year as celebrations summed up my whole experience – I didn't dance with any girl at all, which had been par for the course the whole slog through school for the most part. But in the prior year or so the 'Gang' of Aso, Draddie, Werle, Grattie, Postie and Willis had become the central thing anyway – and they lived and dwelt in the Public Domain, going to tuhe public school. 1989 was year 11 at Monaro High school as I boldly entered in, but put in zero effort the whole year, and as 1990 came around we disappeared from the Cooma scene entirely to Canberra. In 1989 I met Louise Roseman (who is still a friend of mine on Facebook) who was Donald Shanley's ex. There were issues on that. At the pool Aso kept on telling me, as Louise offered up her bikini clad back for my massage skills to 'Get into her'. I was still tender, and innocent. I kissed her at Dradrach's place that year, and she had a crush, but I wasn't really sure about anything, and wasn't quite ready for girls. At the Cooma show that year it was a blondie called Jenny Taylor from memory, and we were on the dodgems heaps, and she wrote me a dirty porn letter in school. I boldly claimed to Postie that 'Jenny was a test for Louise', which was just bragging and had absolutely no truth in the statement, as she hadn't been at all, but it got around as Postie blabbed, and I get in a lot of shit, especially from Jenny's bestie Belinda. Indoor cricket happened that year, and we won the B Grade comp. I was a good enough team member, and it was a whole lot of fun. There was outdoor cricket, and we were on the 'cops' team. I played a little, but had no records as such, mainly just fielding. That year was heavy metal all year on the portable tape players with headphones, and buying batteries (or sinfully stealing them from woolworths which I must confess I did) was a big part of it. I think the f